Olympic Medalists

The modern Olympic Games are an international sporting event held once every four years. The first summer games were held in 1896, with a winter competition added in 1924. This is a list of athletes who have been awarded medals. At this point, the list is not complete.
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Aalvik1 gold1
Aaron1 bronze1
Aat1 bronze1
Aavo1 gold1
Abaz1 gold1
Abbos1 bronze1
Abby1 gold, 1 bronze2
Abdalaati1 bronze1
Abdul1 gold1
Abdullah2 bronze2
Abebe1 gold1
Abel1 silver, 1 bronze2
Abigail1 silver1
Abramo1 bronze1
Ace1 bronze1
Acer1 silver1
Achim1 silver1
Ada1 gold/silver1
Adam1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Ade1 bronze1
Adéla1 bronze1
Adelina1 gold1
Adelinde1 silver1
Adenízia1 gold1
Adiel1 gold/silver1
Adilbek1 silver1
Adolf1 gold1
Adolfo1 gold/silver1
Adriaan1 silver1
Adrian1 gold1
Adriana1 bronze1
Adrien1 silver1
Adrienne1 bronze1
Agafia1 gold1
Ageeth1 bronze/silver1
Agnes1 silver1
Agneta1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Ágota1 bronze1
Ai1 silver, 1 bronze2
Aida1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Aiko1 silver1
Aileen1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aino1 bronze/silver1
Aivars1 silver1
Aja1 bronze1
Åke1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Aki2 bronze/silver2
Akiko1 bronze1
Ákos1 gold1
Aksel1 gold1
Akzhurek1 bronze1
Alaaeldin1 silver1
Aladár1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Alain1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Alajos1 bronze1
Alan2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze5
Alana1 gold1
A-lang1 gold1
Alastair1 bronze1
Alba1 bronze/silver1
Albán1 silver1
Albert1 gold, 2 silver, 1 gold/silver4
Albertson1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Alden1 gold1
Aldis1 gold1
Aldo1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alejandra1 silver1
Aleksa1 bronze1
Aleksander1 bronze1
Aleksandr3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver9
Aleksandra1 silver1
Aleksey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Alena1 bronze1
Alenka1 gold1
Aleš1 gold, 2 bronze3
Alessandro1 bronze/silver1
Alessio1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aletta1 bronze/gold1
Alevtina1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alex3 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver8
Alexander1 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 2 gold/silver11
Alexandr1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Alexandra1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold5
Alexandre1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver3
Alexandru1 silver1
Alexe1 gold1
Alexey2 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver5
Alexia1 silver1
Alexis1 bronze1
Alfio1 bronze1
Alfred1 silver, 1 bronze2
Aliaksandr1 gold/silver1
Aliaksandra1 silver1
Aliaksei1 gold1
Alicia1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver2
Alida1 silver1
Alin1 gold1
Alina1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Aliona1 bronze1
Alisa1 bronze/gold1
Alison1 silver1
Alistair1 gold1
Alister1 bronze/silver1
Aliya1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aljoša1 silver1
Alla2 gold2
Allain1 silver1
Allan1 bronze1
Allen1 bronze1
Allison1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Allyson1 gold/silver/silver1
Almiro1 silver1
Alois1 bronze/silver1
Alonzo1 silver1
Alphonzo1 bronze/silver1
Alston1 gold1
Altman1 silver1
Alvar1 silver1
Alvaro1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Alvin2 bronze2
Alwyn1 bronze/gold1
Alyona1 bronze1
Alyson1 bronze1
Alyssa1 gold1
Amália1 bronze1
Amanda1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver3
Amar1 silver1
Amar'e1 bronze1
Amarilis1 bronze1
Amauri1 gold/silver1
Amaury1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Amaurys1 silver1
Amber1 bronze1
Ambrosi1 bronze1
Ambrus1 bronze1
Amedee1 bronze1
Amelie1 bronze/silver1
Amos1 bronze1
Amy2 gold2
Ana3 silver3
Anabel1 silver1
Anamaria1 bronze1
Anastasia3 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver8
Anastasiya2 gold, 1 silver3
Anatoli2 gold2
Anatolie1 bronze1
Anaysi1 silver1
Anca1 gold1
Anđela1 silver1
Anders1 silver1
András1 silver1
Andraž1 silver1
Andre1 gold, 1 bronze2
Andrea1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver8
Andréanne1 silver1
Andreas2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 2 gold/silver9
Andreea2 bronze2
Andrei1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Andrejus1 bronze/silver1
Andrew1 gold, 2 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver5
Andrey2 bronze2
Andrian1 bronze1
Andrija2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Andris1 bronze/silver1
Andro1 gold1
Andy1 gold/silver1
Aneta1 bronze/silver1
Anett1 gold1
Anfisa1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Angel2 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold3
Angela1 gold, 1 bronze2
Angelika1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Angelique1 gold1
Angelo1 gold/silver1
Angie1 gold/silver1
Anier1 bronze/gold1
Anikó1 bronze/silver1
Anișoara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Anita1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anja1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Anjelika1 silver1
Anka1 bronze1
Anke1 silver1
Anky1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Ann2 bronze, 2 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver5
Anna2 bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver7
Annabel1 silver1
Annamária1 bronze1
Anne3 silver, 5 bronze, 3 bronze/silver11
Annegret1 bronze/gold1
Annekatrin1 silver1
Anneke1 silver1
Annelies1 silver1
Anneloes1 bronze/gold1
Annemarie1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Annemarieke1 bronze/silver1
Annemiek1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Annemieke1 bronze1
Annett1 bronze1
Annette1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anni1 silver1
Annia1 silver1
Anniara1 bronze1
Annie1 gold, 1 bronze2
Anniina1 bronze1
Annika1 gold, 1 silver2
Ans1 gold1
Anselme1 bronze1
Antal1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Antanas1 bronze/silver1
Antero1 bronze/silver1
Anthea1 gold1
Anthonij1 bronze1
Anthony2 gold, 2 silver4
Antoine1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anton2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Antonel1 silver1
Antonina1 silver1
Antonio2 gold, 1 bronze3
Ants1 gold1
Antti1 silver, 3 bronze4
Anushavan1 bronze1
Anzhelika1 gold, 1 bronze2
Apolo1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
April1 silver1
Apti1 silver1
Aramis1 silver1
Archibald1 bronze1
Ard1 gold/silver1
Ardy1 silver1
Ari1 bronze1
Arianna1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver3
Aribert1 bronze1
Arie1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Aries1 gold1
Arijan1 silver1
Aristidis1 bronze1
Arkadiusz1 gold1
Arlene1 gold1
Armin1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Arnaud1 silver1
Arnd1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Arne1 bronze1
Arnfinn1 gold1
Arnold1 bronze1
Arnoud1 silver1
Áron1 gold1
Arsen1 gold, 1 silver2
Arthur1 gold1
Arto1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Artur1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Artūrs1 silver1
Arvid1 gold, 1 bronze2
Arvis1 silver1
Arvo1 silver1
Asafa1 gold1
Ashleigh1 gold, 2 bronze3
Ashley1 silver1
Ashton1 gold1
Asier1 bronze1
Asjha1 gold1
Aslaug1 bronze1
Asley1 silver1
Aslı1 gold1
Assar1 gold/silver/silver1
Astra1 silver1
Asuna1 silver1
Atanase1 bronze/silver1
Athol1 bronze/gold1
Atina1 gold1
Atje1 bronze/silver1
Attila1 bronze/gold1
Audrey2 bronze2
Audun1 bronze1
Augie1 bronze1
August1 bronze1
Augustus1 bronze1
Auguszta1 bronze1
Aurelio1 bronze1
Aurica1 gold1
Automne1 bronze1
Avital1 silver1
Aya2 silver, 1 bronze3
Ayana1 bronze1
Ayano1 gold1
Ayelén1 bronze/silver1
Ayumi1 silver1
Ayumu1 silver1
Azusa1 silver1
Babben1 gold1
Baboo1 gold1
Badri1 gold1
Baeden1 bronze1
Bagheri1 silver1
Bahne1 bronze/gold1
Balázs1 gold1
Balthasar1 silver1
Banner1 gold1
Bärbel1 bronze1
Barbora1 gold1
Barnabás1 silver1
Bart2 bronze/gold2
Bartłomiej1 silver, 1 bronze2
Barton1 gold1
Bartosz1 silver1
Bas1 gold1
Bashir1 gold1
Basil2 bronze2
Bastian1 bronze1
Battsetseg1 bronze1
Beat1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beata1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beate1 silver1
Beatrice1 silver1
Beatrix1 bronze/silver/silver1
Beatriz1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beattie1 gold1
Beau1 bronze/gold1
Beaufort1 silver1
Becky1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Bedřich1 bronze1
Beezie1 bronze/gold/gold1
Begoña1 bronze1
Behdad1 gold1
Belén1 bronze1
Belinda1 bronze/silver1
Ben1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Bence1 gold/silver/silver1
Bengt1 bronze1
Beniamino1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Benjamin1 gold, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Bep1 gold1
Berit1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bernard1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Bernd1 bronze/gold1
Berndt1 bronze1
Bernhard1 gold1
Berni1 silver1
Bernice1 bronze1
Bershawn1 bronze1
Bert1 silver1
Berta1 silver1
Bertalan1 gold, 1 silver2
Bertha1 silver1
Bertil1 silver1
Bertrand1 gold, 1 bronze2
Besik1 bronze/silver1
Beth3 bronze3
Bettina1 silver1
Betty1 bronze1
Bevan1 bronze/gold1
Beverley1 bronze1
Bianca1 gold1
Bianka1 gold1
Bibi1 bronze/silver1
Bice1 bronze1
Biljana1 bronze1
Billy1 silver1
Bilyal1 bronze1
Bimbo1 bronze1
Bingyu1 bronze1
Binia1 silver1
Birger1 silver1
Birgit1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Birte1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Birutė1 bronze1
Biserka1 gold/silver1
Bjarne2 silver2
Bjarte1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Björn1 gold, 1 silver2
Blagoja1 silver1
Blagovest1 bronze1
Blaine2 bronze2
Blair2 silver2
Blanka2 silver2
Blaženko1 bronze/gold1
Blythe1 bronze1
Bo1 gold, 1 silver2
Bob1 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Bo-bae1 gold1
Bode1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Bodil1 bronze1
Bogdan1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Bohumil1 silver1
Bohuslav1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Bojan1 bronze1
Bojana2 silver2
Bo-kyung1 bronze1
Bon-gil1 gold1
Bonnie1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold1
Borbála1 bronze1
Børge1 bronze1
Boris1 silver1
Borislava1 bronze1
Børre1 silver1
Borys1 gold1
Boško1 silver1
Botond1 gold1
Bozhidar1 bronze1
Božidar1 gold1
Božo1 gold1
Brad1 gold1
Braden1 bronze1
Bradley1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Brady1 silver1
Bram1 bronze1
Branimir1 bronze1
Branislav1 gold1
Bratan1 bronze1
Brecht1 gold1
Breeja1 gold1
Brenda1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Brendan1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Brent1 gold, 2 bronze3
Brenton1 bronze/silver/silver1
Brett1 bronze1
Brian1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Brianna1 silver1
Brianne1 gold, 1 silver2
Bridgitte1 bronze1
Brigetta1 silver1
Brigitte1 silver1
Briony1 silver1
Brita1 bronze1
Britta1 bronze/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Brittany1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Brittney1 gold1
Britton1 gold1
Bronte1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bronwen1 bronze1
Brooke1 silver1
Broome1 gold1
Bror1 silver1
Bruce1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Bruno1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/silver4
Bryan1 silver1
Bryn1 gold1
Bryon1 bronze1
Bryony1 bronze1
Bryshon1 silver1
Bub-min1 bronze1
Buffy1 bronze1
Bulcsú1 gold1
Bum-young1 bronze1
Burkhard1 bronze1
Burt1 bronze/silver1
Burton1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Buster1 bronze/gold1
Butch1 bronze/gold1
Buzz1 gold1
Byrle1 bronze1
Byung-chul1 bronze1
Caia1 gold1
Caitlin1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Caldwell1 gold1
Caleb1 gold1
Camelia1 gold1
Cameron1 gold1
Camilla1 gold, 1 silver2
Camille1 bronze/gold/silver1
Cancan1 silver1
Candace1 gold, 1 bronze2
Candra1 gold1
Cappie1 gold1
Caren1 bronze1
Carey1 gold1
Cari1 silver1
Carie1 bronze/gold1
Carien1 bronze1
Carin1 silver1
Carina1 gold, 1 silver2
Carl1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Carla1 bronze/silver1
Carli1 gold1
Carlien1 gold1
Carline1 bronze1
Carlo2 gold2
Carlos1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze4
Carly1 gold/silver/silver1
Carmelina1 bronze1
Carmelita1 bronze/gold/silver1
Carmelo1 bronze/gold/gold1
Carmen1 bronze1
Carol1 bronze/gold1
Carolin1 gold/silver/silver1
Carolina1 bronze1
Caroline3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze6
Carry1 gold/silver1
Carsta1 gold1
Carsten1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Caryn1 gold/silver1
Casey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cassie1 bronze1
Caster1 silver1
Cătălina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Cate1 bronze/gold1
Catello1 bronze1
Caterine1 silver1
Catherine1 gold1
Cécile1 gold1
Cédric1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cees1 bronze1
Celia1 gold1
Céline2 silver2
Cenaida1 silver1
Cerstin1 bronze1
César1 bronze/gold1
Chad1 gold/silver1
Chanatip1 bronze1
Chanda1 bronze1
Chandra1 gold1
Chang-soo1 bronze1
Chantal2 bronze2
Chantelle1 bronze/gold1
Charle1 bronze1
Charlene1 bronze1
Charles2 gold, 1 gold/silver3
Charlie1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Charline1 gold1
Charlotte2 gold, 1 bronze3
Chellsie1 silver1
Chelsea1 bronze1
Chen1 silver1
Chenglong1 gold1
Cheol-min1 silver1
Cherie1 gold1
Cheryl1 gold1
Chet1 bronze1
Chira1 gold1
Chloé1 silver, 1 bronze2
Chong1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/gold3
Chris2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver8
Christa2 silver2
Christian1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver4
Christie1 gold1
Christina1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Christine3 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Christinna1 bronze1
Christof1 silver, 1 bronze2
Christoph1 bronze/silver1
Christopher1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold3
Chun-hwa1 bronze1
Chunlong1 bronze/gold1
Chu-young1 bronze1
Cián1 bronze1
Claes1 silver1
Claire1 gold, 1 bronze2
Clara1 bronze1
Clarence1 bronze/gold/silver1
Claressa1 gold1
Clarinda1 bronze/silver1
Clarissa2 bronze2
Claude1 bronze1
Claudia2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver3
Claudiu1 silver1
Clémence1 silver1
Clemens1 bronze1
Clement1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Clemente1 silver1
Cleve1 silver1
Clifford1 silver1
Clinio1 bronze1
Clover1 gold1
Coby1 silver1
Coenraad1 silver1
Coleman1 bronze1
Colette1 bronze1
Coline1 bronze1
Colleen2 gold2
Collier1 gold1
Collin1 silver1
Conlin1 silver1
Conn1 bronze/gold/gold1
Conny1 gold1
Conor1 gold1
Consetta1 bronze1
Constance1 bronze1
Constanța1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Constantine1 bronze1
Coralie1 bronze1
Corey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cori1 silver1
Corina1 silver1
Corinna1 silver1
Cormic1 bronze1
Cornelia1 bronze1
Costicǎ1 bronze1
Courtenay1 bronze1
Courtney1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver3
Craig1 bronze1
Crista1 bronze1
Cristian1 bronze1
Cristina1 bronze1
Csaba1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Cullen1 gold/silver/silver1
Curdin1 bronze1
Curt1 silver1
Curtis1 bronze/gold1
Cynthia1 bronze1
Cyrielle1 bronze1
Cyril3 bronze3
Cyrus1 bronze1
Czesława1 silver1
Daan1 gold1
Daedra1 bronze1
Dae-hoon1 silver1
Dae-nam1 gold1
Dagmar1 silver, 1 bronze2
Daiki1 bronze1
Daima1 silver1
Daimí1 bronze1
Dain1 gold1
Daisuke1 bronze1
Dajing1 bronze/silver1
Dale1 bronze1
Dalibor1 silver1
Dallas1 bronze/gold1
Damian2 bronze2
Damiano1 silver1
Damião1 silver1
Damir1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze5
Damjan1 bronze1
Dan2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze4
Dana1 gold1
Danell1 bronze1
Dani2 gold2
Dániel1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 3 gold/silver11
Daniela2 silver, 1 gold/silver3
Daniele1 gold1
Danielle1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Danijel1 silver1
Danijela1 bronze/silver1
Danila1 bronze/silver1
Danilo1 silver1
Danira1 silver1
Daniyal1 bronze1
Danka1 bronze1
Danko1 silver1
Dante1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Dănuț1 silver1
Danuta1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Daouda1 gold1
Daphne1 bronze1
Dara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver2
Darcy1 silver, 1 bronze2
Daria1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Dario1 gold1
Darrell1 gold1
Dárvin1 gold1
Darvis1 silver1
Darya1 bronze/gold1
Dato1 bronze1
Daumants1 silver1
David6 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver17
Davis1 gold1
Davit1 silver1
Davor1 gold1
Dawn1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Dayron1 gold1
Dean1 bronze1
Debbi1 silver1
Debi1 bronze1
Deborah1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Dede1 silver1
DeeDee1 bronze/gold/gold1
Deena1 bronze1
Defar1 bronze/gold/gold1
Deidra1 bronze1
Dejen1 silver1
Delfina1 silver1
Deliang1 bronze1
DeLisha1 gold1
Delos1 bronze1
Delphine1 bronze/silver1
Demetrius1 gold1
Dénes1 bronze/gold/silver1
Deni1 gold, 1 silver2
Denís1 gold, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver5
Denise1 bronze1
Dennis1 bronze1
Denny1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Denys1 silver, 1 bronze2
Deon1 bronze1
Deontay1 bronze1
Derek1 bronze1
Dernell1 bronze1
Deron1 gold1
Derrick1 bronze/gold1
Des1 bronze1
Desiree1 bronze1
Destinee1 silver1
Detlef1 silver1
Detlev1 gold1
Dettlef1 gold1
Devereaux1 bronze1
Devin1 silver1
de Wayne1 silver1
Dexter1 bronze1
Dezső1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Diamond1 gold1
Diana1 gold, 3 bronze4
Dianne1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Dibaba1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold2
Didier2 gold2
Diederik1 gold1
Diego1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Dieter1 gold1
Dietmar1 bronze1
Dillianne1 bronze1
Dimants1 silver1
Dimitra1 silver1
Dimitri1 bronze1
Dimitrie1 silver1
Dimitrij1 bronze/silver1
Ding1 gold1
Dino1 silver1
Dionysios1 silver1
Dirk1 gold1
Ditte1 bronze1
Dmitri1 gold1
Dmitriy2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver4
Dmitry2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze5
Doina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Domagoj1 bronze1
Domenico1 bronze1
Domingos1 silver1
Dominik1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dominique1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Donald1 silver1
Donat1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Dong1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Dong-won1 bronze1
Dongxiang1 silver1
Donny1 bronze1
Donovan1 gold1
Đorđe1 bronze1
Doreen1 gold1
Dorian1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Dorien1 bronze1
Dorin1 bronze1
Doris1 gold1
Dorota1 bronze1
Dorothea1 bronze1
Dorothee1 silver1
Dorothy1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Dörte2 bronze2
Dorthe1 silver1
Dotsie1 silver1
Douglas1 silver1
Douglass1 bronze1
Dragan1 bronze1
Dragica1 gold1
Drago1 bronze/gold1
Dragoș1 silver1
Dragoslav1 silver1
Drahomír1 bronze1
Dražen1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Drew1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Driulis1 bronze/gold/silver1
Du'aine1 bronze/silver1
Dubravko1 gold/silver1
Duje1 gold, 1 silver2
Đula1 bronze/gold1
Dulce1 bronze1
Dumitru1 bronze/gold/silver1
Dunc1 gold1
Duncan1 gold1
Đurđica1 gold/silver1
Durward1 bronze/gold1
Dušan1 silver, 2 bronze3
Duško2 bronze2
Duvall1 gold1
Dwayne1 silver1
Dwight1 bronze1
Dwyane1 bronze/gold1
Dyhre1 gold1
Dzhamal1 gold1
Dzintars1 silver1
Earl1 bronze1
Ecaterina1 bronze/gold/silver1
Echiko1 gold1
Eckart1 gold1
Eckehard1 silver1
Eckhard1 bronze1
Eckhardt1 gold1
Ed1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Eddie1 bronze1
Ede1 silver1
Edgar1 silver1
Edit1 bronze1
Edith1 bronze/silver1
Edna1 bronze1
Édouard1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Edvinas1 silver1
Edward2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Edwige1 silver1
Edwin1 bronze1
Edwyn1 gold1
Edy1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Eefke1 gold/silver1
Eeke1 bronze/silver/silver1
Eero1 silver1
Eeva1 bronze1
Egil1 bronze/gold1
Egill1 gold1
Eglis1 bronze1
Egon1 silver1
Egor1 gold1
Ehsan1 silver, 1 bronze2
Eigil1 bronze1
Eija1 bronze1
Eileen1 silver1
Eilert1 silver1
Einar1 gold/silver1
Eino1 bronze1
Eirik1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Eivind1 bronze1
Ejegayehu1 silver1
Ejgil1 bronze1
Ejler1 gold1
Ejvind1 silver1
Ekaterina1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ekkehard1 gold1
Ekkhard1 silver1
Eko1 bronze1
Elaina1 bronze1
Elana1 silver1
Elbert1 silver1
Elbridge1 bronze1
Elemér2 silver2
Elena2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Eleonora1 bronze1
Eliecer1 gold1
Elien1 silver1
Elisa1 gold, 2 bronze/silver3
Elisabeta1 bronze1
Elisabeth2 bronze2
Elisângela1 bronze1
Elise1 bronze1
Elīza1 bronze1
Elizabeth1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver4
Elke1 silver1
Elle1 gold1
Ellen2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze4
Elmar1 gold/silver1
Elnur1 gold1
Élodie1 silver1
Elsa1 silver1
Elsemiek1 gold1
Elsie1 gold/silver1
Elspeth1 gold1
Elvira1 gold1
Elvis1 silver1
Elżbieta1 bronze1
Emanuel1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Emanuele1 bronze1
Emeka1 bronze1
Emelie1 bronze1
Emelyn1 gold1
Emiko1 gold1
Emil1 bronze, 2 gold/silver3
Emília1 bronze1
Émilie1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver3
Emily2 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Emin1 bronze1
Emma1 gold, 1 bronze2
Emmanuel1 bronze/silver1
Emmeline1 silver1
Emory1 gold1
Enar1 bronze1
Endéné1 silver1
Engen1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Enikő1 bronze1
Enith1 bronze1
Enni1 silver1
Enrico1 gold1
Ephraim1 bronze1
Epke1 gold1
Erben1 bronze1
Ercole1 gold/silver1
Erdene1 bronze1
Eric3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze5
Erich1 bronze1
Erick1 silver1
Ericka1 bronze/silver1
Eriel1 gold/silver1
Erik4 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver6
Erika1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Erin1 gold, 3 bronze4
Erinn1 silver1
Erkki2 silver2
Erland1 bronze1
Erling1 bronze1
Ermidelio1 gold1
Ermin1 bronze1
Erminio1 silver1
Ernest1 bronze1
Ervin1 bronze/gold1
Esa1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Eskild1 bronze/gold/gold/gold1
Espen1 bronze1
Esquiva1 silver1
Essa1 bronze1
Ester1 bronze/silver1
Esther1 gold1
Eszter1 bronze1
Etienne1 gold, 1 bronze2
Eugen1 bronze1
Eugène1 bronze1
Eugenio1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Eun1 gold1
Éva2 gold, 1 bronze3
Evaldas1 bronze1
Ève2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Evelina2 bronze2
Evelyne1 gold1
Evert1 silver1
Evgeni1 gold/silver/silver1
Evgeniy1 bronze1
Evgeny1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold3
Evi1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver2
Ewald1 silver1
Eyüp1 bronze1
Ezekiel1 gold1
Fabian1 silver, 2 bronze/silver3
Fabiana2 gold2
Fabien1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver2
Fabio2 silver2
Fabricio1 bronze/gold1
Fabrizio1 bronze1
Falk1 gold1
Falko1 bronze/silver1
Fanny1 gold, 1 bronze2
Farid1 bronze/silver1
Farit1 bronze1
Fatima1 bronze/silver1
Faustine1 gold1
Fay1 bronze1
Fedia1 bronze1
Fedir1 gold1
Fedor1 gold/silver1
Feg1 bronze1
Fehaid1 bronze1
Felipe1 silver, 1 bronze2
Felix2 gold2
Femke1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Feng2 gold, 1 bronze3
Fergus1 bronze1
Fernanda2 gold2
Fernande1 bronze1
Fernando3 silver3
Fie1 silver1
Fieke1 gold1
Filiberto1 gold1
Filip1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Finn1 bronze1
Flandy1 bronze1
Flemming1 silver1
Fleur1 bronze1
Florence1 silver, 1 bronze2
Florencia2 silver2
Florent1 gold1
Florentine1 bronze1
Florian2 gold2
Florica1 bronze1
Florimond1 gold1
Florin1 silver, 1 bronze2
Floris1 silver1
Floyd1 bronze1
Foluke1 silver1
Fortune1 bronze/silver1
France1 silver1
Francena1 gold1
Francis1 silver1
Francisco1 silver1
Frands1 silver1
Frane1 bronze1
Franjo2 silver2
Frank2 bronze2
Frano1 gold1
František1 silver1
Franziska1 gold/silver1
Fred1 silver1
Frédéric1 gold1
Fredrik1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Frida1 silver1
Friedhelm1 gold/silver1
Frigyes1 bronze1
Frithjof1 bronze1
Fritzi1 silver1
Frode1 gold/silver/silver1
Froukje1 bronze1
Fulvio1 gold/silver1
Fumiko1 bronze1
Fyodor1 bronze/gold1
Gabe1 bronze1
Gábor1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Gabriel3 silver3
Gabriela1 silver1
Gabriele1 silver1
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