Notable Athletes

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in sport. See also the list of Olympians for those who have competed in the Olympics and won medals.
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Aalvik1 handball1
Aasif1 cricket1
Aavo1 soccer1
Abby1 basketball1
Abdelaziz1 boxing1
Abdul3 soccer3
Abdulkadir2 soccer2
Abdülkerim1 soccer1
Abdur1 cricket1
Abebe1 track1
Abel1 soccer1
Aboubakar1 soccer1
Aca1 rugby1
Aco1 handball, 1 soccer2
Adam1 soccer1
Addie1 baseball1
Ade1 football, 2 soccer3
Adebayo2 soccer2
Adedayo1 rugby1
Adelin1 cycling1
Ademir1 soccer1
Adil2 soccer2
Adis3 soccer3
Admir3 soccer3
Adolf1 chess1
Adri1 soccer1
Adrian1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 soccer4
Adrie1 soccer1
Afroditi1 track1
Ahmed1 cricket1
Ahsan1 cricket1
Ajinkya1 cricket1
Aksel1 skiing1
Al2 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey4
Alain1 driving1
Alan1 driving, 1 football, 2 soccer4
Alasdair1 cricket1
Albert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Alberto1 driving, 3 soccer4
Albie1 cricket1
Alcibíades1 soccer1
Aldin2 soccer, 1 volleyball3
Aldo2 soccer2
Alec1 ice hockey1
Alejandro1 soccer1
Alekos1 soccer1
Aleksandar2 basketball2
Alem1 handball1
Alen1 soccer1
Alex1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 4 soccer7
Alexander1 basketball, 1 chess, 1 soccer3
Alexandre1 martial arts, 1 soccer2
Alexandrina1 handball1
Alexandros1 soccer1
Alexe1 skating1
Alexey1 basketball1
Alexis1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Alf1 ice hockey1
Alfredo2 soccer2
Ali2 soccer2
Alia1 skating1
Alketas1 soccer1
Allan1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Almir5 soccer5
Almira1 chess1
Alo2 soccer2
Alok1 cricket1
Alphonse1 football1
Álvaro1 handball, 2 soccer3
Amanda1 handball1
Amaranto1 soccer1
Amar'e1 basketball1
Amarildo1 soccer1
Ambati1 cricket1
Ambroise1 soccer1
Amel1 soccer1
Amela1 soccer, 1 track2
Amil1 soccer1
Amit1 cricket1
Amos1 baseball1
Ana2 handball2
Anamaria1 track1
Anamul1 cricket1
Anatolie2 soccer2
Anatoliy1 chess1
Anđela1 handball1
Ander1 soccer1
Andre1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 soccer, 1 tennis, 1 wrestling6
Andrea1 handball1
Andreas1 handball, 2 soccer3
Andrei1 basketball1
Andrés3 soccer3
Andrew1 skiing1
Andro1 water polo1
Andy1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Anel4 soccer4
Anémone1 skiing1
Anes3 soccer3
Ángel1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Angela1 ice hockey1
Angelo1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Angelos2 soccer2
Anghel1 soccer1
Anișoara1 track1
Anja1 skiing1
Ann1 basketball1
Anna1 skiing1
Anne1 basketball1
Annemarie1 skiing1
Antal1 soccer1
Ante1 soccer1
Anthony1 basketball, 1 football2
Antoaneta1 chess1
Anton1 basketball1
Antonio3 soccer3
Antonios1 soccer1
Antonis1 soccer1
Anwar1 boxing1
Apostolos1 soccer1
Aquivaldo1 soccer1
Aramis1 basketball1
Arantxa1 tennis1
Archie2 soccer2
Ardian1 soccer1
Arie1 soccer1
Ariel1 boxing1
Arijan1 basketball1
Arjen1 soccer1
Arky1 baseball1
Armel1 soccer1
Arnie1 basketball, 2 football3
Arnold1 golf, 1 soccer2
Arnoldo1 soccer1
Arnon1 soccer1
Aron1 soccer1
Arrigo1 soccer1
Arsène1 soccer1
Art3 football, 2 ice hockey5
Arthur1 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 tennis4
Artis1 basketball1
Arturo1 soccer1
Arvīds1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Arvydas1 basketball1
Ashwin1 cricket1
Asim1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Asjha1 basketball1
Atif1 soccer1
Atilio1 soccer1
Atilla1 soccer1
Atse1 cricket1
Atsuto1 soccer1
Attila1 soccer1
Aubrey1 ice hockey1
Audley1 boxing1
Augie1 baseball1
Aurèle1 ice hockey1
Aurélien1 soccer1
Aurica1 track1
Avraam1 soccer1
Axar1 cricket1
Ayrton1 driving1
Azhar1 cricket1
Badi1 boxing1
Badra1 soccer1
Bailey1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Bakir1 soccer1
Bănel1 soccer1
Barney1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Barry1 baseball, 1 football2
Bart1 football1
Basarab1 soccer1
Bashir1 soccer1
Beatriz1 handball1
Bebeto1 soccer1
Bechara1 soccer1
Begoña1 handball1
Beibut1 boxing1
Belinda1 basketball1
Ben1 baseball, 1 golf, 3 soccer5
Benjamin2 soccer2
Bennie1 basketball1
Benny1 football1
Benoît2 soccer2
Berit1 skating1
Bernard2 soccer2
Berni1 basketball1
Bernie3 ice hockey3
Berrie1 cricket1
Berry1 soccer1
Bert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Berti1 soccer1
Bertrand1 handball1
Betina1 skating, 1 tennis2
Betül1 chess, 1 handball, 1 ice hockey3
Beuran1 cricket1
Bharat1 cricket1
Bhuvneshwar1 cricket1
Bid1 baseball1
Bilal1 soccer1
Biljana1 handball, 1 track2
Bill4 baseball, 4 basketball, 4 football, 7 ice hockey, 1 tennis20
Billie1 tennis1
Billy3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 4 ice hockey9
Biz1 baseball1
Björn1 tennis1
Blaine1 baseball1
Blair1 ice hockey1
Blanka1 track1
Blaženko1 handball1
Bo1 soccer1
Bob3 baseball, 7 basketball, 6 football, 2 ice hockey18
Boban1 soccer1
Bobby2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 chess, 3 football, 1 golf, 4 ice hockey, 3 soccer16
Bobley1 soccer1
Bode1 skiing1
Bojana1 handball1
Bonaventure1 soccer1
Bora1 soccer1
Boris1 chess1
Börje1 ice hockey1
Boro1 tennis1
Boubacar1 soccer1
Boudewijn1 soccer1
Bouse1 ice hockey1
Božidar1 handball1
Brad1 ice hockey1
Braden1 baseball1
Branch1 basketball1
Braulio1 soccer1
Brendon1 cricket1
Brett1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Brian1 ice hockey1
Brice1 soccer1
Bronko1 football1
Brooks1 baseball1
Bruce1 baseball, 1 driving, 2 football, 1 ice hockey5
Bruno1 handball, 2 soccer3
Bryan2 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Buck2 baseball, 1 football3
Bulcsú1 water polo1
Bum1 soccer1
Burhan2 soccer2
Burleigh1 baseball1
Byron1 golf1
Cafu1 soccer1
Cal1 baseball, 1 football2
Calvin1 basketball1
Cam1 ice hockey1
Camilla1 handball1
Camilo2 soccer2
Cammi1 ice hockey1
Candace1 basketball1
Candy1 baseball1
Cappie1 basketball1
Careca1 soccer1
Carl2 baseball, 1 football3
Carlo1 skiing1
Carlos1 basketball, 13 soccer14
Carlton1 baseball1
Carmelo1 basketball1
Carmen1 handball1
Carol1 basketball1
Casey1 baseball1
Cătălin1 boxing1
Cecil2 ice hockey2
Cédric1 handball, 1 soccer2
Celestino1 boxing1
Céline1 basketball1
Cemre1 chess1
Cengiz1 boxing1
César1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Cesare1 soccer1
Cesc1 soccer1
Chadwick1 cricket1
Chaminda1 cricket1
Chamu1 cricket1
Chandika1 cricket1
Chang1 soccer1
Charles3 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 soccer8
Charley2 football2
Charlie1 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skating6
Chauncy1 boxing1
Cheick1 soccer1
cheol1 soccer1
Cheryl1 basketball1
Cheteshwar1 cricket1
Chick1 baseball1
Chikondi2 soccer2
Chris2 basketball, 1 cycling, 2 football, 1 tennis6
Christi1 cricket1
Christian1 basketball1
Christof1 skiing1
Christy1 baseball1
Chu1 soccer1
Chuck1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Cirilo1 soccer1
Clarence1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Clark1 ice hockey1
Clarke1 football1
Claudio3 soccer3
Clémence1 basketball1
Cleveland1 baseball1
Cliff1 basketball, 1 football2
Clint2 ice hockey2
Clyde2 basketball, 1 football3
Codruț2 soccer2
Collins1 cricket1
Colton1 ice hockey1
Connie1 basketball1
Constant1 soccer1
Cortez1 football1
Cosmin1 soccer1
Cristian2 soccer2
Cristiano1 soccer1
Cristóbal1 baseball1
Cristopher1 soccer1
Cuauhtémoc1 soccer1
Cüneyt1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Curtis1 football, 1 soccer2
Curtly1 cricket1
Cvitko1 cycling1
Cy1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Cynthia1 basketball1
Dacian1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Dale1 ice hockey1
Daley1 soccer1
Dalibor1 handball, 1 skiing2
Dameian1 football1
Damian2 soccer2
Damião1 soccer1
Damir1 boxing, 1 water polo2
Dan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 5 football, 1 ice hockey8
Dane1 cricket1
Dani1 soccer1
Daniel1 handball, 2 soccer3
Danijel2 soccer2
Danilo1 soccer1
Danira1 basketball1
Danko1 basketball1
Danny1 soccer1
Dante1 football, 1 soccer2
Dany1 soccer1
Daouda1 handball1
Daren1 cricket1
Darijo1 soccer1
Dario2 soccer2
Dariusz1 boxing1
Darrell1 football1
Darroll1 boxing1
Darryl1 ice hockey1
Dárvin1 soccer1
Daryl1 soccer1
Daša1 skating1
Dav1 cricket1
DaVarryl1 boxing1
Dave2 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey8
David2 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 5 soccer9
Davide1 skiing1
Davor1 handball, 1 soccer2
Davud1 soccer1
Davy1 soccer1
Dayán1 baseball1
Dazzy1 baseball1
DeAndrey1 boxing1
Dedé1 soccer1
Deion1 football1
Deivi1 boxing1
Dejan1 soccer1
DeLisha1 basketball1
Delmon1 baseball1
Delray1 cricket1
Delyone1 cricket1
Demis1 soccer1
Demy1 soccer1
Denesh1 cricket1
Deni1 water polo1
Denis2 handball, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Denise1 basketball1
Dennis1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 soccer4
Denny1 driving, 1 soccer2
Deontay1 boxing1
Dermontti1 football1
Deron1 basketball1
Derrick1 football1
Dexter1 baseball1
Deyan1 boxing1
Dezső1 water polo1
Dhafir1 boxing1
Dhammika1 cricket1
Dhawal1 cricket1
Diana1 basketball1
Dibaba1 track1
Dick1 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer8
Dickie2 ice hockey2
Dida1 martial arts1
Didier1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 1 skiing3
Diego5 soccer5
Dilshod1 boxing1
Dimitra1 basketball1
Dimitrios1 soccer1
Dimitris2 soccer2
Dimuth1 cricket1
Dinesh1 cricket1
Dino2 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer4
Dion1 cricket1
Dirk1 soccer1
Dizzy1 baseball1
Djalma1 soccer1
Djurdjina2 handball2
Dmitry1 basketball1
Doak1 football1
Dolph1 basketball1
Domagoj1 handball, 1 soccer2
Dominique1 basketball, 1 skiing2
Don2 baseball, 2 football4
Dong2 soccer2
Dorinel2 soccer2
Doug1 football, 3 ice hockey4
Drago1 handball1
Dragomir1 martial arts1
Dražen2 basketball2
Dubravko1 water polo1
Duje1 soccer1
Duke1 baseball1
Duncan1 ice hockey1
Dunga1 soccer1
Đurđica1 swimming1
Dushmantha1 cricket1
Dwight1 football1
Dwyane1 basketball1
Dyhre1 handball1
Earl1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey7
Earle1 baseball1
Early1 baseball1
Earvin1 basketball1
Ebbie1 ice hockey1
Ed2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer7
Edd1 baseball1
Edda1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Eddie4 baseball, 3 ice hockey7
Eddy1 cycling1
Eden1 soccer1
Éder1 soccer1
Edgar1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Edgmer1 baseball1
Edouard1 ice hockey1
Edson1 soccer1
Eduardo2 soccer2
Edvaldo1 soccer1
Edvīns1 soccer1
Edward1 basketball1
Edwige1 basketball1
Edwin3 soccer3
Efe1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Efraín1 soccer1
Eiji1 soccer1
Ejiro1 football1
Elchin1 boxing1
Eldin3 soccer3
Elemér2 soccer, 1 swimming3
Elgin1 basketball1
Elieser1 boxing1
Elisabeth1 handball1
Eljero1 soccer1
Elkin1 soccer1
Elmar2 soccer2
Elmer1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Élodie1 basketball1
Elroy1 football1
Elvin1 basketball, 1 football2
Emanoil1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Emanuel1 chess1
Emeka1 basketball1
Emerson1 driving1
Emil1 track1
Émile1 ice hockey1
Émilie1 basketball1
Emilio1 soccer1
Emlen1 football1
Emmanuel1 boxing1
Emmeline1 basketball1
Emmitt2 football2
Endéné1 basketball1
Enis1 soccer1
Enos1 baseball1
Enzo1 driving, 1 soccer2
Eoin1 cricket1
Eppa1 baseball1
Ercan1 soccer1
Erdoğan1 soccer1
Erfan1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Eric1 football, 2 soccer3
Erik1 soccer1
Erkan1 soccer1
Ernest1 basketball1
Ernestas1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Ernie2 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer7
Ernst1 soccer1
Erwin1 soccer1
Esmil1 baseball1
Esteban1 soccer1
Eugene1 soccer1
Eugenio1 soccer1
Eusebia1 track1
Eusébio1 soccer1
Evald1 soccer1
Evander1 boxing1
Evans1 boxing1
Everth1 baseball1
Everton1 cricket1
Evgeni1 skating1
Evgeny1 basketball1
Evonne1 tennis1
Eyong1 soccer1
Fabián1 soccer1
Fabienne1 skiing1
Fabio1 soccer1
Fabrice1 soccer1
Fabricio1 basketball1
Faf1 cricket1
Falcao1 soccer1
Farhaan1 cricket1
Farhad1 cricket1
Faruk2 soccer2
Faryd1 soccer1
Faustino1 soccer1
Fausto1 cycling1
Feiko1 cricket1
Felipe1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Felix1 skiing1
Femi1 soccer1
Ferdo1 soccer1
Ferenc1 soccer1
Ferguson1 baseball1
Ferid2 soccer2
Fernandinho1 soccer1
Fernando1 basketball, 3 soccer4
Fernie1 ice hockey1
Fidel1 cricket1
Filip1 handball1
Filipe1 soccer1
Florence1 basketball1
Floyd1 boxing, 1 football, 1 soccer3
Forrest1 basketball, 1 football2
Fran1 football1
Francis1 ice hockey1
Francisco3 soccer3
Franco1 football, 1 soccer2
Franjo1 basketball, 1 track2
Frank3 baseball, 1 basketball, 3 football, 9 ice hockey, 3 soccer19
Franka1 track1
Frankie1 baseball1
Franklin1 baseball1
Frano1 water polo1
Frans1 soccer1
František1 soccer1
Franz1 soccer1
Fred1 baseball, 2 football, 4 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis9
Freddie1 baseball1
Frederick1 ice hockey1
Fredrik1 handball1
Fredy1 soccer1
Fres1 boxing1
Frida1 skiing1
Friday1 boxing1
Fritz1 football, 1 skiing, 1 soccer3
Fulgencio1 boxing1
Gabby1 baseball1
Gabriel1 soccer1
Gaëtan1 soccer1
Gail1 basketball1
Gale1 football1
Garfield1 cricket1
Garrincha1 soccer1
Garry1 chess1
Gary1 baseball, 1 football, 1 golf, 2 soccer5
Gaston1 soccer1
Gautam1 cricket1
Gauthier1 field hockey1
Gaydarbek1 boxing1
Gaylord1 baseball1
Gbenga1 boxing1
Gene2 football, 1 golf3
Gennadi1 skating1
Gentrit1 soccer1
Genzebe1 track1
Geoff1 soccer1
George7 baseball, 3 basketball, 1 boxing, 6 football, 5 ice hockey, 1 soccer23
Georges2 ice hockey2
Georginio1 soccer1
Georgios2 soccer2
Gerald1 soccer1
Gerard1 soccer1
Gerardo1 soccer1
Gerd1 soccer1
Geremi1 soccer1
Gerónimo1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Gerrie1 cricket1
Gerry1 ice hockey1
Gert1 ice hockey1
Gervinho1 soccer1
Gheorghe1 soccer1
Giacinto1 soccer1
Giacobbe1 boxing1
Gianni1 soccer1
Giannis2 soccer2
Gianpiero1 soccer1
Gichin1 martial arts1
Gilbert1 ice hockey1
Gilberto1 soccer1
Gilles1 driving1
Gilmar1 soccer1
Gino1 cycling, 1 football2
Gioele1 driving, 1 rugby2
Giora2 soccer2
Giorgos1 soccer1
Giovani1 soccer1
Giovanni2 soccer2
Giuseppe2 soccer2
Givanildo1 soccer1
Glen1 football1
Glenn2 ice hockey2
Göksu1 soccer1
Gonzalo2 soccer2
Goran2 handball, 2 soccer, 2 tennis6
Gord1 ice hockey1
Gordan1 swimming1
Gordie2 ice hockey2
Gordon2 ice hockey, 2 soccer4
Gøril1 handball1
Gōtoku1 soccer1
Graciano1 boxing1
Graeme1 soccer1
Graham1 driving, 1 ice hockey2
Granit1 soccer1
Grant1 ice hockey1
Gregory1 soccer1
Grover1 baseball1
Grzegorz1 soccer1
Guillaume2 handball2
Guillermo2 soccer2
Gunnar1 soccer1
Gus1 basketball1
Gustavo2 soccer2
Guus1 soccer1
Güvenç1 soccer1
Guy1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer4
gwon1 soccer1
György1 soccer1
Hack1 baseball1
Hajime1 soccer1
Håkan1 ice hockey1
Hakeem1 basketball1
Hal1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Hale1 golf1
Halime1 swimming1
Hamish2 cricket2
Hamit1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Hamza1 cricket1
Hanae1 skating, 1 swimming2
Hanife1 soccer1
Hank2 baseball2
Hannes1 track1
Hans2 soccer2
Hansie1 cricket1
Haralambie1 soccer1
Haris1 cricket1
Harlan1 basketball1
Harmon1 baseball1
Harold1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey3
Haroon1 cricket, 1 tennis2
Harry2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 football, 11 ice hockey16
Harvey1 ice hockey1
Harvy1 ice hockey1
Hashim1 cricket1
Hasim1 boxing1
Hazen1 baseball1
Heath1 cricket1
Héctor1 ice hockey, 3 soccer4
Hedwiges1 soccer1
hee2 soccer2
Heidi1 handball1
Heinie1 baseball1
Heinz1 soccer1
Helen1 tennis1
Helga1 soccer1
Hélio1 driving1
Helmut1 soccer1
Henk1 soccer1
Henno1 cricket, 1 rugby2
Henri1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Henrik1 skiing1
Henrique2 soccer2
Henry1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 boxing, 2 football5
Herb1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Herbert1 ice hockey1
Herbie1 ice hockey1
Herman1 baseball1
Hernanes1 soccer1
Herschelle1 cricket1
Hersey1 basketball1
Hideto1 soccer1
Hilton1 baseball1
Hiral1 cricket1
Hiram1 soccer1
Hiren1 cricket1
Hiroki1 soccer1
Hiromi1 soccer1
ho1 soccer1
Hobey1 ice hockey1
Hod1 ice hockey1
Hogan1 golf1
Hollie1 basketball1
Honus1 baseball1
Hortência1 basketball1
Hossam1 soccer1
Howie1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Hoyt1 baseball1
Hristo1 soccer1
Hrvoje1 soccer1
Hugh1 baseball, 1 football2
Hughie1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Hugo1 soccer1
Hulk1 wrestling1
Humberto1 soccer1
Huub1 soccer1
Hyun1 soccer1
Ibrahim1 soccer1
Ida1 handball1
Ido1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Idris1 soccer1
Idriss1 soccer1
Igor1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 water polo5
Iiro1 ice hockey1
Iker1 soccer1
Ilias2 soccer2
Ilie1 tennis1
Ilona1 basketball1
İlyas1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Imamu1 boxing1
Imran1 cricket1
Imrul1 cricket1
Indrek1 soccer1
Ingemar1 skiing1
Iqbal1 cricket1
İrfan1 cricket, 1 handball, 1 soccer3
Irvine1 ice hockey1
Isaác1 soccer1
Isabelle1 basketball1
Isco1 soccer1
Ish1 cricket1
Ishant1 cricket1
Isiah1 basketball1
Ismaël1 soccer1
Ismail1 boxing1
Israel1 soccer1
István1 boxing1
Iva1 tennis1
Ivan1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 3 soccer, 2 tennis, 1 water polo8
Ivano1 handball1
Ivica1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Ivo1 soccer1
Iwan1 soccer1
Iztok1 handball1
Izudin1 soccer1
Ja1 soccer1
Jaap1 soccer1
Jack1 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 boxing, 1 driving, 5 football, 1 golf, 6 ice hockey18
Jackie1 baseball, 1 driving, 2 football4
Jackson1 soccer1
Jacques1 cycling, 3 ice hockey, 2 soccer6
Jade1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Jádson1 soccer1
Jae1 soccer1
Jahurul1 cricket1
Jair1 soccer1
Jairzinho1 soccer1
Jake1 baseball1
Jameel1 boxing1
James1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 driving, 1 football, 3 soccer8
Jan1 cricket, 1 football, 1 skiing, 7 soccer, 1 tennis11
Janeiro1 cricket1
Janica1 skiing1
Jari1 ice hockey1
Jaroslav1 tennis1
Jarrod1 golf1
Jasmina1 basketball1
Jason1 cycling, 1 soccer2
Jasper1 soccer1
Javi2 soccer2
Javier4 soccer4
Jayson1 baseball1
Jean2 ice hockey, 8 soccer, 1 tennis11
Jeevan1 cricket1
Jeff1 football1
Jefferson1 soccer1
Jekon1 cricket1
Jenna1 basketball1
Jennifer2 basketball2
Jenő1 soccer1
Jeremain1 soccer1
Jerneja1 track1
Jeroen1 soccer1
Jérôme1 handball1
Jerry2 basketball, 1 football3
Jesse2 baseball, 1 track3
Jessica1 handball1
Jesús3 soccer3
Jetro1 soccer1
Jigoro1 martial arts1
Jim7 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 driving, 8 football17
Jimmie1 baseball1
Jimmy1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis6
1 soccer1
Joan1 basketball1
Jochen1 driving1
Jocko1 baseball1
Joe11 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 boxing, 8 football, 5 ice hockey, 1 soccer30
Joël2 soccer2
Johan2 handball, 4 soccer6
John4 baseball, 8 basketball, 8 football, 1 ice hockey, 5 soccer, 1 tennis27
Johnny3 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 swimming10
Jonas2 handball2
Jonathan1 soccer1
Jong1 soccer1
Jonny1 soccer1
Jonty1 cricket1
Jordi2 soccer2
Jordy1 soccer1
Jorge2 soccer2
Joris1 soccer1
Jørum1 handball1
José1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 chess, 7 soccer10
Josef1 soccer1
Joseph1 basketball1
Josh1 baseball1
Josip1 soccer, 1 water polo2
Joško1 water polo1
Jovanka1 handball1
Jovica2 soccer2
Jrue1 basketball1
Juan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 driving, 7 soccer10
Juanfran1 soccer1
Jud1 baseball1
Judit1 chess1
Judy1 baseball1
Julia1 skiing1
Julien1 skiing1
Júlio2 boxing, 1 soccer3
Julius1 basketball1
Juma1 soccer1
Junaid1 cricket1
Junichi1 soccer1
Junior1 soccer1
Junya1 soccer1
Jupp1 soccer1
Jürgen2 soccer2
Just1 soccer1
Justine1 tennis1
Jyrki1 ice hockey1
Kaarel1 soccer1
Kagiso1 cricket1
Kaidi1 soccer1
Kali1 boxing1
Kalin1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Kálmán1 soccer1
Kamau1 cricket1
Kane1 cricket1
Kantemir2 soccer2
Kardec1 soccer1
Kareem1 basketball1
Kari2 handball2
Karim1 soccer1
Karl1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Karn1 cricket1
Karoline1 handball1
Katarina1 handball1
Kathleen1 basketball1
Kathrin1 skiing1
Katrine1 handball1
Kawika1 football1
Kazushi1 soccer1
Kazuyoshi1 soccer1
Kealoha1 football1
Kedar1 cricket1
Kee1 soccer1
Kees1 soccer1
Keisuke1 soccer1
Kellen1 football1
Kemar1 cricket1
Ken2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis5
Kenan1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Kengo1 soccer1
Keone1 baseball1
Kepler1 cricket1
Kertson1 boxing1
Kevin3 basketball3
Kew1 soccer1
Khalid1 soccer1
Kieron1 cricket1
Kiki1 tennis1
Kim2 handball, 1 tennis3
Kirby1 baseball1
Kjetil1 skiing1
Klaas1 soccer1
Koa1 football1
Kobe1 basketball1
Koke1 soccer1
Kolo1 soccer1
Kondwani1 soccer, 1 track2
Konstantinos1 soccer1
Kostas2 soccer2
Kraigg1 cricket1
Krešimir1 basketball1
Kris1 baseball1
Krishmar1 cricket1
Kristhian1 soccer1
Kristi1 basketball1
Kristin1 handball1
Kristine1 handball1
Krunoslav1 soccer1
Krzysztof1 boxing1
Kubrat1 boxing1
Kuldeep1 cricket1
Kunishige1 soccer1
Kusal1 cricket1
Kyotaro1 boxing1
Kyuji1 baseball1
kyung1 soccer1
Lacina1 soccer1
Ladislao1 soccer1
Lahiru1 cricket1
Lajos1 soccer1
Lakis1 soccer1
Lamar1 basketball1
Lameck1 cricket1
Lamia1 handball1
Lamine1 soccer1
Lamon1 boxing1
Lance1 football1
Landry1 soccer1
Lanny1 ice hockey1
Lara1 skiing1
Larry1 baseball, 1 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey7
Lasith1 cricket1
Laura1 basketball1
Lauren2 basketball2
Lauritz1 skiing1
Lawrence1 football1
Laynce1 baseball1
Lazaros1 soccer1
Leandro1 soccer1
Leão1 soccer1
Learie1 cricket1
LeBron1 basketball1
Lee1 football1
Leeonzer1 boxing1
Lem1 football1
Len2 football2
Lendl1 cricket1
Lenny1 basketball, 1 football2
Leo1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Leobardo1 soccer1
Leon2 baseball2
Leonard1 ice hockey1
Leonel1 soccer1
Leonida1 soccer1
Leônidas1 soccer1
Leposava1 handball1
Leroy1 football, 1 soccer2
Les1 football1
Lester1 ice hockey1
Lev1 soccer1
Librado1 boxing1
Limbikani1 soccer1
Lindsay1 basketball1
Linn2 handball2
Lino1 handball1
Lionel1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Liz1 basketball1
Ljubiša2 soccer2
Lloyd1 baseball1
Loïc1 soccer1
Lokesh1 cricket1
Lonwabo1 cricket1
Lorne1 ice hockey1
Lothar1 soccer1
Lou4 baseball, 2 football6
Louis1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Loukas1 soccer1
Lovre1 soccer1
Luan1 boxing1
Luc1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Lucas2 soccer2
Lucia1 boxing1
Luciano1 soccer1
Lúcio1 soccer1
Luigi1 soccer1
Luis1 baseball, 8 soccer9
Luiz3 soccer3
Luka1 soccer1
Luke1 baseball1
Lund1 skiing1
Lusia1 basketball1
Lütfi1 basketball1
Lütfiye1 soccer1
Lynette1 basketball1
Lynn1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Maarten1 soccer1
Macarena1 handball1
Maciel1 basketball1
Macnelly1 soccer1
Madalitso1 golf, 1 soccer2
Madelon1 swimming1
Mághnus1 football1
Magnus1 handball1
Magomed1 boxing1
Mahendra1 cricket1
Mahir3 soccer3
Mahmudullah1 cricket1
Maicon1 soccer1
Maja1 handball1
Majda1 handball1
Majid1 cricket1
Major1 tennis1
Malachi1 cricket1
Malik1 boxing1
Malm1 handball1
Man1 martial arts1
Manoj1 cricket1
Manuel1 driving1
Mao1 skating1
Marc1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Marcel2 ice hockey, 1 skiing3
Marcello1 soccer1
Marcelo3 soccer3
Marchant1 cricket1
Marco3 soccer3
Marcos1 soccer1
Marcus1 football1
Margaret1 tennis1
Margus1 football, 1 skating2
Maria1 skiing, 1 tennis2
Marie2 soccer2
Marija1 handball1
Marijan1 boxing1
Marin1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Marina1 handball1
Mario1 driving, 1 ice hockey, 1 skiing, 3 soccer, 1 tennis7
Marion1 basketball, 1 football2
Marit1 handball1
Mark2 ice hockey, 3 soccer5
Marlies1 skiing1
Maro1 water polo1
Marques1 basketball1
Marquinhos1 soccer1
Marshall1 football1
Marta2 handball2
Martien1 soccer1
Martin1 baseball, 1 tennis2
Martina1 tennis1
Marty2 ice hockey2
Marvan1 cricket1
Masahiko1 martial arts, 1 soccer2
Masami1 soccer1
Masashi1 soccer1
Masato2 soccer2
Mashrafe1 cricket1
Masood1 cricket1
Massimo1 soccer1
Masutatsu1 martial arts1
Mate1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Mateo1 soccer1
Matey1 volleyball1
Mathew2 soccer2
Mathis1 soccer1
Mati2 soccer2
Matías1 soccer1
Matt1 football, 1 soccer2
Matthew1 soccer1
Matthias1 skiing1
Mattias3 handball3
Matvey1 boxing1
Maureen1 tennis1
Maurice1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Mauricio2 soccer2
Max1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 boxing, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Maxim1 skating, 1 soccer2
Maxwell1 soccer1
Maya1 basketball1
Meadowlark1 basketball1
Mechislav1 soccer1
Megetaveh1 football1
Mehdi1 boxing1
Mel1 baseball, 3 football4
Melik1 football, 1 track2
Melike1 basketball1
Memphis1 soccer1
Merima2 track2
Merlin1 football1
Merve1 swimming, 1 volleyball2
Mervyn1 ice hockey1
Meryl1 skating1
Mette1 handball1
Michael1 basketball, 1 driving, 1 football, 1 handball, 2 soccer6
Michaëlla1 tennis1
Michalis1 soccer1
Michel1 ice hockey, 3 soccer4
Michu1 soccer1
Mickey3 baseball3
Miguel2 soccer2
Mihaela1 handball1
Mihalj1 soccer1
Mihály1 soccer1
Miho1 water polo1
Miiko1 soccer1
Mikaela1 skiing1
Mike2 baseball, 1 boxing, 1 driving, 7 football, 3 ice hockey, 1 soccer15
Mikhail1 chess1
Milan1 soccer1
Mile1 soccer1
Milena1 handball1
Milivoj1 water polo1
Miljana1 basketball1
Milko1 chess, 1 soccer2
Milorad1 boxing1
Milovan1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Milt1 ice hockey1
Miltos1 soccer1
Mima1 tennis1
Mimis1 soccer1
Miraç1 cycling1
Miranda1 soccer1
Mirjana1 handball1
Mirko1 soccer1
Miroslav1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Mirsad1 basketball1
Mirza1 handball1
Mislav1 water polo1
Mitchell2 soccer2
Mithat1 basketball, 1 skiing2
Mladen1 soccer1
Moeen1 cricket1
Mohammadou1 soccer1
Mohit1 cricket1
Moisés1 soccer1
Molla1 tennis1
Momi1 soccer1
Mominul1 cricket1
Moneeb1 cricket1
Monica1 tennis1
Monte1 baseball, 1 boxing2
Montell1 boxing1
Montgomery1 baseball1
Mordecai1 baseball1
Morihei1 martial arts1
Morné1 cricket1
Morris1 football1
Moses1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Mudassar1 cricket1
Muhammad1 boxing1
Muhsin1 soccer1
Mule1 baseball1
Mumin1 soccer, 1 track2
Murali1 cricket1
Mushfiqur1 cricket1
Mushtaq1 cricket1
Muttiah1 cricket1
Mychal1 football1
Nabila1 handball1
Nacho2 soccer2
Nadia1 skiing1
Nadir1 soccer1
Nadire1 soccer1
Nadiya1 skiing, 2 swimming3
Nadzeya1 basketball1
Naeem1 cricket1
Naiara1 handball1
Nail1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Naile1 basketball1
Naïm1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Nancy1 basketball1
Nándor1 soccer1
Nanna1 soccer1
Naohiro1 soccer1
Nap1 baseball1
Narsingh1 cricket1
Naseem1 boxing, 1 track2
Nasir1 cricket1
Nassim3 soccer3
Nat1 basketball1
Natali1 swimming1
Nate2 basketball2
Natko1 skiing1
Nazem1 ice hockey1
Nazim2 soccer2
Nazimuddin1 cricket1
Nazmul1 cricket1
Nebil2 soccer2
Nedim1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Nehemiah1 cricket1
Neil1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Nellie1 baseball1
Nels1 ice hockey1
Nelson1 driving1
Nely1 handball1
Nenad1 tennis1
Nera1 basketball1
Nerea1 handball1
Nesim1 soccer1
Néstor2 soccer2
Neymar1 soccer1
Nezih1 soccer1
Niall1 cricket1
Nick1 football1
Niclas1 handball1
Nicolaas1 cricket1
Nicolas1 soccer1
Nicole1 skiing1
Nigel1 driving, 1 soccer2
Niki1 driving1
Nikica1 soccer1
Nikita1 soccer1
Niko2 soccer2
Nikola1 handball, 1 tennis2
Nikolaos2 soccer2
Nikša1 handball, 1 water polo2
Nils1 soccer1
Nílton1 soccer1
Ninoslav2 soccer2
Nitish1 cricket1
Noe1 boxing1
Nolan1 baseball1
Norberto1 soccer1
Norm1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Norman1 baseball1
Novak1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Nuno1 cycling, 1 soccer2
Nuri1 boxing1
Nurmagomed1 boxing1
Nurullah2 soccer2
Nuwan1 cricket1
Nynke1 martial arts1
Obdulio1 soccer1
Obed1 boxing1
Odhiambo1 cricket1
Odlanier1 boxing1
Odrisamer1 baseball1
Ognjen2 soccer, 1 water polo3
Oldřich1 soccer1
Oliver1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Ollie1 football1
Oluwafemi1 soccer1
Omar1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Onyango1 cricket1
Ooijer1 soccer1
Orestis1 soccer1
Oribe1 soccer1
Oriol1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Orlando1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Oscar1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 soccer4
Osmay1 boxing1
Osvaldo1 soccer1
Otmar1 skiing1
Ottmar1 soccer1
Otto1 football, 1 soccer2
Ousmane1 soccer1
Ovill1 boxing1
Oxana1 basketball1
Ozren1 water polo1
Öztürk1 soccer1
Ozzie1 baseball, 1 football2
Paavo1 track1
Pablo1 soccer1
Paddy1 ice hockey1
Paea1 boxing1
Panagiotis3 soccer3
Pankaj1 cricket1
Panos1 soccer1
Paolo2 soccer2
Parvez1 cricket1
Pat1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Pato1 soccer1
Patric1 ice hockey1
Patricia1 handball1
Patrick1 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 2 soccer4
Patrik1 handball1
Pau1 basketball1
Paul2 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 chess, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 4 soccer14
Paulinho1 soccer1
Paulo1 soccer, 1 water polo2
Pável1 soccer1
Pedro2 soccer2
Peet1 soccer1
Pekka1 ice hockey1
Pelé1 soccer1
Pepe1 soccer1
Percy1 ice hockey1
Peri1 soccer1
Perica1 water polo1
Pernilla1 skiing1
Perpetua1 soccer1
Petar1 handball, 1 water polo2
Pete1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 tennis4
Peter1 ice hockey, 5 soccer6
Petra1 skiing1
Petri1 ice hockey1
Phil2 baseball, 1 ice hockey3
Phillip1 soccer1
Pie1 baseball1
Pierre1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Piet3 soccer3
Pikky1 cricket1
Pim1 soccer1
Piper1 skating1
Polat1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Pragyan1 cricket1
Preben1 soccer1
Priit1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Prince1 boxing1
Prosper1 cricket1
Pua1 swimming1
Qasim1 cricket1
Quantis1 boxing1
Quincy1 soccer1
Quinton1 cricket1
Rabia2 track2
Rachael1 basketball1
Rachel1 basketball1
Radamel1 soccer1
Radivoj1 basketball1
Radmila1 handball1
Raemon1 tennis1
Rafael3 soccer, 1 tennis4
Rafinha1 soccer1
Ragheb1 cricket1
Rahat1 cricket1
Raimond1 soccer1
Rakep1 cricket1
Rakhim1 boxing1
Ralph1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Ramires1 soccer1
Ramnaresh1 cricket1
Ramón1 soccer1
Randall1 football1
Randy1 football1
Rangana1 cricket1
Raniere1 soccer1
Raoul1 soccer1
Rasim2 soccer2
Ratko1 water polo1
Ratomir1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Raúl1 chess, 2 soccer3
Ravi1 cricket1
Ravindra1 cricket1
Ray3 baseball, 1 boxing, 2 football, 1 ice hockey7
Rayan1 handball, 1 soccer2
Rayfield1 football1
Raymond1 football, 1 soccer2
Red3 baseball, 1 football4
Reece1 basketball1
Refik1 soccer1
Reg1 ice hockey1
Reggie1 baseball, 1 football2
Regilio1 boxing1
Reginald2 ice hockey2
Regis1 cricket1
Reinaldo1 soccer1
Renato1 water polo1
René1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Reşit1 soccer, 1 wrestling2
Réver1 soccer1
Rhys1 soccer1
Ric1 wrestling1
Ricardo2 soccer2
Richard1 baseball, 1 football, 1 soccer, 1 tennis4
Richel1 boxing1
Richie1 baseball1
Richmond1 cricket1
Rick1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Rickey1 baseball, 1 football2
Ricky1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Rigobert1 soccer1
Riley1 ice hockey1
Rinat1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Rini1 cycling, 1 soccer2
Rinus2 soccer2
Rivaldo1 soccer1
Rizwan1 cricket1
Rob2 soccer2
Robert1 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 soccer6
Robertino1 soccer1
Roberto2 baseball, 3 soccer5
Robin2 baseball, 1 soccer, 1 tennis4
Robinho1 soccer1
Rocky1 boxing1
Rod1 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis5
Rodolfo1 soccer1
Rodrigo1 soccer1
Rogelio1 soccer1
Roger2 baseball, 2 football, 1 soccer, 1 tennis6
Rogério1 boxing1
Rogers1 baseball1
Rohan1 cricket1
Rohanee1 basketball1
Rohit1 cricket1
Rok1 skiing1
Rollie1 baseball1
Rolph1 cricket1
Romaric1 soccer1
Romário1 soccer1
Romed1 skiing1
Rômulo1 soccer1
Ron1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Ronald2 soccer2
Ronaldinho1 soccer1
Ronaldo2 soccer2
Ronan1 golf1
Ronnie1 football1
Rosey1 football1
Ross1 baseball1
Roy1 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis6
Ruaidhri1 cricket1
Rube3 baseball3
Rubel1 cricket1
Rubén3 soccer3
Rudi1 soccer1
Rūdolfs1 soccer1
Rudy1 basketball1
Rukiye1 martial arts1
Rune1 ice hockey1
Runish1 cricket1
Ruslan1 boxing1
Russ1 football1
Russell1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Rustem1 soccer1
Rusty1 ice hockey1
Ruud4 soccer4
Ruvindu1 cricket1
Ruwan1 cricket1
Ryan2 soccer, 1 track3
Rydell1 boxing1
Rymer1 baseball1
Ryne1 baseball1
ryong1 soccer1
Sabahattin1 soccer1
Sabahudin1 basketball1
Sabrina1 tennis1
Sachithra1 cricket1
Saeed1 soccer1
Safyaan1 cricket1
Sait1 soccer1
Saleem1 cricket1
Salem1 soccer1
Salih1 soccer1
Salomon1 soccer1
Salvatore1 soccer1
Sam3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 golf6
Samantha1 basketball1
Samed3 soccer3
Samir1 water polo1
Sammir1 soccer1
Sammy1 football, 1 soccer2
Samson1 boxing1
Samuel1 handball, 1 soccer2
Sanda1 skating1
Sander1 soccer1
Sándor1 soccer1
Sandra1 track1
Sandrine1 basketball1
Sandro1 skiing, 2 soccer, 1 water polo4
Sandy1 baseball1
Sanja1 swimming, 1 volleyball2
Sanjay1 cricket1
Sanjin1 soccer, 1 volleyball2
Sanju1 cricket1
Santi1 soccer1
Santiago1 soccer1
Sarel1 cricket1
Sarfraz1 cricket1
Šárka1 skiing1
Saša1 soccer1
Satchel1 baseball1
Sayouba1 soccer1
Scott1 ice hockey1
Scottie1 basketball1
Scotty1 ice hockey1
Seekkuge1 cricket1
Seimone1 basketball1
Semir1 martial arts, 2 soccer3
Semyon1 basketball1
Seok1 soccer1
Sepp1 soccer1
Serdar3 soccer3
Seren1 cricket1
Serena1 tennis1
Serey1 soccer1
Serge1 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Sergei2 basketball2
Sergey1 basketball1
Sergio2 basketball, 2 soccer4
Servando1 soccer1
Severo1 soccer1
Seydou1 soccer1
Seyyit1 wrestling1
Shaan1 cricket1
Shafiul1 cricket1
Shahadat1 cricket1
Shahid1 cricket1
Shakib1 cricket1
Shannon1 football1
Shaquille1 basketball1
Shem1 cricket1
Sherman1 boxing1
Sherzod1 boxing1
Shikhar1 cricket1
Shingirai1 cricket1
Shinji1 soccer1
Shivnarine1 cricket1
Shūichi1 soccer1
Shunsuke1 soccer1
Shusaku1 soccer1
Shuvagata1 cricket1
Si1 ice hockey1
Siaka1 soccer1
Siarhei1 boxing1
Sid1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Sidney1 ice hockey1
Siem1 soccer1
Silvia1 handball1
Silvio1 soccer1
Šime1 soccer1
Sinem1 ice hockey, 1 volleyball2
Singh1 cricket1
Sinha1 soccer1
Sjeng1 tennis1
Slater1 basketball1
Slaven1 soccer1
Slobodan1 boxing1
Sócrates1 soccer1
Sohag1 cricket1
Sohaib1 cricket1
Soheil1 driving, 2 soccer3
Sokratis1 soccer1
Sol1 soccer1
Solomon1 cricket1
Sonja1 handball1
Sonny1 football1
soo1 soccer1
Soroush2 soccer2
Sotiris1 soccer1
Soumya1 cricket1
Sprague1 ice hockey1
Spyridon1 track1
Stacey1 basketball1
Stan2 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Stanko1 track1
Stanley1 soccer1
Stavroula1 wrestling1
Stefan1 soccer1
Stefano1 skiing1
Stefanos2 soccer2
Steffi1 tennis1
Stéphane 1 soccer1
Stephon1 basketball1
Steve1 baseball, 4 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skiing8
Stevenson1 boxing1
Stiaan1 cricket1
Stijn1 soccer1
Stipe1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Stirling1 driving1
Stojko1 basketball1
Stratos1 soccer1
Sue1 basketball1
suk2 soccer2
Sulieman1 cricket1
Sultan1 boxing1
sung4 soccer4
Sunil1 cricket1
Suranga1 cricket1
Suresh1 cricket1
Süreyya1 track1
Suriya1 boxing1
Suzana1 handball1
Suzanne1 tennis1
Suzy1 basketball1
Sven1 soccer1
Swin1 basketball1
Syd1 ice hockey1
Syl1 ice hockey1
Sylvain1 soccer1
Sylvia1 basketball1
Sylvio1 ice hockey1
Tae1 soccer1
Tafadzwa1 cricket1
Tagenarine1 cricket1
Tahir1 cricket1
Takashi1 soccer1
Takumi1 soccer1
Takuto1 soccer1
Takuya1 soccer1
Talita1 martial arts, 1 swimming, 1 volleyball3
Tallo1 soccer1
Tam1 soccer1
Tamika1 basketball1
Tamim1 cricket1
Tanel1 basketball1
Tanja1 skiing1
Tanmay1 cricket1
Taras1 boxing1
Tasha1 track1
Tatenda1 cricket1
Taulant1 soccer1
Taurus1 boxing1
Tavoris1 boxing1
Tawanda1 cricket1
Tayshaun1 basketball1
Ted2 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skiing6
Teet1 soccer1
Temba1 cricket1
Tendai1 cricket1
Teodor1 tennis1
Teófilo2 soccer2
Terence1 soccer1
Teresa1 basketball1
Terry1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Terryn1 cricket1
Tevfik1 wrestling1
Thalita1 cycling1
Tharindu1 cricket1
Theo1 soccer1
Theodoros1 soccer1
Theofanis1 soccer1
Thiago2 soccer2
Thiemo1 tennis1
Thierry1 handball1
Thisara1 cricket1
Thokozani1 soccer1
Thomas1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 soccer3
Thulani1 boxing1
Thurman1 football1
Tiaan1 cricket1
Tiger1 golf1
Tiit1 basketball1
Tillakaratne1 cricket1
Tim1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 3 soccer5
Timo1 boxing, 1 ice hockey2
Timofey1 basketball1
Timur1 boxing1
Tina1 basketball, 1 skiing2
Tinashe1 cricket1
Tino2 cricket, 1 water polo3
Tobias1 handball1
Tom1 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 golf, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer10
Tomi1 soccer1
Tomislav1 soccer1
Tommy1 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey, 1 soccer6
Tomoaki1 soccer1
Toni1 basketball1
Tonje1 handball1
Tonny1 soccer1
Tony3 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 skateboarding7
Tornike1 basketball1
Tostão1 soccer1
Toufik2 soccer2
Travis1 baseball1
Tre1 cricket1
Trent1 soccer1
Tris1 baseball1
Troy1 football1
Tryfon1 soccer1
Tugay1 soccer1
Tully1 basketball1
Turk1 ice hockey1
Ty1 baseball1
Tyson1 basketball1
Tzipora1 tennis1
Ubaldo1 soccer1
Uljana1 basketball1
Ulli1 boxing, 1 ice hockey2
Ulrich1 soccer1
Ulrikke1 tennis1
Umesh1 cricket1
Unn1 skating, 1 track2
Upul1 cricket1
Uriah1 boxing1
Usman1 cricket1
Utkirbek1 boxing1
Uwe1 soccer1
Vahagn1 soccer1
Valdo1 soccer1
Valeri1 ice hockey1
Valner1 handball1
Valter1 handball1
Vanesa1 handball1
Vangelis1 soccer1
Varun1 cricket1
Vasilis1 soccer1
Vasiliy1 chess1
Vassilis1 soccer1
Vedat1 soccer1
Vedran1 handball, 1 soccer2
Veerasammy1 cricket1
Velimir1 basketball, 1 handball2
Vello1 skiing1
Venio1 handball1
Venus1 tennis1
Vern1 basketball1
Vernon1 baseball1
Verónica1 handball1
Viacheslav1 ice hockey1
Vic1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Víctor3 basketball, 2 soccer5
Viktar1 boxing1
Viktoria1 skiing1
Vinay1 cricket1
Vincent1 soccer1
Virat1 cricket1
Virgil1 boxing1
Virna1 volleyball1
Vitaly1 basketball1
Vjekoslav1 water polo1
Vladan1 basketball1
Vladimir2 handball2
Vladislav1 ice hockey1
Vlado1 handball1
Vreni1 skiing1
Vusi1 cricket1
Vyacheslav1 ice hockey1
Wade1 baseball1
Wahab1 cricket1
Waite1 baseball1
Waldyr1 soccer1
Walt2 basketball, 1 football3
Walter2 baseball, 1 football, 1 golf, 1 ice hockey5
Waqar1 cricket1
Warren1 baseball, 1 football2
Wayne1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Wes1 basketball1
Wesley1 soccer1
Whitey1 baseball1
Wilberforce1 tennis1
Wilbert1 soccer1
Wilbur1 football1
Wilfred1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Wilfried1 soccer1
Wilhelm1 chess1
Willard1 baseball1
Willem1 soccer1
William2 basketball, 1 football, 1 handball4
Willian1 soccer1
Willie5 baseball, 1 boxing, 5 football11
Willington1 soccer1
Willis1 basketball1
Willy1 soccer1
Wilt1 basketball1
Wim6 soccer6
Winston1 soccer1
Wladek1 wrestling1
Wojciech1 boxing1
Wolfgang1 soccer1
won1 soccer1
Woo2 soccer2
Woody1 ice hockey1
Wriddhiman1 cricket1
Xabi1 soccer1
Xavi1 soccer1
Xavier1 handball1
Yale1 football1
Yangervis1 baseball1
Yanna1 rugby1
Yaqoob2 soccer2
Yaşar1 boxing1
Yaser1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Yasin1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Yasir1 cricket1
Yasmani1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Yasmany1 baseball1
Yasuhito1 soccer1
Yasuyuki1 soccer1
Yaya1 soccer1
Yevgen1 cycling, 1 martial arts2
Yevgeni2 ice hockey2
Yevheniya1 cycling1
Yochanan1 soccer1
Yoenis1 baseball1
Yogev1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Yogi1 baseball1
Yohei1 soccer1
Yolanda1 basketball1
Yonder1 baseball1
Yordan1 soccer1
Yordanis1 boxing1
Yoshikatsu1 soccer1
young5 soccer5
Younis1 cricket1
Youri1 soccer1
yueng1 soccer1
Yūichi1 soccer1
Yuji1 soccer1
Yulia1 skating1
Yura1 soccer1
Yury1 ice hockey1
Yusaf1 boxing1
Yuto1 soccer1
Yvan1 ice hockey1
Zack1 baseball1
Zakiya1 golf, 1 soccer2
Žan1 basketball1
Zbigniew1 soccer1
Zdeslav1 water polo1
Željko1 handball1
Zelous1 baseball1
Zeta1 boxing1
Zico1 soccer1
Zinedine1 soccer1
Ziya1 soccer1
Zlatka1 track1
Zlatko1 handball, 1 soccer2
Zoltán1 boxing1
Zoran1 handball1
Zoua1 soccer1
Zsolt1 boxing1
Zubin1 cricket1
Zülal1 swimming1
Zulfiqar1 cricket1
Zuri1 boxing1
Zvonimir1 soccer1