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Initials Generation CAF +Note
Note: I did say that I would add initials for surnames from now on, and I am doing so. However, this game is an older one that got pushed back for several months. It is likely the last of its kind, as I now use a new method for picking initials which DOES include surnames.
-exDW: RL
—DD: LDDD2(deceased): DTDS2: OA
-DH: OJDD4 (deceased): II
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DH: Theodore Adam
DW: Hannah NoelleDS1: Everett Adam
-exDW: Romy Louisa
-DW: Rhiannon Theresa
—DS: Henry AdamDD1: Olivia Simone
-DH: Wade Anthony
—DD: Lilith DaisyDD2(deceased): Daphne TheresaDS2: Oscar August
-DW: Kira Leonie
—DS: Ethan YvesDD3: Sienna Stephanie
-DH: Otis JamesDD4 (deceased): India IreneDS3: Amadeus Axel
-DW: Ruby Una
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DH: Timothy Andrew Morton
DW: Hillary Nicole {Jennings} MortonDS: Easton Alexander Morton
— exDW: Rhiannon Lindsey {Parker} Morton
— DW: Rebecca Tess {Richardson} Morton
— DS: Henry Asher MortonDD: Olivia Seraphina {Morton} Grant
— DH: Winston Aaron Grant
— DD: Lauren Danielle GrantDD: Deirdre Taylor MortonDS: Oliver Adrian Morton
— DW: Karli Lynne {Kirkwood} Morton
— DS: Ellis Yancy MortonDD: Shayla Stephanie {Morton} Kendall
— DH: Oscar John KendallDS: Anthony Arlo Morton
— DW: Ryla Ursula {Thatcher} Morton
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DH: Thomas Ansel "Tom"
DW: Hope Naomi
Tom & Hope: Edwin, Olivia, Diana, Owen, Sarah, Isabel and Anthony
Grandkids: Henry, Lila and EmmettDS1: Edwin Ansel
-exDW: Ruby Leah -DW: Ramona Theresa
Everett & Ramona: Henry—DS: Henry Ansel DD1: Olivia Susannah
-DH: William August "Will"
Will & Olivia: Lila—DD: Lila Dorothea DD2(deceased): Diana Theodora DS2: Owen Andrew
-DW: Katherine Lucy "Katie"
Owen & Katie: Emmett—DS: Emmett Yates DD3: Sarah Sophia
-DH: Oliver James DD4 (deceased): Isabel Ivy DS3: Anthony Aaron
-DW: Rosalie Ursula
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DH: Tiberius Alan Crenshaw
DW: Horatia Nancy Crenshaw (née Klein)DS1: Ernest Alan Crenshaw
-exDW: Ruby Lynne Norris (formerly Crenshaw)
-DW: Rhoda Thelma Crenshaw (née Sherman)
—DS: Hayden Alan CrenshawDD1: Odessa Sylvie Gorbold (née Crenshaw)
-DH: Wilford Andrew Gorbold
—DD: Leticia Danielle GorboldDD2(deceased): Delphine Tacita CrenshawDS2: Orson Alan Crenshaw
-DW: Kamini Lochana Crenshaw (née Sharma)
—DS: Everett Yash CrenshawDD3: Sibylla Susan Crenshaw
-DH: Oliver Jacob HathawayDD4 (deceased): Iphigenia Irene CrenshawDS3: Ambrose Alan Crenshaw
-DW: Rebekka Urd Crenshaw (née Stenberg)
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DH: Thomas Alexander
DW: Hannah Natasha DS1: Ethan Adam
-exDW: Rita Lauren
-DW: Roberta Tia
—DS: Henry Aaron DD1: Ophelia Sonia
-DH: William Andrew
—DD: Lucy Danielle DD2(deceased): Daisy Tara DS2: Oliver Ashley
-DW: Katie Laura
—DS: Edward Yves DD3: Sandy Sophie
-DH: Oscar James DD4 (deceased): Ida Imogen
DS3: Alex Aidan
-DW: Ruth Una
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DH : Theodore Alexander Campbell
DW : Hannah Noelle Campbell [Brown]**
DS1 : Evan Alexander Campbell
ExW : Renee Laura Robbins Evan w ex wife ReneeDW : Rose Thora Campbell [Meyers]DS : Harry Alexander CampbellEvan and Rose w Harry**
DD1 : Olivia Sophia Schilling [Campbell]
DH : William Anton Schilling DD : Lilia Daisy Schilling Olivia and Will w Lilia**
DD2 [dec] Daisy Thalia Campbell**
DS2 : Owen Adrian Campbell
DW : Keira Louisa Campbell [Rousseau]DS : Eli Yves CampbellOwen and Keira w Eli**
DD3 : Scarlett Shea Lubeck [Campbell]
DH : Orion Jack Lubeck

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DH: Thomas Abraham
DW: Hanna NualaDS1: Eliot Abner
-exDW: Rowan Lori
-DW: Rose Theresa
—DS: Henry AloisDD1: Octavia Sarah
-DH: William Angelo
—DD: Lorena DorotheaDD2(deceased): Danielle TaraDS2: Oliver Andrew
-DW: Kensley Lynn
—DS: Elias YaronDD3: Samantha Susann
-DH: Owen JohnDD4 (deceased): Isabel Iva
DS3: Alexander Abraham
-DW: Rosalind Una
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