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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Uilos.
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Aalto m & f Finnish
Means "wave" in Finnish. More commonly used as a surname.
Aamos m Finnish
Variant of Amos.
Aaretti m Finnish
Finnish variant of Aret.
Ainamo f Finnish
Diminutive of Aino.
Akilles m Finnish, Swedish
Finnish and Swedish form of Achilles.
Akviliina f Finnish (Rare)
A Finnish form of Aquilina.
Aliina f Finnish, Estonian (Rare)
Finnish form and Estonian variant of Alina.
Alku m Finnish (Rare)
Means "start, beginning, inception, incipience" in Finnish. The name may also be a variant form of Algot.
Alpo m Finnish
Finnish variant of Albin, Albert or Albanus.
Alvari m Finnish
A Finnish form of Alvar.
Annamaija f Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Anna and Maija.
Annamari f Hungarian, Finnish
Finnish combination of Anna and Mari 1 and Hungarian short form of Annamária.
Annele f Finnish, Estonian
Diminutive of Anne 1. In Finland, it may also be derived of (or inspired by) Hannele.
Annrika f Swedish (Rare)
A combination of names Ann and Rika.
Ano m Finnish, Greenlandic
Finnish name meaning "asked for", derived from the Finnish verb anoa meaning "to ask" and Greenlandic name of unknown meaning.
Anri f & m Finnish (Modern, Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Possibly a short form of Annrika.
Antto m Finnish
Variant of Anton.
Arimo m Finnish
A Finnish name of unknown origin and meaning.
Arla f Finnish, Swedish, Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
Short form of Arnlaug. Also associated with Swedish arla meaning "early (in the morning)".
Armia f & m Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a variant form of Armias or Armi.
Armias f & m Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Variant form of Armas.
Armo m Estonian
Estonian variant of Armas.
Arnevi f Finnish (Rare), Finland Swedish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Old Norse arn "eagle" and meaning "holy" or "devoted, dedicated".
Aro m Finnish (Rare)
Short form of Aron.
Arttur m Finnish
Variant of Artturi.
Arvi m Finnish, Estonian
Variant of Arvid.
Aslak m Norwegian, Danish, Swedish (Rare), Old Danish, Old Swedish, Finnish
Younger form of Áslákr, derived from Old Norse áss "god" and leikr "game, play".
Assar m Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian (Rare)
From the proto-Norse byname *AndswaruR meaning "he who answers".
Asser m Biblical Finnish, Judeo-Anglo-Norman, Judeo-Catalan
Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-Anglo-Norman and Finnish form of Asher.
Athniel m Biblical
Possibly a variant of Othniel.
Atri m & f Finnish (Rare)
A Finnish short form of Adrian.
Atso m Finnish, Estonian
Finnish and Estonian form of Azzo.
Augusti m Finnish
Variant of Aukusti.
Auni f Estonian, Finnish
Variant of Aune.
Auvo m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare, Archaic)
Old poetic Finnish word, meaning "happiness". In archaic texts it also meant "eminence".
Bedda f Sicilian
Variant of Bella.
Bertta f Finnish
Finnish form of Berta.
Blonda f German, Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
German name meaning "blond".... [more]
Bruuno m Finnish
A Finnish variant spelling of Bruno.
Dome m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Famous bearer is Dome Karukoski (born Thomas August George Karukoski), one of Finland's most successful film directors, having won over 30 festival awards and having directed six feature films that became blockbusters in his home country and also received international recognition... [more]
Effia f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a Finnish variant of Euphemia. Effia was particularly popular in the Central Finland in the mid to late 1800's.
Efia f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
An alternative spelling of Effia.
Einari m Finnish, Estonian
Finnish form and Estonian variant of Einar.
Elisif f Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Finland Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Elisiv, the Old Swedish form of the Russian name Yelizaveta.
Ellida f Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Theatre
Variant of Elida, a feminine form of Elliði. Ellida Wangel is the title character in the play Fruen fra havet (The Lady from the Sea) written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1888.
Elmeri m Finnish
Finnish form of Elmer.
Elmi f Finnish
Variant of Elma.
Elo m & f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Means "life" (a poetic expression) and "crop, corn" (a dated expression) in Finnish. It may also be a variant of Elof, Elodia or Eloise.
Engla f Swedish, Finland Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Icelandic (Modern)
Strictly feminine form of the Old German name Engel as well as a Swedish dialectal form of Ingel. ... [more]
Enne f & m Finnish, Estonian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Enna and Enno. Also means "omen" in both Estonian and Finnish.
Ensi f & m Finnish
A short form and/or variant of Ensio.
Eppu m & f Finnish
A Finnish diminutive of such names as Emil and Erik. Famous bearers are the Finnish band Eppu Normaali, author and actress Eppu Nuotio (born Eija-Riitta Nuotio) and actor Eppu Salminen (born Jarmo Juhani Salminen)... [more]
Erkka m Finnish
A variant of Eerik.
Erkko m Finnish
A variant of Erkki.
Ernesti m Finnish
Finnish form of Ernest.
Etti f & m Finnish, Swedish, Danish
A variant form of Eddie, Ettie and Etta.
Evold m Finland Swedish (Rare)
A variant spelling of Ewald.
Fiia f Finnish, Greenlandic
Finnish form of Fia and Greenlandic younger form of Fîa.
Gurli f Danish, Swedish, Finland Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Literature, Theatre
The name of a character in the German play Die Indianer in England (1788) by Augustus von Kotzebue, explained as either a mistake for Gauri (from Sanskrit "white") or as the Persian for "rose"... [more]
Haidi f Swedish, Danish, Arabic (Egyptian), Italian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Heidi. Haidi Giulani is the mother of Carlo Giulani who was shot dead during the G8 summit in Genova, Italy in 2001. She later became a politician and member of the Senate of Italy.
Halla f Icelandic, Old Norse, Finnish, Norwegian (Archaic), Faroese
Feminine form of Hallr. Halla is also a Finnish word for an occasion when in growing season temperature lowers so much that ground gets covered with frost.
Hannamaija f Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Hanna and Maija
Hanni f & m Finnish
A Finnish diminutive of Hanna and Johanna (and Hannu and Johannes)... [more]
Havu m & f Finnish (Rare)
Means "fresh sprig or small branch of a coniferous tree" or "needle of a coniferous tree".
Hebla f Old Swedish
A variant form of Hebbla.
Heimo m Finnish
From Finnish heimo meaning "tribe".
Helfrid f Swedish, Finland Swedish
The origins of this name (first documented in 1816) are uncertain, though it could be a Swedish feminine form of Helfried or a variant of Hallfrid (the Norwegian form of Hallfríðr), the initial syllable possibly influenced by Helga (which is ultimately related to the first element in Eloise).
Helinä f Finnish
Derives from Finnish word helinä, which means "jingle" in Finnish. It may possibly have been used also as a variant of Helena.... [more]
Heljä f Finnish
Variant of Helena and/or Helinä. It may also be derived from a Finnish word "heleä", meaning "bright, vivid".
Hellin f Finnish
Variant of Hellä. Also means "the gentlest" in Finnish.
Helmeri m Finnish (Rare)
A Finnish variant of Helmer.
Helny f Swedish, Finland Swedish
Pet form of Helena where hel- is combined with the Norse name element nýr "new" in the style of Dagny, Signy, and Majny, etc.
Helvi f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish contraction of Hellevi.
Hemminki m Finnish
Finnish form of Hemming.
Herkko m Finnish
Diminutive of Hermanni.
Herlofina f Swedish (Rare)
Feminine form of Herlof
Hilkka f Finnish
From the word hilkka, which means "a bonnet, a hood". Little Red Riding Hood is known as 'Punahilkka' in Finland, and the fairy tale may have had something to do with the name Hilkka becoming more common... [more]
Hiskias m Finnish
A Finnish form of Hezekiah.
Huugo m Finnish
Variant of Hugo.
Ihanelma f Finnish
Created during the time of Finnish Romantic nationalism by using an old Finnish name iha. The name was probably inspired by similar names Anelma and Sanelma.
Iira f Finnish
A Finnish diminutive of Ida and a variant of Ira and Irina.
Ilkka m Finnish
Transferred use of the surname Ilkka.... [more]
Ilmo m & f Finnish
Either derived from Ilmari or a Karelian word ilminen, meaning "human".... [more]
Ilo m Livonian (Archaic), Medieval Baltic (Rare)
Of uncertain origin and meaning. One theory, however, links this name to Finnish ilo "joy, gladness".
Ilo m & f Finnish
Means "joy, happiness, delight, pleasure" in Finnish. The name has also been used as a diminutive for Ilja and Hilarius.... [more]
Inari f & m Finnish, Sami
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Irmeli f Finnish, Estonian, German (Swiss)
A Finnish diminutive of Irmela, Swiss German diminutive of Irma and Estonian combination of Irma and the syllable -li-, most commonly derived from Eliisabet.
Jali m Finnish
A diminutive of Jarl, Jalmari and Jalo.
Janica f Finnish
A variant of Janika.
Jare m Finnish
Variant of Jari. Famous bearers are Finnish rappers Jare "Cheek" Tiihonen and Jare Brand of the rap duo JVG.
Jarno m Finnish
Variant of Jarmo.
Jasu m Finnish
A diminutive of Jaakko.
Jemiina f Finnish
A variant spelling of Jemina.
Jemina f Finnish, Swedish (Rare), English (Rare), Literature
Cognate form of Jemima (perhaps by association with the Latin name Gemina). F. Scott Fitzgerald used this in his short story Jemina, the Mountain Girl (1921).
Jenina f Finnish (Rare)
A variant spelling of Jennina.
Jenniina f Finnish (Modern)
A variant spelling of Jennina.
Jennina f Finnish (Modern, Rare), Swedish (Rare)
A diminutive of Jenni, used independently.
Jiri m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of George.
Joose m Finnish
Short form of Jooseppi or Joosua. ... [more]
Jori m Finnish, Cornish
Finnish form of George and Cornish variant of Jory.
Joutsi m & f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
A synonym of either joutsen (means "swan" in Finnish) or jousi (means "bow" in Finnish).
Jusa m Finnish (Modern)
A variant of Jussi.
Jusu m Finnish
A diminutive of Justus and Jussi.
Kaapre m Finnish
A Finnish variant of Gabriel.
Kaarola f Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Karola. A famous bearer was Kaarola Avellan (born Alexandra Karola Avellan, 1853–1930), Finnish actress and pedagogue.
Kaino m & f Finnish
Means "demure, timid, coy, shy" in Finnish.
Kaisu f Finnish
Variant of Kaisa.
Kaius m English, Finnish
Variant of Caius.
Kalixta f Finland Swedish (Rare)
Variant spelling of Calixta.
Kaneli f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "cinnamon" in Finnish.
Kasperi m Finnish
Finnish form of Kasper.
Kastehelmi f Finnish
Derived from Finnish kastehelmi "dewdrop", ultimately from kaste "dew" and helmi "pearl".
Kauno m Finnish
From Finnish kaunis meaning "beautiful".
Kiite m Finnish (Rare)
Diminutive of Gideon.
Kilpi m & f Finnish (Rare)
Means "shield" in Finnish. More commonly used as a surname.
Konni f & m Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
A Nordic variant of Connie and a diminutive for names beginning with Kon-, such as Konrad and Konstantin.
Kosti m Finnish
Short form of Konstantin.
Kreeta f Finnish, Estonian
Finnish and Estonian variant of Greta.
Kuisma m Finnish
Finnish variant of Cosmas. It also means "St. John's wort" in Finnish.
Kukka-Maaria f Finnish
Combination of kukka, meaning "a flower" in Finnish and Maaria which refers to Virgin Mary. Christian feast, Visitation of Mary, was called Kukka-Maaria in the past.... [more]
Kulta f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means both "gold" and "darling, dear" in Finnish.
Kustaava f Finnish
Feminine form of Kustaa.
Kuura m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "rime, hoarfrost" in Finnish.
Kuutar f Finnish Mythology
Finnish goddess of the moon. Her name is derived from kuu meaning "moon, month" and the feminine ending -tar.
Kuutti m Finnish
Means "seal pup" in Finnish.... [more]
Laimi f Finnish
Finnish variant of Laima.
Lastikka f Medieval Finnish
Medieval Finnish variant of Scholastica. It fell out of use after the 1800s.
Lauha f Finnish
Means 'gentle', 'calm' and 'mild' in Finnish. Also a genus of plants.
Lefa m Swedish, Finnish
A diminutive of Leif.
Lemmitty f & m Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Means "beloved" in Finnish (i.e., the past passive participle of lempiä; compare Lempi). It has occasionally been used as a feminine given name (and sometimes a masculine name; it is rare for either sex, and mostly a middle name).
Leporello m Theatre
Name of Don Giovanni's servant in W. A. Mozart's opera Don Giovanni.
Liinu f Finnish
Diminutive of Liina.
Lissu f Finnish
A Finnish diminutive of Liisa and Aliisa.
Loja f Swedish, Finnish
A famous bearer is Loja Saarinen (born Minna Carolina Louise Gesellius, 1879–1968), a Finnish-American textile artist, sculptor and wife of the architect Eliel Saarinen (1873–1950).
Luminosa f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Derived from the Latin adjective luminosus meaning "full of light, luminous". This was the name of a 5th-century saint from Pavia in Lombardy, Italy. This was also borne by a 6th-century Byzantine woman, the wife of the tribune Zemarchus... [more]
Lyydi f Finnish
Variant of Lydia.
Lyyli f Finnish
A diminutive form of Lyydia (used independently).
Maaret f Finnish
Finnish variant of Maret or Maarit.
Maileena f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Majlena.
Maine f Swedish
Possibly a variant of Maina or Majny.
Maine f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "reputation, prestige, fame" in Finnish.
Maini f Finnish
Short form of Mainikki.
Malva f Swedish, Finnish (Rare), German, Danish, Spanish (Latin American)
Short form of Malvina. It may be partly inspired by Latin, Swedish and Finnish malva "mallow, hollyhock (flower)".
Manna f & m Finnish
Manna was originally a male name, coming from the names Immanuel and Mauno. Later, Manna has been used as a female name, because it ends in an "a".
Mariia f Finnish, Ukrainian
Variant spelling of Maria.
Martiina f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variant of Martina
Marttiina f Finnish
Finnish variant of Martina
Marusja f Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish (Rare)
Alternate transcription of Marusya.
Metsälintu f & m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "forest bird" in Finnish.
Mielo m Finnish (Rare)
Masculine form of Mielikki.
Miikka m Finnish
Variant of Miika.
Miio m Finnish (Modern)
A form of Mio which is from Astrid Lindgren's children's book Mio, my Mio (also known as Mio, my Son)(Mio, min Mio in Swedish)
Mimosa f English, Finnish, French, Spanish, Danish, Filipino, Italian
From Mimosa, a genus of plants that are sensitive to touch. The best known plant from that genus is the Mimosa pudica, better known in English as the touch-me-not. The plant genus derives its name from Spanish mimosa, which is the feminine form of the Spanish adjective mimoso meaning "cuddly".
Minja f Finnish (Modern)
Diminutive of Mina.
Minka f Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Slovene
Diminutive of Mina 1, a short form of Vilhelmina, Wilhelmina, Hermine, Romina and other names containing mina or mine... [more]
Minne f Finnish, Swedish, Danish
Variant form of Minna. Also means "memory" in Swedish.
Mirkka f Finnish
Diminutive of Mirjami.
Myrsky m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "storm" in Finnish.
Myy f Finnish
A Finnish variant of My. A famous bearer is Pikku Myy (Lilla My in Swedish, Little My in English), a character in the Moomin series of books by Tove Jansson.
Naemi f Swedish, Finland Swedish, German, Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
A German and Nordic variant of Naomi 1. This name was used in the German translation of The Bible.
Niilá m Sami, Finnish
Sami form of Nils.
Nikke m Finnish
A Finnish diminutive form of Nikolaus and Niklas. Also a Finnish variant of Nicke.
Ninni f Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish (Rare)
Diminutive of many names, such as Ingrid and Kristina.
Nuuti m Finnish (Rare)
A variant of Nuutti (and therefore of Knut).
Ohto m Finnish
Variant of Otso.
Oihonna f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Oithona. ... [more]
Oithona f Literature, Scottish Gaelic
Gaelic name meaning "virgin of the wave", probably invented by James Macpherson for the Ossian poems.
Okko m Finnish
Short form of Oskari, and possibly a variant of Ukko. In the Finnish Orthodox name day calendar Okko's name day is celebrated on February 27, as it is considered to be a short form of Prokko which itself is a diminutive of Prokopios.
Oma m & f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Means "own" in Finnish.
Omena f & m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "apple" in Finnish.
Onerva f & m Finnish
Derived from the Finnish word onerva meaning "aftergrass; the hay grown after harvesting".
Onnea f Finnish (Rare)
Variant form of Onnia. This is a common word to casually congratulate someone or wish them good luck.
Onnia f Finnish
Feminine form of Onni.
Osma m Finnish (Rare)
Variant of Osmo. 'Osma' is also another word for "wolverine" (mostly known as 'ahma' in Finnish).
Osmo m Finnish
From a poetic term meaning "fiancé" or "young man", called both osmo and osma in Finnish.
Ossi m Finnish
Diminutive of Ossian, Osmo and Oskari.
Otava m Finnish, Finnish Mythology, Astronomy
Means "salmon net" from an Ancient Finnish word sometimes used also to mean "bear" or "wheel". ... [more]
Oula m Sami, Finnish
Oula is originally a Sami variant of Ola and Ovlá, thus related to Olaf. It's nowadays used by Finns as well.
Pieta f & m Finnish
A variant of Beata and a diminutive of Pietari.
Pipsa f Finnish
Diminutive of Pirkko, Pirjo and other feminine names beginning with p. This is also the Finnish name of Peppa Pig (Pipsa Possu) and Peppermint Patty from Peanuts (Piparminttu-Pipsa).
Pirita f Finnish
Variant of Birgitta.
Rabbe m Finland Swedish, Swedish (Rare)
Either a German diminutive of Raban or a Swedish diminutive of Rafael.... [more]
Rauho m Finnish (Rare)
A masculine form of Rauha.
Rauli m Finnish
Finnish form of Radulf.
Reemus m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
A Finnish variant of Remus.
Reetu m Finnish
A Finnish diminutive of Fredrik.
Remu m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "noisy/boisterous celebration" and/or "clamor" in Finnish.... [more]
Riia f Finnish
A Finnish variant spelling of Ria. Finnish name day July 2.
Riiko m Finnish (Rare)
Possibly a Finnish diminutive of Rikhard.
Riimi f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "rhyme" in Finnish.
Ristiina f Finnish
Finnish dialectal form of Kristiina. Ristiina is also the name of a former municipality in Eastern Finland.
Rolle m Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
A pet form of names containing the name element hrod, for example Rolf.
Runo m & f Finnish
From Finnish word runo, which means "poem".
Saaga f Finnish
Finnish form of Saga.
Saila f Finnish
Meaning uncertain. Possibly inspired by names such as Aila, Laila 2 and Saima 2.
Sakris m Finnish (Rare)
A variant spelling Zachris.
Sällfrid m Swedish (Rare)
Combination of elements säll, meaning "blissful, happy", and frid, meaning "peace, protection, friendship".
Salme f German (East Prussian), Estonian, Finnish
East Prussian German, Estonian and Finnish contracted form of Salome. As an Estonian name, Salme is also associated with Estonian salm "poem, verse" and a dialectal word for "inlet, sound".
Sampsa m Finnish Mythology, Finnish
Finnish variant of Sampson 1. In Finnish mythology Sampsa Pellervoinen was a god of fertility, fields and crops.
Sanelma f Finnish
Old Finnish name of uncertain origin and meaning. One theory, however, connects this name to the Finnish word for "story; poem" and ultimately to the Finnish verb sanella "to dictate". Sanelma may also be derived from the name Anelma.
Seere f & m Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Diminutive of Serafiina.... [more]
Selfrid m Swedish (Rare)
A variant spelling of Sällfrid.
Sievä f Finnish
Means "pretty, cute" in Finnish.
Signhild f Norwegian, Swedish, Finland Swedish
Possibly from an Old High German name composed of the elements sigu "victory" and hild "battle", or perhaps derived from the Nordic name Signelill.
Siro f & m Finnish
Means "petite, graceful, delicate, slender" in Finnish. More commonly used as a surname
Siru f Finnish
Finnish version of Sigrid. In Finnish language it means "fragment".
Skuldfrid f & m Swedish (Rare, Archaic), Finland Swedish (Rare, Archaic), Norwegian (Rare, Archaic)
A combination of Old Norse elements skuld, meaning "blame, future", and fríðr, meaning "beautiful, beloved, good, peaceful, safe".
Sointu f Finnish
Taken directly from Finnish sointu "chord".
Solmu m & f Finnish
Means "knot" in Finnish. The name was created by The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (Kansanvalistusseura) as a equivalent for Knut. It had a name day in the Finnish calendar from 1929 to 1947: the name day was removed because there were too few bearers.
Sulka m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "feather" in Finnish.
Suometar f Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Means "Finnish woman", derived from the word Suomi (Finland in Finnish) and combined with a feminine suffix -tar. As a name, Suometar came into use under the influence of the Estonian folk poem "Salme", which Elias Lönnrot translated into Finnish as "Suomettaren kosijat" (Suometar's suitors) in the 1830's... [more]
Syksy m Finnish
Means "autumn" in Finnish.
Taija f Finnish
Finnish variant of Taina as well as a Finnish diminutive of Tarja and Taimi.
Taito m Finnish
Means "skill, knowledge" in Finnish.
Tiivi f & m Finnish (Rare)
Tiivi is an alternative name for such birds as the broad-billed sandpiper (Calidris falcinellus, more commonly used Finnish name is "jänkäsirriäinen") and the Temminck's stint (Calidris temminckii, "lapinsirri")... [more]
Tilhi f & m Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "(Bohemian) waxwing" (Bombycilla garrulus) in Finnish.
Tilma f Finnish, Swedish (Modern)
Perhaps a blend of Thelma with either Vilma, Hilma or Ilma 1.
Tilta f Finnish
Finnish form of Tilda.
Timjami m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "thyme" in Finnish.
Toffe m Swedish, Finnish
A diminutive of Christoffer and Kristoffer.
Toimi m Finnish
Derived from Finnish toimi "action, task, chore, duty". Known Finnish bearers of this name are politician Toimi Kankaanniemi (b. 1950), former rower Toimi Pitkänen (b. 1928) and former cross-country skier Toimi Alatalo (b... [more]
Toiva m & f Finnish (Rare)
A variant of Toivo.
Touko m Finnish
From Finnish touko meaning "sowing (in the springtime)".
Tua f Swedish, Finland Swedish, Danish (Rare)
Origin uncertain, possibly a variant of Tova 2, a feminine form of Tue or a short form of Perpetua... [more]
Tuike f Finnish (Rare)
Means "twinkle, glimmer" in Finnish.
Tuisku f & m Finnish
From Finnish tuisku meaning "snowstorm".
Tuovi f & m Finnish
Derived from the place name Tuovila "village of Tove", a village in Finland. It was invented by the Finnish author Yrjö Sakari Yrjö-Koskinen for a character of his novel "Pohjan-Piltti" (1859).
Tuttu f & m Finnish (Rare)
Means "familiar, conversant" in Finnish.
Tyyni f Finnish
A rarer variant on Tyyne, means "calm". Nameday on September 18th.
Tyyra f Finnish
Finnish spelling of Tyra
Uku m Estonian, Baltic Mythology
Estonian cognate of Finnish Ukko. This name is borne by the god of weather and lightning in Estonian mythology.
Ulappa f Finnish (Rare)
Means "open sea" in Finnish.
Uljas m Finnish, Estonian
Derived from Finnish uljas "proud, noble, valiant". This is also a Finnish translation of Greek Ptolemaios.
Unelma f Finnish
Means "dream" in Finnish.
Untamo m Finnish, Finnish Mythology
Old Finnish name with unclear origin: possibly derived either from old Germanic name Undo or Finnish word uni, meaning "dream". Untamo was a character in Finnish epic Kalevala.
Unto m Finnish
Short form of Untamo.
Upi m & f Finnish
A diminutive of Urpo, also used as a nickname for other names starting with U.
Uuno m Finnish, Estonian
Finnish form and Estonian variant of Uno.
Vadelma f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "raspberry" in Finnish.
Vaito m Finnish (Rare)
Derived from a Finnish word vaiti meaning "silent, quiet".
Valio m Finnish
From Finnish valio meaning "an outstanding individual, a pick, choice, elite".
Valo m & f Finnish
Means "light" in Finnish.
Valpas m Finnish (Rare, Archaic)
Means "alert, attentive, watchful" in Finnish.
Valtti m Finnish
A diminutive of Valentin and names ending with -vald such as Evald and Osvald... [more]
Vaula f Finnish (Rare)
Vaula is both a flower/flowering plant genus ("Asarina" in Latin) and in old Finnish language a little wooden ring that kept a bunch of silver birch branches together in a sauna.
Veikka m Finnish
Diminutive of Veli.
Vendla f Swedish, Finland Swedish
Contracted form of Vendela.
Venni m & f Finnish
A diminutive of Verner and Vendela.