African Submitted Names

African names are used in various places on the continent of Africa. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Bimpẹ f Yoruba
Means "one who is gorgeous and beautiful" in Yoruba.
Bimpɛ f Yoruba
Beninese variant of Bimpẹ.
Bineti f & m Dagbani
Means "they have enlightened us" in Dagbani.
Binta f Hausa
From the Arabic بِنْت‎ (bint) meaning "daughter".
Bintou f Western African
From Arabic بِنْت (bint) meaning "daughter, girl".
Biodun m & f Yoruba
Means "born during a festival" in Yoruba.
Birabiro f Amharic
Means "butterfly" in Amharic.
Biria f Shona
Means "gathering" in Shona.
Biritu m Amharic
Means "brave" in Amharic.
Birru m Amharic
Means "the silver" in Amharic.
Biruk m Ethiopian, African
Transferred use of the surname Biruk, after the footballer Shai Biruk.
Bisi m & f Yoruba
Short form of names containing bisi, such as Adebisi.
Blessed f & m English (Puritan), African
From the English word "blessed" meaning "having divine aid, or protection, or other blessing; held in veneration; revered", ultimately from Old English blētsian, blēdsian "to consecrate (with blood)".
Bmidɛlɛ f Yoruba
Beninese variant of Bmidele.
Bmidele f Yoruba
Means "follow me home" in Yoruba.
Boammaruri m Tswana
Means "truth" in Setswana.
Boatametse m Tswana
Means "His kingdom drew near" in Setswana.
Bobolayefa f Ijaw
Means "nothing can be compared to my own" in Ijaw.
Bobomiegha f Ijaw
Means "I didn't do it on my own" in Ijaw.
Boboto m & f Lingala
Means "peace" in Lingala.
Bodisere f Ijaw
Means "she likes to come to the world" in Ijaw.
Bofelo f Tswana
Means "last" in Setswana.
Bogosi m Tswana
Means "kingdom" in Setswana.
Boikaego m Tswana
Means "someone to lean on" in Setswana.
Boikanyo m & f Tswana
Means "trustworthy" in Setswana.
Boiketlo f Tswana
Means "to relax" in Setswana.
Boipuso m Tswana
Means "independance" in Tswana.
Boitshepo f Tswana
Means "holy" in Setswana.
Bokamoso m & f South African, Sotho
Means "future".
Bokang f Sotho
Means "praise" or "rejoice" in Sotho.
Bokele m Lingala
Bokele is the name of Lonkundo’s dad in Mongo mythology.
Bokidara m & f Ibibio
Means "accept with joy" in Ibibio.
Bol m & f Dinka
Means "twin" in Dinka.
Bola f Yoruba
Short form of Bolanle, meaning "wealth coming". It is composed of bo ("come, coming") plus ǫlà ("riches, wealth").
Bolade m & f Yoruba
Means "comes with wealth" in Yoruba.
Bolouikie m & f Ijaw
Means "think of the future" in Ijaw.
Boluwaji m & f Yoruba
Means "wakes up with the lord" in Yoruba.
Boluwatife f Yoruba
Means "as god wishes, one who follows the will of god" in Yoruba.
Bomani m Yao
Means "warrior" in Yao.
Bomo f & m Ijaw
Means "praise" in Ijaw.
Bompaka m & f Kongo
Means "old age" in Kikongo
Bondeko m Lingala
Means "brotherhood" in Lingala.
Bonduwa f Lingala, African Mythology
Bonduwa was Lonkundo’s first wife in the Mongo mythology complex.
Bonga m Mbundu
Means "he who is looking" in Mbundu.
Bongai f Shona
Means "be thankful" in a Shona dialect.
Bongi f Xhosa, Southern African
Short form of Sibongile. This was borne by South African singer and songwriter Angela Sibongile "Bongi" Makeba (1950-1985), the only child of singer Miriam Makeba... [more]
Bonginkosi m Zulu
Means "thanksgiving" in Zulu.
Bonna f Bariba
Name traditionally given to the second born daughter.
Boragane f Tswana
Means "small red-billed quelea" in Setswana.
Boro m & f Luo (Archaic)
One of the progenies of the Alego clans
Boruk m Ethiopian
Variant of Biruk.
Bote m Kongo
The first given name of the German footballer Ridle Baku.
Botshelo m Tswana
Means "life" in Setswana.
Bótwe m & f Akan
Means "eighth born" in Akan.
Boukazi m & f Ijaw
Means "a child born in a bush" in Ijaw.
Bozoma f Western African
From Ghana.
Brahima m Western African
Form of Ibrahim used in parts of western Africa.
Bron m English (Modern, Rare), South African (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Bron or perhaps a truncated form of LeBron.
Buang f Sotho
Means "speak" or "chat" in Sesotho.
Buboupakumo f Ijaw
Means "don't grow alone" in Ijaw.
Buchule m & f Xhosa
Means "skills; cleverness" in Xhosa.
Bucumi f Rundi
Means "tenth child" in Kirundi.
Buk m & f Nuer
Bukata m & f Bemba
Means "God's glory" in Bemba.
Bukunmi m & f Yoruba
Means "add to me" in Yoruba.
Bunmi m & f Western African, Yoruba
Means "(God) gave me" in Yoruba.
Burabari f & m Ogoni
Means "God's will" in Ogoni.
Burger m Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), West Frisian (Archaic)
Dutch, Afrikaans and West Frisian form of the ancient Germanic name Burghar.... [more]
Burhaan m Somali, Arabic
Means "charisma" in Somali and "proof" in Arabic.
Buronya m & f Akan
Means "Christmas" in Akan. This may be given to children born around this time of year.
Busara f Swahili
Means "wisdom" in Swahili.
Busayo m & f Yoruba
Means "added joy" in Yoruba.
Buseje f Yao
Means "ask me" in Yao.
Busine f Punu
Means "wealth, richness, well-being" in Punu.
Busisiwe f Zulu
Means "blessed" in Zulu.
Busola m & f Yoruba
Means "added wealth" in Yoruba.
Butho m Ndebele
Means "soldier" in Ndebele.
Buux m Somali
Means "full" in Somali.
Buwozi m & f Ijaw
Means "a child whose feet came out first before the head during birth" in Ijaw.
Buyan f Berber
Meaning unknown.
Buyon f Bariba
Name traditionally given to the fourth born daughter.
Bvumai m Shona
Bvumai means "Admit". This may be a name given to say to adversary admit that you were wrong, you were defeated or that you committed the offence
Bwerani m Chewa
Means "come" or "come back" in Chewa.
Caa'isha f Somali (Rare)
Somali variant of Aisha.
Cabaas m Somali
Somali form of Abbas.
Cabdi m Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Abdi.
Cabdille m Somali
Somali form of Abdullah.
Cabdullahi m Somali
Somali form of Abdullahi.
Cabh'a f Kabyle
Possibly means "beautiful" in Kabyle.
Cacile f Ndebele
Means "clear" in Ndebele.
Caley f American (Modern, Rare), South African (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Kaylee, or from an English surname, Caley meaning "jackdaw clearing" or from an Irish surname which is an altered form of Macauley.
Calvinia f South African
Feminine form of Calvin.
Cámad m Afar
Afar form of Hamad.
Canab f Somali
Means "grape" in Somali.
Carike f Afrikaans
Feminine form of Carel.
Cashile f Zulu (Rare)
Possibly derived from cashisa meaning "conceal, hide."
Caster f South African
Possibly a variant of Castor.
Caweys m Somali
Means "night" in Somali.
Cawil m Somali
A name that means "replacement." A family may give the name to a male whose father or older brother has died.
Cawo f Somali
A name that comes from the Somali word cawo which means "luck." Outside of Somalia, Somalis may spell it as Awo.
Caynaanshe m Somali
Means "cotton" in Somali.
Cebisa f Xhosa, Southern African
Means "advice" in Xhosa.
Cecile f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Cécile.
Çetulo f Bandial
Means "died coming" in Bandial. This is considered a 'death prevention' name.
Cézanne f & m English, Afrikaans
From the French artist, Paul Cézanne. This name is sometimes used as a feminine name by Afrikaners in South Africa due to its similarity to Suzanne.
Chalpang f Dagbani
Means "forgive" in Dagbani.
Chaltu f Eastern African, Oromo
Means "being the best of the best" in Oromo.
Chamirai m Shona
Means "be focused and diligent" in Shona.
Chamsia f Eastern African
Possibly a Comorian form of Shams. A notable bearer is Comorian singer Chamsia Sagaf (1955-).
Chamu m Southern African
Short form of Chamunorwa. This is the nickname of Zimbabwean cricketer Chamu Chibhabha. His real name is Chamunorwa.
Chan m Dinka
Means "male child in the first pair of twins" in Dinka.
Chaniya f Swahili
Means "wealthy" in Swahili.
Chapanjira f Chewa
Means "of the road, of the journey" in Chewa.
Chapansi f & m Nsenga
Child born after many miscarriages
Chapasi f Tumbuka
Means "earth" in Tumbuka.
Charl m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Charles.
Charle m Afrikaans, Norman
Cotentinais Norman and Afrikaans form of Charles.
Chat f Nigerian
F, Bajju name from nigeria; it means, love or like
Chausiki f Swahili
Means "born at night" in Swahili.
Chawanangwa m Tumbuka
Means "blessing" in Tumbuka.
Chawanzi m & f Nsenga
Meaning gift or freely given
Cheikh m Western African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Western African and Maghrebi variant of Sheikh.
Cheikha f Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare), Western African (Rare)
Feminine form of Sheikh (chiefly Algerian and Mauritanian).
Cheja f Kaguru
Means "we came" in Chikaguru.
Chekwubechukwu m & f Igbo
Means "hope in God" in Igbo.
Chengetai m & f African, Shona
To protect/to take care of
Chenjerai m Shona
Chenjerai means "Be on guard, wisen up". Chenjerai Hunzvi the Zimbabwean Freedom Fighter is one bearer of this name.
Chentiwuni f & m Dagbani
Means "leave it to God" in Dagbani.
Chenzira m & f Southern African, Shona
Means "born on a journey" in Shona.
Chepkirui f Kalenjin
Means "one who was born while people slept” in Kalenjin.
Cheri f Amharic
Means "graceful" in Amharic.
Chérif m Western African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Form of Sharif used in North Africa and parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Chernet m Amharic
Means "charity" in Amharic.
Cheru m Amharic
Means "the benign one, the charitable one" in Amharic.
Cheslin m South African
Transferred use of the surname Cheslin.
Cheusi m Swahili
Means "black" in Swahili.
Cheyeza m & f Tsonga
Means "bright" in Xitsonga.
Chiazam f & m Igbo
God has answered my prayer. ... [more]
Chiazo m & f Igbo
From Chi 2 and Azo, "battle, struggles".
Chiazor f & m Igbo (Anglicized)
An Igbo name that became noticeable about the 1960's..Meaning: God saves or God is the one that saves or God has saved. This name is tone and dialect dependent.
Chibale m Arabic (Egyptian), African
Means "kinship" or "kinsman".
Chibinkhe m Tumbuka
Means "the dark (coloured) one" in Tumbuka.
Chibuifem m & f Igbo (Latinized, Rare)
An emerging name common among the people of south-eastern zone of nigeria. It was first coined and named by the family of Sir Christopher Anthony Chibuife Onyia. It means "God is my light" or "God is the light to my pathway so I fear no evil and don't grope in darkness".
Chibuzor f & m Igbo
Means "God is the way" in Igbo.
Chibvwimbo m Tumbuka
Means "bird's nest" in Tumbuka.
Chibwe m Southern African
"A big rock or stone." Opposite name: Kabwe
Chibwela f Igbo
All we know that the chi in Igbo means God
Chidera m Igbo
Means "God is here" in Igbo.
Chidili m Igbo
Means "God be with me" in Igbo.
Chidiomimi m Igbo
"God is Mysterious"... [more]
Chidirim f & m Igbo
Means "God is With me" in Igbo.
Chido f Shona
Means "wish, desire; love" in Shona.
Chidochashe f Shona
"God'will" / "God's desire"
Chiedozie m Igbo
Means "God will repair" in Igbo.
Chiedza f African
Meaning Light/Dawn... [more]
Chiejina m & f Igbo
Means "let the night not come" in Igbo.
Chiekwe m & f Igbo
Means "Chi 2 has allowed it" in Igbo.
Chiemeela m Igbo
This is a name that is given among the Igbos usually it has a celebratory undertone to it. It is formed by joining two words "CHI-EMEELA" - "God thank you" Chi-God and Emeela-thank you/well done Usually it is given to baby boys when the parents are satisfied or do not wish to have more children, especially if the gender of the child was sought after.
Chigbata m Nigerian
Igbo man and he is from Anambra state,Nigeria
Chigenda m Kaguru
Means "let us go" in Chikaguru.
Chikairanyelu f Igbo
Means "We’ve committed it to God" / "In God’s hands" in Igbo.
Chikamara m & f Igbo
Means "God knows best" or "God is wisdom" in Igbo.
Chikanma f & m Igbo
Means "God is the best" in Igbo.
Chikatizyo f Nsenga
Means "helper" in Nsenga.
Chikhulupiliro m & f African
Chichewa, means faith.
Chikodinaka f African, Igbo
Means "in God's hands" in Igbo.
Chikomborero f & m African
Means"Blessings. comes from Zimbabwe
Chikomera m & f Chewa
Means "goodwill, compassion" in Chewa.
Chikwendu m Igbo, African
This name - Chikwendu is a typical Igbo name. It is an "expressive" wish or desire for God (Chi) to 'allow, permit or grant' (kwe) life (ndu) to someone you consider dear.... [more]
Chilongola m Kaguru
Means "first" in Chikaguru.
Chilufya m & f Bemba
Means "the one who is lost" in Bemba.
Chimamanda f Igbo
Means "my God will not fail me" in Igbo. A famous bearer is Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Chimango m Chewa
Means "builder" in Chewa.
Chimdindu m Igbo
Means "my God is alive" in Igbo.
Chimika f & m Tumbuka
After miscarriage(s), family would use traditional medicine (herbs, roots, barks) to prevent a potential next miscarriage. Kumika, means to stop, halt, prevent. Chimika is what you use to stop, prevent, halt... [more]
Chimola m Kaguru
Means "seizer, breaker of things" in Chikaguru.
Chimurenga m Shona
Chimurenga is a Shona word roughly translated to English as, "revolutionary struggle". The Shona language is spoken by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. This word is sometimes used as a given name.
Chinangunga m & f African
Variety of vernacular language among people living along lake Nyasa in Tanzania.
Chinasaokwu m Igbo
Means "God is my advocate" in Igbo.
Chincia f Igbo
Variant of Chinasa.
Chinelo m Igbo
Means "the thoughts of God" in Igbo.
Chinemere m & f Igbo
Means "God is doing" in Igbo.
Chineto f & m Igbo
"God praises" "God uplifts" "God glorifies" "God gives talent"
Chinoza m African
Zezuru name for one who knows much but says less
Chinua m African, Nigerian, Igbo
meaning: god's own blessing... [more]
Chinualumogu m Igbo
Means "may God fight on my behalf" in Igbo. This was the full birth name of Chinua Achebe (1930-2013), a Nigerian writer.
Chinue f African
Means "God's blessing".
Chinwemmeri f & m Igbo
Chinwe is a short form of a variety such as Chinwendu, Chinweizu, Chinwemmeri and others. Chinwe in itself means "God's own." Chinwemmeri means "God's own victory." These names are synonymous with the Igbo ethnic group from the south eastern Nigeria.
Chinwendum m & f Igbo (Modern, Rare)
Means "I am consecrated to God" or "I am owned by God" in Igbo.
Chionye m Igbo
Means "God will give to him what he prays for" in Igbo.
Chipukizi f Swahili
Means "bud, sprout, shoot" in Swahili.
Chitemo m Kaguru
Means "axe" in Chikaguru.
Chithuzi m Tumbuka
Means "shadow" in Tumbuka.
Chivimbiso f Shona
Means "the promise" in Shona.
Chiwa f Yao
Means "death" in Yao.
Chiwetel m Igbo
Means "God brings" in Igbo.
Chokomera m & f Chewa
Means "compassion" in Chewa.
Chokwadi m Shona
Means "truth" in Shona.
Chosaning'oma m Tumbuka
Means "remove bad things" in Tumbuka.
Chriselda f Afrikaans, South African, Filipino
Presumably a variant of Griselda, influenced by names beginning with "Chris-", such as Christine.
Christien f Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Christine.
Chriszette f Afrikaans
Compound name of Christine and Suzette.
Chuchu m & f African
Chu meaning "Life" it can be used as both a girl or boy name. It also link to another name Chuchu or Chu-Chu meaning double life.... [more]
Chuki f & m Swahili
Means "born during a time of hatred" in Swahili.
Chukwubuikem m Igbo
Means "God is my strength" in Igbo.
Chukwucheta m Igbo
Means "let God remember" in Igbo.
Chukwudubem m & f Igbo
Means "God, lead me" in Igbo.
Chukwudumebi m & f Igbo
Means "God is living with me" in Igbo.
Chukwueneka m Igbo
Means "God has dealt kindly with" in Igbo.
Chukwufumnanya f Igbo
Combination of Chukwu and Fumnanya.
Chukwumaeze m Igbo
Means "God knows the king" in Igbo.
Chukwunenye m Igbo
Igbo name from Eastern Nigeria. It originates from the belief that children are gifts from God and means "God gives". The feminine variant is Chinenye, which also has the same meaning
Chukwunonso m African
Igbo land Eastern Nigeria - Chukwu(Almighty God) no(is) nso(near). God is near
Chukwunwike m & f Igbo
Means "God has the power" in Igbo.
Chuma m & f Bemba
Means "wealth" in Bemba.
Chunkamunk m Central African
Central African; unknown origin.
Chyà m Central African
A Kom name.
Cigaal m Somali
Means "turban" in Somali.
Ciise m Somali
Somali form of Isa 2.
Cilmi m Somali
A name that derives from the word cilmi which means "knowledge" or "learning."
Ciokaraine f Eastern African
A famous bearer of the name was the Kenyan Meru human rights activist and female diviner Ciokaraine from Igembe, Kenya. She was a fierce supporter of women's rights and is known for having offered up her son's life in order to prevent a famine during the Mau Mau Uprising.
Clementiane f Central African, Southern African
It is a variant of the name Clementine, corresponding with Clementine's other variants.
Coenie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Coenraad. This name is borne by South African rugby player Coenie Oosthuizen (1989-) and South African musician Coenie de Villiers (1956-).
Collen m South African
Either a variant of Colin 2 or a transferred use of the surname Collen.
Confidence f English (Puritan), South African
Meaning, "the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust." From late Middle English, from Latin confidentia, from confidere ‘have full trust.' Referring to the confidence one may have in God.
Consensus m Western African
From the french word consensus "consens".
Constand m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Constant.
Corlia f Afrikaans
Contracted form of Cornelia.