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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Eilis   (Authenticated as Suibhne)
Date: January 25, 2020 at 3:42:05 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: Karl Christian Matthias (Schmidt)
W: Marit Helena Mafalda (Fisher)

D1: Vivian Helena Manon "Manon"
S1: Philip Sebastian Albern
S2: Ludwig Christian August "Ludo"
S3: Emmanuel Karl "Manny"

D1: Vivian Helena Manon "Manon"
H: Magnus Daniel Johannes (Meyer)

D: Anastasia Elisabeth Julia "Ani"
-H: Lucca Augustus Nicholas (Bauer)
-D: Rose Dorothy
-S: Augustus Thomas "Tom"
-S: Johannes Gustav "Gus"
-S: Timothy Theodore "Tim"

D: Vivian Helena Eleanore "Nor"
-H: Thorsten Louis Robert (Hoffman)
-D: Vivian Amelia "Amelia"
-S: Abram Louis

S: Luke Christian
-W: Johanna Gabriella "Hania" (Small)
-S: Franz Magnus
-S: Robert Edward "Robbie"
-D: Matilda Katherine "Tillie"
-D: Andrea Marie-Therese

D: Louise Angelina
S: Daniel Thomas "Danny"

S1: Philip Sebastian Albern
exW: Gisela Beatrice (Klein)

S: Karl Heinrich
-W: Maria Georgina "Mimi" (Brown)

S: Karl David "David"
D: Marit Matilda "Mari"
S: Paul Raymond
D: Lydia Veronica

W: Leah Charlotte (Cook)

S: Alois Karl Archibald "Al"

S2: Ludwig Christian August "Ludo"
W: Genevieve Edith (Holden)

S: Tobias Konrad Francois "Kon"
S: Abram Ferdinand

S3: Emmanuel Karl "Manny"
W: Lily Clara Adelaide (Schwarz)

SS: Dennis Philip (Schwarz)
SD: Clara Amelia (Schwarz)
D: Hannah Dorothea
S: Karl Samuel

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