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Subject: CAF: The Quinn Family
Author: Theodora D. Phoenix   (Authenticated as Theodora D. Phoenix)
Date: October 19, 2019 at 8:01:00 AM
The Quinn Family
DH: John, Brighton, Nathaniel, William, Samuel
DW: Cadeau, Virtue, Violet, Belladonna, Ava-Lynn

DS: Ethan, Richard, Robert, Kyle, Logan
DD: Nancy, Rose, Lorianna, Ella, Ava
DS: Nicholas, Asher, Peter, Harry, Oliver
DD: Samantha, Hope, Gabrielle, Stella, Harlynn
DD: Dakota, Christian, Knight, Theodosius, Kevin
DD: Michelle, Victory, Invidia, Shiloh, Maria
DS: Marius, Arthur, Matthew, Anthony, Shane
DD: Sorana, Amy, Jean, Madison, Vanora
DS: Noah, Justin, Paul, Timothy, Exodus
DD: Kenna, Summer, Holly, Judy, Alice

Pets: Scratch, Spotty, Doggy, Scruffy, Lazy, Digger, Dread, Tootsie, Slush, Bingo, Charm, Famine, Savage, Poochie, Dimples

The names in this CAF were selected from the results of entering some my character names into Magic Baby Names: April♡, Aveline♡, Cheyenne♡, Dotty♡, Felix♡, Harmony♡, Mackenzie♡, Rex♡, Scout♡, Valor♡, Winnie♡

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