Spanish Names

Spanish names are used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries (such as those in South America). See also about Spanish names.
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YESSICA   f   Spanish
Spanish form of JESSICA.
YOLANDA   f   Spanish, English
From the medieval French name Yolande, which was probably a form of the name Violante, which was itself a derivative of Latin viola "violet". Alternatively it could be of Germanic origin.... [more]
YSABEL   f   Spanish (Archaic)
Medieval Spanish form of ISABEL.
ZACARÍAS   m   Spanish
Spanish form of ZECHARIAH.
ZAIRA   f   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of ZAÏRE.
ZERU   m   Basque
Means "sky" in Basque.
ZIGOR   m   Basque
Means "punishment" in Basque.
ZORAIDA   f   Spanish
Perhaps means "enchanting" or "dawn" in Arabic. This was the name of a minor 12th-century Spanish saint, a convert from Islam. The name was used by Cervantes for a character in his novel 'Don Quixote' (1606), in which Zoraida is a beautiful Moorish woman of Algiers who converts to Christianity and elopes with a Spanish officer.
ZORION   m & f   Basque
Means "happiness" in Basque.
ZORIONE   f   Basque
Feminine form of ZORION.
ZURIÑE   f   Basque
Derived from Basque zuri "white".
ZUZEN   m   Basque
Means "just, fair" in Basque.
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