Names Starting with S

Syeda f Urdu
Urdu form of Sayyida.
Sylva f Czech
Czech form of Silvia.
Sylvain m French
French form of Silvanus.
Sylvaine f French
French feminine form of Silvanus.
Sylvan m English
Either a variant of Silvanus or directly from the Latin word silva meaning "wood, forest".
Sylvana f Various
Variant of Silvana.
Sylvester m English, German, Danish
Medieval variant of Silvester. This is currently the usual English spelling of the name. A famous bearer is the American actor Sylvester Stallone (1946-).
Sylvestre m French
French form of Silvester.
Sylvette f French
Diminutive of Sylvie.
Sylvi f Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
Norwegian and Swedish variant of Solveig. It is also used as a short form of Sylvia.
Sylvia f English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
Variant of Silvia. This has been the most common English spelling since the 19th century.
Sylviane f French
Variant of Sylvaine.
Sylvie f French, Czech
French and Czech form of Silvia.
Sylwester m Polish
Polish form of Silvester.
Sylwia f Polish
Polish form of Silvia.
Symeon m Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin
Old Testament Greek (though occurring rarely in the New Testament) and Latin form of Simeon.
Symeonu m Old Church Slavic
Old Church Slavic form of Simeon.
Symon m Ukrainian (Rare)
Ukrainian form of Simon 1 (mostly ecclesiastical usage).
Symphony f English (Rare)
Simply from the English word, ultimately deriving from Greek σύμφωνος (symphonos) meaning "concordant in sound".
Synne f Norwegian
Short form of Synnøve.
Synnöve f Swedish
Swedish form of Sunniva.
Synnøve f Norwegian
Norwegian variant of Sunniva.
Syntyche f Biblical, Biblical Greek, Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek name derived from συντυχία (syntychia) meaning "occurrence, event". This is the name of a woman mentioned in Paul's epistle to the Philippians in the New Testament.
Syuzanna f Russian
Russian variant of Susanna.
Szabina f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sabina.
Szabolcs m Hungarian
Meaning unknown, possibly from a Slavic word meaning "marten". It was borne by a leader of the Magyars at the time of Árpád. This is now the name of a region in Hungary.
Szandra f Hungarian
Hungarian short form of Alexandra.
Szczepan m Polish
Polish form of Stephen.
Szczęsny m Polish (Archaic)
Means "lucky, successful, happy" in Polish, a vernacular form of Felix.
Szebasztián m Hungarian
Hungarian variant form of Sebastianus (see Sebastian).
Szilárd m Hungarian
Means "solid, firm" in Hungarian, also used as a Hungarian vernacular form of Constantine.
Szilveszter m Hungarian
Hungarian form of Silvester.
Szilvia f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Silvia.
Szofi f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sophie, reflecting the French pronunciation.
Szonja f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sonya.
Szymon m Polish
Polish form of Simon 1.