Belgian Submitted Names

Belgian names are used in the country of Belgium in western Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aad m & f Dutch, West Frisian, Limburgish
Diminutive of Adriaan and Adriana, as well as a variant of Ade.
Aagje f Dutch, Belgian
Short form of Agatha. In some cases there might also be a connection to Age.
Aaike f & m Dutch
Diminutive of names beginning with Agi or Adal.
Aalderik m Dutch
Variant of Adelrik.
Aaldert m Dutch
Dutch form of Adelhard.
Aaldrik m Dutch
Variant of Aalderik.
Aalf m Dutch (Rare), West Frisian (Rare)
Dutch short form of Adolf and West Frisian short form of Alef and Alof, which are both Frisian variants of Adolf.
Aaltje f Dutch, Frisian
Diminutive of Adelheid.
Aarnout m Flemish, Dutch
Variant of Arnout.
Aat m Dutch
Nickname for Adriaan or Agathon.
Abdiël m Dutch
Dutch form of Abdiel.
Abdon m Biblical Hebrew, Hungarian, Catalan (Rare), French
Means "servant" in Hebrew. This is the name of four characters in the Old Testament including one of the ruling judges of the Israelites.
Abdonie f French
Feminine form of Abdon.
Abelina f Dutch
Feminine form of Abe.
Abéline f French (Rare)
French cognate of Abelina.
Abelle f French (Rare)
French feminine form of Abel.
Abeltje m Dutch
Diminutive of Abel.
Abiël m Dutch
Dutch form of Abiel.
Abigaël f Dutch, Flemish, French, French (Belgian)
Dutch form of Abigail and French variant of Abigaïl.
Abimaël m Dutch
Dutch form of Abimael.
Åbin m Walloon
Walloon form of Aubin.
Abråm m Walloon
Walloon form of Abraham.
Absalon m Danish (Rare), Faroese, Norwegian (Rare), Polish, Gascon, French (Archaic), French (Quebec, Archaic)
Polish, French, Gascon, Danish, Faroese and Norwegian form of Absalom.
Åbwin m Walloon
Walloon form of Aubin.
Achiel m Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch form of Achilles via its French form Achille. Known bearers of this name include Belgian politician and prime minister Achiel Van Acker (1898-1975), Belgian painter Achiel Van Sassenbrouck (1886-1979) and Belgian cyclist Achiel Buysse (1918-1984).
Adagonda f Dutch
Variant of Adelgonda.
Adamantine f French, English
Means "of unyielding quality" or "diamond like". From the Latin adamantinus meaning 'incorruptible, inflexible', itself from the Greek adamantinos (ἀδαμάντινος) of the same meaning, with the Greek or Latin suffix of -ine meaning 'like', 'made of', or 'of the nature of'... [more]
Adan m Walloon
Walloon form of Adam.
Adatte f Medieval French, French (Archaic)
Archaic French name of unkown origin and meaning. It seems to have been a local name only found in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
Adélaïs f French
French form of Adelais.
Adelberta f Dutch (Rare)
Feminine form of Adelbert.
Adelbertina f Dutch (Rare)
Feminine form of Adelbert.
Adelfried m Dutch, German
Dutch and German variant of Adelfrid.
Adelgonda f Dutch
Dutch form of Adelgund.
Adelgonde f Dutch, French
Dutch and French form of Adelgund.
Adelgondis f Dutch
Dutch form of Adelgundis.
Adelice f Medieval French, Louisiana Creole, French (Modern)
Variant of Adelicia. In France, this name was revived in the 1990s.
Adelmoed f Dutch
Dutch form of Adalmut.
Adelphe m French (Rare)
French form of Adelphus.
Adelrik m Dutch
Dutch form of Adalric.
Adelwijn m Dutch
Dutch form of Adalwin.
Adhémar m French
French form of Adalmar.
Adiël m & f Dutch
Dutch form of Adiel.
Adilia f Flemish
Cognate of Adilie.
Adilie f Walloon, Louisiana Creole
Variant of Adèle (compare Adélie). Sainte Adèle d'Orp-le-Grand (also known as Adilie) is particularly venerated in Wallonia.
Adinda f Indonesian, Dutch, Literature
Means "sister" or "eldest daughter" (a formal, poetic term) in Indonesian. The name was used by Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887), better known by his pen name Multatuli, for one of the eponymous characters in his story "Saïdjah and Adinda" in his 1860 novel Max Havelaar.
Adolfien f Dutch
Dutch form of Adolfine.
Adolphina f Dutch, German
Variant of Adolfina, influenced by the French Adolphine.
Adolphine f Dutch, French, German
French feminine form of Adolphe.
Adonia m Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish
Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish form of 'Adoniyah (see Adonijah) via its hellenized form Adonias.
Adri f & m Italian, English, Spanish, French, Danish, Portuguese
Diminutive of Adrian, Adriana, and other names beginning with Adri.
Adrie m & f Dutch
Diminutive of Adrianus and Adriana.
Adriël m Dutch
Dutch form of Adriel.
Adriette f Dutch (Rare)
Feminization of Adrian (via the French form Adrien) by way of adding the French diminutive suffix -ette.
Aeltje f Dutch (Rare, Archaic)
Obsolescent variant of Aaltje primarily used in the 1600s and briefly between the 1930s and the 1960s.
Aernou m Walloon
Walloon form of Arnould.
Afre f French (Archaic)
French form of Afra.
Africain m French (Archaic)
French form of Africanus. It coincides with the modern French adjective africain "African" and the noun Africain "(man) from Africa".
Agate f Latvian, Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Swedish, French (Rare), Picard, Basque
French variant and Nordic, Picard, Basque and Latvian form of Agathe. In French and Basque, the name coincides with the word for the gemstone.
Ageeth f Dutch
Dutch from Agatha.
Agnesse f Walloon
Walloon form of Agnes.
Agnetis f Dutch (Rare), English (Archaic), German (Archaic)
From Latin Agnetis, which is the genitive of the third declension of Agnes, the latinized form of the Greek name Hagne.... [more]
Agniese f Dutch
Older form of Agneta.
Agnietje f Dutch (Rare)
Diminutive of Agneta.
Ahlert m Dutch
Cognate of Adalbert.
Aïda f French
In former times, this name was a diminutive of Adélaïde. Nowadays, however, it is usually used as the Gallicized form of Aida.
Aignan m French (Rare), History (Ecclesiastical)
French form of Anianus. Saint Aignan (358–453) was Bishop of Orléans, France, and assisted Roman general Flavius Aetius in the defense of the city against Attila the Hun in 451.
Aiko m West Frisian, German, East Frisian, Dutch (Rare)
Short form of names containing the Germanic name element ag or agil "edge (of a sword)", such as Ekkehard or Aai.
Aili f Walloon
Walloon diminutive of Adelaide.
Aimable f & m French (Archaic)
French form of Amabilis.
Aimeric m French, Lengadocian, Provençal, Gascon
French, Languedocian, Provençal and Gascon form of Emmerich.
Aimery m French, French (Belgian), Norman, Anglo-Norman
Variant of Aimeric. The Normans introduced this name to England.
Airelle f French (Rare), English (Rare), Literature
Derived from airelle, the French name for the plant genus Vaccinium. The French derived the name from Portuguese airella, which in turn was derived from Latin atra "dark, black, gloomy".
Akelei f Dutch (Modern, Rare), German (Modern, Rare)
Direct adoption of the Dutch and German name for the flower Aquilegia vulgaris "columbine".
Akke f & m Dutch
Alaine f French (Rare)
Feminine form of Alain.
Alaïs f Occitan, French (Rare)
Contracted form of Azalaïs.
Aland m & f Dutch (Rare), West Frisian (Archaic)
Dutch and West Frisian contracted form of Adelland. Also compare Eland.... [more]
Albane f Basque (Rare), French
Basque and French feminine form of Albanus (see Alban).
Albanie f French (Archaic)
Feminine form of Alban.
Albéric m French
French form of Alberich. A known bearer of this name was the French composer Albéric Magnard (1865-1914).
Alberik m Dutch
Dutch form of Alberic.
Albertien f Dutch
Dutch form of Albertine.
Albéry m French
Variant of Albéric (see also Aubry).
Albijn m Dutch
Generally the Dutch form of Albinus, but in some instances it can be derived from Albuin as well. A bearer of this name was the Flemish painter Albijn Van den Abeele (1835-1918).
Alboïn m French
French form of Alboin.
Alcandre m French
French form of Alkandros via Alcander.
Alceste f & m French, Italian
French and Italian masculine and feminine form of Alcestis.
Alcidie f French
Feminine form of Alcide.
Alde m & f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch short form of Germanic given names that begin with the element ald meaning "old" as well as (via metathesis) the element adal meaning "noble". Also compare Aldo and Alda.
Alde m French (Archaic)
French form of Aldo.
Aldegondis f Dutch
Dutch form of Aldegundis.
Aldemar m Ancient Germanic, Dutch, German
Derived from Gothic alds (alt in Old High German) "old" combined with Old High German mâri "famous". The name might also be a metathesis of Adalmar.
Alderik m Dutch
Dutch form of Alderic.
Alduin m English, French, Popular Culture
English and French form of Aldwin. Alduin was a king of the Lombards in the 6th century AD.... [more]
Alef m Medieval Dutch, Medieval German, Dutch (Rare), Low German, North Frisian (Rare), West Frisian (Rare), Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Medieval Dutch and German (also Low German) variant of Adolf as well as the North & West Frisian form of the name. Also compare Aalf (its medieval form is Aelf) and Alof.... [more]
Alène f Walloon (Gallicized)
Variant of Aline via the form Alene.
Alert m Low German, Dutch (Rare)
Low German and Dutch form of Athalhart.
Aletta f Dutch, Swedish (Archaic), Afrikaans, Icelandic (Modern, Rare), Hungarian
Archaic Swedish diminutive of Alhet and Dutch variant of Aleida as well as a Hungarian adoption of the Dutch name... [more]
Alexien m French
French form of Alexian.
Alexin m French (Rare, Archaic)
French form of Alexinus. The name seems to have all but disappeared after 1960.
Alfard m Dutch, Frisian
Dutch and Frisian form of Alfhard.
Alfert m Dutch
Dutch variant of Alfard.
Alfonsine f Flemish, Dutch (Rare)
Feminine form of Alfons.
Alfrède f French (Archaic)
Feminine form of Alfred.
Alfrédine f French (Archaic)
French feminine form of Alfred.
Alfried m Dutch, German
Short form of Adalfried and variant of Alfred.
Alianne f Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
In the Netherlands, this given name is usually a combination of the names Alie (which is usually a short form of Alida) and Anne.... [more]
Aliaume m French
French form of Adalhelm. Previously a name that had gone out of fashion after the Middle Ages, but it has enjoyed a modest revival in France since the late '80s (which reached its peak in 1996).
Alidoor m Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch and Flemish form of Alidor. A known bearer of this name was the Belgian politician Alidoor De Keyser (1920-2012).
Alidor m French (Rare)
An old and obscure French given name of unknown meaning, which may possibly ultimately be of Occitan origin (compare Aliénor) or even Basque origin. It seems that it was mostly used in the 19th century, not just in France but also in (the French-speaking part of) Belgium and the Canadian province Quebec... [more]
Alie f & m Dutch, English (Rare)
Diminutive of names beginning with Al, most typically Alida.... [more]
Alieda f Dutch (Rare)
Variant spelling of Alida.
Alieke f Dutch
Diminutive form of Alie, seeing as the name contains the Dutch diminutive suffix -ke.
Aliëtte f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Aliette. However, it should be noted that in the Netherlands, there may also be cases where this name is a combination of the Dutch feminine given name Alie with the French diminutive suffix -ette... [more]
Alijda f Dutch
Variant spelling of Aleida.
Alike f Dutch (Rare)
Variant spelling of Alieke.
Alinda f Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish (Rare), Hungarian, Gascon
Dutch, Afrikaans, Finnish, Swedish and Hungarian contracted form of Adelinda and Gascon contracted form of Aidelina.
Alise f French (Archaic)
Local French form of Alice recorded up to the 1700s in the French Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region and the Canton of Châtenois in the Vosges département of eastern France and in the region of Lorraine.
Alixia f Medieval French, French (Rare)
Recorded in 15th-century French-speaking Switzerland. It might be a Latinization of Alix.
Aliza f Hungarian, Basque, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans
Basque form of Alice, Hungarian variant of Alíz and Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Alisa.
Allain m French, English
Variant of Alain.
Allegonda f Dutch
Dutch variant of Aldegonda (see Aldegund), now more popular than its parent name. Compare Hillegonda/Hildegonda.
Allyre m French
Probably of Germanic origin. This was the name of a 4th-century Gallo-Roman saint praised by Gregory of Tours. He was a bishop of Clermont in Auvergne, France, which he worked to establish as a center of religious teaching and devotion... [more]
Alman m Dutch
Dutch short form of Adelman.
Almar m Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Estonian (Rare)
Younger form of Almarr and masculine form of Alma.
Almatine f Dutch (Rare)
Meaning unknown. It might possibly be a combination of Alma 1 with any feminine name that ends in -tine, such as Christine and Martine.... [more]
Almund m Dutch, German
Short form of Adalmund.
Alof m Medieval Dutch, Medieval German, Dutch (Rare), West Frisian (Rare)
Medieval Dutch and German variant of Adolf as well as the West Frisian form of the name. Also compare Aalf (its medieval form is Aelf) and Alef.... [more]
Aloijsius m Dutch
Dutch variant of Aloysius.
Aloïs m Dutch, French
French and Dutch form of Aloysius.
Aloïse f French
Feminine form of Aloïs. Aloïse Corbaz (1886-1964) was a Swiss outsider artist.
Aloïsius m Dutch
Dutch variant of Aloysius.
Alouis m Dutch
Dutch variant of Aloïs.
Alouisius m Dutch
Dutch variant of Aloïsius.
Aloys m Dutch, German, German (Silesian)
German variant and Silesian German form of Alois, and Dutch short form of Aloysius.
Alphardus m Dutch (Latinized)
Latinized form of Alphard.
Altinaï f French (Rare)
Variant transcription of Altinai.... [more]
Altman m Dutch, German
Variant of Aldman.
Alto m Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Dutch
Directly taken from Latin altus meaning "to raise, to make high, to elevate". As a musical term it refers to the contrapuntal part higher than the tenor and its associated vocal range.... [more]
Alwart m Dutch
Dutch form of Alaward.
Alwina f Dutch, German, Polish
Feminine form of Alwin.
Alyda f Dutch (Rare), English (Rare)
Variant of Aleida and Alida (depending on the pronunciation used). A known bearer of this name is the Dutch racing cyclist Alyda Norbruis (b... [more]
Alype m French
French form of Alypius or Alypus.
Alzina f French (Rare, Archaic)
From the Catalan word alzina, meaning "holm oak".
Amabile m & f Italian (Rare), French (Rare), French (Belgian, Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Italian form of Amabilis and also rare French form of Amabilis. The name is unisex in Italy and strictly feminine in the francophone world... [more]
Amalaberga f Dutch, German
Form of Amalberga. Amalaberga was a daughter of Theodemir, king of the Ostrogoths in the 5th century AD.
Amalaswintha f Ancient Germanic, Dutch, History
Derived from the Germanic elements amal "work" and Gothic svinths (swind in Old High German) "strength." This name was borne by a daughter of Theodoric the Great, who became queen of the Ostrogoths after his death in 526 AD.
Amalfrieda f Dutch, German
Dutch and German form of Amalfrida.
Amalrik m Dutch
Dutch form of Amalric.
Amance f & m French (Rare)
French feminine and masculine form of Amantius.
Amandina f Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Gascon, Corsican, Provençal, Lengadocian
Cognate of Amandine. Amandina of Schakkebroek is a saint in the Catholic Church. She was martyred during the Boxer Rebellion.
Amans m French, Occitan
French variant of Amance and Occitan form of Amantius.
Amantine f French (Archaic)
Feminine form of Amant. This was the name of a French novelist, Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, who wrote under the pseudonym George Sand.
Amasja m & f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Amaziah. This name has always been extremely rare in the Netherlands and was also an exclusively masculine name until around the '60s of the 20th century... [more]
Ambriël m Dutch
Dutch form of Ambriel.
Amédérine f French (Rare, Archaic)
Extremely rare feminization of Amédée.
Amelberga f Dutch
Dutch form of Amalberga.