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Subject: Re: Combo Generation CAF |1.14.20|
Author: Bella   (Authenticated as BellaV)
Date: January 16, 2020 at 10:59:24 AM
Reply to: Combo Generation CAF |1.14.20| by miss_lolita143
DH[95]: William Michael "Bill" York
DW[85]: Jacqueline Jane "Jackie" Arnold-York
Bill & Jackie: Lila and Julie
Grandkids: Tony, Ed, Tim, Sam, Camille, Jeanie, Emily, Josie and Ben

DD[65]: Lila Norma York
DD[63]: Julie Melissa York

DD[65]: Lila York-Mercer
-DH[69]: Eric Baldwin Mercer
Eric & Lila: Anthony, Edward, Timothy and Samuel
Grandkids: Corinne, Abbie, Nick, Tabitha, Jamie, Jonathan, Johanna, Mona and Olivia

-DS[43]: Anthony Linden "Tony" Mercer
--DW[38]: Katherine Mona "Katie" Anthony-Mercer
Tony & Katie: Corinne, Abigail and Nicholas

--DD[15]: Corinne Lara Mercer
--DD[10]: Abigail Calla "Abbie" Mercer
--DS[5]: Nicholas Quentin "Nick" Mercer

-DS[42]: Edward Constantine "Ed" Mercer
--DW[44]: Sarah Leta Friedman-Mercer
Ed & Sarah: Tabitha, Jamie and Jonathan

--DD[18]: Tabitha Maura Mercer
--DD[15]: Jamie Doris Mercer
--DS[12]: Jonathan Stanford Mercer

-DS[38]: Timothy Cameron "Tim" Mercer-Drake
--DH[43]: Aaron John Mercer-Drake
Tim & Aaron: Johanna

--DD[6]: Johanna Christine Mercer-Drake

-DS[36]: Samuel Marshall "Sam" Mercer
--DW[31]: Holly Josephine Hays-Mercer
Sam & Holly: Mona and Olivia

--DD[4]: Mona Abigail Mercer
--DD[exp]: Olivia Mona Mercer


DD[63]: Julie York-Munro
-DH[64]: Walter Hardy "Walt" Munro
Walt & Julie: Camille, Jean, Emily, Josephine and Benjamin
Grandkids: Elise, Cullen, Will, Evelyn, Clara, Julia and Vincent

-DD[37]: Camille Ernestine Munro-Molina
--DH[40]: Joseph Errol "Joe" Molina
Joe & Camille: Elise, Cullen and William

--DD[11]: Elise June Molina
--DS[6]: Cullen Dale Molina
--DS[4]: William Darwin "Will" Molina

-DD[37]: Jean Faye "Jeanie" Munro
--xH[41]: Richard Bernard "Ricky" Clark
Ricky & Jeanie: Evelyn and Clara

--DD/DD[8]: Evelyn Valerie Clark & Clara Delores Clark

-DD[32]: Emily Leona Munro
--xBF[35]: Bryant Palmer Harrison
Bryant & Emily: Julia and Vincent

--DD[13]: Julia Dorinda Harrison
--DS[11]: Vincent Patrick Harrison

-DD[26]: Josephine Dulcie "Josie" Munro
--DBF[27]: Clay Hudson Sparks
Clay: Noelle

--DBF’sD[5]: Noelle Jennie Sparks

-DS[23]: Benjamin Zachary "Ben" Munro
--DW[23]: Catherine Zanna "Cate" Schultz-Munro

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