African Submitted Names

African names are used in various places on the continent of Africa. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Mungoni m & f Shona (Rare)
May mean abiding in grace
Munyika m Kaguru
Means "of the bush" in Chikaguru.
Muogboo m Igbo
Means "let the spirits intervene or settle the matter" in Igbo.
Murapi m Shona
Means "healer" in Shona.
Murhangeli m Tsonga
Means "leader" in Xitsonga.
Murhi m & f Tsonga
Means "medicine, cure" in Xitsonga.
Muringa f Kikuyu
Means "a wire" in Kikuyu.
Murisi m Tsonga
Means "shepherd" in Xitsonga.
Murtala m Nigerian
Murtala is a West African variation of Murtadha.
Muruthi m Kikuyu
Means "lion" in Kikuyu.
Musa f Ndebele
Means "grace" in Ndebele.
Musanete m African, Shona
Means "do not get tired" in Shona.
Muse m Eastern African, Somali
Variant spelling of Muuse. This spelling is used outside of Somalia.
Musiwanda m Kaguru
Means "lastborn" in Chikaguru.
Musoke m Ganda, African Mythology
Ganda God of Rain. From ‘mu’, indicating a single individual, and ‘soke’, which means ‘rain’.
Musonda m & f Bemba
Means "the taster" in Bemba.
Musongwe m Kaguru
Means "fearless man" in Chikaguru.
Mustafe m Somali
Somali form of Mustafa.
Mustaphe m Somali
Somali form of Mustafa.
Mutinta f Southern African
Means “to change” or "different" in Tonga, a language spoken in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The name is traditionally given to a baby girl born after the birth of two or more consecutive sons.
Mutsa f Shona
Means "mercy" in Shona.
Mutshidzi m & f Venda
Means "saviour" in Tshivenda.
Mutunga m African
comes from term tunga which means to return, replace, put back in kamba. Used to name people born after the death of a person in a family. They are taken to be replacements for the departed. the feminine form is mutungwa... [more]
Muuse m Somali
Somali form of Moses.
Muwaabe m African
East African - Lusoga ... [more]
Muxammad m Somali
Variant of Maxamed.
Muyiwa m Yoruba
Short form of Oluwamuyiwa.
Muzhiyo m Ndebele (Rare)
zulu, ndebele and xhosa name meaning "homesteads of kings"
Muzowa m & f Lunda
Means "rainy day" in Lunda.
Mvuseselo m Zulu
Means "revival" in Zulu.
Mwai m & f African, Western African
Chichewa, means "luck".... [more]
Mwaitaishe f & m Shona
Means "Thank you God" in Shona.
Mwakatumbula m Nyakyusa
Means "son of a heart" in Nyakyusa.
Mwamini f Swahili
Means "honest" in Swahili.
Mwara f Kikuyu
Means "the clever one" in Kikuyu.
Mwaura m Kikuyu
To kú aúra means to remove or relieve one of a heavy load.Mostly when a visitor came with a kiondo/load and a person took it off his/her back the remover was the mwauri
Mwaziona m & f Nsenga
This is a Nsenga name given to both boy and girls. It means "Have you seen" or "Have you seen yourselves".
Mweya f Shona
Means "soul" in Shona.
Mwezi m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "moon" or "month".
Mwiza f Rundi
It means someone good heart, appearance, character and personality. Second meaning "Beautiful"
Mwongeli f African
Mxolisi m Xhosa, Zulu
Means "Peacemaker" in Xhosa and Zulu.
Mynhardt m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Mijnhard.
Mynie f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Mijnie.
Mzi m Xhosa
Diminutive of Mzingayi.
Mzingayi m Xhosa
Name of the father of Steve Biko.
Mzwandile m Xhosa
Means "the house has expanded" in Xhosa, idiomatically referring to a growing family.
Mzwenhlanhla m Zulu
Means "home for luck" in Zulu.
Naaleeye m Somali
Means "anyway" in Somali.
Naani f & m Dagbani
Means "trust" or "confidence" in Dagbani.
Nabirye f Eastern African
Meaning unknown.
Nabiyat m Ge'ez
Means "prophets" in Ge'ez.
Nadifa f Somali
Feminine form of Nadif.
Nafissatou f Western African
West African form of Nafisa.
Naha m & f Sotho
Means "land" or "world".
Naha m Sotho
land or country
Nahom m Eastern African
East African form of Nahum.
Naishewedu f Shona
Means "with our god" in Shona.
Naito f African
Origin Meru "Rich woman"
Najuma f Swahili
Means "abounding in joy" in Swahili.
Naka m African
A creator-deity of the Sonjo people of Tanzania.
Nakaggwa f Ganda
second child (girl) after twins
Nakedi m & f Tswana
Means "striped polecat" in Setswana.
Naki f Swahili
the first born girl in the family
Nala f Sotho
“Prosperity” , a Sesotho name used in the motto of Lesotho
Nalado m Hausa
Means "born on a Sunday" in Hausa.
Nalane f & m Sotho
it means history in sesotho
Naleli f Sotho
Means "star" in Sotho.
Naleli-yameso f Sotho
Meaning, Morning Star in Sesotho
Namatai m Shona
Namatai means "Pray or praise and worship God".
Namatembu f Ovambo
Means "moving, departure" in Ovambo.
Namatinbo m & f Ijaw
Means "a hunter" in Ijaw.
Nambi f African
Wife to the first man in Buganda Kingdom in Uganda, who is also believed to be the first living person
Nambitha f Xhosa
To Nambitha is to savour, to take a small bite out of one's food and chew it slowly to enjoy every bit of it. A girl who is named Nambitha is encouraged to savour life.
Nametsegang f Tswana
Means "be of good cheer" in Setswana.
Namori m Western African
Used in Ivory Coast. A famous bearer is Namori Meite (born 1988) a French-born Côte d'Ivoirean basketball player currently member of the Côte d'Ivoire national basketball team.
Namutenya f Ovambo
Feminine form of Amutenya.
Nandi f Zulu
Means "sweet" in Zulu. This was the name of the mother of Shaka, famed warrior king of the Zulus in colonial South Africa (though her grave is marked Nindi).
Nṱanganedzeni m & f Venda
Means "accept me" in Tshivenda.
Nangula f Ovambo
Feminine form of Angula.
Nantwi m & f Akan
Means "bull" or "cow" in Akan.
Napaga f Dagbani
It's a name popular with royals of the Dagbani tribe of Northern Ghana. It means the queen's mother.
Napari f & m Dagbani
it means someone born after twins
Narai f Hausa
Means "born on a Wednesday" in Sokoto Hausa.
Naravas m Berber
Personal name of Naravas, a Berber Numidian king and Hannibal's brother in law.
Nardos f Ethiopian, Biblical, Spanish
"An amazing scent. Appears in the bible as a perfume used on Jesus."... [more]
Nasara f & m Dagbani
It means ''victory'' or ''success'' in Dagbani.
Naserian f Eastern African
Means “one born during peaceful times” in Maasai.
Naserian f Eastern African
Means “the lucky one" in Samburu, a variant of Maasai language.
Nashaad f Somali
Means "vibrant" in Somali.
Nashipie f Swahili
This is a Maasai name given to young girls, meaning "joy"
Nasi f & m Amharic
Means "brass" in Amharic.
Nasicha f Western African
Name given to female children during the locust season
Nasteexo f Somali
A name from the word meaning "advice, counsel."
Nasteho f Somali
Means "advice" or "counsel" in Somali.
Natasha f Bemba
Means “I am thankful” or "thank you" in Bemba, a Zambian language.
Nathari f Swahili
Means "prose" in Swahili.
Nathinge f Ovambo
Means "summer" in Ovambo.
Nato m South African
Diminutive of Ignatius.
Natota m & f Southern African
Means "thank you" in Lamba, a Zambian language.
Natsai f Shona
Means "make good" in Shona.
Nauwara f Nigerian
Derived from Arabic نَيِّر (nayyir) meaning "luminous, brilliant".
Navil m Berber
Berber form of Nabil.
Nayfa f Swahili
Means "benefit" in Swahili.
Nbangzaa m & f Dagbani
It means "I have known them"
Ndabezinhle f Zulu
Means "good news" in Zulu.
Ndabicacile m Ndebele
Means "the story's clear" in Ndebele.
Ndabiti m Nyamwezi
Nyakyusa form of David.
Ndafadzwa f Shona
Means "I am happy" in Shona.
Ndaheni f Tsonga
Means "instruct me" in Xitsonga.
Ndakaitei f Shona
Means "What did I do?" This name is an expression of regret by a parent. Usually given by a single mother whose partner does not take responsibility of the child born.
Ndakakuda m Shona
Means "I have loved you" in Shona.
Ndakasharwa f Shona
Means "I have been chosen" in Shona.
Ndale f & m African, Western African
The younger one... [more]
Ndamukong m African
Means "House of Spears" in the Ngema tribe of Cameroon. A famous bearer is Ndamukong Suh, the defensive tackle for the college football team Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Ndanatsei f Shona
Means "Am I good?" in Shona.
Ndhe'neza m Tsonga
Means "the thing", implying "the secret", in Xitsonga.
Ndiane m Kaguru
Means "I have eaten with them" in Chikaguru.
Ndidiamaka f Igbo
Means "patience is very good" in Igbo.
Ndigwako f Nyakyusa
Means "I am yours" in Nyakyusa.
Ndikubwayo m Rundi
Means "I am alive thanks to God" in Kirundi.
Ndimbuni f Nyakyusa
Means "I am saved" in Nyakyusa.
Ndini m & f Dagbani
”My own”
Ndiyafhi m & f Venda
Means "where do I go?" in Tshivenda.
Ndleleni m Zulu
Means "on the road" in Zulu.
Ndochii f Shona
Means "What is this?" in Shona.
Ndodana m Ndebele
Means "son" in Ndebele.
Ndomba m Luba
Means "ask me" in Luba-Kasai.
Ndombolo f Kongo
It is the name of a Congolese music genre and dance style derived from the Congolese Rumba and Kwassa Kwassa during 1990s.
Ndondoloza f Zulu
Possibly means "I will guard" in Zulu.
Ndonsa f Zulu
Means "morning star" in Zulu.
Ndosi f Punu
Means "dream" in Punu.
Ndubisi m & f African
Ndubisi is an Igbo name derived from Ndu(Life) Bu isi(The first or of priority).This then means "Life is first or of Priority.
Ndudi f Igbo
Means "there is life" in Igbo.
Nduefuna m & f Igbo
Means "let life not be lost" in Igbo.
Ndukari m Ijaw
Means "pray for long life" in Ijaw.
Nduma f Shona
Means "token of love" in Shona.
Ndumiso f Zulu
Means "praise" in Zulu.
Nduna m & f Southern African, Central African
Means "head (wo)man" in Luvale, languege spoken in Zambia and Angola.
Nduvho m & f Venda
Means "praise" in Venda.
Ndzalama f Tsonga
Means "emerald" in Xitsonga.
Nebiri f Amharic
Means "leopard" in Amharic.
Nega m African
Dawn - One of Ethiopian General who fought and defeated Italian army in the 19th Century in in a place called Dogali, Ethiopia.
Negash m Amharic
Means "one who rules" in Amharic.
Negasi m Ethiopian
The meaning of Negasi is ‘he will wear a crown’.
Negatu m Amharic
Means "the dawn" in Amharic.
Negese m Amharic
Means "he ruled" in Amharic.
Negewo m Amharic
Means "your dawn" in Amharic.
Negus m African American, Tigrinya
Means "king" in Tigrinya.
Neguse m Amharic
Means "my king" in Amharic.
Nehemia m Hawaiian, Biblical Hawaiian, Afrikaans, Biblical Finnish
Hawaiian, Finnish and Afrikaans form of Nehemiah.
Neira f & m Dagbani
It means Bright one
Neisim f & m Dagbani
Means "brightness" in Dagbani.
Nelah f Swahili (Rare)
Gift with purpose. Composition if Nia (meaning purpose) and Nala (meaning gift)
Nelbe f & m Sotho
Means "the net" in Sotho.
Nelisiwe f Zulu
Means "satisfied" in Zulu.
Nelius m English (American), Afrikaans, Norwegian (Rare)
Afrikaans and Norwegian short form of Cornelius.
Nelugendo f Kaguru
Means "traveller" in Chikaguru.
Nengimote f & m Ijaw
Ijaw name Meaning "OVERCOMER OR VICTORY" NENGI for short
Nenritdung f African, Ngas, Nigerian
A common name used among the Jos Plateau people of Nigeria. Meaning "God is good"
Nenrot f & m African, Ngas, Nigerian
A common name used among the Jos Plateau people of Nigeria. Meaning "God loves"
Neoyame m & f Tswana
Means "my gift" in Setswana.
Neoyaone f & m Tswana
Means "His (God's) gift" in Setswana.
Neqa-tibeb m Ge'ez
Means "wisdom is vigilant" in Ge'ez.
Nesuha f Ethiopian
Possible from an Arabic root nasuh which means something like sincerity, often found in the religious context taubat-an-nasuha meaning sincere return or repentance.
Netsanet m Ethiopian [more]
Neway m Ge'ez
Means "vessel" in Ge'ez.
N'famory m Western African
Possibly a variant of N'famara. This name is primarily used in Guinea.
Ngale f Chewa
Means "jewel" in Chewa.
Ngalula m & f Luba
Variant of Tshiandanda.
Ngamia m Swahili
Means "camel" in Swahili.
Nganakani m Tsonga
From the Xitsonga nganakana meaning "prince".
Nganakati f Tsonga
Means "princess" in Xitsonga.
Ngao f Mwanga
A lioness
Ngcondebuku m & f Xhosa (Modern)
Ngconde comes from the Xhosa clan names of Amakwayi. Amakwayi ,Ongconde, o Togu o Tshiwo.Buku is the surname of Michael who belong to Amakwayi o Ngcondentshaba From Kingwilliamstown, Eastern Cape,South Africa.His home village is Ndevana near Zwelitsha,Phakamisa and Ilitha Township.
Ngeni m Swahili
Means "stranger" in Swahili.
Nghaminyigwe m Kaguru
Means "he who is unknown" in Chikaguru.
Nghenakwe m Kaguru
Means "one who sees on his own" Chikaguru.
Nghezimani m Tsonga
Means "be whiter, be clean" in Xitsonga.
Ngigi m Kikuyu
Means one born in the season of the locust or one of the locust ageset.In some communities for the last 'i' they put an 'e' but that does not change the meaning nor the pronounciation
Ngisaveni m Tsonga
"Be afraid".
Ngoebi m & f Ijaw
Means "money is good" in Ijaw.
Ngohide f Western African
my mother has returned. usually given to the first daughter born after the death of a mother
N'golo m Manding
This name means "I've largely procreated" (said by the newborn's father) in Bambara. It is traditionally given to the third-born son. ... [more]
Ngondala f Kongo
Feminine form of Ngonda.
Ngondu m & f Luba
Means "moon" in Luba-Kasai.
Ngoni m Shona
Ngoni means "Mercy or kindness".
Ngonidzashe f Shona
Means "God's mercy" in Shona.
Ngor m Dinka
Means "male child in a pair of twins" in Dinka.
Ngozichukwu f Western African, Igbo
Means "God's blessing", derived from Igbo ngozi "blessing" and Chukwu "God".
Nguluwe m Nsenga
Meaning warthog. This is the clan name. Daughters of Nguluwe are called Daka or Mbewe
Nguvayake f Shona
Means "in God's time" in Shona.
Ngwarai m Shona
Ngwarai means "Be diligent, wisen up, be on guard".
Ngweji m Luba
Means "warrior; powerful man" in Luba-Kasai.
Nhalahla f Zulu
Means "luck" in Zulu.
Nhamo f & m African
Means "Disaster" in Shona. It is the title character in A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer.
Nhial m & f Nuer, African Mythology
The Nuer counterpart of Nhialic, the main creator god of Dinka mythology.
Nhiriri f Shona
Means "wild cat" in Shona.
Nhlakanipho f Zulu
From Zulu inhlakanipho meaning "wisdom".
Nhlalala f Tsonga
Means "honey bird" in Xitsonga.
Nhlamulo m & f Tsonga
Means "answer, solution" in Xitsonga.
Nhlayiseko m & f Tsonga
Means "safety" in Xitsonga.
Nhlohlotelo m & f Tsonga
Means "influence" in Xitsonga.
Nhlonipho m Ndebele
Means "respect" in Ndebele.
Nhluvuko m & f Tsonga
Means "development, progress" in Xitsonga.
Nhoro m Shona
Means "antelope" in Shona.
Nhwireng f Akan
Means "flower" in Akan.
Niara f Eastern African, Swahili
Means of high purpose
Nicasius m Ancient Greek (Latinized), Dutch (Rare), African (Rare)
Latinized form of Nikasios. This was the name of several martyrs and saints, such as Nicasius of Die (4th century AD) and Nicasius of Rheims (5th century AD).... [more]
Nicus m Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans
Short form of Dominicus. In rare cases, this name can also be a latinization of Nico or Niek.
Nielas m German (Modern, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
German and Afrikaans borrowing of Nilas.
Nifemi f Yoruba
Means "love me" in Yoruba.
Nigesa f Swahili
Means "born during the harvest season" in Swahili.
Nimo f Somali
Somali version of the Arabic names Nima and Nimat meaning "blessing."
Nirlim f & m Dagbani
Means "kindness" in Dagbani.
Niyasung f & m Dagbani
Means "good intention" in Dagbani.
Niyogushima f Rundi
Means "God should be thanked" in Kirundi.
Nizigiyimana f Rundi
Means "I hope in God" in Kirundi.
Njabulo f Zulu
Means "happy" in Zulu.
Njabulu f Zulu
Means "happiness" in Zulu.
Njalwuni m & f Dagbani
Literally means "Given my life to God" "Leaning on God"
Njau m Kikuyu
Meaning "young bull".
Njelama f Nsenga
Crystal clear waters
Njiba m & f Luba
Means "stream, lake" in Luba-Kasai.
Njive f Shona
Means "dove" in Shona.
Njoki f Kikuyu
Means "the one who resurrected" in Kikuyu.
Njoroge m Kikuyu
Means "genet" in Kikugu.
Njozi f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "dream".
Nkaeguo m & f Akan
Means "saying it for nothing" in Akan.
Nkanga m Central African
Kikongo for "eagle".
Nkanyezi m Zulu, Southern African
Means "star" in Zulu.
Nkanyiso m Zulu
Means "light" in Zulu.
Nkateko m & f Tsonga
Means "blessing" in Xitsonga.
Nkazimulo f Zulu
Means "glory" in Zulu.
Nkechika f Igbo
The one God gave me is the best.
Nkeirouka f Western African, Igbo
This is the name of Russian curler Nkeirouka Ezekh. Her father is of Nigerian Igbo descent, and her mother of Chuvash.
Nkem m & f Igbo
Nkemakolam f Igbo
Means "let me not lose mine" in Igbo.
Nkeoma f & m Igbo
Means "that which is good" in Igbo.
Nkhangweleni m Venda
Means "forgive me" in Tshivenda.
Nkhetheleng f Sotho
Means "choose for me" in Sotho.
Nkhumbudzeni m & f Venda
Means "remember me" in Tshivenda.
Nkhumbwizhya m & f Nsenga
Meaning admire for a while. Name given to a baby after his/her siblings die as babies.
Nkongho m & f Jagham, Kenyang
Means "follower, pursuant" from the Kenyang and Jagham root koŋó meaning "to follow".
Nkonkoni f Zulu
Means "champion" in Zulu.