Olympic Medalists

The modern Olympic Games are an international sporting event held once every four years. The first summer games were held in 1896, with a winter competition added in 1924. This is a list of athletes who have been awarded medals. At this point, the list is not complete.
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Aalvik1 gold1
Aaron2 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Aat1 bronze1
Aavo1 gold1
Abaz1 gold1
Abbos1 bronze1
Abby1 gold, 1 bronze2
Abdalaati1 bronze1
Abderrahmane1 bronze1
Abdon1 bronze/gold1
Abdoulaye1 bronze1
Abdul1 gold1
Abdullah2 bronze2
Abebe1 gold1
Abel1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Abigail1 silver1
Abramo1 bronze1
Ace1 bronze1
Acer1 silver1
Achille1 bronze1
Achim1 silver1
Ada1 gold/silver/silver1
Adalberts1 bronze1
Adam2 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver8
Addis1 bronze1
Ade1 bronze1
Adéla1 bronze1
Adelaide1 gold1
Adelina1 gold1
Adelinde1 silver1
Adenízia1 gold1
Adesio1 bronze1
Adhemar1 gold1
Adiel1 gold/silver1
Adilbek1 silver1
Adolf1 gold1
Adolfo1 gold/silver1
Adolph1 gold1
Adriaan1 silver1
Adrian4 gold, 2 silver6
Adriana2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Adrien1 silver1
Adrienne1 bronze1
Aei-young1 silver1
Affonso1 bronze1
Agafia1 gold1
Ageeth1 bronze/silver1
Agne1 bronze1
Ágnes2 silver, 1 bronze/gold3
Agneta2 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver3
Agnieszka1 bronze1
Ágota1 bronze1
Ahmed1 silver1
Ai1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Aida1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Aigars1 silver1
Aikaterini1 silver1
Aiko1 silver1
Aileen1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Aimo1 bronze1
Aina1 bronze1
Ainārs1 silver1
Aino1 bronze/silver1
Aivars1 silver1
Aja1 bronze1
Åke2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Aki1 bronze, 2 bronze/silver3
Akihiro1 bronze1
Akiko1 bronze1
Akilles1 silver1
Ákos1 gold1
Aksana1 gold1
Aksel1 gold1
Akzhurek1 bronze1
Al1 gold, 1 bronze2
Alaaeldin1 silver1
Aladár1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Alain1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver3
Alajos1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Alan4 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze11
Alana1 gold1
A-lang1 gold1
Alastair1 silver, 1 bronze2
Alba1 bronze/silver1
Albán1 silver1
Albert5 gold, 9 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/silver/silver, 2 gold/silver22
Alberto4 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze9
Albertson1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Albin1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Albina1 gold1
Alden1 gold1
Aldis1 gold1
Aldo1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Aleen1 gold1
Alejandra1 silver1
Alejandro1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Aleksa1 bronze1
Aleksandar1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 2 bronze/silver5
Aleksander3 bronze3
Aleksandr7 gold, 9 silver, 10 bronze, 3 bronze/gold, 2 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver34
Aleksandra1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Aleksei1 gold/silver1
Aleksey2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze5
Alena1 bronze1
Alenka1 gold1
Aleš1 gold, 2 bronze3
Alessandra1 bronze/silver1
Alessandro2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver7
Alessia1 silver1
Alessio1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aletta1 bronze/gold1
Alette1 gold1
Alevtina1 bronze/gold/silver1
Alex5 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver12
Alexander3 gold, 10 silver, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver21
Alexandr1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Alexandra2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold6
Alexandre1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver6
Alexandru1 silver1
Alexe1 gold1
Alexei1 gold1
Alexeis1 silver1
Alexey2 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver5
Alexia1 silver1
Alexis1 bronze1
Alfio1 bronze1
Alfonso1 gold1
Alfréd4 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze12
Alfredo1 silver, 1 bronze2
Alfredrick1 gold1
Algirdas1 silver1
Ali1 silver, 1 bronze2
Aliaksandr1 gold/silver1
Aliaksandra1 silver1
Aliaksei1 gold1
Alice1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 gold/silver4
Alicia1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver3
Alida1 silver1
Alin1 gold1
Alina1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Aliona1 bronze1
Alisa1 bronze/gold1
Alison2 silver, 2 bronze4
Alistair1 gold1
Alister1 bronze/silver1
Aliya1 bronze/gold/silver1
Aljoša1 silver1
Alla2 gold, 1 bronze3
Allain1 silver1
Allan1 gold, 3 bronze, 1 gold/silver5
Allen4 gold, 1 bronze5
Allison1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver4
Allyson1 gold/silver/silver1
Alma1 gold1
Almiro1 silver1
Alois1 bronze/silver1
Alonzo2 gold, 1 silver3
Alphonse1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Alphonzo1 bronze/silver1
Alston1 gold1
Alva1 silver1
Alvah1 silver1
Alvar1 silver1
Alvaro1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Alvin2 gold, 2 bronze, 1 gold/silver5
Alvydas1 bronze1
Alwyn1 bronze/gold1
Alwyne1 bronze/silver1
Alyona1 bronze1
Alyson1 bronze1
Alyssa1 gold1
Alzhan1 bronze/gold1
Amadou1 silver1
Amália1 bronze1
Amanda1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver4
Amar1 silver1
Amar'e1 bronze1
Amarilis1 bronze1
Amauri1 gold/silver1
Amaury1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver2
Amaurys1 silver1
Amber1 bronze1
Ambrose1 gold1
Ambrosi1 bronze1
Ambrus1 bronze1
Amedee1 bronze1
Amedeo1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Amelia1 silver1
Amelie1 bronze/silver1
Amos1 gold, 1 bronze2
Amy3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze5
Ana4 silver, 1 bronze/silver5
Anabel1 silver1
Anamaria1 bronze1
Anastasia3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver9
Anastasiya3 gold, 1 silver4
Anatoli2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Anatolie1 bronze1
Anatoliy1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold6
Anatoly1 bronze1
Anaysi1 silver1
Anca1 gold1
Anđela1 silver1
Anđelija1 silver1
Anders1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver/silver4
Andrae1 silver1
András1 silver, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver6
Andraž1 silver1
André4 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver13
Andrea3 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 2 bronze/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver16
Andréanne1 silver1
Andreas3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 2 gold/silver12
Andreea2 bronze2
Andrei1 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver8
Andrejus1 bronze/silver1
Andrés1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Andretti1 silver1
Andrew2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver, 3 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver14
Andrey4 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver12
Andria1 bronze1
Andrian1 bronze1
Andrija1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Andris1 bronze/silver1
Andrius2 bronze2
Andriy1 bronze1
Andro1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Andrzej1 silver, 1 bronze2
Andy1 bronze, 2 gold/silver3
Aneta1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Anett1 gold1
Anette1 bronze1
Anfisa1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Angel3 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold5
Angela2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze8
Angelė1 gold1
Angelika1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Angeliki1 silver1
Angelina1 silver1
Angelique1 gold1
Angella1 silver1
Angelo1 gold/silver1
Angie1 gold/silver1
Anier1 bronze/gold1
Anikó1 bronze/silver1
Anișoara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver3
Anita1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver4
Anja2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Anjelika1 silver1
Anka1 bronze1
Anke2 silver, 2 bronze4
Anky1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Ann2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver9
Anna1 gold, 6 bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver12
Annabel1 silver, 1 bronze2
Annamária1 bronze1
Anne1 gold, 6 silver, 7 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 3 bronze/silver18
Annegret1 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Annekatrin1 silver1
Anneke1 silver1
Annelie1 gold1
Annelies1 silver, 1 bronze2
Anneloes1 bronze/gold1
Annemarie1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver2
Annemarieke1 bronze/silver1
Annemiek1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Annemieke1 bronze1
Annett1 bronze1
Annette2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze5
Anni3 silver, 1 bronze4
Annia1 silver1
Anniara1 bronze1
Annie2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze4
Anniina1 bronze1
Annika1 gold, 1 silver2
Ans1 gold1
Anselme1 bronze1
Antal1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Antanas1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Antero1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Anthea1 gold1
Anthonij1 bronze1
Anthony3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver9
Anthoula1 silver1
Anthuan1 gold1
Antigoni1 silver1
Antiopi1 silver1
Antje1 bronze1
Antoaneta1 bronze/silver1
Antoine2 silver, 2 bronze4
Anton2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/gold7
Antonel1 silver1
Antonia1 silver1
Antonina2 silver2
Antonio4 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 2 gold/silver16
Antonios1 silver1
Antonius1 bronze1
Antony1 silver1
Ants1 gold1
Antti2 silver, 4 bronze6
Antun1 silver1
Anushavan1 bronze1
Anzhelika1 bronze1
Apolo1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver1
April1 silver1
Apti1 silver1
Aramis1 silver1
Archibald1 bronze1
Archie2 gold2
Ard1 gold/silver1
Ardalion1 bronze1
Ardy1 silver1
Argentina1 silver1
Ari1 bronze1
Arianna1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver3
Aribert1 bronze1
Arie1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Ariel1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Aries1 gold1
Arihito1 bronze1
Arijan1 silver1
Aristidis1 bronze1
Arkadiusz1 gold1
Arkadiy1 silver1
Arkady1 bronze1
Arlene1 gold1
Arlie1 gold1
Armando1 bronze1
Armas1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Armenak1 silver1
Armin1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver2
Arnaldo1 bronze1
Arnaud1 silver1
Arnd1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Arne1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver, 1 bronze/silver4
Arnfinn1 gold1
Arnie1 bronze/gold1
Arno1 gold1
Arnold1 gold, 1 bronze2
Arnoldo1 bronze1
Arnoud1 silver1
Áron1 gold1
Árpád1 bronze1
Arsen1 gold, 1 silver2
Arsens1 bronze/silver/silver1
Arsi1 gold1
Art1 gold, 1 silver2
Arthur6 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 1 bronze/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver20
Arto1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver4
Artur1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver5
Artūras1 bronze1
Artūrs1 silver1
Arūnas1 bronze1
Arvid1 gold, 1 bronze2
Arvis1 silver1
Arvo2 silver, 1 bronze3
Arvydas1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Asafa1 gold1
Asbel1 gold1
Ashleigh1 gold, 2 bronze3
Ashley2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/gold5
Ashton1 gold1
Asier1 bronze1
Asjha1 gold1
Aslaug1 bronze1
Asley1 silver1
Aslı1 gold1
Assar1 gold/silver/silver1
Assefa1 bronze1
Astra1 silver1
Astrid1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Asuna1 silver1
Atanase1 bronze/silver1
Athanasia1 gold1
Athol1 bronze/gold1
Atina1 gold1
Atje1 bronze/silver1
Ato1 bronze/silver1
Atsushi1 bronze1
Attila1 gold, 3 bronze/gold4
Audrey2 silver, 2 bronze4
Audun2 bronze2
Augie1 bronze1
August1 silver, 1 bronze2
Auguste1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Augustus2 bronze2
Auguszta1 bronze1
Aureliano1 gold1
Aurelio1 bronze1
Aurica1 gold1
Austin1 bronze/gold1
Austra1 silver1
Automne1 bronze1
Avital1 silver1
Axel1 bronze1
Aya2 silver, 1 bronze3
Ayana1 bronze1
Ayano1 gold, 1 silver2
Ayelén1 bronze/silver1
Ayumi1 silver1
Ayumu1 silver1
Azusa1 silver1
Babben1 gold1
Baboo1 gold1
Badri1 gold1
Baeden1 bronze1
Bagheri1 silver1
Bahne1 bronze/gold1
Bair1 bronze1
Balázs1 gold1
Balthasar1 silver1
Banner1 gold1
Barbara2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver9
Bärbel1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Barbora1 gold1
Barnabás1 gold, 1 silver2
Barney1 gold/silver/silver1
Barry2 bronze2
Bart2 bronze/gold2
Bartłomiej1 silver, 1 bronze2
Barton1 gold1
Bartosz1 silver1
Bas1 gold1
Bashir1 gold1
Basil1 silver, 2 bronze3
Bastian1 bronze1
Battsetseg1 bronze1
Beat1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beata1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beate1 silver, 1 bronze2
Beatrice2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver5
Beatrix1 bronze/silver/silver1
Beatriz1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Beattie1 gold1
Beau1 bronze/gold1
Beaufort1 silver1
Becky2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Bedřich1 bronze1
Beezie1 bronze/gold/gold1
Begoña1 bronze1
Behdad1 gold1
Beibei1 bronze1
Béla2 silver, 1 bronze3
Belén1 bronze1
Belinda1 bronze/silver/silver1
Ben3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver11
Bence1 gold/silver/silver1
Bengt2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold3
Beniamino1 gold/silver/silver/silver1
Benita1 gold1
Benjamin1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver4
Benny1 gold, 1 silver2
Bep1 gold1
Bérengère1 bronze1
Berit1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bernard1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver6
Bernardo1 bronze1
Bernd2 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Berndt1 bronze1
Bernhard1 gold, 1 silver2
Berni1 silver1
Bernice1 silver, 1 bronze2
Bershawn1 bronze1
Bert1 silver1
Berta1 silver1
Bertalan1 gold, 1 silver2
Bertha1 silver, 1 bronze2
Bertil1 silver, 3 bronze4
Bertland1 silver1
Bertram1 silver1
Bertrand1 gold, 1 bronze2
Besik1 bronze/silver1
Beth1 gold, 3 bronze4
Bethanie1 gold1
Bettina2 silver2
Betty1 gold, 2 bronze3
Bevan1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Beverley1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Beverly1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bevil1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bianca1 gold1
Bianka1 gold1
Bibi1 bronze/silver1
Bice1 bronze1
Biljana1 bronze1
Bill10 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver17
Billy1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Bilyal1 bronze1
Bimbo1 bronze1
Bin1 silver1
Bingyi1 bronze1
Bingyu1 bronze1
Binia1 silver1
Birger1 silver1
Birgit1 bronze/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver2
Birte1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Birutė2 bronze2
Biserka1 gold/silver1
Biurakn1 gold1
Bjarne2 silver2
Bjarte1 bronze/gold/gold/silver1
Björn1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Bjørn1 silver1
Blagoja1 silver1
Blagovest1 bronze1
Blaine1 silver, 2 bronze3
Blair2 silver2
Blanka2 silver2
Blaženko1 bronze/gold1
Blessing1 bronze1
Blythe1 bronze1
Bo1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze4
Bob9 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver15
Bo-bae1 gold1
Bobby2 gold, 1 silver3
Bode1 bronze/gold/silver/silver1
Bodil1 bronze1
Bodo1 bronze1
Bogdan1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver1
Bohumil1 silver1
Bohuslav1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Bojan1 bronze1
Bojana3 silver3
Bo-kyung1 bronze1
Bon-gil1 gold1
Bong-ju1 silver1
Bonnie1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/gold2
Bonniot1 bronze1
Bo-ram1 silver1
Borbála1 bronze1
Børge1 bronze1
Boris1 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze, 2 bronze/silver9
Borislava1 bronze1
Børre1 silver1
Borys1 gold1
Boško2 silver2
Botond1 gold1
Boughèra1 gold1
Bowen1 silver1
Bozhidar1 bronze1
Božidar1 gold, 1 silver2
Božo1 gold1
Brad3 gold3
Braden1 bronze1
Bradford1 gold1
Bradley1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver2
Brady1 silver1
Brahim1 gold, 1 bronze2
Bram1 bronze1
Brandon1 silver, 1 bronze2
Branimir1 bronze1
Branislav1 gold1
Branko1 gold, 2 bronze3
Bratan1 bronze1
Brecht1 gold1
Breeja1 gold1
Brenda1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver4
Brendan1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver3
Brent2 gold, 2 bronze4
Brenton1 bronze/silver/silver1
Brett2 silver, 1 bronze3
Brian2 gold, 7 bronze, 1 gold/silver10
Brianna1 silver1
Brianne1 gold, 1 silver2
Bridgette2 gold2
Bridgitte1 bronze1
Brigetta1 silver1
Brigita1 silver1
Brigitte2 gold, 2 silver4
Brimin1 gold/silver1
Briony1 silver1
Brita1 bronze1
Britt1 bronze1
Britta1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Brittany2 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver4
Brittney1 gold1
Britton1 gold1
Bronisław1 gold/silver1
Bronte1 bronze/gold/silver1
Bronwen1 bronze1
Bronwyn1 gold1
Brooke1 gold, 1 silver, 1 gold/silver3
Broome1 gold1
Bror2 silver2
Bruce2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver6
Brunello1 gold1
Brunhilde1 silver1
Bruno1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 1 bronze/silver7
Bruny1 gold1
Brutus1 silver1
Bryan1 silver, 1 gold/silver2
Bryn1 gold1
Bryon1 bronze1
Bryony1 bronze1
Bryshon1 silver1
Bub-min1 bronze1
Bud1 gold1
Buffy1 bronze1
Bulcsú1 gold1
Bum-young1 bronze1
Burdette1 gold1
Burglinde1 bronze1
Burkhard1 bronze1
Burt1 bronze/silver1
Burton1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver1
Buster1 bronze/gold1
Butch1 bronze/gold1
Buzz1 gold1
Byrle1 bronze1
Byung-chul1 bronze1
Byung-kyu1 bronze1
Caia1 gold1
Caitlin1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver2
Caitlyn1 gold1
Caldwell1 gold1
Caleb1 gold1
Calvert1 bronze1
Calvin1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver4
Camelia2 gold2
Cameron1 gold, 1 bronze2
Camilla1 gold, 1 silver2
Camille1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Cancan1 silver1
Candace2 gold, 1 bronze3
Candra1 gold1
Cappie1 gold1
Caren1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Carey1 gold1
Cari1 silver1
Caridad1 gold1
Carie1 bronze/gold1
Carien1 bronze1
Carin2 silver, 1 bronze3
Carina1 gold, 2 silver3
Carl4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver12
Carla2 gold, 2 bronze/silver4
Carles1 gold1
Carlette1 gold1
Carli1 gold1
Carlien1 gold1
Carline1 bronze1
Carlo2 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold5
Carlos5 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 1 gold/silver20
Carlton2 gold2
Carly1 gold, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Carmela1 gold, 1 bronze2
Carmelina1 bronze1
Carmelita1 bronze/gold/silver1
Carmelo1 bronze/gold/gold1
Carmen2 bronze2
Carmo1 bronze1
Carol1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Carole1 silver1
Carolin1 gold/silver/silver1
Carolina1 gold, 1 bronze2
Caroline3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze7
Carolyn3 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver5
Carry1 gold/silver1
Carsta1 gold1
Carsten1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Caryn1 gold/silver1
Casey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cassie1 bronze1
Caster1 silver1
Cătălina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Cate1 bronze/gold1
Catello1 bronze1
Caterine1 silver1
Catharina1 gold, 1 bronze2
Catharine1 gold1
Catherine4 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze10
Cathleen1 bronze1
Cathy2 gold, 1 gold/silver3
Cecil1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Cécile1 gold1
Cédric1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cees1 bronze1
Celia1 gold1
Celina1 bronze1
Céline2 silver2
Cenaida1 silver1
Cerstin1 bronze1
César1 bronze/gold1
Cesare1 bronze/gold1
Cēzars1 silver1
Chad1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 gold/silver4
Chamique1 gold1
Chanatip1 bronze1
Chanda1 bronze1
Chandra1 gold, 2 gold/silver3
Chang-hwan1 gold1
Chang-soo1 bronze1
Chang-yong1 bronze1
Chan-sook1 silver1
Chantal2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver3
Chantelle1 bronze/gold1
Chao-huang1 silver1
Charilaos1 silver1
Charity1 silver1
Charle1 bronze1
Charlene1 bronze1
Charles13 gold, 9 silver, 11 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver, 5 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver41
Charley1 gold1
Charlie3 gold, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver5
Charline1 gold1
Charlotte2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze7
Charmaine2 silver2
Chellsie1 silver1
Chelsea1 bronze1
Chen1 silver, 1 bronze2
Cheng1 bronze1
Cheng-hsien1 silver1
Chenglong1 gold1
Chengpang1 silver1
Chen-jung1 silver1
Cheol-min1 silver1
Cherie1 gold1
Cheryl2 gold, 2 silver4
Chet1 bronze1
Chidi1 silver1
Chien-fu1 silver1
Chi-hsin1 silver1
Chilla1 silver1
Chioma1 gold1
Chira1 gold1
Chloe1 silver, 1 bronze2
Chong1 silver, 1 bronze/gold2
Chris6 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver15
Christa3 silver3
Christel1 bronze1
Christer1 silver1
Christian4 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver/silver11
Christiane1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Christie1 gold1
Christina2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver, 1 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver7
Christine6 silver, 5 bronze, 2 gold/silver13
Christinna1 bronze/silver1
Christof1 silver, 1 bronze2
Christoph1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Christopher4 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 gold/silver10
Christy1 bronze1
Chryste1 bronze/gold1
Chuankwang1 silver1
Chuck1 gold, 1 silver2
Chūhei1 bronze/gold1
Chung-tae1 gold1
Chung-yi1 silver1
Chun-hwa1 bronze1
Chunlong1 bronze/gold1
Chunxiu2 bronze2
Chu-young1 bronze1
Cián1 bronze1
Cindy2 gold, 1 silver3
Cíntia1 bronze/silver1
Cinzia1 gold1
Ćiro1 silver1
Claes1 silver1
Claire1 gold, 2 bronze3
Clara1 bronze1
Clare1 gold, 1 bronze2
Clarence1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver4
Claressa1 gold1
Clarinda1 bronze/silver1
Clarissa2 bronze2
Clarke1 gold1
Claude3 bronze3
Claudia1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver10
Claudinei1 silver1
Cláudio1 silver1
Claudiu1 silver1
Claus1 silver1
Clayton1 silver1
Clémence1 silver1
Clemens1 bronze1
Clément1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver3
Clemente1 silver1
Cleve1 silver1
Cliff2 gold2
Clifford1 silver1
Clifton1 silver1
Clinio1 bronze1
Clinton1 silver1
Clover1 gold1
Clyde2 gold, 1 silver3
Coby2 silver2
Coenraad1 silver1
Coleman1 bronze1
Colette1 gold, 1 bronze2
Colin1 silver1
Coline1 bronze1
Colleen2 gold, 1 silver3
Collier1 gold1
Collin1 silver1
Commodore1 gold1
Conlin1 silver1
Conn1 bronze/gold/gold1
Conny1 gold, 1 bronze/silver/silver2
Conor1 gold1
Conrado1 bronze1
Consetta1 bronze1
Constance1 silver, 1 bronze2
Constanța1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver1
Constantina1 gold1
Constantine1 bronze1
Coralie1 silver, 1 bronze2
Corey1 gold, 1 bronze2
Cori1 silver1
Corina1 silver1
Corinna1 silver1
Cormic1 bronze1
Cornelia3 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver6
Cornelis1 bronze1
Cornelius1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Costicǎ1 bronze1
Courtenay1 bronze1
Courtney2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/silver5
Craig5 silver, 2 bronze7
Crawford1 silver1
Crew1 silver1
Crista1 bronze1
Cristian1 bronze1
Cristieana1 bronze1
Cristina1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Crystal1 gold1
Csaba1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Cullen1 gold/silver/silver1
Curdin1 bronze1
Curt1 silver1
Curtis1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold2
Cynthia1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Cyrielle1 bronze1
Cyril1 silver, 3 bronze4
Cyro1 bronze1
Cyrus1 gold, 1 bronze2
Czesława1 silver1
Daan1 gold1
Daedra1 bronze1
Dae-ho1 gold1
Dae-hoon1 silver1
Dae-nam1 gold1
Dae-sung1 bronze1
Dagmar1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver/silver5
Daichi1 gold1
Daiki1 bronze1
Daima1 silver1
Daimí1 bronze1
Dain1 gold1
Dainis1 gold1
Dainius1 bronze1
Daishin1 silver1
Daisuke3 bronze3
Dajing1 bronze/silver1
Dale1 silver, 1 bronze2
Daley1 gold1
Dalibor1 silver1
Dallas1 bronze/gold1
Damian2 bronze2
Damiano1 silver1
Damião1 silver1
Damir1 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze7
Damjan1 bronze1
Dan5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze9
Dana1 gold, 1 silver, 1 gold/silver3
Danel1 silver1
Danell1 bronze1
Dani2 gold2
Daniel5 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver, 4 gold/silver25
Daniela3 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver7
Daniele1 gold1
Danielle2 gold, 1 silver, 1 gold/silver4
Daniil1 bronze1
Danijel1 silver1
Danijela1 bronze/silver1
Danila1 bronze/silver1
Danilo1 silver, 1 bronze/silver2
Danio1 gold1
Danira1 silver1
Daniyal1 bronze1
Danka1 bronze1
Danko1 silver1
Dannette1 silver1
Danny1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Dante1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver3
Dănuț1 silver1
Danuta1 bronze, 1 gold/silver2
Danyon1 gold/silver1
Daouda1 gold1
Daphne1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dara1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver/silver/silver/silver2
Darcy1 silver, 1 bronze2
Daria1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze3
Darian1 gold1
Dario1 gold1
Darius4 bronze4
Darnell1 gold1
Darold1 gold1
Darrall1 gold1
Darrell1 gold/silver1
Darren1 gold/silver1
Darrow1 silver1
Dárvin1 gold1
Darvis1 silver1
Darya1 bronze/gold1
Dato1 bronze1
Daumants1 silver1
Dave1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Davian1 bronze1
David11 gold, 16 silver, 16 bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver, 2 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver53
Davide1 bronze1
Davidson1 silver1
Davis1 gold, 1 bronze2
Davit1 silver1
Davor1 gold1
Dawn2 gold, 1 gold/silver, 1 gold/silver/silver/silver/silver4
Dayron1 gold1
Dean2 gold, 1 bronze3
Debbi1 silver1
Debbie1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Debi1 bronze1
Deborah1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Debra1 gold, 1 silver2
Dede1 silver1
DeeDee1 bronze/gold/gold1
Deena1 gold, 1 bronze2
Defar1 bronze/gold/gold1
DeHart1 gold1
Deidra1 bronze1
Dejan1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze/silver4
Dejen1 silver1
Deji1 bronze1
Delfina1 silver1
Delfo1 gold1
Deliang1 bronze1
DeLisha1 gold1
Delos1 bronze1
Delphine1 bronze/silver1
Demetrius1 gold1
Denean1 silver1
Dénes1 gold, 1 bronze/gold/silver2
Deni1 gold, 1 silver2
Denis1 gold, 3 silver, 5 bronze, 3 bronze/silver, 1 gold/silver13
Denise1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold4
Dennis2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver3
Denny1 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Denys2 silver, 2 bronze4
Deon1 bronze, 1 gold/silver/silver2
Deontay1 bronze1
Derartu1 bronze/gold/gold1
Derek1 gold, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/silver4
Dernell1 bronze1
Deron1 gold1
Derrick1 gold, 1 bronze/gold2
Des1 bronze1
Desai1 bronze1
Desi1 silver1
Désiré1 bronze1
Desiree1 bronze1
Destinee1 silver1
Detlef1 silver1
Detlev1 gold, 1 silver2
Dettlef1 gold1
Devereaux1 bronze1
Devin1 silver1
Devon1 silver1
Dexter1 bronze1
Dezső1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/silver, 2 gold/silver3
Diamond1 gold1
Diana2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 bronze/silver10
Diane1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dianne1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/silver/silver2
Dibaba1 silver, 1 bronze/gold/gold/gold2
Dick3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze6
Didier2 gold2
Diederik1 gold1
Diego1 gold, 1 bronze/silver2
Dieter1 gold, 1 silver, 1 gold/silver3
Dietmar1 gold, 1 bronze2
Dillianne1 bronze1
Dimants1 silver1
Dimitra1 silver1
Dimitri1 bronze1
Dimitrie1 silver1
Dimitrij1 bronze/silver1
Dimitrios2 bronze2
Ding1 gold1
Dino2 silver2
Dionysios1 silver1
Dirk1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze4
Ditte1 bronze1
Djabir1 bronze1
Djan1 bronze1
Dmitri1 gold, 1 bronze2
Dmitriy3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 bronze/gold/gold/silver/silver, 1 bronze/silver8
Dmitry2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 2 bronze/silver7
Dmytro1 bronze1
Doina1 bronze/gold/gold/gold/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver2
Domagoj1 bronze1
Domenico1 gold, 1 bronze2
Domingo1 silver1
Domingos1 silver, 1 bronze2
Dominik1 silver, 1 bronze2
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