seraphine_eternal's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Aaron m
Aenor f  WOULD there were a definitive meaning to this beautiful name! 
Aiolos m
Altair m
Althea f
Amélie f
Androcles m
Andromache f  Not too bad... but it would fit a man better. Let's change that ending... 
Andronikos m
Angelos m
Annemarie f
Anouk f  My "corres"'s best friend's name...! 
Aria 1 f  ... 
Aries m
Aristomache f  This fits a non-confrontational, peace-loving person who's strong in spirit. 
Armin m  This accompanies a boy well regardless of the stage of development that he's at. 
Asher m
Astra f  Ah, long 'ah' vowels! Regality and grandeur! 
Astraea f  A collective personification of the stars - lovely! 
Astrophel f  The entry says it's masculine, but it fits a girl better, so there; I'm changing the gender. 
Athena f  Pronunciation is "a-THEE-na" - the eta in the middle is an "ee" vowel. 
Aurèle f  This sounds feminine, so there - gender change. It brings to mind an angel and its radiant halo... 
Aurélie f
Aurelius m  The name of a philosophical emperor whom my philosophical chéri read about. 
Avery m & f
Benjamin m
Berenice f  Very elegant, especially when pronounced "bur-NEES" (as if it was "Bernice"). 
Brenda f
Carmel f  It has this simple air of regality about it, and it means "garden". Complementary! 
Chara f
Charis f  Simply put, a graceful name. 
Christine f  Can anyone forget Christine Daaé, as played by Emmy Rossum? 
Christos 1 m
Chrysanthe f  More suitable for girls, definitely. *junks "Chrysanthos" into the bin* 
Constance f  ... because Constance Song is a good actress, I kid you not. 
Daniel m  Le prénom de mon béguin. Si j'ai un fils, je lui donnerai ce prénom ! 
Daphne f  What an elegant name! 
Delphine f
Denise f  The variant spelling "Denyse" seems far more unique, elegant and regal. 
Destiny f  I'd prefer a variant like "Destinea" - it's so much more pleasant on the ears. 
Eleanor f  Where one is gentle and witty, another is pleasantly sprightly... 
Eleftheria f  Means "freedom". Nice name! 
Elijah m
Elisabeth f  The name of an opera role... interesting. 
Elisha m
Elisheba f  Yay - it's the predecessor to the name "Elizabeth"! 
Elizabeth f  This timeless and lovely name conjures up for me the image of a gentle and witty girl. 
Elpis f  What an ordinary name that sounds awe-inspiring once you get to know it. 
Emmy f  ... added because of my liking for Emmy Rossum's portrayal of Christine Daaé. 
Eos f  The most unassuming of the "Dawn" names - but it's still good. 
Esther f  The name of my fierce but loving teacher, Mrs Esther Ong. 
Gaia f  Who couldn't love the regal-sounding name of the Greek Mother Earth? 
Giulia f  My dear "corres"'s name...! 
Hermia f  ... and I actually got the meaning right when I used this on my Gemini Sprite. 
Hermione f  Could anyone ever forget Hermione Granger? 
Hypatia f  Finally, after my cheri told me about so many philosophers, I can tell him about... Hypatia! 
Iscah f  The Neopian character Isca bears a variant of this name. Both are lovely, especially when together! 
Jean 2 f  A short and sweet name that reminds me of someone I know... 
Jenna f  A short name that reminds me of someone I know... 
Jeremiah m
Jeremy m
Jesus m
Joash m
Joel m
Joshua m
Karen 1 f  Who can forget my sometimes bumbling, sometimes sober senior? 
Katherine f  I'd much rather have preferred to add "Kathara", but it's not here. :( 
Laetitia f
Leia f  Hmmm... as interesting as "Lissa"... 
Leonora f  The name of an opera role... interesting. 
Linda f  Borne by my first-year French teacher. 
Lissa f  This is just as interesting as "Leia"... 
Liz f  A short form of a very common yet charming name. 
Lizzie f  The diminutive of the name of a certain gentle, witty girl. 
Mark m
Mary f  Could anyone resist adding the name of the Mother of God? 
Mbali f  The name of Xolani Nkosi's sister. The poor boy... 
Megan f  Young Megan Zheng won a Golden Horse award at age 10. 
Melody f  A lovely name. 
Menuha f  Its meaning merits a mention on this list. 
Michal 2 f
Nefertiti f  "Mystical" is the only word to describe this queen's name. 
Nicole f  A simple name, borne by two pleasant girls I know. 
Nkosazana f  This has the same meaning as "Sarah", but is far more lovely! 
Noelene f  Borne by a caring teacher of mine. 
Nthanda m & f  It means "star" - a lovely meaning. 
Odessa f  A feminine form of "Odysseus"? Still, it's elegant, more so if spelt "Odessea". 
Odysseus m  My future husband had better add this to his existing name... haha. 
Pallas 1 f & m  An epithet of Athena; a name of a friend she accidentally killed. 
Pamela f  This reminds me of a former French classmate... 
Pandora f  "All-gifted"? What a lovely meaning for this lovely name. 
Pénélope f  No reason not to add it - not when it's such an elegant variation. 
Penelope f  This happens to be my name; I find it elegant in meaning - "Weaver" - and pronunciation. 
Peninnah f  To liken one to a jewel is to pay one a compliment indeed. 
Penny f  My short name! I find it cute, personally. 
Persephone f  Beautiful-sounding, but with a deathly meaning. Still, it's nice. 
Philomela f  A possible epithet for me...? 
Philomena f  It just sounds lovely, that's all. It has an appeal to it. 
Phoenix f & m  I added this because I like the mythological creature. 
Pocahontas f  Good for a little girl, but not so for a woman, really. 
Polymnia f  "Many songs" is its meaning? Oh, wonderful! 
Psyche f  Any bearer of this name should be mentally sound - and smart! 
Rufaro f  Ah, would that this name's bearers brought happiness to all around them. 
Sakina f  My friend, who bears this name, is anything but - ! 
Salome f  Peace be to all who bear this name. 
Seraphina f  I could never like this name better - for its meaning "the ardently burning one". 
Séraphine f  I'd thought this could be a higher form of the Seraphim, but oh well... 
Sethunya f  It may mean "flower" but doesn't sound flowery; instead, it's royal-sounding... 
Sharon f & m  Personally this conjures for me an image of a witty person. 
Simeon m
Simon 1 m
Solange f  I'd interpret this as "angel of the sun". Beautiful indeed. 
Sophia f  It means "wisdom" - but for me it brings to mind someone who's a little ditzy... 
Starla f  Not too bad a name, though the meaning is a little too literal. 
Suzanne f
Tabitha f  I'd pass over "Dorcas" for this name; "Tabitha" is gentler on the ears. 
Talisha f  Hmmm... it's quite refreshing, like "Talitha" is. 
Talitha f  Only an optimistic person need bear this name! 
Tariro f  Another "hope" name - cool! 
Terpsichore f  The name of the Muse of dancing. 
Terra f
Thema f  A royal name. However, it seems ordinary... suits unassuming leaders best. 
Themis f  Any lady judge could take this. 
Théo m
Theresa f  Quite a good name, actually, and a good meaning. 
Walter m
Xenia f  I'd never have imagined this name and its meaning to go together, but... 
Zahra f  "Light" names are lovely, and this is no exception. 
Zahrah f  Aussi aimable que le prénom précédent. ET DIRE que la différence entre Alif-Hamza et Ta Marbouta est distinctive ! 
Zuri f  Swahili for "beautiful"... what a name.