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Akhtar m & f Urdu, Persian (Rare)
Means "star" in Persian.
Arizona f American (Rare), Popular Culture
Etymology of Arizona is still debated, they may include:... [more]
Astius m History (Ecclesiastical), Illyrian
There was an early Christian saint by this name, a 2nd-century Illyrian martyr. He was a bishop of Dyrrhachium (now Durrës in Albania).
Austol m Cornish
Meaning unknown. It is the name of a 6th century Cornish Saint.
Bass f & m American
Transferred use of the surname Bass. It can also be a variant of Bas.
Beppo m Italian
Diminutive of Giuseppe.
Berhtwald m Germanic
A combination of björt meaning "light, bright, shining" and vald meaning "rule". ... [more]
Bibusia f Polish
Diminutive of Bibiana and Bibianna.
Billfrith m History
Saint Billfrith is a famous bearer.
Birillus m History (Ecclesiastical)
Saint Birillus of Antioch was the first evangelizer and the first bishop of Catania in Sicily.
Blu f & m Italian (Modern), English (Rare)
Italian form of Blue and English diminutive of Bluford.
Boisil m History (Ecclesiastical)
Saint Boisil (died 661) was a monk of Melrose Abbey, an offshoot of Lindisfarne, then in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria, but now in Scotland, where he must have been one of the first generation of monks.
Brioc m History (Ecclesiastical), Guernésiais
English and Guernésiais form of Briog via the Latinization Briocus. Brioc (died c. 502) was a 5th-century Welsh holy man who became the first abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany... [more]
Buriana f History (Ecclesiastical, Latinized)
This was the name of an Irish saint who lived during the 6th-century, a hermit in St Buryan, near Penzance, Cornwall. She is identified with the Irish Saint Bruinsech.
Camma f History (Latinized), Old Celtic
The name of a Galatian princess and priestess of Artemis whom Plutarch writes about in both On the Bravery of Women and the Eroticus or Amatorius.
Cao f Chinese
A famous bearer of this name is Empress Cao, who was a consort of the Song Dynasty.
Champa f Indian, Hindi, Sinhalese
Means "frangipani (both plant and flower)" in Hindi, referring to a plant belonging to the Plumeria genus.
Chelal m Biblical
He is mentioned in the Bible as being one of the sons of Pahath-Moab.
Chimamanda f Igbo
Means "my God will not fail me" in Igbo. A famous bearer is Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Chocola f & m Popular Culture
Chocola is the romanization of the French word 'chocolat' which means "chocolate". ... [more]
Chocolat f Popular Culture
'Chocolat' means "chocolate" in French.... [more]
Chu f Chinese
A famous bearer of this name is empress Chu Suanzi.
Cissa m Anglo-Saxon, History
Meaning unknown. One source theorizes that the name might possibly be derived from Old English cisse meaning "gravelly place" or from Old English cís meaning "fastidious". Even Old Norse kyssa meaning "to kiss" was suggested by this source, but this seems unlikely, given that this name is Anglo-Saxon in origin.... [more]
Clateus m Ancient Roman
Saint Clateus (died 64 AD) was an early Christian martyr. He was an early bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Brescia, Italy and was martyred during the persecutions of Christians by Nero.
Concordius m Late Roman
This was the name of a Christian saint known as Concordius of Spoleto.
Corky m & f Irish, American
Nickname used for descendents of Cork, Ireland.... [more]
Cynane f Ancient Greek (Latinized)
A famous bearer is Cynane, half-sister to Alexander the Great.
Eata m Anglo-Saxon (?)
Bishop Eata of Lindisfarne is a famous bearer.
Eck m Scots
Scots short form of Alexander.
Eryxo f Ancient Greek, History
Thought to be derived from the Greek verb ἐρεύγομαι (ereugomai) meaning "to disgorge, blurt out, belch out" (and presumably cognate with Eryx, the name of the eponymous hero of Mount Eryx, a volcano in Sicily)... [more]
Evellius m History (Ecclesiastical)
Evellius (died 66 AD) was an early Christian martyr. He was a counselor to Nero, but was eventually martyred at Pisa after he converted to Christianity.
Fate m & f English, English (American), English (African)
Either a direct derivation of the English word fate or a diminutive of Lafayette. The latter is what led the name to being used as a majority masculine name in the 19th and 20th centuries in the United States.
Fritigil f Germanic
Fritigil who was the Queen of the Marcomanni is a famous bearer.
Genmei f Japanese
A famous bearer of this name is Empress Genmei.
Gothicus m Ancient Roman
Transferred use of the surname Gothicus. There was a Roman Emperor called Claudius Gothicus. After a victory, he had earned the surname of "Gothicus" meaning he was the "conqueror of the Goths".
Gudit f Eastern African, Ge'ez
Ge'ez form of Judith.... [more]
Hina f Urdu, Punjabi, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from the Arabic حناء (ḥinnāʾ), which refers to a dye taken from the Lawsonia inermis plant (called "henna" in English). In South Asian and Middle Eastern culture, it was traditionally used for body art and dying.
Hud m Arabic
Hud was a prophet of ancient Arabia mentioned in the Qur’an.
Hunna f History (Ecclesiastical)
Feminine form of Huno. Saint Hunna (died ca. 679) is a French saint who devoted herself to serving the poor women of Strasbourg, France. Because she undertook to do the washing for her needy neighbors, she was nicknamed by her contemporaries "The Holy Washerwoman".
Increase m & f English (Puritan)
Derives from Middle English 'encrease' with the meaning "to turn greater in number". A famous bearer was Increase Mather, the president of Harvard University in 1685, who was a Puritan minister involved with the Salem witch trials... [more]
Ishuah m Biblical Hebrew
Name of the second son of Asher.
Jimnah m Biblical Hebrew
Possibly means "good fortune." Name of a son of Asher.
Jin-deok f Korean
From Sino-Korean 眞 "genuine" and 德 "virtue". A famous bearer of this name is Queen Jindeok of Silla, who ruled one of the kingdoms of Korea.
Juventius m Late Roman
Variant spelling of Iuventius, which is derived from the Latin noun iuventus meaning "youth". Also compare Juventas, which is etymologically related and also has the same meaning.... [more]
Kajol f Hindi, Sanskrit
Variant of Kajal. Indian film actress Kajol Mukherjee, known mononymously as Kajol, is a famous bearer.
Kimpa f South American
A famous bearer of this name is Kimpa Vita.
Kyneburga f History (Ecclesiastical)
Variant of Cyneburga. This was the name of Saint Kyneburga, one of the four daughters of King Paeda.
Laskarina f Greek (Rare)
Feminine form of the Byzantine Greek surname Laskaris, which is probably derived from Persian لشکر‎ (laškar) "army", meaning "warrior, soldier"... [more]
Liang m & f Chinese
Means "a beam", "a bridge", "an elevation", or "a mast". Traditionally a surname common in East Asia. A famous bearer of this name is Liang Na (formally Empress Shunlie), who was an empress during the Han Dynasty.
Majolus m History
Latinized form of Mayeul.... [more]
Mamertus m Late Roman
Means "dedicated to Mamers" in the Oscan language.... [more]
Mavia f Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian), History
Variant transliteration of ماوية (see Māwiyya).
Maybeth f English (Modern)
Combination of May and Beth. A famous bearer of this name is American actress Maybeth Carr (Born: May 4, 1912, Died: December 27, 1996).
Medgar m African American
A famous bearer is Medgar Evers, an African-American civil rights activist.
Meriasek m Cornish
Conrish form of Meriadeg. Saint Meriasek was a 4th-century Breton saint. The legends of his life are known through Beunans Meriasek, a Cornish language play known from a single surviving manuscript copy dated 1504, and a few other sources... [more]
Mikio m Japanese
Means "tree trunk man."
Mussasa f South American
A famous bearer of this name is Queen Mussasa, who was a 17th century Jaga queen.
Nab m Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of Abel. It used to be a medieval custom to drop syllables before a first name therefore “mine Abel” led to “Nab”.
Nabal m Biblical Hebrew
Means "fool; senseless; failure". This was the name of a rich Calebite who was the first husband of Abigail.
Nayab f & m Urdu, Punjabi, Indian (Muslim)
Means "rare, unique" in Hindustani (Urdu and Hindi), ultimately from Persian نایاب (nâyâb).
Nectan m Cornish
Of uncertain origin and meaning. One theory suggests, however, that this name might be derived from Proto-Celtic *nixto- "clean".... [more]
Nessie f English, Scottish
Originally a diminutive of Agnes, used independently from at least the 18th century. It is now also used as a diminutive of Vanessa... [more]
Nohana f Japanese (Modern, Rare)
From Hana 3 prefixed with a kanji that can (partially) be read as no, such as 野 meaning "field," 乃, referring to the genitive particle の (no), or 希, from nozomi meaning "wish, desire, hope", This name is rarely used.... [more]
Nolana f English (Rare)
Either derived from the flower of the same name or else intended as a feminine form of Nolan.
Orghana f Mongolian
Possibly means "will grow" in Mongolian, derived from ургах (urgakh) meaning "to grow". ... [more]
Osmanna f History
A famous bearer is Saint Osmanna.
Osthryth f Anglo-Saxon
Derived from Old English os "god" and þryþ "strength", making it a cognate of Anstrud... [more]
Pakiza f Urdu, Azerbaijani
Derived from Persian پاكىز (pakiz) meaning "clean, pure, chaste".
Palila f & m Hawaiian, Polynesian, Tahitian
Name of a bird.... [more]
Palladius m Ancient Greek (Latinized), Late Roman, History (Ecclesiastical)
Latinized form of the Greek name Παλλάδιος (Palladios) meaning "of Pallas" or "belonging to Pallas", Pallas 1 being an epithet of the goddess Athena... [more]
Pepa f & m Spanish, Catalan, Czech
Spanish and Catalan diminutive of Josefa (or María José) and Josepa respectively (feminine), as well as a Czech diminutive of Josef (masculine).
Plautilla f Late Roman, Italian
Late Latin and Italian feminine diminutive of Plautus.
Ranavalona f History
Means "folded, kept aside" or "calm, smooth" in Malagasy. This was the name of three queens of Madagascar.
Rasoherina f History
Rasoherina (1814 – 1 April 1868) (also Rasoherina-Manjaka) was Queen of Madagascar from 1863 to 1868, succeeding her husband Radama II following his presumed assassination.
Salampsio f Ancient Hebrew (Hellenized)
Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Shalom-zion "peace of Zion". The name "Shalom Zion" was used by the Judean royal family in the Roman period and is variously modified in rabbinical literature... [more]
Šamši f Arabic
Means "my sun". Name borne by a queen of the Qedar who reigned from 735-710 BCE. Her successor was queen Yatie.
Shawnacy m English
Transferred use of the surname Shawnacy.... [more]
Shokora f Popular Culture
A Japanese approximation of the French word "chocolat" meaning "chocolate". ... [more]
Tamaeva f Polynesian
A famous bearer of this name is Tamaeva IV, queen of the Polynesian island of Rimatara.
Thirrin f Literature
Used in Stuart Hill's 'Icemark Chronicles'
Thurgood m English
A contraction of the Puritan name Thoroughgood. A famous bearer is Thurgood Marshall (Born: July 2, 1908, Died: January 24, 1993), an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Toda f Medieval Basque, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Portuguese
A famous bearer of this name is Queen Toda of Navarre.
Ulphia f History (Ecclesiastical)
Saint Ulphia of Amiens was said to be a young girl living on the banks of the Noye who became a hermit at what would become Saint-Acheul, near Amiens in the Kingdom of the Franks, under the spiritual direction of Saint Domitius... [more]
Umber f & m Pakistani
Meaning unknown.
Urooj f & m Persian
Urooj is a Persian unisex name, meaning "rising, mounting, exaltation, ascension".
Uvedale m English (British, Rare, Archaic)
Transferred use of the surname.
Valasca f History, Medieval Slavic (?)
A famous bearer of this name is Valasca, a warrior Queen of Bohemia.
Vanille f Popular Culture
Means "vanilla" in French. A famous bearer is the character Vanille in the Final Fantasy video games.
Veleda f History
Veleda was a priestess and prophet of the Germanic tribe of the Bructeri who achieved some prominence during the Batavian rebellion of AD 69–70, headed by the Romanized Batavian chieftain Gaius Julius Civilis, when she correctly predicted the initial successes of the rebels against Roman legions.... [more]
Wiborada f German
Saint Wiborada is a famous bearer.
Winwaloe m Medieval Cornish, History (Ecclesiastical)
Cornish form of Guénolé. Saint Winwaloe is a famous bearer.
Wisigard f Germanic
Variant of Wisgard. A famous bearer of this name is Queen Wisigard, a Frankish Queen who ruled in the 6th century.
Woodbridge m English
American motion picture director Woodbridge Strong "Woody" Van Dyke, Jr. (Born: March 21, 1889, Died: February 5, 1943) is a famous bearer of this name.
Xerson m Galician
Galician form of Gershon.
Xiuhcuetzin f Aztec, Nahuatl
Possibly derived from Nahuatl xihuitl, which can mean "turquoise, grass, greenish thing", "year, comet", or "flame, fire", cueitl "skirt", and -tzin, a diminutive or reverential suffix... [more]
Xyriel f Filipino (Rare)
There is a Filipina actress who bears this name.
Yamina f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic يمين (yamin) meaning "right hand, oath".
Yatie f Arabic
A famous bearer of this name is Yatie, who was a queen of the Nomadic Arab tribes of Qedar. She ruled in the 8th century.
Yutte f Danish (Rare, ?)
Anglicized form of Jytte in the case of Danish-born actress Yutte Stensgaard (1946-), whose birth name was Jytte.
Zabibe f Arabic (Rare), History
Most likely derived from Arabic زَبِيب (zabīb) meaning "raisin". This was the name of a queen of Qedar, an ancient Arab nomadic tribe.
Zaydan m Arabic
Means "growth, increase" in Arabic, from the word زَيَّدَ (zayyada) meaning "to increase, to grow".