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This is a list of submitted names in which the gender is masculine; and the first letter is B.
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BAAITSE m & f Tswana
Means "they know" in Setswana.
BAANA m Biblical
Means "son of affliction". In the Bible, this is the name of two of Solomon's purveyors, as well as the father of ZADOK.
BAANAH m Biblical
Variant of BAANA.
BÅÅˊRES m Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of BORIS.
BAART m West Frisian
West Frisian form of BERT.
BAASAN m & f Mongolian
Means "Friday" or "Venus" in Mongolian.
BAATAR m Mongolian, Kalmyk
Means "hero, knight" in Mongolian.
Means "heroic stone" in Mongolian.
Means "heroic happiness" in Mongolian.
BAATYR m Kyrgyz, Yakut (Rare)
Kyrgyz and Yakut form of BATUR.
Combination of BAATYR with the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
BABA m Russian
Means "grandmother" in Russian.
BABA m & f Madí
Meaning unknown. Jamamadí language is spoken in Acre and Amazonas State in Brazil.
BABAIKO m Russian
Diminutive of BABA.
BABAJAN m Armenian (Rare)
Means " soul, friendly" in Armenian. Until the end of the last century, it was a rather common name, but it is still being forgotten, but Babajanyan’s surname is still preserved.
BABAKHA m Russian
Diminutive of BABA.
BABAWAR m & f Indigenous Australian
Meaning unknown.... [more]
BABE f & m English (Rare)
Diminutive of BARBARA, as in the case of American socialite Babe Paley (1915-1978).
BABHRU m & f Indian
Indian unisex name also written as Babhrú (बभ्रु), masculine and sometimes feminine, or Babhrū (बभ्रू), which is purely feminine, meaning "reddish-brown, tawny".
BABI m & f Indian
BABIE f & m English (Rare)
Diminutive of BARBARA.
BABIK m Romani
Of unknown meaning.... [more]
BABIKER m Northern African, Arabic
Sudanese name possibly derived from the given name BAKR or from Arabic بَكَرَ (bakara) meaning "first born" or "to be early, to rise early".
BABIL m Catalan
Diminutive of BABILÀS.
BABILA m Italian
Italian form of BABYLAS.
BABILÀS m Catalan
Catalanh form of BABYLAS.
BƏBIR m Azerbaijani (Rare)
Derived from the Azerbaijani noun bəbir meaning "leopard". As such, this name could be considered to be the Azerbaijani form of BABUR.... [more]
BABIR m Azerbaijani (Rare), Kazakh (Rare)
Azerbaijani and Kazakh form of BABUR.
BABNEK m Russian
Diminutive of BABO.
BABNOUDA m Coptic (Arabized), Arabic
Arabized form of the Sahidic Coptic name PAPNOUTE.
BABO m Russian
Means "grandmother" in Russian.
BABOLA m Russian
Means "grandmother" in Russian.
BABOSHA m Russian
Means "grandmother" in Russian.
BABURBEK m Kazakh (Rare), Kyrgyz (Rare), Uzbek (Rare)
Combination of BABUR with the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".... [more]
BABÜRŞAH m Turkish
BABÜR, combined with a Perso-Turkic royal title, şah meaning "shah". As a whole, it means "shah as strong as a tiger". This was the nickname of Zahir ud-Din Muhammad, the 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire in India.
BABUSI m Tswana
Means "leaders" in Setswana.
BACCIO m Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Diminutive of names that end in -accio which is preceded by a "B sound", such as Bartolomeaccio, Bartolaccio, Iacobaccio, Bindaccio or FORTEBRACCIO.
BACCO m Italian
Italian form of BACCHUS.
BACHA m Russian
Means "beauty" in Russian.
BACHIR m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi transcription of BASHIR (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
BACKO f & m Indigenous Australian
Meaning unknown (from a language possibly spoken near Townsville, Queensland in the south-easthern Australia).... [more]
BACO m Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of BACCHUS.
BADA m & f Korean (Modern, Rare)
From the native Korean word meaning "sea, ocean," perhaps deriving from Goguryeo 波旦 (patɐrɐ) or 波豊 (patərə).
BADA m & f Madí
Meaning unknown. Jamamadí language is spoken in Acre and Amazonas State in Brazil.
BADAL m Indian
BADAM m Pashto
Means "almond" in Pashto.
BADAR m & f Arabic, Urdu
Alternate transcription of BADR.
BADE m & f English
Possibly from the traditionally English surname, from the Old English personal name BADA which possibly a short form of various names with the first element being the Old English beadu "battle"... [more]
BADE m Nigerian
The use of the name in Nigeria is likely due to the Bade Emirate, a traditional state in Yobe State, Nigeria, the home of the Bade people.
BADE m & f Indian (Muslim), Hindi
Likely a variant of BADR. It also means "big, older" in Hindi.
BADEEY m Yakut
Derived from the name of a folk Yakut hero who was the first leader of the Kangalassky Yakuts.
BADEGISEL m Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic element bald "brave, bold" (commonly reduced to bad or baud when Latinized) or possibly Celto-Germanic badu "battle", combined with gisel "hostage" or "pledge" (ge- "co-" + the root of "sell" in the sense of "give"—thus something or someone given in exchange).
BADEM m Bosnian (Rare)
Means "almond" in Bosnian.
BADER m Arabic
Means "full moon" in Arabic.
BADERIC m Ancient Germanic, History
Means "powerful battle", derived from the Germanic elements badu "battle" and rîcja "powerful, strong, mighty." The second element is also closely related to Celtic rîg or rix and Gothic reiks, which all mean "king, ruler." Baderic was a 6th-century co-king of the Thuringii, a Germanic tribe.
German form of BADERIC.
Dutch form of BADERIC.
BADI m Arabic
Means "a wonderful man" in Arabic.
BADIGWALA m & f Kassena
Means "they have defeated the slave raider" in Kasem.
BADIS m Berber (Rare)
The meaning of this name is unknown but several kings had this name.
BADISCHTE m German (Swiss)
Alemannic German form of BAPTISTE.
BADMA m & f Kalmyk, Buryat, Mongolian
Kalmyk, Buryat and Mongolian form of PADMA.
Means "protected by lotus" in Buryat.
BADO m Old High German, Ancient Germanic
Old High German form of BAÐI.
BADRA m & f Western African, Arabic
Possibly a variant of BADR.
BADR AL-DIN m Arabic
From Arabic بَدْر (badr) meaning "full moon" and دِين (dīn) meaning "religion, faith".
The first element of this name is derived from Polish bądź, which is the second-person singular imperative form of the verb być "to be". The second element is derived from Slavic mir "peace"... [more]
BAEDDAN m Welsh Mythology
In the medieval Welsh tale 'Culhwch and Olwen' this name belongs to the father of Maelwys, one of Arthur's warriors.
BÆGLIR m Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse name deriving from a verb related to Nynorsk begla meaning "to hinder, to stand in someone's way" or a noun related to Nynorsk begla meaning "contrary, sullen, obstinate person".
BÆILIR m Ancient Scandinavian
Probably an Old Norse variant of BÆGLIR.
BAEK-HAN m Korean (Modern)
A character in Korean Drama "Vampire Flower
From Sino-Korean 伯 "older brother" and 賢 "virtuous, worthy, good".
BÆLDÆG m Anglo-Saxon Mythology
Anglo-Saxon equivalent of BALDER. Made up of the Old English elements bæl, of disputed origin, and dæg, meaning "day." ‘The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle,’ written after the Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons, treats him as a historical figure, listing him among the legendary ancestors of the kings of Bernicia and Wessex.
BÆNADIKT m Faroese
Faroese form of BENEDIKT.
BÆRON m Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Icelandic adoption of BYRON.
Derived from Zulu abafana, the plural form of umfana, meaning "boy, young man."
BÁFURR m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a dwarf in Norse mythology.
BAGAMÉR m Hungarian
Hungarian form of BOGUMIR.
BAGDEMAGUS m Arthurian Romance
Meaning unknown. In Arthurian legend, Bagdemagus is the king of Gorre, a Knight of the Round Table and the father of MALEAGANT.
BAGGE m Old Swedish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
Old Swedish and modern form of BAGGI.
Means "brave warrior" in Khazar.
BAGHEERA m Literature
Bagheera is a black panther (black Indian leopard) who is a fictional character in Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli stories in The Jungle Book (coll. 1894) and The Second Jungle Book (coll. 1895). The word Bagh (बाघ) means tiger in Hindi.
BAGHER m Persian
Persian form of BAQIR.
BÄĞIZ m Bashkir
Means "mentor" in Bashkir.
BAGJA m Indonesian, Sundanese
Means "happy" in Sundanese.
BAGLEN m Welsh
From St. Baglen.
BAGOES m Indonesian
Variant spelling of BAGUS influenced by Dutch orthography.
BAGOK m Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish bager meaning "whirlwind".
BAGRAȚ m Abkhaz
Abkhaz variant of BAGRAT.
BAGRAṬI m Georgian
Georgian form of BAGRAT.
BAGUNGUS m Arthurian Romance (Archaic)
Meaning unknown. An extremely rare figure in Arthurian legend, Bagungus only appears in the earliest transcriptions of the works of Laghamon, from about 1190, and due to its rarity is thought by some to be a corruption of the name BAGDEMAGUS.
BAGWIS m Filipino, Tagalog
Means "soft wing feather (of a bird)" in Tagalog.
BAHADOR m Persian
Alternate transcription of BAHADUR.
BAHANDI m & f Cebuano (Rare)
Means "wealth, riches" in Cebuano.
BAHARI f & m Swahili
Means "sea" or "ocean" in Swahili.
BAHATI f & m Eastern African
Means "luck, good fortune" in Swahili.
BAHDAN m Belarusian
Belarusian form of BOGDAN.
BAHDAŠ m Belarusian
Diminutive of BAHDAN.
BAHELWANG m & f Tswana
Means "why give them?" in Setswana.
BAHIR m Arabic
Means "brilliant" in Arabic.
BAHO m Bosnian
Short for of BAHTIJAR.
Uzbek form of BAHADUR.
Tajik form of BAHADUR.
BAHOZ m Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish ba meaning "storm".
BAHRADIN m Arabic (Rare)
Derived from Arabic Bahr al-Din, which means "sea of religion", itself derived from Arabic بَحْر (bahr) "sea, ocean" combined with Arabic دين (din) "religion, faith".
Means "fortunate" in Pashto.
BAHRI m Turkish
Means "maritime" in Turkish.
BAHRUDIN m Bosnian
Bosnian form of Bahr ud-Din, which is a variant transcription of Bahr al-Din (see BAHRADIN).... [more]
BƏHRUZ m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of BEHRUZ.
BAHTA m Tigrinya
Meaning unknown.
BAHTIJA m Bosnian
Variant of BAHTIJAR.
BAHTIJAR m Bosnian
Bosnian form of BAKHTIAR.
BAHTJAR m Bosnian
Variant of BAHTIJAR.
BAHTO m Bosnian (Rare)
Short form of BAHTIJAR.
BAHUSLAU m Belarusian
Belarusian form of BOGUSLAV.
BAIARDO m Italian
Italian form of BAYARD.
BAIBOL m Russian
Means "speak of pain" in Russian.
BAIDIK m Russian
Means "speak praise" in Russian.
BÁI-HǓ m & f Astronomy
Bái-Hǔ is a Xiang (象) one of the Four Symbols that include all the constellation of the Chinese System. Bái-Hǔ is known as The White Tiger of the West and is a mythological spirit creature linked with the west, the left and the fall/autumn season.
BAIHU m Chinese Mythology
From Chinese 白 (bái) meaning "white" and 虎 (hǔ) meaning "tiger". This is the Chinese name of the White Tiger, associated with the west and the autumn season.
Variant of BEIJAERT.
BAILEM m English, Hebrew, Yiddish
means "he who watches over his siblings." This name is usually given to the first son. Bailem is somewhat connected to BAILEY.
BAILI m & f English
Variant of BAILEY.
BAILY f & m English (Rare)
Variant of BAILEY.
BAIN m Literature, Judeo-Christian Legend
Bain was the son of Bard in J. R. R. Tolkien's book, The Hobbit. "Bain" means "beautiful" in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional language, Sindarin (Elvish).
BÁINE f & m Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Mythology
An Irish name meaning "whiteness, pallor". In Irish Mythology, Báine was a princess, daughter of Tuathal Techtmar, ancestor of the kings of Ireland. "Cailín na Gruaige Báine" and "Bruach na Carraige Báine" are the names of two traditional Irish songs.... [more]
BAINES m English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Baines. This was the middle name of President Lyndon B. Johnson.
BAIR m Buryat
Buryat name derived from Mongolian баяр (bayar) meaning "joy, happiness".
BAIRD m English
Transferred use of the surname BAIRD.
BAITSHEPHI m & f Tswana
Means "the just" or "the saints" in Setswana.
Means "they are happy" in Setswana.
BAIUS m Medieval
Latin baius "bay, laurel".
BAIZHAN m Kazakh
Derived from Kazakh бай (bay) meaning "rich" and жан (zhan) "soul" (of Persian origin).
BAJAZET m Turkish, Arabic, Persian
Variant transcription of BAYEZID.
BAJE m & f East Frisian
Variant of Boje. ... [more]
BAJEZID m Turkish, Arabic, Persian
Variant transcription of BAYEZID.
BAJNOK m Hungarian
Means "champion" in Hungarian.
BAJO m Albanian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovak
Albanian short form of BAJRAM as well as a diminutive of BRANISLAV (Slovak) and BRATISLAV (Montenegrin and Serbian).... [more]
BAJRAM m Albanian
Albanian form of BAYRAM.
BAJUK m Albanian
From the Albanian bajukë meaning "coot".
BAKA m & f Madí
Meaning unknown. Jamamadí language is spoken in Acre and Amazonas State in Brazil.
BAKAFFA m Eastern African
Bakaffa (throne name Asma Sagad, later Masih Sagad Ge'ez መሲህ ሰገድ, "to whom the anointed bows") was nəgusä nägäst (May 18, 1721 – September 19, 1730) of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty... [more]
BAKAKA m Russian
Means "wide, tall" in Russian.
BAKANG m & f Tswana
Means "praise" in Tswana.
BAKARI m Swahili
Means "Hopeful" in Swahili.
BAKARY m Arabic
An indirect Quranic name from Arabic Bakūr / Bakr, an ancient name of Arabian tribes, meaning "young camel".
BAKCHOS m Greek Mythology
Original form of BACCHUS.
BAKCHUS m Polish
Polish form of BACCHUS.
BAKENKHONSU m Ancient Egyptian
Means "servant of KHONSU" in Ancient Egyptian.
BAKENRANEF m Ancient Egyptian
Means "servant of his name" in Egyptian.
BAKER m English
Transferred use of the surname BAKER.
BAKERY m Western African
Meaning unknown.... [more]
BAKHOUM m Arabic
Arabic form of PAKHOM.
BAKHRETDIN m Uzbek (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. It might perhaps be a variant form of BAKHRIDDIN. Also compare BAGRAT.
BAKHRIDDIN m Tajik, Uzbek
Derived from Tajik баҳр (bahr) meaning “sea”, ultimately from Arabic بَحْر (baḥr) meaning “sea, river”, combined with Arabic دِين (dīn) meaning “religion, creed, faith”.
BAKHT m & f Urdu, Pashto
Derived from Persian بخت (baxt) meaning "fortune, prosperity, luck".
BAKHTAWAR f & m Indian, Urdu
Urdu form of Bakhtavar.
BAKHVA m Ossetian, Georgian
Derived from Persian بخت (baxt) meaning "fortune, happiness, luck".
Variant transcription of BAKYTZHAN.
BAKO m Armenian
Short form of Bakur or AMBAKUM.
BAKU m Japanese (Rare), Japanese Mythology
The "Eater of Nightmares (a lion-headed ghost)" in Japanese Mythology. If you call for him, he will eat away your nightmares. It can also refer to a "Tapir", for its appearance. I've heard that in the Japanese language, Baku means "Command Esteem", "Receive or Gain", or "Win Acclaim".
BAKUL f & m Indian
Bakul is the name of a sweet smelling flower. The name Bakul originated as a Hindu name. The name Bakul is most often used as a girl name or female name, but can sometimes be used for men.... [more]
BAKULL m Albanian
Means "strong and healthy, robust" in Albanian.
BAKYT m & f Kyrgyz, Kazakh
From Kyrgyz бакыт (bakıt) and Kazakh бақыт (baqıt) both meaning "happiness, luck".
BAKYTBEK m Kyrgyz, Kazakh
From the given name BAKYT combined with the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
Means "happy soul", derived from Kazakh бақыт (baqyt) meaning "happiness" and жан (zhan) meaning "soul" (
BAL f & m Indian, Polynesian
Short form of names with "Bal" as prefix.
BALAJI m Indian, Tamil, Telugu
Derived from Sanskrit बल (bála) meaning "power, strength, might". This is an epithet of Venkateswara, one of the forms of the Hindu deity VISHNU.
BALANDIS m Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian noun balandis, which can mean "dove, pigeon" as well as "April" (as in, the month).
BALANG m & f Kelabit
Means "spirit tiger" in Kelabit.
BALARABE m Western African, Hausa
Means "born on Wednesday" in Hausa from element laraba "Wednesday".
BALARAM m & f Hindi (Rare)
strong soul
BALARAMA m & f Hindi (Rare)
strong soul
Telugu form of BALARAMA.
BALASSA m Medieval Hungarian
Medieval Hungarian form of BALÁZS (via the medieval variant Balass. This name was first used in Hungary in the 13th century.
From Sanskrit बाल (bāla) meaning "young, child" combined with the name SUBRAMANIAM.
Alternate transcription of BALASUBRAMANIAM.
BALBIJN m & f Dutch (Archaic)
Dutch form of both BALBINUS and BALBINA.
BALBIN m Croatian (Rare), French, Polish
Croatian, French and Polish form of BALBINUS.
BALBIR m & f Indian
sikh/ hindu name... [more]
BALBULUS m Medieval, Literature
The Latin word balbulus mean "stammerer". It was the byname of St. NOTKER of St. Gallen.... [more]
BALDA m & f Italian
Male short form of BALDASSARE or BALDASSARR and feminine form of BALDO.
BALDAN m Buryat
Means "powerful" in Buryat.
BALDBERT m Medieval, Old High German, Old Saxon, Medieval French
Old High German bald "bold" + Old High German beraht, Old Saxon berht "bright" from Proto-Germanic berhtaz.
BALDEMAN m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German bald "bold, brave" combined with man "man."
BALDEMAR m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German bald "bold, brave" combined with Old High German mâri "famous."
BALDEVA m Indian
Means strong.
BALDOR m Literature
The Rohirrim eldest son of KING BREGO, in J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
BALDOWALD m Medieval, Medieval French, Old High German, Old Saxon
Old High German bald "bold" + Old Saxon wald, Old High German walt "power, authority".
BALDRAM m Medieval German, German (Rare, Archaic)
A dithematic name formed from the Germanic name element bald "bold" and hraban "raven".
BALDUCCIO m Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian diminutive of BALDO, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.... [more]
BALDULF m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German bald "bold, brave" combined with Gothic vulfs "wolf."
BALDWAR m Medieval, Old High German, Old Saxon, Medieval French
Old High German bald "bold" + a derivative of Old Saxon waru, Old High German wara "protection, watch".
BALDYRGAN f & m Kazakh
Means "hemlock, hogweed" in Kazakh.
BALE m English
Possibly a variant form of Basil. It could also be derived from the surname Bale, which can be both a occupational and locational surname. A famous bearer of this surname is the actor Christian Bale.
BALEIGH f & m English
Variant of BAILEY.
BALEY f & m English (Modern)
Variant of BAILEY.
BALI m & f Punjabi, Indian
Transferred use of the surname BALI.
BALIÁN m Spanish
Spanish form of BALIAN.
BALIAN m Medieval French, French (Modern, Rare), German (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Meaning uncertain. This is most known for being the name of Balian of Ibelin (c. 1140-1193), a lord of the Crusader state of Jerusalem.... [more]
BALIANO m Italian
Italian form of BALIAN.
BALICH m Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish diminutive of BALDWIN.
BALIK m & f Balinese
According to Balinese birth order, this name is added on to the first, second, third, and fourth born names to create alternate names according to birth order. This would create WAYAN Balik (fifth born), MADE Balik (sixth born), NYOMAN Balik (seventh born), and KETUT Balik (eighth born) respectively... [more]
BALIMA f & m Dagbani
Means "persuasion" in Dagbani.
BALIN m Arthurian Romance, Literature
The name was used in Arthurian legend by Sir Thomas Malory as the name of one of King Arthur's valiant knights. ... [more]
BALIN m Indic, Hinduism
Balin is the name of a monkey king in the Hindu epic, "The Ramayama".
BALINOR m Popular Culture (Rare), Arthurian Romance
The name Balinor has no known meaning. However, it was once used in the television series 'Merlin' (2008–2012) where the character Balinor was the father of MERLIN and a former Dragonlord... [more]
BALIUS m Lithuanian (Modern, Rare)
Means "ball", "dance / dancing party", "masquerade" in Lithuanian.
BALKI m Medieval English, Norwegian
From Old Norse balkr meaning "ridge of land."
BALLAN m Albanian
From Albanian ballë meaning "strong, bold", literally "forehead".
BALLARD m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname BALLARD.
BALLI m Ancient Scandinavian, Old Danish
Either from Old Norse ballr "dangerous, risky, bold, brave" or bollr "ball".
BALLOR m Albanian
Means "forehead", or, figuratively "elite, best" in Albanian.
BALOO m Popular Culture
Baloo is a main fictional character featured in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book from 1894 and The Second Jungle Book from 1895.
BALOOLA m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Kannada
MEANING - strong ... [more]
BALOR m Irish Mythology
In Irish mythology, Balor (BALAR, BOLAR) of the Evil Eye was a king of the Fomorians, a race of giants.
BALOUA m Berber
Meaning unknown.
BALRAJ m Indian (Sikh)
Indian, punjabi. Meaning power.
BALŠA m Montenegrin, Serbian
Means "strong", "healthy", "big man".
BALSAM f & m Arabic (Rare), English
Meaning "cure" in Arabic. ... [more]
BALSAMO m Medieval Italian
Masculine form of BALSAMIA.
BALSER m Romansh
Romansh form of BALTHAZAR.
BALTABAY m Karakalpak
Means "ax" in Karakalpak.
Derived from Kazakh балта (balta) meaning "axe, hatchet" and the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
BALTAD m Old High German, Medieval, Medieval French
Old High German bald "bold" + Old High German hadu "battle".
BALTAZARAS m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of BALTHAZAR.
BALTER m Spanish (Rare)
Spanish variant of WALTER.
BALTO m Popular Culture
Meaning is unknown. It is possibly related to BALDO, which means "bold, brave", or VALTO, which means "to rule with greatness"... [more]
Lithuanian form of BARTHOLOMEW.
BALTRAN m Romansh
Romansh form of BERTRAM.
BALTSAR m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of BALTHAZAR.
BALTZ m Medieval Basque
Derived from Basque baltz "black".
BALTZAR m Old Swedish, Swedish
Old Swedish form of Baltasar.
BALUN m Romansh
Romansh form of APOLLONIOS.
BALVIS m Latvian (Rare)
Masculine form of BALVA.
BALWIN m Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish variant of BALDWIN.
BALZER m German, Danish
German and Danish vernacular form of BALTHASAR. It was borne by Danish politician Balzer Jacobsen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands from 1655 to 1661.
Means "sun of happiness" or "sun of prosperity" in Buryat, from Tibetan བདེ་བ (bde ba) "happiness, bliss, joy" and ཉི་མ (nyi ma) "sun, day".
BAM m Popular Culture, English (Modern, Rare)
Possibly a diminutive for any name starting with the letter B. Also an onomatopoeia word suggesting the sound of a "loud thud". ... [more]
BAMA m & f American
Diminutive of ALABAMA, the names of American states being in occasional use as given names. A notable bearer is professional baseball player CARVEL WILLIAM "Bama" ROWELL (1916-1993) who played in Boston and Philadelphia, but hailed from Alabama... [more]
BAMAPAMA m Indigenous Australian Mythology
Australian Aboriginal myth. The 'Crazy Trickster'
BAMBAM m Indigenous Australian, Meriam
Means "yellow" in Meriam, spoken in Torres Strait, Queensland and few southern Australian islands.
BAMERON m & f English
Unknown, probably a variant of CAMERON.
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