Other Royalty

This list is comprised of royals who are not on any of the other lists of monarchs. Included are emperors and empresses, kings and queens, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, as well as their spouses.
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Albert2 kings, 2 princes, 1 prince consort5
Joseph5 princes5
Jigme4 kings4
Johann4 princes4
Marie1 queen consort, 1 princess, 1 princess consort, 1 grand duke4
Philip2 kings, 1 prince, 1 prince/prince consort4
Sophie1 queen consort, 1 princess, 1 duchess, 1 archduchess/princess4
Willem4 kings4
Adam3 princes3
Alexander3 kings3
Alexandra2 princesses, 1 princess/queen consort3
Catherine2 queen consorts, 1 princess3
Charles2 princes, 1 duke3
Charlotte1 princess, 1 grand duke, 1 duchess3
Elisabeth1 empress consort, 1 princess, 1 princess consort3
Eugenie1 empress consort, 1 princess, 1 princess/queen consort3
Franz3 princes3
Karl3 princes3
Leopold3 kings3
Temür3 emperors3
Abdullah2 kings2
Aloys2 princes2
Anne1 queen consort, 1 princess2
Beatrix1 queen, 1 princess consort2
Hans2 princes2
Henri1 king, 1 grand duke2
Henrik2 princes2
Ingrid1 princess, 1 princess/queen consort2
Magnus2 princes2
Margaret2 princesses2
Maria1 queen consort, 1 princess consort2
Mathilde1 queen consort, 1 duchess2
Sofía1 princess, 1 princess/queen consort2
Stéphanie2 princesses2
Victoria1 princess, 1 princess/queen consort2
William1 prince, 1 grand duke2
Adélaïde1 grand duke1
Adolphe1 grand duke1
Adrienne1 princess1
Æthelbert1 king1
Æthelflæd1 queen consort1
Alaric1 king1
Aleksandra1 empress consort1
Aleksey1 grand prince1
Alexia1 princess1
Alia1 queen consort1
Alix1 princess1
Alois1 prince1
Amalia1 princess1
Andrew1 prince1
Anna1 princess consort1
Antoinette1 queen consort1
Anton1 prince1
Ariane1 princess1
Arrhidaeus1 king1
Ashraf1 princess1
Athena1 princess1
Attila1 emperor1
Baudouin1 king1
Beatrice1 princess1
Buyantu1 emperor1
Carl1 prince1
Caroline1 princess1
Catharina1 princess1
Charlene1 princess consort1
Christian1 prince1
Cosimo1 grand duke1
Daniel1 prince1
Dorji1 king1
Eadburh1 queen consort1
Edward1 prince1
Eléonore1 princess1
Emmanuel1 prince1
Erdmuthe1 princess consort1
Estelle1 princess1
Eusebius1 prince1
Fabiola1 queen consort1
Farah1 empress consort/queen consort1
Faustin1 emperor1
Fawzia1 queen consort1
Felipe1 prince1
Felix1 prince1
Florian1 prince1
Franziska1 princess consort1
Frederik1 prince1
Gabriel1 prince1
Gegeen1 emperor1
Genghis1 emperor1
Georgina1 princess consort1
Gilgamesh1 king1
Grace1 princess1
Güyük1 emperor1
Haakon1 prince1
Hammurabi1 king1
Henry1 prince1
Hussein1 king1
Isabella1 princess1
Jacques1 emperor1
Jane1 queen consort1
Jayaatu1 emperor1
Jean1 grand duke1
Jetsun1 queen consort1
Joachim1 prince1
Johanna1 princess consort1
Josepha1 princess consort1
Josephine1 princess1
Juliana1 queen1
Karoline1 princess consort1
Khesar1 king1
Khutughtu1 emperor1
Konstantinos1 king1
Kublai1 emperor1
Külüg1 emperor1
Leonidas1 king1
Leonor1 princess1
Leopoldine1 princess consort1
Letizia1 princess1
Louis1 prince1
Louise1 princess1
Ludovika1 duchess1
Ludwig1 king1
Madeleine1 princess1
Marianne1 princess1
Marit1 princess1
Märtha1 princess1
Mary1 princess1
Máxima1 queen consort1
Mette1 princess1
Mohammad1 emperor1
Möngke1 emperor1
Namgyel1 king1
Nebuchadnezzar1 king1
Nefertiti1 queen consort1
Nepomuk1 prince1
Nikolai1 prince1
Ögedei1 emperor1
Otto1 king1
Paola1 queen consort1
Pema1 queen consort1
Philippe1 king1
Ragibagh1 emperor1
Rainier1 prince1
Reza1 emperor1
Rinchinbal1 emperor1
Rudolf1 prince1
Saladin1 sultan1
Silvia1 queen consort1
Singye1 king1
Sonja1 queen consort1
Soraya1 queen consort1
Sverre1 prince1
Talal1 king1
Tamar1 queen1
Theoderic1 king1
Thyra1 princess1
Tigranes1 king1
Toghon1 emperor1
Töregene1 empress1
Ugyen1 king1
Vincent1 prince1
Vlad1 prince1
Wenzel1 prince1
Wilhelmina1 queen1
Yesün1 emperor1
Zhi1 empress consort1
Zog1 king1