Olympic Medalists

The modern Olympic Games are an international sporting event held once every four years. The first summer games were held in 1896, with a winter competition added in 1924. This is a list of athletes who have been awarded medals. At this point, the list is not complete.
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Aaron1 bronze1
Aavo1 gold1
Abaz1 gold1
Abbos1 bronze1
Abby1 gold, 1 bronze2
Abdalaati1 bronze1
Abdullah2 bronze2
Abebe1 gold1
Abel1 silver, 1 bronze2
Abigail1 silver1
Ada1 gold/silver1
Adam1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Ade1 bronze1
Adelina1 gold1
Adelinde1 silver1
Adenízia1 gold1
Adilbek1 silver1
Adolf1 gold1
Adolfo1 gold/silver1
Adriaan1 silver1
Adriana1 bronze1
Adrien1 silver1
Adrienne1 bronze1
Agafia1 gold1
Agnes1 silver1
Agneta1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Ágota1 bronze1
Aida1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Aiko1 silver1
Aileen1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aino1 bronze/silver1
Aja1 bronze1
Åke1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Aki2 bronze/silver2
Ákos1 gold1
Aksel1 gold1
Alaaeldin1 silver1
Aladár1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Alajos1 bronze1
Alan1 gold, 1 silver2
Alana1 gold1
A-lang1 gold1
Albán1 silver1
Albert2 silver2
Albertson1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Aldis1 gold1
Aldo1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alejandra1 silver1
Aleksander1 bronze1
Aleksandr1 gold/silver1
Alena1 bronze1
Aleš1 gold, 2 bronze3
Alevtina1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alex2 gold, 2 silver4
Alexander1 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 2 gold/silver10
Alexandr1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Alexandra1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Alexandre1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Alexandru1 silver1
Alexe1 gold1
Alexey2 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver5
Alexia1 silver1
Alexis1 bronze1
Alfred1 silver1
Aliaksandr1 gold/silver1
Aliaksei1 gold1
Alida1 silver1
Alina1 bronze1
Aliona1 bronze1
Alisa1 bronze/gold1
Alison1 silver1
Alister1 bronze/silver1
Aliya1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alla1 gold1
Allain1 silver1
Allyson1 gold/silver/silver1
Almiro1 silver1
Alois1 bronze/silver1
Alphonzo1 bronze/silver1
Alston1 gold1
Alvaro1 bronze/gold1
Alvin2 bronze2
Alwyn1 bronze/gold1
Alyona1 bronze1
Alyson1 bronze1
Amália1 bronze1
Amanda1 silver1
Amar'e1 bronze1
Amauri1 gold/silver1
Amber1 bronze1
Ambrosi1 bronze1
Ambrus1 bronze1
Amedee1 bronze1
Amelie1 bronze/silver1
Amos1 bronze1
Amy2 gold2
Anamaria1 bronze1
Anastasia1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Anastasiya1 gold, 1 silver2
Anatoli2 gold2
András1 silver1
Andraž1 silver1
André1 gold, 1 bronze2
Andrea1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Andreas1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 2 gold/silver5
Andrei1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Andrew2 bronze/silver2
Andrey1 bronze1
Andrian1 bronze1
Andrija1 bronze/gold1
Andris1 bronze/silver1
Andro1 gold1
Aneta1 bronze/silver1
Anett1 gold1
Anfisa1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Angel2 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold3
Angéla1 gold, 1 bronze2
Angelika1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Angelique1 gold1
Angelo1 gold/silver1
Anikó1 bronze/silver1
Anișoara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Anita1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anja1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Anjelika1 silver1
Anka1 bronze1
Anke1 silver1
Anky1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Ann1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Anna2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver6
Annamária1 bronze1
Anne2 silver, 3 bronze5
Annemarie1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Annemiek1 bronze1
Annette1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anniara1 bronze1
Annie1 gold1
Anniina1 bronze1
Ans1 gold1
Antal1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Antero1 bronze/silver1
Anthony2 gold, 1 silver3
Antoine1 silver1
Anton2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Antonel1 silver1
Antonina1 silver1
Antonio2 gold, 1 bronze3
Ants1 gold1
Antti1 silver, 3 bronze4
Apolo1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
April1 silver1
Aramis1 silver1
Archibald1 bronze1
Ard1 gold/silver1
Ardy1 silver1
Ari1 bronze1
Arianna1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver3
Arie1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Aries1 gold1
Arijan1 silver1
Armin1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Arnaud1 silver1
Arnd1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Arne1 bronze1
Arnold1 bronze1
Áron1 gold1
Arto1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Arvis1 silver1
Arvo1 silver1
Asafa1 gold1
Ashleigh1 gold, 1 bronze2
Ashton1 gold1
Asier1 bronze1
Asjha1 gold1
Aslaug1 bronze1
Aslı1 gold1
Assar1 gold/silver/silver1
Astra1 silver1
Atanase1 bronze/silver1
Atina1 gold1
Atje1 bronze/silver1
Attila1 bronze/gold1
Audrey1 bronze1
Audun1 bronze1
Augie1 bronze1
August1 bronze1
Augustus1 bronze1
Auguszta1 bronze1
Aurelio1 bronze1
Aurica1 gold1
Avital1 silver1
Ayana1 bronze1
Ayano1 gold1
Ayumu1 silver1
Babben1 gold1
bae1 gold1
Balázs1 gold1
Balthasar1 silver1
Bärbel1 bronze1
Barbora1 gold1
Barnabás1 silver1
Bart2 bronze/gold2
Bartosz1 silver1
Bas1 gold1
Basil2 bronze2
Beat1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beata1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beatrix1 bronze/silver/silver1
Beatriz1 bronze/silver1
Beattie1 gold1
Beau1 bronze/gold1
Becky1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Bedřich1 bronze1
Beezie1 bronze/gold/gold1
Belinda1 bronze/silver1
Ben1 gold, 1 bronze2
Bence1 gold/silver/silver1
Bengt1 bronze1
Beniamino1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Benjamin1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Bep1 gold1
Berit1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bernard1 silver, 1 bronze2
Bernd1 bronze/gold1
Bernhard1 gold1
Berni1 silver1
Bernice1 bronze1
Bershawn1 bronze1
Bert1 silver1
Bertalan1 gold, 1 silver2
Bertha1 silver1
Bertil1 silver1
Bertrand1 bronze1
Beth2 bronze2
Bettina1 silver1
Betty1 bronze1
Beverley1 bronze1
Bianca1 gold1
Bibi1 bronze/silver1
Bice1 bronze1
Bimbo1 bronze1
Bingyu1 bronze1
Binia1 silver1
Birger1 silver1
Birgit1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Bjarne2 silver2
Bjarte1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Björn1 gold, 1 silver2
Blagovest1 bronze1
Blaine2 bronze2
Blanka2 silver2
Blaženko1 bronze/gold1
Blythe1 bronze1
Bo1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Bob1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bode1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Bogdan1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Bohumil1 silver1
Bohuslav1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Bojana1 silver1
Bon1 gold1
Bonnie1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold1
Borbála1 bronze1
Borislava1 bronze1
Borys1 gold1
Botond1 gold1
Bozhidar1 bronze1
Božidar1 gold1
Brad1 gold1
Braden1 bronze1
Bradley1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Brady1 silver1
Bram1 bronze1
Branimir1 bronze1
Bratan1 bronze1
Brecht1 gold1
Brenda1 bronze1
Brent1 gold, 1 bronze2
Brett1 bronze1
Brianna1 silver1
Brianne1 gold, 1 silver2
Bridgitte1 bronze1
Brigetta1 silver1
Briony1 silver1
Britta1 gold/silver/silver1
Brittany1 silver1
Brittney1 gold1
Bruno1 gold, 1 silver2
Bryan1 silver1
Bryon1 bronze1
Bryony1 bronze1
Bryshon1 silver1
Bub1 bronze1
Bulcsú1 gold1
Bum1 bronze1
Burkhard1 bronze1
Burt1 bronze/silver1
Burton1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Buster1 bronze/gold1
Butch1 bronze/gold1
Buzz1 gold1
Byrle1 bronze1
Byung1 bronze1
Caitlin1 bronze/silver1
Caleb1 gold1
Camilla1 silver1
Cancan1 silver1
Candace1 gold1
Candra1 gold1
Cappie1 gold1
Caren1 bronze1
Carey1 gold1
Carie1 bronze/gold1
Carien1 bronze1
Carina1 gold1
Carl1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Carli1 gold1
Carlo1 gold1
Carlos1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Carmelita1 bronze/gold/silver1
Carmelo1 bronze/gold/gold1
Carolin1 gold/silver/silver1
Carolina1 bronze1
Caroline1 gold, 1 bronze2
Carry1 gold/silver1
Carsta1 gold1
Carsten1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Casey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cassie1 bronze1
Caster1 silver1
Cătălina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Caterine1 silver1
Catherine1 gold1
Cédric1 bronze1
Cees1 bronze1
Céline1 silver1
Cenaida1 silver1
Cerstin1 bronze1
Chanda1 bronze1
Chandra1 gold1
Chang1 bronze1
Chantal1 bronze1
Chantelle1 bronze/gold1
Charle1 bronze1
Charles1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Charlie1 bronze/gold/silver1
Charline1 gold1
Charlotte2 gold2
Chen1 silver1
Cheol1 silver, 1 bronze2
Cherie1 gold1
Cheryl1 gold1
Chet1 bronze1
Chloé1 silver1
Chong1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Chris2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver5
Christian1 gold1
Christie1 gold1
Christina1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Christine1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Christinna1 bronze1
Christof1 silver, 1 bronze2
Christoph1 bronze/silver1
Christopher1 bronze1
Chu1 bronze1
chul1 silver, 1 bronze2
Cián1 bronze1
Claire1 bronze1
Clarence1 bronze/gold/silver1
Claressa1 gold1
Clarissa2 bronze2
Claude1 bronze1
Claudia1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver2
Clémence1 silver1
Clement1 bronze1
Clemente1 silver1
Clifford1 silver1
Coby1 silver1
Coleman1 bronze1
Colette1 bronze1
Coline1 bronze1
Colleen2 gold2
Collin1 silver1
Conn1 bronze/gold/gold1
Conny1 gold1
Consetta1 bronze1
Constance1 bronze1
Constantine1 bronze1
Corey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cori1 silver1
Cormic1 bronze1
Cornelia1 bronze1
Costicǎ1 bronze1
Courtenay1 bronze1
Courtney1 bronze/silver1
Csaba1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Curdin1 bronze1
Curt1 silver1
Curtis1 bronze/gold1
Cyril3 bronze3
Cyrus1 bronze1
Daan1 gold1
dae1 bronze/gold1
Daedra1 bronze1
Dagmar1 silver, 1 bronze2
Daiki1 bronze1
Daimí1 bronze1
Dain1 gold1
Daisuke1 bronze1
Dajing1 bronze/silver1
Dallas1 bronze/gold1
Damian1 bronze1
Damiano1 silver1
Damião1 silver1
Damir1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze5
Dan2 gold, 1 silver3
Danell1 bronze1
Dani1 gold1
Daniel2 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver7
Daniela1 silver1
Daniele1 gold1
Danielle1 gold/silver1
Danijela1 bronze/silver1
Danilo1 silver1
Danira1 silver1
Daniyal1 bronze1
Danko1 silver1
Danuta1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Daphne1 bronze1
Dara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver2
Daria1 bronze1
Dario1 gold1
Dárvin1 gold1
Darvis1 silver1
Darya1 bronze/gold1
Daumants1 silver1
David3 gold, 6 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver12
Davor1 gold1
Dawn1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Debbi1 silver1
Debi1 bronze1
Deborah1 bronze/silver1
Dede1 silver1
DeeDee1 bronze/gold/gold1
Deena1 bronze1
Defar1 bronze/gold/gold1
Deidra1 bronze1
Dejen1 silver1
DeLisha1 gold1
Delos1 bronze1
Demetrius1 gold1
Dénes1 bronze/gold/silver1
Denis1 gold, 2 bronze3
Denise1 bronze1
Dennis1 bronze1
Denny1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Denys1 silver, 1 bronze2
Deon1 bronze1
Deontay1 bronze1
Derek1 bronze1
Dernell1 bronze1
Deron1 gold1
Derrick1 bronze/gold1
Des1 bronze1
Destinee1 silver1
Dettlef1 gold1
Devin1 silver1
Dexter1 bronze1
Dezső1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Diamond1 gold1
Diana1 gold1
Dianne1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Dibaba1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold2
Didier1 gold1
Diego1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Dieter1 gold1
Dimitra1 silver1
Dimitrie1 silver1
Ding1 gold1
Dino1 silver1
Dionysios1 silver1
Dirk1 gold1
Ditte1 bronze1
Dmitri1 gold1
Dmitry2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze4
Domagoj1 bronze1
Domenico1 bronze1
Domingos1 silver1
Dominik1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dominique1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Donat1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Dong2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold3
Donny1 bronze1
Donovan1 gold1
Dorian1 gold1
Dorien1 bronze1
Doris1 gold1
Dorothea1 bronze1
Dorothee1 silver1
Dorthe1 silver1
Dotsie1 silver1
Douglass1 bronze1
Drago1 bronze/gold1
Drahomír1 bronze1
Dražen1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Drew1 gold1
Du'aine1 bronze/silver1
Dubravko1 gold/silver1
Duje1 gold, 1 silver2
Đula1 bronze/gold1
Dulce1 bronze1
Dunc1 gold1
Duncan1 gold1
Đurđica1 gold/silver1
Dušan1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dwayne1 silver1
Dwight1 bronze1
Dwyane1 bronze/gold1
Earl1 bronze1
Echiko1 gold1
Eckehard1 silver1
Eckhard1 bronze1
Ed1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Ede1 silver1
Edit1 bronze1
Edith1 bronze/silver1
Edna1 bronze1
Édouard1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Edward1 bronze1
Edwige1 silver1
Edwyn1 gold1
Edy1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Eero1 silver1
Eeva1 bronze1
Egil1 bronze/gold1
Egor1 gold1
Ehsan1 silver1
Eigil1 bronze1
Eija1 bronze1
Eilert1 silver1
Einar1 gold/silver1
Eirik1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Eivind1 bronze1
Ejegayehu1 silver1
Ejvind1 silver1
Ekaterina1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ekkehard1 gold1
Elaina1 bronze1
Elana1 silver1
Elbridge1 bronze1
Elemér2 silver2
Elena1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Elisa1 gold1
Elisabeth1 bronze1
Elisângela1 bronze1
Elise1 bronze1
Elīza1 bronze1
Ellen1 gold1
Elmar1 gold/silver1
Élodie1 silver1
Elsa1 silver1
Elvis1 silver1
Elżbieta1 bronze1
Emanuel1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Emeile1 bronze1
Emeka1 bronze1
Emiko1 gold1
Emil1 bronze, 2 gold/silver3
Emília1 bronze1
Émilie1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver3
Emma1 gold1
Emmanuel1 bronze/silver1
Emmeline1 silver1
Enar1 bronze1
Endéné1 silver1
Engen1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Enith1 bronze1
Enni1 silver1
Enrico1 gold1
Ephraim1 bronze1
Epke1 gold1
Erben1 bronze1
Erdene1 bronze1
Eric1 silver1
Erich1 bronze1
Erick1 silver1
Ericka1 bronze/silver1
Erik4 silver4
Erika1 bronze/silver1
Erin1 bronze1
Erinn1 silver1
Erkki2 silver2
Erland1 bronze1
Erling1 bronze1
Ernest1 bronze1
Ervin1 bronze/gold1
Esa1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Esquiva1 silver1
Essa1 bronze1
Eszter1 bronze1
Etienne1 gold, 1 bronze2
Eugène1 bronze1
Eugenio1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Eun1 gold1
Evaldas1 bronze1
Ève1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Evelina2 bronze2
Evelyne1 gold1
Evgeni1 gold/silver/silver1
Evgeniy1 bronze1
Evgeny1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold3
Evi1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Ewald1 silver1
Eyüp1 bronze1
Ezekiel1 gold1
Fabian1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Fabiana1 gold1
Fabien1 bronze/silver1
Fábio2 silver2
Fabricio1 bronze/gold1
Fabrizio1 bronze1
Falko1 bronze/silver1
Fanny1 gold, 1 bronze2
Fatima1 bronze/silver1
Fay1 bronze1
Fedia1 bronze1
Fedir1 gold1
Fedor1 gold/silver1
Feg1 bronze1
Felipe1 silver1
Félix2 gold2
Feng1 gold1
Fernande1 bronze1
Fernando2 silver2
Filip1 silver, 1 bronze2
Flandy1 bronze1
Flemming1 silver1
Florence1 silver, 1 bronze2
Florin1 silver, 1 bronze2
Floyd1 bronze1
Foluke1 silver1
Fortune1 bronze/silver1
France1 silver1
Francena1 gold1
Franjo2 silver2
Frano1 gold1
František1 silver1
Franziska1 gold/silver1
Fred1 silver1
Frédéric1 gold1
Fredrik1 bronze1
Frida1 silver1
Friedhelm1 gold/silver1
Frigyes1 bronze1
Fritzi1 silver1
Frode1 gold/silver/silver1
Fulvio1 gold/silver1
Fyodor1 bronze/gold1
Gabe1 bronze1
Gábor1 gold/silver1
Gabriel2 silver2
Gabriela1 silver1
Gabriele1 silver1
Gabriella1 gold/silver1
Gabrielle1 gold1
Gaël1 gold1
Gail1 silver1
Galen1 silver1
Galina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Gamze1 silver1
Gaston1 bronze1
Gaydarbek1 gold/silver1
Gebhard1 bronze1
Geertje1 silver1
Geneviève1 gold1
Gennadi1 gold1
Gennadiy1 gold1
Gennady1 bronze1
Genrikh1 bronze/gold1
George1 bronze1
Georgia1 bronze1
Geraint1 gold1
Gerard1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze5
Gerco1 silver1
Gerd1 bronze/gold1
Gerda1 gold1
Gergely1 bronze/silver1
German2 silver2
Gerrit1 silver1
Gerry1 silver1
Gertrude1 bronze/gold1
Giampiero1 bronze/silver1
Gianni1 gold/silver1
Giannin1 bronze1
gil1 gold, 1 bronze2
Gillian2 gold, 1 bronze3
Gillis1 gold/silver1
Gina1 silver1
Ginko1 bronze1
Giorgio1 gold1
Giovani1 gold1
Giovanna1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Giovanni1 gold1
Gisele1 silver1
Givanildo1 silver1
Gladys1 bronze1
Gleb1 bronze1
Glenn1 silver1
Glorianne1 silver1
Goran1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Gord1 silver1
Gordana1 bronze1
Gösta1 bronze1
Göte2 bronze2
Gottfried1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Gottlieb1 bronze1
Gracie1 bronze1
Gratsian1 gold/silver1
Greg1 gold, 1 silver2
Gregor1 bronze/gold/silver1
Grégory1 silver1
Gretchen1 gold1
Gretha1 silver1
Grigore1 bronze1
Grigory1 gold1
Guanliang1 gold1
Guentër1 bronze1
Guillaume1 bronze1
Gunde1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Gunilla1 bronze/silver1
Gunn1 gold1
Gus1 silver1
Gustav1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver2
Gustave1 bronze1
Guus1 bronze1
Guy1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Gwen1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Gwendal1 bronze/gold1
gwon1 bronze1
Gwynne1 bronze1
Gyöngyi1 bronze1
György1 bronze1
Győző1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold1
Ha1 bronze1
Habiba1 silver1
Hack1 gold1
Haifeng1 gold/silver1
Haiyang1 silver1
Håkan1 gold1
Håkon1 gold/silver1
Haldor1 gold1
Haley1 gold1
Hallgeir1 gold/silver/silver1
Halyna1 gold1
Hamide1 bronze1
Hamilton1 bronze1
Hamit1 bronze/gold/silver1
Hanna1 bronze1
Hannah1 bronze/gold1
Hannes1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Hannie1 silver1
Hannu2 bronze2
Hans1 silver, 1 bronze2
Hansle1 bronze1
Hao1 gold, 1 silver2
Haralambie1 silver1
Håvard1 silver, 1 bronze2
Hayes1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Hayley1 gold/silver1
Heather3 gold3
Héctor1 gold1
Hedda1 silver1
Hedwiga1 bronze1
hee3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver5
Hegle1 gold/silver1
Heidi2 bronze2
Heike1 bronze/gold/gold1
Heiki1 silver1
Heikki1 gold/silver1
Heini2 bronze2
Helen1 silver1
Helena1 bronze1
Helge1 bronze1
Helmut1 silver1
Helmuth1 bronze1
Helmuts1 silver1
Hendra1 gold1
Henk2 bronze2
Hennie1 gold1
Henning1 bronze/silver1
Henrik1 silver, 1 bronze, 2 gold/silver4
Henrique1 silver1
Herb1 bronze1
Herbert2 bronze2
Herma1 gold1
Herman1 silver1
Hermann1 bronze1
Hermawan1 bronze1
Herminio1 bronze/silver/silver1
Hersey1 bronze1
Hew1 bronze1
hi1 bronze/gold/gold1
Hilary1 silver1
Hilda1 bronze1
Hilde1 bronze1
Hilkka1 silver1
Hilma1 bronze1
Hinrich1 gold1
Hippolyt1 bronze/gold/silver1
Hiram1 gold, 1 bronze2
Hitomi1 bronze1
ho1 bronze1
Holger1 bronze1
Hollie1 silver1
Hollis1 bronze/silver1
Hong1 gold1
Hongbo1 bronze/gold1
Hooley1 gold1
hoon1 gold/silver/silver1
Hope1 gold1
Horace1 bronze1
Horatio1 bronze1
Horst1 gold1
Hrvoje1 silver1
Hrystyna1 bronze1
Hubertus1 gold1
Hugh1 bronze1
hwan1 gold1
hyek1 bronze/gold1
Hyeon1 gold1
Hyleas1 silver1
Hyong1 silver1
Hyun1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Ian1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Ibolya1 gold1
Ida1 bronze/gold1
Idalmis1 gold1
Ids1 gold/silver1
Ignaz1 bronze1
Igor2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver4
Iivo1 gold1
Ilaria1 bronze/gold1
Ildikó1 bronze/silver/silver/silver1
Ilia1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ilias1 bronze/gold1
Ilona1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Ilse2 silver2
Ilya1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Imke1 silver1
Inessa1 silver1
Inge1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Ingela1 bronze1
Ingemar1 bronze/gold1
Inger1 bronze/gold1
Ingo1 gold, 1 bronze2
Ingrid1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Ingrīda1 bronze1
Ingvild1 gold/silver1
Inna1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Ion1 bronze1
Iouri1 gold1
Ira1 bronze1
Ireen1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Irén1 bronze/silver/silver1
Irene1 bronze1
Irfan1 bronze/gold1
Irina1 bronze/silver/silver1
Irving1 gold, 1 silver2
Iryna1 bronze1
Isabell1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Isabelle1 gold, 1 silver2
Isao1 silver1
Israel1 gold1
Ivan2 gold, 1 silver, 7 bronze10
Ivano1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Ivans1 gold1
Ivica1 silver1
Izabela1 bronze1
Iztok1 bronze/gold1
Ja1 bronze1
Jaak1 bronze1
Jaap1 silver, 1 bronze2
Jack1 silver1
Jacky1 bronze1
Jacob1 gold, 1 silver2
Jacques1 gold/silver1
Jae2 bronze2
Jake1 silver1
Jakob1 silver1
Jakov2 bronze2
Jalani1 bronze1
Jam1 bronze1
James1 gold1
Jamie2 gold, 1 bronze3
Jan1 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/gold9
Janay1 bronze1
Janeene1 bronze1
Janelson1 gold1
Janica1 gold/silver/silver1
Janine1 bronze1
Jānis1 silver, 1 bronze2
Janne1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Jared1 bronze/silver/silver1
Jari2 bronze2
Jarkko1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Jarmo1 bronze/silver1
Jarome1 gold1
Jaromír1 silver, 1 bronze2
Jaroslav1 gold, 2 silver3
Jarrin1 bronze1
Jasmin1 bronze1
Jasna1 bronze1
Jason1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Javier2 gold, 1 bronze3
Jay1 gold1
Jayna1 gold/silver1
Jayne1 bronze/gold1
Jayson1 bronze1
Jean1 gold, 2 bronze3
Jeanne1 bronze1
Jeff1 gold, 1 silver2
Jeneba1 gold1
Jenn1 gold, 1 gold/silver2
Jenna1 bronze1
Jenni1 bronze1
Jennie1 silver1
Jennifer1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver5
Jenny2 bronze2
Jenő1 bronze/gold1
Jens1 bronze/gold1
Jere1 bronze/silver1
Jeret1 silver1
Jeroen1 gold1
Jesse1 gold, 1 bronze2
Jessica1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze4
Jesús1 gold1
Jevgenij1 silver1
Jhonas1 silver1
Ji1 gold1
Jian1 silver1
Jianrou1 gold1
Jill1 gold1
Jimmie1 silver, 1 bronze2
jin1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver4
Jinelle1 silver1
Jing1 silver1
Jinghui1 gold1
Jingjing1 gold/silver/silver1
Jinjie1 silver1
Jinzi1 bronze1
Jiří1 silver, 1 bronze2
Joa1 bronze/silver1
Joachim1 bronze1
Joanna1 gold1
Joannie1 bronze1
Joaquim1 gold/silver1
Jocelyne1 gold, 1 silver2
Jochem1 gold/silver1
Jochen1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Jody1 bronze1
Joe1 silver1
Johan1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Johanna1 bronze1
Johannes1 bronze1
John1 gold, 1 silver2
Johnny1 silver1
Joie1 bronze1
Jolán1 bronze1
Jolanda1 bronze/gold1
Jon1 bronze1
Jonas1 gold, 1 silver2
Jonathan1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Jonelle1 bronze1
Jong1 bronze1
Joni2 bronze2
Jordan1 bronze/silver1
Jordyn1 gold1
Jörg1 bronze1
Jorge1 gold1
Jørgen1 gold1
Jori1 bronze1
Jorien1 gold1
Jorma1 silver1
Jorrit1 gold1
José2 gold, 1 silver3
Josef1 bronze1
Josefin1 bronze1
Josephine1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Joshua1 silver1
Josiah1 bronze1
Josias1 bronze1
Josip1 gold1
Joško1 silver1
Joslyn1 bronze1
Joss1 gold1
Jozef1 bronze/silver1
Józefa1 bronze1
ju1 gold1
Juan2 silver2
Judith1 bronze/silver/silver1
Juha1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Juhamatti1 bronze1
Jukka1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Julia1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Julian1 silver1
Juliana1 bronze1
Julie1 gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver2
Julius1 gold1
Juliya1 gold1
jun1 silver1
June2 bronze/silver2
Jung1 gold1
Jungo1 gold/silver1
Jur1 silver1
Juraj1 bronze1
Jure1 silver1
Juris1 bronze/silver1
Jussi1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Justin1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Justine1 gold1
Justyna1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Juuso1 bronze1
Kaarle1 bronze1
Kacey1 silver1
Kaeo1 silver1
Kaetlyn1 silver1
Kai1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver2
Kaillie1 gold1
Kaisa1 bronze/silver1
Kaitlin1 bronze/gold/silver1
Kaitlyn2 gold2
Kajsa1 gold1
Kalevi1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Kalle1 gold, 1 silver2
Kálmán1 gold1
Kamal1 bronze1
Kamil1 gold, 1 bronze2
Kamilla1 silver1
Kaori1 bronze1
Kara1 bronze1
Karel1 bronze1
Kari1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Karin1 bronze1
Karoliina1 bronze1
Karolina1 bronze1
Karsten1 gold1
Karyn1 gold/silver1
Katalin1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Katarina1 gold1
Katarzyna2 bronze/silver2
Kateryna1 gold1
Kathleen1 bronze1
Kathrin1 bronze1
Katie1 gold1
Katja2 bronze2
Katrin1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver2
Katrina1 bronze/gold/gold1
Katsuko1 gold1
Katsumi1 gold1
Katsutoshi1 bronze/gold/silver1
Kaylyn1 bronze1
Kayoko1 bronze1
Keala1 bronze1
Kee1 bronze1
Keena1 bronze/gold1
Kees1 silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver2
Keeth1 silver1
Kelci1 silver1
Kelley1 gold, 2 bronze3
Kelli1 silver1
Kellie1 bronze1
Kelly1 bronze/gold1
Kelsey1 silver1
Kelvin1 bronze1
Kemar1 gold1
Kenan1 silver1
Kendall1 silver1
Kendra1 bronze1
Kenji1 gold/silver1
Kent1 silver1
Kenta1 silver1
Kerri1 gold1
Kerrith1 bronze1
Kerron1 bronze/silver/silver1
Kerry1 silver1
Kerttu1 silver1
Keshia1 gold1
Keshorn1 gold1
Keston1 bronze/silver1
Kévin2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze5
Kexin1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Khaled1 bronze1
Kim1 bronze1
Kimie1 bronze1
Kimmo1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Kinga1 gold1
Kinnear1 bronze1
Kinuko1 gold1
Kip2 bronze2
Kipsang1 bronze1
Kira1 bronze1
Kirani1 gold1
Kirsi1 bronze1
Kirsten1 gold, 1 bronze2
Kitty1 silver1
Kiyofumi1 bronze1
Kiyomi1 gold1
Kjell1 silver1
Kjetil1 gold/silver1
Klára1 bronze1
Klaus1 bronze1
Klavdiya1 gold1
Klete1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Ko1 gold1
Kobe1 gold1
Koen1 gold/silver1
Koji1 bronze/gold1
Konrad1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold2
Koos1 bronze1
Krešimir1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Kris1 bronze1
Kriss1 bronze/silver1
Krissy1 bronze/silver1
Krista1 silver1
Kristen1 bronze1
Kristi1 gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver2
Kristian1 bronze1
Kristin1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Kristina1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver4
Krisztián1 gold1
Krisztina1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver3
Ksenia1 gold/silver1
Kulbir1 bronze/gold1
Kumi1 bronze1
Kunie1 silver1
Kurt1 gold1
Květa1 bronze/silver1
Kyla1 gold1
kyung1 bronze1
Lacey1 bronze/silver1
Ladislav1 bronze1
Ladislava1 bronze1
Laëtitia1 silver1
Lajos1 gold1
Lalonde1 bronze1
Lamar1 bronze1
Lana1 bronze1
Lance1 bronze1
Lara2 bronze2
Larion1 bronze1
Larisa1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Larissa1 bronze1
Lars1 gold1
Larsen1 bronze/silver1
Lashinda1 silver1
Lasse1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
László1 bronze1
Laura2 gold, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver7
Laure1 bronze1
Lauren1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver4
Lauri1 bronze1
Lauriane1 gold1
Laurine1 bronze1
Lauryn1 gold/silver/silver1
Lawrie1 bronze1
Lawson1 bronze1
Lázaro1 bronze1
Lea1 bronze/gold1
Leandro1 silver1
LeBron1 bronze/gold/gold1
Ledis1 silver1
Lee1 silver1
Leila1 bronze1
Leland1 bronze1
Lennart1 silver, 1 bronze2
Lenore1 bronze/silver1
Leo1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Leobaldo1 silver1
Léon1 silver1
Leonel1 silver, 1 bronze2
Leontien1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Leroy1 bronze1
Lesley1 bronze1
Levi1 bronze1
Lew1 bronze1
Lia1 bronze1
Liam1 bronze1
Liana1 bronze1
Liane1 bronze1
Liang1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Libor1 gold1
Lídia1 gold/silver/silver1
Lidiya1 gold1
Lien1 silver1
Lieuwe1 bronze1
Liisa1 silver, 1 bronze2
Lijiao1 bronze1
Lilia1 gold1
Liliyana1 silver1
Lilli1 silver1
Lina1 gold1
Linda1 bronze1
Linden1 bronze1
Lindsay1 gold1
Lioubov1 silver1
Lisa1 gold1
Lise1 bronze/gold1
Lishi1 gold/silver1
Livia1 bronze1
Liz1 bronze1
Lizzie1 silver1
Lizzy1 gold1
Llewellyn1 bronze1
Lloy1 gold1
Lloyd1 bronze1
Lockwood1 bronze1
Lode1 bronze1
Long1 bronze1
Lorenz2 bronze2
Lori1 gold/silver1
Lorne1 bronze1
Lotta1 bronze1
Lotte1 bronze/gold1
Lou1 bronze1
Loui1 silver1
Louise1 bronze1
Lu1 bronze1
Luan1 bronze1
Lubomír1 bronze1
Lucas1 silver1
Luciano1 gold1
Lucija1 bronze1
Ludger1 gold1
Ludowika1 gold/silver1
Ludwig1 bronze1
Luguelín1 silver1
Luigi1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Luiz1 silver1
Luiza1 bronze/silver1
Lukáš2 bronze2
Luke1 gold1
Lund1 gold1
Lutalo1 bronze1
Luzia1 silver1
Luzius1 bronze1
Lydia1 bronze/gold1
Lyman1 silver1
Lyndsay1 bronze/silver1
Lyndsey1 silver1
Lyndsie1 bronze1
Lynge1 bronze/silver1
Lyubomir1 gold/silver1
Lyubov1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Lyudmila1 silver1
Maarten1 gold1
Mabel1 bronze1
Maciej1 silver1
Maddie1 gold1
Madge1 bronze/gold1
Magali1 bronze1
Magaly1 gold1
Magda1 bronze/silver1
Magdalena1 silver1
Magdolna1 silver1
Magnar1 bronze/silver1
Magne1 silver1
Magnus1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Magomedrasul1 bronze1
Mahiedine1 silver1
Mai1 bronze1
Maialen1 bronze1
Maike1 gold1
Maikel1 silver1
Maiken1 gold1
Maiko1 bronze1
Major1 bronze/gold/silver1
Makiko1 silver1
Malcolm1 bronze1
Malin1 silver1
Mamoru1 silver1
Manfred1 gold, 2 bronze3
Manny1 silver1
Manon1 silver1
Manteo1 silver1
Manuel1 bronze1
Manuela1 silver1
Mao1 silver1
Maracanã1 silver1
Marc1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver6
Marcel1 silver1
Marcella1 bronze1
Marcelo1 bronze/silver1
Márcio1 silver1
Marco1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Marcus2 silver, 1 gold/silver3
Marek2 bronze2
Margaretha1 silver1
Margherita1 bronze1
Margit1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Margot1 bronze1
Margriet1 silver1
Mari1 bronze1
Maria1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze4
Marian1 bronze1
Mariana1 gold, 1 bronze2
Marianna1 bronze1
Marianne2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/silver4
Maribel1 bronze1
Marie1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver5
Mariel1 bronze/gold/gold1
Marielle1 gold1
Mariia1 bronze1
Marika1 silver, 1 bronze2
Mariko1 gold/silver1
Marilee1 bronze1
Marina1 bronze1
Marinius1 bronze1
Marinus1 gold1
Mario2 gold, 2 bronze4
Marion1 silver, 2 bronze3
Māris1 gold1
Marit1 silver, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Marita1 silver1
Mariya1 gold, 1 bronze2
Marja1 bronze1
Marjatta1 bronze/silver/silver/silver1
Marjo1 bronze1
Marjut1 gold/silver1
Mark1 gold, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold6
Markis1 gold1
Markku1 silver1
Marko2 bronze2
Marleen1 bronze1
Marlen1 bronze1
Marlenis1 gold1
Marlies1 bronze/silver/silver/silver1
Maro1 gold, 1 silver2
Marquard1 bronze1
Marquardt1 bronze1
Marrit1 gold1
Marti1 bronze1
Martin1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver5
Martina1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver2
Mārtiņš1 silver, 2 bronze3
Márton1 gold/silver1
Mary1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Maryam1 bronze1
Maryna1 bronze1
Masae1 gold1
Masaki1 silver1
Masako1 gold1
Masayuki1 bronze/gold/silver1
Mate2 gold2
Matej1 silver1
Mateja1 silver1
Mathias1 silver1
Mathieu1 gold1
Matija1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Mats2 bronze2
Matt1 gold1
Matthew1 bronze1
Matthias1 gold1
Maurice1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver3
Maurilio1 gold/silver/silver1
Maurizio1 bronze1
Mauro1 gold/silver1
Mavis1 bronze1
Mavzuna1 bronze1
Max1 bronze1
Maxim1 gold, 1 silver2
Maximilian1 bronze/silver1
Maxwell1 silver1
Maya1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Maybelis1 bronze1
McDonald1 bronze1
McKayla1 gold/silver1
McLain1 gold1
Meaghan1 gold, 1 bronze2
Medina1 bronze1
Megan1 gold, 1 silver2
Meghan1 gold, 1 silver2
Meinhard1 bronze/gold/gold/gold1
Meinrad1 gold1
Melitta1 silver, 1 bronze2
Mélodie1 gold1
Mengtao1 silver1
Meryl1 bronze/gold/silver1
Meseret1 bronze/gold/gold1
Meta1 bronze1
Mette1 bronze1
Mezzi1 bronze1
Mia1 silver, 1 bronze2
Micah1 bronze1
Michael2 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver9
Michal1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Michel1 bronze/gold1
Michele1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Micheline1 gold1
Michelle1 silver1
Michiko1 silver1
Mickaël1 bronze1
Midori1 silver1
Mieke1 silver1
Mietje1 silver1
Miguel1 gold1
Mihai1 bronze/silver1
Miho1 gold1
Miikka1 bronze1
Mika1 gold, 2 bronze3
Mikaël1 silver, 1 bronze2
Mikaela1 gold1
Mike1 gold, 1 silver2
Miki1 bronze1
Mikko1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Miklós1 bronze1
Milan1 silver1
Milko1 bronze1
Miloslav1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
min1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ming1 silver1
Minttu1 bronze1
Minxia1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Mira1 bronze1
Mireya1 gold1
Miriam1 gold1
Mirja1 gold/silver1
Mirjam1 silver1
Mirka1 gold1
Mirko1 bronze1
Miroslav1 bronze/gold/gold1
Mirosław1 gold1
Mirza1 gold1
Misha1 bronze1
Missy1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Misty1 gold1
Mitchell1 silver1
Mithat1 gold1
Mitică1 bronze/gold1
Mitko1 silver1
Mitzi1 bronze1
Miyoko1 bronze1
Mizuki1 silver1
Mo1 gold1
Molly1 silver1
Momčilo1 bronze1
Monica1 bronze1
Monique1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Mönkh1 bronze1
Montgomery1 bronze1
Moose1 silver1
Mór1 bronze1
Murilo1 silver1
Murray1 gold1
Mutaz1 bronze1
Myriam1 bronze1
na1 bronze1
Nadezhda1 silver, 1 bronze2
Nadia1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver2
Nadine1 gold1
Nadzeya2 bronze2
Naim1 gold1
Nalbert1 gold1
Nan1 gold1
Nanna1 bronze/silver1
Nannan1 silver1
Narcisco1 bronze1
Natalia1 bronze1
Natalie1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold2
Natalya1 bronze/gold/silver/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Natasa1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver1
Natascia1 bronze1
Nathalie1 bronze1
Neal1 gold1
Nel1 gold1
Nelli1 silver1
Nenad1 gold1
Nesta1 gold1
Néstor2 gold2
Neville1 bronze1
Nevin1 silver1
Neymar1 silver1
Nick1 gold, 2 bronze3
Nicklas1 silver1
Niclas1 gold1
Nicola1 gold, 1 silver2
Nicolae1 bronze1
Nicole1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Nicolien1 gold1
Nicu1 bronze1
Nicușor1 silver1
Nida1 gold1
Nijel1 silver1
Nikita1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver2
Nikki1 gold1
Niklas1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Niklaus1 bronze1
Nikolaj1 bronze/gold/silver1
Nikolay1 bronze1
Nikša2 gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Nils1 silver1
Nina2 bronze2
Ninel1 silver1
Nino2 bronze/silver2
Nion1 gold1
Nisse1 silver1
Noel1 bronze1
Noelle1 silver1
Noora1 bronze1
Norbert1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Norberto1 silver1
Noriaki1 bronze/silver/silver1
Norie1 bronze1
Noriko1 gold1
Norka1 gold1
Norman1 gold, 1 bronze2
Norris1 silver1
Nova1 silver1
Novak1 bronze1
Novlene1 bronze1
Nurmagomed1 silver1
Odd1 gold/silver/silver1
Oddbjørn1 gold/silver/silver1
Oddvar1 silver1
Ödön1 bronze1
Offutt1 bronze1
Ognjen1 silver1
Ognyana1 bronze1
Ogonna1 silver1
ok1 bronze1
Oksana1 gold1
Ola1 gold1
Olaf1 gold1
Oldřich1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver/silver3
Ole1 gold/silver1
Oleg2 bronze2
Oļegs1 gold1
Oleksandr1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Olena1 gold1
Olesya1 bronze1
Olga1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver6
Olha1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Olive1 bronze1
Oliver1 silver1
Olivier1 silver1
Olli1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Olov1 silver1
Ondřej1 bronze/silver1
Orhan1 silver1
Oribe1 gold1
Ortrun1 gold1
Orus1 bronze1
Osborne1 silver1
Oscar1 silver1
Oskar1 bronze1
Oskars1 silver1
Osmay1 bronze1
Ossi1 bronze/silver1
Ossie1 bronze1
Oswald1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Oszkár1 bronze1
Otakar2 bronze2
Ove1 bronze/silver1
Oxana1 bronze1
Øystein1 gold1
Paavo1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver2
Paddy1 bronze1
Paea1 silver1
Paige2 bronze2
Päivi1 bronze1
Pál1 gold1
Pandelela1 bronze1
Paola1 bronze/silver1
Pasi2 bronze2
Pasquale1 bronze/silver1
Passion1 bronze1
Pato1 bronze/silver1
Patric1 bronze/gold1
Patrice1 gold1
Patrick2 gold, 1 silver3
Patrik1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Patrizia1 gold1
Patsy1 gold, 1 bronze2
Pau1 silver1
Paulo1 gold, 1 silver2
Pavel1 bronze/gold1
Pāvels1 gold/silver1
Pavol1 bronze/gold/gold/gold1
Peer1 bronze1
Peetu1 silver1
Pelle2 bronze2
Per1 bronze1
Percival1 bronze1
Percy2 bronze2
Perica1 gold/silver1
Pernilla1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Petar3 gold, 1 silver4
Peter4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver9
Petr1 gold, 2 bronze3
Petra2 gold, 2 bronze4
Petre1 silver1
Petri1 bronze1
Phelan1 bronze1
Philip2 gold2
Phoebe1 bronze1
Phyllis1 bronze/silver1
Pierpaolo1 bronze/gold1
Piet1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Pieter1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Pippa1 bronze/silver/silver1
Pirjo1 bronze1
Pirkko1 bronze1
Pirmin1 bronze/gold1
Pius1 bronze1
Policarp1 bronze1
Přemysl1 silver1
Priit1 bronze1
Primož1 gold/silver1
Priscah1 silver1
Pua1 gold/silver1
Qieyang1 bronze1
Qing1 gold, 1 silver2
Rachael1 bronze/silver/silver1
Rachel1 gold, 1 bronze2
Radek1 bronze1
Radim1 bronze1
Radivoj1 silver1
Radoslav2 silver2
Radosław1 silver1
Radya1 bronze/silver/silver/silver1
Rafael1 silver1
Raimo1 bronze/silver1
Raimonds1 silver1
Rainer1 bronze1
Raisa1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Raj1 bronze1
Rajmund1 gold, 1 bronze2
Raluca1 bronze1
Raman1 bronze/gold/silver1
Ramon1 gold/silver1
Ramona1 gold/silver/silver1
Ramzy1 bronze1
Randi1 bronze1
Raniere1 silver1
Ranomi1 gold1
Raphael1 bronze1
Rareș1 silver1
Rashid1 bronze1
Ratko1 silver1
Raúl1 gold1
Rauno1 silver1
Razif1 bronze1
Rebecca1 gold1
Reese1 bronze1
Reginald1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold2
Regine1 silver1
Regla1 gold1
Reid1 gold1
Reidar2 bronze2
Reijo2 silver2
Reika1 silver1
Reinhard1 gold1
Reinhold1 silver1
Ren1 bronze1
Renan1 silver1
Renate1 silver1
Renato1 silver1
Renaud1 gold1
René1 gold, 1 bronze2
Reruhi1 bronze1
Reto1 bronze1
Rexy1 gold1
Rhona1 gold1
Rhoshii1 bronze1
Ria2 gold, 1 silver3
Ricarda1 bronze1
Richard1 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Rick1 gold1
Ricky1 silver1
Rico1 bronze1
Rie1 gold/silver1
Rigoberto1 silver1
Riikka1 bronze1
Rinong1 bronze1
Rintje1 bronze/silver/silver1
Risa1 bronze1
Rita1 gold1
Robeisy1 gold1
Robert1 gold, 2 bronze3
Roberto1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Robin2 bronze2
Rohan1 silver1
Rohanee1 silver1
Rohullah1 bronze1
Roland1 gold1
Rolf1 silver, 1 bronze2
Romallis1 bronze1
Roman1 gold1
Romeo1 gold1
Rômulo1 silver1
Romy1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ronda1 bronze1
Roniel1 bronze/gold1
Ronnie1 gold1
Rosalynn1 silver1
Roseline1 bronze1
Rosemarie1 bronze1
Rosir1 bronze1
Rositsa1 bronze1
Rostislav1 bronze1
Roswitha1 gold1
Roy1 bronze1
Rozália1 bronze1
Ruben1 gold, 1 bronze2
Rüdiger1 bronze/gold/gold/gold1
Rudolf1 gold1
Rudy1 silver1
Rulon1 bronze/gold1
Rumyana1 bronze1
Ruolin1 gold1
Ruslan1 bronze1
Russell1 gold1
Rusty1 bronze1
Rūta1 gold1
Ryan3 gold, 1 silver4
Ryo1 silver1
ryong1 bronze1
Ryōta1 gold1
Ryszard1 gold1
Saara1 bronze1
Šaban1 bronze1
Sabina1 bronze1
Sabine1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Sachiko1 silver1
Sada1 bronze/silver1
Sadatoshi1 bronze1
Sage1 gold1
Saija1 bronze1
Saina1 bronze1
Saint1 bronze1
Sakari1 bronze1
Saku1 bronze/silver1
Sally1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Sam1 silver, 1 bronze2
Samantha1 silver, 1 bronze2
Sami1 gold, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/silver6
Samir1 gold1
Samppa1 gold/silver/silver1
Samu1 silver1
Sanda1 bronze1
Sandra1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold5
Sandrine1 silver1
Sandro2 gold, 2 silver4
Sanna1 bronze1
Sanya1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold1
Saori1 bronze1
Sara1 silver, 1 bronze2
Sarah2 silver, 1 bronze3
Sari1 silver, 1 bronze2
Šárka1 bronze1
Sascha1 silver1
Sasha1 silver1
Sata1 gold1
Satoshi1 bronze1
Satu1 silver1
Saúl1 gold/silver1
Sauli1 silver1
Schillonie1 silver1
Schuyler1 bronze1
Scott1 gold, 1 silver, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Scotty1 bronze1
Sebastian1 gold, 2 bronze3
Sébastien1 silver1
Seiji1 gold/silver1
Seiko1 silver1
Seimone1 gold1
Selina1 silver1
Semyon1 bronze1
Senja1 bronze1
Seok1 gold, 1 bronze2
Serge1 silver1
Sergei1 silver, 1 bronze2
Sergey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Serghei1 gold/silver1
Sergi1 bronze1
Sergio2 silver2
Serhei1 gold1
Serik1 gold1
Servet1 bronze/gold1
Seth1 gold, 1 bronze2
Setsuko1 silver1
Seung1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Severin1 gold1
Shalane1 bronze1
Shane1 bronze1
Shani1 gold/silver/silver1
Shannon2 gold2
Shaquille1 gold1
Shawn1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Shea1 gold1
Sheilla1 gold1
Shelda1 silver1
Shelly1 gold/silver/silver1
Sheng1 gold1
Shenjie1 bronze1
Shereefa1 bronze1
Shericka1 bronze/silver1
Sherone1 gold/silver/silver1
Sherwin1 silver1
Shiming1 bronze/gold/gold1
Shizuka1 gold1
Shuang1 bronze/silver/silver1
Sidão1 silver1
Sideris1 silver1
Sidney1 gold, 1 bronze2
Siegbert1 gold1
Siegfried1 silver1
Sigfrid1 silver1
Sigisfredo1 bronze1
Sigrun1 bronze1
Sigurd1 bronze1
Siiri1 bronze/gold1
Silke1 bronze/gold/silver1
Silvan1 bronze1
Silvijo1 bronze1
Silvio1 bronze1
Silviya1 bronze1
Simeon1 bronze1
Simion1 gold1
Simo1 silver1
Simon1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Siniša1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Sirkka1 gold1
Sissy1 gold1
Sixten1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Sjinkie1 bronze1
Sjoukje1 gold/silver1
Slavko1 gold1
Slavomír1 silver1
Sloan1 bronze1
Slobodan1 gold1
Snježana1 bronze1
Sofia1 bronze1
Sofiya1 silver1
Sofya1 silver1
Solveig1 silver1
Sonia1 silver, 1 bronze2
Sonja1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
soo1 bronze1
sook1 bronze1
Soon1 silver1
Sophie1 bronze1
Sorin1 bronze1
Spyridon1 gold1
Stacey1 bronze1
Stacy1 silver1
Ståle1 silver1
Stane1 bronze1
Stanislav1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Staņislavs1 gold1
Stavroula1 silver1
Stefan1 gold1
Stefanie1 bronze/silver1
Stefany1 bronze1
Steffen1 bronze1
Steffi1 gold1
Steinar1 bronze/gold1
Štěpánka1 gold1
Stephan1 gold1
Stephen1 gold1
Stephon1 bronze1
Steve1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Steven1 bronze, 2 bronze/gold3
Stien1 bronze/gold/silver1
Stig2 bronze2
Stina1 bronze1
Stine1 bronze/gold1
Stojko1 silver1
Strand1 bronze1
Sture1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Sue1 gold1
Suguru1 silver1
Suk2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Sulo1 gold1
Sultan1 silver1
Sumie1 silver1
sun1 bronze1
Sung5 bronze, 1 gold/silver6
Suriya1 bronze1
Susi1 bronze/silver1
Suzue1 silver1
Suzy1 bronze/silver/silver1
Svea1 silver1
Sven1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Sverre1 bronze/silver1
Svetlana1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Swin1 gold1
Sydney1 gold1
Sylke1 gold1
Sylvi1 gold1
Sylvia1 gold, 1 bronze2
Sylwia1 bronze/silver1
Synnøve1 bronze1
Szabolcs1 bronze1
Sze1 bronze1
Szilárd1 silver1
Szilveszter1 gold/silver1
Szilvia1 silver1
Szvetiszláv1 bronze1
Tadayoshi1 gold/silver1
Tae1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Taismary1 gold1
Takaharu1 silver1
Takako1 gold/silver1
Takeshi1 bronze1
Taku2 bronze2
Talmo1 gold1
Tamari1 silver1
Tamás1 silver, 1 bronze2
Tamika1 gold1
Tamilla1 silver1
Tammy1 bronze1
Tandara1 gold1
Tanith1 silver1
Tanja1 silver1
Tanya1 silver1
Taoufik1 gold1
Tapani1 bronze1
Tapio1 gold/silver1
Tara1 gold, 1 bronze2
Taras1 bronze1
Tariku1 bronze1
Tarjei1 gold1
Tasha2 bronze2
Tate1 gold1
Tatiana2 gold, 1 silver3
Tatjana1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Tatyana1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Taufik1 gold1
Tayshaun1 gold1
Tayyiba1 silver1
Tebbs1 bronze1
Tecla1 gold1
Ted1 gold1
Teee1 bronze1
Teemu1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Teja1 bronze1
Tenley1 gold/silver1
Teodor1 bronze/silver1
Teppo1 bronze/silver/silver1
Terhi1 bronze1
Tero1 bronze1
Terrence1 bronze1
Terri1 bronze1
Teruhisa1 bronze1
Tervel1 bronze1
Tessa1 gold/silver/silver1
Tetsuo1 gold1
Tetyana1 bronze1
Teun1 bronze1
Teuvo1 silver1
Tex1 bronze1
Teymur1 bronze1
Thaísa1 gold1
Thalia1 bronze1
Thane1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Thelma1 bronze1
Theo1 silver, 1 bronze2
Theoren1 gold1
Theresa1 bronze1
Therese1 bronze/gold/silver1
Thiago1 bronze/silver1
Thom1 bronze1
Thomas1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Thoralf1 silver1
Thord1 bronze1
Thorleif1 gold1
Tianfeng1 bronze1
Tianna1 gold1
Tianyu1 bronze/silver1
Tiberiu1 silver1
Tibor1 bronze1
Tiffeny1 gold/silver1
Tihomir1 bronze1
Tiia1 bronze1
Tiit1 gold1
Tiki1 gold1
Tim1 gold1
Tímea1 gold1
Timofey1 bronze1
Timothy1 bronze1
Tina1 gold, 2 gold/silver3
Tineke1 silver, 1 bronze2
Ting1 gold1
Tino1 silver1
Tinus1 bronze1
Tiril1 bronze/gold1
Tīruma1 bronze1
Tirunesh1 bronze/gold/gold/gold1
Tivadar1 bronze/gold/gold1
Tobias2 gold2
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