Notable Athletes

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in sport. See also the list of Olympians for those who have competed in the Olympics and won medals.
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Aalvik1 handball1
Aaron1 rugby, 2 soccer3
Aasif1 cricket1
Aavo1 soccer1
Abby1 basketball1
Abdelaziz1 boxing1
Abdelmoumene1 soccer1
Abdul4 soccer4
Abdulkadir2 soccer2
Abdülkerim1 soccer1
Abdur1 cricket1
Abebe1 track1
Abel2 soccer2
Abigail1 tennis1
Aboubakar1 soccer1
Abry1 football1
Aca1 rugby1
Aco1 handball, 1 soccer2
Adam1 rugby, 8 soccer, 1 tennis10
Adarius1 football1
Addie1 baseball1
Ade1 football, 2 soccer3
Adebayo2 soccer2
Adedayo1 rugby1
Adelin1 cycling1
Ademir1 soccer1
Adil3 soccer3
Adis3 soccer3
Admir3 soccer3
Adnan1 soccer1
Adolf1 chess1
Adri1 soccer1
Adrián1 baseball, 1 basketball, 4 soccer, 1 tennis7
Adrie1 soccer1
Adrien1 soccer1
Afriyie1 soccer1
Afroditi1 track1
Agnieszka1 tennis1
Agustín3 rugby, 1 soccer4
Ahmad1 football, 1 martial arts, 1 soccer3
Ahmed1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Ahmet1 soccer1
Ahsan1 cricket1
Ahtyba1 football1
Aiden1 soccer1
Aisam-ul-Haq1 tennis1
Aisea1 rugby1
Aïssa1 soccer1
Ajinkya1 cricket1
Akapusi1 rugby1
Akeem2 football2
Akiem1 football1
Akihito1 rugby1
Ákos1 soccer1
Aksel1 skiing1
Al2 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey4
Alafoti1 rugby1
Alain1 driving1
Alameda1 football1
Alan1 driving, 2 football, 4 soccer7
Alasdair1 cricket, 2 rugby3
Alban1 soccer1
Albert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis4
Alberto1 driving, 1 rugby, 4 soccer6
Albie1 cricket1
Albin1 soccer1
Alcibíades1 soccer1
Alden1 football1
Aldin2 soccer, 1 volleyball3
Aldo2 soccer2
Aldon1 football1
Aldrick1 football1
Alec1 ice hockey1
Alejandro1 rugby, 2 soccer3
Alejo2 rugby2
Aleki1 rugby1
Alekos1 soccer1
Aleksandar2 basketball, 1 soccer3
Aleksandr4 soccer4
Aleksei3 soccer3
Alem1 handball1
Alen1 soccer1
Alesana1 rugby1
Alessandro2 soccer2
Alessio1 soccer1
Alex1 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 2 rugby, 5 soccer, 1 tennis13
Alexander1 basketball, 1 chess, 1 driving, 2 soccer, 4 tennis9
Alexandr1 tennis1
Alexandre1 martial arts, 1 soccer2
Alexandrina1 handball1
Alexandros1 soccer1
Alexandru2 soccer2
Alexe1 skating1
Alexey1 basketball1
Alexis1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Alf1 ice hockey1
Alfredo2 soccer2
Alfreð1 soccer1
Al-Hajj1 football1
Ali2 soccer2
Alia1 skating1
Alireza2 soccer2
Alison2 tennis2
Alizé1 tennis1
Aljaž1 tennis1
Alketas1 soccer1
Allan1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Almir5 soccer5
Almira1 chess1
Alo2 soccer2
Alok1 cricket1
Alphonse1 football1
Alshon1 football1
Alterraun1 football1
Alton1 baseball1
Alun1 rugby1
Álvaro1 handball, 5 soccer6
Amanaki1 rugby1
Amanda1 handball1
Amaranto1 soccer1
Amar'e1 basketball1
Amari1 football1
Amarildo1 soccer1
Amarlo1 football1
Ambati1 cricket1
Ambroise1 soccer1
Amby1 soccer1
Ameer1 football1
Amel1 soccer1
Amela1 soccer, 1 track2
Amil1 soccer1
Amini1 football1
Amir2 soccer2
Amit1 cricket1
Amos1 baseball1
Ana2 handball, 1 tennis3
Anamaria1 track1
Anamul1 cricket1
Anastasia3 tennis3
Anastasija1 tennis1
Anatolie2 soccer2
Anatoliy1 chess, 1 soccer2
Anđela1 handball1
Ander1 soccer1
Andi1 soccer1
Andranik1 soccer1
André1 baseball, 1 basketball, 5 football, 8 soccer, 2 tennis, 1 wrestling18
Andrea1 handball, 2 soccer, 2 tennis5
Andreas1 handball, 4 soccer5
Andrei1 basketball, 2 soccer, 1 tennis4
Andrej1 soccer1
Andreja1 tennis1
Andrés1 rugby, 3 soccer4
Andrew1 skiing, 1 tennis2
Andrey1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Andriy2 soccer, 1 tennis3
Andro1 water polo1
Andrus1 football1
Andy1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 3 soccer, 1 tennis8
Anel4 soccer4
Anémone1 skiing1
Anes3 soccer3
Anett1 tennis1
Ángel1 basketball, 3 soccer4
Angela1 ice hockey1
Angelique1 tennis1
Angelo1 basketball, 3 soccer4
Angelos2 soccer2
Anghel1 soccer1
Anișoara1 track1
Anja1 skiing1
Ann1 basketball1
Anna1 skiing, 2 tennis3
Anne1 basketball1
Annemarie1 skiing1
Anquan1 football1
Ansi1 soccer1
Antal1 soccer1
Ante2 soccer2
Anthony1 basketball, 1 football, 2 rugby, 3 soccer7
Antoaneta1 chess1
Antoine1 soccer1
Anton1 basketball1
Antone1 football1
Antonio1 football, 6 soccer7
Antonios1 soccer1
Antonis1 soccer1
Antrel1 football1
Antwan1 football1
Anwar1 boxing1
Api1 rugby1
Apostolos1 soccer1
Aquivaldo1 soccer1
Aramis1 basketball1
Arantxa2 tennis2
Archie1 football, 2 soccer3
Arda1 soccer1
Ardian1 soccer1
Ari1 soccer1
Arian1 football1
Arie1 soccer1
Ariel1 boxing1
Arijan1 basketball1
Arik1 football1
Aritz1 soccer1
Arjen1 soccer1
Arkadiusz1 soccer1
Arky1 baseball1
Arlind1 soccer1
Arman1 martial arts1
Armando1 soccer1
Armel1 soccer1
Armonty1 football1
Arnaud2 tennis2
Arnie1 basketball, 2 football3
Arnold1 golf, 1 soccer2
Arnoldo1 soccer1
Arnon1 soccer1
Arnór1 handball, 1 soccer2
Aron3 soccer3
Arrelious1 football1
Arrigo1 soccer1
Arsène1 soccer1
Art3 football, 2 ice hockey5
Artem2 soccer2
Arthur1 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 2 tennis5
Artis1 basketball1
Artur3 soccer3
Arturo1 soccer1
Arvīds1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Arvydas1 basketball1
Asa1 football1
Asaeli1 rugby1
Asamoah1 soccer1
Asante1 football1
Ashaad1 football1
Ashkan1 soccer1
Ashleigh1 tennis1
Ashley1 soccer1
Ashwin1 cricket1
Asim1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Asjha1 basketball1
Asmir2 soccer2
Atieli1 rugby1
Atif1 soccer1
Atilio1 soccer1
Atilla1 soccer1
Atse1 cricket1
Atsu1 soccer1
Atsushi1 rugby1
Atsuto1 soccer1
Attila2 soccer2
Aubrey1 ice hockey1
Audie1 football1
Audley1 boxing1
Augie1 baseball1
Augusto1 soccer1
Aurèle1 ice hockey1
Aurélien1 soccer1
Aurica1 track1
Austin1 soccer1
Avdija1 soccer1
Avraam1 soccer1
Axar1 cricket1
Axel1 soccer1
Ayrton1 driving1
Ayumu1 rugby1
Azeglio1 soccer1
Azhar1 cricket1
Azubuike1 soccer1
Bacarri1 football1
Bacary1 soccer1
Badi1 boxing1
Badra1 soccer1
Bailey1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Bakhtiar1 soccer1
Bakir1 soccer1
Balázs1 soccer1
Bănel1 soccer1
Barbara1 tennis1
Barbora2 tennis2
Barkevious1 football1
Barnabás1 soccer1
Barney1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Barrett1 football1
Barry2 baseball, 1 football3
Bart1 football1
Bartosz2 soccer2
Basarab1 soccer1
Bashaud1 football1
Bashir1 soccer1
Bastian1 soccer1
Bear1 football1
Beatriz1 handball, 1 tennis2
Bebeto1 soccer1
Bechara1 soccer1
Begoña1 handball1
Beibut1 boxing1
Bekim1 soccer1
Belinda1 basketball1
Ben1 baseball, 1 golf, 5 rugby, 5 soccer12
Benardrick1 football1
Bené1 football1
Benedikt1 soccer1
Benhur1 rugby1
Benjamin2 soccer2
Bennett1 football1
Bennie1 basketball, 1 football2
Benny1 football1
Benoît3 soccer, 1 tennis4
Benson1 football1
Berg1 soccer1
Berit1 skating1
Bernard1 football, 1 rugby, 2 soccer, 1 tennis5
Bernd1 soccer1
Berni1 basketball1
Bernie3 ice hockey3
Berrie1 cricket1
Berry1 soccer1
Bert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Berti1 soccer1
Bertrand1 handball1
Bethanie1 tennis1
Betina1 skating, 1 tennis2
Beto1 soccer1
Betül1 chess, 1 handball, 1 ice hockey3
Beuran1 cricket1
Bharat1 cricket1
Bhuvneshwar1 cricket1
Bid1 baseball1
Bilal1 soccer1
Biljana1 handball, 1 track2
Bill4 baseball, 4 basketball, 4 football, 7 ice hockey, 1 tennis20
Billie1 tennis1
Billy3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 4 ice hockey, 1 rugby10
Birkir2 soccer2
Bishop1 football1
Biz1 baseball1
Björgvin1 soccer1
Björn1 tennis1
Blaine1 baseball, 1 football2
Blair1 ice hockey, 1 rugby2
Blaise1 soccer1
Blanka1 track1
Blaž1 tennis1
Blaženko1 handball1
Blerim1 soccer1
Blidi1 football1
Bob3 baseball, 7 basketball, 6 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis19
Boban1 soccer1
Bobby2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 chess, 3 football, 1 golf, 4 ice hockey, 3 soccer16
Bobley1 soccer1
Bode1 skiing1
Bogdan1 soccer1
Bohdan1 soccer1
Bojan1 basketball1
Bojana1 handball1
Bo-kyung1 soccer1
Bonaventure1 soccer1
Bonel1 basketball1
Boniek1 soccer1
Bora1 soccer1
Bořek1 soccer1
Boris1 chess, 1 tennis2
Börje1 ice hockey1
Borna1 ice hockey, 1 tennis2
Boro1 tennis1
Botia1 rugby1
Boubacar1 soccer1
Boudewijn1 soccer1
Bouse1 ice hockey1
Božidar1 handball1
Brad1 ice hockey, 1 rugby, 2 soccer4
Braden1 baseball1
Bradley1 football, 1 rugby2
Braith1 rugby1
Branch1 basketball1
Branden2 football2
Brandian1 football1
Brandin1 football1
Brandon3 football3
Braulio1 soccer1
Braxston1 football1
Brayan1 soccer1
Breel1 soccer1
Brendon1 cricket1
Breno1 football1
Breshad1 football1
Brett1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Brian2 football, 1 ice hockey3
Brice1 football, 1 soccer2
Brittan1 football1
Brock2 football2
Bronko1 football1
Brooks1 baseball1
Bruce1 baseball, 1 driving, 2 football, 1 ice hockey5
Bruno1 handball, 4 soccer, 1 tennis6
Bryan2 ice hockey, 2 soccer4
Bryce2 football2
Brynden1 football1
Buck2 baseball, 1 football3
Budimir1 soccer1
Bulcsú1 water polo1
Bum-young1 soccer1
Burak1 soccer1
Burhan2 soccer2
Burim1 soccer1
Burleigh1 baseball1
Byron1 golf1
Cafu1 soccer1
Cairo1 football1
Cal1 baseball, 1 football2
Calais1 football1
Calvin1 basketball1
Cam1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Cameron1 tennis1
Camila1 tennis1
Camilla1 handball1
Camilo2 soccer2
Cammi1 ice hockey1
Campese1 rugby1
Candace1 basketball1
Candy1 baseball1
Caner1 soccer1
Cappie1 basketball1
Captain1 football1
Cara1 tennis1
Caraun1 football1
Careca1 soccer1
Carina1 tennis1
Carl2 baseball, 1 football, 1 soccer4
Carla1 tennis1
Carlo1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Carlos1 basketball, 1 driving, 1 rugby, 16 soccer19
Carlton1 baseball1
Carmelo1 basketball1
Carmen1 handball1
Carol1 basketball1
Caroline2 tennis2
Carrington1 football1
Carson1 football1
Case1 football1
Casey1 baseball, 1 tennis2
Cassius1 football1
Cătălin1 boxing1
Caushaud1 football1
Cecil1 football, 2 ice hockey3
Cédric1 handball, 3 soccer, 1 tennis5
Celestino1 boxing1
Céline1 basketball1
Celso1 soccer1
Cemre1 chess1
Cengiz1 boxing1
Cenk1 soccer1
Census1 rugby1
César1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Cesare2 soccer2
Cesc1 soccer1
Chadwick1 cricket1
Chaminda1 cricket1
Chamu1 cricket1
Chance1 football1
Chanda1 tennis1
Chandika1 cricket1
Chandler1 football1
Chang-soo1 soccer1
Charcandrick1 football1
Charles3 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 soccer8
Charley2 football2
Charlie1 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skating6
Chauncy1 boxing1
Chaz1 football1
Cheick1 soccer1
Cheryl1 basketball1
Chester1 rugby1
Cheteshwar1 cricket1
Chick1 baseball1
Chigozie1 soccer1
Chikondi2 soccer2
Chloé1 tennis1
Chris2 basketball, 1 cycling, 7 football, 1 rugby, 4 soccer, 2 tennis17
Christi1 cricket1
Christian1 basketball, 1 football, 6 soccer8
Christina1 tennis1
Christine1 football1
Christo1 football1
Christof1 skiing1
Christoph1 soccer1
Christophe1 soccer1
Christy1 baseball1
Chuck1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Chung-yong1 soccer1
Chu-young1 soccer1
Chykie1 football1
Ciaran1 soccer1
CiCi1 tennis1
Cierre1 football1
Ciprian1 soccer1
Cirilo1 soccer1
Ciro1 soccer1
Clarence1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Clark1 ice hockey1
Clarke1 football1
Claudio4 soccer4
Claudiu1 soccer1
Clémence1 basketball1
Cleveland1 baseball1
Cliff1 basketball, 1 football2
Clint2 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Clinton1 football1
Clyde2 basketball, 1 football3
Cobi1 football1
Coby1 football1
Coco1 tennis1
Codruţ2 soccer2
Cody2 football2
Colati1 rugby1
Cole1 football1
Colin1 football, 1 tennis2
Collins1 cricket1
Colt1 football1
Colton1 ice hockey1
Conchita1 tennis1
Connie1 basketball1
Connor2 football2
Conor2 soccer2
Constant1 soccer1
Cooper2 football, 1 rugby3
Cordarrelle1 football1
Cordarro1 football1
Corey1 football1
Cornelius1 football1
Cornellius1 football1
Corry1 soccer1
Cortez2 football2
Cortland1 football1
Cory1 football, 1 rugby2
Cosmin2 soccer2
Costel1 soccer1
Coty1 football1
Courtney1 rugby1
Craig1 rugby, 1 soccer2
Crezdon1 football1
Cristhian1 soccer1
Cristián5 soccer5
Cristiano1 soccer1
Cristóbal1 baseball1
Cristopher1 soccer1
Crockett1 football1
Cuauhtémoc1 soccer1
Cullen1 football1
Cüneyt1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Curtis2 football, 1 soccer3
Curtly1 cricket1
Cvetana1 basketball1
Cvijan1 soccer1
Cvitko1 cycling1
Cy1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Cynthia1 basketball1
Cyrille1 soccer1
Cyrus1 football, 1 soccer2
Dacian1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Dae-sung1 soccer1
Daimion1 football1
Dakota1 football1
Dale1 ice hockey1
Daley1 soccer1
Dalibor1 handball, 1 skiing2
Dallas1 football1
Dalton1 football1
DaMarcus1 soccer1
Damarious1 football1
Damaris1 football1
Dameian1 football1
Damian2 soccer2
Damião1 soccer1
Damien1 football1
Damiere1 football1
Damion1 football1
Damir1 boxing, 1 tennis, 1 water polo3
Damontre1 football1
Dan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 5 football, 1 ice hockey, 3 rugby11
Dane1 cricket1
Dani1 soccer1
Daniel1 driving, 1 handball, 1 rugby, 10 soccer, 1 tennis14
Daniele1 soccer1
Daniil1 driving, 1 tennis2
Danijel2 soccer2
Danilo2 soccer2
Danira1 basketball1
Danko1 basketball1
Dannell1 football1
Danny1 football, 1 rugby, 4 soccer6
Da'Norris1 football1
Dante1 football, 1 soccer2
D'Anthony1 football1
Dany1 soccer1
Daouda1 handball1
Da'Quan1 football1
DaQuan1 football1
Daren1 cricket1
Daria2 tennis2
Darian1 football1
Darija1 tennis1
Darijo1 soccer1
Dario2 soccer2
Darius2 basketball2
Dariusz1 boxing1
Da'Ron1 football1
Darqueze1 football1
Darrel1 football1
Darrell2 football2
Darrelle1 football1
Darren1 soccer1
Darrian1 football1
Darrin1 football1
Darrion1 football1
Darrius1 football1
Darroll1 boxing1
Darryl1 ice hockey1
Dárvin1 soccer1
Daryl1 football, 2 soccer3
Daša1 skating1
Dashaun1 football1
Dashon1 football1
Daði1 soccer1
Datone1 football1
Dav1 cricket1
Davante1 football1
DaVarryl1 boxing1
Dave2 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey8
David2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 4 rugby, 14 soccer, 2 tennis26
Davide1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Davon2 football2
Davor1 handball, 1 soccer2
Davud1 soccer1
Davy1 soccer1
Dax1 football1
Dayán1 baseball1
Dazzy1 baseball1
D'Brickashaw1 football1
Dean1 rugby1
DeAndre1 football, 1 soccer2
DeAndrew1 football1
DeAndrey1 boxing1
DeAngelo2 football2
De'Anthony1 football1
Dedé1 soccer1
Dee1 football1
Deion1 football1
Deiontrez1 football1
Deivi1 boxing1
Dejan1 soccer1
Deji1 football1
Dekoda1 football1
Delanie1 football1
Dele1 soccer1
DeLisha1 basketball1
Delmon1 baseball1
Delray1 cricket1
Delvin1 football1
Delyone1 cricket1
Demar1 football1
DeMarco1 football1
DeMarcus1 football1
DeMario 1 football1
Demaryius1 football1
Demetri1 football1
Demis1 soccer1
Demontre1 football1
Demy1 soccer1
Denard1 football1
Dénes1 soccer1
Denesh1 cricket1
Deni1 water polo1
Denico1 football1
Denis2 handball, 2 ice hockey, 4 soccer8
Denise1 basketball1
Dennis1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 soccer4
Denny1 driving, 1 soccer2
Denys2 soccer2
Denzel1 football1
Denzelle1 football1
Deon1 football1
De'Ondre1 football1
Deone1 football1
Deontae1 football1
Deontay1 boxing1
Deonte1 football1
Dermontti1 football1
Deron1 basketball1
Derrick1 football1
Derron1 football1
DeSean1 football1
DeShawn1 football1
Deshazor1 football1
Deshon1 football1
DeVante1 football1
Deveron1 football1
DeVier1 football1
Devin2 football2
Devon1 football1
Devonta1 football1
Dewey1 football1
Dexter1 baseball, 1 football2
Deyan1 boxing1
Dez1 football1
Dezman1 football1
Dezmen1 football1
Dezmin1 football1
Dezső1 water polo1
Dhafir1 boxing1
Dhammika1 cricket1
Dhawal1 cricket1
Diafra1 soccer1
Diana1 basketball1
DiAndre1 football1
Dibaba1 track1
Dick1 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer8
Dickie2 ice hockey2
Dida1 martial arts1
Didier1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 1 skiing3
Diego1 rugby, 10 soccer, 1 tennis12
Dillon1 football1
Dilshod1 boxing1
Dimitra1 basketball1
Dimitri1 soccer1
Dimitrios1 soccer1
Dimitris2 soccer2
Dimuth1 cricket1
Dinara1 tennis1
Dinesh1 cricket1
Dino2 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer4
Dion1 cricket1
Dirk1 soccer1
Divock1 soccer1
Dizzy1 baseball1
Djalma1 soccer1
Djamel1 soccer1
D'Joun1 football1
Djurdjina1 handball1
Dmitri2 soccer2
Dmitry1 basketball1
Doak1 football1
Dolph1 basketball1
Domagoj1 handball, 1 soccer2
Domata1 football1
Dominic1 rugby, 2 tennis3
Dominika1 tennis1
Dominiko1 rugby1
Dominique1 basketball, 1 football, 1 skiing3
Don2 baseball, 2 football4
Donald1 football, 1 tennis2
Dong-won1 soccer1
Donis1 soccer1
Donna1 tennis1
Donovan1 football1
Dont'a1 football1
Dontae1 football1
Dontari1 football1
Donte2 football2
Donteea1 football1
Dontrelle1 football1
Doran1 football1
Dorial1 football1
Dorinel2 soccer2
Doug1 football, 3 ice hockey4
D'Qwell1 football1
Drago1 handball1
Dragomir1 martial arts1
Dragoș1 soccer1
Dražen2 basketball2
Dre1 football1
Dreamius1 football1
Dres1 football1
Drew1 football, 1 rugby2
Dri1 football1
Dries1 soccer1
Duane1 football1
Dubravko1 water polo1
Dudi1 tennis1
Duje1 soccer1
DuJuan1 football1
Duke1 baseball, 1 football2
Duncan1 ice hockey, 1 rugby2
Dunga1 soccer1
Đurđica1 swimming1
Đurđina1 handball1
Durell1 football1
Duron1 football1
Dušan1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Dushmantha1 cricket1
Dustin1 football, 1 tennis2
Dwayne1 football1
Dwight2 football2
Dwyane1 basketball1
Dyhre1 handball1
Earl1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey7
Earle1 baseball1
Early1 baseball1
Earvin1 basketball1
Ebbie1 ice hockey1
Ed2 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer8
Edawn1 football1
Edd1 baseball1
Edda1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Edder1 soccer1
Eddie4 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey8
Eddy1 cycling1
Eden1 soccer1
Éder3 soccer3
Edgar1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Edgmer1 baseball1
Edin2 soccer2
Edinson1 soccer1
Édison1 soccer1
Édouard1 ice hockey, 1 tennis2
Edson1 soccer1
Eduardo3 soccer3
Edvaldo1 soccer1
Edvīns1 soccer1
Edward1 basketball1
Edwige1 basketball1
Edwin3 soccer3
Efe1 basketball, 3 soccer4
Efraín1 soccer1
Egidio1 soccer1
Ego1 football1
Ehsan1 soccer1
Eiji1 soccer1
Eiður1 soccer1
Ejike1 soccer1
Ejiro1 football1
Ekaterina2 tennis2
El Arabi1 soccer1
Elchin1 boxing1
Eldin3 soccer3
Elemér2 soccer, 1 swimming3
Elena1 tennis1
Elgin1 basketball1
Eli1 football, 1 rugby2
Eliaquim1 soccer1
Elieser1 boxing1
Elina1 tennis1
Elisabeth1 handball1
Elise1 tennis1
Eliseu1 soccer1
Elisi1 rugby1
Eljero1 soccer1
Elkin1 soccer1
Elmar3 soccer3
Elmer1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Élodie1 basketball1
Elroy1 football1
Elseid1 soccer1
Elvin1 basketball, 1 football2
Elvis1 football1
Emanoil1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Emanuel1 chess1
Emanuele1 soccer1
Emeka1 basketball1
Emerson1 driving1
Emil2 soccer, 1 track3
Émile1 ice hockey1
Émilie1 basketball1
Emilio2 soccer2
Emir2 soccer2
Emlen1 football1
Emmanuel1 boxing, 1 football, 2 soccer4
Emmeline1 basketball1
Emmitt2 football2
Emre2 soccer2
Endéné1 basketball1
Eniola1 soccer1
Enis1 soccer1
Enner1 soccer1
Enos1 baseball1
Enzo1 driving, 2 soccer3
Eoin1 cricket1
Ephraim1 rugby1
Epi1 rugby1
Eppa1 baseball1
Ercan1 soccer1
Erdoğan1 soccer1
Ereck1 football1
Eren1 soccer1
Erfan1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Ergys1 soccer1
Eri1 tennis1
Eric1 darts, 1 football, 3 soccer5
Erik3 soccer3
Erin1 football1
Erkan1 soccer1
Ermin1 soccer1
Ermir1 soccer1
Ernest1 basketball1
Ernestas1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Ernests1 tennis1
Ernie2 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer7
Ernst1 soccer1
Erwin1 soccer1
Esmil1 baseball1
Essaïd1 soccer1
Esteban1 soccer1
Etrit1 soccer1
Eugene1 soccer1
Eugenie1 tennis1
Eugenio1 soccer1
Eusebia1 track1
Eusébio1 soccer1
Evald1 soccer1
Evander1 boxing1
Evans1 boxing1
Everson1 football1
Everth1 baseball1
Everton1 cricket1
Evgeni1 skating1
Evgeniya1 tennis1
Evgeny1 basketball, 1 tennis2
Evonne1 tennis1
Eyong1 soccer1
Ezequiel2 soccer2
Fa'atoina1 rugby1
Fabian4 soccer4
Fabienne1 skiing1
Fabio2 soccer, 1 tennis3
Fabrice1 soccer, 2 tennis3
Fabricio1 basketball1
Faf1 cricket1
Faifili1 rugby1
Fakahau1 rugby1
Falcao1 soccer1
Fangatapu1 rugby1
Faouzi1 soccer1
Farhaan1 cricket1
Farhad1 cricket1
Faruk2 soccer2
Faryd1 soccer1
Fatau1 soccer1
Fatih1 soccer1
Faustino1 soccer1
Fausto1 cycling1
Feʻao1 rugby1
Federico3 soccer3
Feiko1 cricket1
Feliciano1 tennis1
Felipe1 basketball, 2 driving, 1 rugby, 3 soccer7
Felix1 skiing1
Femi1 soccer1
Ferdo1 soccer1
Ferenc1 soccer1
Ferguson1 baseball1
Ferid2 soccer2
Fernandinho1 soccer1
Fernando1 basketball, 1 driving, 1 rugby, 5 soccer, 1 tennis9
Fernie1 ice hockey1
Fetu'u1 rugby1
Fidel1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Filip1 handball, 1 soccer2
Filipe1 soccer1
Filo1 rugby1
Finn1 rugby1
Fitzgerald1 football1
Fletcher1 football1
Florence1 basketball1
Florian1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Florin1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Floyd1 boxing, 1 football, 1 soccer3
Forrest1 basketball, 1 football2
Fozzy1 football1
Fran1 football1
Frances1 tennis1
Francesca1 tennis1
Francis1 ice hockey1
Francisco1 rugby, 3 soccer4
Franco1 football, 1 rugby, 1 soccer3
François2 soccer2
Franjo1 basketball, 1 track2
Frank3 baseball, 1 basketball, 4 football, 9 ice hockey, 4 soccer21
Franka1 track1
Frankie1 baseball1
Franklin1 baseball1
Franko1 tennis1
Frano1 water polo1
Frans1 soccer1
František1 soccer1
Franz1 soccer1
Fraser1 rugby, 1 soccer2
Fred1 baseball, 2 football, 4 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis9
Freddie1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Frederick1 ice hockey1
Fredrik1 handball1
Fredy1 soccer1
Fres1 boxing1
Freyr1 soccer1
Frickson1 soccer1
Frida1 skiing1
Friday1 boxing1
Fritz1 football, 1 skiing, 1 soccer3
Frostee1 football1
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