African Submitted Names

African names are used on the continent of Africa, covering a wide number of languages. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Esitala f Nyakyusa
Nyakyusa form of Esther.
Eskedar f Ethiopian
Means "until the night" in Amharic.
Eskinder m Amharic
Amharic form of Alexander. This name is borne by Ethiopian journalist and dissident Eskinder Nega (1969-).
Esosa m & f Western African, Edo
Means "God's gift" in Edo language.
Esra m Biblical German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Rare), Icelandic, Faroese, Afrikaans
German, Afrikaans and Scandinavian form of Ezra.
Esset-ab f Amharic
means gift of god or persetion of God.
Essien f Akan
Variant of Nsia.
Essien m Efik
Means "outside" in Efik.
Essien m Nigerian
Name of Nigerian origin, meaning "favorite one", "beloved".
Estia f Greek Mythology (Italianized), Greek (Rare), Afrikaans
Modern Greek and Italian form of Hestia.
Estifanos m Amharic
Amharic form of Stephen.
Estomihi m Eastern African, Indonesian
The name is derived from the name of the sunday 50 days before easter. The Latin words Esto mihi are the first two words of Psalm 31:3 and mean "Thou art to me".
Esu m & f Efik
Esulu m & f Ndebele
Means "clouds" in Ndebele.
Eta m & f Jagham, Kenyang
Derived from ɛ́tá meaning "father" in Kenyang.
Eteakamba m Efik
Efik origin, meaning, Great grand father,
Eteimowei m Ijaw
A man who saves
Ethmane m Western African
Variant of Uthman (chiefly Mauritanian).
Ethuka f Zulu
Means "surprise" in Zulu.
Ethulo f Zulu
Means "gift" in Zulu.
Ethwasa f Zulu
Means "start anew" in Zulu.
Etido f Efik
Means "good character" in Efik.
Etienne m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Étienne.
Etim m Efik, Ibibio
Means "to care for; to prepare for" in Ibibio and Efik.
Etok m Efik
Means "small" in Efik.
Etom m & f Nigerian
Etom means "life" it is from the people of cross river state in Nigeria
Eton m & f Efik
Etoro f Efik
Means "praise" in Efik.
Eucabeth f African
Kenyan name for Jochebed
Eucharis f & m Ancient Greek, Literature, Nigerian (Rare)
Derived from the Greek adjective εὔχαρις (eucharis) meaning "charming, gracious". It consists of Greek εὖ (eu) meaning "good, well" combined with the Greek noun χάρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness" (see Chares).... [more]
Evangelique f Afrikaans (Rare), English (American, Rare)
Cognate of Évangélique, which is usually used in non-francophone regions and countries.
Evangelise f & m African American, African
Possibly an invented name, a combination Evangeline and Elise. Another possibility is that it's taken from the British spelling of 'evangelize', which is the English word meaning "to preach the gospel".
Evbu f Edo
This name means "misty". Misty refers to objects with misty colors. One other possibly meaning is "dew" referring to a baby born during a dewy morning.
Everhard m Dutch, Afrikaans, German
Dutch, Afrikaans and German form of Everard.
Evioghene f & m Isoko, Urhobo, Nigerian
It is a name beared by the isoko uhrobo language speaking people in Delta state, Nigeria.... [more]
Ewnetu m Amharic, Ethiopian
Means "truth" in Amharic.
Eyasu m Amharic
Amharic form of Joshua.
Eyerusalem f Amharic
Amharic, meaning Jerusalem
Eyitemi m & f Western African (Rare)
An Itsekiri name, Meaning " this is my own ".
Eyob m Amharic, Ge'ez, Tigrinya
Ethiopian and Eritrean form of Job.
Eyong m & f Jagham, Kenyang
Derived from ɛyɔŋ meaning "word, voice" in Jagham and Kenyang.
Eyram m African
Ghanian name.
Ezana m Ethiopian
Ezana or Ezanas (c.303– c.350 CE/AD) was king of Aksum, now Ethiopia. Ezana was the first monarch of the Kingdom of Aksum to embrace Christianity. Ezana is a Geʽez (an ancient Ethiopian Semitic language) name of unknown meaning... [more]
Ezenwa m Igbo (Rare)
The name Ezenwa is an Igbo name meaning King, Prince, or Son of King
Ezeuzo m Igbo
Means "king of the road" in Igbo.
Ezikiel m Southern African
Malawi variant of Ezekiel.
Ezinwanne m Igbo
nwanne, nwanneka"good companion or relative" igbo, african
Ezrom m South African
Likely a variant of Hezron.
Faaduma f Somali
Strickly Somali form of Faduma.
Faadumo f Somali
Somali form of Fatima.
Faako m & f Dagbani
Means "mercy" in Dagbani.
Faatuma f Afar
Afar form of Fatima.
Faayy-a m Sidamo
Means "beautiful" in Sidama.
Faayy-o f Sidamo
Feminine form of Faayy-a.
Faderera f African
Meaning"God's Crown"
Fadha f Somali, Arabic
Fadha is a Somali name also used by Arabs.
Fadhma f Kabyle
Kabyle form of Fatima.
Fadimata f Western African
Variant of Fatimata, especially used in Mali.
Fadma f Berber
Variant of Fadhma used in Morocco.
Fadziso f Shona
Means "one who brings happiness" in Shona.
Fahari m & f Swahili
Means "fame, honour, splendour" in Swahili.
Fahmo f Somali
Means "understanding" in Somali directly from the Arabic root f-h-m (see Fahim).
Fa'idah f Hausa
Means "benefit, advantage" in Hausa.
Fa'iqah f Hausa
Means "surpassing, excellent" in Hausa.
Faisa f Swahili
Swahili/Arabic, meaning successful/victorious
Faithful m & f English (Archaic), English (Puritan), Literature, Nigerian
Virtue name meaning "loyal" or "having faith (in God)" that has been in use since the 16th century, initally mostly for boys, later also for girls.... [more]
Fa'izah f Hausa
Means "victorious" in Hausa.
Fakulera f Haya
Means "just raise her" in Haya.
Falala f Western African, Fula
Means "born into abundance" in Fula.
Fallou m Western African, French (African)
This name is of Senegalese origin.
Fally f English, African
Diminutive of Eliphal.
Famandha m Tsonga
Means "give power" in Xitsonga.
Famara m Manding, Wolof, Western African
From the name of the Manding ruler Famara Mané (or Nfamara Mané), who lead a revolt in the kingdom of Kaabu in 1865. It is mostly used throughout Senegal and The Gambia.
Fana f Ethiopian
Means “light” or “jungle” in various African languages.
Fanaka f Swahili
Means “nice” in Swahili.
Fanendo m Nigerian
A known bearer of this name is Nigerian soccer player Fanendo Adi (1990-).
Fanie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Stephan and Stephanus.
Fanus m Afrikaans
Short form of Stefanus.
Fanyana m Zulu
From Zulu umfanyana, abafanyana meaning "little boy".
Fara m & f Shona
Meaning "happy" or "joyous".
Faraja f & m Swahili
Means "consolation, comfort" in Swahili.
Fardowsa f Somali
Somali form of Firdaus.
Farhanatou f Western African
Form of Farhana used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Farhia f Somali, Arabic
Fariha "happiness" From the Arabic word for happy
Farhiya f Swahili, Somali
Variant transcription of Fariha.
Farisai f Shona
Means "be very happy" in Shona.
Fasasi m Yoruba
The name Fasasi originates from the Yoruba culture, in Nigeria, West Africa. It is commonly associated with Muslims than Christians or traditionalists.
Fasika m Amharic
Means "Easter" in Amharic.
Fasingha m & f Ijaw
Means "a name never dies" in Ijaw.
Fassil m Amharic
Means "Ethiopian king" in Amharic.
Fatimoh f Thai (Muslim), Nigerian
Form of Fatimah used in Thailand and Nigeria.
Fatouma f Western African
Form of Fatimah used in parts of French-influenced western Africa.
Faven f Tigrinya
Means "light"
Febechi f Nigerian
It's of African origin. It means, "worshipper of God"
Fechukwu m & f Igbo
Worship God
Fedens f African
Meaning unknown. This was the name of Tatiana Rusesabagina's sister-in-law, portrayed by Leleti Khumalo in 'Hotel Rwanda' (2004).
Fedude m & f Ijaw
Means "death has ended" in Ijaw. ... [more]
Feker f Amharic
Means "love, affection" in Amharic.
Fela m Yoruba, Nigerian
Diminutive of Olufela
Felagha f & m Ijaw
Means "death has not reached me" in Ijaw.
Felleke m Amharic
Means "he glittered" in Amharic.
Felleng f Sotho
Means "beyond the end" in Sotho.
Fenuku m & f Ewe
Means "year seed" in Ewe.
Fenure m & f Western African, Urhobo
Means "we have riches" in Urhobo.
Fenyang m Tswana
Means "conqueror" in Tswana.
Ferede m Amharic
Means "he judged" in Amharic.
Fessehaye m Tigrinya
Means "eternal happiness" in Tigrinya.
Fetene m Amharic
Means "he is swift" in Amharic.
Fetera f Amharic
Means "creative" in Amharic.
Fetle-work f Ge'ez
Means "thread of gold" in Amharic.
Fewesi f & m Amharic
Means "to heal" in Amharic.
Feyi f Ewe
Means "a year has passed" in Ewe.
Fhaṱuwani m & f Venda
Means "be careful, aware" in Tshivenda.
Fhulufhedzani m & f Venda
Means "be hopeful" in Tshivenda.
Fhulufhelo m & f Venda
Means "hope" in Tshivenda.
Fiba f African
This is name for a woman born on Friday. The name may mean mild and gentle. It's derived from the Akan name Afua with the same meaning and shows contamination from the Christian name Phoebe which has a similiar pronunciation... [more]
Fifi m Akan
variant of Kofi
Fikile f Tsonga
Means "arrived" in Tsonga.
Fikiri f Amharic
Means "love" in Amharic.
Fikre f Ethiopian, African
Meaning "my love" or "love."
Fikru m Amharic
Means "his love" in Amharic.
Filittene f Bandial
Means "it (the womb) learns" in Bandial.
Filsan f & m Somali (Rare)
The best of her/his age. ... [more]
Firesembet m Ge'ez
Means "seed of the Sabbath" in Ge'ez.
Firew m African
Amharic name originated in Ethiopia. meaning 'the seed'.
Firipi m Shona
Shona form of Philip.
Fisayo m & f Western African, Yoruba
Means "add to my joy" in Yoruba.
Fisseha m Ge'ez
Means "joy" in Ge'ez.
Fitsum m & f Amharic
Means "absolute" in Amharic.
Fɨnyuyn f Central African
Means "bird" in Kom.
Foday m Western African
Unknown meaning, possibly from the Temne or Loko languages, spoken in Sierra Leone.... [more]
Folaoluwashade f Yoruba
Means "the wealth of god is my crown" in Yoruba.
Folasade f Yoruba, Nigerian
Means "honour confers a crown" or "rule with nobility" in Yoruba.
Folashade f Yoruba, Nigerian
Variant transcription of Folasade.
Folayan f Yoruba, African
means "to walk in dignity"
Foluke m & f African, Nigerian
means Placed in God's hands
Fortunate f African (Rare)
From the English word Fortunate, "favoured by or involving good luck; lucky."
Fourou m Berber
Meaning unknown.
Fowoke f Yoruba
Means "girl who is pampered with money" in Yoruba.
Foyinsola f Yoruba
Means "add honey to its wealth" in Yoruba.
Francois m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of François.
Franselle f Afrikaans
Feminine form of Frans.
Freyhiwot f Ethiopian, Amharic
Means "the seed that gave life" or "the fruit of life" in Amharic.
Frezer f Amharic
Means "fertile" in Amharic.
Frikkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Frederik.
Fuani f Kongo
Kongo form of Fanny.
Fula-ngenge m Kongo
1) "one who is chosen by GOD to control the destiny of those who are less fortunate" in Lingala... [more]
Fulata f & m Tumbuka
Means "second", given to the second-born of twins.
Fumu m Kongo
Means "king" in Kikongo.
Funani f & m Zulu (Rare)
Means "want!" or "search!" in Zulu.
Funebi m & f Ijaw
Means "education is good" in Ijaw.
Funere f Ijaw
Means "A Learned Woman"
Funfun m & f Yoruba
Yoruba name that means "Pure"
Funganayi m Shona
Means "remember each other" in Shona.
Funkuro m Ijaw
Means "knowledge is power" in Ijaw.
Funmi m & f Yoruba
Means "give to me" in Yoruba. It can be used as a short form of names containing funmi, such as Funmilola and Olufunmilayo.
Funmike f Yoruba
Means "given to me to cherish" in Yoruba.
Funmilola m & f Yoruba
Means "give me wealth" in Yoruba.
Funsileniko m Chewa
Means "Will you go and ask for me?" in Chewa.
Funware m Ijaw
meaning library or house of book
Funye m & f Shona
Deriving from a bird with the same name, known in English as "the go-away bird".
Fuseina f Western African, Dagbani
Feminine form of Fuseini. In Northern Ghana, this name is given to the firstborn of a pair of twin girls, while the second-born twin is named Asana... [more]
Fuseini m African, Dagbani
In Northern Ghana, it is the name given to the second born of a pair of twin girls. The first born twin is named Fuseini According to superstition, the second twin is considered to be the older twin because it is said that during the trauma of birth, the older twin send the younger twin ahead to make sure the world is safe.
Future m & f English (Rare), Western African, Southern African
This name is from the English word derived from Old French futur meaning "future, to come," which is then derived from Latin futurus meaning "going to be, yet to be, the future (as a noun)." The Latin word is an irregular suppletive future participle of esse meaning "to be," which comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *bheue- meaning "to be, exist, grow, come into being."... [more]
Fwasa m Tumbuka
Means "to be calm" in Tumbuka.
Fwasani f & m Tumbuka
Means "to be calm" in Tumbuka.
Fwaya m Luo
Originated amongst the LUO tribe in Kenya, East Africa. It is said to mean "Not serious" or "Taking things for Granted". It is also used by the Luhyas in Western province Kenya. But is common in the Nyaurang' Clan of Ugenya in Siaya County... [more]
Fyiynfoluwa f Yoruba
Means "give praise to god, a person who never forgets to praise god for everything" in Yoruba.
Gabra f Ethiopian
Ethiopian girl's name, meaning "The gift of offering"
Gadifele f Tswana
Means "things don't end" in Setswana.
Gadiid m Somali (Rare)
Its an old Somali name.
Gado m Hausa
Means "bed" in Hausa. This name is traditionally given to the child born after twins.
Gagare m Hausa
Means "unconquerable" in Hausa.
Gagasi f Zulu
Means "wave" in Zulu.
Gajere m Hausa
Means "short" in Hausa.
Gakuhĩ f Kikuyu
Means "the short one" in Kikuyu.
Galaletsang f Tswana
Means "glorify" in Setswana.
Galayax m Somali
Means "lighthouse" in Somali.
Galbeyte m Somali
Means "in the west" in Somali.
Galgalu f African
born in the evening in Boran
Gamilah f African
Gamilah is the name of one of the daughters of Activist Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz.
Gamuchirai f Shona
Means "accept or receive" in Shona. It is typically given to a child born out of wedlock.
Ganau m Hausa
From the Hausa ganī meaning "see". This name is traditionally given to boys born on the night of a full moon.
Ganza m Rwandan
Meaning "reign" in Kinyarwanda.
Gaodithong f Tswana
Means "He (God) is not shy" in Setswana.
Gaofenngwe m Tswana
Means "He (God) cannot be defeated" in Setswana.
Gaolatlhe m & f Tswana
Means "He (God) does not dessert" in Setswana.
Gaolebale m Tswana
Means "He (God) does not forget" in Setswana.
Gaolefufa f Tswana
Means "He (God) is not jealous" in Setswana.
Gaone m & f Tswana
Means "of His (God)" in Setswana.
Gaongalelwe f Tswana
Means "you cannot be angry with Him (God)" in Setswana.
Garang m Dinka, African Mythology
According to the Dinka myths Garang is the First Man, created by Nhialic.
Garba m Western African, Hausa
Hausa variant of Abu Bakr.
Gariba m Dagbani
Corrupted name of Abukari. Name used by the 20th King of Dagbon and the 40th King.
Garikai m Shona
Means "Live well, safe, healthy and prosperous".
Gashaw m Amharic
Means "the shield" in Amharic.
Gathua m Kikuyu
Means "the limping one" in Kikuyu.
Gatreth f Ethiopian
Ethiopian name meaning "rich".
Gatsha m Zulu (Rare)
From Zulu igatsha meaning "branch".
Gavaza f Tsonga
Means "one who dresses elegantly" in Xitsonga.
Gazini m Zulu
Means "blood" in Zulu.
Gbadebo m Nigerian, Yoruba
Means "returns with the crown" in Yoruba.
Gbambeli m Western African
Masculine name originating from the Banda Traditional Area & from the Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana.
Gbekelolu m & f Yoruba
Means "it is left to God" in Yoruba.
Gbemi m Yoruba
Derived from the Yoruba gbé "(to) carry" (see: Gbemisola).
Gbeneowei m Ijaw
Means "complete man" in Ijaw.
Gbolahun f Yoruba
Means "show the wealth" in Yoruba.
Gbonjubola m & f Yoruba
mature into wealth.
Gboyega m Yoruba
Means "lifts chieftaincy up" in Yoruba.
Gebire’liwa f Amharic
Alternate transcription of Gebre’elwa.
Gebre’elwa f Amharic
Amharic feminine form of Gabriel.
Gebre-medhin m Ge'ez
Means "servant of the saviour" in Ge'ez.
Gebre-selam m Ge'ez
Means "servant of peace" in Ge'ez.
Gebre-tsadik m Ge'ez
Means "servant of the righteous" in Ge'ez.
Geesi f Somali
Means "a courageous man, brave, hero" in Somali.
Gelagile m Amharic
Means "I have reconciled" in Amharic.
Geleta m & f Amharic
Geleta is Amharic in origin & means 'revealed'.
Gelila f Ethiopian
Tempting beauty
Gemechu m Eastern African, Oromo
Means "joy, happiness" in Oromo.
Genat f Amharic
Means "heaven" in Amharic.
Genet f Ethiopian
Ethiopian name meaning "paradise"
Genevé f Afrikaans
Variant of Geneve.
Gerhardus m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Gerard.
Gerrie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Gerhardus.
Gesebo f & m Ijaw
Means "the just" in Ijaw.
Gesekeme m Ijaw
Means "upright man" in Ijaw.
Gesiye f & m Ijaw
Means "genuine" in Ijaw.
Getachew m Eastern African, Amharic
Means "their lord", from Amharic ጌታ (géta) "Lord (Jesus), master".
Getaneh m Amharic
Means "you are a lord" in Amharic.
Gethera f Swahili
Means "harvest" in Swahili.
Ghakarhi m Zulu
The meaning of this name is fierce warrior. A person not accepting defeat as an option.
Ghanim m Berber
Means "reed" in Amazigh.
Ghilas m Kabyle
Short form of Aghilas.
Gichinga m Rwandan
Means “protection” in Kinyarwanda.
Gidamarird m Datooga
Means "leopard" in Datooga.
Gidang’adid m Datooga
Means "lion" in Datooga.
Gifti f Oromo
Means "lady" or "queen" in Afaan Oromo.