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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
LATRICE f African American
Possibly a combination of the popular prefix La and the syllable trice from Patrice (2), perhaps influenced by Leatrice.
LATRICIA f African American (Modern)
An invented name, most likely blending Latisha and Patricia. See also Latrice.
LATRINA f English
A combination of the popular name prefix la with the name Trina.
LATRIX f African American (Modern, Rare)
Coined with the popular prefix la- and the suffix -trix from Beatrix. Possibly inspired by Leatrix.
LATROY m African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Troy using the popular prefix La-.
LATROYA f African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Troya using the popular prefix La-.
LÃTSIAĸ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name with the combination Rahab and suffix -tsiaq "beautiful, precious".
LATYRA f African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Tyra using the popular prefix La-.
LATYYF m Tatar
Tatar form of Latif.
LÂU m & f Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka Chinese form of He.
LAU f Spanish
Diminutive of Laura.
LAUD m English (Rare)
From the English word meaning "to praise".
LAUDATUS m Late Roman, Welsh (Latinized)
Derived from Latin laudatus meaning "praised, lauded, commended, esteemed", which is ultimately derived from Latin laudo meaning "to praise, to laud, to commend".... [more]
LAUDI f English
Diminutive of Claudia.
LAUDIE f French, English
Diminutive of Claudia.
LAUDINE f Arthurian Romance, French (Modern, Rare)
Perhaps derived from an earlier form of the Scottish place name Lothian (in Latin Lodonesia). It was first used by the 12th-century French poet Chrétien de Troyes for a character in his Arthurian romance 'Yvain', the Lady of the Fountain, who married Sir Yvain after he killed her husband.
LAUDOMIA f Italian (Rare), Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian variant of Laodamia.
LAUDY f English
Diminutive of Claudia.
LAUFEY f Norse Mythology, Icelandic
Derived from the Old Norse elements lauf "leaf, foliage" and ey "island" or "good fortune". In Norse legend Laufey is the mother of Loki, Helblindi and Býleistr.
LAUFHILDUR f Icelandic (Rare)
Icelandic name with the combination of lauf "leaf, foliage" and hildr "battle, fight".
LAUHA f Finnish
Means 'gentle', 'calm' and 'mild' in Finnish. Also a genus of plants.
LAULI f Estonian
Derived from laul meaning "song, melody".
LAULU f & m Finnish (Rare, Modern)
Means 'song' in Finnish. This name has been used in Finland less than 20 times since 2000.
LAUNA f English (Rare)
Either a variant of Lana or a variant of Laune.
LAUNCELOT m Literature
Variant of Lancelot used by Shakespeare in his play 'The Merchant of Venice' for the character of Launcelot Gobbo.
LAUNE f English (Australian)
Possibly derived from Laune, the name of an Irish river. Its Gaelic name, leamhán, is said to mean "elm tree".
Combination of Laura and Beth.
LAURALEE f Popular Culture, English (Rare)
Variant of Lorelei, influenced by the names Laura and Lee.
LAURAMAIJA f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish name with the combination of Laura and Maija.
LAURANA f Literature
Perhaps an elaboration of LAURA. Laurana is one of the main characters in the "Dragonlance" book series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.
LAURANCE m English (Rare)
English variant spelling of Laurence(1). Also compare the names Terence and Terance, which are another example of how -ence can be variantly spelled as -ance (and yet still be pronounced the same).... [more]
LAURANE f English
Variant spelling of Lauraine, also a combination of Laura and suffix -ane.
LAUREA f English (Rare), French (Rare)
Either an elaborated form of Laura or else a direct adoption of Latin laurea "laurel tree".... [more]
LAUREANO m Spanish
Spanish form of Laurianus.
LAURELA f English
Variant of Laurella.
LAURÉLIE f French, Walloon
French form of Laurelia.
LAURELIN f Literature
This name was used by J.R.R. Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was the name of one of the Two Trees of Valinor. Laurelin was the gold and green tree. Laurelin means "Land of the Valley of Singing Gold".
LAURELINE f English, French, Popular Culture
Medieval diminutive of Laura. ... [more]
LAURELLA f English, French
Latinization of Laurelle.
LAURENÇ m Occitan
Occitan form of Laurence.
LAURENÇA f Occitan
Feminine form of Laurenç.
LAŬRENCIJ m Belarusian
Belarusian form of Laurence.
LAURÊNCIO m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Laurence.
Polish form of Laurentia.
Basque form of Lorenzo.
LAURENIA f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Lauren.
LAURENNE f English (Rare), French (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
French form of Lauren which first surfaced in the 1950s.
LAURENSA f Medieval Occitan
Feminine form of Laurens.
LAURENSE f Medieval Flemish
Medieval Flemish variant of French Laurence.
LAURENTI m Italian
Italo-Swiss form of Laurentius especially in the northern part of Italy at the border with Switzerland. (see LAURENCE (1))
Dutch form of Laurentine, with its spelling phonetical in nature. A well-known bearer of this name is Laurentien Brinkhorst, wife of the Dutch prince Constantijn.
LAURENTINO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Laurentinus.
LAURENTIO m Interlingua
Interlingua form of Lawrence.
LAURENTIOS m Ancient Roman (Hellenized)
Hellenized form of Laurentius (see Laurence(1)). Also take a look at Lavrentios, which is the modern Greek spelling of this name.
LAURENTSE f Norwegian (Rare)
Feminine form of Laurents as well as a variant of Laurentia.
Polish form of Lawrence.
Polish form of Laurentinus.
Polish form of Laurentina.
Basque form of Laurence.
Modern coinage, probably an elaboration of Laure.
LAURESHA f Albanian
From Albanian lauresha, meaning "skylark".
LAUREY f English
Variant of Laurie.
LAUREYS m Medieval Flemish
Contracted form of Laurentius.
LAURI f Spanish
Diminutive of Laura.
LAURIA f Italian
Elaboration of Laura.
LAURIAM m English (Modern)
Likely derived from a combination of Latin laurus, meaning "laurel", and William, with the Germanic element helm ("helmet, protection").... [more]
LAURIAN m English, Romanian
English form of Laurianus. ... [more]
LAURIANA f Late Roman, Dutch
Feminine form of Laurianus. However, in modern times, it can be a blend of the names Laura and Ana in some cases.
LAURIANE f French, French (Quebec), French (Swiss), Flemish (Rare), Walloon (Rare)
French form of Lauriana. A known bearer of this name is Lauriane Gilliéron (b. 1984), who was crowned Miss Switzerland in 2005.
LAURIANNA f French (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare), English (Rare), Walloon (Rare)
French variant of Laurianne, which itself is a variant of Lauriane, one of the main French forms of Lauriana. Outside of the francophone world (such as in English-speaking countries), this given name tends to be either a variant of Lauriana or a combination of the names Laura or Laurie with Anna.
LAURIANNE f French, French (Quebec, Rare), French (Swiss, Rare), Dutch (Rare), English (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Walloon (Rare)
French variant of Lauriane, which is one of the main French forms of Lauriana. Outside of the francophone world (such as in English-speaking countries and in the Netherlands), this given name tends to be a combination of the names Laura or Laurie with Anne.
LAURIANUS m Late Roman
Extended form of Laurus. This name was borne by a saint from the 6th century AD.
LAURICE f Italian
Italian form of Laura.
LAURIDS m Danish, Low German, Literature
Variant spelling of Laurits.... [more]
LAURIEANN f English (American), English (Canadian)
This given name can be a variant spelling of Laurianne as well as be a combination of the names Laurie and Ann.... [more]
Dutch form of Laurine (though in some cases it is a short form of Laurentien), with its spelling phonetical in nature.
LAURIEN m French
French form of Laurianus.
LAURIENNE f French (Rare), French (Quebec, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Walloon (Rare)
French form of Lauriana, which is occasionally used in non-francophone countries. Also compare the masculine counterpart Laurien.
Elaboration of Laura using the popular suffix -ette.
LAURIINA f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variation of Lorraine. Might also be a feminine form of Lauri.
LAURIJN f & m Dutch
Dutch form of Laurinus (for males) and pet form of Laurina (for females).
LAURIKA f Afrikaans, Slovak
Afrikaans elaboration and Slovak diminutive of Laura. Laurika Rauch is a South African singer who performs in both Afrikaans and English.
LAURIN m German, Germanic Mythology
Old German name of uncertain origin. In recent years it has been debated that Laurin might be derived from Latin laurinus "crowned with laurels".... [more]
LAURINHA f Portuguese
Diminutive of Laura.
LAURINHO m Portuguese
Diminutive of Lauro.
LAURINO m Italian
Italian form of Laurinus.
LAURINUS m Late Roman
Extended form of Laurus.
LAURIS m Latvian
Latvian form of Laurentius.
LAURISA f Italian
Elaboration of Laura (compare Laurissa).
LAURONDA f African American (Rare)
Variant of Laronda (a combination of the popular prefix La with the name Ronda), perhaps influenced by Laurinda.
LAURS m Danish
Contracted form of Laurits.
LAŬRUK m Belarusian
Diminutive of Laŭrencij.
LAURY f English
Variant of Laurie.
LAURYNE f French
Variant of Laureen.
LAURYNN f American
Variant of Lauren.
Manx form of Laurence (1).
LAUST m Danish
Danish dialectical (Jylland) form of Laurits.
LAUT m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch given name of which the meaning is uncertain. It might possibly be a short form of Laurentius, but it could also possibly be a short form of a Germanic name that contains the element hlud meaning "famous" (such as Ludolf) or even leud meaning "people" (such as Ludger).... [more]
LAUTARO m Mapuche
Means "swift hawk" in Mapudungun. From the Mapudungun Lef-Traru, lef 'swift' and traru 'hawk'.... [more]
LAV m Croatian, Serbian
Means "lion" in Croatian and Serbian.
LAV m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Nepali, Hinduism, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Sinhalese, Assamese
Meaning - little piece, fragment , cloves, plucking, moment, half a second, sport, act of cutting or plucking, numerator of fraction, Name of a son of lord Ram
LAVA f Swedish
Short form of Olava.
LAVALI f Sanskrit
Means "clove" in Sanskrit.
LAVAN m Indian
LAVAN m Hebrew
Hebrew form of Laban.
LAVANDA f Croatian, Italian
Means "lavender" in Croatian and Italian.
LAVAR m African American
Possibly influenced from Lamar.
LÂVARA f Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Laura.
LÂVARÍSE m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Lavrits.
LAVARS m Faroese
Faroese variant of Lavrants.
LAVATHA f English (American, Rare)
Not sure of its origin. This is the name of one of my aunts. When I first searched for it on the popularity of this name, it said there was no one in the Untied States with this name, but my aunt has it, and one of her granddaughters was named after her, so there are at least two people living in the U.S. with this name... [more]
LAVAUGHN f & m African American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the popular prefix La- and the name Vaughn.
LAVDIMIR m Albanian
Meaning unknown.
LAVDRIM m Albanian
Means "praise" in Albanian.
LAVDRIME f Albanian
Derived from lavdërim meaning "praise".
LAVE m & f Swedish
Variant of Lage and Lava.
LAVELLE f & m English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Lavelle.
LAVENIA f American (Rare, Archaic)
Variant form of Lavinia, which was rarely used between the late 1800s and the early 1900s.
LAVERA f American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the popular prefix La with the name Vera, possibly based on similar-sounding names such as Alvera or Laverne.
LAVERAN m Brazilian
Transferred use of the French surname Laveran.... [more]
LAVERDA f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Verda(2) using the popular prefix La-.
LAVETTE f African American (Rare)
Combination of the popular prefix La with the name Yvette.
LAVI m Finnish
Finnish short form of Olavi.
LAVI m Indian
Name - Lavi, Lavy लवि... [more]
LAVÍNIA f Catalan, Portuguese, Hungarian
Hungarian, Portuguese and Catalan form of Lavinia.
LAVINIE f French (Rare)
Gallicized form of Lavinia.
LAVINIJA f Serbian
Serbian form of Lavinia.
LAVINIYA f Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian form of Lavinia.
LAVĪZE f Latvian (Rare)
Latvian cognate of Louise.
LAVKHA m Lezgin
Means "proud" in Lezgin.
LAVON m & f Mormon
"H. L. Mencken reported on the use of this 'made-up' name amongst the Mormons. By the 1950s the form Lavonne had developed for girls, and was even being used by black American parents to name their sons by 1960... [more]
LAVON m Belarusian
Variant transcription of Liavon.
LAVONA f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Lavonne.
LAVONDA f African American (Modern)
Combination of the popular prefix la combined with the name Vonda.
LAVONIA f English
Variant of Lavinia or Lavonne.
LAVONN f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Lavon.
LAVOSLAV m Croatian
Means "glorious lion", derived from Croatian lav "lion" combined with Slavic slav "glory".
LAVRANS m Norwegian
Norwegian form of Laurentius.
LAVRANTS m Ancient Scandinavian, Norwegian
Ancient Scandinavian and Norwegian form of Laurentius.
LAVRENTIA f Greek (Rare)
Modern Greek form of Laurentia.
LAVRENTINA f Greek (Rare), Russian (Rare)
Modern Greek and Russian form of Laurentina.
LAVRITS m Danish
Variant of Laurits.
Sami form of Lavrants.
Sami form of Lavrants.
LÁVUS m Faroese
Faroese short form of Olavus.
LAVVY f English
Used as a nickname for Lavinia or more rarely Lavender.
LAWAIʻA m Hawaiian (Rare)
From the word meaning "fisherman."
LAWANA f African American (Rare)
Of unknown origin and meaning. It might possibly be a variant of Lawanda.
LAWANGA f Pashto
Means "clove" in Pashto.
LAWAYNE m African American
Combination of La- and Wayne.
LAWFORD m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lawford.
LAWÎN m Kurdish
Means "young man" in Kurdish.
LAWINIA f Polish
Polish form of Lavinia.
LAWJE f Kurdish
Means "carol, ballad" in Kurdish.
LAWN m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lawn.
LAWNA f English (Canadian, Rare)
Of unknown origin and meaning. It might be a variant of Lorna or Lana.
LAWON m English
From the surname derived from LEOFWINE, which means "beloved friend".... [more]
LAWRA f Sorbian, English (Rare)
Sorbian form and English variant of Laura.
LAWREEN f English
My father's name was Lawrence, and my mother's name was Colleen. My sister was their 3rd child, and 1st daughter. The year was 1952 and they were tired of the Cathy's and Debbie's, and Susan's. They simply put their names together in different ways and came up with Lawr, from Lawrence, and een from Colleen, thus Lawreen was created... [more]
LAWREN f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Lauren.
LAWRENCINE f English (Rare)
Rare feminine form of Lawrence, a famous bearer of the name is Lawrencine Collins, who performed in the group The Collins Kids with her brother Lawrence Collins in the 1950s.
LAWRENZ m Maltese (Rare)
Maltese form of Lawrence.
ŁAWRJENC m Sorbian
Sorbian form of Lawrence.
LAWTON m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lawton.
LAWYER m English (American, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lawyer.
LAXUS m Popular Culture (Modern)
Derived from Latin lux- "light". This is the name of the Fairy Tail manga/anime character Laxus Dreyer.
LAY m & f Burmese
Means "air, breeze" in Burmese.
LAYA f English
Variant of Leah or Leia
LAYA f Indian, Telugu
Derived from Sanskrit laya "rest; dissolution; extinction; rhythm".... [more]
LAYĀ f Arabic
Arabic form of Leah.
LAYAH f English
Variant of Leia.
LAYALE f Arabic
French variant of the Arabic name ليال (Layal) meaning "nights" from the plural of layl "night" (compare the cognate Layali, plural of Layla). This name was used for a character in the Lebanese film 'Caramel' (2007).
LAYALI f Arabic
Means "nights" in Arabic.
LAYAMON m History, Medieval English
Medieval form of the Old Norse Lǫgmaðr meaning "lawyer", derived from lǫg "law" and maðr "man". This was the name of an early 13th-century English poet and chronicler known for authoring 'Brut', the first English-language work to feature King Arthur.
LAYAN f Various
Variant of Lian or Leen
LAYAN f Arabic
Means "soft, gentle" in Arabic.
LAYDEN m & f American
A name creaded using the -ayden trend
LAYEN f Kurdish
Possibly means "side" in Kurdish.
LAYKE m & f English (American)
Variant of Lake
LƏYLA f Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Layla.
LAYLAH f English
Variant of Layla.
LAYLEANA f American (Modern)
Combination name of Layla and Leana.
LAYLIANNA f American (Modern, Rare)
A blend of the names Laylie and Anna, or a blend of the names Layla and Lianna.
LAYLON m English (Modern, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Laylon.
LAYMAR f Mordvin
Means "cherry" in Mordvin.
Elaborated form of Laymar.
LAYNA f English (Modern, Rare)
Possibly a variant of Laina.
LAYNCE m English
Variant spelling of Lance.
LAYONNE f English (Modern, Rare)
Extremely rare name, possibly an attempted Anglicization of Léonne.
LAYSAN f Bashkir, Tatar
Means "the first spring rain", derived from Arabic نِيسَان (nīsān) referring to the month of April in the Syrian calendar.
LAYTH m Arabic
Variant transcription of Laith.
LAYYAH f Arabic
Means "coil", "flex".
LAZAAR m Dutch (Archaic), Flemish (Archaic)
Dutch and Flemish form of Lazarus.
LAZÆR m Ossetian
Ossetian form of Lazar (see Lazarus).
LAZĂR m Romanian
Romanian form of Lazarus.
LAZARA f Hebrew
Feminine form of Lazarus.
Irish form of Lazarus.
LAZARETTE f French (Rare)
Feminine diminutive of Lazare.
LAZARINA f Bulgarian
Bulgarian feminine form of Lazar.
Feminine form of Lazaros.
LÁZARUS m Faroese
Faroese form of Lazarus.
ŁAZARZ m Polish
Polish form of Lazarus.
LAZDONA f Baltic Mythology
The name of an alleged Lithuanian goddess of hazels and hazelnuts.... [more]
LAZHVARDI m Georgian (Rare)
Derived from the Georgian word ლაჟვარდი (lazhvardi) meaning "azure", which is primarily used in Georgian poetry and literature in order to describe the colour of the sky. However, there are also sources that say that the word means "lapis lazuli" in Georgian, which makes sense, since the word is most likely derived from Persian لاجورد (lajvard) meaning "lapis lazuli" via Arabic لازوردي (lazuwardiyy) meaning "azure-coloured".
LAZLO m English (Rare)
Anglicized form of László.
LAZLOW m English, Popular Culture
Variant of Laszlo. This is the nickname of American Jeffrey Crawford "Lazlow" Jones, as well as a character in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, who is named for him.
LAZO m Serbian, Croatian
Short form of Lazar.
LAZULI f & m English (Modern, Rare)
The name is likely given in reference to the gemstone lapis lazuli, known for its deep, bright blue color. ... [more]
LAZZ m & f English
Variant of Laz
LAZZAR m Various
Form of Lazar.
LAZZAT f Uzbek
Means "pleasure, delight" in Uzbek.
LAŻŻRU m Maltese
Maltese form of Lazarus.
LỰC m Vietnamese
Means "power, force, strength" in Vietnamese.
LE f Burmese
Means "limpid, clear" in Burmese.