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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is bananarama.
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Abstinence f English (Puritan, Rare)
From the English word abstinence, referring to the act of abstaining from sin. This name was used by the Puritans.
Accursia f Sicilian (Rare)
Feminine form of Accursio.
Accursio m Sicilian (Rare)
Italian name derived from Accorso and short form of Bonaccurso.
Açelya f Turkish
Derived from Turkish açelya "azalea".
Adalgisa f Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Theatre
Feminine form of Adalgiso. Adalgisa is a character in Vincenzo Bellini's opera Norma (1831).
Adeliza f Medieval English, Old Swedish
Medieval English and Old Swedish form of Adelais. The second wife of Henry I of England bore this name.
Afanasiya f Russian
Russian form of Athanasia.
Afshan f Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Persian افسانه (afsâne) meaning "tale, story" (see Afsaneh).
Agathios m Ancient Greek (?)
Derived from Greek ἀγαθός (agathos) meaning "good".
Agazia f Italian (Archaic)
Italian feminine form of Agazio.
Agazio m Italian
Italian form of Agathios.
Agesilao m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Agesilaus.
Agesilaus m Ancient Greek (Latinized), History
Latinized form of Agesilaos. This was an epithet of the Greek god Hades, as well as the name of two kings of Sparta.
Agripino m Galician
Galician form of Agrippinus.
Agrypina f Polish
Polish form of Agrippina.
Aimone m Italian
Italian form of Haimo. This name was borne by Aimone, Duke of Aosta, an Italian royal who briefly reigned as King of Croatia during World War II.
Akhmed m Chechen (Russified), Ingush (Russified), Avar (Russified)
Russian form of Ahmad, used particularly in the Caucasus.
Alceste f & m French, Italian
French and Italian masculine and feminine form of Alcestis.
Alek f Eastern African, Dinka
Means "black-and-white cow" in Dinka.... [more]
Alfia f Italian, Russian
Feminine form of Alfio.
Alfonsyna f Polish
Feminine form of Alfons.
Altáriel f Literature
Quenya form of Galadriel.
Amábile f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Amabel.
Amancia f Spanish (Rare), Galician (Rare), Jamaican Patois
Spanish, Galician, and Jamaican Patois feminine form of Amantius.
Amanzia f Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Amantia.
Amanzio m Italian
Italian form of Amantius.
Amaranth f English
From the name of the amaranth flower, which is derived from Greek αμαραντος (amarantos) meaning "unfading".
Amaranto m Spanish (Rare), Italian (Rare, ?)
Spanish and Italian form of Amarantus. In other words, this is the masculine form of Amaranta. The 3rd-century Christian saint Amaranthus, who was martyred at Vieux near Albi in the south of France, is known by this name in Spanish.
Amestris f Old Persian (Hellenized)
Ionic Greek variant of Άμαστρις (Amāstris), the Hellenized form of an Old Persian name, perhaps from a hypothetic name like *Amāstrī- (composed of the elements *ama- "strength, strong" and *strī- "woman")... [more]
Amintore m Italian
Italian form of Amyntor.
Ammit f Egyptian Mythology
Derived from Ancient Egyptian ꜥm-mwt "devourer of the dead". In Egyptian mythology she was a female demon and funerary deity with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile, all of which were seen as dangerous animals to the ancient Egyptians... [more]
Anárion m Literature
Means "son of the sun" in Quenya. This was the name of the younger son of Elendil in Tolkien's works. He was a king of Gondor and slain in combat with Sauron.
Ancalimë f Literature
Means "most bright" in Quenya. This was the name of the first Ruling Queen of Númenor in Tolkien's works. She was the daughter of Erendis and Tar-Aldarion.
Ancilina f Sicilian
Sicilian form of Angelina.
Anicet m French, French (Belgian), Lengadocian, Provençal, Gascon, Polish, Croatian (Rare)
French. Languedocian, Provençal, Gascon, Croatian and Polish form of Anicetus.
Aniceto m Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian
Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, Portuguese, and Italian form of Anicetus.
Annibal m French (Rare)
French form of Hannibal.
Anserma f Sicilian
Variant of Anzerma.
Antha f English (Rare)
Diminutive of any name ending in -antha.
Antima f Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Antimo.
Antimo m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Anthimos via Anthimus. This was the name of a 9th-century duke of Naples.
Apolinaria f Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Polish (Rare), Moldovan (Rare), Ancient Greek, History (Ecclesiastical)
Spanish and Polish feminine form of Apollinaris and Romanian form of Apollinaria. This is also attested as an ancient Greek name.
Aquiles m Galician, Lengadocian, Provençal, Gascon
Galician. Languedocian, Provençal and Gascon form of Achilles.
Arcangela f Italian
Feminine form of Arcangelo.
Argentina f Spanish, Medieval English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian (Rare)
From Argentina, the name of a country in South America. It is derived from the Latin argentum (silver), which in turn comes from the Ancient Greek ἀργήντος (argēntos), from ἀργήεις (argēeis), "white, shining"... [more]
Argia f Greek Mythology (Latinized), Italian (Rare)
Latinized form of Argeia, as well as the Italian form.
Arseniusz m Polish
Polish form of Arsenius.
Arshaluys f & m Armenian
Means "dawn" in Armenian.
Artemia f Spanish (Mexican), Italian (Tuscan, Rare), Sicilian, Polish
Italian and Spanish feminine form of Artemio, Sicilian feminine form of Artemiu and Polish feminine form of Artemiusz.
Artemiya f Russian
Russian form of Artemia.
Atanazja f Polish (Rare)
Feminine form of Atanazy.
Aussenzio m Italian
Italian form of Auxentius.
Avish f Persian
Means "wild marjoram" in Persian.
Balbin m Croatian (Rare), French, Polish
Croatian, French and Polish form of Balbinus.
Baphomet m Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend, Popular Culture
Probably from a medieval corruption of Mahomet. This appears in the Inquisition of the Knights Templar as the name of an alleged Muslim or pagan idol. In the 19th century it became associated with a Western occult symbol drawn by Eliphas Lévi, a "Sabbatic Goat" image depicting a demonic horned god.
Basilia f Anglo-Norman, Medieval English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), German (Rare), Italian (Rare), Romani (Archaic)
Feminine form of Basil 1 via its latinized form Basilius. This was borne by an obscure early saint. As an English name it has long been obsolete, but was much used in the Middle Ages; perhaps a reference to Saint Veronica as Basilia in the medieval Mors Pilati (Death of Pilate) was responsible for the name's popularity.
Basilisa f Georgian (Archaic), Spanish, Galician
Georgian and Spanish form of Basilissa.
Beatrica f Croatian, Slovak (Rare)
Croatian and Slovak form of Beatrice.
Belisario m Spanish, Italian
Spanish and Italian form of Belisarius.
Belva f English (American, Rare, Archaic)
Apparently a feminine form of Belvedere. A notable bearer of this name was Belva Lockwood (1830-1917), one of the first female lawyers in the United States.
Benedicto m Spanish
Spanish form of Benedict.
Beril m Yiddish
Variant of Berel.
Biaggia f Sicilian
Feminine form of Biaggiu.
Bluebell f English, Popular Culture
From the name of the flower, used to some extent as a first name when flower names were in vogue at the end of the 19th century.
Bonawentura m Polish
Polish form of Bonaventura.
Brizio m Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Brice and diminutive of Fabrizio.
Calcedonia f Sicilian
Feminine form of Calcedonio.
Calcedonio m Italian
Derived from a Greek name meaning "from Chalcedon". Chalcedon was a city in what is now the Asian part of Istanbul.
Caliste f & m French (Rare)
French masculine and feminine form of Callistus.
Candeloro m Italian
Italian masculine form of Candelaria.
Canuto m Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, History (Ecclesiastical, Hispanicized)
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese form of Knut. There are two Catholic saints by this name.
Carmit f Hebrew
Variant of Carmel.
Casiana f Spanish (Rare), Galician (Rare), Romanian (Rare)
Spanish, Galician and Romanian form of Cassiana.
Casildo m Galician (Archaic)
Masculine form of Casilda.
Castore m Italian
Italian form of Castor.
Cecyl m Polish
Polish form of Cecil.
Cedella f Caribbean, Jamaican Patois
This name is best known for being the name of Cedella Booker (1926-2008), the mother of the Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley (1945-1981). Her full name at birth was Sidilla Editha Malcolm. Given how similar the name Sidilla is to her later name Cedella, it is possible that Cedella is a variant spelling or form of Sidilla... [more]
Celebrían f Literature
Means "silver queen" in Sindarin, from celeb meaning "silver" and rían meaning "queen". This was the name of an Elf mentioned in Lord of the Rings. She was the daughter of Galadriel, the wife of Elrond, and the mother of Arwen.
Celedonia f Spanish
Feminine form of Celedonio.
Celedonio m Spanish
Spanish name derived from the Greek word for swallow, chelidon (see Celandine).
Cezaryna f Polish
Polish form of Cesarina.
Chachak f Tatar
Means "blossom" in Tatar.
Charytyna f Polish (Rare, Archaic), Ukrainian (Rare, Archaic), History (Ecclesiastical)
Polish form of Charitina and Ukrainian variant transliteration of Харитина (see Kharitina).
Cherubino m Medieval Italian, Italian (Rare), Theatre
Derived from Latin cherubin meaning "cherubs, cherubim", which refers to a class of angels known as the cherubim. The term ultimately comes from Hebrew, but it has been theorized that the Jews borrowed the word from Akkadian kuribu meaning "to bless" or from Assyrian ܟܪܘܒܐ (karabu) meaning "great, mighty".... [more]
Chiyono f Japanese
Means "thousand generations meadow" in Japanese.
Chulpan f Tatar
Means "Venus (the planet)" in Tatar.
Cibeles f Spanish
Spanish form of Cybele.
Çiçek f Turkish
Means "flower, blossom" in Turkish.
Cinzio m Italian (Rare)
Italian masculine form of Cynthia.
Cira f Italian, Spanish (Rare), Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Galician (Rare)
Italian, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese feminine form of Cyrus.
Ciriaca f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Rare)
Italian and Spanish form of Cyriaca.
Cirilla f Italian (Rare), Hungarian (Rare)
Italian and Hungarian feminine form of Cyril.
Cisariu m Corsican
Corsican form of Caesarius.
Civita f Italian
Means "city, town", taken from the Italian title of the Virgin Mary Madonna della Civita, which refers to a sacred image of the Virgin discovered on Mount Civita by a shepherd whose deaf-muteness was miraculously cured by it... [more]
Claudiana f Late Roman, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Late Roman feminine form of Claudianus. Claudiana was one of the Vestal Virgins.
Clelio m Italian
Italian form of Cloelius.
Clemenzia f Italian, Corsican
Italian and Corsican form of Clementia.
Çolpan f Turkish (Rare)
Means "Venus (the planet)" in Turkish.
Corrada f Italian
Feminine form of Corrado.
Crescence f & m French (Rare), French (African)
French feminine and masculine form of Crescentius.
Crescencio m Spanish
Spanish form of Crescentius.
Crescenza f Italian
Italian form of Crescentia.
Crisanta f Spanish (Rare), Galician
Spanish and Galician form of Chrysanthe.
Crispina f Ancient Roman, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Sicilian, Medieval Latin
Feminine form of Crispinus. A notable bearer was the 2nd-century Roman empress Bruttia Crispina, the wife of Emperor Commodus. This name was also borne by a 4th-century Christian martyr from North Africa.
Croce f & m Italian (Rare)
Means "cross" in Italian, making it a cognate of Cruz.
Cunegonda f Italian (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Corsican (Archaic), Gascon (Archaic), Provençal (Archaic)
Dutch variant and Italian, Corsican, Gascon and Provençal form of Kunigunde.
Cyntia f Polish
Polish form of Cynthia.
Cyriaka f Polish
Polish form of Cyriaca.
Dąbrówka f Polish
Polish form of Doubravka. This name was borne by the wife of Mieszko I of Poland.
Dacia f Ancient Roman, Italian, Sicilian
Feminine form of Dacius and Dacio.
Dalmazia f Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Dalmazio.
Delfin m Polish
Polish form of Delphinus.
Delfino m Italian
Italian form of Delphinus.
Démk m Kashubian
Diminutive of Nikòdém.
Dezyderia f Polish
Polish form of Desideria.
Dicle f Turkish
Turkish name for the Tigris River.
Dilbar f Persian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Pakistani, Tatar
Basically means "one who captures hearts", derived from the Persian noun دل (dil) meaning "heart" (see Avtandil) combined with Persian بر (bar) meaning "one who has taken, one who bears"... [more]
Dilma f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possibly a form of Delma. This name is borne by Brazilian president-elect Dilma Rousseff.
Dionizja f Polish
Feminine form of Dionizy.
Dorofeya f Russian (Rare)
Russian form of Dorothea.
Eärwen f Literature
Means "sea maiden" in Quenya, from eär meaning "sea" and wen meaning "maiden". This was the name of a Telerin Elf in the Silmarillion. She was the mother of Galadriel.
Edera f Italian, Albanian (Rare), Romanian (Rare), Maltese (Rare)
Means "ivy" in Italian, from Latin hedera "ivy", perhaps related to the Latin root -hendere "to grasp; to take; to cling onto".
Efisia f Sardinian (Rare)
Italian feminine form of Ephesius, almost exclusively found in Sardinia.
Egeo m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Aegeus.
Egisto m Italian
Italian form of Aegisthus.
Egle f Italian
Italian form of Aegle.
Egle f Latvian (Rare), Estonian
Latvian and Estonian cognate of Eglė as well as a direct derivation from Latvian egle "spruce tree; fir tree; pine tree".
Ejub m Bosnian, Albanian
Bosnian and Albanian form of Ayyub.
Éléa f French (Modern)
French adoption of Elea.
Elide f Italian
Italian name of uncertain origin, possibly related to the name of the Elidi Valley in Greece. (Cf. Elidi.)
Elpidia f Greek, Spanish, Italian, Polish
Feminine form of Elpidius.
Emerenziana f Italian, Sardinian
Italian and Sardinian form of Emerentiana.
Emidia f Italian
Feminine form of Emidio.
Enza f Italian, Sicilian
Originally a feminine form of Enzo, this name is also used as a diminutive of names ending in -enza, such as Vincenza, Lorenza or Fiorenza.
Epifania f Spanish (Rare), Galician (Rare), Italian (Rare), Corsican, Polish (Rare)
Spanish, Galician, Italian, Corsican and Polish feminine form of Epiphanius. A fictional bearer is Epifania Fitzfassenden, a central character in George Bernard Shaw's play 'The Millionairess' (1936).
Erazm m Polish
Polish form of Erasmus.
Erazma f Polish
Feminine form of Erazm.
Erendis f Literature
Possibly means "lonely bride". In Tolkien's "Unfinished Tales", Erendis was the wife of Tar-Aldarion, the sixth king of Númenor. They were in love at first, but then it turned to hate and resentment.
Ernestyna f Polish
Polish form of Ernestine.
Erwina f Polish
Feminine form of Erwin.
Esperança f Portuguese, Catalan
Portuguese and Catalan cognate of Esperanza.
Eudoksja f Polish
Polish form of Eudoxia.
Eudossia f Italian (Rare), Corsican (Archaic)
Italian and Corsican form of Eudoxia.
Eufemio m Italian, Spanish, Galician
Italian, Galician and Spanish form of Euphemios.
Eufrasia f Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Galician (Rare), Italian
Spanish, Galician and Italian form of Euphrasia.
Eufrozyna f Polish
Polish form of Euphrosyne.
Euggeniu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Eugene.
Euridice f Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Eurydice.
Eurosia f Italian, Spanish
A famous bearer was Eurosia Fabris, also known as Mamma Rosa, who was beatified in 2005.
Eustachia f Italian, Sicilian, Polish
Italian feminine form of Eustachio, Sicilian feminine form of Eustachiu and Polish feminine form of Eustachy and Eustachiusz.
Euzebia f Polish
Polish form of Eusebia.
Euzebiusz m Polish
Polish form of Eusebius.
Expeditus m Late Roman, History
From the Latin past participle of expidere "make fit or ready, prepare", literally "free the feet from fetters". This was the name of an obscure, semi-legendary saint, who is invoked against procrastination.
Ezechiele m Italian
Italian form of Ezekiel.
Faustyn m Polish
Polish form of Faustinus.
Fëanor m Literature
Means "spirit of fire". In The Silmarillion, Fëanor was the mightiest of the Noldor and the creater of the legendary Silmarils.
Felicisima f Spanish
Spanish form of Felicissima.
Felicisimo m Spanish
Spanish form of Felicissimus.
Felicissimus m Late Roman
Means "happiest" in Latin.
Felle m Sardinian
Short form of Raffaele.
Fenenna f Biblical Latin, History, Medieval Hungarian, Medieval Polish
Form of Peninnah used in the Latin Old Testament.... [more]
Feofaniya f Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Theophania.
Ferah f Turkish
Turkish form of Farah.
Feride f Uzbek, Albanian
Albanian and Uzbek form of Farida.
Filadelfia f Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Philadelphia.
Filippina f Italian, Sicilian, Banat Swabian
Italian and Sicilian feminine form of Filippo and Banatswabian form of Philippina. This is the real name of Italian-Australian singer Tina Arena.
Filomeno m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Philomenus.
Fiorentina f Italian (Rare)
Italian cognate of Florentina.
Fiorina f Italian
Feminine form of Fiorino.
Firdausa f Tatar
Tatar feminine form of Firdaus.
Flaminio m Italian
Italian form of Flaminius.
Florenz m German (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
German form of Florentius and Dutch variant spelling of Florens. Note that Florenz is also the German name for the Italian city of Florence.... [more]
Fosco m Italian
Italian form of Fuscus.... [more]
Fotina f Albanian (Rare, Archaic), Italian, Russian (Archaic), Greek (Rare)
Albanian, Italian and Russian form of Photine via its latinized form Photina as well as an obsolescent Greek variant of Photine.
Franica f Slovene
Originally a diminutive of Frančiška, used as a given name in its own right.
Fructuosa f Spanish
Feminine form of Fructuoso.
Fryda f Polish
Polish form of Frieda as well as a short form of Fryderyka, Elfryda and Frydolina.
Geethali f Indian
Meaning unknown. This is the real name of singer Norah Jones.
Gelasia f Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Italian (Rare, Archaic, ?)
Spanish and Italian feminine form of Gelasius.
Gelasio m Spanish (Rare), Italian (Rare)
Spanish and Italian form of Gelasius.
Gelasius m Late Greek (Latinized), History (Ecclesiastical), Irish (Archaic), English (African, Rare, ?)
Latinized form of the Greek name Γελάσιος (Gelasios), which is derived from Greek γέλασις (gelasis) "laughing", from the verb γελασείω (gelaseiô) "to be ready to laugh"... [more]
Geli f German
German diminutive of Angela or Angelika. This name was most notably borne by Geli Raubal, the niece and rumored lover of Adolf Hitler.
Gennara f Neapolitan
Feminine form of Gennaro.
Geraldyna f Polish
Feminine form of Gerald.
Getulio m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Getulius.
Getulius m Late Roman, History (Ecclesiastical)
Variant spelling of Gaetulius, a name that has two possible etymological origins. One is that it means "inhabitant of Gaeta", which is an Italian city that ultimately derives its name from Greek kaiétas meaning "cave"... [more]
Ghjuliu m Corsican
Corsican form of Julius.
Giocondo m Italian
Masculine form of Gioconda.
Gizela f Polish, Kashubian, Slovene, Croatian, Sorbian, Czech, Slovak
Polish, Kashubian, Slovene, Croatian, Czech, Slovak and Sorbian form of Giselle.
Gliceria f Italian (Rare), Polish (Archaic), Spanish (Latin American), Galician
Italian, Galician, Polish and Spanish form of Glykeria via its latinized form Glyceria.
Glicerio m Italian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American)
Italian and Spanish form of Glykerios via its latinized form Glycerius.
Gorgo f Ancient Greek, History
Most likely derived from Greek γοργός (gorgos) meaning "grim, fierce, terrible". However, it's also possible that the name is derived from the Greek verb γοργεύω (gorgeuō) meaning "to move rapidly, to hasten", which itself is related to the Greek noun γοργία (gorgia) meaning "agility, nimbleness, mobility"... [more]
Grâce f Jèrriais
Jèrriais form of Grace. This is also the Jèrriais word for grace.
Gracija f Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian
Serbian, Croatian, and Slovene form of Gratia.
Graziela f Portuguese (Brazilian), Filipino (Rare), Romanian
Portuguese form of Graciela and Romanian variant of Grațiela.
Grimhilde f Popular Culture
Variant of Grimhilt. This is the name often ascribed to the Queen in Disney's 'Snow White', although she is not actually named in the movie.
Guendalina f Italian
Of debated orign and meaning. While some academics consider this name an Italian form of Gwendoline, others consider it an Italian corruption of Gundelinda... [more]
Guerrina f Italian, Sicilian
Italian feminine form of Guerrino and Sicilian feminine form of Guerrinu.
Guerruzza f Sicilian
Diminutive of Guerrina.
Guillemine f French (Belgian), French (Rare)
Variant form of Guillaumine. A known bearer of this name was the French painter Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768-1826).
Gulbanu f Kazakh
Means "flower lady", derived from Persian گل (gol) meaning "flower" combined with بانو (bânu) meaning "lady".
Gülcihan f Turkish
Turkish name of Persian origin meaning "flower of the world".
Gündüz m Turkish
Means "daytime" in Turkish.
Gustawa f Polish
Feminine form of Gustaw.
Halida f Indonesian, Bosnian
Indonesian and Bosnian form of Khalida.
Harilal m Indian
Combination of Hari and Lal. This was the name of Harilal Gandhi, the estranged eldest son of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Haym m Hebrew, Yiddish
Variant of Chayyim.
Hayrünnisa f Turkish
Turkish form of Khairunnisa. A notable bearer is the former First Lady of Turkey, Hayrünnisa Gül.
Heliodor m Polish (Rare), Catalan
Polish and Catalan form of Heliodorus.
Hilary m Polish
Polish form of Hilarius.
Hipolita f Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish form of Hippolyta.
Homaira f Persian, Pakistani
Means "rosy-cheeked woman" in Persian.
Honorat m Catalan (Rare), French (Rare), Polish
Catalan, French, and Polish form of Honoratus.
Honoryna f Polish
Polish form of Honorine.
Horacia f Spanish (Rare)
Spanish form of Horatia.
Hortensio m Spanish
Spanish masculine form of Hortense.
Hubertine f Dutch, French (Rare), French (Belgian), Flemish, German (Archaic)
French form of Hubertina. A known bearer of this name was the French feminist Hubertine Auclert.
Hürrem f Ottoman Turkish
Means "the cheerful one" from Persian خرم‎ (khurram). A famous bearer was Hürrem Sultan (also known by the name Roxelana), a slave and then a concubine of Süleyman the Magnificent, sultan of the Ottoman Empire... [more]
Igina f Italian
Italian feminine form of Hyginus.
Ildefons m Polish, Romansh
Polish and Romansh form of Hildefons.
Ilyena f Russian
Variant of Ileana.
Ilza f Polish, Sorbian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Polish and Sorbian form of Ilse and Brazilian Portuguese variant of Ilsa.
Inácia f Portuguese
Portuguese feminine form of Ignatius.
Indis f Literature
Means "bride" in Quenya. This was the name of an Elf mentioned in Tolkien's the Silmarillion. Indis was the second wife of Finwë and the grandmother of Galadriel.
Ingrida f Lithuanian, Slovak
Lithuanian form and Slovak variant of Ingrid.
Ingryda f Polish
Polish form of Ingrid.
Innocenty m Polish
Polish form of Innocentius.
Inocencia f Spanish (Rare), Galician, Portuguese (Rare)
Spanish, Galician and Portuguese feminine form of Innocent.
Iride f Italian
Italian variant of Iris.
Irmina f Polish, Italian, German (Rare), Sicilian, Slovene
Feminine form of Irmin or a diminutive of Irma.
Iryda f Polish
Polish variant of Iris.
Isamar f Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Short form of Isabel María and Isabel Maria. (Also see Isa 2, Mar, Marisa.) This name briefly spiked in popularity for American girls in 1990 after it was used for the character Isamar Medina on the Venezuelan telenovela La revancha (1989).
Ismar m Jewish
German adaption of Itamar.
Izydora f Polish
Polish form of Isidora.
Januaria f Ancient Roman, Polish
Feminine form of Januarius. This was the name of an early Christian martyr.
Jermajesty m African American (Rare)
A combination of the name Jermaine and the English word majesty. Possibly inspired by the style of address "your majesty."
Jinger f English
Variant of Ginger. This is borne by American television personality Jinger Duggar Vuolo (1993-), one of the daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a couple notable for their large number of children (nine daughters and ten sons, all of whose names begin with the letter J).