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Scottish names are used in the country of Scotland as well as elsewhere in the Western World as a result of the Scottish diaspora. See also about Scottish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ACAIR m Scottish
Means "anchor" in Scottish Gaelic.
ADAMNAN m Scottish Gaelic
Diminutive of Adam.
AILEAN m Scottish Gaelic (Rare)
Scottish Gaelic cognate of Alan.
AILEANA f Scottish
Feminine form of Ailean.
AILIE f Scottish, Literature, English (Australian)
Of uncertain origin and meaning, this name is, however, considered both an Anglicization of Eilidh and a diminutive of Aileen. ... [more]
AILIG m & f Scottish Gaelic
Scots Gaelic form of Alex.
AILSIE f Scottish
Diminutive of Ailsa.
AINGEALAG f Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Angelica.
Scots form of Archibald.
AITHBHREAC f Scottish Gaelic, Medieval Scottish
Aithbhreac was the given name of the author of the earliest extant poetry in Scottish Gaelic by a poetess. Aithbhreac Inghean Coirceadal (1430-80) wrote a famous poem to eulogise her late husband.
ALAKINA f English (British, Rare), Scottish (Rare)
Presumably a variant of the Scottish name Alickina, a feminine form of Alick or Alec (which possibly developed from Ailigean, a diminutive of Ailig, itself a Gaelic rendering of English Alick).
ALICK m Scottish
Scottish variant of Alexander.
ALICKINA f Scottish
Feminine form of Alick.
ALLASTER m Scottish
Anglicized form of Alasdair.
ALLISSAID f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Ealasaid found in the early 16th century.
AMHUINN m & f Scottish, Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic
"From the alder tree" or "lives at the alder tree river."
ANDRA m Scots
Scots form of Andrew.
ANGNES f Medieval German, Medieval Scottish, Scots (Archaic)
Medieval southern German variant of Agnes reflecting the southern German pronunciation. It is also a Scots variant of Agnes which was recorded in the late Middle Ages.
ANGUSINA f Scottish
Feminine form of the name Angus.
ANNAPLE f Scottish
Scottish form of Annabel. Sir Walter Scott used it for two characters (both nurses) in his Waverley series of novels.
Elaboration of Anne.
ANZILLA f Scottish
Variant of Ancilla.
ARABEL f Scottish, English (British), Medieval English
A variation of Orabel, a Latin construction which suffixes orare "prayer" with ābilis "able," thus interpretable as 'given to prayer' or "able to pray."
ARDIS f & m Scottish, English, African American
The feminine name Ardis is a simplification of the Nordic name Arndís.... [more]
ARGYLE m Scottish (Archaic), English
Transferred use of the surname Argyle.
ATHOLL m English, Scottish
From a Scottish place name.
AYRTON m Portuguese (Brazilian), English, Scottish
From a surname which was originally taken from the name of Airton in Yorkshire, which meant "farmstead on the (river) Aire" (Aire itself was probably a Celtic or pre-Celtic river-name meaning literally "strongly flowing")... [more]
BÁINE f & m Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Mythology
An Irish name meaning "whiteness, pallor". In Irish Mythology, Báine was a princess, daughter of Tuathal Techtmar, ancestor of the kings of Ireland. "Cailín na Gruaige Báine" and "Bruach na Carraige Báine" are the names of two traditional Irish songs.... [more]
BAIRD m Scots
Transferred use of the surname Baird.
BATHIA f Scottish, English
Rarer variant of Bithiah. In Scotland the name was used, along with the more popular Bethia, as an anglicised form of the Gaelic name Beathag.
BAUBIE f Scottish
Scottish diminutive of Barbara.
BEIGIS f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Diminutive of Margaret (compare English Peggy).
BENNEIT m Scottish Gaelic
Benneit is a Gaelic name meaning "blessed". It can be shortened to Ben.
BETHA f Scottish
Anglicized variant of Beathag.
BETHIA f Biblical Latin, Scottish, English, Medieval English
Form of Bithiah used in some versions of the Old Testament. This name was popular in Scotland from the 17th century as an Anglicised form of Gaelic Beathag. It is occasionally used as a Latinized form of Beth and in medieval England was a diminutive of Elizabeth.
BHIOCTORIA f Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Victoria.
BIETIE f Scottish (Archaic)
Possible diminutive of Beitris. See also Beatie.
BJOLAN m Scottish, Norwegian
Variant of Beollan. Bjolan was the name of a king of some district in Scotland whose lands were harried by the Norsemen in 886. The name perhaps appears in the cognomen of Helgi Bjola who went from the Hebrides to Iceland between 874 and 900.
BLÁÁN m Scottish (Archaic)
Means "yellow" in Gaelic.
BOARTE m Scottish
A Scottish boy's name meaning "Son of Arthur"
BREAGH f Scottish
Means "beautiful" in Gaelic.
BRODEN m Scots
From the place name; Brodie, in the North of Scotland. Derived from Gaelic 'Broth' meaning "a ditch"
BUCHANAN m Scottish, English (American, Rare)
From the surname Buchanan. A fictional bearer is the Marvel Comics character James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes.
CADHA f Scottish
The baby girl name Cadha is derived from Scottish origins. The name Cadha means from the steep mountain.
CAILLIC f Scottish
Derived from the Gaelic word caileag meaning "girl", or possibly from the related word cailleach meaning "old woman", which is also the name of a Scottish and Irish mythological figure (see Beira) and comes from Old Irish caillech "veiled (one)", from caille "veil", an early loanword from Latin pallium "a cloak" (i.e., the ecclesiastical garment worn by nuns).
CALAMINAG f Scottish
Feminine form of Calum.
CAOINTEAN m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Quintinus.
CAOMHAINN m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Kevin.
CATRIA f Scottish Gaelic (Rare)
Likely a nickname for Catrina. It was used in the game Fire Emblem
CEALLAN m Scottish, Irish
Found in Irish History and is a modern place name in Scotland. Possibly related to the Gaelic name Ceallach. Wanted to name my son Kelly (Wife thought it was a girls name) and came across this place name in Scotland... [more]
CEIT f Scottish
Variant of Cait.
CEITIDH f Scottish
Scottish Gaelic form of Katie
CERIN m English, Irish, Scottish
Means "little dark one" in Gaelic.
CHAEL m English, Scottish
Short form of Michael.
Scots form of Charles.
CIORSTAN f Scottish
Diminutive of Cairistìona influenced by Danish Kirsten. It is the original Scottish form of Kirstin.
CLEODIE f English (Rare), Scottish
Allegedly derived from the Scottish surname McCleod, sometimes now more modernly spelled McCloud.
COBAIN m Scottish
Transferred use of the surname Cobain.
CÒISEAM m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Constantinus (see Constantine).
COLLA m Scottish, Irish, Irish Mythology
This is said to have been the name of three warrior brothers who founded the Irish kingdom of Airgialla and whose descendents ruled the Scottish kingdom of Dal Riada. ... [more]
CORBETT m English, Scottish
Of Scottish origin, meaning "little crow or raven" as a diminutive of the element corb. Originally spelled Corbet. It is related to the name Corbin.... [more]
CORMICK m Scottish, English
Means "chariot driver".
CRAEG m Scottish
Variant of Craig.
CREATH m Scottish
Reduced form of the Scottish McCreath, which is a variant of McCrae (
CREIG m Scottish, Irish
Variant of Craig.
CRÌSDEAN m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Christopher.
CUITHBEART m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Cuthbert.
CULLACH m Scottish
Cullach was an ancient Scottish name, mostly used by the Borderland Strathclydes. It means "boar".
CURDIE m Scottish, Literature
From the Scottish surname Curdie or McCurdie, Anglicized forms of Mac Mhuireadhaigh meaning "son of Muireadhach" in Gaelic. This was the name of the miner boy in 'The Princess and the Goblin' (1872) and 'The Princess and Curdie' (1883) by George MacDonald.
DAIMH m Scottish
Mean "ox".
DARROCH m Scottish
The name Darroch is said to derive from Macdara which is Scottish Gaelic for ''son of oak''.
DAUVIT m Scots
Scots form of David.
DAVA f Scottish (Rare)
A Scottish variant of the feminine forms of 'David' meaning beloved. Also linked to a famous nature path near Inverness known as The Dava Way. Notable holder of this name is the author Dava Sobel ('Latitude and Longitude', and 'Galileo's Daughter').
DÌORBHAIL f Scottish Gaelic
Associated as a variation of Dorothy.
DOAK m Scots (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Doak.
DOD m Scottish
Scots diminutive of George.
DODDIE m Scottish
Scottish diminutive of George. Possibly originating from the Gaelic form of George, Deòrsa.
DOLINA f Scottish
Contracted form of Donaldina.
DONICA f English, Scottish
Feminine form of Donald. More popular in Scotland than in England or America. Also possibly derived from the English surname.
EAIRRDSIDH m Scottish Gaelic
Allegedly a Scottish adoption of Archie.
EAMHAIR f Scottish
Possibly a Scottish form of Emer.
ECK m Scots
Scots diminutive of Alexander.
EILA f English, Scottish (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Eily.
EILEAN f Scottish
Means "island" in Scots Gaelic. It is also a variant of Eileen.
EILLEY f Scottish (Archaic, ?)
In the case of the Scottish-born American frontier figure Eilley Bowers (c.1827-1903), it was presumably an anglicized form of Eilidh.
EION m Irish, Scottish
Gaelic form of John.
ELLISON f Scottish
Scots variant of Alison.
ELSPAITH f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots variant of Elspeth.
ELWINA f Scottish
Wings of a bird. Scotland
ELYS f English, Scottish
Variant of Elyse.
EUPHAN f Scottish
Possibly a variant of Euphemia, which was also written as Euphame or Eupheme, a name that became common in Scotland because it was used as an anglicization of Oighrig.
EVANNA f Welsh, Irish, Scottish, English
Feminine form of EVAN. Alternatively, it could be derived from an Irish word meaning "young warrior" or a Scottish word meaning "right handed; strong."
EVOX m Scottish
Variation of Quivox.
FAERYN m & f Scottish, English
Feminine variant of Ferran.
FERRIS m & f English (Rare), Irish, Scottish
Transferred use of the surname Ferris. See also Fergus.
FIELDER m Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Fielder.
FIN m English, Scottish, Irish
Short form of Finlay or variant of Finn.
FORBA m & f Irish, Scottish
The Irish is masculine and means "owns the fields," while the Scottish is feminine and means "headstrong."
FRAZER m Scottish
Variant of Fraser, more commonly found as an alternate spelling of the surname.
FYNVOLA f Scottish (Rare)
Latinized form of Fionnuala. This was borne by the mother of English actor Hugh Grant.
GARAIDH m Scottish Gaelic, Irish
Of uncertain origin and meaning. It is commonly Anglicized as Gary and Garry.
GARVIN m Irish (Anglicized), Scottish (Anglicized), Scottish Gaelic (Anglicized)
Derived from the surname of Garvin, which is an anglicized Gaelic surname. Its original Gaelic form is Gairbhith, which means "rough (or cruel) fate", derived from Gaelic garbh meaning "rough" or "cruel" combined with Gaelic bith meaning "fate" and possibly also "ill fortune".
GAWEN m English (Rare), Scottish (Rare)
Means "white hawk" in Scots. However, when given in modern times it is usually as a variant of Gawain.
GELIS f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots name of uncertain origin and meaning. Theories include a Scots form of Gelgéis and a Scots form of Gilia.
GHILLIE f & m Scottish, English
The origin of this word dates from the late 16th century, from the Scottish Gaelic gille, "lad, servant", cognate with the Irish giolla.
GILLEASBUIG m Scottish Gaelic
Means "servant of the bishop" in Scottish Gaelic.
Scottish form of Gilbert.
GILLE-BRÌDHDE m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Gilbert.
GIORSAL f Scottish (Rare)
Possibly a Gaelic form of Griselda. It was often Anglicized as Grace.
GORMELIA f Scottish (Archaic)
Latinate form of Gormal. This became the usual form of the name in the 19th century, along with Gormilia and Gormula.
GORMSHUIL f Scottish Gaelic
Means "blue eye" in Scottish Gaelic, from gorm "blue" and sùil "eye".
GOWAN m & f Scottish, Medieval English
From a Scots name for the daisy and other golden or white field flowers, perhaps ultimately from Old Norse gollinn "golden". Robert Burns' poem "To a Mountain Daisy" (1786) was originally titled "The Gowan"... [more]
GRIEG m Scottish
Variant of Greig.
GUTHRIE m Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Guthrie, borne by the jazz musician Guthrie Govan.
HARAILT m Scottish
Mean "leader".
HENDRETTA f Scottish
Scots variant of Henrietta (compare Hendry).
IORCALL m Scottish
Scottish form of Hercules. It was coined during the Renaissance.
IOSAG m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Isaac.
ISBELL f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish, American (Rare)
Variant of Isbel, which in the case of the Scots name is an approach at a phonetic spelling of Gaelic Iseabail.
ISOBELLE f Scottish
Variant of Isobel.
Scots form of James.
JEAMS m Scots
Scots form of James.
JENNET f English (Archaic), Medieval English, Medieval Scottish, Scottish (Archaic)
Variant of Janet found in medieval documents from England, Scotland and Ireland.
JENNETT f Scottish
Scottish variant of Janet.
JINTY f Scottish
Pet form of Janet. A famous namesake is British historian Dame Janet "Jinty" Nelson. "Jinty" was also a girl's comic published in Britain in the 1970s and early 1980s.
JOHAN f Scottish
Variant of Joan.
JOHANN f Scottish
Variant of Joanne.
JONET f Scottish (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Obsolete Scottish variant of Janet.
JOSEY m & f English (Rare), Scottish
Scots diminutive of Joseph (making it a relative of Seòsaidh, a Gaelic diminutive of English Joseph), and occasionally a variant of Josie (feminine).
KAL m Scottish (Rare), English (Rare)
Short form of Kalvin, Kallum or other names containing the element kal. ... [more]
KATREINE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Caitrina.
KENNEN m Scottish
Form of Kenneth
Feminine form of Kentigern. This was the name of an Irish queen who traveled to Scotland with her son, Saint Fillin. She lived as a recluse on the island of Inchebroida in Loch Lomond, where a church is dedicated to her.
KERSTY f Scottish
Diminutive of Christina, used in the 18th century.
KINA f English (British, Rare), Scottish (Rare)
Short form of Alickina occasionally encountered in the Scottish Highlands.
KINGSFORD m Scottish, African
Transferred use of the surname Kingsford.
KRUSOE m Scottish
Variant of Crusoe.
KYLOE m Scottish
The term Kyloe was used as a name in Scotland for West Highland cattle that became a male first name. The more modern use would be accociated with the Star Wars character Kylo Ren.The name has existed since the middle ages.
LATHARN m Scottish
Possibly from the Scottish Gaelic form of the place name Lorne. It is said to mean "fox", perhaps related to Brythonic *louernos (attested in Gaulish), from Proto-Celtic *loferno (compare Breton louarn, Cornish lowarn, Welsh llwyrn "will-o’-the-wisp").
LINNHE f Scottish (Modern, Rare), American (Modern, Rare)
From the name of a sea loch in Scotland, which was originally an English corruption of Gaelic linne meaning "pool" (making it a cognate of Lynn).
LIVINGSTONE m Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Livingstone.
LOCHLIN m Scottish
Variant of Lachlan.
LUDOVICK m Scottish
Scottish form of Ludwig.
MACBRIDGE m & f Scottish
Transferred from the surname MacBridge.
MACDONALD m Scottish
Transferred use of the surname.
MADE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots form of Maude.
MAEL m Irish, Scottish
Means "disciple" in Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Mael is used in the name Mael Coluim, commonly in it's anglicized form, Malcolm. Other Celtic names have the element too.
MALCOLMINA f Scottish, English
This name is a rare feminine variant of Malcolm, which means "disciple of Saint Columba", and it is mainly used in Scotland, Northern England and parts of Ireland. It was much more common in Medieval times but is still in irregular usage today.
MANSIE m Scots
Scots diminutive of Manus, a variant of Magnus.
MAOLMUIRE m Scottish
Means "dark skinned" in Scottish.
MARCAIL f Scottish
Scottish form of Margaret.
MARGRET f Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, English, German, Dutch, Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish, Alsatian
Variant of Margaret, Margreta, Margareta as well as a modern Icelandic and Faroese form of Margrét as well as a German and Alsatian contracted form of Margarete.
MARIOTA f Medieval French, Scottish
Medieval Scottish form of Margaret.
MERRAID f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots phonetic variant of Gaelic Mairead.
MERRAN f Scottish
Scots form of Marion.
MILNE m & f Scottish
Transferred use of the surname Milne.
MIRREN f Scottish
Scottish diminutive of Marion.
MODAN m Scottish, Irish
Saint Modan was a 6th-century Irish and Scottish monk.
MOIREACH f Scottish
Scottish form of Martha.
MOIREAN m Scottish Gaelic (Rare)
A derivative of Moire, the Scottish Gaelic name for the Virgin Mary.
MORBHAN f Scottish
Gaelic variant of Morven. Occasionally, but rarely, pronounced as written.
MORIARTY m Scottish (Anglicized)
Transferred use of the surname Moriarty.
MORIEN m Scottish, Arthurian Romance
Meaning unknown. In Arthurian Romance, Morien was the son of Sir Aglovale and a Moorish princess.
MORRO m Scottish
First used in Scotland as Morrow, the name means "Sea Warrior" or "Warrior of the Wind." It is a strong and unique name.
MORVERN f Scottish
Variant of MORVEN. From the Scottish place name Morvern, a district in north Argyll, Mhorbhairne in the original Gaelic, meaning "sea gap" or "big gap" (muir "sea" or mór "great", bhairne "gap")... [more]
MUIRHEAD m Scottish, English (Rare)
From a surname which was originally taken from the name of places in southern Scotland, itself derived from northern Middle English muir "moor" and heid "head, end". A known bearer was Scottish war artist Muirhead Bone (1876-1953).
MURDINA f Scottish
Scottish feminine form of Murdo.
MURDOCK m Scottish
Variant of Murdoc.
NAIRN m & f Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Nairn.
NANTIE m Scots, South African (?)
As a Scots masculine name, this is a diminutive of Antony.... [more]
NEACHDAINN m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Nechtan.
NESSIE f English, Scottish, Manx
Originally a diminutive of Agnes, used independently from at least the 18th century. It is now also used as a diminutive of Vanessa. Since the 1950s it has been used as a nickname for the legendary Loch Ness Monster.
NESTON m Scottish (Rare)
May be a longer form of Ness
NIALLA f Irish, Scottish
Feminine form of Niall.
NINNIDH m Scottish, Irish
Diminutive of Ninian. This was the name of a 6th-century saint, one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.
NOLAND m Scottish, Popular Culture, English
Transferred use of the surname Noland.
ORRAN m Scottish, English
Variant of Orrin.
ORRIS m English (Rare), Scottish
From an English surname which was derived from the given name Horace. It coincides with the common name of Iris germanica and certain other fragrant varieties of iris, which is ultimately from Latin and Greek iris (via Middle English yreos; see also Iris).
OSLA f Faroese, Scottish (Rare, Archaic)
Faroese variant of Ásla. This name was also recorded in Shetland up until the 18th century, no doubt as an Anglicized form of Ásla.
PÀIL m Scottish
Scottish form of Paul.
PATERSON m English (Rare), Scottish (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Paterson.
PRAINNSEAS m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Francis.
PREACHER m Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Preacher.
PRENTISS m & f English, Scottish
The name is English or Scottish in origin and is derived from the word "Apprentice" meaning a person learning a trade under a master craftsman. It is a surname which has been adapted as a given name... [more]
QUAIL m & f English, Irish (Anglicized), Scottish Gaelic (Anglicized)
Respelling of the surname Quayle, the English and Scottish Anglicization of Mac Phàil (Scottish), Mac Phóil (Irish), and Mac Phaayl (Manx). Irish variation is Coill, French variation is Quaille.
RABERT m Scots
Scots form of Robert.
RÀILD m Scottish
Scottish form of Harold.
RANNOCH m English, Scottish
From the Gaelic raineach meaning "bracken".
RETAN f Scottish
was found in the 1881 Census of Canada for a young girl born to Scottish parents
RINALDE f Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Scots form of Raghnaid via the variant Raonaild.
RIPHATH m Biblical, Irish Mythology, Irish, Scottish
Name of Gomer second-born son in Genesis ch. 10. Irish/Scottish oral tradition (Leber Gabala Eirinn) lists him as the ancestor of the Scots (including the Irish). They too call him the second son of Gomer... [more]
ROBIE m Scottish
Scottish form of Robert meaning Bright and shining. Rare nickname sometimes used as a given name for boys.
RUANADH m Irish, Scottish
Gaelic byname meaning "champion".
RUIS m Scottish Gaelic
Meaning "red one", or part of the Celtic tree calender for "Elderberry".
RUISEART m Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Richard.
RYBEN m Scottish Gaelic (Anglicized)
From Scots-Gaelic: 'Rìgh beinne' meaning: "Mountain King"
SAURAH f Scots
Scots form of Sarah.
SEÀRLAID f Scottish
Scottish form of Charlotte (compare Séarlait), sometimes associated with the name Teàrlag (which was Anglicized as Charlotte).
SEUMASINA f Scottish Gaelic (Archaic)
Feminine form of Seumas, anglicized as Jamesina.
SGÀIRE m Scottish
Scottish form of Zachary.
SHANACHIE f & m Scottish Gaelic, Irish
Irish word for "a skilled teller of tales or legends, especially Gaelic ones." From the Scots Gaelic word seanachaidh, from Old Irish senchaid, variant of senchae, meaning historian, derived from sen, meaning old.
SHUGGY m Scottish
Scottish diminutive of Hugh.
SIDHEAG f Scottish
Old Gaelic name derived from sidheach meaning "wolf".
SIMEAG f Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Jemima.
SITHEAG f Scottish Gaelic (Archaic)
Derived from Middle Gaelic sidhach "wolf", this name is now extinct but was "common in the 17th century".
STRUAN m Scottish
This name comes from a Scottish placename or surname which means 'stream', from the Galeic sruthan. The given name is associated particularly with the Clan Robertson who owned the lands of Struan in Perthshire.
SUTHERLAND m & f Scottish (Rare), English (Rare)
Scottish regional name that described a person who came from the former county by this name, which got its name from Old Norse suðroen "southern" and land "land". It was called the South Land because it was south of Scandinavia and south of the Norse colonies of Orkney and Shetland Islands.
TAMMAS m Scots
Scots form of Thomas.
TANDY f & m Scottish
Diminutive of Andrew. Variant of Andy.
TAVIN m Scottish (Modern), Irish (Modern)
In Scottish, Tavin means 'twin'. Tavin is also the Irish word teevee meaning 'hillside'.
THAIN m Scots, English
Transferred use of the surname Thain meaning a nobleman who served as an attendant to royals or who was awarded land by a king. Notable bearer Thain Wendell MacDowell (1890-1960) was a Canadian soldier awarded the Victoria Cross for action during World War I. Variant of Thane.
TIBBIE f Scottish, English
Diminutive of Isabel or Elizabeth.
TOMIMA f Scottish (Archaic)
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories include an Orcadian form of Tomina, possibly influenced by Jemima.
TONN m Scottish Gaelic
From scots-gaelic 'Tonn' meaning: "Wave; a long body of water curling into an arched form & breaking on the shore."
TORAN m Scottish
Scottish meaning of the name Toran is: From the craggy hills.' Tor is a name for a craggy hilltop and also may refer to a watchtower.
UILLEACHAN m Scottish Gaelic
A diminutive of Uilleam.
VAILA f Scottish
Named after a small island off the Shetland Islands, Scotland. It is a traditional Shetlandic girl's name.
VAIRI f Scottish
Variant of Mhairi.