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Favorite girl names NOT here: Aelis, Alarice, Aleria, Alethia, Amadea, Amaris, Amerie, Ampersand, Birdie, Callen, Camena, Cammerra, Celosia, Clymene, Clytie, Cyrene, Dacia, Dae or Day, Darley, Dienne, Eddeleine, Edlynne, Ellice or Ellyse or Ellis, Elsana, Gianina, Gwynne, Halema, Hasia, Hedia, Helaina, Henley, Idane, Jardene, Joia, Karmia, Kairn, Kinsley, Laurenne, Laurrainna, Leighton, Lenis, Loryce, Loy, Lyris, Maitland, Melora, Moravia, Moriel, Mattea, Meara, Metis, Mer, Miette, Mignonette, Naia, Naid, Nauma, Neréa, Pyrena, Quinne, Schuyler, Siel or Sealle, Sylvienne, Thetis, Tourmaline, Trilby, Valaine, Viridis, Wyndham, Yeardley.My favorite, FAVORITE names are Elizabeth, Mercedes and Marcella, :)I'm really liking: Elizabeth Victoria and Mercedes Susannah at the moment...I'm also big on family names which is why I like:
Emma Sophia (after a great-grandmother) and
Michael Everett (after my father and grandfather)All the names on my list are GIRL names I like

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