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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Khoa Nguyen.
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Abelle f French (Rare)
French feminine form of Abel.
Aithusa f Greek Mythology (Latinized), Popular Culture
From Greek αἴθουσα (aithousa), a participle of the verb αἴθω (aitho) meaning "to light up". In Greek mythology, Aithousa (Latin: Aethusa) is the daughter of Poseidon and Alcyone, and a lover of Apollo (the Sun) with whom she had Eleuther... [more]
Alator m Celtic Mythology, Roman Mythology
An epithet of Mars found on an altar at South Shields in England, and on a votive plaque found in Hertfordshire in England. There is disagreement of its meaning, with some academics interpreting it as "hunstman" and others as "cherisher"... [more]
Alvo m Estonian (Rare)
Short form of Alvar.
Alysson f & m English, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant of Alison influenced by Alyssa. It caught on as a masculine name in Brazil.
Amatis f Literature
The name of Luke Garroway's sister in the book series "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare (Amatis Herondale). Also means "you love" (pl) in Latin.
Amoretta f American (Rare), Theatre, Afro-American (Slavery-era)
Latinate form of Amoret, from Edmund Spenser's epic poem The Faerie Queene (1590).
Angelia f Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek ἀγγελία (angelia) meaning "message, tidings, news", related to ἄγγελος (angelos) "messenger". In Greek mythology Angelia was a daughter of the messenger god Hermes and the spirit (daimona) of messages, tidings, and proclamations.
Aubriella f English
Combination of Aubrey and the suffix -ella.
Audriella f Obscure
Combination of Audrey and the suffix -ella.
Birdella f English (Rare)
Probably an elaborate form of Bird. It can also be a combination of Bird and the suffix -ella.
Birdy f English
Variant of Birdie.
Céos m Greek Mythology (Portuguese-style), Greek Mythology (Gallicized)
Portuguese and French form of Coeus (see Koios).
Clarke m English
Variant of Clark.
Coltrane m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Coltrane.
Corabel f English
Combination of Cora and the popular name suffix -bel (see Belle).
Eleuther m Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek (Anglicized)
In Greek Mythology, Eleuther was the son of the god Apollo and Aithusa or Aethusa. It could also be an anglicized form of Eleutherius or Eleutherios.
Elyan m Arthurian Cycle
In Arthurian romance tales, Sir Elyan the White, also known as Helyan le Blanc, is the son of Sir Bors and is a Knight of the Round Table. He's sometimes a cousin of Lancelot, and helps rescue him after his affair with Guinevere is revealed... [more]
Emiliah f English
Variant of Emilia.
Enyalius m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Means "warlike" in Greek. Enyalius was a minor god of war and the son of the war god and goddess Ares and Enyo.
Geras m Greek Mythology
Means "old age." Geras was the spirit (daimon) of old age, one of the malevolent spirits spawned by the goddess Nyx (Night).
Gwaine m Welsh, Arthurian Cycle
Variant of Gawain. Gwaine is a character on the BBC television series 'Merlin', meant to represent the Gawain of Arthurian legend.
Hanaé f French (Modern)
French form of Hanae.
Hébé f Greek Mythology
French and Hungarian form of Hebe.
Hephaestion m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Hephaistion. This name was borne by a Macedonian nobleman, who was a general in the army of Alexander the Great (4th century BC).
Hunith f Popular Culture
Anglicized form of Hunydd used in the BBC television series 'Merlin' (2008-2012), where it belongs to Merlin's mother.
Ixel f & m Spanish (Latin American)
Possible form or spelling of the name Ixchel.
Jorane f French (Quebec, Rare), Haitian Creole
This name is borne by French-Canadian singer and cellist Jorane Pelletier (1975-), who was born Johanne Pelletier.
Kakia f Greek, Greek (Cypriot)
Possibly a diminutive of Ekaterini. Known bearers of this name include the Greek singer Kakia Mendri (1912-1994) and Greek actresses Ekaterini 'Kakia' Panagiotou (1923-2013) and Kakia Analyti (1934-2002).
Kakia f Greek Mythology
Probably related to (kakos) which means "vice or immorality." Kakia was the spirit (daimona) of vice and moral badness.
Leoda f English (American)
Of uncertain origin and meaning.
Lukka m Old Church Slavic (?), Chuvash
Chuvash and possible Old Church Slavonic form of Luka.
Maiella f Spanish (Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Rare, Archaic)
Possible form of Mayella but it could be used as a combination of Maia and Ella.
Miseria f Roman Mythology
Probably means "misery" in Latin. Miseria was the Roman Goddess of misery and woe and is the Roman equivalent of her Greek counterpart Oizys.
Mithian f Popular Culture
Of unknown origin and meaning, this name is likely taken from the town of Mithian (Mydhyan) in Cornwall. This was the name of a princess in the BBC series Merlin.
Nemain f Irish Mythology
In Irish Mythology, Nemain is the fairy spirit of the frenzied havoc of war, and possibly an aspect of Morrígan. Nemain can mean "venomous" relating it to the Proto-Celtic "nemi" meaning "dose of poison," or the Old Irish "nem" or "neimi" meaning "poison."
Như f & m Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 如 (như) meaning "like, as" or 茹 (như) meaning "roots, vegetables".
Nimueh f Arthurian Cycle
Form of Nimue. Nimueh appeared as an evil sorceress in the series Merlin.
Oizys f Greek Mythology
Means "misery, woe, or distress." Oizys was the spirit of misery and woe, distress and suffering. She was one of the malevolent children of Nyx.
Pacifica f Medieval Italian, English (African), Various (Rare)
Feminine form of Pacificus. Originally it was used in Renaissance Italy, but nowadays it's more popular in Kenya.
Pacificus m Late Roman, South African
Means "peacemaker" in Latin. From the Latin pāx 'peace' and faciō 'I do, make'.... [more]
Phthonos m Greek Mythology
From Greek φθόνος (phthonos) meaning "ill-will, malice, envy, jealousy". In Greek mythology Phthonos was the daimon or spirit of envy and jealousy; he was particularly associated with the jealous passions of love.
Rivalitas f Roman Mythology
Means "jealous rivalry" in Latin. She was the Roman equivalent of Nemesis.
Saroya f American (Modern, Rare)
Possible spelling of Soraya. It is also used as a form of the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning "princess." Saroya was/is a character in the series StarCrossed.
Sebella f English
Variant of Sabella or Isabella. Sebella Rose Winter is the name of the daughter of Eric Winter and Roselyn Sánchez.
Silène m & f Greek Mythology (Gallicized), French (Modern), French (Belgian, Modern)
French form of Silenus. While as a mythologcial name, Silène is masculine, it is used as an exclusively feminine given name today.
Soteria f Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
Derived from the Greek noun σωτηρία (soteria) meaning "salvation, deliverance, preservation".... [more]
Stasia f English (Rare), Romansh, Russian
English and Romansh short form of Anastasia as well as a Russian variant transliteration of Стася (see Stasya).
Uriela f Hebrew, Italian
Feminine form of Uriel.
Uriella f Hebrew
Feminine form of Uriel.
Uroda f Slavic Mythology
Uroda was the Slovakian goddess of agriculture, the fields and the harvest. Her name is certainly linked to the Slovakian word úroda "harvest", however it doesn't seem to be quite so clear what came first, the goddess or the word.
m & f Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 羽 (vũ) meaning "feather" or 武 () meaning "military, martial".
Zelos m Greek Mythology
Means "zeal, ardor, jealousy" in Greek. He was the personification of zeal or strife in Greek mythology.
Zephira f Obscure
Possibly a variant of Zephyra.