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Gender-Neutral Initials Generation CAF #4
Create a family using these initials. You get to choose the genders. ***
Parent 1:SR
Parent 2:TO
Child 1: AS
Child 2: RE
Child 1: AS
SO: SI-Child 1A: AA
--Child I : OA
--Child II : SN***
Child 2: RE
SO: EV-Child 2A: DE
--Child III: NL
--Child IV :AE
--Child V: LR
--Child VI: DY***
--Child I : OA
--SO: RV
---Child I-A: AA
---SO: SC
----Child: HE--Child II : SN
--SO: UA
---Child II-A: ST
---Child II-B: AA
---Child II-C: NL
---Child II-D: NI
---Child II-E: AE
--Child III: NL
--SO: IO
---Child III-A: NR
---SO: OU
----Child: OS
----Child: RH---Child III-B: AA
---SO: SR
----Child: II
----Child: AA--Child IV: AE
--SO: CV---Child IV-A: EE
---SO: TL
----Child: HT
----Child: AO
----Child: NN
--Child V: LR
--SO: II
---Child V-A: LL
---Child V-B: AE
---Child V-C: CY--Child VI: DY
--SO: UA---Child VI-A: NR
---SO: EO
----Child: DS
----Child: DI
----Child: AE---Child VI-B: EA
---SO: LR
----Child: LY
----Child: IA
----Child: EN
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Parent 1: Sienna Ruby
Parent 2: Thea OttilieChild 1: Alice Sienna
Child 2: Romilly Eve***Child 1: Alice Sienna
SO: Stellan Isak-Child 1A: Axel August
-SO: Mona Louisa
--Child I: Oskar Axel
--Child II: Sienna Nell***Child 2: Romilly Eve
SO: Edvard Viktor-Child 2A: Daniel Edvard
-SO: Odelie Leonore
--Child III: Nils Louis
--Child IV: Astrid Eve
--Child V: Lovisa Renée
--Child VI: Daniel Yannick***
*****--Child I : Oskar Axel
--SO: Ronja Veronika
---Child I-A: Agnes Axeline
---SO: Simon Casper
----Child: Henrik Edmund--Child II : Sienna Nell
--SO: Ulrika Alice
---Child II-A: Sofie Thea
---Child II-B: Anna Amelie
---Child II-C: Nina Linn

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Parent 1: Stephen Ronald White
Parent 2: Thelma Opal White (née Callahan)Child 1: Albert Stephen White
Child 2: Rhonda Elisabeth
Child 1: Albert Stephen White
SO: Sally Irene White (née Gorecki)-Child 1A: Aaron Albert White
-SO: Miranda Louise White (née Bishop)
--Child I: Opal Amy White
--Child II: Simon Neil White***
Child 2: Rhonda Elisabeth Jacobs (née White)
SO: Earl Vincent Jacobs-Child 2A: Danielle Elisabeth (née Jacobs)
-SO: Oliver Louis Hancock
--Child III: Nicole Louise Hancock
--Child IV: Austin Earl Hancock
--Child V: Lydia Rose Hancock
--Child VI: Daisy Yvonne Hancock***
--Child I: Opal Amy Arkwright (née White)
--SO: Robert Victor Arkwright
---Child I-A: Angelina Alice Arkwright
---SO: Stephanie Claire Arkwright

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Parent 1: Sofia Renee
Parent 2: Thomas OwenChild 1: Amelia Sarai
Child 2: Rowan EvanderSofia & Thomas; Amelia and Rowan***
Child 1: Amelia Sarai
SO: Simon Isaiah-Child 1A: Abram August
-SO: Marina Lucille
--Child I: Oliver Aaron
--Child II: Samuel NolanAmelia & Simon; Abram
Abram & Marina; Oliver and Samuel***
Child 2: Rowan Evander
SO: Elena Vivienne-Child 2A: Dara Elizabeth
-SO: Owen Laurence
--Child III: Naomi Laurel
--Child IV: Alice Emmeline
--Child V: Lila Rosemary
--Child VI: David YaelRowan & Elena; Dara
Dara & Owen; Naomi, Alice, Lila, and David

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DW: Susannah Rhiannon
DH:Timothy Oliver
Child 1: Aria Susannah
Child 2: Rhiannon Enya ***
Child 1: Aria Susannah
DH: Samuel Idris-Child 1A: Alice Aria
-DH: Matthew Luther
--Child I : Olive Aria
--Child II : Susannah Noelle
Child 2: Rhiannon Enya
DH: Erick Viggo -Child 2A: Diamond Enya
-DH: Owen Lazarus
--Child III: Nathaniel Lazarus
--Child IV: Asaiah Erick
--Child V: Lincoln Richard
--Child VI: Diamond Yasmine
--Child I : Olive Aria
--DH: Robert Vance
---Child I-A: Amelia Aria
---DH: Sylvester Charleston
----DD: Harriet Enya--Child II : Susannah Noelle
--DH: Ulysses Ace
---Child II-A: Susannah Theodora
---Child II-B: Abbigail Aria

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