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Dinner at Amoret’s (14)
★━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━★Hereby you are cordially invited to dinner at Amoret’s. Dress up | Drink | Dine | Dance | Drink more ★━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━★DINEPrevious course:

Choose your digestive (after dinner linger drink)
1) Amaretto (almond liquor)
2) Pink Squirrel (ice cream, white Crème de Cacao and an almond-flavored liqueur)
3) Pedro Ximénez Sherry (Rich and sweet with notes of dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates)
4) White Russian (vodka, coffee liqueur and cream)
5) Glenfarclas Scotch Whisky (warm tones and spicy)
6) I prefer a glass of sparkling water with lemon
1) Child five welcomes a son and child two welcomes a daughter Child one welcomes a son and child five welcomes a daughter Child two and child three both welcome a son Child four welcomes twin sons (you can use the longer version of a name) Child three and child one both welcome a daughter Child six welcomes twin daughters
formerly Belphoebe⭐️I am in the mood
to dissolve
in the sky.
- Virginia Woolf
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DH: Rafferty Edward Bedford “Rafe”
DW: Sarah Ophelia [Nettleton] Bedford “Sarah”DS: Alexander Theseus Bedford “Alex”
-DW: Delilah Evelyn [Scott] Bedford “Lilah”
--DS/DS: Benedict Thaddeus Bedford “Ben”/ Maximillian Archibald Bedford “Max”
--DD: Karolina Honorine Bedford “Karrie”
--DS: Harold Travis Bedford “Harry”DS: Daniel Henry Bedford “Danny”
-DW: Brielle Olivia [Owens] Bedford “Brie”
--DD/DS: Amanda Maribelle Bedford “Mandy” / Williston Josiah Bedford “Will”DD: Annabella Grace [Bedford] Irwin “Anna”
-DH: Nathaniel Aaron Irwin “Nate”
--DD: Cornelia Rosemary Irwin “Cora”
--DS: Jacob George Irwin “Jake”DD: Emilia Frances [Bedford] Richards “Emmy”
-DH: Ian Robert Richards “Ian”DS/DS: Charles Duncan Bedford “Charley” / Joseph Edmund Bedford “Joey”
-Charley’s DW: Norah Evangeline [Elliots] Bedford “Norah”
--DD: Magdelena Joan Bedford “Maggie”-Joey’s DW: Sophia Samantha [Evans] Bedford “Sophia”
--DD: Carys Kerensa Bedford “Carys”
--DD/DD: Acacia Briony Bedford “Acacia” / Eira Jessamine Bedford “Eira”Rafe & Sarah Bedford: Alex, Danny, Anna, Emmy, Charley, & Joey
-Alex & Lilah Bedford: Ben, Max, Karrie, & Harry
-Danny & Brie Bedford: Mandy, & Will
-Anna & Nate Irwin: Cora, & Jake
-Emmy & Ian Richards
-Charley & Norah Bedford: Maggie
-Joey & Sophia Bedford: Carys, Acacia, & Eira
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Xanthe Rosamund du Bois & Rupert Ferdinand David DeepwaterAriadne Roseline Therese Deepwater
-Gordon Lark Stillbrook
--Minerva Leontine Estelle Stillbrook
--Lily Miranda Perrine Stillbrook
--Coralie Willow Selene StillbrookOswin Lael Theophilus Deepwater
-Isabel Maelys Odilon
--August Evander Sterling Deepwater
--Percy Olivier Blaise DeepwaterIleana Eugenie Grace Deepwater
-Mathias Edouard Innman
--Armand Renaud Innman
--Odette Genevieve InnmanAleida Daphne Mireille Deepwater
-Ronan Ignatius Red
--Barric Hollis RedEnoch Emilis Blaine Deepwater (twin)
-Naiara Frantziska Elken
--Daphne Raynara Deepwater
--Rhoswen Kalina DeepwaterCormac Matthias Fredrick Deepwater (twin)
-Leonie Ysolde Erle
--Fifer Azalea Deepwater
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DF: Grace Emmeline (Samuel-Herbert) Hambros
DM: Theodore Clement Hambros
DD1: Priscilla Damaris Solomon (Hambros)
DH: Elia "Elie" Florens Solomon
- Olympia Theodosia "Docia/Docie" Solomon
- Paloma Louise Solomon
- Vladimir Alexander SolomonDS1: Ludovic Elmer Hambros
DW: Fritha Ethelwyn Olds
- Clair Bellamy Olds
DS3: Lawrance Elias (Hambros) Iness-Hambros
DW: Rowena Victory (Iness) Iness-Hambros
- Jezebel Electra "Jazz" Hambros
- Pepper Rowen Yves Hambros
DD2(twin): Ethel Sylvia Hambros
DW: Esther "Estee" Salomée Reine
- Shalom Majesty Reine
- Olive Polmeline Reine
- Leah Adrienne ReineDD3(twin): Elenor Sybil Hambros
DW: Candace Edelweiss (Edler) Hambros
-Ira Dorothy Hambros
DS2: Clemens Andreas Hambros
DW: Norma Temperance (Eitel) Hambros
- Lambert Percy "Bertie" Hambros
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Frances Margaret Bedford-Heriot
Thomas Laurent HeriotSapphire Odette Heriot St. Cloud
—Elian Fidel St. CloudEdward Wesley Heriot
—Florence Evangeline O'Sullivan Heriot
—Salome Jane Heriot
—Temple Verena Heriot & Theophilus Beau 'Teddy' HeriotJean-Robert Joaquin Heriot
—Rosalind Verity Ingram HeriotAngelique Rochelle 'Angie' Heriot Ricci
—Emmanuel Sebastian Ricci
—Gwendoline Frances 'Gwen' Ricci & Llewelyn Absalom Ricci
—Clara Rose Ricci
—Brooks Oliver Ricci & Arnold Michael RicciCristian Orion Heriot
—Claudia Elena Elliott Heriot
—Arthur Gideon Heriot
—Henry Julian HeriotFrancesco Jermaine Heriot
—Nadia Tahmina Ebrahimi Heriot
—Lucinda Juniper 'Lucy' Heriot
—Maria Frances Heriot
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H: Tarquin Oliver du Bois
W: Portia Angelica [Herbert-Samuel] du BoisD1: Iria Rosaline [du Bois] Szarka
H: Bence Ambrus Szarka
-DS/DS: Simeon Tarquin Szarka / Reeve Maximilian Szarka
-DS: Hazen Clark SzarkaD2: Astra Peony [du Bois] Osgood
H: Colin Cornelius Osgood
-DS: Winston Flynn Osgood
-DD: Briony Adalyn Osgood S1: Marten Elias du Bois
W: Hina Ayane [Ikeda] du Bois
-DD: Cornelia Eleanor du Bois
-DS: Samuel Joseph du BoisD3: Viviana Katherine [du Bois] Remondo
H: Nico Andrea Remondo
-DS: Linden Rhodes RemondoD4: Mina Lenore [du Bois] Estes (twin to Ford)
H: Leith Isaac Estes
-DD: Holland Anne Estes
-DS: Arlo Calvin Estes S2: Ford Warren du Bois (twin to Mina)
W: Annalyse Norelle [Evans] du Bois
-DD: Hero Carys du Bois
-DS: Tudor Lowen du BoisTarquin & Portia || Iria, Astra, Marten, Viviana, Mina and Ford
...Bence & Iria || Simeon, Reeve and Hazen
...Colin & Astra || Winston and Bryony
...Marten & Hina || Nellie and Samuel
...Nico & Viviana || Linden
...Leith & Mina || Holland and Arlo
...Ford & Annalyse || Hero and Tudor
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DH: Tarquin Oliver Herbert-Samuel
DW: Portia Harriet {Bedford} Herbert-Samuel
- (Dog: Bruno)DS: Caspian Landric Herbert-Samuel
- DW: Devnet Éimhear {Sweeney} Herbert-Samuel
- DD: Clarissa Tamsin Herbert-Samuel
- DS: Leo Ryne Herbert-SamuelDS: Eli Roman Herbert-Samuel
- DW: Bernadette Olympe {Olivier} Herbert-Samuel
- DD: Alina Mireille Herbert-SamuelDD: Lamira Iras {Herbert-Samuel} Itou
- DH: Nicholas Akito Itou
- DS: Odin Kenji Itou
- DS: William Cyrus ItouDD: Zelda Margot {Herbert-Samuel} Rickard
- DH: Isaac Rolland Rickard
- DS: Henry Ames RickardDD: Novella Sybil {Herbert-Samuel} Evans [twin]
- DH: Nathaniel Emrys Evans
- DD: Aylin Sloane Evans
- DD: Drusilla Hedwig Evans
- DS: Jameson Angus EvansDS: Perry Alain Herbert-Samuel [twin]
- DW: Serena Simone {Evangelista} Herbert-Samuel
- DD: Esti Eloise Herbert-Samuel
- DS: Ephraim Vern Herbert-Samuel
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DH: Caleb David Bedford
DW: Vivian Katherine du Bois BedfordDD: Elinor Rose Bedford "Ellie"
DD: Blythe Eugenie Bedford
DD: Orbella Coppelia Bedford
DS: Morgan Charles Bedford
DD/DS: Sylvie Juno Bedford / Clarence Ford Bedford--
DD: Elinor Rose Bedford Smythe "Ellie"
DH: Daniel Elliot Smythe "Dan"DS: Joseph James Smythe "Joey"
DS: Felix Benedict Smythe--
DD: Blythe Eugenie Bedford Owens
DH: Brandon Oliver Owens--
DD: Orbella Coppelia Bedford Ingersleben
DH: Nico Axel IngerslebenDS: Theodore Brooks Ingersleben "Theo"--
DS: Morgan Charles Bedford
DW: Isabeau Rose Renaud BedfordDD: Virginia Lark Bedford "Ginny"
DD: Josephine Mae Bedford "Josie"--
DD: Sylvie Juno Bedford Endicott
DH: Nolan Emerson EndicottDD: Ariel Ione Endicott--
DS: Clarence Ford Bedford
DW: Sophie Shea Ellison BedfordDD: Esme Juliet Bedford
DD: Ada Susannah Bedford
DD: Cleo Linnea Bedford
DD/DD: Hazel Aurora Bedford / Pearl Geneva Bedford
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6) I prefer a glass of sparkling water with lemonH: Theodore Archibald Nettleton
W: Philippa Celeste Bedford Nettleton*D1: Gemma Jewel Nettleton Spooner
-H: Elliott Francis Spooner
-D1: Meadow Alana Spooner*D2: Darcey Opaline Nettleton Overton
-H: Frederick Evan Overton
-D: Bellamy Romilly Overton*S1: Samson Florian Nettleton
-SO: Rosalind Valerie Irving
-S1: Heath Robert Irving Nettleton
-S2: Blaise Bertrand Irving Nettleton*S2: Louis Cyrus Nettleton-Readdie
-H: Edward Sean Nettleton-Readdie*S3[twin]: Corin Horatio Nettleton
-W: Caroline Eloise Emmitt Nettleton
-S1[twin]: Louis Sylvester Nettleton
-S2[twin]: Wyatt Sebastian Nettleton
-D1: Naomi Barbara Nettleton
-D2: Doris Geraldine Nettleton*S4[twin]: Robin Ulysses Nettleton

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The Heriot Family!The Heriot FamilyH: Oliver Peregrine Heriot, "Ollie"
W: Amanda Victoria (Nettleton) HeriotD1: Alexandra Zabel (Heriot) Sorenson, "A.Z."
S1: Bradford Oliver Heriot, "Brad"
D2: Celeste Antonia Heriot
D3: Daphne Melissa (Heriot) Reagan
S2 / S3: Ethan Xavier Heriot / Felix Edward Heriot
__________D1: A.Z.
H: Christoffer Olof Sorenson, "Chris"
__________S1: Brad
W: Megan Patricia (Oberst) HeriotS1: Leo Nicholas Heriot
S2: Asa Valentine Heriot
S3: Otto Lysander Heriot
__________D2: Celeste
H: Andrei Neculai Ionescu, "Andy"D: Andromeda Sable Ionescu, "Annie"
S: Harrison Jett Ionescu
__________D3: Daphne
H: Ian Oliver ReaganD: Everly Iris Reagan
S1 / S2: Casey Trevor Reagan / Dean Oliver Reagan
__________S2: Ethan
W: Nadine Angelica (Eversley) HeriotS: Tobias Gideon Heriot, "Toby"
D: Maisie Artemisia Heriot
__________S3: Felix
W: Tatiana Elidia (Estrada) Heriot, "Tati"S: Zephyr Laszlo Heriot Estrada, "Zeph"
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DH: Atticus Hugo Bedford
DW: Lucy Ophelia (Nettleton) Bedford*
DD: Zoe Adelaide (Bedford) Sampson
DH: Gabriel Lewis Sampson 'Gabe'DS/DS: Alistair Rex Sampson/Remington Cedric Sampson 'Remy'
DD: Calliope Adrianna Sampson 'Callie'*
DD: Romilly Jayna (Bedford) Olson 'Milly'
DH: Isaac Matthew Olson*
DS: Tristan John Bedford
DW: Maya Evelyn (Ingalls) BedfordDD: Primrose Aubriella Bedford 'Prim'
DS: Hendrix Nash Bedford*
DD: Emma Daphne (Bedford) Rutherford
DH: Rhys Ivan RutherfordDD: Violet Athena Rutherford
DD: Everly Faith Rutherford*
DS: Caius Nathaniel Bedford (twin to Lennox)
DW: Norah Grace (Evans) BedfordDS: Bodhi Lachlan Bedford
DS: Silas August Bedford*
DH: Lennox Alexander Bedford (twin to Caius)
DW: Lila Yasmine (Erickson) BedfordDD: Sadie Myra Bedford
DD/DD: Ayla Fleur Bedford/Lark Olive Bedford
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DH: Titus Leonardo Bedford
DW: Lucinda Catherine (du Bois) BedfordDD: Leonor Persephone (Bedford) Smithson
-DH: Hector Evergreen Smithson
-DS: Bruno Clement Smithson
-DD: Cecily Maybelle SmithsonDS: Alexander Cosimo Bedford
-DW: Athena Rosalind (Ogren) Bedford
-DS: Robin Griffith BedfordDD: Isoline Dinorah (Bedford) Isakson
-DH: Thaddeus Wilder Isakson
-DD: Vivienne Coral IsaksonDD: Emilia Clemence (Bedford) Ruiz
-DH: Addison Roman Ruiz
-DS/DS: Mateo Dashiell Ruiz & Sebastian Lucan Ruiz
-DS: Javier Marlon Ruiz
-DD/DD: Flavia Hermione Ruiz & Nora Primrose RuizDS: Matthias Ivo Bedford [twin to Wilbur]
-DW: Molly Isadora (Edwards) Bedford
-DS/DS: Israel Beckett Bedford & Oliver Atlas BedfordDS: Wilbur Findlay Bedford [twin to Matthias]
-DW: Nina Grace (Ethier) Bedford
-DD: Lillie Blossom Bedford
-DD: Liv Olimpia Bedford
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Ursula Nancy Lark Wassenaar
Giles Aubyn Clement Herbert-SamuelDymphna Lucia Salomé
Zenia July Rosamund
Frantz Eric Luce
Hester Puck Anita
Vera Clary Swann & Malcolm Elwood BruceDog: Copper🫒 🫒 🫒Dymphna Lucia Salomé Herbert-Samuel
Claudia Orfea SabatiniOrlando Pendragon & Salvatore Hyperion
Kassiani Delphinia 🍷Zenia July Rosamund Herbert-Samuel
Melpomene Philippa ‘Mela’ OrsiniRingo Junius & Binx Léonce
Betty Amoret🍷Frantz Eric Luce Herbert-Samuel
Arvid Nils IsakssonSonny Spruce🍷Hester Puck Anita Herbert-Samuel
Ian Orris RattrayBrewster Electra
September Polyhymnia & Honor Cleophée🍷Vera Clary Swann Herbert-Samuel
Nathaniel Averett ‘Nat’ EamesVesper Dream
Asa Landry 🍷Malcolm Elwood Bruce Herbert-Samuel
Tiana Evangeline Epps
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DH: Albert Peregrine du Bois
DW: Henrietta Portia (Bedford) du BoisDD: Elinor Susanna (du Bois) Martinsen
-DH: Henrik Erling Martinsen
--DD [4]: Sofia Layne Martinsen
--DD [nb]: Ingrid Anastasia Martinsen DD: Pearl Elisabetta (du Bois) Osborne
-DH: Aubrey Raymond Osborne DS: Fabien Saint-Cyr du Bois
-DW: Tasnim Wahida (Ismail) du Bois
--DD [6]: Noa Florence du Bois DS: Vincent Albert du Bois
-DW: Arielle Rose-Marie (Reynolds) du Bois
-DD [3]: Millie Clara du Bois
--DD/DD [2]: Flora Verity du Bois & Emmeline Manon du Bois
-DS [1]: Oliver Peregrine du Bois DD, twin: Diana Lavinia (du Bois) Estrella
-DH: Manuel Irving Estrella
--DD [1]: June Anise Estrella
--DS [nb]: Sebastian Charles Estrella DD, twin: Helena Imogen (du Bois) Esposito
-DH: Nicholas Gerardo Esposito
--DD [5]: Valentina Cara "Vivi" Esposito
--DD [3]: Grace Hadley Esposito
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DH: Linus Ferdinand Gustav Wassenaar
DW: Persephone Amabel Katherine HeriotDS: Theodore Quentin Oscar Wassenaar-Heriot
- DH: Bryce Alverne Wassenaar-Heriot, born Spencer
-- ADS: Alfred Nicolas Wassenaar-HeriotDD: Antonia Verena Katherine Wassenaar-Heriot
- DH: Costello Ciaran O'Neal
-- DD/DD: Grania Dancer O'Neal & Romola Winsome O'Neal
-- DS: Thaddeus Connolly O'Neal
-- DD/DS: Louvinia Temple O'Neal & Ignatius Hazel O'NealDS: Julius Ulrik Michael Wassenaar-Heriot
- DW: Hrönn Ásbera IndriðisdóttirDD: Helena Saskia Tess Wassenaar-Heriot
- SO: Noel Aldwyn Rigby
-- DD: Sierra Fay RigbyDD: Mathilda Ilsa Alice Wassenaar-Heriot | Twin
- SO: Lene Irmeli Eichel
-- DD: Tallulah Vesper Wassenaar-Heriot
-- DD: Ginevra Apolline Wassenaar-Heriot
-- ADD: Rani Savannah Wassenaar-HeriotDS: Oliver Vincent George Wassenaar-Heriot | Twin
- DW: Amethyst Ninelle Wassenaar-Heriot, née Ericson
-- DD: Loxley Astrid Vada Wassenaar-Heriot
-- DD: River Clara Annie Wassenaar-HeriotDDog: Maggie (Rough Collie)
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DW: Philippa Lark Nettleton du Bois
DP: Aubyn Clement Nettleton du BoisDD: Ottoline Aurea Nettleton-Sas du Bois
- DW: Hedvig Erzsébet Sas
- DS/DS: Cedric Casimir Sas/Edmund Laszlo Sas
- DD: Ottilie Tatiana SasDS: Edgar Jean-Paul Nettleton du Bois
- DW: Ayşenur Rabia [Öztürk] Nettleton du Bois
- DS: Percy Duvall Nettleton du Bois
- DD/DS: Sapphia Chablis Nettleton du Bois/Simons Léonce Nettleton du BoisDAD: Leonor Isidora [Nettleton du Bois] Isabel
- DH: Tomas William Isabel
- DS: Bas Urban Isabel
- DD: Romilly Esmeralda Isabel
- DS: Laramie Beauregard IsabelDS: Oliver Floriant Nettleton du Bois
- DW: Aria Rosanagh [Rabbitt] Nettleton du Bois
- DD: Honor Amethyst Nettleton du BoisDD: Marie Philomena [Nettleton du Bois] Emond (Jules' twin)
- DH: Maxime Isidore Emond (Noemi's twin)DS: Jules Albus Nettleton du Bois (Marie's twin)
- DW: Noemi Gisele [Emond] Nettleton du Bois (Maxime's twin)
- DD/DD: Fleur Liliane Nettleton du Bois/Delphine Soleil Nettleton du BoisDHusky: Bella Philippa and Aubyn with Ottoline, Edgar, Leonor, Oliver, Marie, and Jules, and their dog Bella
- Ottoline and Hedvig with Cedric, Edmund, and Ottilie
- Edgar and Ayşenur with Percy, Sapphia, and Simons
- Leonor and Tomas with Bas, Romilly, and Laramie
- Oliver and Aria with Honor
- Marie and Maxime
- Jules and Noemi with Fleur and Delphine
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W: Francesca Lucy Deepwater du Bois
H: Henry Julian Oliver du BoisS: Oscar Felix Kingsley du Bois
S: Tobias John Amadeus du Bois
D: Matilda Alice Rafaela du Bois
S: Abraham Conrad Moses du Bois
D/S: Oliver Michael Emil du Bois & Sylvia Juno Ursula du BoisFrancesca & Henry; Oscar, Tobias, Matilda, Abraham, Oliver, and Sylvia.*S: Oscar Felix Kingsley du Bois
GF: Elsa Francisca SommervilleD: Magdalena Evangeline Chrysalis Sommerville
S: Lucius Calvin Denton SommervilleOscar & Elsa (Elsie); Magdalena (Lena) and Lucius.**S: Tobias John Amadeus du Bois
BF: Franklin Emmett O'Sullivan IIITobias (Toby) & Franklin (Frankie).***D: Matilda Alice Rafaela du Bois Imahara
H: Ryan Vincent ImaharaD: Antonella Eugenie Imahara
S: Adrian George ImaharaMatilda & Ryan; Antonella (Nell) and Adrian.****S: Abraham Conrad Moses du Bois
W: Eve Susannah Rosenbaum du BoisS/D: Beatrice Annis Hephzibah du Bois & Jeremiah Walter Ephraim du Bois
D: Phoebe Juno Maccabee du Bois
S: Ilan Crispin Laurence du BoisAbraham (Bram) & Eve; Beatrice (Bessie), Jeremiah (Jem), Phoebe, and Ilan.*****S: Oliver Michael Emil du Bois
W: Caitlin Elizabeth Edwards du BoisS: Simon Jude du Bois
D: Rosalie Cynthia du BoisOliver & Caitlin (Catie); Simon and Rosalie (Rose).******D: Sylvia Juno Ursula du Bois Edwards
W: Nora Theresa EdwardsD/D: Ruby Delphine Edwards & Jessamine Lilias EdwardsSylvia & Nora; Ruby and Jessamine.
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DH: David Ferdinand Bedford "Dave"
DW: Katherine Amabel (Deepwater) Bedford "Katie"
DD: Aurelia Jewel (Bedford) Solanger "Ellie"
--DH: Giovanni Laurence Solanger "Vanni"
--DS/DS: Casper Florian Solanger "Cas" and Crispin Simeon Solanger "Cris"
--DD: Isabel Layne Solanger "Bel"
DD: Sarah Violet (Bedford) O'Day
--DH: Isaiah Morgan O'Day
DD: Alice Grace (Bedford) Ingram
--DH: Marcus Elijah Ingram
--DS: Rylan Blaze Ingram
--DS: Jude Cooper Ingram
DD: Jane Prudence (Bedford) Reddinger "Janie"
--DH: Ryan Indiana Reddinger
--DD: Daisy Faith Reddinger
DS/DS: Adam Nathaniel Bedford and Aaron Richard Bedford
--DW (Adam): Nalia Grace (Ensminger) Bedford
--DD: Adalyn Scout Bedford
--DS: Austin Henry Bedford
--DW (Aaron): Leona Ysabel (Elliott) Bedford
--DD: Carys Maple Bedford
--DD: Eileen Louise Bedford
--DD/DD: Isla Lavender Bedford and Avis Jessamine Bedford
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DH: Zebedee Rupert Bedford
DW: Jemima Felicity Bedford (MN: Herbert-Samuel)
- Dog: MochaDS: Gabriel Felix
-DW: Hazel Eve (Sanderson)
-DS: Cosmo ArchieDD: Daisy Martha
-DH: Abraham Reece (Orville)
-DD/DD: Nuray Bluebell / Zabelle FuchsiaDS: Joseph Louis
-DW: Tessa Willow (Ikard)
-DD: Honey MatildaDS: Levi Jasper
-DW: Ada Ruth (Roberts)
-DD: Emmy PearlDD: Eden Molly (twin)
-DH: Maximilian Isaac (Everton)
-DD: Abilene Hadassah
-DS/DS: Jude Sonny / Asher Wolf
-DS: Reuben IsraelDD: Ruby Hannah (twin)
-DH: Nehemiah Gideon (Eades)
-DD: Annie Clementine
-DD: Lulu Hephzibah
-DD/DD: Posy Keziah / Clover Shoshana
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H: Peregrine Julian Deepwater
W: Henrietta Portia {Nettleton} DeepwaterS: Basil Felix Deepwater
-W: Beryl Aloisia {Silverston} Deepwater
--S/S: Peregrine Thaddeus / Oberon IgnatiusS: Isidore Jethro Deepwater
-W: Coral Catalina {Orosz} Deepwater
--D: Robinette Bellerose
--D/S: Sapphia Portia / Josiah EmmettD: Fiammette Carmosina {Deepwater} Ibarra
-H: Hector Amadeus Ibarra
--S: Benicio Idris
--S: Olivier BlaiseS: Jasper Reuben Deepwater
-W: Naomi Astoria {Robins} DeepwaterS: Orion Silas Deepwater
-W: Liriel Irina {Esteves} Deepwater
--S: Ezra Jasper
--D: Lyra JuniperS: Enoch Matthias Deepwater
-W: Artemisia Nadia {Elm} Deepwater
--D: Isadora Elowen
--D/D: Morgana Fern / Selena Hyacinth
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DH: Aubyn Maximilian Deepwater
DW: Beatrice "Bea" Ambrosia Evangeline [du Bois] DeepwaterDS: Landric Caderyn Fitzroy Deepwater (DC1)
-DW: Emery Faustine [Shetlow] Deepwater
-DD: Andromeda "Andy" Kassiani Eurydice Deepwater
-DS: Lajoie Cleveland Mordecai Deepwater
-DS: Gilligan "Gil" Schroeder Franklin Deepwater
-DS: Moritz "Ritz" Othniel Alaric Deeptwater DS: Digby Llewellyn Woodrow Deepwater (DC2)
-DW: Felicity "Flick" Emilia [O'Falkner] Deepwater DD: Persinette "Persi" Aristea Berylune Iverson-Deepwater (DC3)
-DW: Ruthanne "Rue" Violaine Iverson-Deepwater
-ADD: Polyxena "Xena" Viridian Elocadia Iverson-Deepwater
-ADS: Montgomery "Gomez" Urban Burleigh Iverson-Deepwater
-ADD: Arietty "Etta" Tigerlily Matilda Iverson-Deepwater DD: Leola Demetria Jacinth [Deepwater] Rumwater (DC4)
-DH: Edmond "Eddie" Stuart [Rumberger] Rumwater
-DD: Athena Isabel Rumwater DD: Nida Florence Jeanette [Deepwater] Eider [twin] (DC5)
-DH: Charleston "Charlie" Ellis Eider
-DD: Maelys Ariane Eider DS: Tibor "Ti" Roland Alain Eldrick-Deepwater [twin] (DC6)
-SO: Noa Tolliver Eldrick-Deepwater
-ADD: Lavender Love Eldrick-Deepwater
-ADD: Miamor Hartley Eldrick-DeepwaterDDog: Paisley
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H: Julian Henry du Bois
W: Angelica Victoria [Heriot] du BoisD: Winifred Marie “Winnie” du Bois
S: Galen Benjamin du Bois
S: Christian Alexander du Bois
D: Davina Esmée du Bois
D: Cordelia Lavinia du Bois (twin)
D: Rosaline Calpurnia du Bois (twin)⭐️D: Winifred “Winnie” [du Bois] Snow
-H: Caledon Orion Snow-D: Lily Pyper Snow
-S: Jack Adrian Snow
-S: Dexter Archie Snow
-S: Gabriel Alaric Snow⭐️S: Galen du Bois
-W: Molly Prudence [Overbeck] du Bois⭐️S: Christian du Bois
-W: Adena Nova [Imbeau] du Bois-D: Alice Lily du Bois
-S: James Warren du Bois
-D: Eloise Honey du Bois⭐️D: Davina [du Bois] Ridley
-H: Isaiah Oliver Ridley-D: Pandora Lavender Ridley⭐️D: Cordelia [du Bois] Evergreen (twin)
-H: Nathan Ashton Evergreen-S: Theo Gideon Evergreen
-D: Rachel Sun Evergreen
-D: Rhiannon Marie Evergreen⭐️D: Rosaline [du Bois] Emerson (twin)
-H: Tristan Ellis Emerson
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DH: Quentin Tate Hambros
DW: Aurelia Zara WassenaarDS: Cadfael Mandlenkosi Hambros
DD: Myrtle Theodosia Hambros
DD: Klothilde Zephyrine Hambros
DD: Venetia Olynthe Hambros
DD/DS: Gertrude Elvira & Norbert Tiburtius HambrosDSchnauzer: Odin***
DS1: Cadfael Mandlenkosi Hambros
DW: Helen Elizabeth SmithDS/DS: Augustus Blandford "Gus" & Theophilus Whittaker "Theo" Hambros
DS: Aloysius Franklin "Al" Hambros***
DD1: Myrtle Theodosia Hambros
DH: Arthur Royce O'BryanDS: Sean Quentin O'Bryan***
DD2: Klothilde Zephyrine Hambros
DH: Thomas Walter IrvineDS: Jesse Walter Irvine
DS: Jared Mitchell Irvine***
DD3: Venetia Olynthe Hambros
DW: Artemisia Richildis RossDS: Wilmot Artem "Will" Ross-Hambros
DD: Anna Mae "Annie" Ross-Hambros***
DD4: Gertrude Elvira Hambros
DH: Martin Inigo EsparzaDS: Rowan Hugo Esparza
DD: Freda Gertrude Esparza***
DS2: Norbert Tiburtius Hambros
DW: Norma Guinevere EllingtonDD: Ruby Clementine Hambros
DS: Loren Elwood Hambros*****
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The Bedford Family (14)DH: Jonathan Darius Bedford
DW: Lucinda Zara (Heriot) BedfordDD: Endellion Verena Bedford
DD: Rosamund Virginia Bedford
DS: Philemon Voltaire Bedford
DD: Hyacinth Victoria Bedford
DD/DS: Novella Sylvie & Cecil Warren BedfordDDog: Leia***DD: Endellion Verena (Bedford) Sondheim
* DH: Barnabas Aurelius Sondheim
* * DS/DS: Cymbeline Tristram & Pendragon Ludovic Sondheim
* * DS: Christopher Scott Sondheim
* * DS: Phineas Abner Sondheim***DD: Rosamund Virginia (Bedford) Oyaski
* DH: Cyril Chester Oyaski***DS: Philemon Voltaire Bedford
* DW: Hester Aline (Ideis) Bedford
* * DS: George Frederick Bedford
* * DD: Arrietty Matilda Bedford***DD: Hyacinth Victoria (Bedford) Ryerson
* DH: Newton Aloysius Ryerson

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DH: Jonathan Charles Bedford
DW: Cecelia Catherine {Nettleton} BedfordDog: Maple DS: William Isaac Bedford
— DW: Érica Francisca Sousa Santos
— DS: Casper Orlando Bedford
— DS: Reeve Leandro Bedford
— DS: Dawson Oscar Bedford
— DS: Archie Felix BedfordDS: Peter Lewis Bedford
— DW: Fabiola Emanuela Orsini DD: Alice Victoria {Bedford} Ivers
— DH: Raphael Vincent Ivers
— DS: Nolan Trevor Ivers
— DD: Matilda Belle IversDD: Charlotte Chelsea Bedford
— DNBP: Ellis Sawyer Reed
— DD: Billie Athena Reed
— DD: Stevie Montana ReedDD: Julia Elizabeth Bedford [twin]
— DW: Carys Esther Evans-BedfordDD: Margaret Rosalind {Bedford} Eszes [twin]
— DH: Nathaniel Tamás Eszes
— DD: Kerensa Valentina Eszes
— DD: Tallulah Dorothy Eszes
— DD: Elowen Faye Eszes [twin]
— DD: Juniper Hazel Eszes [twin]
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DH: Theodore Maximilian Herbert-Samuel
DW: Philippa Antoinette Deepwater
DDog (f): HoneyDS: Noam Ezekiel Herbert-Samuel
- DW: Gizela Leah "Gizi" Sofer
-DS/DS: Ivor Montague Herbert-Samuel/ Leonidas Ptolemy Herbert-Samuel
-DD: Antonina Primrose Herbert-Samuel
-DS: Raymond Jeremiah herbert-SamuelDD: Pearl Golda Herbert-Samuel
- DH: Itamar Menachem Oren
-DD/DD: Sebastia Ianthe Oren / Jocasta Sophronia Oren
-DD: Augusta Ruth OrenDD: Daisy Hilda Herbert-Samuel
- DH: Mark Elisha Ibragimov
-DD: Samaria Sheherezade IbragimovDD: Helen Josephine Herbert-Samuel
- Rachamim Immanuel "Rami" Recanati
-DS: Zerah Isidore Recanati
-DS: Myron Ilan RecanatiDS: Agamemnon Abraham Herbert-Samuel
-DW: Norma Gabrielle Edri
-DD: Myrtle Hadassah Herbert-Samuel
-DS: Leon Osias Herbert-SamuelDS: Augustus Aaron Herbert-Samuel
- DW: Leonie Yehudit Elton
- DD: Deborah Carmel Herbert-Elton
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DW: Harriet Portia [du Bois] Deepwater
DH: Albert Peregrine DeepwaterDD: Ottilie Florence [Deepwater] Starrett
- DH: Dominic Elmer Starrett
-- DS: Cosmo Elmer Starrett
-- DS: Rex Albert StarrettDD: Ernestine Mabel [Deepwater] O'Keefe
- DH: Benedict Orson O'Keefe
-- DS: Fitzwilliam Ward O'KeefeDS: Philemon Eustache Deepwater-Ishida
- DH: Nathaniel August Deepwater-Ishida
-- DS: Idris Kenji Deepwater-Ishida
-- DD: Olive Ramona Deepwater-IshidaDD: Magdalena Hedwig [Deepwater] Rivera
- DH: Isidro Ramón Rivera
-- DD/DS: Sybil Harriet Rivera / Emmanuel Felix RiveraDS: Balthasar Capulet Deepwater (twin)
- DW: Noelle Emilia [Evangelista] Deepwater
-- DS: Gideon Hugo Deepwater
-- DD: Saoirse Honesty Deepwater
-- DS: Oscar Hubert Deepwater
-- DD: Maud Harriet DeepwaterDS: Horatio Montague Deepwater (twin)
- DW: Stephanie Sylvia [Evangelista] Deepwater
-- DD: Myrtle Jane Deepwater
Harriet & Albert | Ottilie, Ernestine, Philemon, Magdalena, Balthasar, and Horatio
Ottilie & Dom | Cosmo and Rex
Ernestine & Ben | Fitz
Philemon & Nat | Idris and Olive
Magdalena & Sid | Sybil and Emmanuel
Balthasar & Noelle | Gideon, Saoirse, Oscar, and Maud
Horatio & Stevie | Myrtle
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Caleb Montague ❤️ Tansy Rosamund
Noah Warren
Bobby Mackenzie
Dinarah Imogene “Dinah”
Juliana Esmee “Jewel”
Angus Carter & Lachlan JackAthena, the Manchester Terrier[Caleb & Tansy || Noah, Bobby, Dinah, Jewel, Angus & Lachlan || Athena]⭐️THE HERIOT FAMILY
Noah Warren ❤️ Eden Fionnuala (née Shaughnessy)[Noah & Eden]
Bobby Mackenzie ❤️ Frederica Elizabeth “Freddie” (née Oliverson)
Melvyn Donald (7)
Leroy Jarrell (5)
Ashley Tristan (nb)[Bobby & Freddie || Melvyn, Leroy, Ashley]
Dinarah Imogene “Dinah” ❤️ Roper Victor
Coleson Clint (10)
Thayer Travis (5)
Jett Johnny (3)
Dakota Darien (nb)[Dinah & Roper || Coleson, Thayer, Jett, Dakota]
Juliana Esmee “Jewel” ❤️ Evan Stephen
Broderick Joel (7)
Lennon Prudence “Lenny” (3)[Jewel & Evan || Broderick, Lenny]
Angus Carter ❤️ Carrie Elianne “Carrie-Anne” (née Edminsteire)
Jack Montague & Caleb August (9)[Angus & Carrie-Anne || Jack & Caleb]
Lachlan Jack ❤️ Noor Tutia (née Esfahani)
Betty Violet Mary (11)[Lachlan & Noor || Betty]
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W: Ursula Emmeline Deepwater
H: Aubyn Radcliffe HeriotD: Domitilla Ingrid Heriot
-H: Emory Franklin Sanders
--D: Perpetua Violetta Sanders
--S: Cornelius Desmond SandersD: Berenice Diana Heriot
-H: Florian Eduard Obermann
--S: Zoltan Emeric ObermannD: Pascuala Agatha Heriot
-W: Rose Victoire Ingersoll
--D: Leopoldine Cressida Heriot-IngersollD: Shahrazad Larisa Heriot
-H: Eyal Sagi Rubinstein
--S/S: Thaddeus Ira Rubinstein & Ambrose Ari RubinsteinD: Evdokia Georgia "Evie" Heriot {twin}
-GF: Clemence Eugenia Egerton
--D: Apolline Cosima Egerton-HeriotD: Hortensia Alice "Hallie" Heriot {twin}
-BF: Niels Torben Ejstrup
--D: Xanthe Fleur Ejstrup
--D: Carmel Audrey Ejstrup
--S: Mirko Pascal Ejstrup
--D/D: Pansy Delphine Ejstrup & Lita Rosalind Ejstrup Irish wolfhound: Ozzy
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