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Means "smarting of the high-born one". This name was borne by a Hawaiian monarch. She was named this because at the time of her birth, a relative was suffering from an eye pain.
LILIYANA f Indonesian, Bulgarian
Variant spelling of Liliana.
LILJAR m Icelandic
Icelandic masculine form of Lilja.
LILJE f Danish, Norwegian
Danish and Norwegian form of Lilja influenced by Danish and Norwegian lilje "lily".
LILJURÓS f Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Icelandic combination of lilja "lily" and rós "rose".
LILKA f Polish, Yiddish
Polish diminutive of Liliana, Lucyna, Alicja, etc.
LILL f Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Based on the Swedish word lilla meaning "little". It is also used as a diminutive of Elisabet (compare Lilly) and other names containing li, e.g., Cecilia, Emilia, Julie, Karolina, Olivia, etc... [more]
LILLA f Sanskrit
Variant of Lila (1).
LILLÀ f Italian (Rare)
Means "lilac (the plant)" in Italian.
LILLAC m Romani (Caló)
Caló form of Thomas.... [more]
LILLAI f Romani
Derived from Romani lillai, meaning both "spring" and "summer".
LILLAN f American (Rare)
Maybe a variant form of Lilian.
LILLARD m English, Belgian
Transferred use of the surname Lillard.
LILLE f Estonian
Means "flower" in Estonian
LILLE f German (Swiss, Rare)
Hypochoristic form of Alice.... [more]
LILLEBIL f Swedish (Rare)
Diminutive of Lill.
Means "little brother" in Swedish.
LILLEGERD f Swedish (Rare)
Means "little Gerd" or "little enclosure", first used in Sweden in 1921.
LILLEMAN m Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Means "little man" in Swedish. Combination of lille "little" and man "man".
LILLEMOR f Swedish, Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Originally a Norwegian name, which is derived from Norwegian lille, the weak declension of liten, "little" (ultimately from Old Norse lítill) and mor "mother" (ultimately from Old Norse móðir).
LILLER f American (Archaic)
Variant of Leila derived from colloquial pronunciation.
LILLETTE f English (American, Rare), Filipino (Rare), Popular Culture
Possibly a transferred use of the French surname Lillette. Lillette is also the title of a song by Nat King Cole (1948).
LILLEVI f Swedish
From the Swedish word lilla "little" combined with the popular name suffix vi, found in such names as Alvi, Åsvi, Hillevi, Kjellvi and Torvi... [more]
LILLEWAN m English
Of unknown origin or meaning, most likely an invented name.
LILLEY f English
Variant of Lilly.
LILLIANDIL f Popular Culture
Coined by Douglas Gresham for a character in the 2010 film version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which he produced. In the Chronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis (Gresham's stepfather), the character is unnamed, known only as Ramandu's daughter... [more]
LILLIBET f English (British)
Used as a nickname for a young Elizabeth II by her close friends and family another form of Elizabeth
LILLICE f American (Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a variant of Lillias or Lillis, a surname which was derived from a diminutive of the feminine given name Elizabeth.
LILLIELA f English
Elaboration of Lily or Lillie.
LILLIONNA f American (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Liliana, intended to reflect the Italian or Spanish pronunciation.
LILLIORE f English (Rare)
Possible combination of Lillian and Elenore.
LILLIS f English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Lillis.
LILLITA f English
Possibly an elaboration of Lillie. This was the real name of Lita Grey.
LILLIUM f English (Modern)
Variant of Lilium possibly influenced by Lillian.
LILLMOR f Swedish
Variant of Lillemor.
LILLO m Italian
Masculine form of Lilla.
LILLO m Spanish
Diminutive of Manuel.
LILLYA f English
Variant of Lillia.
Combination of Lilly and Anna.
LILLYMAE f English (British)
Combination of Lilly and Mae.
LILLYMAY f English
Combination of Lilly and May.
LILLYROSE f English (British)
Combination of Lilly and Rose.
LILN f Literature
Lady Liln was a minor character alluded to in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
LILO f Hawaiian
Means "generous" in Hawaiian. It was the name of a title character in Disney's 'Lilo and Stitch'.
LILOFEE f Literature
This name was (first?) used by Manfred Hausmann in his poem 'Lilofee' (1929), where it belongs to a Nixe or water fairy of the Mummelsee (a mountain lake in the Black Forest), the subject of an old German folk ballad who was unnamed in earlier stories, referred to simply as Lilienmädchen "lily-maiden"... [more]
LILOIA f Gascon
Derived from Gascon lilòia "daisy".
LILOÏE f French
Gallicized form of Gascon Liloia.
LILOYE f French
Gallicized form of Liloia.
LÎLOZ f Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish lale meaning "tulip".
Name of the Queen of Hawaii who surrendered to the United States.
LILURI f Near Eastern Mythology
Entymology unknown. This was the name of an ancient Syrian goddess of mountains.
LILUYE f Miwok
Implies "singing chicken hawk that soars" in the Miwok language.
LILWANIS f Hittite
Hittite form of Lelwani.
LILWEN f Welsh
Combination of the Welsh elements lili "lily" and gwen "white; fair; blessed".
LILWENN f Breton
Breton cognate of Lilwen.
LILYAN f English, French
Varaint of Lilian.
LILYANN f English (Modern)
Varient of Lillian. A contraction of Lilly and Ann.
LILYANNA f English
Variant of Liliana.
LILYANNE f English (American, Rare)
Variant of Lillian or a combination of Lily and Anne.
Combination of Lily and Belle.
LILYBETH f English (Rare)
Combination of Lily and Beth.
LILYMAE f English (British)
Combination of Lily and Mae.
LILYON f English (American, Rare)
Probably a variant spelling of Lilian. Also compare Lilyan.
LILYROSE f English
Combination of Lily and Rose.
LIMA f & m Chinese
Combination of the names Li (1) and Ma.
L'IMAXWE m Circassian
Circassian masculine name meaning "happy man".
LIME m & f English
From the English word lime, a green sour fruit.
LI-MEI f Chinese
Means 'pretty rose' in Chinese.
LIMEI f & m Chinese
Combination of the names Li (1) and Mei (1)
LIMENIA f Greek Mythology
Means "of the harbour", derived from Greek λιμήν (limên) "harbour". This was an epithet of the Greek goddesses Aphrodite, Hera, and Artemis.
LIMHAH m Mormon
Nephite commander.
LIMHER m Mormon
Nephite soldier.
LIMHI m Mormon
This is the name of the son of King Noah in the Book of Mormon. Lim might mean "people" / "nation" and hi might mean "alive" / "live" in Hebrew. So the name might mean: 'the people live,' that is, 'the people are preserved alive.'
LIMIN f & m Chinese
Combination of the names Li (1) and Min
LIMNAEA f Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Λιμναία (Limnaia), from Greek λιμναῖος (limnaios) "of a lake". This was an epithet of the goddess Artemis at Sicyon, near Epidaurus, and also used of nymphs.
LIMNEI m Russian
Meaning "lake".
LIMNII m Russian
Variant of Limnei.
LIMOR f Hebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Mor means "my myrrh" in Hebrew.
LIMPI f Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Hinduism, Indian, Nepali, Tamil, Kannada
MEANING - writing, script... [more]
LIMPOPO m & f South African
From the name of the river in South Africa.
LÍN f Faroese, Icelandic
Icelandic and Faroese feminine form of Líni as well as the Faroese form of Hlín.
LIN m Bulgarian, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, French, Russian and Ukrainian form of Linus.
LIN f English
Short form of Lindsey or Linda
LIN m Burmese
Means "bright" or "to dawn" in Burmese.
LÍNA f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Lina.
LINA f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Linas.
LINA f Chinese (Modern)
Combination of Li (1) and Na.
LINAH f Chinese
Combination of the names Lin and Ah
LINAI f & m Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Lin and Ai (2).
LINAN f & m Chinese
Combination of the names Lin and An (1)
LINARDS m Latvian
Variant of Leonards (compare Lienhard).
LINARIA f English (Rare)
From the flower Linaria
LINC m English
Short form of Lincoln.
LINCEO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Lynceus.
LINCEU m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Lynceus.
LINCOLNIA f English (Rare)
Feminization of Lincoln, also a place name in Virginia, USA.
LIND f English (Rare), Literature
Short form of Linda or sometimes Rosalind. In Mary Ann Stewart's books The crystal Cave, The Holow Hills, and The last Enchantment, Lind was Morgause's handmaiden.
LINDA m Zulu
Means "wait!" in Zulu (note that this is the imperative singular form of -linda).
LINDA f Chinese
Combination of Lin and Da.
LINDÁ f Sami
Sami form of Linda.
LINDALIA f Spanish (Latin American), Dutch (Rare)
Possibly a combination of Linda with a given name that ends in -lia, such as Julia and Rosalia. Also compare Lindelia.
LINDAN m & f English
Variant of Lindon
LINDANA f Chinese
Combination of the names Lin , Da and Na .
LINDBERG m Icelandic
Icelandic masculine form of Lindbjørg.
LINDBJØRG f Norwegian
Norwegian name with the combination of lind "lime-tree, linden tree" and bjarga "to help, save, rescue".
LINDDÍS f Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the Old Norse name elements lind "lime-tree, linden tree; (protective shield of) linden wood; linden spear-shaft" and dís "goddess; woman, lady; sister".
LINDEGARD f Ancient Germanic
The first element of this name is derived from Old High German lind or lindi "soft, tender." The second element is derived from gardan "to hedge in, to enclose, to fence in" or from Gothic gards "house, garden, (court)yard."
LINDELANI f Sotho, Zulu
Means "wait, be patient" in Sotho and Zulu.
LINDELIA f Spanish (Latin American)
Possibly a combination of Linda with a given name that ends in -elia, such as Amelia and Celia. Also compare Lindalia.
LINDERT m West Frisian
Frisian form of Leonard.
LINDGEOFU f Medieval English
Composed of the elements lind ‘lime (wood)’, i.e. ‘shield’ (a transferred sense) + gifu, geofu ‘gift’.
LINDGIFU f Medieval English
Composed of the elements lind ‘lime (wood)’, i.e. ‘shield’ (a transferred sense) + gifu, geofu ‘gift’.
LINDIE f English
Variant of Lindy.
LÍNDÍS f Icelandic
Combination of the Old Norse name elements lín "flax; linen; linen garment, linen gear" and dís "goddess; woman, lady; sister" or dis "wise woman, seeress; woman, virgin".
LINDIS f Norwegian, Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Finnish (Rare)
Norwegian form of Líndís as well as of Linddís. This name is also occasionally used as a truncated form of Germanic names ending in -lindis.
LINDLEY f & m English
Transferred use of the English surname Lindley (see also Linley).
LINDOLF m Ancient Germanic
Variant spelling of Lindulf.
LINDOLFO m Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish and Portuguese form of Lindolf. The Uruguayan writer Horacio Quiroga was born in San Lindolfo, a place named for the saint by this name.
LINDORA f Literature, Theatre
Feminine variant of Lindoro, as used in the comic operas 'Le donne vendicate' ('Revenge of the Women'; 1763) by Piccinni and 'La maga Circe' ('Circe the Witch'; 1788) by Anfossi. La Lindora is also a community or hacienda in Costa Rica.
LINDORIA f African American
A combination of Linda and Doria
LINDORM m Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Combination of Old Swedish linnr "dragon" and ormber "snake".
LINDS f English
Diminutive of Lindsey.
LINDSEA f English (Rare)
Variant of Lindsay (the spelling perhaps influenced by that of the word sea).
LINDSEE f English
Variant of Lindsey.
LINDSI f English
Variant of Lindsay.
LINDSY f English
Variant of Lindsey.
LINDULF m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German lind or lindi "soft, tender" combined with Gothic vulfs "wolf."
LINDUS m Greek Mythology
A character in Greek Mythology, and the son of Cercaphus and Cydippe or Lysippe, and grandson of Helios; in conjunction with whom he possessed the island of Rhodes, where he was regarded as the founder of the town of Ialysus.
LINDZEY f English
Variant of Lindsay.
LINDZI f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Lindsay.
LINE f French
Line is generally considered a short form of names that end in -line, first and foremost Caroline.... [more]
LINES f Spanish (Caribbean)
Probably a contraction of l'Ines (Spanish definite article la + Ines)
LINESS f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ness means "my miracle" in Hebrew.
LINET f Literature
Variant spelling of Lynette which appears in Thomas Malory's 15th-century compilation of Arthurian legends 'Le Morte d'Arthur', in which Linet is the sister of Dame Lionesse (see Lyonors).
LINETA f Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Lynette or Eluned.
LINETT f Hungarian
Hungarian adoption of French Linette, reflecting the French pronunciation.
LINETTA f Italian
Diminutive of Lina.
LINETTE f French, Danish, Dutch (Rare)
French diminutive of Line and Lina.
LINEUS m Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Linnéus which is derived from the surname Linnaeus.
LÍNEY f Icelandic
Combination of the Old Norse name elements lín "flax; linen; linen garment, linen gear" and ey "island; flat land along a coast" (which is also often related to the Old Norse name element auja "(gift of) luck; fortune").
LINFRED m English (Modern)
Modern name that is a combination of a name beginning with Lin- (such as Linda) with a name that begins or ends with -fred- (such as Alfred and Frederick).
Means "don't be sad" in Ndebele.
LINGAN f & m Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Ling and An (1).
LINGDE m Chinese
Means "excellent virtue". From Ling (令) and de (德) 'virtue, morals, moral character; heart, mind; kindness, favor'.
LINGGA m Indonesian
Lingga is a male's symbol of life and fertility in Indonesia. Mostly symbolized by the male genital form in the ancient inscription.
LINGJEN m & f Meitei
Means "courage" in Meitei.
LINGLING f Chinese
This name is made up of 铃 (Ling) meaning "Chime, Bell", 鈴 (Ling) meaning "Small Bell, Bud", 灵 (Ling) meaning "Spirit, Soul", or 綾 (Ling) meaning "Thin Silk, Damask". Any of these characters,and more, could be written twice, or combined.
LINGNÝ f Icelandic (Modern)
Derived from the Germanic elements lyng "heather" and "new".
LINGORMR m Ancient Scandinavian
From Old Norse lyngormr meaning "dragon that creeps through the heather", from lyng "heather" and ormr "snake, serpent".
LINGYAN f & m Chinese
This name could be formed with 灵 (Ling) meaning "Soul, Spirit", 铃 (Ling) meaning "Chime, Bell", 鈴 (Ling) "Small Bell, Bud, Boll", and possibly 綾 (Ling) meaning "Damask, Thin Silk" (likely feminine), plus 艳 (Yan) meaning "Gorgeous, Beautiful" (often feminine) or 岩 (Yan) meaning "rocks, cliff", and other characters are possible, that are pronounced in the same fashion... [more]
LÍNHILDR f Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements lín "flax, linen, linen garment, linen gear" and hildr "battle, fight".
LÍNHILDUR f Icelandic
Icelandic younger form of Línhildr.
LÍNI m Icelandic (Rare)
From Old Norse lín meaning "flax, linen, linen garment, linen gear".
LININHA f Portuguese
Diminutive of Carolina.
LINJIA f Chinese
Combination of the names Lin and Jia
LINKA f Croatian
Diminutive of Lina.
LINKA f English (Modern)
Feminine form of Link or Lincoln.
LINKEN f Norwegian
Diminutive of Line, via Low German (compare Trinken, Minken, Lisken).
LINKFORD m English (American, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Linkford.
LINLEY f & m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Linley.
LINLIE f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Linley.
LINLUN f Burmese
Burmese feminine name refering either to Buchanania latifolia, a medium-sized tree bearing fruit with almond-like kernels, or Mimusops hexandra, a shade tree bearing clusters of fragrant flowers.
LINLY f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Linley.
LINN m English
Variant of Lynn.
LINNA f Chinese
Combination of the names Lin and Na.
LINNA f Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Variant of both Lina and Linn.
LINNAR m Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Lindor, a short form of Lindorm.
LINNÉ m Swedish
Masculine form of Linnéa. It is also used as a surname (see Linné).
LINNETHIA f English (American, Rare)
Variant of Lynette. A notable bearer of this name is the American television personality NeNe Leakes (b. 1967), whose full name is Linnethia Monique Leakes (née Johnson).
LINNEUS m Swedish
Variant of Lineus.
LINNEY f & m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Linney.
LINNHE f Scottish (Modern, Rare), American (Modern, Rare)
From the name of a sea loch in Scotland, which was originally an English corruption of Gaelic linne meaning "pool" (making it a cognate of Lynn).
LINNY f Various
Diminutive of names containing the element or sound of -lin- or -lyn-, such as Linnea, Adeline, Catalina, and more (see: Linnie).
LINOAM f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noam means "my pleasantness" in Hebrew.
LINOR f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Nor.
LINOT f Medieval English
Diminutive of Elena.
LINOY f Hebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noy meaning "my beauty" in Hebrew.
LINOYA f Hebrew (Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Noya or a variant of the name Linoy.
LINT m English
Short form of Linton.
LINTA f Finnish
Finnish variant of Linda.
LINTANG f & m Indonesian, Javanese
Javanese form of Bintang.
LINTRUDE f German (Rare), Medieval French (?), Ancient Germanic (Frankish, ?)
Saint Lintrude (or Lindru) has a feast day on September 22 in France.
LINTU f Finnish
Means "bird" in Finnish.
LINUSS m Latvian
Latvian form of Linus.
LINUX m English (American, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Linus originally borne by the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds.
LINZY f & m English (American)
Variant of Lindsay or Linsey (See also Lindzy)
LÍÓ m Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Icelandic form of Lio.
LIO m English (Rare)
Variant of Leo.
LIOARA f Romanian
Variant of Mioara.
LIOBA f History, German
Short form of Liobgetha, Latinized form of Leofgyð. She was an 8th-century English saint.
LÍOBHAN f Irish Mythology
Form of the Gaelic name Lí Ban, meaning "beauty of women". It belonged to two characters in Irish myth, one a mermaid captured in Lough Neagh in 558, according to the 'Annals of the Four Masters' (see also Muirgen).
LIODOR m Russian (Rare)
Variant (and shorter) form of Iliodor. A known bearer of this name was the Russian poet, translator and journalist Liodor Palmin (1841-1891).
LION m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and On means "my potency; my strength" in Hebrew.
LIONA f & m Hawaiian
Means "lion" in Hawaiian.
LIONELL m English
Variant of Lionel.
LIONELLO m Italian
Variant of Leonello and cognate of Lionel.
LIÒNG m & f Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka Chinese form of Liáng.
LIONGINAS m Lithuanian
Variant form of Longinas, which is the Lithuanian form of Longinus.
LIONICIO m Mayan (Rare)
descending god
LIORADA f Occitan
Occitan form of Livrade.
LIORI f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Ori or a variant of the name Lior which means "my light" in Hebrew.
LIOTHAN m Literature, German (Modern, Rare)
From the Wedora series of books by the German fantasy writer Markus Heitz.
LIÓTR m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse ljótr ("ugly").
LIOUBOV f Russian
Variant spelling of Lyubov.
LIOÛNIE f Norman
Norman feminine form of Leonius.
LIOZ m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (2) and Oz (2) means "my strength" or "my power" in Hebrew.
LIPA m Jewish, Yiddish
Short form of Lipman.
LIPA f Portuguese
Diminutive of Filipa.
LIPAZ f & m Hebrew
Combination of the names Li (2) and Paz (2) means "my gold" in Hebrew.
LIPE m Spanish
Dininutive of Felipe.
LIPI f Indian
Sanskrit- Meaning a document
LIPING f & m Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li (1) and Ping.
LIPMAN m Jewish, Yiddish
Yiddish form of the Judeo-German name Liberman, meaning "beloved man".
LIPÓT m Hungarian (Archaic)
Hungarian adoption of Leopold.
LIPPA f Finnish
Diminutive of Philippa.
LIPPES m Alsatian (Archaic)
Vernacular diminutive of Philipp.
LIPSHE f Jewish, Yiddish
Diminutive of Liba.
LIQA m & f Arabic
Means "reunion" in Arabic.
LI-QIN f Chinese
"beautiful stringed musical instrument"
LIR f & m Hebrew
Popular name in Israel, or a diminutive for names like Liron , Liram , Liran and more names starting with "Lir"
LIRA f Croatian
From the name of the musical instrument ''lira'' (from Latin lira, from Ancient Greek λύρα (lúra)), called lyre in English. Also the name of the Italian former currency.