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This is a list of names in which the gender is masculine; and the first letter is B.
BRYAN m English
Variant of BRIAN.
BRYANT m English
From a surname that was derived from the given name BRIAN.
BRYCE m English
Variant of BRICE.
BRYN m & f Welsh, English
Means "hill, mound" in Welsh. It is now used as a feminine name as well.
BRYNJAR m Norwegian, Icelandic
Derived from the Old Norse elements bryn "armour" and arr "warrior".
From a Welsh place name meaning "great hill".
BRYON m English
Variant of BRIAN.
BRYSON m English
From an English surname meaning "son of BRICE".
BUANA m Indonesian
Means "the world" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit भुवन (bhuvana).
BUCK m English
From an English nickname meaning simply "buck, male deer", ultimately from Old English bucc.
BUD m English
Short form of BUDDY.
BUDDHA m History
Means "enlightened" in Sanskrit. This is a title applied to Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, as well as to a handful of other enlightened individuals.
BUDDY m English
From the English word meaning "friend". It probably originated as a nursery form of the word brother.
BUDI m Indonesian
Means "reason, mind, character" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit बुद्धि (buddhi) meaning "intellect" (related to BUDDHA).
Spanish form of BONAVENTURA.
BUĞRA m Turkish
Means "baby camel" in Turkish.
BUHLE f & m Southern African, Xhosa, Ndebele
From Xhosa and Ndebele buhle "beautiful, handsome", from the root hle.
BÚI m Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse form of BO (1).
BULAT m Kazakh
Alternate transcription of Kazakh Болат (see BOLAT).
BÜLENT m Turkish
From Persian بلند (boland) meaning "high, mighty".
BULUS m Arabic
Arabic form of PAUL.
BULUT m Turkish
Means "cloud" in Turkish.
BÜNYAMİN m Turkish
Turkish form of BENJAMIN.
BURAK m Turkish
From Arabic براق (Buraq), the name of the legendary creature that, according to Islamic tradition, transported the Prophet Muhammad. Its name is derived from Arabic برق (barq) meaning "lightning".
BURÇİN f & m Turkish
Means "hind, doe" in Turkish.
BURHAN m Arabic, Turkish
Means "proof" in Arabic.
BURIM m Albanian
Means "spring, well, water source" in Albanian.
BURKE m English
From an English surname that was derived from Old English burg meaning "fortress".
BURKHARD m German, Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic elements burg meaning "protection" and hard "brave, hardy". Saint Burkhard was a bishop who founded several monasteries in Germany in the 8th century.
BURT m English
Short form of BURTON.
BURTON m English
From a surname that was originally taken from an Old English place name meaning "fortified town". A famous bearer of the surname was Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890), an explorer of Africa and Asia.
BUSINGE m & f Eastern African, Kiga
Means "peace" in Rukiga.
BUSTER m English
Originally a nickname denoting a person who broke things, from the word bust, a dialectal variant of burst. A famous bearer was the silent movie star Buster Keaton (1895-1966).
BUTRUS m Arabic, Coptic
Arabic form of PETER.
BUZ m Biblical
Means "contempt" in Hebrew. This is the name of a son of ABRAHAM's brother Nahor in the Old Testament.
BYELOBOG m Slavic Mythology
Means "the white god" from Slavic byelo "white" and bogu "god". This was the name of the Slavic god of the sun, happiness and fortune.
BYEONG-HO m Korean
From Sino-Korean (byeong) meaning "bright, luminous, glorious" combined with (ho) meaning "great, numerous, vast" or (ho) meaning "summer, sky, heaven". Other hanja character combinations are possible.
BYRNE m English (Rare)
From an Irish surname that was derived from Ó Broin meaning "descendant of BRAN (1)".
BYRON m English
From a surname that was originally from a place name meaning "place of the cow sheds" in Old English. This was the surname of the romantic poet Lord Byron (1788-1824), the writer of Don Juan and many other works.
BYSSHE m English (Rare)
From an English surname, a variant of the surname Bush, which originally indicated a person who lived near a bush. This was the middle name of the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822).
BYUNG-HO m Korean
Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul 병호 (see BYEONG-HO).
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