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KYLE   m   English
From a Scottish surname which was derived from Gaelic caol meaning "narrows, channel, strait".
KYLEE   f   English
Variant of KYLIE.
KYLEIGH   f   English (Modern)
Variant of KYLIE.
KYLER   m   English (Modern)
Probably a variant of KYLE, blending it with TYLER. It also coincides with the rare surname Kyler, an Anglicized form of Dutch Cuyler, which is of uncertain meaning.
KYLIAN   m   French
French variant of CILLIAN.
KYLIE   f   English
This name arose in Australia, where it is said to mean "boomerang" in an Australian Aboriginal language. It is more likely a feminine form of KYLE, and it is in this capacity that it began to be used in America in the 1970s. A famous bearer is the Australian singer Kylie Minogue (1968-).
KYLLI   f   Finnish
Short form of KYLLIKKI.
KYLLIKKI   f   Finnish, Finnish Mythology
Possibly derived from an old Finnish word meaning "woman". This is the name of a character in the Finnish epic the 'Kalevala'.
KYM   f   English (Rare)
Variant of KIM (1).
KYNASTON   m   English (Rare)
From an English surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "CYNEFRIÐ's town" in Old English.
KYNTHIA   f   Greek Mythology
Greek form of CYNTHIA.
KYO   m & f   Japanese
Variant transcription of KYOU.
KYÖSTI   m   Finnish
Finnish form of GUSTAV.
KYOU   m & f   Japanese
From Japanese (kyou) meaning "unite, cooperate", (kyou) meaning "capital city", (kyou) meaning "village", (kyou) meaning "apricot", or other kanji with the same pronunciation.
KYRA   f   English
Variant of KIRA (2), sometimes considered a feminine form of CYRUS.
KYRAN   m   Irish
Variant of KIERAN.
KYRIAKE   f   Greek
Variant transcription of KYRIAKI.
KYRIAKI   f   Greek
Feminine form of KYRIAKOS.
KYRIAKOS   m   Greek, Ancient Greek
Greek form of CYRIACUS.
KYRILLOS   m   Ancient Greek
Greek form of CYRIL.
KYRILU   m   Medieval Slavic
Medieval Slavic form of CYRIL.
KYROS   m   Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Greek form of CYRUS.
KYRSTEN   f   English (Rare)
Variant of KIRSTEN.
KYRYLO   m   Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of CYRIL.
KYUNG   m & f   Korean
Variant transcription of GYEONG.
KYUNG-HEE   f   Korean
Variant transcription of GYEONG-HUI.
KYUNG-JA   f   Korean
Variant transcription of GYEONG-JA.
KYUNG-SOOK   f   Korean
Variant transcription of GYEONG-SUK.
KYVELI   f   Greek
Modern Greek form of CYBELE.
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