Olympic Medalists

The modern Olympic Games are an international sporting event held once every four years. The first summer games were held in 1896, with a winter competition added in 1924. This is a list of athletes who have been awarded medals. At this point, the list is not complete.
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NameYearMedalEventCountryOther Names
Alajos Szokolyi1896bronze100 mHungary
Albert Tyler1896silverpole vaultUnited States
Albin Lermusiaux1896bronze1500 mFrance
Alexandre Tuffère1896silvertriple jumpFrance
Alfréd Hajós1896goldswimming - 1200 m freestyleHungary
Alfréd Hajós1896goldswimming - 100 m freestyleHungary
Antonios Pepanos1896silverswimming - 400 m freestyleGreece
Arthur Blake1896silver1500 mUnited States
Charilaos Vasilakos1896silvermarathonGreece
Charles Gmelin1896bronze400 mUnited Kingdom
Dimitrios Drivas1896bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyle for sailorsGreece
Dimitrios Golemis1896bronze800 mGreece
Dionysios Kasdaglis1896silvertennisGreece
Edwin Flack1896gold1500 mAustralia
Efstathios Chorafas1896bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleGreece
Efstathios Chorafas1896bronzeswimming - 1200 m freestyleGreece
Ellery Harding Clark1896goldlong jumpUnited States
Ellery Harding Clark1896goldhigh jumpUnited States
Evangelos Damaskos1896bronzepole vaultGreece
Francis Lane1896bronze100 mUnited States
Fritz Hofmann1896silver100 mGermany
Georgios Papasideris1896bronzeshot putGreece
Grantley Goulding1896silver110 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom
Gyula Kellner1896bronzemarathonHungary
Herbert Jamison1896silver400 mUnited States
Ioannis Andreou1896silverswimming - 1200 m freestyleGreece
Ioannis Malokinis1896goldswimming - 100 m freestyle for sailorsGreece
Ioannis Persakis1896bronzetriple jumpGreece
Ioannis Theodoropoulos1896bronzepole vaultGreece
James B. Connolly1896goldtriple jumpUnited States(Brendan)
James B. Connolly1896silverhigh jumpUnited States(Brendan)
James B. Connolly1896bronzelong jumpUnited States(Brendan)
Miltiadis Gouskos1896silvershot putGreece
Momčilo Tapavica1896bronzetennisHungary(Momcsilló)
Nándor Dáni1896silver800 mHungary
Otto Herschmann1896silverswimming - 100 m freestyleAustria
Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos1896silverdiscus throwGreece
Paul Neumann1896goldswimming - 400 m freestyleAustria
Robert Garrett1896silverlong jumpUnited States
Robert Garrett1896golddiscus throwUnited States
Robert Garrett1896goldshot putUnited States
Robert Garrett1896silverhigh jumpUnited States
Sotirios Versis1896bronzediscus throwGreece
Spyridon Chazapis1896silverswimming - 100 m freestyle for sailorsGreece
Spyridon Louis1896goldmarathonGreece(Spiridon, Spyros)
Thomas Burke1896gold400 mUnited States
Thomas Burke1896gold100 mUnited States
Thomas Curtis1896gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
William Hoyt1896goldpole vaultUnited States(Welles)
Albert Champoudry1900silver5000 m teamFrance
Albert Michant1900silverwater poloBelgium
Alfred Tysoe1900gold5000 m teamMixed Team
Alphonse Decuyper1900bronzewater poloFrance
Alvin Kraenzlein1900gold60 mUnited States
Alvin Kraenzlein1900gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Alvin Kraenzlein1900gold200 m hurdlesUnited States
André Castanet1900silver5000 m teamFrance
André Six1900silverswimming - underwaterFrance
Archibald Warden1900bronzetennisUnited Kingdom (Mixed team)(Adam)
Arthur Robertson1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Auguste Pesloy1900bronzewater poloFrance
Auguste Serrurier1900silverarchery - à la pyramideFrance
Auguste Serrurier1900silverarchery - à la herseFrance
J. Bertrand1900silverswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Carl Albert Andersen1900bronzepole vaultNorway
Charles Bennett1900gold5000 m teamMixed Team
Charles Bennett1900silver4000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Charles Bennett1900gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Charles Devendeville1900goldswimming - underwaterFrance
Charles Frédéric Petit1900bronzearchery - au chapelet 33 mFrance
Charles Frédéric Petit1900bronzearchery - au cordon doré 33 mFrance
Charles Treffel1900bronzewater poloFrance
Coenraad Hiebendaal1900silverrowingNetherlands
Daria Pratt1900bronzegolfUnited States(Pankhurst, Wright)
David Hall1900bronze800 mUnited States
Désiré Mérchez1900bronzeswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Émile Champion1900silvermarathonFrance
Émile Druart1900silverarchery - à la herseBelgium
Émile Fisseux1900bronzearchery - au cordon doré 50 mFrance
Émile Grumiaux1900goldarchery - à la pyramideFrance
Émile Mercier1900bronzearchery - au chapelet 50 mFrance
Émile Torchebœuf1900bronzelong jump - standingFrance
Emmanuel Foulon1900goldarchery - à la herseBelgium
Eric Robinson1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Ernst Fast1900bronzemarathonSweden
Ernst Hoppenberg1900goldswimming - 200 m backstrokeGermany
Ernst Hoppenberg1900goldswimming - 200 m teamGermany
Ernst Schultz1900bronze400 mDenmark
Eugène Coulon1900bronzewater poloFrance
Eugène Favier1900bronzewater poloFrance
Eugène Mougin1900goldarchery - au chapelet 50 mFrance
Fernand Feyaerts1900silverwater poloBelgium
Frank Jarvis1900gold100 mUnited States
František Janda-Suk1900silverdiscus throwBohemia
Frederick Lane1900goldswimming - 200 m obstacleAustralia
Frederick Lane1900goldswimming - 200 m freestyleAustralia
Frederick Moloney1900bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Gaston Ragueneau1900silver5000 m teamFrance
George Orton1900gold3000 m steeplechaseCanada
George Orton1900bronze400 m hurdlesCanada
George Wilkinson1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Georges Leuillieux1900bronzeswimming - 200 m teamFrance(Jean)
Hedwiga Rosenbaumová1900bronzetennisBohemia (Mixed team)(Hedwig)
Hedwiga Rosenbaumová1900bronzetennisBohemia(Hedwig)
Henri Cohen1900silverwater poloBelgium
Henri Deloge1900silver5000 m teamFrance
Henri Helle1900silverarchery - au chapelet 50 mFrance
Henri Hérouin1900goldarchery - au cordon doré 50 mFrance
Henri Peslier1900bronzewater poloFrance
Henri Tauzin1900silver400 m hurdlesFrance
Herbert von Petersdorff1900goldswimming - 200 m teamGermany
Hermanus Brockmann1900bronzerowingNetherlands
Hermanus Brockmann1900silverrowingNetherlands
Hermanus Brockmann1900goldrowingNetherlands
Hubert Van Innis1900silverarchery - au cordon doré 50 mBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1900goldarchery - au cordon doré 33 mBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1900goldarchery - au chapelet 33 mBelgium
Irving Baxter1900goldhigh jumpUnited States
Irving Baxter1900silvertriple jump - standingUnited States
Irving Baxter1900goldpole vaultUnited States
Irving Baxter1900silverlong jump - standingUnited States
Irving Baxter1900silverhigh jump - standingUnited States
James B. Connolly1900silvertriple jumpUnited States(Brendan)
Jean Chastanié1900silver5000 m teamFrance
Jean Chastanié1900bronze3000 m steeplechaseFrance
Jean de Backer1900silverwater poloBelgium
Jean Fardelle1900bronzewater poloFrance
John Bray1900bronze1500 mUnited States
John Cregan1900silver800 mUnited States
John Derbyshire1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Henry)
John Flanagan1900goldhammer throwUnited States
John Arthur Jarvis1900goldswimming - 4000 m freestyleUnited Kingdom
John Arthur Jarvis1900goldswimming - 1500 m freestyleUnited Kingdom
John McLean1900silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
John Rimmer1900gold5000 m teamMixed Team
Josiah McCracken1900silvershot putUnited States
Josiah McCracken1900bronzehammer throwUnited States
Jules Verbecke1900silverswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Julius Frey1900goldswimming - 200 m teamGermany
Karl Ruberl1900bronzeswimming - 200 m freestyleAustria
Karl Ruberl1900silverswimming - 200 m backstrokeAustria
Konrad Stäheli1900goldshootingSwitzerland
Konrad Stäheli1900goldshootingSwitzerland
Konrad Stäheli1900goldshootingSwitzerland
Konrad Stäheli1900bronzeshootingSwitzerland
Lajos Gönczy1900bronzehigh jumpHungary
Leriche1900bronzewater poloFrance
Lewis Sheldon1900bronzetriple jumpUnited States(Pendleton)
Lewis Sheldon1900bronzehigh jump - standingUnited States(Pendleton)
Louis Glineur1900bronzearchery - à la pyramideBelgium
Louis Laufray1900bronzewater poloFrance
Louis Martin1900bronzeswimming - 4000 m freestyleFrance
Louis Martin1900bronzeswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Marcel Devenot1900bronzewater poloFrance
Marion Jones Farquhar1900bronzetennisUnited States
Maurice Hochepied1900silverswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Max Hainle1900goldswimming - 200 m teamGermany
Max Schöne1900goldswimming - 200 m teamGermany
Maxie Long1900gold400 mUnited States(Maxwell, Warburn)
Meredith Colkett1900silverpole vaultUnited States(Bright)
Michel Théato1900goldmarathonFrance
Myer Prinstein1900silverlong jumpUnited States(Mejer, Meyer)
Myer Prinstein1900goldtriple jumpUnited States(Mejer, Meyer)
Norman Pritchard1900silver200 mIndia
Norman Pritchard1900silver200 m hurdlesIndia
Oscar Grégoire1900silverwater poloBelgium
Otto Wahle1900silverswimming - 200 m obstacleAustria
Otto Wahle1900silverswimming - 1500 m freestyleAustria
Patrick Leahy1900silverhigh jumpUnited Kingdom(Joseph)
Patrick Leahy1900bronzelong jumpUnited Kingdom(Joseph)
Paul Vasseur1900bronzewater poloFrance
Peder Lykkeberg1900bronzeswimming - underwaterDenmark
Peter Kemp1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Peter Kemp1900bronzeswimming - 200 m obstacleUnited Kingdom
Philippe Houben1900bronzeswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Prospère Bruggeman1900silverrowingBelgium
Ray Ewry1900goldlong jump - standingUnited States
Ray Ewry1900goldtriple jump - standingUnited States
Ray Ewry1900goldhigh jump - standingUnited States
Reginald Doherty1900bronzetennisUnited Kingdom(Reggie, Frank)
Reginald Doherty1900goldtennisUnited Kingdom(Reggie, Frank)
Reginald Doherty1900goldtennisUnited Kingdom(Reggie, Frank)
René Tartara1900bronzeswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Richard Sheldon1900bronzediscus throwUnited States
Richard Sheldon1900goldshot putUnited States
Robert Garrett1900bronzeshot putUnited States
Robert Garrett1900bronzetriple jump - standingUnited States
Roelof Klein1900bronzerowingNetherlands
Roelof Klein1900goldrowingNetherlands
Rudolf Bauer1900golddiscus throwHungary
Ruurd Leegstra1900bronzerowingNetherlands(Gerbens)
Saint George Ashe1900bronzerowingUnited Kingdom
Sidney Robinson1900gold5000 m teamMixed Team
Sidney Robinson1900bronze4000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Sidney Robinson1900silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Stanley Rowley1900bronze60 mAustralia(Stan)
Stanley Rowley1900bronze200 mAustralia(Stan)
Stanley Rowley1900bronze100 mAustralia(Stan)
Stanley Rowley1900gold5000 m teamMixed Team(Stan)
Thomas Coe1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Truxtun Hare1900silverhammer throwUnited States(Thomas)
Victor Cadet1900silverswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Victor de Behr1900silverwater poloBelgium
Victor Hochepied1900silverswimming - 200 m teamFrance
Victor Sonnemans1900silverwater poloBelgium
Victor Thibault1900silverarchery - au cordon doré 33 mFrance
Victor Thibault1900silverarchery - au chapelet 33 mFrance
Walter B. Tewksbury1900silver60 mUnited States(John, Beardsley)
Walter B. Tewksbury1900gold400 m hurdlesUnited States(John, Beardsley)
Walter B. Tewksbury1900bronze200 m hurdlesUnited States(John, Beardsley)
Walter B. Tewksbury1900silver100 mUnited States(John, Beardsley)
Walter B. Tewksbury1900gold200 mUnited States(John, Beardsley)
William Burgess1900bronzewater poloFrance(Bill, Thomas)
William Holland1900silver400 mUnited States(Bill)
William Lister1900goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Zoltán Halmay1900silverswimming - 4000 m freestyleHungary
Zoltán Halmay1900silverswimming - 200 m freestyleHungary
Zoltán Halmay1900bronzeswimming - 1500 m freestyleHungary
Johannes Drost1900bronzeswimmingNetherlands
Adam Gunn1904silverdecathlonUnited States
Albert Corey1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team(Louis)
Albert Corey1904silvermarathonUnited States(Louis)
Albertson Van Zo Post1904bronzefencingUnited States
Albertson Van Zo Post1904goldfencingUnited States
Albertson Van Zo Post1904goldfencingUnited States
Albertson Van Zo Post1904silverfencingUnited States
Albertson Van Zo Post1904bronzefencingUnited States
Alfred Braunschweiger1904bronzediving - platformGermany
Alphonzo Bell1904bronzetennisUnited States(Edward)
Alphonzo Bell1904silvertennisUnited States(Edward)
Amedee Reyburn1904bronzewater poloUnited States(Valle)
Amedee Reyburn1904bronzeswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Valle)
Archie Hahn1904gold60 mUnited States
Archie Hahn1904gold100 mUnited States
Archie Hahn1904gold200 mUnited States
Arthur L. Newton1904gold4 mile teamUnited States(Lee)
Arthur L. Newton1904bronzemarathonUnited States(Lee)
Arthur L. Newton1904bronze3000 m steeplechaseUnited States(Lee)
Augustus Goessling1904bronzewater poloUnited States
Burt McKinnie1904bronzegolfUnited States(Plumb)
Burt McKinnie1904silvergolfUnited States(Plumb)
Burton Downing1904bronzecycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Burton Downing1904silvercycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Burton Downing1904silvercycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Burton Downing1904silvercycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Burton Downing1904goldcycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Burton Downing1904goldcycling - trackUnited States(Cecil)
Charles Daniels1904bronzeswimming - 50 yard freestyleUnited States
Charles Daniels1904goldswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States
Charles Daniels1904goldswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited States
Charles Daniels1904goldswimming - 200 m freestyleUnited States
Charles Daniels1904silverswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States
Charles Dvorak1904goldpole vaultUnited States
Charles Hubbard1904silverarchery - team roundUnited States
Charles King1904silvertriple jump - standingUnited States
Charles King1904silverlong jump - standingUnited States
Charles S. Woodruff1904silverarchery - team roundUnited States(Sherman)
Claude Jameson1904bronzefootballUnited States(Stanley)
Constance Titus1904bronzerowingUnited States(Sutton)
Cormic Cosgrove1904bronzefootballUnited States
Cyrus E. Dallin1904bronzearcheryUnited States(Edwin)
Daniel Frank1904silverlong jumpUnited States
David Hammond1904silverswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States
David Munson1904gold4 mile teamUnited States(Curtis)
Douglass Cadwallader1904bronzegolfUnited States(Pope)
Edgar H. Adams1904silverdiving - plunge for distanceUnited States(Holmes)
Eliza Pollock1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(Jessie, Lida, Peyton)
Eliza Pollock1904bronzearchery - national roundUnited States(Jessie, Lida, Peyton)
Eliza Pollock1904bronzearchery - Columbia roundUnited States(Jessie, Lida, Peyton)
Emil Breitkreutz1904bronze800 mUnited States
Emil Rausch1904goldswimming - 880 yard freestyleGermany
Emil Rausch1904bronzeswimming - 200 m freestyleGermany
Emil Rausch1904goldswimming - 1500 m freestyleGermany
Emily Woodruff1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States
Emma Cooke1904silverarchery - national roundUnited States
Emma Cooke1904silverarchery - Columbia roundUnited States
Emma Cooke1904silverarchery - team roundUnited States
Étienne Desmarteau1904gold56 lb weight throwCanada
Fay Moulton1904bronze60 mUnited States
Francis Gailey1904silverswimming - 880 yard freestyleUnited States
Francis Gailey1904silverswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited States
Francis Gailey1904silverswimming - 200 m freestyleUnited States
Francis Gailey1904bronzeswimming - 1500 m freestyleUnited States
Frank Castleman1904silver200 m hurdlesUnited States
Frank Kehoe1904bronzediving - platformUnited States
Frank Verner1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team(William, Franklyn)
Frank Verner1904silver1500 mUnited States(William, Franklyn)
Frank Waller1904silver400 mUnited States
Frank Waller1904silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Frederick Englehardt1904silvertriple jumpUnited States(Fred)
Frederick Schule1904gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Galen Spencer1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(Carter)
Garrett Serviss1904silverhigh jumpUnited States
Georg Hoffmann1904silverdiving - platformGermany
Georg Hoffmann1904silverswimming - 100 yard backstrokeGermany
Georg Zacharias1904goldswimming - 400 m breaststrokeGermany
Georg Zacharias1904bronzeswimming - 100 m backstrokeGermany
George Bryant1904goldarchery - York roundUnited States(Phillip)
George Bryant1904goldarchery - American roundUnited States(Phillip)
George Bryant1904bronzearchery - team roundUnited States(Phillip)
George Poage1904bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States
George Poage1904bronze200 m hurdlesUnited States
George Sheldon1904golddiving - platformUnited States
George Underwood1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Géza Kiss1904bronzeswimming - 880 yard freestyleHungary
Géza Kiss1904silverswimming - 1500 m freestyleHungary
Gwynne Evans1904bronzewater poloUnited States
Gwynne Evans1904bronzeswimmingUnited States
Harry Hillman1904gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Harry Hillman1904gold400 mUnited States
Harry Hillman1904gold200 m hurdlesUnited States
Henry B. Richardson1904bronzearchery - team roundUnited States(Barber)
Herman Groman1904bronze400 mUnited States
Howard Valentine1904gold4 mile teamUnited States
Howard Valentine1904silver800 mUnited States
Hugo Goetz1904silverswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States
Jam Handy1904bronzeswimming - 400 m breaststrokeUnited States(Henry, Jamison)
James Lightbody1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
James Lightbody1904gold3000 m steeplechaseUnited States
James Lightbody1904gold1500 mUnited States
James Lightbody1904gold800 mUnited States
James Mitchell1904bronze56 lb weight throwUnited States
John Biller1904bronzelong jump - standingUnited States
John Daly1904silver3000 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
John DeWitt1904silverhammer throwUnited States
John Flanagan1904goldhammer throwUnited States
John Flanagan1904silver56 lb weight throwUnited States
John Grieb1904silverathletics triathlonUnited States
Joseph Ruddy1904goldswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Joe)
Joseph Stadler1904silverhigh jump - standingUnited States
Joseph Stadler1904bronzetriple jump - standingUnited States
Lacey Hearn1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team(Earnest)
Lacey Hearn1904bronze1500 mUnited States(Earnest)
Lawrence Feuerbach1904bronzeshot putUnited States(Leon, Edward, Joseph)
Lawson Robertson1904bronzestanding high jumpUnited States
Leo Goodwin1904bronzediving - plunge for distanceUnited States(Budd)
Leo Goodwin1904goldswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Budd)
Leo Goodwin1904goldwater poloUnited States(Budd)
Leonora Taylor1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(Leonie)
LeRoy Samse1904silverpole vaultUnited States
Lesley Ashburner1904bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Louis Handley1904goldswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Luigi)
Louis W. Maxson1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(William)
Louis Wilkins1904bronzepole vaultUnited States
Mabel Taylor1904silverarchery - teamUnited States
Manfred Toeppen1904bronzewater poloUnited States(Kurt)
Marquard Schwarz1904bronzeswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States
Martin Sheridan1904golddiscus throwUnited States
Matilda Howell1904goldarchery - national roundUnited States(Lida, Scott)
Matilda Howell1904goldarchery - Columbia roundUnited States(Lida, Scott)
Matilda Howell1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(Lida, Scott)
Max Emmerich1904goldathletics triathlonUnited States
Myer Prinstein1904goldlong jumpUnited States(Mejer, Meyer)
Myer Prinstein1904goldtriple jumpUnited States(Mejer, Meyer)
Nathaniel John Cartmell1904silver200 mUnited States(Nat, Nate)
Nathaniel John Cartmell1904silver100 mUnited States(Nat, Nate)
Nikolaos Georgantas1904bronzediscus throwGreece
Orus Jones1904bronzegolfUnited States
Otto Wahle1904bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleAustria
Paul Pilgrim1904gold4 mile teamUnited States(Harry)
Paul Weinstein1904bronzehigh jumpGermany
Ralph Rose1904bronzehammer throwUnited States
Ralph Rose1904goldshot putUnited States
Ralph Rose1904silverdiscus throwUnited States
Ray Ewry1904goldlong jump - standingUnited States
Ray Ewry1904goldtriple jump - standingUnited States
Ray Ewry1904goldhigh jump - standingUnited States
Raymond Thorne1904silverswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States
Robert Stangland1904bronzetriple jumpUnited States
Robert Stangland1904bronzelong jumpUnited States
Robert Williams1904silverarchery - York roundUnited States
Robert Williams1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States
Robert Williams1904silverarchery - American roundUnited States
Samuel Duvall1904silverarchery - team roundUnited States(Harding)
Samuel Jones1904goldhigh jumpUnited States
Scott Leary1904silverswimming - 50 yard freestyleUnited States(John)
Scott Leary1904bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States(John)
Sidney Hatch1904silver4 mile teamMixed Team
Simeon Price1904bronzegolfUnited States(Taylor)
Thaddeus Shideler1904silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Thomas Hicks1904goldmarathonUnited States
Tom Kiely1904golddecathlonUnited Kingdom(Thomas, Francis)
Truxtun Hare1904bronzedecathlonUnited States(Thomas)
Wallace Bryant1904bronzearchery - team roundUnited States
Walter Brack1904goldswimming - 100 m backstrokeGermany
Walter Brack1904silverswimming - 400 m breaststrokeGermany
Wesley Coe1904silvershot putUnited States(William)
William Clark1904silverarchery - team roundUnited States
William Dickey1904golddiving - plunge for distanceUnited States
William Hogenson1904silver60 mUnited States
William Hogenson1904bronze100 mUnited States
William Hogenson1904bronze200 mUnited States
William Merz1904bronzeathletics triathlonUnited States
William R. Orthwein1904bronzeswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Robert)
William Thompson1904bronzearchery - York roundUnited States(Henry)
William Thompson1904bronzearchery - American roundUnited States(Henry)
William Thompson1904goldarchery - team roundUnited States(Henry)
William Tuttle1904silverswimming - 4x50 yard freestyle relayUnited States(Bill)
Zoltán Halmay1904goldswimming - 50 yard freestyleHungary
Zoltán Halmay1904goldswimming - 100 m freestyleHungary
Alastair Denniston1908bronzefield hockeyGreat Britain(Alexander, Guthrie)
Albert Michant1908silverwater poloBelgium
Albert Zürner1908golddiving - springboardGermany
Alfred Carlton Gilbert1908goldpole vaultUnited States
Arne Halse1908bronzejavelin throw - freestyleNorway
Arne Halse1908silverjavelin throwNorway
Arno Bieberstein1908goldswimming - 100 m backstrokeGermany
Arthur Hoffmann1908silvermedley relayGermany
Arthur Robertson1908silver3200 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom(James)
Arthur Robertson1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom(James)
Arthur Russell1908gold3200 m steeplechaseUnited Kingdom
Arthur Shaw1908bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Arvid Spångberg1908bronzediving - platformSweden
Axel Runström1908bronzewater poloSweden
Banner Johnstone1908goldrowingGreat Britain(Carruthers)
Beatrice Hill-Lowe1908bronzearchery - national roundUnited Kingdom(Geraldine)
Béla Las-Torres1908silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayHungary
Bertrand Turnbull1908bronzefield hockeyUnited Kingdom
Bill Horr1908bronzediscus throwUnited States(Marquis, Franklin)
Bill Horr1908silverdiscus throw - ancient styleUnited States(Marquis, Franklin)
Bruno Söderström1908bronzepole vaultSweden
Calvin Bricker1908bronzelong jumpCanada(David)
Charles Bacon1908gold400 m hurdlesUnited States(Joseph)
Charles Daniels1908bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States
Charles Daniels1908goldswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States
Charles Forsyth1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Eric)
Charles Hefferon1908silvermarathonSouth Africa(Archer)
Charles Sydney Smith1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Charlotte Dod1908silverarchery - national roundUnited Kingdom(Lottie)
Clare Jacobs1908bronzepole vaultUnited States(Charles, Sherman)
Clement Cazalet1908bronzetennisUnited Kingdom(Haughton, Langston)
Collier Cudmore1908goldrowingAustralia
Cornelius Leahy1908silverhigh jumpUnited Kingdom(Con)
Cornelius Walsh1908bronzehammer throwCanada(Con)
Daniel Kelly1908silverlong jumpUnited States
Denis Horgan1908silvershot putUnited Kingdom
Edvard Larsen1908bronzetriple jumpNorway
Edward Archibald1908bronzepole vaultCanada(Blake)
Edward Cooke1908goldpole vaultUnited States(Tiffin)
Edward Owen1908silver5 milesUnited Kingdom
Edward Spencer1908bronze10 mile walkUnited Kingdom(Adams)
Elsa Rendschmidt1908silverfigure skatingGermany
Emil Voigt1908gold5 milesUnited Kingdom(Robert)
Emilio Lunghi1908silver800 mItaly
Eric Lemming1908goldjavelin throw - freestyleSweden
Eric Lemming1908goldjavelin throwSweden
Erik Bergvall1908bronzewater poloSweden
Ernest Ebbage1908bronzetug of warGreat Britain(Walter)
Ernest Webb1908silver3500 m walkUnited Kingdom
Ernest Webb1908silver10 mile walkUnited Kingdom
Eugène Grisot1908goldarchery - continental style 50 mFrance
Fernand Feyaerts1908silverwater poloBelgium
Forrest Smithson1908gold110 m hurdlesUnited States
Frank Beaurepaire1908silverswimming - 400 m freestyleAustralasia
Frank Beaurepaire1908bronzeswimming - 1500 m freestyleAustralasia
Frank Irons1908goldlong jumpUnited States(Francis, Cleveland)
Frederick Holman1908goldswimming - 200 m breaststrokeUnited Kingdom
Frigyes Mezei1908bronzemedley relayHungary(Friedrich)
Garfield MacDonald1908silvertriple jumpCanada(James, Abram)
Géo André1908silverhigh jumpFrance(Georges, Yvan)
George Bonhag1908silver3 mile teamUnited States(Valentine)
George Cornet1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Thomson)
George Gaidzik1908bronzediving - springboardUnited States(William)
George Larner1908gold10 mile walkUnited Kingdom(Edward)
George Larner1908gold3500 m walkUnited Kingdom(Edward)
George Nevinson1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Wilfrid)
George Wilkinson1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Georges André1908silverhigh jumpFrance
Gilchrist Maclagan1908goldrowingGreat Britain
Gottlob Walz1908bronzediving - springboardGermany
Gunnar Wennerström1908bronzewater poloSweden
Gustave Cabaret1908bronzearchery - continental style 50 mFrance
Hanns Braun1908silvermedley relayGermany
Hanns Braun1908bronze800 mGermany
Hans Eicke1908silvermedley relayGermany
Harald Julin1908bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyleSweden
Harald Julin1908bronzewater poloSweden
Harold A. Wilson1908silver1500 mUnited Kingdom(Allan)
Harry Hebner1908bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States
Harry Hillman1908silver400 m hurdlesUnited States
Harry Kerr1908bronze3500 m walkAustralasia
Harry Porter1908goldhigh jumpUnited States(Franklin)
Henry B. Richardson1908bronzearchery - York roundUnited States(Barber)
Henry Taylor1908goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Henry Taylor1908goldswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited Kingdom
Henry Taylor1908goldswimming - 1500 m freestyleUnited Kingdom
Herbert Haresnape1908bronzeswimming - 100 m backstrokeUnited Kingdom(Nickal)
Herbert Trube1908silver3 mile teamUnited States(Lawrence)
Herman Donners1908silverwater poloBelgium
Herman Meyboom1908silverwater poloBelgium
Hermannus Höfte1908bronzerowingNetherlands
Hew Fraser1908bronzefield hockeyUnited Kingdom(Thomson)
Hjalmar Johansson1908golddiving - platformSweden
Imre Zachár1908silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayHungary
István Somodi1908silverhigh jumpHungary
James Rector1908silver100 mUnited States
Jimmy Tremeer1908bronze400 m hurdlesUnited Kingdom(Leonard, Francis)
Joe Deakin1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom(Joseph, Edmund)
Johan Frithiof Svanberg1908bronze5 milesSweden(John)
John Biller1908silverhigh jump - standingUnited States
John Derbyshire1908goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Henry)
John Eisele1908bronze3200 m steeplechaseUnited States(Lincoln)
John Eisele1908silver3 mile teamUnited States(Lincoln)
John Flanagan1908goldhammer throwUnited States
John Garrels1908bronzeshot putUnited States(Carlyle)
John Garrels1908silver110 m hurdlesUnited States(Carlyle)
John Taylor Jr.1908goldmedley relayUnited States(Baxter)
Johnny Hayes1908goldmarathonUnited States(John, Joseph)
Joseph Dreher1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
Joseph Forshaw1908bronzemarathonUnited States
Joseph Pletinckx1908silverwater poloBelgium
József Munk1908silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayHungary
József Nagy1908bronzemedley relayHungary
Karl Malmström1908silverdiving - platformSweden
Konstantinos Tsiklitiras1908silverhigh jump - standingGreece(Kostas)
Konstantinos Tsiklitiras1908silverlong jump - standingGreece(Kostas)
Kurt Behrens1908silverdiving - springboardGermany
Leo Goodwin1908bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States(Budd)
Leslie Rich1908bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States(George)
Llewellyn Evans1908bronzefield hockeyGreat Britain
Louis Bonniot de Fleurac1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
Louis Vernet1908silverarchery - continental style 50 mFrance
Ludvig Dam1908silverswimming - 100 m backstrokeDenmark(Hans, Peter)
Madge Syers1908goldfigure skatingUnited Kingdom(Florence, Madeline)
Madge Syers1908bronzefigure skatingUnited Kingdom(Florence, Madeline)
Major Ritchie1908goldtennisUnited Kingdom(Josiah, George)
Major Ritchie1908silvertennisUnited Kingdom(Josiah, George)
Major Ritchie1908bronzetennisUnited Kingdom(Josiah, George)
Martin Sheridan1908golddiscus throw - ancient styleUnited States
Martin Sheridan1908golddiscus throwUnited States
Martin Sheridan1908bronzelong jump - standingUnited States
Matt McGrath1908silverhammer throwUnited States(Matthew, John)
Melvin Sheppard1908gold1500 mUnited States(Mel)
Melvin Sheppard1908goldmedley relayUnited States(Mel)
Melvin Sheppard1908gold800 mUnited States(Mel)
Merritt Giffin1908silverdiscus throwUnited States(Hayward)
Michalis Dorizas1908silverjavelin throw - freestyleGreece
Nathaniel John Cartmell1908goldmedley relayUnited States(Nat, Nate)
Nathaniel John Cartmell1908bronze200 mUnited States(Nat, Nate)
Neville Bulwer-Lytton1908bronzejeu de paumeUnited Kingdom(Stephen)
Norman Hallows1908bronze1500 mUnited Kingdom
Norway Jackes1908bronzerowingCanada(Baldwin)
Ödön Bodor1908bronzemedley relayHungary
Oscar Grégoire1908silverwater poloBelgium
Oswald Carver1908bronzerowingUnited Kingdom(Armitage)
Otto Nilsson1908bronzejavelin throwSweden
Otto Scheff1908bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleAustria
Otto Trieloff1908silvermedley relayGermany
Pál Simon1908bronzemedley relayHungary
Paul Lizandier1908bronze3 mile teamFrance
Paul Radmilovic1908goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Paul Radmilovic1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Phyllis Johnson1908silverfigure skatingUnited Kingdom(Wyatt)
Pontus Hansson1908bronzeswimming - 200 m breaststrokeSweden
Pontus Hansson1908bronzewater poloSweden
Ralph Rose1908goldshot putUnited States
Ray Ewry1908goldhigh jump - standingUnited States
Ray Ewry1908goldlong jump - standingUnited States
Reginald Brooks-King1908silverarchery - York roundUnited Kingdom
Reginald Doherty1908goldtennisUnited Kingdom(Reggie, Frank)
Reginald Walker1908gold100 mSouth Africa(Reggie)
Robert Andersson1908bronzewater poloSweden
Robert Cloughen1908silver200 mUnited States
Robert Kerr1908gold200 mCanada
Robert Kerr1908bronze100 mCanada
Rodolphe Poma1908silverrowingBelgium
Sybil Fenton Newall1908goldarchery - national roundUnited Kingdom(Queenie)
Sydney Battersby1908silverswimming - 1500 m freestyleUnited Kingdom(Syd, Thomas)
Thomas Thould1908goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Henry)
Tim Ahearne1908goldtriple jumpUnited Kingdom(Timothy, Joseph)
Torsten Kumfeldt1908bronzewater poloSweden(Karl)
Ulrich Salchow1908goldfigure skatingSweden(Karl, Emil, Julius)
Verner Järvinen1908bronzediscus throw - ancient styleFinland(Venne)
Victor Boin1908silverwater poloBelgium
Wilberforce Eaves1908bronzetennisGreat Britain(Vaughan)
Wilfred Pallot1908bronzefield hockeyUnited Kingdom(James)
William Coales1908gold3 mile teamUnited Kingdom
William Dod1908goldarchery - York roundUnited Kingdom
William Foster1908goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
William Hamilton1908goldmedley relayUnited States(Red, Frank)
William Robinson1908silverswimming - 200 m breaststrokeUnited Kingdom(Walker)
Wyndham Halswelle1908gold400 mUnited Kingdom
Zoltán Halmay1908silverswimming - 100 m freestyleHungary
Zoltán Halmay1908silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayHungary
Abel Kiviat1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Abel Kiviat1912silver1500 mUnited States
Albert Durant1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Albert Gutterson1912goldlong jumpUnited States(Lovejoy)
Albert Zürner1912silverdiving - platformGermany
Albin Stenroos1912bronze10000 mFinland(Oskar)
Albin Stenroos1912silvercross country teamFinland(Oskar)
Alma Richards1912goldhigh jumpUnited States(Wilfred)
Alvah Meyer1912silver100 mUnited States
Alvin Loftes1912bronzecycling - roadUnited States(Hjalmar)
Annie Speirs1912goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Armas Taipale1912golddiscus throwFinland(Rudolf)
Armas Taipale1912golddiscus throw - both handsFinland(Rudolf)
Arnfinn Heje1912goldsailingNorway(Kolbjørn)
Arnold Jackson1912gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Arthur Edwin Hill1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Beaufort Burdekin1912silverrowingGreat Britain
Ben Adams1912silverhigh jump - standingUnited States(Benjamin, Willard)
Ben Adams1912bronzelong jump - standingUnited States(Benjamin, Willard)
Bernard Franklin1912bronzeartistic gymnasticsUnited Kingdom(Wallis)
Bertha Zahourek1912bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayAustria
Bertil Uggla1912bronzepole vaultSweden
Bror Brenner1912silversailingFinland(Benediktus, Bernhard)
Bror Fock1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Calvin Bricker1912silverlong jumpCanada(David)
Cecil Healy1912silverswimming - 100 m freestyleAustralasia
Cecil Healy1912goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralasia
Charles Bugbee1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Charles Lelong1912silver4x400 m relayFrance(Louis)
Charles Lomberg1912silverdecathlonSweden
Charles Poulenard1912silver4x400 m relayFrance(Alexandre, Casimir)
Charles Reidpath1912gold4x400 m relayUnited States(Decker)
Charles Reidpath1912gold400 mUnited States(Decker)
Charles Sydney Smith1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Christian Gitsham1912silvermarathonSouth Africa(William)
Clarence Childs1912bronzehammer throwUnited States(Chester)
Cyril Porter1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom(Henry, Atwell)
Cyril Seedhouse1912bronze4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(Norman)
David Jacobs1912gold4x100 m relayUnited Kingdom(Henry)
Donald Lippincott1912silver200 mUnited States
Donald Lippincott1912bronze100 mUnited States
Duke Kahanamoku1912silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States(Paoa)
Duke Kahanamoku1912goldswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States(Paoa)
Duncan Gillis1912silverhammer throwCanada
Ed Lindberg1912gold4x400 m relayUnited States(Edward, Ferdinand)
Ed Lindberg1912bronze400 mUnited States(Edward, Ferdinand)
Edward Owen1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Eino Sandelin1912bronzesailingFinland(Kauno)
Ejgil Clemmensen1912bronzerowingDenmark
Ejler Allert1912goldrowingDenmark(Arild, Emil)
Elmer Niklander1912silverdiscus throw - both handsFinland(Konstantin)
Elmer Niklander1912bronzeshot put - both handsFinland(Konstantin)
Emil Magnusson1912bronzediscus throw - both handsSweden
Ephraim Graham1912bronzeequestrianUnited States(Foster)
Eric Lemming1912goldjavelin throwSweden
Erik Adlerz1912golddiving - platformSweden
Erik Adlerz1912golddiving - plain highSweden
Erik Almlöf1912bronzetriple jumpSweden
Erik Bergqvist1912silverwater poloSweden
Ernest Glover1912bronzecross country teamUnited Kingdom
Ernest Henley1912bronze4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(John)
Ernest Webb1912silver10 km walkUnited Kingdom
Ernst Wide1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Ervin Mészáros1912bronzefencingHungary
Ervin Mészáros1912goldfencingHungary
Fanny Durack1912goldswimming - 100 m freestyleAustralasia
Félicien Courbet1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Ferdinand Bie1912goldpentathlonNorway(Reinhardt)
Fernando Altimani1912bronze10 km walkItaly
Frank Lukeman1912bronzepentathlonCanada
Frank Murphy1912bronzepole vaultUnited States(Dwyer)
Frank Nelson1912silverpole vaultUnited States(Thayer)
Frederick Hibbins1912bronzecross country teamUnited Kingdom(Newton)
Frederick Humphreys1912bronzecross country teamUnited Kingdom(Harkness)
Frederick Kelly1912gold110 m hurdlesUnited States(Fred)
Frithjof Olstad1912bronzerowingNorway
Gaston Strobino1912bronzemarathonUnited States(Maurice)
Georg Åberg1912silvertriple jumpSweden
Georg Åberg1912bronzelong jumpSweden
George Bonhag1912gold3000 m teamUnited States(Valentine)
George Cornet1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom(Thomson)
George Goulding1912gold10 km walkCanada
George Hodgson1912goldswimming - 1500 m freestyleCanada(Ritchie)
George Hodgson1912goldswimming - 400 m freestyleCanada(Ritchie)
George Horine1912bronzehigh jumpUnited States(Leslie)
George Hutson1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom(William)
George Hutson1912bronze5000 mUnited Kingdom(William)
George Nicol1912bronze4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom
George Wilkinson1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Gösta Holmér1912bronzedecathlonSweden
Greta Johansson1912golddiving - platformSweden
Grete Rosenberg1912silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayGermany
Gustaf Blomgren1912bronzediving - platformSweden
Gustaf Lindblom1912goldtriple jumpSweden
Hannes Kolehmainen1912silverteam cross countryFinland
Hannes Kolehmainen1912goldindividual cross countryFinland
Hannes Kolehmainen1912gold10000 mFinland
Hannes Kolehmainen1912gold5000 mFinland
Hanns Braun1912silver400 mGermany
Hans Liesche1912silverhigh jumpGermany
Hans Luber1912silverdiving - springboardGermany
Harald Julin1912silverwater poloSweden
Harold Hardwick1912goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralasia
Harold Hardwick1912bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleAustralasia
Harold Hardwick1912bronzeswimming - 1500 m freestyleAustralasia
Harry Babcock1912goldpole vaultUnited States(Stoddard)
Harry Hebner1912silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States
Harry Hebner1912goldswimming - 100 m backstrokeUnited States
Henry Macintosh1912gold4x100 m relayUnited Kingdom(Maitland)
Henry Taylor1912bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Herbert Drury1912bronzeartistic gymnasticsUnited Kingdom(James)
Herman Donners1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Herman Meyboom1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Hermine Stindt1912silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayGermany
Hjalmar Andersson1912silvercross country individualSweden
Hjalmar Andersson1912goldcross country teamSweden
Hjalmar Johansson1912silverdiving - plain highSweden
Horatio Poulter1912bronzeshootingUnited Kingdom(Orlando)
Horatio Poulter1912bronzeshootingUnited Kingdom(Orlando)
Hugh Durant1912bronzeshootingUnited Kingdom
Hugh Durant1912bronzeshootingUnited Kingdom
Hugo Wieslander1912golddecathlonSweden
Ira Davenport1912bronze800 mUnited States(Nelson)
Irene Steer1912goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Isaac Bentham1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Isabella Moore1912goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Belle, Mary)
Isabelle White1912bronzediving - platformUnited Kingdom(Mary)
Ivan Möller1912silver4x100 m relaySweden
Jalmari Eskola1912silvercross country teamFinland
James Donahue1912silverpentathlonUnited States(Joseph)
James Duncan1912bronzediscus throwUnited States(Henry)
James Soutter1912bronze4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(Tindal)
James Wendell1912silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Jarl Hulldén1912bronzesailingFinland
Jean Bouin1912silver5000 mFrance
Jennie Fletcher1912bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited Kingdom
Jennie Fletcher1912goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Jim Thorpe1912goldpentathlonUnited States
Jim Thorpe1912golddecathlonUnited States
John Eke1912bronzecross country individualSweden
John Eke1912goldcross country teamSweden
John Hatfield1912bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Jack, Gatenby)
John Hatfield1912silverswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited Kingdom(Jack, Gatenby)
John Hatfield1912silverswimming - 1500 m freestyleUnited Kingdom(Jack, Gatenby)
John Jansson1912bronzediving - plain highSweden
John Zander1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Josef Ternström1912goldcross country teamSweden
Joseph Pletinckx1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Josephine Sticker1912bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayAustria
Julius Saaristo1912silverjavelin throwFinland(Juho)
Julius Saaristo1912goldjavelin throw - both handsFinland(Juho)
Karl Luther1912silver4x100 m relaySweden(Charles, August)
Ken McArthur1912goldmarathonSouth Africa(Kennedy, Kane)
Kenneth Huszagh1912silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States(Ken)
Kenneth Huszagh1912bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States(Ken)
Klara Milch1912bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayAustria
Knut Lindberg1912silver4x100 m relaySweden
Konstantinos Tsiklitiras1912goldlong jump - standingGreece(Kostas)
Konstantinos Tsiklitiras1912bronzehigh jump - standingGreece(Kostas)
Kurt Behrens1912bronzediving - springboardGermany
Kurt Paul Malisch1912bronzeswimming - 200 m breaststrokeGermany
Lawrence Whitney1912bronzeshot putUnited States(Larry, Atwood)
Leslie Boardman1912goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralasia
Lewis Tewanina1912silver10000 mUnited States(Louis)
Lisa Regnell1912silverdiving - platformSweden
Louis Scott1912gold3000 m teamUnited States(Henry)
Louise Otto1912silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayGermany
Mabel Parton1912bronzetennisUnited Kingdom(Bramwell)
Malcolm Champion1912goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralasia
Marc Wright1912silverpole vaultUnited States(Snowell)
Margarete Adler1912bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayAustria
Martin Hawkins1912bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States
Matt McGrath1912goldhammer throwUnited States(Matthew, John)
Max Gumpel1912silverwater poloSweden
Melvin Sheppard1912gold4x400 m relayUnited States(Mel)
Melvin Sheppard1912silver800 mUnited States(Mel)
Mór Kóczán1912bronzejavelin throwHungary
Nils Frykberg1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Norman Taber1912gold3000 m teamUnited States
Norman Taber1912bronze1500 mUnited States
Oscar Grégoire1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Otto Fahr1912silverswimming - 100 m backstrokeGermany
Patrick McDonald1912silvershot put - both handsUnited States(Pat)
Patrick McDonald1912goldshot putUnited States(Pat)
Paul Günther1912golddiving - springboardGermany
Paul Kellner1912bronzeswimming - 100 m backstrokeGermany
Paul Radmilovic1912goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Percy Courtman1912bronzeswimmingUnited Kingdom
Perry McGillivray1912silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States
Pierre Failliot1912silver4x400 m relayFrance
Platt Adams1912silverlong jump - standingUnited States
Platt Adams1912goldhigh jump - standingUnited States
Pontus Hansson1912silverwater poloSweden
Ralph Craig1912gold200 mUnited States
Ralph Craig1912gold100 mUnited States
Ralph Rose1912goldshot put - both handsUnited States
Ralph Rose1912silvershot putUnited States
Reginald Potts1912bronzeartistic gymnasticsUnited Kingdom(Hubert)
Richard Byrd1912silverdiscus throwUnited States(Leslie)
Robert Andersson1912silverwater poloSweden
Robert Schurrer1912silver4x400 m relayFrance
Samu Fóti1912silverartistic gymnasticsHungary
Sydney Battersby1912bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Syd, Thomas)
Ted Meredith1912gold4x400 m relayUnited States(James, Edwin)
Ted Meredith1912gold800 mUnited States(James, Edwin)
Tell Berna1912gold3000 m teamUnited States(Schirnding)
Thor Henning1912silverswimming - 400 m breaststrokeSweden
Thorild Olsson1912silver3000 m teamSweden
Torleiv Corneliussen1912goldsailingNorway
Torsten Kumfeldt1912silverwater poloSweden(Karl)
Ture Persson1912silver4x100 m relaySweden
Urho Peltonen1912bronzejavelin throw - both handsFinland(Pellervo)
Väinö Siikaniemi1912silverjavelin throw - both handsFinland
Victor Boin1912bronzewater poloBelgium
Victor d'Arcy1912gold4x100 m relayUnited Kingdom(Henry, Augustus)
Vilhelm Andersson1912silverwater poloSweden
Walden Martin1912bronzecycling - roadUnited States
Walter Bathe1912goldswimming - 400 m breaststrokeGermany
Walter Bathe1912goldswimming - 200 m breaststrokeGermany
Waltraud Dressel1912silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayGermany(Wally)
Wilhelm Lützow1912silverswimming - 200 m breaststrokeGermany(Willy)
Wilhelmina Wylie1912silverswimming - 100 m freestyleAustralasia(Mina)
William Applegarth1912gold4x100 m relayUnited Kingdom(Willie)
William Applegarth1912bronze200 mUnited Kingdom(Willie)
William Cottrill1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom(Joe)
William Foster1912bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
William Halpenny1912bronzepole vaultCanada
William Moore1912bronze3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Agne Holmström1920bronze4x100 m relaySweden
Aileen Riggin1920golddivingUnited States(Muriel)
Aina Berg1920bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relaySweden
Albert Durant1920silverwater poloBelgium
Albert Hill1920silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom
Albert Hill1920gold800 mUnited Kingdom
Albert Hill1920gold1500 mUnited Kingdom
Alden Sanborn1920goldrowingUnited States
Alexia Bryn1920silverfigure skatingNorway
Alfred Nichols1920silvercross country teamUnited Kingdom(Hubert)
Alfred Schmidt1920silverweightliftingEstonia(Ain)
Allen Woodring1920gold200 mUnited States
Alphonse Allaert1920goldarchery - moving target 50 m, teamBelgium
Alphonse Allaert1920goldarchery - moving target 33 m, teamBelgium
Alphonse Allaert1920silverarchery - moving target 28 m, teamBelgium
Alvar Thiel1920silversailingSweden
André Devaux1920bronze4x400 m relayFrance(Jean)
Anton Hegarty1920silvercross country teamUnited Kingdom(Anthony, Frank)
Arlie Schardt1920gold3000 m teamUnited States(Alfred)
Armas Taipale1920silverdiscus throwFinland(Rudolf)
Arnoud van der Biesen1920silversailingNetherlands
Arthur Mabellon1920silverarchery - moving target 50 m, teamFrance
Arthur Mabellon1920silverarchery - moving target 33 m, teamFrance
Arthur Mabellon1920bronzearchery - moving target 28 m, teamFrance
Arvid Wallman1920golddiving - plain highSweden
Arvo Aaltonen1920bronzeswimming - 200 m breaststrokeFinland(Ossian)
Arvo Aaltonen1920bronzeswimming - 400 m breaststrokeFinland(Ossian)
August Desch1920bronze400 m hurdlesUnited States(Gus, George)
Auguste Van De Verre1920goldarchery - small fixed target, teamBelgium
Auguste Van De Verre1920goldarchery - large fixed target, teamBelgium
Augustus Pope1920bronzediscus throwUnited States(Gus)
Basil Bennett1920bronzehammer throwUnited States
Basil Williams1920bronzefigure skatingUnited Kingdom
Beatrice Armstrong1920silverdiving - platformUnited Kingdom(Eileen)
Bertil Ohlson1920bronzedecathlonSweden
Bevil Rudd1920bronze800 mSouth Africa(Gordon, D'Urban)
Bevil Rudd1920gold400 mSouth Africa(Gordon, D'Urban)
Bevil Rudd1920silver4x400 m relaySouth Africa(Gordon, D'Urban)
Bo Ekelund1920bronzehigh jumpSweden
Brutus Hamilton1920silverdecathlonUnited States(Kerr)
Carin Nilsson1920bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relaySweden
Carl Johnson1920silverlong jumpUnited States
Carl Johan Lind1920silverhammer throwSweden
Carl Johan Lind1920bronze56 lb weight throwSweden
Cecil Griffiths1920gold4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(Richmond)
Charles Edward Blewitt1920silver3000 m teamUnited Kingdom(Joe)
Charles Bugbee1920goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Charles Gunn1920bronze10 km walkUnited Kingdom
Charles Paddock1920gold4x100 m relayUnited States(Charley)
Charles Paddock1920silver200 mUnited States(Charley)
Charles Paddock1920gold100 mUnited States(Charley)
Charles Sydney Smith1920goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Charlotte Radcliffe1920silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Christopher Jones1920goldwater poloUnited Kingdom
Clarence Oldfield1920silver4x400 m relaySouth Africa(Winston)
Clarence Pinkston1920silverdivingUnited States(Bud, Elmer)
Clarence Pinkston1920golddivingUnited States(Bud, Elmer)
Constance Jeans1920silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Mabel)
Darcy Hadfield1920bronzerowingNew Zealand(Clarence)
Domenico Giambonini1920bronzeshootingSwitzerland
Driekske van Bussell1920goldarchery - moving target 28 m, teamNetherlands(Hendrikus)
Duke Kahanamoku1920goldswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited States(Paoa)
Duke Kahanamoku1920goldswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States(Paoa)
Earl Eby1920silver800 mUnited States
Earl Thomson1920gold110 m hurdlesCanada
Edmond Cloetens1920goldarchery - large fixed target, teamBelgium
Edmond Cloetens1920goldarchery - large fixed targetBelgium
Edmond Cloetens1920goldarchery - small fixed target, teamBelgium
Edmond De Knibber1920goldarchery - moving target 50 m, teamBelgium
Edmond De Knibber1920goldarchery - moving target 33 m, teamBelgium
Edmond De Knibber1920silverarchery - moving target 28 m, teamBelgium
Edmond Van Moer1920goldarchery - small fixed target, teamBelgium
Edmond Van Moer1920goldarchery - large fixed target, teamBelgium
Edmond Van Moer1920goldarchery - small fixed targetBelgium
Édouard Candeveau1920bronzerowingSwitzerland
Edvin Wide1920bronze3000 m teamSweden
Edwin Myers1920bronzepole vaultUnited States
Eero Lehtonen1920goldpentathlonFinland(Reino)
Egill Reimers1920goldsailingNorway
Elmer Niklander1920silvershot putFinland(Konstantin)
Elmer Niklander1920golddiscus throwFinland(Konstantin)
Émile Ali-Kahn1920silver4x100 m relayFrance
Emy Machnow1920bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relaySweden
Ercole Olgeni1920goldrowingItaly
Eric Backman1920bronze5000 mSweden
Eric Backman1920bronze3000 m teamSweden
Eric Backman1920silvercross country individualSweden
Eric Backman1920bronzecross country teamSweden
Erik Abrahamsson1920bronzelong jumpSweden
Erik Adlerz1920silverdiving - platformSweden
Erik Almlöf1920bronzetriple jumpSweden
Erik Andersson1920bronzewater poloSweden
Erik Bergqvist1920bronzewater poloSweden
Erminio Dones1920silverrowingItaly
Ernesto Ambrosini1920bronze3000 m steeplechaseItaly
Ethelda Bleibtrey1920goldswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited States
Ethelda Bleibtrey1920goldswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States
Ethelda Bleibtrey1920goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited States
Eugène Grisot1920silverarchery - moving target 50 m, teamFrance
Eugène Grisot1920silverarchery - moving target 33 m, teamFrance
Eugène Grisot1920bronzearchery - moving target 28 m, teamFrance
Eugène Richez1920silverarchery - moving target 50 m, teamFrance
Eugène Richez1920silverarchery - moving target 33 m, teamFrance
Eugène Richez1920bronzearchery - moving target 28 m, teamFrance
Eugène Ryter1920bronzeweightliftingSwitzerland
Eva Ollivier1920bronzediving - platformSweden(Ewa)
Everett Bradley1920silverpentathlonUnited States(Lewis)
Feg Murray1920bronze110 m hurdlesUnited States(Frederic, Seymour)
Firmin Flamand1920goldarchery - large fixed target, teamBelgium
Firmin Flamand1920bronzearchery - large fixed targetBelgium
Firmin Flamand1920goldarchery - small fixed target, teamBelgium
Florimond Cornellie1920goldsailingBelgium
Folke Jansson1920silvertriple jumpSweden
Frances Schroth1920bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleUnited States
Frances Schroth1920bronzeswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States
Frances Schroth1920goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited States
Frands Faber1920silverfield hockeyDenmark
Frank Beaurepaire1920silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralia
Frank Beaurepaire1920bronzeswimming - 1500 m freestyleAustralia
Frank Foss1920goldpole vaultUnited States
Frank "Moose" Goheen1920silverice hockeyUnited States
Frank Loomis1920gold400 m hurdlesUnited States
Gaston Féry1920bronze4x400 m relayFrance
Géo André1920bronze4x400 m relayFrance(Georges, Yvan)
George Parker1920silver3000 m walkAustralia
George Vernot1920bronzeswimming - 400 m freestyleCanada
George Vernot1920silverswimming - 1500 m freestyleCanada
Gérard Blitz1920bronzeswimming - 100 m backstrokeBelgium
Gérard Blitz1920silverwater poloBelgium
Gerry Geran1920silverice hockeyUnited States(Pierce, George)
Gillis Grafström1920goldfigure skatingSweden(Emanuel)
Grace McKenzie1920silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Gustaf Mattsson1920bronzecross country teamSweden
Guy Butler1920gold4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(Montagu)
Guy Butler1920silver400 mUnited Kingdom(Montagu)
Håkan Malmrot1920goldswimming - 400 m breaststrokeSweden
Håkan Malmrot1920goldswimming - 200 m breaststrokeSweden
Hal Brown1920gold3000 m teamUnited States(Horace, Hallock)
Haldor Halderson1920goldice hockeyCanada
Halvor Birkeland1920goldsailingNorway
Hannes Kolehmainen1920goldmarathonFinland
Harald Julin1920bronzewater poloSweden
Harold Annison1920bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom(Edward)
Harold Barron1920silver110 m hurdlesUnited States
Harold Muller1920silverhigh jumpUnited States
Harry Edward1920bronze200 mUnited Kingdom
Harry Edward1920bronze100 mUnited Kingdom
Harry B. Liversedge1920bronzeshot putUnited States(Bluett)
Harry Prieste1920bronzediving - platformUnited States(Haig, Hal)
Heikki Liimatainen1920bronzecross country individualFinland
Heikki Liimatainen1920goldcross country teamFinland
Helen Wainwright1920silverdiving - springboardUnited States
Helge Løvland1920golddecathlonNorway(Andreas)
Henry Dafel1920silver4x400 m relaySouth Africa
Henry Hay1920silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralia
Henry Petersen1920silverpole vaultDenmark
Henry Taylor1920bronzeswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Hilda James1920silverswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited Kingdom
Hilding Ekman1920bronzecross country teamSweden
Hubert Van Innis1920goldarchery - moving target 50 m, teamBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1920silverarchery - moving target 50 mBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1920goldarchery - moving target 33 m, teamBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1920goldarchery - moving target 33 mBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1920silverarchery - moving target 28 m, teamBelgium
Hubert Van Innis1920goldarchery - moving target 28 mBelgium
Hugo Lahtinen1920bronzepentathlonFinland(Jalmari)
Ingar Nielsen1920goldsailingNorway
Irene Guest1920silverswimming - 100 m freestyleUnited States
Irene Guest1920goldswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relayUnited States
Ivan Dresser1920gold3000 m teamUnited States
Ivan Stedman1920silverswimming - 4x200 m freestyle relayAustralia
Jack Oosterlaak1920silver4x400 m relaySouth Africa
Jackson Scholz1920gold4x100 m relayUnited States
James Wilson1920bronze10000 mUnited Kingdom
James Wilson1920silvercross country teamUnited Kingdom
Jane Gylling1920bronzeswimming - 4x100 m freestyle relaySweden
Janus Theeuwes1920goldarchery - moving target 28 m, teamNetherlands(Adrianus, Cornelis)
Janus van Merrienboer1920goldarchery - moving target 28 m, teamNetherlands(Adrianus)
Jérôme De Mayer1920goldarchery - moving target 50 m, teamBelgium
Jérôme De Mayer1920silverarchery - moving target 28 m, teamBelgium
Jérôme De Mayer1920goldarchery - moving target 33 m, teamBelgium
Jo van Gastel1920goldarchery - moving target 28 m, teamNetherlands(Johannes, Jacobus)
Joep Packbiers1920goldarchery - moving target 28 m, teamNetherlands(Jan, Joseph)
John Ainsworth-Davis1920gold4x400 m relayUnited Kingdom(Creyghton)
John Jansson1920bronzediving - plain highSweden
John Norton1920silver400 m hurdlesUnited States(Kelley)
Jonni Myyrä1920goldjavelin throwFinland
Joseph Guillemot1920silver10000 mFrance
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