African Submitted Names

African names are used on the continent of Africa, covering a wide number of languages. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Kola m Yoruba
Means "gathers wealth" in Yoruba, derived from kó meaning "gather" and ọlá meaning "wealth". It is also used as diminutive of Kolawole, Kolade and Kolapo.
Kolade m Yoruba
Means "brings lots of wealth" in Yoruba, derived from kó meaning "gather" combined with ọlá meaning "honour, wealth, success, notability" and dé meaning "arrive, return".
Kolajo m African
An Ancient name of Yoruba Origin, it means 'gather wealty'
Kolapo m Yoruba
Means "gather wealth together" in Yoruba.
Kolawole m Yoruba
Means "he brings nobility, wealth, honour, into the house" in Yoruba.
Kombeho m Pare
Etymology uncertain, this name is traditionally given to babies born during winter.
Komla m African
Used in Ghana, West Africa. Means Tuesday born boy in Ewe
Komlan m Akan
Means "Tuesday" in Akan.
Konadu f & m African
Used among Akan peoples in Ghana, West Africa. Can be used as a first name and surname.
Konan m Baoulé
Derived from Baoulé mlan "Wednesday", referring to the day of the week on which the child was born and hence to be understood as "born on Wednesday".
Konanani m & f Venda
Means "be good to one another" in Tshivenda.
Kondanani m & f Tumbuka
Means "love one another" in Tumbuka and Chewa.
Kondo m Swahili, African
means "war"
Kongola f Chewa
Means "beautiful" in Chewa.
Konijo f Amharic
Means "beautiful" in Amharic.
Konjo f & m Amharic
"Beauty" (typically used in a feminine context).
Konradi m Swahili
Variation of Conrad.
Konyek m Eastern African, African Mythology
Konyek is a character from Maasai Mythology. His name has no known meaning.
Kornelis m Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Cornelis.
Kosau m Hausa
Means "well fed" in Hausa.
Kosisochi m & f Igbo
Kosisochi Meaning: As it Pleases God. ... [more]
Kosisochukwu m & f Igbo
Means "as it pleases God" in Igbo.
Kossola m Yoruba
Means "I do not lose my fruits anymore" or "my children do not die any more" in Yoruba.... [more]
Kosy f African
Kotani m Tsonga
Possibly from the Xitsonga kota meaning "able, talented".
Kotatee m & f Western African, Kru
It means "sit down here" in Kru/Klao language spoken in Liberia.
Kouadio m Baoulé
Derived from Baoulé jɔlɛ "Tuesday", referring to the day of the week on which the child was born and hence to be understood as "born on Tuesday".
Kouakou m Baoulé
Derived from Baoulé we "Thursday", referring to the day of the week on which the child was born and hence to be understood as "born on Thursday".
Kouamé m Baoulé
Derived from Baoulé mɔnnɛn "Sunday", referring to the day of the week on which the child was born and hence to be understood as "born on Sunday".
Kouassi m Akan
Means "born on Sunday" in Akan.
Kouassi m Baoulé
Derived from Baoulé kisie "Monday", referring to the day of the week on which the child was born and hence to be understood as "born on Monday".
Kovu m Swahili
It's Kiswahili for "Scar" and possibly, and is used in the Lion King 2. Kovu was chosen by Scar to become King before Simba returned to Pride Rock. Kovu's Mother Zira almost let Simab kill him when he was just a cub when they were caught in the Pridelands, but Simba told her to take him and leave before departing with his own daughter Kiara... [more]
Kpadia m Ijaw
Meaning unknown. It was the name of an Ijaw king.
Kponoabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "honour god" in Ibibio.
Kromanti m African
War god of ghana
Kubanthree f South African, Indian
South Africans of Indian origin... [more]
Kuchanua f Swahili
Means "blossom" in Swahili.
Kucheli f African
Name used by the people of northern Borno state, and Garkida area in Adamawa state. They are called the burah's and paburs.
Kuchinei m Shona
Kuchinei means "What more is left to do, to see or to say" This name may be given by a parent who is at their wit's end. The Zimbabwean singer of the 1970-80s Kuchinei Chikupo was one well known bearer of this name.
Kuda m & f African (?)
Means "love" in Zimbabwe.
Kudakwashe m & f Shona
Means "the Lord's will" in Shona.
Kudighe m & f Ibibio
Means "fear not" in Ibibio.
Kudirat f Yoruba
Possibly from the Yoruba kúdírátù meaning "power".
Kudzai m & f Shona
Means "respect" in Shona.
Kudzaishe f Shona
Means "respect God" in Shona.
Kudzanayi m & f Shona
Means "respect each other" in Shona.
Kudzoka f Shona
Means "to come back" in Shona.
Kufara f Shona
Means "happiness" in Shona.
Kufreabasi m & f Ibibio, Efik
Means "do not forget God" in Ibibio and Efik.
Kuhlula m & f Tsonga
Means "win" in Xitsonga.
Kulu f Igbo
Shortened form of Kamalu, the name of the traditional Igbo god of thunder and lightning, used for girls.
Kuma f Efik
Means "I'm still in love with you" in Efik.
Kumba f African
A name given to the second girl child from a tribe in the Lofa county of Liberia by the kissi tribes.
Kumi m & f Akan
Kundai f Shona
Means "overcome" in Shona.
Kunle m Yoruba
Means "(one that) fills the house" in Yoruba, derived from kún meaning "fill" and ilé meaning "house, home". This is a usual short form of Adekunle, Olukunle, Ibikunle, Oyekunde or Ogunkunde.
Kunombarang m & f Afizere
Means "God has added" in Afizere.
Kunomnok m & f Afizere
Means "God has given" in Afizere.
Kunyonywa m Nyakyusa
Means "you need" in Nyakyusa.
Kurhula m Tsonga
Means "peace" in Xitsonga.
Kurisani f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga kurisa meaning "increase".
Kuroyefa m & f Western African, Ijaw
Means "nothing is difficult in life" in Ijaw.
Kurunzi m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "torch".
Kusayla m Berber (Anglicized)
Kusayla or koceïla or kasîla was a berber chief from the end of the 7th century.
Kuseka f Shona
Means "to laugh" in Shona.
Kusiima m Ganda (Modern), Swahili, Kiga
Means "thankful" in Swahili, Kiga, and Ganda.
Kusu m Bariba
Means "partridge" in Bariba.
Kutenda f & m Shona
Means "faith" or "to thank" in Shona.
Kutha m Chewa
Means "destiny" in Chewa.
Kutloisiso f & m Sotho (Rare)
Means "understanding" in Sotho.
Kutlwano f Sotho
Means "mutual understanding" in Sesotho.
Kutlwisiso f Sotho
Means "understanding" in Lesotho.
Kuttayibe m Nigerian, Kanuri
Kanuri form of Qutaybah.
Kuuku m Akan
Variant of Akua.
Kuvhanganani m & f Venda
Means "come together" in Tshivenda.
Kuwala m & f Chewa
Means "shining light" in Chewa.
Kuwame m Akan
Means "Saturday" in Akan.
Kuwilileni f African (Rare)
This name is used by a Buzzfeed Employee.
Kuyana f Kongo
"person supported or who comes to support, support, protect something"
Kuyikabasi m & f Ibibio
Means "do not doubt god" in Ibibio.
Kuziva m & f African
Kuzivakwashe f Shona
Means "God's will" in Shona.
Kwada m Bariba
Means "last son of the throne" in Bariba.
Kwamboka f Gusii
From Ekegusii tamboka, "to cross over"
Kwamena m Akan
variant of Kwame
Kwanaya f Shona
Meaning “it has rained”, rain is seen as a symbol of new life as its waters are a source of nourishment for natural life.
Kwatisa f Tsonga
Means "made furious" in Xitsonga.
Kwayedza m & f Shona
Meaning “the sunlight or morning light has dawned” or “the sunrise has dawned”.
Kweli f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "truth".
Kwento m Igbo
Means "let me live long" in Igbo.
Kwestantinos m Ge'ez
Ge'ez form of Constantinus (see Constantine). This name was borne by two medieval emperors of Ethiopia.
Kwoth m African, Nuer
The supreme god of the Nuer (South Sudan) who manifests himself in natural phenomena. They believe he is benign god who protects the poor and the unhappy.
Kxamshe f Southern African, San (Bushmen), !Kung
Possibly means "mouth" in !Kung (a Khoi-San language) coming from the word kxám.
Kyaun m & f Hausa
Means "beautiful" in Hausa.
Kyóbutúngi f Kiga
Means "something that brings wealth" in Rukiga.
Kyómugisha f Kiga
Means "something that brings luck" in Rukiga.
Kyómuhéndo f Kiga
Means "something precious" in Rukiga.
Laal-ì m & f Sidamo
Means "grow!" in Sidama.
Laamiiɗo m Fula
A Fulani honorific term, derived from the root laamu, meaning “leadership
Laazis m Tiv
Mr laazis is an english name of a gospel singer
Ladan f Somali
A name that means "healthy."
Lafia m & f Yoruba
Means "life". ... [more]
Lafiya f Hausa
Means "health" in Hausa.
Lah m Ogoni
Means "second son" in Khana.
Lahari m & f Dagbani
It means "Sunday Born"
Laheli f Nyakyusa
Nyakyusa form of Rachel.
Lailati f Indonesian, Swahili
Derived from Arabic لَيْل (layl) meaning "night".
Laini f Swahili
Means "fine, soft, smooth" in Swahili.
Lakia f African
Means "treasure" in Swahili.
Lalla f Berber
This name means "Lady"... [more]
Lameck m African
Variant of Lamech.
Lamessa m Oromo
It is spoken by the Oromo people in Ethiopia. The meaning of the name come from Lama; which means two. And Lamessa means "the second." It is a name given to a person that comes next to the first born: male or female in the family.
Lami m Eastern African, Oromo
Means 'nation' in Oromo.
Lami f Hausa
From the Hausa Àlhàmîs meaning “Thursday”.
Lamidi m Yoruba
Yoruba form of the Arabic name الحميد al-Hamid (see Hamid 1).
Lamin m African
Given to the first born boy in The Gambia
Laminde f Hausa
Etymology uncertain. Traditionally given to girls born on Thursdays.
Lamine m Western African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Form of Al-Amin used in parts of western Africa as well as an Arabic alternate transcription chiefly used in northern Africa.
Lamrot f Amharic
Means beautiful or knowledgable. Also common as a surname in Ethiopia.
Landi f Afrikaans
Short from of Yolandi. This name is borne by South African model Landi Swanepoel (b. 1979).
Landzani m & f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga landza meaning "follow".
Langa m Zulu
From Zulu ilanga "sun, sunshine, day".
Langalibalele m Zulu
Means "shining sun" in Zulu.
Langavi m & f Tsonga
Means "flame" in Xitsonga.
Langelihle f & m Zulu
Means "beautiful day" in Zulu.
Langutani m & f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga languta meaning "look".
Laraba f Hausa
Derived from the Arabic رَابِعَة‎ (rābiʿa) meaning "fourth". This name is traditionally given to girls born on Wednesdays.
Latir m Serer
Meaning "chief" or "landowner"
Latorunwa f Yoruba
Means "one who has descended from heaven" in Yoruba.
Laurienne f French (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), French (Belgian, Rare)
French form of Lauriana, which is occasionally used in non-francophone countries.
Laurika f Afrikaans, Slovak
Afrikaans elaboration and Slovak diminutive of Laura. Laurika Rauch is a South African singer who performs in both Afrikaans and English.
Layomi m & f Yoruba
It means God is my joy in Yoruba
Leabua m Sotho
Means "one who speaks" in Sotho.
Leago m & f Tswana
Means "His (God's) alter" in Setswana.
Leana f Sotho
It’s raining
Leandri f Afrikaans
Possibly a variant of Leandra.
Lebia f Ogoni
Means "pretty girl/ lady" or "good girl/lady" in Khana,... [more]
Lebna f & m Amharic
Means "spirit, essence" in Amharic.
Lebone f & m Sotho
means “light”
Leemmo m Sidamo
Means "bamboo" in Sidama, figuratively meaning "slender".
Lefa m Sotho
Means "inheritance" in Sotho.
Lefika m Sotho
“My Rock” It’s used in Lesotho and South Africa
Legakwa f Tswana
Means "crystal" in Setswana.
Legese m Amharic
Means "he was generous" in Amharic.
Legesse m Eastern African, Amharic
Means "he offered, he donated, he became generous" in Amharic.
Lehlogonolo m & f Sotho
Means "felicity" in Sotho.
Lehlohonolo m Sotho, South African
Means "luck" or "blessing" in Sotho.
Lehumo m Sotho
Means "treasure" in Sotho.
Leihlo-larona m & f Sotho
Our eye
Leke m Yoruba
Means "trimuph" in Yoruba. Often used as a short form of other names ending in leke, such as Adeleke.
Lekia m Ogoni
Means "good journey" in Khana.
Leleti f South African, Zulu
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer is Leleti Khumalo, a South African actress.
Lelosa f Nigerian
Means "Follow God." in Benin; an ethnic group in Nigeria.
Lemm-ite f Sidamo
Feminine form of Leemmo.
Lemogang m Tswana, Sotho
A known bearer is South African actor Lemogang Tsipa (1991-), who was born to a Pedi father and a Tswana mother.
Lemohang m Sotho
Means "take cognisance" in Sesotho.
Lemta f Berber
Etymology unknown. This is the name of the mythological mother of the Tuaregs.
Len m Afrikaans
Variant of Leen.
Lenana m & f Eastern African
Lenana was a famous Maasai Laibon (Spiritual Leader) bearing the name.
Lené f Afrikaans
I've heard a suggestion that the meaning of the name might be "pool" or another body of water of some kind, but this is difficult to confirm as there is no reference to a language from which it originates, or it could be the short form of Magdalene or Helene with an acute on the last e, a popular stylisation among Afrikaans people.
Lenneisha f African
a african bug
Lente f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Derived from Dutch and Afrikaans lente "spring (the season)".
Lenthe f Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Variant of Lente, which was probably influenced by names such as Benthe and Jenthe.... [more]
Lèo m Central African
Congolese form of Leo and the French equivalent Léo.
Lera f & m Ogoni
Means "praise" in Khana,... [more]
Lerabari f & m Ogoni
Means "praise God" in Khana,... [more]
Lereko m Sotho
Means "abundance" in Sesotho.
Lerothodi m & f Tswana
Means "drop" in Setswana.
Leru m Tswana
Means "cloud" in Setswana.
Lesedilaone f Tswana
Means "His (God's) light" in Setswana.
Lesegolame m & f Tswana
Means "my luck" in Setswana.
Letang m & f Tswana
Means "wait" in Setswana.
Letlanang m & f Tswana
Means "unite" in Setswana.
Letlotlo f Sotho
Means "treasure" in Sesotho.
Letsatsi m Sotho
Means "sun" in Sotho.
Leungo m & f Tswana
Means "fruit" in Setswana.
Lewapi m Tswana
Means "sky" in Setswana.
Lewatle m Sotho
Means "ocean" in Sotho.
Leylo f Somali
Somali form of Leila.
Lianja m & f Lingala, Central African, African Mythology
The name of a major demigod in the Lingala/Mongo-Nkundo mythology complex.
Liban m Arabic, Somali
The name Liban, meaning persevere in ancient arabic is prodominatley used in the northern region of Somalia (now Somaliland). Usually given to boys who are seen as handsome at birth.
Libin f Somali
Libin means "healthy."
Liboko f Sotho
Means "praises" in Sotho.
Lidiop m Western African
The name of a Senegalese Reggae artist.
Liel m Kongo
Liel means intelligence in Kikongo
Lienkie f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Lien.
Liepollo f Sotho
Lieze f Flemish, Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Liese.
Liezel f Afrikaans
Variant of Liesel.
Lifalakhe f Ndebele
Means "her inheritance" in Ndebele.
Lihle f & m Xhosa, Zulu
Means "beautiful" in Xhosa and Zulu.
Lihuti m Nyakyusa
Nyakyusa form of Eliud.
Liibaan m Somali
Means "victory, winning" in Somali.
Likeleli f Sotho
Means "teardrops" in Sotho.
Likengkeng f Sotho
Means "tears" in Lesotho.
Likotsi m Sotho
Means "accidents" in Sotho.
Lilitha f Xhosa
Means "light" in Xhosa.
Limakatso f Sotho
Means "surprises" in Lesotho.
Limpho f Sotho
Means "gifts" in Lesotho.
Limpopo m & f South African
From the name of the river in South Africa.
Linda m Zulu
Means "wait!" in Zulu (note that this is the imperative singular form of -linda).
Lindelani f Zulu
Means "wait, be patient" in Zulu.
Lindima m Nyakyusa
Means "tremble, roar" in Nyakyusa.
Lineo f Sotho
Means "gifts, grants, talents" in Lesotho.
Lingadani f Ndebele
Means "don't be sad" in Ndebele.
Linmaré f South African (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Lynn and Maré, a variant of Marie.
Lipalesa f Sotho
Means "flowers" in Lesotho.
Lisanga m & f Lingala
Means "united" in Lingala.
Lisebo f Sotho
Means "whispers" in Sotho.
Liseli f Southern African
Means "light" in Lozi.
Litšeho f Sotho
Means "laughter" in Sotho.
Litšehoana m & f Sotho
Means "little laughter" in Sotho.
Livhuwani m & f Venda
Means "be thankful" in Tshivenda.
Liwoli f Southern African
Malawian name.
Liya f Eastern African, Ethiopian
Possibly an Amharic form of Leah. It is borne by Ethiopian model Liya Kebede (1978-).
Liyabona f & m Xhosa
Means "it sees" or "you see" in Xhosa, sometimes taken from the phrase liyabona igama le Nkosi meaning "the name of the eye of God".
Liyana f Zulu, English (Modern, Rare)
Directly taken from Zulu liyana "it is raining". As an English name, it is a variant of Liana.
Liyema f & m Xhosa
Means "to stop" or "to stand, to be standing" in Xhosa, often taken from the phrase liyema ikhaya "the home is standing" to indicate stability in the family.
m Central African
A Kom name.
Locardia f African (Rare), English (Rare)
Locardia Ndandarika (1945-) is a Zimbabwean sculptor, the first woman in her country to take up stone carving professionally.
Lodewikus m Afrikaans
Afrikaans (i.e. South African) form of Ludovicus, inspired in its spelling by the Dutch name Lodewijk.
Lodewyk m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Lodewijk.
Loeto m Tswana
Means "journey" in Setswana.
Loide f Southern African, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese form of the Biblical name Lois 1.
Lokenio m Lingala, African Mythology
A prince in Nkundo mythology.
Lola m & f Lingala
Means "heaven" in Lingala.
Lolia f Ijaw
Means "star" in Ijaw.
Lololi f Western African, Ewe
Means "there is always love" in Ewe.
Lomana m Central African
Trésor Lomana LuaLua (/ˈtrɛzɔr ləˈmɑːnə luːˌɑːluːˈɑː/; born 28 December 1980) is a Congolese footballer who plays for Turkish Süper Lig club Akhisar Belediyespor and the Congo DR national team.
Longji m Western African, Ngas
Means "wealth has come" in Ngas, spoken in Nigeria.
Lonkundo m Lingala
One of the major characters in the Mongo-Nkundo mythology complex.
Looyaan m Somali
Means "unconsciously" in Somali.
Lorato f & m Tswana
Means "love" in Tswana.
Lorika f Afrikaans
Variant of Laurika.
Loryn f & m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Lorijn.
Lotambii'n m Igbo
Used by the Igbo fiction charachter Uzochi Lotambii'n Ihejirika, and has no meaning.
Lounès m Kabyle
Means "companion" or "to keep company" in Kabyle, possibly of Arabic origin.
Lounis m Kabyle
Variant transcription of Lounès.
Louw m Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch variant spelling of Lau (which is more phonetical in nature), and Afrikaans nickname for Lodewikus.
Lovenie f African
From the word "love".
Loveth f Nigerian (Modern)
Newly invented name, currently popular in Nigeria.