Submitted Names Starting with V

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Vásti f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Vashti.
Vasti f Portuguese, South African
Portuguese form of Vashti.
Vasuki m & f Hinduism, Indian
Meaning unknown. This was the name of a nagaraja in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and a king of serpents. He is a snake beloning to Shiva and is famous for coiling around Shiva's neck.
Vasvi f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Punjabi
MEANING - night; excellent, beneficent , sweet
Vasyuk m Mordvin
Mordvin form of Vasiliy.
Vasziliki f Hungarian
Cognate of Vasiliki, meaning "king".
Vászoly m Hungarian
Hungarian variant of Bazil.
Vatchara m Thai
Alternate transcription of Watchara.
Vatcharin m & f Thai
Alternate transcription of Watcharin.
Vatha f Albanian
Possibly from the Albanian vath meaning "earring".
Vathana f Khmer
From the Khmer word វឌ្ឍន (vŏətthĕəʼnĕəʼ) meaning "progress, growth, prosperity".
Vathsalya f Indian
"Vathsalya" means "Eternal Love". It is a form of expressing feelings. It is one of the five forms expressing feelings of devotion - Shantha (Serenity), Sakhya (friendliness), Vathsalya (eternal love), Anuraga (affection) and Madhura (sweetness).
Vatnar m Icelandic
Icelandic younger form of Vatnarr.
Vatnarr m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements vatn "water, waters, river, brook, tears" and herr "army". Vatnarr was the name of a legendary Norwegian king.
Vatosoa f Malagasy
Means "pearl" or "gems" in Malagasy. From vato (meaning stone) and soa (meaning good). Vato soa literally means "good stones".
Vatren m Serbian (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
From ватрен (vatren) meaning "fiery, passionate".
Vatromir m Serbian, Croatian (Rare)
From Serbian ватра (vatra) meaning "fire" and мир (mir) meaning "peace" or "glory". Thus the name means "vigorous or passionate for glory/peace".
Vatroslava f Croatian
Feminine form of Vatroslav.
Vatsalya f Indian
Affection or Immense Love
Vatslau m Belarusian
Belarusian form of Wenceslaus.
Vatslava f Belarusian
Belarusian feminine form of Vatslau.
Vattha m & f Lao
Means "cloth, fabric" in Lao.
Vatthana m & f Lao
Means "culture, development, progress" in Lao.
Vaubourg f French (Rare)
French variant of Walburga. This form has been used to name a French commune (Sainte-Vaubourg, Ardennes; peak pop. 274 in 1866, current pop. 85 as of 2015) and was the name of a 13th-century commandery of the Knights Templar (Commanderie de Sainte-Vaubourg, Val-de-la-Haye, Seine-Maritime).... [more]
Vaudine f American (South, Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a feminization of the French surname Vaudin.
Vaudrée f French, French (Quebec)
A French form of Waldrada. It was borne by a 7th-century saint, the first abbess of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnais in Metz, France.
Vaula f Finnish (Rare)
Vaula is both a flower/flowering plant genus ("Asarina" in Latin) and in old Finnish language a little wooden ring that kept a bunch of silver birch branches together in a sauna.
Vaux f African American
Transferred use of the surname Vaux.
Vavá m Portuguese
Diminutive of Osvaldo.
Vavarsh m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi (Rare)
Name : Vavarsh ववर्ष... [more]
Vavila m Russian Serbian
Russian and Serbian form of Babylas.
Vavyla m Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Babylas.
Vaxhid m Albanian
Albanian form of Wajid.
Växiđä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Wahida.
Vaxo m Georgian
Variant transcription of Vakho.
Vaxtang m Georgian
Variant transcription of Vakhtang.
Vaya f Greek
Variant of Vaia.
Vaylor f American (South, Rare)
American. Only 5 people in the USA were born with the first name Vaylor since 1906. Meaning is “resourceful and kind”
Vayulla m Chuvash
Chuvash form of Baitullah meaning "Kaaba" or "House of God", which is a Muslim shrine in Mecca.
Važcora m Mari
From Mari važ meaning "root" and cora meaning "boy".
Vazhiko m Georgian
Diminutive of Vazha.
Vazifa f Uzbek
Means "duty" in Uzbek.
Vazki m Kalmyk
Kalmyk form of Vasily.
Vazo f Malagasy
Means "love song" in Malagasy.
Vazul m Hungarian (Rare)
Variant of Vászoly via the Old Hungarian form Wazul. Vazul, (before 997–1031 or 1032) was a member of the House of Árpád, a grandson of Taksony, Grand Prince of the Hungarians.
m Norse Mythology
Derived from , a Germanic shrine or sacred enclosure. In Norse Mythology, Vé is the brother of Odin and Vili.
Veaidnu m Sami
Northern Sami form of Väinö.
Veâra f Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami female name, possibly a cognate of Vera and influenced by the Russian.
Veasanea f Khmer
Means "destiny" in Khmer.
Veata f Khmer
Means "clever" in Khmer.
Veatriki f Greek (Rare)
Modern transcription of Beatrike.
Vébjörn m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse ve "temple, sanctuary" combined with Old Norse björn "bear".
Vebjørn m Norwegian
Modern Norwegian form of Vébjörn.
Veca f Hungarian
Diminutive of Veronika, meaning "victory bringer".
Većeslav m Croatian
Croatian form of Wenceslas.
Vechkana f Mordvin
Means "favourite" in Erzya.
Vechkas m Mordvin
From вечкемс (vechkems) meaning "love".
Vector m Popular Culture
From Vector the Crocodile, a Sonic the Hedgehog character.
Véda f Hungarian
Cognate of Veda, meaning "knowlage".
Veda f Turkish
Means "leave, farewell, valedictory" in Turkish.
Vedah f American (Rare, Archaic)
Stage name of silent film actress Vedah Bertram (1891-1912)
Vedang m Indian
Means "From the Vedas". The Vedas are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India.
Vedant m Indian, Sanskrit
It is a Sanskrit name and has a variety of meanings depending on the grammatical device (Samasa) used to unravel it. All the meanings bear some reference to the Vedas which are ancient Hindu holy texts.... [more]
Vedas m Mari
Mari form of Theodosius.
Vedasi f Mari
Mari form of Theodosia.
Védaste m French (Archaic), French (African)
French form of Vedastus. This given name is no longer in use in France today, but it still survives in francophone countries in Africa, such as Rwanda.
Védastine f French (Rare)
Feminine form of Védaste, which is the French form of Vedastus.
Vedasto m Italian (Archaic), Spanish (Archaic), Filipino
Italian and Spanish form of Vedastus. The name is also in use in the Philippines, which is a remnant of the influence that Spain has had over the country, what with the country having been part of the Spanish Empire for several centuries.
Vedasya f Indian
Meaning “The knowledgeable one”.
Védís f Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic
Combination of "home, temple; devoted" and dís "goddess; wise woman".
Vedis f Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Norwegian younger form of Védís.
Vedra f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Vedran.
Vee f & m English (American)
Short form of names beginning with V.
Veegi f Estonian (Archaic)
Possibly a diminutive of Solveig.
Veejay m Indian
Variant transcription of Vijay.
Veeksha f Indian
An Indian name that is said to mean “vision” or “knowledge”.
Veeli m Finnish
Finnish form of William.
Veeliks m Estonian
Estonian form of Felix.
Veena f Indian, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil
Variant transcription of Vina.
Veenapani f Indian, Hinduism
Means "one who plays veena, veena-playing", from a combination of Veena (an Indian lute) and Sanskrit pani ("water" or "flowing"). This is an epithet of the Hindu goddess Saraswati, who is often depicted playing a veena on the back of a swan.
Veep f & m History
Meaning unknown; most likely of Cornish origin. This was the name of a 6th-century Cornish saint. Almost nothing is known about the saint - there is debate over whether Veep was male or female. S/he is the namesake of the village St... [more]
Veera m & f Indian, Telugu, Punjabi, Thai
Alternate transcription of Vira. It is sometimes used as a feminine name in India while it is only masculine in Thailand.
Veerachai m Thai
Alternate transcription of Wirachai.
Veerasak m Thai
Alternate transcription of Wirasak.
Veerat m Thai
Alternate transcription of Wirat.
Veerayut m Thai
Alternate transcription of Wirayut.
Veertinaat m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Vêrtinât.
Veerukka f Finnish
Diminutive of Vera.
Veesta f Persian (Rare)
Means "knowledge" in Persian.
Veevee f & m Various
Variant of Vivi.
Veevi f Estonian
Variant of Viivi.
Vefa m Turkish
Means "loyalty" in Turkish.
Véfreyja f Ancient Scandinavian
Possibly meant "devotee of Freyja" from the Old Norse element meaning "devoted, dedicated" or "home, temple, sanctuary" (compare the word *véseti "one who sits with (= is in charge of) a Vé (= temple, sanctuary)") combined with the name of the goddess Freyja.
Vega f Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali
MEANING - speed, quickness, velocity, current ( of water ), momentum
Vega f Spanish
From vega "fertile plain, meadow". The name came to be used through the Marian title Virgen de la Vega (or any of its variants); she's the patron saint of several Spanish municipalities.... [more]
Végarður m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Végarðr (see Vegard).
Vegas m & f English (American, Modern, Rare)
From the name of the city in Nevada. it's derived from Spanish Las Vegas, which translates to "The meadows" in English.
Végeirr m Ancient Scandinavian
Variant of VígæiRR, a combination of Old Norse "temple, sacred enclosure, sanctuary" and geirr "spear".
Veger m Kurdish
Means "return, comeback" in Kurdish.
Végerðr f Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse "holy place, temple, sanctuary" (which is related to Gothic weihs "holy") combined with Old Norse garðr "enclosure".
Vegeta m Popular Culture
Vegeta (Japanese: ベジータ ) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.
Vegime f Albanian
Possibly from the Albanian vegim meaning "apparation".
Vehab m Albanian
Albanian form of Wahab.
Vehanush f Armenian
From the Armenian վեհ (veh) meaning "majestic, sublime" and անուշ (anush) meaning "sweet".
Vehbi m Turkish, Albanian
Turkish and Albanian form of Wahab.
Vehbije f Albanian
Etymology uncertain, possibly an Albanian feminine form of Wahb.
Vehuhi f Armenian
From the Armenian վեհ (veh) meaning "majestic, sublime" and the feminine suffix ուհի (uhi).
Veig f Icelandic
Variant of Veiga.
Veiga f Icelandic
Short form of Old Norse names containing the name element veig "power, strength".
Veigar m Icelandic
Icelandic combination of veig "power", "strength" and herr "army".
Veigo m Estonian
Estonian form of Veikko.
Veigur m Icelandic (Rare)
Icelandic masculine form of Veiga.
Veijo m Finnish
Diminutive of Veikko.
Veikka m Finnish
Diminutive of Veli.
Veikla f Latvian
Derived from Latvian veikls "dexterous, skillful, able; agile".
Veiksma f Latvian (Rare)
Derived from Latvian veiksme "luck; good fortune; success".
Veine m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of Väinö.
Véineas f Astronomy, Roman Mythology
Irish form of Venus. It does not appear to be in use as an Irish given name.
Veini m Finnish
Finnish variant of Sven.
Veive m Etruscan Mythology
The Etruscan god of revenge. He is portrayed as a young man wearing a laurel wreath and holding arrows in his hand. A goat stands next to him.
Vėja f Lithuanian
From the Lithuanian word vėjas meaning, "wind."
Vėjas m Lithuanian
Derived from the Lithuanian noun vėjas meaning "wind".
Vejîn f Kurdish
Means "resurrection" in Kurdish.
Vejne m Swedish
Variant of Veine.
Vėjūnė f Lithuanian
A variation of Vėja
Vekoslava f Slovene
Feminine form of Vekoslav.
Vektor m Russian
"'revolutionary name' created in the early period of the Soviet Union" Shortened form of Великий коммунизм торжествует (Velikij kommunizm torzhestvuet) meaning 'great communism triumphs'
Vela f Astronomy, Etruscan
Vela is a southern constellion, one of four parts into which Argo Navis was split... Vela is the sail.
Velam m Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Vilhelm.
Velasquita f Medieval Spanish
Feminine diminutive of Velasco. Velasquita Ramírez was an 11th-century queen consort of León as the first wife of King Bermudo II.
Vélaug f Ancient Scandinavian
Ancient Scandinavian and Icelandic name with the combination of "home, temple, sanctuary" and laug possibly meaning "betrothed woman".
Velaug f Norwegian
Younger form of Vélaug.
Vélaugur m Icelandic
Icelandic masculine form of Vélaug.
Vēlava f Medieval Baltic
Recorded in Latvia in the late Middle Ages, this name is of unknown origin and meaning. Theories include a direct derivation from vēlava, itself a Latvian dialectal word describing an accessory mark at the end of the mast of a fishing boat, a derivation from Lithuanian vėliava "flag, banner" and a derivation from Latvian vēls "late".
Velda f Estonian
Variant of Valda.
Veldze f Latvian (Rare)
Directly taken from Latvian veldze "refreshment".
Velebit m Croatian (Rare)
Velebit is the largest mountain range in Croatia.
Veleda f History
Veleda was a priestess and prophet of the Germanic tribe of the Bructeri who achieved some prominence during the Batavian rebellion of AD 69–70, headed by the Romanized Batavian chieftain Gaius Julius Civilis, when she correctly predicted the initial successes of the rebels against Roman legions.... [more]
Velga f Latvian
Of uncertain origin and meaning, although a derivation from Latvian veldze "refreshment" has been suggested.
Velgjerd f Norwegian (Rare)
Norwegian dialectal variant of Valgjerd.
Veli m & f Turkish
From Turkish veli meaning "guardian".
Vélia f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Velia.
Veliana f Italian
Variant of Velia.
Veliana f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velian.
Velichka f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velichko.
Veličko m Serbian (Rare), Bulgarian
Derived from the adjective velik, meaning "big, large in size".
Velid m Turkish
Turkish form of Walid
Velide f Albanian
Albanian feminine form of Walid.
Velika f Bulgarian (Rare)
Feminine form of Veliko.
Veliko m Georgian (Rare)
Probably a diminutive of Velodi and perhaps also of Arvelodi, Birtvel and Iovel... [more]
Velim f Dagbani
Means "beauty" in Dagbani.
Velimudr m Russian (Rare, Archaic)
Old Russian name meaning "multiscious, much-knowing", derived from Old Church Slavonic велии (velii) "great" combined with мѫдръ (mǫdrŭ) meaning "wise".
Velin m Bulgarian
Derived from Slavic veli meaning "great".
Velina f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velin.
Velinka f Slovene
Derived from Velimira.
Velir m Soviet, Russian
Contraction of Russian великий рабочий (velikiy rabochiy) meaning "great worker" as well as of Владимир Ленин и революция (Vladimir Lenin i revolyutsiya) meaning "Vladimir Lenin and the revolution"... [more]
Velira f Soviet, Russian
Feminine form of Velir. This name was created by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names.
Veliša m Serbian (Rare)
Derived from the adjective velik, meaning "big, large in size".
Velislav m Bulgarian, Medieval Czech
From Old Church Slavonic велии (velii) meaning "great" combined with слава (slava) "fame, glory".
Velislava f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velislav.
Velit m Chuvash
Chuvash form of Walid.
Velizar m Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Belisarius.
Velizara f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velizar.
Veljkan m Vlach
Vlach diminutive of Velibor.
Veljo m Estonian
Derived from Estonian veli or velje “brother”.
Velka f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Velko.
Vella f American, English
Diminutive of Velvet.
Vella f Finnish, Estonian
Short form of Vellamo.
Velleda f History
Italian form of Veleda.
Velli f Estonian
Variant of Vella.
Velmata f Mordvin
Derived from the Erzya verb вельмемс (veľmems) meaning "to come to life, to be resurrected".
Velmir m Bulgarian
Cognate of Velimir.
Velmira f Bulgarian, Hungarian
Bulgarian feminine form of Velmir as well as a Hungarian borrowing of this name.
Velodi m Georgian (Rare)
Basically means "I had expected you", derived from Georgian ველოდი (velodi) meaning "I expected", which ultimately comes from the verb ლოდინი (lodini) meaning "to expect, to await".... [more]
Velouria f Popular Culture
Comes from a song by the Pixies.
Veltha m Etruscan Mythology
Alternate name of Voltumna, an etruscan god.
Velva f American (South)
Diminutive of Velvet but has been used as a name in its own right for decades.
Velyana f Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Веляна (see Veliana).
Vem m Armenian
Means "stone, rock" in Armenian.
Vemund m Norwegian, Swedish (Rare)
Modern Norwegian and Swedish form of Vémundr.
Vémundr m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse "temple, sanctuary" combined with Old Norse mundr "protection."
Vémundur m Icelandic
Icelandic younger form of Vémundr.
Vemvane f Zulu
Means "butterfly" in Zulu.
Ven f & m English
Short form of Vena, Venice, Venicia, Venetia, Vanessa, Veronica, Veronique, Venus, Venustus, Venustian, and other names beginning with or otherwise containing ven-.
Venacijus m Lithuanian
Variant form of Venancijus, which is the Lithuanian form of Venantius.
Venance m French
French form of Venantius.
Venancia f Spanish, Galician, Portuguese
Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Venantia.
Venancijus m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Venantius.
Venâncio m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Venantius.
Venancio m Spanish, Galician
Spanish and Galician form of Venantius.
Venantia f Late Roman
Feminine form of the Roman name Venantius. ... [more]
Venantius m Late Roman
Derived from Latin venans meaning "hunting, chasing, pursuing", from the Latin verb vēnor "to hunt, to chase, to pursue". Bearers of this name include a Roman consul (6th century AD) and a Latin poet (7th century AD).
Venanzia f Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Venantia.
Venanzio m Italian
Italian form of Venantius.
Venasha f American
Derived from venessa. Venasha is a very unique name. Nicknames are Venasha or Nash pronounced N-AYsh
Venatrix f Roman Mythology
Means "huntress" in Latin. This was an epithet of the goddess Diana.
Venca m Czech
Diminutive of Václav.
Vencel m Banat Swabian
Banatswabian form of Wenzel.
Venceslau m Portuguese (Brazilian), Galician, Lengadocian, Provençal
Portuguese, Galician, Languedocian and Provençal form of Wenceslaus.
Venceslav m Banat Swabian
Banatswabian form of Wenceslas.
Venčeslava f Slovene
Feminine form of Venčeslav.
Venceslava f Slovene
Feminine form of Venceslav.
Vencho m Bulgarian
Variant of Venko.
Vendalin m Czech
Variant of Vendelín.
Vendelin m Banat Swabian
Banatswabian form of Wendelin.
Vendetta f English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Vendetta or from the word vendetta, from Italian vendetta "a feud, blood feud," from Latin vindicta "vengeance, revenge."
Vendi f & m Telugu
Means "silver" in Telugu.
Vendim m Albanian
Presumably directly taken from Albanian vendim "decision; resolution".
Venecia f English
Variant of Venezia and Venetia.
Venecija f Croatian (Rare)
Croatian form of Venice.
Venedikte m Georgian (Rare)
Georgian form of Venediktos, which is the modern Greek form of Benedictus (see Benedict).... [more]
Venediktini f Greek (Rare, ?)
Variant Greek feminine form of Venediktos.
Venediktos m Greek (Rare)
Greek form of Benedictus (see Benedict).
Venel m Etruscan
Diminutive of Vel.
Venelin m Bulgarian
Derived from Венелин (Venelin), the surname of the Russian slavist and philologist Yuriy Venelin (1802-1839), who is best known for his research on the language, history and culture of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people... [more]
Venelina f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Venelin. A known bearer of this name is the Bulgarian high jumper Venelina Veneva-Mateeva (b. 1974).
Venencio m Asturian
Asturian form of Venancio.
Venera f Italian (Rare), Italian (Swiss, Rare), Sicilian
Of debated origin and meaning. Some scholars consider this name a contracted form of Veneranda, while others theorize a derivation from Latin venerabilis.... [more]
Veneranda f Italian, Spanish, Galician, Latvian
Feminine form of Venerando. It belonged to a semi-legendary saint of the early Christian era, also known as Venera... [more]
Vénérande f French, French (Quebec)
French form of Veneranda. Virgin martyr of Champagne, honored 14 Nov.
Venerando m Italian, Galician
Italian and Galician form of Venerandus.
Veneria f Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Venerio.
Venerina f Italian
Possibly a diminutive of Venere.
Venerio m Medieval Italian
A derivative of Latin Venus, the name of the goddess of love and fertility, from Proto-Indo-European *wenh₁- "to wish, love". This is the name of a 5th century saint and 6th century saint.
Venerius m Late Roman
Original Latin form of Venerio.