African Submitted Names

African names are used on the continent of Africa, covering a wide number of languages. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Kalindabwalo m Nsenga
Kalinda is guard or watchman,... [more]
Kalkidan f Amharic
Amharic for "promise", root words "qal" (ቃል) meaning word, and "kidan" (ኪዳን), meaning covenant, from the Ge'ez language
Kallamu m Hausa
Kallamu means Musa in Hausa
Kallamu m Hausa
Means "word (of God)" in Hausa. This name is closely tied with the name Musa.
Kalu m Igbo (Rare)
Kalu is a shortened name of, or derived from; Kamalu or Kamanu, the deity of thunder. Kamalu is an important deity in the traditional belief system of the people of many subethnic Igbo people (an ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria)... [more]
Kaluwa f Swahili
Means "forgotten one" in Swahili.
Kamanyi m & f Lunda
Means "prosperity from hard work" in Lunda.
Kambeu m Shona
Kambeu means "little seed". This name may be given to a child who was very small at birth
Kambondoo m Dagbani
This is one of the death prevention names among the Dagbamba. When a woman gave birth up to three to four times and each time she give birth the children die. To prevent this names like this is given to a child to prevent it from dying.
Kamfunti m & f Lunda
Means "the one who has come back" in Lunda.
Kamharida f Igbo
Means "may I not fall" in Igbo
Kamini m Lingala
A famous bearer is French singer Kamini Zantoko (1979-) of Congolese ancestry.
Kamkhwala m & f Tumbuka
Means "of medicine, of herbs" in Tumbuka. Similar usage to Chimika.
Kamogelo f Tswana
Means "acceptance" in Setswana.
Kamohelo m & f Sotho
Means "acceptance" or "welcome" in Sotho.
Kamoyo m Tumbuka, Chewa
Means "life" in Tumbuka and Chewa, often given to babies born prematurely.
Kamuzu m Southern African
Means "little root" in Chichewa.
Kamuzyu f Nsenga
Means "roots" in Nsenga.
Kamwendo m Chewa
Means "walking from place to place; traveller" in Chewa language.
Kananelo f & m Sotho
Means "approval" or "appreciation" in Sotho.
Kanau m African
Allegedly used among the Limba people of Sierra Leone.
Kanayochukwu m & f Igbo
Means "Let's keep asking God" in Igbo.
Kaneme m & f Igbo
Means "let's keep doing" in Igbo.
Kangmi m & f Western African, Goemai
Means 'joining of clans' in Goemai, spoken in Nigeria.
Kangwa m & f Southern African, Bemba
Means 'healing tree" in Bemba.
Kanika f Mwera
Meaning “black cloth”.
Kano m Sidamo
Means "bright" in Sidama.
Kanyisa f Xhosa
Means "giving light to the future" in Xhosa.
Kaodinna m Igbo
Means "the way it pleases God" in Igbo.
Kaoni f Nigerian
Long awaited child
Kaosisochukwu m & f Igbo
Means "as it pleases God" in Igbo.
Kara f & m Ogoni
Means "pray, prayer" in Khana, a dialect of Ogoni language from Nigeria.
Karambeni f Jola
Means "to help you" in Jola.
Kariara f Ijaw
Means "I prayed for her" in Ijaw.
Kariebi m & f Ijaw
Means "the blessing we prayed for" in Ijaw.
Karikoga m Shona
Means "one who is alone". The name may be given to say that one who lives alone or was born alone without siblings.
Karlien f Flemish, Afrikaans, Dutch (Rare)
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Carline.
Karmami m Hausa
Means "cornstalk" in Hausa.
Karo m African
It is Isoko name, Niger Delta Nigeria.
Kʼarooyye m & f Sidamo
Means "wise, clever" in Sidama.
Karugendo m & f Haya
Means "pertaining to a journey" in Ruhaya.
Karúngi f Kiga
Means "something good, beautiful" in Rukiga.
Karungi f Haya
Means "the one who is beautiful" in Haya.
Kashangaki m Swahili
Means "surprise" in Swahili.
Kashim m Nigerian, Kanuri
Kanuri form of Qasim, Cassim and Kassim.
Kasi f & m Dagbani
It means 'neat or clean'
Kasinda f Kongo
Means “child who was born at dawn” in Kikongo.
Kaskazi f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "north wind" or "hot season, summer".
Kasomo m Bemba
Means "leader, flag-bearer" in Bemba.
Kassa f & m Amharic, Ethiopian
An african name meaning "Reparation, Compensation."
Kasuba m Bemba
Means "sun" in Bemba.
Kataali f & m Dagbani
It means have no sins
Kataka m African
From the Kenyan Luhya tribe for a leader or elder.
Katakyie m Akan
Means "the strong man" in Akan.
Katavi m African Mythology, Nyamwezi
A demonic being in the popular belief of the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania. He is reputed to be the chief of the water-spirits, but he also haunts the barren lands and deserts.
Katekani f Tsonga
Means "be blessed" in Xitsonga.
Kathaulo m Tumbuka, Chewa
Means "small cloth, handkerchief" in Tumbuka and Chewa.
Katryn f Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Katrijn.
Katsiru f Shona
Means "female cow" in Shona.
Katuma m Luba
Derived from the Luba word kàtùmà meaning "last-born of triplets", ultimately from the word tùmà meaning "to send". Superstition suggests that third-born children with this name, because of their name, should not be sent on errands or deliveries.
Kauna f Hausa
Means "love" in Hausa.
Kaunda f & m African
swahilli... [more]
Kawesa m Ganda
"black smith" Kovacs
Kayaga m & f Nyoro
Means “The windy month” in Bunyoro.
Kayen m African
(Nigerian)"celebrated", (Yoruba)" long-hoped-for child"
Kayokwa m Southern African, Bemba
Means "sugar, sweet" in Bemba.
Kazah m & f Nigerian
Means "God" in Bajju.
Kazoka m Pare
Means "axe" in the Athu language of the Pare people.
Kbra f Tigrinya
Used in Eritrea and Tigray, meaning: her glory, her dignity
Keabetswe m & f Tswana
Means "I have been given" in Setswana.
Kealeboa m Sotho
Means "thank you" in Sotho.
Kealeboga m & f Tswana
Means "thank you" in Setswana.
Keamogetse m & f Tswana
Means "I have received" in Setswana.
Keamogetswe m & f Tswana
Means "I am welcomed" in Setswana.
Keatlaretse f Tswana
Means "to receive with open hands" in Tswana. It is usually used as a sign of respect.
Keatlile m Tswana
Means "I have increased" in Setswana.
Kebabonye f Tswana
Means "I saw them" in Setswana.
Kebarutile f Tswana
Means "I have taught them" in Setswana.
Kebasadi f Tswana
Means "these are women" in Setswana.
Kebe m Mabaan, Nigerian
Meaning, "Strong man with no fear."
Kebere m Amharic
Means "he is honoured" in Amharic.
Kébirunga f Kiga
Means "child of crowns" in Rukiga.
Kebitsemang m Tswana
Means "whom shall I call?" in Setswana.
Kebra f & m Eastern African, Ge'ez
Means "glory, praise" in Ge'ez, a liturgical language from Ethiopia. ... [more]
Kedisaletse m Southern African
Botswanian name.
Kedumetse f Tswana
Means "I have agreed" in Setswana.
Kéehu m & f Manjak
Means "the one who dies" or "the dead one" in Manjak. This name is given to protect the child from an early death.
Keemenao m & f Tswana
Means "I am with you" in Setswana.
Kefentse f Tswana
Means "I have won" in Tswana.
Kegomoditswe m & f Tswana
Means "I have been comforted" in Setswana.
Kehumile f Tswana
Means "I am rich" in Setswana.
Keita m Eastern African
"Worshipper" in Eastern African, specific country unknown
Keitumetse f Tswana, South African
Means "I am happy", or "I am thankful" in Twsana.
Kekeletso m Sotho
Means "addition" in Sesotho.
Kekeli f Ewe
Kekeli is of Ewe origin & means, 'light, lightness.'
Kelebileone f Tswana
Means "I am watching Him (God)" in Setswana.
Kelebohile m Sotho
Means "I am grateful" in Sesotho.
Kelefetswe f Tswana
Means "they have done it for me" in Setswana.
Kelemi f Amharic
Means "colorful" in Amharic.
Keletso m & f Tswana
Means "wish" in Setswana.
Kemba f & m African, Caribbean
Means "peel" in Swahili and "full of faith" in a Central African language.... [more]
Kembo m Kongo
Means "heaven" in Kongo.
Kemelayefa m Ijaw
Means "nothing is greater than a human being" in Ijaw.
Kemi f Yoruba
Means "cherish me; caring for me" in Yoruba. It is also a diminutive of other names such as Oluwakemi.
Kémigisha f Kiga
Means "child of luck" in Rukiga.
Kemmonye f Tswana
Means "I have seen her" in Setswana.
Kenalemang m Tswana
Means "who is with me?" in Setswana.
Kenam f Southern African
Transferred use of the surname Kenam.
Kenanao m Tswana
Means "I am with Him (God)" in Tswana.
Kenaya f & m Lingala
Kembo Na Yawé ; Glory of God
Kenechi m Igbo
Means "thank God" or "thanks be to God" in Igbo (compare Ekene, Chi 2).
Keneilwe f Tswana
Means "I have been given" in Setswana.
Keneoue f Sotho (Rare)
Means "I have been given" in Sotho.
Keneuwe f Sotho
Means "I have been given" in Sesotho.
Kengani m Kongo
Kengani is an African language, that belongs to Bantu people, designated from Congo kingdom in area that now is called Angola(Uige province).Which is used for Kings, liders, Boss, or heroes.... [more]
Kenhinde m & f Yoruba
One coming last. Often used for the second of twins.
Keniabarido f & m Ogoni
Khana for "as it pleases God (for him to do)"... [more]
Kenkunga m Central African, Lega
Kenkunga is the deity of reassembling and reconstruction in Lega mythology. His name doesn’t have a well known meaning.
Kenna m Ethiopian
Famous bearer is Kenna Zemedkun, musician.
Kennake f Tswana
Means "she is my sister" in Setswana.
Kenyetta f Eastern African, English
Possibly a feminine form of Kenyatta. Asante (1991) gives it the meaning "she is beautiful music".
Kényonyóozi f Kiga
Means "born of the stars" in Rukiga.
Keolebogile f & m Tswana, African
I thanked (God).
Kerapetse m & f Tswana
Means "I have prayed" in Setswana.
Kereeditse m & f Tswana
Means "I am listening" in Setswana.
Kereemang f Tswana
Means "who should I say this to?" in Setswana.
Kérobiwa f Bandial
Means "why go there?" in Bandial.
Keromang f Sotho
Means "one who has been sent" in Sesotho.
Kershia f Akan
Means "queen".
Kerubo f Eastern African, Kisii
Means "marsh, plain" in Kisii, given to girls born in the plains.
Kesegofetse f Tswana
Means "I am blessed" in Setswana.
Ketase f Tumbuka
Means "cooperation" in Tumbuka.
Ketsela-work f Ge'ez
Means "diadem of gold" in Ge'ez.
Ketshephaone m & f Tswana
Means "I trust Him (God)" in Setswana.
Ketugay m & f Jola
Means "Die till you get tired of it" in Jola. This name is given to an infant who is believed to be a spirit child who has been coming and going between life and death.
Kgabareya m Sotho
Sotho form of Gabriel.
Kgabu m & f African, Zulu
Means "to decorate richly" in Zulu.
Kgakgamatso f Tswana
Means "wonders" in Setswana.
Kgalalelo f Tswana
Means "glory" in Setswana.
Kganya f & m Sotho
Means "brightness" or "(God's) light" in Sesotho.
Kgethang m Sotho
Sesotho form of Khethang.
Kgodi m & f Sotho
Means "mist" in Sotho.
Kgolo m Tswana
Means "growth" in Setswana.
Kgomotso m & f Tswana
Means "comfort" in Tswana.
Kgosiemang m Tswana
Means "who is the king?" in Setswana.
Kgotso f Southern African
Botswanian name.
Khaalid m Somali
Somali form of Khalid.
Khabane m Sotho
Means "precious" in Sesotho.
Khadidiatou f Western African
Form of Khadija used in western Africa.
Khadiija f Somali
Somali form of Khadija.
Khadijatou f Western African
Form of Khadija used in French-influenced western Africa.
Khadijo f Somali, Eastern African
Somali variant of Khadija.
Khadra f Somali
Means "lucky, fortunate" in Somali
Khalidou m Western African
Form of Khalid used in Senegal.
Khalif m Arabic, Somali, African American
Alternate transcription of Khalifa as well as the Somali form.
Khamani m Swahili
Meaning “son of king”, “first born”, or “great king” in Swahili.
Khangezile f Zulu
Means "our hands are open" in Zulu.
Khanya m Zulu
Means "shine" in Zulu.
Khanyisa f Tsonga
Means "brighten" in Xitsonga.
Khanyisile f Zulu (Modern)
Means "bringer of light" in Zulu.
Khanyiso m Xhosa
Means "to light, to illuminate" in Xhosa.
Khanyokulhe f Zulu
Means "guide on the way" in Zulu from the word khanyo meaning "guide" and kuhle meaning "way".
Khathutshelo m & f Venda
Means "forgiveness" in Tshivenda.
Khauhelo f & m Sotho
Means "pity" or "compassion" in Sotho.
Khayalethu m Zulu
Means "our home" in Zulu.
Khayelihle f Ndebele
Means "good home" in Ndebele.
Khayizeni m Tsonga
Means "rebuke" in Xitsonga.
Khedduj f Berber
Berber form of Khadija.
Khensa f Nubian (Archaic), Northern African (?)
Khensa is a Nubian name.... [more]
Khensani m & f Tsonga
Means "grateful, give thanks" in Xitsonga.
Khethang m Sotho
Means "choose" in Lesotho.
Khethiwe f African, Zulu
Means "chosen, the one who is chosen" in Zulu.
Khethukuthula f Zulu
Means "choose to be quiet" in Zulu.
Khoeli m Sotho
Khomelani m & f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga khomela meaning "forgive".
Khongelani m & f Tsonga
From the Xitsonga khongela meaning "pray".
Khosi m Sotho
Means "king" in Sotho.
Khothatso f Sotho
Means "encouragement" in Sotho.
Khotso m & f African
Means 'Peace'Tshwana(South African)
Khotsofalang m Sotho
Means "be satisfied" in Lesotho.
Khule f Zulu
Means "it is beautiful" in Zulu.
Khulekani f Zulu
Means "salute" in Zulu.
Khululiwe f Zulu
Means "exonerated" in Zulu.
Khumbireko m Chewa
Means "to admire" in Chewa.
Khumbuza m Tsonga
Means "remember" in Xitsonga.
Khumiso m & f Tswana
Means "they are making us rich" in Setswana.
Khumo m & f Tswana
Means "wealth" in Tswana.
Khumoetsile m & f Tswana
Means "wealth has come" in Setswana.
Khutsafalo m & f Tswana
Means "melancholy" in Tswana.
Khwezi m & f Zulu
Means "bright morning star" in Zulu.
Kia f Kongo
Kiah f Swahili
Means "dawn" in Swahili.
Kiapo m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "oath".
Kibafupia f Swahili
The name originates from the Swahili words Kibali "acceptance" and Fupi "low". The combination of words combine to make the phrase, "to accept being low", referencing the people in Swahili countries who are poor or lack education... [more]
Kibibi f Swahili
Means "little lady" in Swahili.
Kibriye m Amharic
Means "my honour" in Amharic.
Kiburi f & m Swahili
Means "pride" in Swahili.
Kidane m Ge'ez
Means "my covenant" in Ge'ez.
Kieruka f Igbo
Variant of Nkiruka.
Kiesse f & m Southern African
Bantu name meaning "happiness" or "joy".
Kigongo m & f Ganda
Born before twins
Kigotho m Kikuyu
Kukuyu name meaning Father of many children
Kihani m Kongo
First King
Kijana m & f Swahili, African American (Modern)
Means "young person" in Swahili. This is the nickname of American football player Kenneth Leonard 'Ki-Jana' Carter (1973-), given to him by his mother, who was inspired by a minor character in the movie Shaft in Africa (1973).
Kijani m Swahili
Means "warrior" in Swahili.
Kike f Yoruba
Means "caring for" in Yoruba.
Kikelomo f Yoruba
Means "child whom everyone loves pampering" in Yoruba.
Kilasa f Nyakyusa
Means "to be outspoken" in Nyakyusa.
Kimana f English, Eastern African
Possibly an invented name, an elaboration of Kim 1 with the name suffix -ana, or a feminine form of Kimani, or from the name of the town in Kenya.... [more]
Kimani m African
"Adventurous" or "sailor" Kukiyu tribe in the nation state of Kenya.
Kimbilio m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "refuge".
Kimelo m Nyakyusa
Means "seedlings" in Nyakyusa.
Kiminu f Central African
Kikongo for "faith".
Kimiya f Kongo
Kimoya f Kongo
Queen of Hearts
Kimpa-vita f Kongo
The name of a congolese prophetess and religious leader who lived at the end of the 17th century.
Kimursi m Kipsigis, Eastern African
Meaning unknown.
Kimya f Swahili
Means "silent" in Swahili. This is the name of musician Kimya Dawson.
Kinaya f Swahili
Means "independance" in Swahili.
Kinfeosioluwa f Yoruba
Means "I may love you more (my lord)" in Yoruba.
Kingsford m Scottish, African
Transferred use of the surname Kingsford.
Kinuani m & f Lingala
Kinubi m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "harp".
Kinya f English (Rare), Western African (?)
May be a variant of Kenya or a name of Ghanaian origin (uncertain as to which language the name belongs to) in which the meaning is unknown.
Kiojah f Swahili
Means "miracle" in Swahili.
Kioko m Eastern African, Kamba
Means "born in the morning" in Kamba.
Kiona f Kongo
Soul crusher
Kipenzi f & m Swahili, African
means "darling", "favorite", "loved one"
Kipepeo f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "butterfly".
Kipkirui m Kalenjin
Means "one who was born while people slept" in Kelenjin.
Kirikuba m Bariba
Means "a carved idol" in Bariba.
Kirui m & f Kalenjin
Diminutive of Chepkirui and Kipkirui.
Kisa f Nyakyusa
Means "grace" in Nyakyusa.
Kisi f & m Ogoni
Means "move/ go forward" or "progress" in Khana,... [more]
Kisima f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "water spring".
Kissa f Ganda (?)
Allegedly a Luganda name meaning "born after twins".
Kisundi m Pare
Means "deep night" in the Athu language of the Pare people.
Kitheko f Pare
Means "laughter" in the Athu language of the Pare people.
Kitoko m & f Lingala
Means "beautiful" in Lingala.
Kitso m & f Tswana
Means "knowledge, wisdom" in Tswana.
Kittaw m Amharic
Means "tame him" in Amharic.
Kituru m Bariba
Means "rain god" in Bariba.
Kiume m Swahili
Swahili masculine name meaning "stamina, strength".
Kiura m Kikuyu
Means "frog" in Kikuyu.
Kivuvu f & m Central African
Kikongo for "hope".
Kiwanuka m Ganda, African Mythology
Kiwanuka is the hammer wielding God of Thunder and Lightning in Ganda Mythology. His name means “someone who was born on a Thursday”.
Kiwara f Swahili
Swahili feminine name meaning "savannah".
Kiya f Eastern African
Allegedly means "mine" in Oromo.
Kizito m African
Means "Gift from God" or "Child who God loves". St. Kizito is the youngest of the 22 Ugandan martyrs. He is the patron saint of children and primary schools.
Kizza m & f Ganda
"born after twins"... [more]
Kobe m Akan
variant of Kwabena
Kobi m & f Western African, Akan
Short form of Kobina.
Kobie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Jacobus.
Kobinah m Akan
handsome/precious boy born on tuesday