Notable Filmmakers

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of film and television production. Included are directors, producers and screenwriters. Not included are the cast, who are instead listed with the famous actors and actresses.
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John10 directors, 1 director/editor/producer/screenwriter, 1 director/producer12
David4 directors, 1 screenwriter, 1 director/producer/screenwriter, 1 director/screenwriter7
Michael6 directors6
Frank5 directors5
George4 directors, 1 director/screenwriter5
Robert4 directors, 1 cinematographer/director/editor/producer/screenwriter5
Jerry2 producers, 1 director/producer/screenwriter, 1 director/screenwriter4
Jim1 director, 1 director/producer/screenwriter, 1 director/screenwriter3
Mike2 directors, 1 director/screenwriter3
Paul2 directors, 1 director/producer/screenwriter3
Arnon1 director, 1 producer2
Barry2 directors2
Bob1 director, 1 screenwriter2
Guillermo1 director, 1 screenwriter2
James2 directors2
Jonathan1 director, 1 screenwriter2
Kevin1 director, 1 director/producer/screenwriter2
Lewis2 directors2
Mel2 directors2
Richard2 directors2
Roman1 director, 1 director/screenwriter2
Sam2 directors2
Spike2 directors2
Stephen1 director, 1 director/screenwriter2
Steven2 directors2
Tony2 directors2
Wes1 director, 1 director/producer/screenwriter2
William2 directors2
Aamir1 director1
Abdel1 director1
Ajay1 producer1
Alejandro1 director1
Alessandro1 screenwriter1
Alexander1 director/screenwriter1
Alfred1 director1
Amma1 director1
Andy1 director1
Ang1 director1
Anthony1 director1
Antun1 director1
Archer1 producer1
Asghar1 director/screenwriter1
Ben1 producer1
Benh1 director1
Bennett1 director1
Bernardo1 director1
Bey1 producer/screenwriter1
Bilge1 director1
Billy1 director1
Bogdan1 director1
Bora1 director/screenwriter1
Branko1 director1
Cameron1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Campion1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Carol1 director1
Carrie1 director1
Cecil1 director1
Charlie1 director1
Christopher1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Clint1 director/producer1
Dalibor1 director/screenwriter1
Danilo1 director1
Danny1 director1
Darren1 director1
Dejan1 director1
Delbert1 director1
Denys1 director/screenwriter1
Derviş1 director1
Diablo1 screenwriter1
Dick1 director1
Digby1 screenwriter1
Ekta1 producer1
Elia1 director1
Ellis1 director1
Elmar1 director1
Emir1 director1
Ethan1 director1
Fadil1 director1
Fatin1 director1
Feđa1 screenwriter1
Férid1 director/screenwriter1
Fernando1 director1
Fisher1 director1
Ford1 director1
Francis1 director1
Franklin1 director1
Frano1 cinematographer1
Fred1 director1
Garry1 director1
Gavin1 director1
Guinevere1 screenwriter1
Gus1 director1
Guy1 director1
Harold1 director1
Hugh1 director1
Ida1 director1
Idrissa1 director1
Isao1 director1
Issa1 director1
Ivan1 director1
Ivory1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Jalil1 director1
Jan1 cinematographer/director1
Jaume1 director1
Jean1 director1
Jelena1 screenwriter1
Jeroen1 director1
Jerome1 director1
Jez1 screenwriter1
Joel1 director1
Joseph1 director1
Joss1 director/screenwriter1
Judd1 director1
Julian1 director1
Kathryn1 director1
Keenen1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Keir1 screenwriter1
Krešo1 director1
Kristen1 screenwriter1
Krsto1 director1
Lana1 director1
Lasse1 director1
Lawrence1 director/producer/screenwriter1
Lenny1 director1
Leo1 director1
Linwood1 screenwriter1
Lisa1 director/screenwriter1
Lordan1 director1
Lütfi1 director1
Mark1 screenwriter1
Martin1 director1
Matt1 producer1
Mehran1 director1
Michel1 director1
Miloš1 director1
Mitra1 director1
Nancy1 screenwriter1
Neil1 director1
Nia1 director/screenwriter1
Nick1 director1
Night1 director1
Norman1 director1
Nuri1 director1
Nurullah1 director1
Obrad1 director1
Oktavijan1 cinematographer1
Oliver1 director1
Ömer1 director1
Oren1 director/screenwriter1
Orson1 director1
Peter1 director1
Pupi1 director1
Quentin1 director1
Rae1 director1
Rajko1 director1
Ridley1 director1
Roberto1 director/screenwriter1
Roger1 director1
Roland1 director1
Romero1 director/screenwriter1
Ron1 director1
Roy1 director1
Rupert1 director1
Sanford1 director1
Satish1 director1
Şerif1 director1
Sofia1 director1
Stanley1 director1
Stegath1 screenwriter1
Steve1 director1
Stuart1 director/screenwriter1
Sydney1 director1
Tahir1 director/producer1
Tamara1 director/screenwriter1
Tanel1 director1
Tegan1 producer1
Terrence1 director1
Terry1 director1
Theo1 director1
Thomas1 director1
Tim1 director1
Tom1 director1
Tomislav1 cinematographer1
Ulli1 director1
Val1 director1
Vatroslav1 director1
Veiko1 director1
Veljko1 director1
Vera1 director1
Victor1 director1
Vincente1 director1
Vjekoslav1 cinematographer1
Walt1 producer1
Warren1 director1
Warwick1 producer1
Wim1 director/producer1
Woody1 director1
Zack1 director1
Zeki1 director1
Zvonimir1 director1
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