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AaliyahfNotable Musicians
Aaron AshmoremNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron BrooksmFictional Characters from Television
Aaron BurrmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Aaron EckhartmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron JefferymNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron PaquettemNotable Artists, Notable Writers
Aaron PaulmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron ZigmanmNotable Musicians
Aart StaartjesmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Abbie CornishfNotable Actors and Actresses
Abby DeverauxfFictional Characters from Television
Abe CarvermFictional Characters from Television
Abel "The Weeknd" TesfayemNotable Musicians
Abigail BreslinfNotable Actors and Actresses
Abraham ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Abraham BergemNorwegian Prime Ministers
Abraham BloemaertmNotable Artists
Abraham KuypermDutch Prime Ministers
Ada J. GravesfNotable Writers
Adam BeachmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adam BrodymNotable Actors and Actresses
Adam Fortunate EaglemNotable Activists and Revolutionaries
Adam Hann-ByrdmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adam WarrenmFictional Characters from Television
Addie HortonfFictional Characters from Television
Adelaide LangdonfFictional Characters from Television
Adèle BloemendaalfNotable Actors and Actresses
Adélia PradofNotable Writers
Adelinde CornelissenfOlympic Medalists
Aden GillettmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adick KootmNotable Athletes
Adílio DaronchmSaints
Adlai Stevenson ImNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Adolf DasslermNotable Businesspeople
Adolf van der Voort van ZijpmOlympic Medalists
Adolfo CanepamOther Leaders
Adolph TidemandmNotable Artists
Adolphe WillettemNotable Artists
Adri van TiggelenmNotable Athletes
Adriaan BlaauwmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Adriaan MaasmOlympic Medalists
Adrian EdmondsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adrian GreniermNotable Actors and Actresses
Adrian PasdarmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adrie van KraaijmNotable Athletes
Adrienne BarbeaufNotable Actors and Actresses
Adrienne Johnson KiriakisfFictional Characters from Television
Æneas MackaymDutch Prime Ministers
Afonso PenamOther Leaders
Agapius of SebastemSaints
Agathon ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AglaonicefNotable Scientists and Inventors
Agostino CarraccimNotable Artists
Agrippinus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Ahti KarjalainenmFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Aidan GillenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aidan QuinnmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aimée of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Aimo CajandermFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Aistė SmilgevičiūtėfNotable Musicians
Akinfiy DemidovmNotable Businesspeople
AkonmNotable Musicians
Aksel SandemosemNotable Writers
Al JarreaumNotable Musicians
Al MartinomNotable Musicians
Alan CarrmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Alan CummingmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan DalemNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan FletchermNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan LowemFictional Characters from Television
Alan MenkenmNotable Musicians
Alan RuckmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan ShoremFictional Characters from Television
Alan SilvestrimNotable Musicians
Alan StaceymNotable Athletes
Alan ThickemNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan TudykmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alben W. BarkleymNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Albert BarillémNotable Artists
Albert BrooksmNotable Actors and Actresses
Albert FinneymNotable Actors and Actresses
Albert MolmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Writers
Albert UderzomNotable Artists
Albert VoornmOlympic Medalists
Alec BenjaminmNotable Musicians
Alecia "Pink" MoorefNotable Musicians
Alejandra "Arca" GhersifNotable Musicians
Aleksander CirkomFictional Characters from Television
Aleksander KwaśniewskimOther Leaders
Aleksandre QazbegimNotable Writers
Alex GarrettfFictional Characters from Television
Alex HaleymNotable Writers
Alex KingstonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex KruzmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex MarshallmFictional Characters from Television
Alex MerazmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex O'LoughlinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex PettyfermNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex RicefNotable Actors and Actresses
Alex SalmondmOther Leaders
Alex Van HalenmNotable Musicians
Alex WhitmanmFictional Characters from Television
Alexa DavalosfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexander IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Alexander of SwedenmOther Royalty
Alexander of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Alexander, Prince of OrangemOther Royalty
Alexander BustamantemOther Leaders
Alexander De CroomBelgian Prime Ministers
Alexander LudwigmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexander PechtoldmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Alexander SkarsgårdmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexandra DaddariofNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexandra Maria LarafNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexandre DesplatmNotable Musicians
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Alexis ArquettefNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexis BledelfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexis DenisofmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexis DzienafNotable Actors and Actresses
Alfie AllenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alfred DomettmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Alfred MolinamNotable Actors and Actresses
Alfred NobelmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Alfred PeetmNotable Businesspeople
Alfredo Zayas y AlfonsomOther Leaders
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und HalbachmNotable Businesspeople
Algernon BlackwoodmNotable Writers
Algernon PaddockmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Algernon Charles SwinburnemNotable Writers
Ali LarterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alice GhostleyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alice HendersonfFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Alice HortonfFictional Characters from Television
Alicia SilverstonefNotable Actors and Actresses
Alida van der Anker-DoedensfOlympic Medalists
Alison PillfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alison SweeneyfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Alistair OvereemmNotable Athletes
Allie HortonfFictional Characters from Television
Ally SheedyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alma WalkerfFictional Characters from Television
Almon Brown StrowgermNotable Scientists and Inventors
AltamiromFictional Characters from Books
Altamiro CarrilhomNotable Musicians
Alun MichaelmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Alwyn KurtsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alyson HanniganfNotable Actors and Actresses
Alyssa MilanofNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda BearsefNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda BurtonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda BynesfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda HayesfFictional Characters from Television
Amanda PeetfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda PetersonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amanda SeyfriedfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amber BensonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amber HeardfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amber MidthunderfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amber RileyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amber TamblynfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ambrose BiercemNotable Writers
Ambrose BurnsidemNotable Military Figures
Ammianus MarcellinusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Amphilochios of PatmosmSaints
Amphilochius of PochayivmSaints
Amy AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Amy AckerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy BrennemanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy DeLucafFictional Characters from Television
Amy KlobucharfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Amy MadiganfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy PoehlerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy SmartfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ana OrtizfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anastasius ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AnatoolmFictional Characters from Books
Anders Fogh RasmussenmDanish Prime Ministers
Anderson CoopermNotable Hosts and Presenters
Andie MacDowellfNotable Actors and Actresses
André OoijermNotable Athletes
André DiMeramFictional Characters from Television
André FranquinmNotable Artists
André HazesmNotable Musicians
André RieumNotable Musicians
André van DuinmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Andrea MenardfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Andrea RiseboroughfNotable Actors and Actresses
Andreas VollenweidermNotable Musicians
Andrew CarnegiemNotable Businesspeople
Andrew CunananmNotable Evildoers
Andrew GarfieldmNotable Actors and Actresses
Andrew HolnessmOther Leaders
Andrew LincolnmNotable Actors and Actresses
Andrew McCarthymNotable Actors and Actresses
Andrew PrinemNotable Actors and Actresses
Andrew WellsmFictional Characters from Television
Andria BalanchivadzemNotable Musicians
Andronicus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Andrzej DudamOther Leaders
Andy BrownmFictional Characters from Television
Andy GoodemFictional Characters from Television
Andy HallettmNotable Actors and Actresses
Andy SambergmNotable Actors and Actresses
Andy TrudeaumFictional Characters from Television
Andy van der MeijdemNotable Athletes
AngelmFictional Characters from Television
Angela BassettfNotable Actors and Actresses
Angela CartwrightfNotable Actors and Actresses
Angela Morley?Notable Musicians
Angelique SeriesefOlympic Medalists
Angus T. JonesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anita of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Anky van GrunsvenfOlympic Medalists
Ann Morgan GuilbertfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ann PetersenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ann VealfFictional Characters from Television
Anna Pavlovna of RussiafOther Royalty
Anna AkhmatovafNotable Writers
Anna ChlumskyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anna DiMerafFictional Characters from Television
Anna FarisfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anna KendrickfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anna NardinifFictional Characters from Television
Anna PopplewellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anna SewellfNotable Writers
Anna Nicole SmithfNotable Actors and Actresses, Title Characters
Anna TorvfNotable Actors and Actresses
Annabella PiugattukfNotable Actors and Actresses
Annabella SciorrafNotable Actors and Actresses
Anne CharlestonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anne HaddyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Anne HechefNotable Actors and Actresses
Anne RicefNotable Writers
Anne WojcickifNotable Businesspeople
Anneke GrönlohfNotable Musicians
Anneli JäätteenmäkifFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Annemarie VerstappenfOlympic Medalists
Annemiek DerckxfOlympic Medalists
Annette of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Annette GerritsenfOlympic Medalists
Annette O'ToolefNotable Actors and Actresses
Annibale CarraccimNotable Artists
Annie BorckinkfOlympic Medalists
Annie Jump CannonfNotable Scientists and Inventors
Annie MottfFictional Characters from Television
Annie M. G. SchmidtfNotable Writers
AnohnifNotable Musicians
Anouk TeeuwefNotable Musicians
Ans SchutfOlympic Medalists
Anson DickinsonmNotable Artists
AntemFictional Characters from Books, Title Characters
Anthony AndersonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anthony BourdainmNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Writers
Anthony EdwardsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anthony Michael HallmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anthony HeadmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anthony LaPagliamNotable Actors and Actresses
Anthony MackiemNotable Actors and Actresses
Antoine MazairacmOlympic Medalists
Antoinette HertsenbergfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Anton GeesinkmOlympic Medalists
Anton KoolhaasmNotable Writers
Anton LaVeymOther Religious Leaders
Anton PannekoekmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Anton TreuermNotable Writers
Anton YelchinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anton "Zedd" ZaslavskimNotable Musicians
Antonia MauryfNotable Scientists and Inventors
Antonie KamerlingmNotable Actors and Actresses
Antonio Martínez MenchénmNotable Writers
Antti HackzellmFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Antti TulenheimomFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Anya JenkinsfFictional Characters from Television
ApesanahkwatmNotable Actors and Actresses
April NardinifFictional Characters from Television
Arantxa RusfNotable Athletes
Archie BunkermFictional Characters from Television
Archie PanjabifNotable Actors and Actresses
Archil GomiashvilimNotable Actors and Actresses
Archil KhabadzemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Ard SchenkmOlympic Medalists
Ari "Lauv" LeffmNotable Musicians
Arianne ZuckerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Arie de JongmOlympic Medalists
Arie HaanmNotable Athletes
Arie van VlietmOlympic Medalists
Ariel CastromNotable Evildoers
AriodantemTitle Characters
AriodantemFictional Characters from Plays and Musicals
Aristotelis OnasismNotable Businesspeople
Arjen RobbenmNotable Athletes
Arlo GuthriemNotable Musicians
Armand AssantemNotable Actors and Actresses
Armie HammermNotable Actors and Actresses
Armin Mueller-StahlmNotable Actors and Actresses
Armin van BuurenmNotable Musicians
Arnold MührenmNotable Athletes
Arnold VanderlydemOlympic Medalists
Arnold VosloomNotable Actors and Actresses
Arnon GrunbergmNotable Writers
Aron WintermNotable Athletes
Arshile GorkymNotable Artists
Art LinklettermNotable Hosts and Presenters
Arthur ArdenmFictional Characters from Television
Arthur ChungmOther Leaders
Arthur DavidsonmNotable Businesspeople
Arthur EddingtonmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Arthur GuinnessmNotable Businesspeople
Arthur LowemNotable Actors and Actresses
Arthur NumanmNotable Athletes
Artis "Coolio" IveymNotable Musicians
Artur BernardesmOther Leaders
Artur da Costa e SilvamOther Leaders
Arvid LindmanmSwedish Prime Ministers
Asa Griggs CandlermNotable Businesspeople
Ásgeir ÁsgeirssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
AshantifNotable Musicians
Asher KeddiefNotable Actors and Actresses
Ashley JensenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ashley JohnsonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ashley OlsenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Ashley TisdalefNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Ashton KutchermNotable Actors and Actresses
Astrid FarnsworthfFictional Characters from Television
Astyanax DouglassmNotable Athletes
AsukafNotable Athletes
Athanasius IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Athanasius IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Atje Keulen-DeelstrafOlympic Medalists
AtticusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Atticus of SebastemSaints
Aubrey MorrismNotable Actors and Actresses
Audra McDonaldfNotable Actors and Actresses
August DimitrimFictional Characters from Television
August SchellenbergmNotable Actors and Actresses
August ZaleskimOther Leaders
Augustin MouchotmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Augustus D. JuilliardmNotable Businesspeople
Ault AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Austin ButlermNotable Actors and Actresses
Austin O'BrienmNotable Actors and Actresses
Austin "Post Malone" PostmNotable Musicians
Austin ReedmFictional Characters from Television
Auxilius of IrelandmSaints
Ava MaxfNotable Musicians
Avonia JonesfNotable Actors and Actresses
Avtandil JorbenadzemOther Leaders
Axel Pehrsson-BramstorpmSwedish Prime Ministers
Babette DellfFictional Characters from Television
Bailey SalingermFictional Characters from Television
Balthazar GettymNotable Actors and Actresses
Barbara HersheyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Barbara WaltersfNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Journalists
Barend BiesheuvelmDutch Prime Ministers
Barnaba da ModenamNotable Artists
Barnaba OrianimNotable Scientists and Inventors
Barrington PheloungmNotable Musicians
Barron HiltonmNotable Businesspeople
Barry GoldwatermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Barry ManilowmNotable Musicians
Barry PafmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Barry PeppermNotable Actors and Actresses
Barry SonnenfeldmNotable Filmmakers
Barry WatsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Barry ZuckerkornmFictional Characters from Television
Bart BrentjensmOlympic Medalists
Bart ChabotmNotable Writers
Bart de GraaffmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Bart PeetersmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Bart VeldkampmOlympic Medalists
Bartho BraatmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bartho SmitmNotable Writers
Basil HallwardmFictional Characters from Books
Bayard RustinmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries
Bear McCrearymNotable Musicians
Beata SzydłofOther Leaders
Beau BridgesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Beau LangdonmFictional Characters from Television
Bebe NeuwirthfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bebe RexhafNotable Musicians
Becki NewtonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Becky GfNotable Musicians
Beitske VisserfNotable Athletes
Bela LugosimNotable Actors and Actresses
Bella HadidfNotable Actors and Actresses
Belle BlackfFictional Characters from Television
Ben BarnesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ben CohenmNotable Businesspeople
Ben CrabbémNotable Hosts and Presenters
Ben GazzaramNotable Actors and Actresses
Ben HarmonmFictional Characters from Television
Ben MurphymFictional Characters from Television
Ben PentlandmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Ben SavagemNotable Actors and Actresses
Ben SeavermFictional Characters from Television
Ben SpijkersmOlympic Medalists
Ben WestonmFictional Characters from Television
Ben WhishawmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ben WijnstekersmNotable Athletes
Benedict CumberbatchmNotable Actors and Actresses
Benedikt GröndalmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Bengt StrömgrenmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Benito "Bad Bunny" Martínez OcasiomNotable Musicians
Benjamin ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Benjamin IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Benjamin BrattmNotable Actors and Actresses
Benjamin BristowmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Benjamin McKenziemNotable Actors and Actresses
Benjamin SalisburymNotable Actors and Actresses
Benjy HawkmFictional Characters from Television
Bennett GreenspanmNotable Businesspeople
Benny BlancomNotable Musicians
Bent ViscaalmNotable Athletes
Bep van KlaverenmOlympic Medalists
Bera IvanishvilimNotable Musicians
Bernard HillmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bernhard of Lippe-BiesterfeldmOther Royalty
Bernhard of Orange-NassaumOther Royalty
Bernie MacmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bernie SandersmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Bernie TaupinmNotable Musicians
J. BernlefmNotable Writers
Berry van AerlemNotable Athletes
Bertha BrouwerfOlympic Medalists
B. C. ForbesmNotable Businesspeople
Bertie WoostermFictional Characters from Television
Bertus Mooi WiltenmNotable Athletes
Besarion GugushvilimOther Leaders
Bethany Joy LenzfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bethenny FrankelfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Betico CroesmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Betty RhomerfFictional Characters from Television
Beverley MitchellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Beverly D'AngelofNotable Actors and Actresses
Bharrat JagdeomOther Leaders
Bidzina IvanishvilimOther Leaders
Bushwick BillmNotable Musicians
Bill BixbymNotable Actors and Actresses
Bill DailymNotable Actors and Actresses
Bill EnglishmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Bill HadermEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Bill HewlettmNotable Businesspeople
Bill HortonmFictional Characters from Television
Bill NighymNotable Actors and Actresses
Bill PaxtonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bill RowlingmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Bill SkarsgårdmNotable Actors and Actresses
Billie BurkefNotable Actors and Actresses
Billie EilishfGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Billie Dean HowardfFictional Characters from Television
Billie JenkinsfFictional Characters from Television
Billie LourdfNotable Actors and Actresses
Billie PiperfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Billie ReedfFictional Characters from Television
Billy BurkemNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy CampbellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy ConnollymNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy CrudupmNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy CrystalmNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy GrahammOther Religious Leaders
Billy MerastymNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy ZanemNotable Actors and Actresses
Bjarni BenediktssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björgólfur Thor BjörgólfssonmNotable Businesspeople
Björk GuðmundsdóttirfNotable Musicians
Björn JónssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björn ÞórðarsonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Blair BrownfNotable Actors and Actresses
Blair UnderwoodmNotable Actors and Actresses
Blake LivelyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Blake SheltonmNotable Musicians
Bo BradymFictional Characters from Television
Bo DerekfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bob AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Bob de JongmOlympic Medalists
Bob DolemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Bob GuntonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bob HopemNotable Actors and Actresses
Bob HoskinsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bob NewhartmGrammy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Bob PeckmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bob PelizamOther Leaders
Bob RossmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Bobbejaan SchoepenmNotable Musicians
Bobbie MorgansternfFictional Characters from Television
Bobby CapómNotable Musicians
Bobby DarinmGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Bobby DonnellmFictional Characters from Television
BoesmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Bolesław BierutmOther Leaders
Bonnie BartlettfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bonnie BedeliafNotable Actors and Actresses
Bonnie HuntfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bonnie LockhartfFictional Characters from Television
Booboo StewartmNotable Actors and Actresses
Boris KarloffmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bose KrishnamacharimNotable Artists
Boudewijn BüchmNotable Writers
Boudewijn ZendenmNotable Athletes
Bracha van DoesburghfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brad DourifmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brad RenfromNotable Actors and Actresses
Bradley CoopermNotable Actors and Actresses
Bradley PiercemNotable Actors and Actresses
Brady BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Braith AnastamNotable Athletes
Bram CharitémOlympic Medalists
Bram van der VlugtmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brand WhitlockmNotable Politicians and Statespeople, Notable Writers
Brandon deWildemNotable Actors and Actresses
Brandon FayettemFictional Characters from Television
Brandon RouthmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brandon WalkermFictional Characters from Television
Brandt AndersenmNotable Filmmakers
Brandt JobemNotable Athletes
Brandt SnedekermNotable Athletes
Brandy NorwoodfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Branscombe RichmondmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan CowellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan CoylemNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan FehrmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan FrasermNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan GleesonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brent SpinermNotable Actors and Actresses
Brenton ThwaitesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brett ButlerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brett CullenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian BenbenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian DennehymNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian FullermFictional Characters from Television
Brian Austin GreenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian GriffinmFictional Characters from Television
Brian KerwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian KrausemNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian McNamaramNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian VickersmNotable Athletes
Bridey CruzfFictional Characters from Television
Bridget FondafNotable Actors and Actresses
Bridie CarterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brigham YoungmOther Religious Leaders
Bright AbbottmFictional Characters from Television
Brighton SheffieldmFictional Characters from Television
Brigid BrannaghfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brigitte KaandorpfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brigitte NielsenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brittany MurphyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brody DavismFictional Characters from Television
Brody StevensmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bronisław KomorowskimOther Leaders
Bronson PelletiermNotable Actors and Actresses
Bronson PinchotmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brooke ShieldsfNotable Actors and Actresses
Brooke SmithfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce BoxleitnermNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce CampbellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce ForsythmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Bruce GoldingmOther Leaders
Bruce GreenwoodmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce C. HeezenmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Bruce HornsbymGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Bruce LeemNotable Actors and Actresses
Bryan BrownmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bryan DattilomNotable Actors and Actresses
Bryan RoymNotable Athletes
Bryan "Birdman" WilliamsmNotable Musicians
Bryce Dallas HowardfNotable Actors and Actresses
Buffy Sainte-MariefNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Musicians
Buonfiglio MonaldimSaints
Little Burl AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Burt WardmNotable Actors and Actresses
Buster BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Café FilhomOther Leaders
Calista FlockhartfNotable Actors and Actresses
Callie "Swoon" CurryfNotable Artists
Callie MartelfFictional Characters from Television
Calliope JonesfFictional Characters from Television
Callum BluemNotable Actors and Actresses
Calvin HarrismNotable Musicians
Cam GigandetmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cameron CrowemNotable Filmmakers
Cameron DavismFictional Characters from Television
Cameron PhillipsfFictional Characters from Television
Cameron "Wiz Khalifa" ThomazmNotable Musicians
Camille FlammarionmNotable Scientists and Inventors, Notable Writers
CampionmFictional Characters from Books
CampionmFictional Characters from Books
Campion BondmFictional Characters from Books
Camryn ManheimfNotable Actors and Actresses
Canaan BananamOther Leaders
Candy DulferfNotable Musicians
Cara GeefNotable Actors and Actresses
Cardi BfNotable Musicians
Carel StruyckenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Carice van HoutenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Carl BildtmSwedish Prime Ministers
Carl Gustaf EkmanmSwedish Prime Ministers
Carl EliasmFictional Characters from Television
Carl LumblymNotable Actors and Actresses
Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimmFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Carl SwartzmSwedish Prime Ministers
Carl VerheijenmOlympic Medalists
Carla AldrichfFictional Characters from Television
Carlo GoldonimNotable Writers
Carlo SiliottomNotable Musicians
Carlos of Bourbon-ParmamOther Royalty
Carlos LuzmOther Leaders
Carlos Prío SocarrásmOther Leaders
Carlos VivesmNotable Musicians
Carly ManningfFictional Characters from Television
Carly SimonfGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Carmen ElectrafNotable Actors and Actresses
Carmen MoorefNotable Actors and Actresses
Carmen SilverafNotable Actors and Actresses
Carmine CoppolamNotable Musicians
Carol SeaverfFictional Characters from Television
Carol WillickfFictional Characters from Television
Carolina of Bourbon-ParmafOther Royalty
Caroline AhernefNotable Actors and Actresses
Caroline BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Caroline TensenfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Carrie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Carrie FisherfNotable Actors and Actresses
Carrie PrestonfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Carry GeijssenfOlympic Medalists
Carry SleefNotable Writers
Carson DalymNotable Hosts and Presenters
Carsta LöckfNotable Actors and Actresses
Carter BurwellmNotable Musicians
Carwyn DaviesmNotable Athletes
Carwyn JamesmNotable Athletes
Carwyn JonesmOther Leaders
Cary ElwesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Casey AffleckmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Casey KasemmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Casper Van DienmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cassie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Cassius DiomNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Catherine BachfNotable Actors and Actresses
Catherine BellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Catherine HicksfNotable Actors and Actresses
Catherine KeylfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Catherine MarshallfNotable Writers
Catherine O'HarafNotable Actors and Actresses
Catherine WeaverfFictional Characters from Television
Catootje TrompfFictional Characters from Books
Cearbhall Ó DálaighmOther Leaders
Cécile KyengefNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Cecilia Payne-GaposchkinfNotable Scientists and Inventors
Cecilia WiznarskifFictional Characters from Television
Celadion ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Celeste PerraultfFictional Characters from Television
Celeste YarnallfNotable Actors and Actresses
Chace CrawfordmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chad AllenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chad DiMeramFictional Characters from Television
Chad Michael MurraymNotable Actors and Actresses
Chad WarwickmFictional Characters from Television
Chance the RappermGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Chandra WilsonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Channing TatummNotable Actors and Actresses
Charisma CarpenterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles S. DuttonmNotable Actors and Actresses
C. V. BoysmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Charles BronsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles CurtismNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Charles DancemNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles EastmanmNotable Scientists and Inventors, Notable Writers
Charles W. FairbanksmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Charles GrodinmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Charles GunnmFictional Characters from Television
Charles Digby HarrodmNotable Businesspeople
Charles Henry HarrodmNotable Businesspeople
Charles T. HindemNotable Businesspeople
Charles David KeelingmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Charles MontgomerymFictional Characters from Television
Charles Pahud de MortangesmOlympic Medalists
Charles RollsmNotable Businesspeople
Charles Ruijs de BeerenbrouckmDutch Prime Ministers
Charles ShaughnessymNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles StevensmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles TiffanymNotable Businesspeople
Charley DixonmFictional Characters from Television
Charlie ByrdmNotable Musicians
Charlie CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlie FrancismFictional Characters from Television
Charlie HunnammNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlie MurphymNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlie SalingermFictional Characters from Television
Charlie SheenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlotte of CambridgefOther Royalty
Charmian CarrfNotable Actors and Actresses
Chase WilliamsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chaske SpencermNotable Actors and Actresses
C. C. BabcockfFictional Characters from Television
Chaz BonomNotable Actors and Actresses
Chazz PalminterimNotable Actors and Actresses
Cheddi JaganmOther Leaders
Chelsea BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Chelsea HandlerfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Cherubino AlbertimNotable Artists
Cherubino CornientimNotable Artists
Chevy ChasemNotable Actors and Actresses
Cheyenne JacksonmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
China ForbesfNotable Musicians
Chloe LanefFictional Characters from Television
Chloë Grace MoretzfNotable Actors and Actresses
Chloë SevignyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Chrétien de TroyesmNotable Writers
Chris BristowmNotable Athletes
Chris BrownmNotable Musicians
Chris ColfermNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris EvansmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris GriffinmFictional Characters from Television
Chris HalliwellmFictional Characters from Television
Chris HemsworthmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris KleinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris LowellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris NothmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris O'DonnellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris PennmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris PinemNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris PrattmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris RockmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris SarandonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris TuckermNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris WallacemNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Journalists
Chrissy SeaverfFictional Characters from Television
Christian KanemNotable Actors and Actresses
Christian MichelsenmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Christian SharpsmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Christie ClarkfNotable Actors and Actresses
Christie ParkerfFictional Characters from Television
Christijan AlbersmNotable Athletes
Christina of the NetherlandsfOther Royalty
Christina ApplegatefNotable Actors and Actresses
Christina HendricksfNotable Actors and Actresses
Christina RiccifNotable Actors and Actresses
Christine BaranskifNotable Actors and Actresses
Christine EbersolefNotable Actors and Actresses
Christodulus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Christophe BeckmNotable Musicians
Christopher "Ludacris" BridgesmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Christopher "Marshmello" ComstockmNotable Musicians
Christopher EcclestonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher GorhammNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher HaydenmFictional Characters from Television
Christopher HornsrudmNorwegian Prime Ministers
C. Thomas HowellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher MastersonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher McDonaldmNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher MelonimNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher Mintz-PlassemNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher PaolinimNotable Writers
C. H. D. Buys BallotmNotable Scientists and Inventors
ChristyfTitle Characters
Christy HuddlestonfFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Christy JenkinsfFictional Characters from Television
Chuck NorrismNotable Actors and Actresses
Chyler LeighfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cian HarriesmNotable Athletes
Ciara BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Ciarán HindsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cillian MurphymNotable Actors and Actresses
Clair PattersonmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Claire BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Claire DanesfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Claire WarrenfFictional Characters from Television
Claire WyattfFictional Characters from Television
Clancy BrownmNotable Actors and Actresses
Clancy LassmFictional Characters from Television
Clarence SeedorfmNotable Athletes
Clark DukemNotable Actors and Actresses
Claude PouilletmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Claudia KarvanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Claudia SalingerfFictional Characters from Television
Claudia ZwiersfOlympic Medalists
Claudin de SermisymNotable Musicians
Claus of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Clea DuVallfNotable Actors and Actresses
Clémence PoésyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Clément JanequinmNotable Musicians
Clementinus of HeracleamSaints
Cleveland BrownmFictional Characters from Television
Clive DunnmNotable Actors and Actresses
Clive SwiftmNotable Actors and Actresses
Clyde McPhattermNotable Musicians
Cobie SmuldersfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cock van der PalmmNotable Musicians
Cocky GastelaarsfNotable Athletes
Cody LightningmNotable Actors and Actresses
Coen FlinkmNotable Actors and Actresses
Coen SwijnenbergmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Cole HinesmFictional Characters from Television
Cole TurnermFictional Characters from Television
Colin BuchananmNotable Actors and Actresses
Colin FarrellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Colin HanksmNotable Actors and Actresses
Colin HartmFictional Characters from Television
Colin PowellmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Colm MeaneymNotable Actors and Actresses
Colton HaynesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Colton OrrmNotable Athletes
Conan O'BrienmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Condoleezza RicefNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Conleth HillmNotable Actors and Actresses
Connie BrittonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Connie NielsenfNotable Actors and Actresses
Connie PalmenfNotable Writers
Connie StevensfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
ConnormFictional Characters from Television
Conrad HiltonmNotable Businesspeople
Constance LangdonfFictional Characters from Television
Constantijn of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Constantijn HuygensmNotable Writers
CoopmFictional Characters from Television
Cor BakkermNotable Musicians
Cor BoonstramNotable Businesspeople
Cor BruijnmNotable Writers
Cor KintfNotable Athletes
Cor van der GijpmNotable Athletes
Cor van der HartmNotable Athletes
Cor van RijnmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cor VeldhoenmNotable Athletes
Cora van NieuwenhuizenfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Corbin BleumNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Cordelia ChasefFictional Characters from Television
Cordelia FoxxfFictional Characters from Television
Corey FeldmanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Corey HaimmNotable Actors and Actresses
Corneel van KuyckmNotable Writers
C. Buddingh'mNotable Writers
Cornelius VanderbiltmNotable Businesspeople
Cory MonteithmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cosmas ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cosmas IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cosmas IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Courteney CoxfNotable Actors and Actresses
Courtney Thorne-SmithfNotable Actors and Actresses
Craig ArmstrongmNotable Musicians
Craig DavidmNotable Musicians
Craig FergusonmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Craig LauzonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Craig RobinsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Creed AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Crescenzio GambarellimNotable Artists
Crispin GlovermNotable Actors and Actresses
Cristian ChivumNotable Athletes
Crystal SmithfFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Crystle LightningfNotable Actors and Actresses
CubitusmFictional Characters from Books
Curtis ReedmFictional Characters from Television
Cuthbert RumboldmFictional Characters from Television
Cybill ShepherdfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cynthia GearyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cynthia NixonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cynthia Leitich SmithfNotable Writers
Cynthia StevensonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cyril IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril IVmCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril VmCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril VImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Daan KagchellandmOlympic Medalists
Dabney ColemanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Daisy AdairfFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Dakota FanningfNotable Actors and Actresses
Dakota JohnsonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Damian ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Damian LewismEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Damien HirstmNotable Artists
Damon WayansmNotable Actors and Actresses
Dan CarneymNotable Businesspeople
Chief Dan GeorgemNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Writers
Dan GordonmFictional Characters from Television
Dan HedayamNotable Actors and Actresses
Dan LauriamNotable Actors and Actresses
Dan QuaylemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Dan SultanmNotable Musicians
Dana "Queen Latifah" OwensfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Danica McKellarfNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel BaldwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel CraigmNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel DavismNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel GuggenheimmNotable Businesspeople
Daniel JonasmFictional Characters from Television
Daniel Dae KimmNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel PollenmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Daniel RadcliffemNotable Actors and Actresses
Daniel D. TompkinsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Daniel B. WessonmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Danielle FishelfNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny AiellomNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny BlindmNotable Athletes
Danny DeVitomNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny ElfmanmNotable Musicians
Danny GlovermNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny MastersonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny PinomNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny SeraphinemNotable Musicians
Danny TrejomNotable Actors and Actresses
Danny WarrenmFictional Characters from Television
Daphne DeckersfNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Writers
Daphne DiMerafFictional Characters from Television
Daphne JablonskyfFictional Characters from Television
D'Arcy McNicklemNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Writers
DarielfFictional Characters from Books
Dariel AlbomNotable Athletes
Dariel ÁlvarezmNotable Athletes
Dariel FitzkeemNotable Actors and Actresses
Dariel MorejónmNotable Athletes
Dariel PertweefNotable Actors and Actresses
DarlafFictional Characters from Television
Darlene ConleyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Daron NorwoodmNotable Musicians
Darren CrissmNotable Actors and Actresses
Darryl MorrismFictional Characters from Television
Daryl HannahfNotable Actors and Actresses
Dave FrancomNotable Actors and Actresses
Dave GrovesmFictional Characters from Television
Dave RygalskimFictional Characters from Television
Daveigh ChasefNotable Actors and Actresses
DavidmTitle Characters
David ArnoldmNotable Musicians
David ArquettemNotable Actors and Actresses
David AttenboroughmNotable Scientists and Inventors
David BenatarmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
David BloommNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Journalists
David BoreanazmNotable Actors and Actresses
David Dunbar BuickmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
David CarradinemNotable Actors and Actresses
David CarusomNotable Actors and Actresses
David CassillimFictional Characters from Television
David ConradmNotable Actors and Actresses
David DuchovnymNotable Actors and Actresses
David EdgertonmNotable Businesspeople
David FaustinomNotable Actors and Actresses
David GallaghermNotable Actors and Actresses
David A. GrangermOther Leaders
David GrantlandmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
David GraymNotable Musicians
David GuettamNotable Musicians
David HasselhoffmNotable Actors and Actresses
David JasonmNotable Actors and Actresses
David LangemNew Zealand Prime Ministers
David LettermanmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
David McCallummNotable Actors and Actresses
David O. McKaymOther Religious Leaders
David MiscavigemOther Religious Leaders
David MorrisseymNotable Actors and Actresses
David MorsemNotable Actors and Actresses
David PackardmNotable Businesspeople
David Hyde PiercemNotable Actors and Actresses
David RaschemNotable Actors and Actresses
David RittenhousemNotable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Scientists and Inventors
David SchwimmermNotable Actors and Actresses
David SoulmNotable Actors and Actresses
David SpademNotable Actors and Actresses
David Ogden StiersmNotable Actors and Actresses
David StrathairnmNotable Actors and Actresses
David SutcliffemNotable Actors and Actresses
David TennantmNotable Actors and Actresses
David ThewlismNotable Actors and Actresses
David ThompsonmOther Leaders
David TomlinsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
David TreuermNotable Writers
David WarnermNotable Actors and Actresses
David WenhammNotable Actors and Actresses
David ZuckermNotable Filmmakers
Davis LeemFictional Characters from Television
Davíð OddssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Dawn FrenchfNotable Actors and Actresses
Dawn SummersfFictional Characters from Television
Dean CainmNotable Actors and Actresses
Dean ForestermFictional Characters from Television
Dean LewismNotable Musicians
Dean StockwellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Dean WintersmNotable Actors and Actresses
DeAndre "Soulja Boy" WaymNotable Musicians
Debbie HarryfNotable Musicians
Debbie ReynoldsfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Deborah GravenstijnfOlympic Medalists
Debra Magpie EarlingfNotable Writers
Deidre HallfNotable Actors and Actresses
Deitrick HaddonmNotable Musicians
Delfim MoreiramOther Leaders
Delia BrownfFictional Characters from Television
Della ReesefNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Delores HerbigfFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Delphine of BelgiumfOther Royalty