African Submitted Names

African names are used in various places on the continent of Africa. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Coumba f Western African, Fula
Means "the one who has the strength" in Fula.
Criske f Afrikaans
Merging of the names Christen and Marike.
Cumar m Somali
Somali form of Omar 1.
Daahir m Somali
Variant of Dahir.
Daa'uud m Somali
Somali transcription of داود (see Daud).
Dadirai f Shona
Means "show off" in Shona.
Dagm m Amharic
It's from Amharic language and Geez which is ancient ethiopian language which is dated 3000 years with Hebrew origins, it means Twice or repeated . Usually given when you look like your parents
Dagmawit f Eastern African, Amharic
Means "again, the second" in Amharic.
Dahama m & f Dagbani
Means "riches" in Dagbani.
Dahir m Somali
Somali form of Tahir.
Dai m Swahili
Means "demand" in Swahili.
Dakalo m & f Venda
Means "happiness" in Tshivenda.
Dakari m African
Variant of Dakarai.
Dalanda f Western African, African American
Means "creative" in Fulani.
Dalili f Swahili (Rare)
Means "omen, symbol" in Swahili.
Daliri f & m Dagbani
Means "good fortune" in Dagbani.
Daliso m Chewa
A variant of Dalitso. ... [more]
Damamli f Eastern African
beautiful vision
Dambisa f Southern African
A Zambian feminine name borne by the economist Dambisa Felicia Moyo.
Dambuzgho f Tumbuka
Means "troublesome" in Tumbuka.
Damilola m & f Yoruba
Means "God makes me wealthy" in Yoruba.
Dammenech f Amharic
Means "she was cloudy" in Amharic.
Damya f Berber, Northern African, History
Tamazight feminine given name, an alternative possible given name of the Berber warrior-queen and leader Kahina.
Dananai m & f Shona
Means "love each other" in Shona.
Danat m Ge'ez
Coptic Christian (Ge'ez) word for the piercing on Jesus' left palm.
Danata f Ge'ez
Feminine form of Danat.
Dandauda m Hausa
Is the name given to Sulaiman
Dané f Afrikaans
Variant of Danaë.
Dangana m & f Dagbani
Means "confidence" or "trust in the goodness of God" in Dagbani.
Daniachew m Amharic
Means "arbitrate between them" or "you be the judge" in Amharic.
Daniat f Tigrinya
Means "judge" in Tigrinya.
Danie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Daniël.
Danismo m Southern African
The meaning of Danismo is "Jubilant and Content with one's life and experiences." Commonly used to describe someone who has had good fortune recently.
Ɗantala m Hausa
From the Hausa ɗan meaning “son of” and Tàlātā̀ meaning “Tuesday”.
Daouda m Western African
Form of Dawud used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Daraima m Efik
Means "celebrate love" in Efik.
Daramfon m & f Ibibio
Means "rejoice at grace" in Ibibio.
Dativa f Late Roman, History (Ecclesiastical), Eastern African, Portuguese (Rare), Spanish (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Feminine form of Dativus. This was the name of a 5th-century Christian martyr from North Africa. It is mostly used in Eastern Africa (mainly in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda).
Dative f French (African), Eastern African
French form of Dativa, mostly used in Rwanda.
Daubode m Ijaw
Means "father has returned" in Ijaw.
Dauda m Hausa
Hausa form of David.
Daudi m Swahili
Daudi is an altered form of Daud, an Arabic name, which also is an altered form of the Hebrew name David, which means "beloved" or "uncle."
Daulayefa m Ijaw
Means "nothing can be compared to a father" in Ijaw.
Daven m African, Tamil
Pronunciation: Dayven (pronounced as in "Dave" with an n)... [more]
Davincia f Southern African
Peace and love
Dawie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dawid.
Dayot m Western African
Diminutive of Dayotchanculle, notably borne by the French soccer player Dayot Upamecano (1998-).
Dayotchanculle m Western African
Meaning as of yet unknown. This is the full first name of the French soccer player Dayot Upamecano (b. 1998), who is of Bissau-Guinean descent. He was named after his great-grandfather, who was the leader of a village on the island of Jeta in Guinea-Bissau.
Ddunit f Kabyle
Kabyle form of Dunya.
Debre-work f Ge'ez
Means "mountain of gold" in Ge'ez.
Dede f Dagbani
Means "straight, rightly" in Dagbani.
Deeriq m African American, English (African), Western African
Elaboration of Eric using popular prefex De-.
Defere m Amharic
Means "he is brave" in Amharic.
Deginet m Amharic
Means "goodness" in Amharic.
Degmo f Somali
Means "district" in Somali.
Deji m & f Nigerian
Transferred use of the surname Deji.
Deji m Yoruba
Diminutive of Ayodeji.
Deka f & m African
An African name of unknown origin, this unisex baby name means "pleasing".
Dekontee f & m Western African
Translates to the following: In God's Time or Time will tell or Patience.
Dela f Zulu (Rare)
Dela. in Zulu it means to become whole, to feel complete and satisfied.
Dele m Nigerian
An uncommonly used name from the West African country of Nigeria. This name is commonly pronounced as 'Deli' but this is not the real way on how to pronounce this name.
Delnesahu m Amharic
Means "I defeated" in Amharic.
Dembo m Mende
Means "warrior" in Mende.
Demekai m Nigerian (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Demekai.
Demeteriya f Eastern African
Of unknown origin and meaning. ... [more]
Demissie m Amharic
Means "destroyer" in Amharic.
Deneke m Amharic
Means "he is marvellous" in Amharic.
Deobia m Nigerian
Short form of Oladeobia.
Dereje m Eastern African, Amharic
Means "to develop, to organise" in Amharic.
Deresse m Ethiopian, Amharic
Ethiopian name of unknown meaning.
Derifagha f & m Ijaw
Means "laughter can never end" in Ijaw.
Derreon f & m Central African
Means “Strong in material matters”
Desita f Amharic
Means "joy, happiness" in Amharic.
Destin m American (Modern, Rare), Haitian Creole (Rare), African
Likely from the French destin "destiny, fate, fortune".
Dewald m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Dietbald.
Dezy m Edo (Modern)
''You cant block God's path or you can not block ones destiny; diminutive of Aigbodezzy''
Dia f African, Mbama
Means "love" in Lembaama.
Dialika f Western African
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Diambu m Central African
Means "quiet warrior".
Diaraye f Western African
Western African form of Zahra.
Diarra m African
Diba f Luba
Means "sun" in Tshiluba language spoken in Democratic Republic of Congo.
Dideoluwakusidede f Yoruba
Means "the coming of the lord is at hand" in Yoruba.
Didimalang f Tswana
Means "be quiet" in Setswana.
Didiza f Zulu
Means "flutter" in Zulu.
Diébédo m Western African
The given name of the architect and Pritzker pize winner Diébédo Francis Kéré from Burkina Faso.
Diekololaoluwa f Yoruba
Means "god's blessing is not small" in Yoruba.
Diekololaoluwalayemi f Yoruba
Means "the wealth of god in my life cannot be measured" in Yoruba.
Dihya f Berber, Northern African, History
Meaning unknown. This was the real name of Kahina, an Amazigh warrior queen who resisted Arab expansion into North Africa (d. 700 AD).
Dijesumu m & f Yoruba (Rare)
Dijesumu means hold Jesus the name was translated from yoruba gods name to Christian which is Dorisamu, hold Orumila
Diji m Igbo
Means "a farmer" in Igbo.
Dikamellesh f Amharic
Means "you have no weakness" in Amharic.
Dikaya m & f Manjak
Means "is going nowhere" in Manjak. This name is given to protect the child from an early death.
Dikeleditsame f Tswana
Means "my tears" in Setswana.
Dikeletso f Tswana
Means "wishes" in Setswana.
Dikembe m Central African
From Dikembe Mutombo (born June 25, 1966) a Congolese American retired professional basketball player who played 18 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Outside basketball, he has become known for his humanitarian work.
Dikgakgamatso m & f Tswana
Means "miracles" in Setswana.
Diksa m & f African
Dilivio m Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Surinamese, Rare)
Since this name is also found written as Di Livio, it is probably a combination of the Italian preposition di meaning "of" with the given name Livio... [more]
Dimakatso f Tswana
Means "surprises" in Setswana.
Dimien m & f Ijaw
Means "God's work" or "the hand of God" in Ijaw.
Dineo f Sotho
Means "gifts" or "talents" in Sotho.
Dineo f Tswana
Dinini m Ijaw
Meaning "mercy" or "pardon" in Ijaw.
Dinkinesh f Amharic
Means "you are a marvel" in Amharic.
Dinknesh f Amharic
Means "you are marvelous; the wondrous one" in Amharic.... [more]
Dinkyene m & f Akan
Derived from di meaning "eat" and nkyene meaning "salt". In Akan culture, the idea of 'eating salt' symbolises being alive, and this name acts as a mean of encouraging the child to live.
Dinobi f & m Igbo
Means "Beloved" relate to Nwadinobi
Dintoli m & f Dagbani
It means own
Diop m Western African
Senegalese name
Dipesalema m Tswana
Means "psalms" in Tswana.
Diphetogo m Tswana
Means "changes" in Setswana.
Dipone m & f Tswana
Means "lights" in Setswana.
Dires m Amharic
Means "arrive!" in Amharic.
Diric m Somali
A name that comes from the Somali word diric which means "bold; fearless or daring." The name connotes courage or heroism. Outside of Somalia, a Somali person may spell the name as DIRI.
Dirkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Dirk.
Dirli m & f Dagbani
Means "sharp one" in Dagbani.
Disaaka m & f Akan
Means "you deserve saying it" in Akan.
Disemi f Ijaw
Means "I like it" in Ijaw.
Diseye f & m Ijaw
Means "desired" in Ijaw.
Ditebogo f Tswana
Means "gratitudes" in Setswana.
Dithapelo m & f Tswana
Means "prayers" in Setswana.
Dithebe m Tswana
Means "shields" in Setswana.
Ditiro m Tswana
Means "acts" in Setswana.
Ditorusin f & m Ijaw
Means "leave it for God" in Ijaw.
Ditshwanelo m & f Tswana
Means "rights" in Setswana.
Diya f African, Mbama
Variant of Dia.
Diyinrin f Ijaw
Means "live life carefully" in Ijaw.
Dizgha m Tumbuka
Means "to be quiet" in Tumbuka.
Djenaba f Western African
Western African name derived from Arabic Zeynab (see also Zeinabou).
Djénéba f Western African
A variant form of Zeinebou (chiefly Malian).
Djibril m Western African
Form of Jibril used in western Africa.
Dogo m Western African
Transferred use of the surname Dogo.
Dolinde f French (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Archaic French vernacular form of Adelinde found in the Poitou-Charentes region. Today, the name is occasionally found in the Netherlands and in Afrikaans-speaking South Africa... [more]
Donation m South African, English (Puritan)
From the word donation, meaning "an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution."
Dooakpo f & m Ijaw
Means "peaceful world" in Ijaw.
Dookeme m Ijaw
Means "man of peace" in Ijaw.
Dorkas f Biblical German, Biblical Dutch, German, Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish
German, Afrikaans and Dutch form of Dorcas.
Doubra m & f Ijaw
Means "will" or "desire" in Ijaw.
Douye m Ijaw
Means "desire" in Ijaw.
Doyinsola f Yoruba
Means "my wealth is sweet" in Yoruba.
Dramane m Western African
Short form of Abd al-Rahman used in parts of western Africa.
Dricky f Afrikaans
Diminutive of Hendrika.
Drissa m Western African
Form of Idris 1 used in parts of western Africa.
Duah m Akan
Means "tree" in Akan.
Duateme f Ijaw
Means "guardian spirit" in Ijaw.
Duduetsang f Tswana
Means "ululations" in Setswana.
Dujonou f Manding
Liberian Kpelle name meaning "peacemaker".
Dúkũ m & f Akan
Means "eleventh born" in Akan.
Dulani m Yao
Means "cutting" in Yao.
Duma m Swahili
Means "cheetah" in Swahili.... [more]
Dumisa m & f Tumbuka
Means "thank you" in Tumbuka.
Dumlesi f & m Ogoni
Khana for "life/ prosperity is ahead" or "bright future"... [more]
Dumo m Ijaw
Dumo means Life Ibi Dumo means good life where Ibi means good .
Dunia m Swahili
Neans "world, earth," ultimately from Arabic dunyā (دُنْيَا) meaning "world, kingdom, universe."
Duretti f Oromo (Rare)
Meaning 'Luxury"
Duro m & f Yoruba
Means "wait" in Yoruba.
Dya f African, Mbama
Variant of Dia.
Dyhia f Berber
Variant of Dihya.
Dyondzani m Tsonga
From the Xitsonga dyondza meaning "learn".
Dyshiki f South African
South African meaning One who Likes Candy
Dzidefo m & f Ewe
Origin African Ghana Togo Benin... [more]
Dzikamai m Shona
Dzikamai means "settle down". The name is given to express the idea of settling down and not jumping from one relationship to another or one project to another. The former Zimbabwean Minister and MP, Dzikamai Mavhaire is one well known bearer of this name.
Dzinashe m Shona
Dzinashe means "It's with the Lord". One well known bearer of this name is Dzinashe Machingura.
Dziva f Shona
Means "water" in Shona.
Dzunani m Tsonga
From the Xitsonga dzuna meaning "praise".
Dzunisani m & f Tsonga
Means "praise, praise together" in Xitsonga.
Dzuwa m & f Chewa
Means "sunshine" in Chewa.
Ëakumbu m Swahili (Dutchified, Rare)
First used in Basali,DRC And Means "King Of Africa" May Be A Variant Of Xhoel
Ebeggi m Berber
Means "jackal" in Tamazight.
Ebeleakpo f Ijaw
Means "sweet life" in Ijaw.
Ebelechukwu f Igbo
Means "God's mercy" in Igbo.
Ebelembo f Bandial
Means "throwing there" in Bandial.
Ebeleuzoma f Western African (Modern)
Combination of Ebele meaning "mercy, kindness" with Uzoma meaning "good way".
Eberechi f & m Igbo
The mercy of God
Ebi m & f Ijaw
Means "good" in Ijaw.
Ebiakpo m & f Ijaw
Means "good life" in Ijaw.
Ebiarede m & f Ijaw
meaning i have seen good
Ebibaratimi f & m Ijaw
Means "live life well" in Ijaw.
Ebidese f & m Ijaw
Means "love good things" in Ijaw.
Ebidisebofa m & f Ijaw
Means "there is no one that doesn't like good things" in Ijaw.
Ebidowei m Ijaw
A man who seeks good
Ebiegberi m & f Western African, Ijaw
Means "good news" in Ijaw.
Ebiere f Western African, Ijaw
Means "fine lady" in Ijaw.
Ebifinidei f & m Ijaw
Means "good things have been opened to me" in Ijaw.
Ebigba m Ijaw
Means "talk good" in Ijaw.
Ebikake f Ijaw
Means "accept good things" in Ijaw.
Ebimie m & f Ijaw
Means "do good" in Ijaw.
Ebimoboere f Ijaw
Means "woman who has brought good" in Ijaw.
Ebimobowei m Ijaw
means "a man who has brought good"
Ebinimi f & m Ijaw
Means "recognise good" in Ijaw.
Ebiowei m Ijaw
Means "good man", "handsome man" or "kind-hearted man" in Ijaw.
Ebiundu m Ijaw
Means "good life" in Ijaw.
Ebiye m & f Ijaw
Means "a good thing" in Ijaw.
Ebizimor m & f Ijaw
Means "born in a good season" in Ijaw.
Ebong m Luo
Uganda/Luo... [more]
Ebrakumo f Ijaw
Means "don't forget me" in Ijaw.
Ebun f Yoruba, African
Meaning "gift" in Yoruba.
Eccatti f Bandial
Means "he (God) has not rewarded you" in Bandial.
Echichinwo m & f African
Ikwerre name. Used in Rebisi Kingdom,Port Harcourt,(Nigeria). Meaning 'a baby delivered at the appropriate time'
Edebe f African
The name originates from Sudan, in the concrete tribe of Gurfan meaning the first, princess.
Edem m & f Efik
Means "last" or "God has delivered me" in Efik.
Edet m & f Efik
Means "market" in Efik and is given to babies born on market day.
Edetobo m Efik
Means "market day" in Efik.
Edidem m Efik
Means "chief" in Efik.
Edidiong f & m Efik
Means “blessing” in Efik.
Edikan m Efik
Means "victory" in Efik.
Ediwakima f & m Efik, Ibibio
Means "abundance; love" in Ibibio and Efik.
Edoghogho m & f African, Isoko, Edo
This name which means "Day of Joy," originates from the Isoko and Edo ethnolinguistic groups of Southern Nigeria which is located on the West Coast of Africa. Broken down, it means: "Ede - Day" and "Oghogho - joy" (Which is also very common as a name in both these cultures) When combined however, it morphs into the spelling: "Edoghogho" meaning "Day of Joy" or "The Day of Joy." Phonetically, it can be pronounced "Ed-o-ghor-ghor" with the "r" silent.
Edubamo f Ijaw
Means "honour me" in Ijaw.
Efem f Efik
Means "troubled" in Efik.
Effia f Akan, Literature
Meaning, “girl born on Friday.”
Effiom m Efik
Means "crocodile" in Efik.
Effiong m & f Efik
Means "born on effiong" in Efik. Effiong is one of the traditional week days.
Efosa m Yoruba
meaning "God's Well" and is of Beninese origin
Efrem m Amharic
Amharic form of Ephraim.
Efunroye f Yoruba
Meaning unknown. Notable bearer of the name is Efunroye Tinubu (c. 1810–1887), a Nigerian merchant and slave trader. Her name could be an anglicization of her birth name, Ẹfúnpọ̀róyè Ọ̀ṣuntinúbú.
Efuru f Igbo
Means "daughter of heaven" in Igbo.
Egal m Eastern African, Somali
Variant spelling of Cigaal, used outside of Somalia.
Eghard m Germanic, Afrikaans
The first element of this name is derived from ag, an uncertain element for which several etymologies have been proposed. The most widely accepted explanation is that it comes from Proto-Germanic *agjo meaning "sharp, pointed"... [more]
Eghonghon f Esan
Means "joy" in Esan.
Ego f Nigerian
Diminutive of Egobunma.
Ehi f Idoma
Means "gift" in Idoma.
Ehigoco m & f Agatu
Means "gift of God" in Agatu.
Ehioze m African
means "above the envy of others" and is of Benin origin
Ehiremen m Esan
My Destiny (It can also mean the Lord) has given me
Ehizefua m Esan
Means: my (Ehi) Destiny (ze) chooses (Efua) Light or what is white
Ejatu f & m African, Sierra Leonean
Stems from the Arabic word eja ati meaning "movement".
Ejiga m African
Ejiga is an igala name from kogi state of in the central region of nigeria
Ejigayehu f Amharic, Ethiopian
Means "I have seen a lot good/better" in Amharic. This was the name of a famous singer Ejigayehu Shibabaw, better known as Gigi.
Ejikeme m Igbo
Used mostly by the Igbos of West Africa. ... [more]
Ejimmadu m & f Igbo
I am with human being
Ejjegayyahu f Amharic
Means "I have seen much" in Amharic.
Ejovwokoghene m & f African
Ekaete f Western African, Ibibio, Efik
Means "father's mother". It is given in honor of one's paternal grandmother.
Ekei m & f Efik
Ekejiuba m Nigerian
Chineke ji uba... [more]
Ekhoe m & f Western African, Edo
Means "mind" in Edo language.
Ekio m Western African, Ijaw
Means "wisdom" in Ijaw.
Ekiye m Ijaw
Means "remember me" in Ijaw.
Ekong m Efik
Means "war" in Efik.
Ekow m Akan
"Born on a Thursday" or "Thursday-born".
Ekpa f & m Efik
Ekpedeme m & f Western African, Ibibio
Means "who should share?" in Ibibio.