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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
LEÏLA f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi transcription of Layla influenced by French orthography.
LEILA f Hawaiian
Combination of Lei and La. Lei meaning "flowers, lei, child" and La meaning "day".
LEILANA f English (Rare)
Latinization of Leilani.
LEILI f Estonian, English
Variant of Leila.
LEIN m Dutch
Modern form of the medieval name Leyn via its more modern (but still archaic) form Leijn. This name has been used every year in at least the last 130 years, but was never overly common: the name was at its most popular in 1900, when 17 newborn boys were given this name... [more]
LEINA f Meitei
Means "petal" in Meitei.
LEINA'ALA f Hawaiian
Popular in Hawaii in 1900-1939.
LEINANI f Hawaiian
Means "beautiful child" from Hawaiian lei "wreath" (by extension "child", carried on the shoulders like a lei) and nani "beauty". This name was popular in Hawaii from 1900-1939.
LEINO m Finnish, Estonian
Finnish and Estonian name derived from the pen name of Eino Leino (Armas Einar Leopold Lönnbohm), Finnish poet and journalist (1878-1926).
Feminine form of Lein.
Norman form of Eleanor.
LEIORE f Medieval Basque
Medieval Basque form of Leire.
LEIPEPHILENE f Greek Mythology
Etymology uncertain, perhaps a corrupted form of Leipephile, Hippophile, or Deiphile. The precise original form remains unknown.
LEIRA f Spanish (Rare)
Spanish variant of Leire.
Means "among flowers" in Meitei.
LEISER m Yiddish
Alsatian Yiddish variant of Lazarus.
LEISHI f Meitei
Means "flower" in Meitei.
LEITA f English (Rare)
Means "strong woman." A famous bearer is a character in the novel "The Third Wish."
LEITH m Arabic
Variant of Laith.
LEITHA f American
Variant of Letha.
LEITHIA f English (Rare)
Possibly coined as a strictly feminine form of Leith.
LEIÐÓLFR m Ancient Scandinavian
Ancient Scandinavian variant of Leiðulfr.
LEIÐULFR m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse leið "road" and ulfr "wolf".
LEITZIA f Basque
Basque form of Laetitia.
LEIVUR m Faroese
Faroese modern form of Leifr.
LEJA f Croatian, Slovene
Croatian and Slovene form of Leah.
LEJÁ f Sami
Northern Sami variant of Lea.
LEJEND m English
Variant of Legend.
LEJF m Danish
Variant of Leif.
LEJNA f Sorbian
Sorbian form of Lena and Lene.
LEJO m Finnish (Rare), Sami
Finnish variant of Leo.
LEK m Old Swedish, Swedish
Old Swedish form of Leikr.
LEKA m Albanian
Variant of Lekë.
Mari form of Nikandr.
LEKE m Yoruba
Means "trimuph" in Yoruba. Often used as a short form of other names ending in leke, such as Adeleke.
LEKË m Albanian
Diminutive of Aleksandër.
LEKHA f Sanskrit
Writing, Mark, Horizon the crescent Moon, Line, Record, Lightening
LEKIA m Ogoni
Means "good journey" in Khana.
LEKILEI f Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Lesley.
LEKINALA m Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Reginald.
ŁĘKOMIR m Polish
Obscure old Polish male name composed of the Slavic elements łęka "cunning, guile, treachery" and mir "peace". The meaning may thus be something along the lines of "he who uses his cunning in order to establish peace".
Feminine form of Łękomir.
Derived from Polish lęk "fear" combined with Slavic slav "glory". This name thus means something along the lines of "fear of glory".
Feminine form of Łękosław.
LEKSA m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Lex and diminutive of Leo.
LEKSHMI f Indian
Variant of Lakshmi.
LEKSIE m & f ? (?)
Variant of Lexi.
LEKSTEN m Old Swedish
Old Swedish combination of leikr "play, game" and steinn "stone".
LEKTYNE f Koryak
Means "returning" in Koryak.
LÉL m Hungarian (Archaic)
Derived from Hungarian lélek meaning "soul."
LEL m Romani
Derived from the Romani word lel "to take; to receive".
LELA f Romani
Feminine form of Lel.
LELAH f American (Rare)
Variant of the second form of Lela, an English variant of Leila.
LELAINA f English (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as Leila, Elaine and Leilani. It was used for the central character in the American romantic comedy film Reality Bites (1994).
LELDE f Latvian, Theatre
1920s phonetic coinage which was first used in the play Spēlēju, dancoju (1915) by Latvian poet and playwright Rainis.
LELE m Italian
Pet name of several italian names ending with "ele", such as: Gabriele, Emanuele, Ezechiele, Michele and so on
LELÊ f Spanish, Portuguese
Diminutive of Helena and Elena.
LELËRIM m Albanian
Meaning unknown.
LELETI f South African, Zulu
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer is Leleti Khumalo, a South African actress.
LELI f English, Croatian
Nickname for names that begin with L-.
LELIA f Slavic Mythology
Lelia is the Slavic goddess of spring and mercy, daughter of Lada. ... [more]
LËLIANA f Kashubian
Kashubian form of Liliana.
LELIANA f Popular Culture
Possibly based on the Italian name LELIA, in turn modeling itself on the elaboration LILIANA. In the award-winning video game franchise "Dragon Age," the character Leliana is a respected, and feared, spymaster who aids the protagonist(s).
LELIANO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Laelianus.
LÉLIE f French
French form of Laelia.
LELIE f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch adaptation of the French name Lélie.... [more]
LÉLIEN m French
French form of Laelianus.
LELIJA f Croatian
Croatian form of Laelia. There is a poem from the famous Croatian poet Dragutin Tadijanović (1905.-2007.) named "Lelija".
LELIJA f German (East Prussian)
In the case of the East Prussian German name, Lelija is not a derivative of Ancient Roman Laelia.... [more]
LELIJAN m Croatian
Croatian form of Laelianus.
LELIJE m Croatian
Croatian form of Laelius.
LELIY m Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian form of Laelius.
LELLA f English (Rare)
Pet forms of names ending in -ella, such as Annabella, Leonella or Antonella.... [more]
LELLE f Hungarian
Feminine form of Lél. While in the Middle Ages, Lelle was a masculine variant of Lél, it has been revived as a strictly feminine form of the name.
LELLIE f English
Nickname for names that begin with L-.
LELLY f English
Nickname for names that begin with L-.
LELOSA f Nigerian
Means "Follow God." in Benin; an ethnic group in Nigeria.
LELOUCH m Popular Culture
Transferred use of the surname Lelouch, a variant of Lellouche. Lelouch Lamperouge was the title character and protagonist of the Japanese anime television series 'Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion' (2006-2007) and its sequel (2008).
LELWANI f Mythology
Etymology unknown. This was the name of the Hattite goddess of the underworld, who lived in the dark of the earth and whose temples were associated with mausoleums.
LELYA f Russian
Diminutive of Helen or Yelena.
LEM m English
Diminutive of Lemuel.
LEMA m Chechen
Means "lion" in Chechen.
LEMAR m African
Variant of Lamar.
LEMARA f Russian, English
From the surname “Lemara”.
LEMBEWALDE m Livonian, Medieval Baltic
Derived from Livonian *lempe "love" and valta "power, mightiness".
LEMBI f Estonian
Estonian form of Lempi.
LEMBIT m Estonian
From Lembitu, the name of a 13th-century Estonian leader, which meant "beloved" (cognate to Finnish Lemmitty). This historical name was revived in the 19th century, and became popular in the first half of the 20th century.
LEMBITU m Estonian (Archaic)
Lembitu (Estonian also: Lembit, died September 21, 1217) was an ancient Estonian king and military leader in the struggle against conquest of the Estonian lands by the German Livonian Brothers of the Sword at the beginning of the 13th century... [more]
LEMEK m Sami
Sami diminutive of Lemmá.
LEMIR m Soviet, Russian
This name was created by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names. It can be a contraction of Ленин и мировая революция (Lenin i mirovaya revolyutsiya) meaning "Lenin and the world revolution", but it can also be a contraction of Ленин мировой идеал революций (Lenin mirovoy ideal revolyutsiy), which essentially means "Lenin is the revolutionary ideal of the world".... [more]
LEMIRA f Soviet, Russian
Feminine form of Lemir. This name was created by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names.
LEMIRA f Soviet, Russian (Rare)
Most likely an acronym of the surnames of Ленин (Lenin), Энгельс (Engels) and Маркс (Marx) combined with the Russian words интернационал революция (internatsional revolyutsiya) meaning "international revolution".
LEMMA f English (Rare)
Perhaps a feminine form of Lemuel. Notable namesake is Lemma Barkaloo (1840–1870), the first American woman to attend law school. She studied at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
LEMMÁ m Sami
Sami variant of Klemmá.
LEMME m West Frisian
Variant form of Lamme.
LEMME f Estonian
Feminine form of Lembit.
LEMMI f Estonian
from the name of Lembitu what was a man name
LEMMIE m Hebrew
Diminutive of Lemuel.
LEMMIKKI f Finnish
Means "darling", "pet" or "forget-me-not" in Finnish.
LEMMITTY f & m Finnish
Means "beloved" in Finnish (i.e., the past passive participle of lempiä; compare Lempi). It has occasionally been used as a feminine given name (and sometimes a masculine name; it is "rare for either sex, and mostly a middle name").
Feminine form of Lemuel.
LEMMY m & f English (Modern), German (Modern, Rare)
The nickname of Motorhead's Ian Fraser Kilmister, in his case coming from the phrase "lend me ...".
LEMON m & f American (Rare, Archaic), Popular Culture
Transferred use of the surname Lemon.
From Greek λεμονιά "lemon tree".
LEMONY m Popular Culture
Used by American author Daniel Handler (1970-) as a pen name. He claimed that, not wanting to give his real name, he spontaneously blurted out "Lemony Snicket" over the phone one day. It may be a play on the name Lemoine or the word lemon.
LEMTA f Berber
Etymology unknown. This is the name of the mythological mother of the Tuaregs.
LEMUËL m Dutch
Dutch form of Lemuel.
LEMUELA f English (Rare)
Feminine form of Lemuel.
LEMUR m English
Variant of Lemir.
LENÁ f Sami
Sami form of Lena.
LENAE f American (Modern, Rare)
Respelling of Linnaea influenced by the English pronunciation of Renée.
LENAH f Indigenous Australian
Means "kangaroo" in the Palawa language of Tasmania. Lenah Valley is a suburb of Hobart.
LÉNAÏC f & m French
Frenchified spelling of Lénaik.
LENAIG f Breton
Diminutive of Lena.
LÉNAIK f & m French (Rare), Breton
Not available
LENAR m Russian, Tatar
Name inspired by "Lenin's Army."
LENARA f Soviet
Derived as a contracted form of Ленинская армия (Leninskaya armya), meaning "Lenin's army". This name was used by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names.
LÉNÁRD m Hungarian (Rare)
Hungarian form of Leonard.
LENCHA f Spanish
Diminutive of Florencia.
LENCHEN f German
Diminutive of Helene.... [more]
LENCHO m Spanish
Diminutive of Florencio and Lorenzo.
LENCIA f Polish
Diminutive of Milena and other names ending in -lena.
LENČKA f Slovene
Diminutive form of Helena.
LENDABAIR f Irish Mythology
Derived from Irish leannán meaning "lover, sweetheart". Perhaps the second element is siabhre "spirit, fairy" (compare Findabhair).
LËNDINA f Albanian
Directly taken from Albanian lëndina "(the) meadow".
LENDL m Various (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lendl.
LÉNE f Norman
Norman form of Lene.
LÈNE f French
French form of Lene.
LENELOTTE f German (Rare)
A contraction of Helene or Magdalene with Charlotte.... [more]
LENERT m German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German form of Leonhard.
LÊNG f Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien Chinese form of Ling.
LENG m & f Khmer
Cambodian unisex name derived from Liang.
LENGGOGENI f Indonesian, Minangkabau
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a woman in Minangkabau folklore.
LENGVENĖ f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Lengvenis.
LENI f Spanish
Diminutive of Magdalena.
LENI f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "God gave to me" (Hebrew: לי נתן אלוהים), Li (2) means "to me", natan is a Hebrew word (and a name) means "(he) gave", the letter i (or y) is a part of the name of God, another variant can be Leny.
LENIA f Various (Modern, Rare)
Possibly an elaborated form of Lena.
LENIN m Spanish (Latin American), Indian, English (American)
The given name is derived from the name of the Russian revolutionist Lenin.
LENINA f Literature, Spanish (Latin American)
This name was invented by the British author Aldous Huxley (1894-1963), who apparently intended it to be a feminine form of the surname Lenin, Lenin being the founder of the former Soviet state... [more]
LENINHA f Portuguese (Rare)
Portuguese diminutive of Lena and Helena.
LENINHO m Portuguese
Diminutive of Heleno and Eleno.
LENIO f Greek
Diminutive of Eleni.
LENITA f Portuguese (Brazilian), Indonesian (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Diminutive of Lena and various names that end in -lena.
LENITY f English (Rare)
From the English word lenity, ultimately derived from Latin lenitas meaning "softness, gentleness, mildness", from lenis "soft, mild". In English it is also used to mean "mercifulness"... [more]
LENIX m & f English
Variant of Lennox.
LENIZA f Russian, Tatar, Arabic
Acronym based on Ленинские заветы, meaning "Lenin's testaments" which coincides with an Arabic name.
LENJA f German (Modern), Dutch
Originally a Russian short form of Helena, this name has become rather popular in German-speaking countries in recent years.
LEŃKA f Sorbian
Diminutive of Lejna.
LENKE f Hungarian
Diminutive of Heléna and Magdaléna via German Lenchen and Slavic Lenka.
LENKO m Bulgarian, Croatian
Male form of Lena or a nickname for names containing the element len (Milenko, Alen, Milenije, etc.)
LENMANA f Native American
Means "flute girl" in Hopi. From the Hopi lena 'flute' and mána 'girl, maiden'.
LENN m English
Lenn is a short form of Leonard.... [more]
LENNA f English
Possibly a variant of Lena or a feminine form of Lennon.
LENNA f Estonian
Variant of Leena.
LENNA f Danish (Rare)
Variant of Lena.
LÉNNAÏCK f & m French, Breton
Variant of Lénaik
a african bug
Dutch pet form of Lena, with the diminutive suffix ke included.
LENNERT m German
Shortened form of Leonhard.
LENNETH m English
Possibly a combination of Len and Kenneth
LENNI m & f English (Rare)
Variant of Lenny.
LENNIS m & f English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Lennis.
LENNOR f & m Romani
Derived from Romani lennor, meaning both "spring" and "summer".
LENO m English, Portuguese
Diminutive of Heleno and Eleno.
LENO m Gaulish
Derived from Gaulish leno- "wood; grove, bosk".
LENON m English
Variant of Lennon.
LENOR f Alsatian (Archaic)
Vernacular form of Leonore.
LENÓRA f Hungarian
Contracted form of Eleonóra.
LENORTE f German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German contraction of Lene-Dorothea.
LENS m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch form of Laurens.
LENSTALBERI m Soviet, Georgian (Rare)
Combination of Lenin, Stalin and Beria, which were the surnames of the Soviet politicians Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) and Lavrentiy Beria (1899-1953). This name was created by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names.
LENTE f Dutch
Derived from the Dutch word lente meaning "spring".
LENTHE f Dutch
Variant spelling of Lente, which was probably influenced by names such as Benthe and Jenthe.... [more]
LENUS m Celtic Mythology
Lenus was the Celtic god of healing. He is often compared to the Roman god Mars.
LENUŠA f Czech
Diminutive of Jelena.
LENWORTH m Jamaican Patois
Transferred use of the surname Lenworth.
LÉNY m French
French form of Lenny.
LENY m French
Variant of Lenny.
LENY m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "God gave to me" (Hebrew: לי נתן האל), Li (2) means "to me" / "for me" / "mine", Natan or Nathan means "he gave", the letter y is part of the name of God.
LENZA f German (Rare)
Feminine form of Lenz.
LENZO m Italian, French
Diminutive of Lorenzo.
LEÓ m Icelandic, Hungarian
Icelandic and Hungarian form of Leo. A bearer is Daníel Leó Grétarsson, who is an Icelandic footballer and Leó Weiner who is a Hungarian composer.
LEOBALDO m Spanish
Variant form of Leudbald.
LEOBARDO m Spanish, English
It is used more in the Hispanic culture, and is most likely another form of Leonardo.
LEOBIN m Ancient Germanic
A pet form of any of the compound names formed with the prefix leub, liup, or liob meaning "dear, beloved". ... [more]
French form of Leocadia.
LEOCRATES m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Leokrates. This name was borne by an Athenian general from the 5th century BC.
LEODA f English (American), German
Meaning, “nation” from German leod.
LEODEGAR m Ancient Germanic
Variant of Leudagar via the Latinized form Leodegarius.
LEODEGARIUS m Ancient Germanic (Frankish, Latinized)
Latinized form of Leudagar. This was borne by a 7th-century martyr and bishop of Autun, also known as Léger.
LEODEGRANCE m Arthurian Romance, Welsh Mythology
King Leodegrance was Queen Guinevere's father from Arthurian mythology. "His earliest existing mention is in the Prose 'Lancelot', though he may be identical to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Leodegar."
LEODMÆR m Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English elements leod "nation, people" and mær "famous". It is a cognate of Liutmar.
LEODSTAN m Anglo-Saxon
Formed from the name elements LEOD "people" and STAN "stone".
LEOFANT m Catalan, Croatian
Catalan and Croatian form of Leophantos.
LEOFANTO m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Leophantos.
LÉOFCWÉN f Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English elements leof "dear, agreeable, beloved" and cwen "woman, wife".
LEOFE f Anglo-Saxon
Derived from Old English leof "dear, beloved".
LEOFEVA f Medieval English
Medieval English form of Old English Leofgifu.
LEOFFLEAD f Anglo-Saxon
Means "dear beauty" in Old English.
LEOFGEAT m Anglo-Saxon
Old English name meaning "dear Geat", composed of the element leof "dear, beloved" combined with Geat, which referred to a member of the Germanic tribe, the Geats. Perhaps it was an epithet of the hero Beowulf, a legendary Geat (which is cognate to Goth and Gaut).
LEOFGIFU f Anglo-Saxon
Old English name meaning "dear gift", from the elements leof "dear, agreeable, beloved" and giefu "gift".
LEOFHERE m Medieval English
Composed of the elements leof ‘dear’, ‘beloved’ + here ‘army’.
LEOFMAN m Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English element leof "dear, beloved" combined with mann "man, person".
LEOFNOTH m Anglo-Saxon
Derived from the Old English elements leof "dear, agreeable, beloved" and noþ "courage". Leuca, Leofeca and Leofa are diminutives of Leofnoth.
LEOFRED m Norwegian (Rare), Medieval English
Norwegian combination of leo "lion" and friðr "love, peace".
LEOFRIED m German (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
The first element of this name is either derived from Old High German liub "dear, beloved" or from Old High German leiba "remnant, remains" (see Bernlef). The second element is derived from Old High German fridu "peace".