Submitted Names Starting with V

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Veneta f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Venets.
Venets m Bulgarian (Rare)
Derived from Bulgarian венец "wreath, garland; crown; halo, nimbus, aureole".
Venezia f English (Rare)
Variant of Venetia. It also coincides with the Italian name of the city Venice.
Venia f Greek
Diminutive of Evgenia.
Venia f English (Rare)
Derived from Latin venia "grace; indulgence; favor; forgiveness".... [more]
Veniamina f Greek
Greek form of Benjamina.
Venice f English (Rare)
Perhaps originally a Christianized variant of Venus, now either an English vernacular form of Venetia ('Many of the girls who were called Venice had actually been named Venetia') or else directly from the English name of the city in Italy... [more]
Venida f Asturian
Short form of Bienvenida.
Venido m Asturian
Short form of Bienvenido.
Venie f American
Diminutive of Lavinia or names containing the element ven, such as Ravenna.
Veniera f Medieval Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan feminine form of Venerio.
Venilia f Roman Mythology
A Roman deity associated with the winds and the sea.
Venio m Italian, Croatian (Rare)
From Latin veniō ‎meaning ''come, approach''.
Venjamin m Estonian
Estonian transcription of Russian Вениамин (see Veniamin).
Venka f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Venko.
Venkateshwara m Hinduism, Indian, Telugu
From Venkata, the name of a hill in Andhra Pradesh state, India, combined with Sanskrit ईश्वर (ishvara) meaning "lord, god". This is the name of a form of the Hindu god Vishnu particularly revered in southern India.
Venkatraman m Indian, Malayalam, Tamil
From वेंकटेशा (venkateša) meaning "lord of Venkata hill", a combination of Venkata, the name of a hill in Andhra Pradesh, India (see Venkata), and Sanskrit ईश् (īś) meaning "lord, master" (see Isha)... [more]
Venko m Bulgarian, Macedonian
Short form of Veniamin and Venelin as well as a variant of Wenceslas.... [more]
Venlá f Sami
Sami form of Venla.
Venna f English
Possibly a nickname for names like Venice, Vanessa, Veronica and other names that begin with the letter V.
Venne m Finnish
Finnish form of Svenne and diminutive of Werner.
Venni m & f Finnish
A diminutive of Verner and Vendela.
Vennie f American (South)
Not sure, it was given to 6 girls in Alabama in 1913, looks like a diminutive of a longer name that became independent, perhaps Venetia or Venicia.
Vennila f Tamil (Rare)
Said to mean "white moon" in Tamil.... [more]
Venno m Estonian
Variant of Vendo.
Vennor m Cornish
Middle name of Captain Ross Poldark, the main character in the historical television series Poldark. Ross Vennor Poldark is his full name on the BBC show.
Venox m Etruscan
Diminutive of Vel.
Venta f Lithuanian (Modern, Rare), Latvian (Rare)
Transferred use of the name of the river Venta which flows through north-western Lithuania and western Latvia.
Vents m Latvian
Masculine form of Venta.
Ventseslau m Belarusian
Variant form of Vatslau.
Ventseslava f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Ventseslav.
Ventslau m Belarusian
Variant form of Vatslau.
Ventu m Spanish
Diminutive of Buenaventura.
Ventura f Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Means "fortune, luck, happiness" in Spanish.
Ventura m Spanish
Short form of Buenaventura.
Venture m Medieval Italian
Derived from Italian ventura "fortune'. It was occasionally used a diminutive of Bonaventure.
Venturi m Spanish
Diminutive of Buenaventura.
Ventúria f Provençal
Provençal form of Victoria.
Venturina f Judeo-Spanish
Diminutive of Ventura, a Ladino name meaning "(good) luck, fortune".
Venturino m Italian
Italian name derived from the name Bonaventura. This name was borne by Italian preacher Venturino of Bergamo.
Venu m Indian, Sanskrit
Means "flute" in Sanskrit and usually refers to the Lord Krishna.
Vénusia f French (Rare)
French form of Venusia.
Venusia f Italian (Rare)
This name may be an elaboration of Venere, via its Latin form Venus.
Venustiano m Italian, Spanish
Spanish and Italian form of Venustianus, which derives from Venus, the name of the Roman goddess of love, via Venustus. A known bearer was Venustiano Carranza (1859-1920), one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution.
Venustianus m Ancient Roman
Extended form of Venustus a personal name meaning devoted to Venus. A saint who was a companion with sabinus of spoleto.
Vénustien m French
French form of Venustian (see Venustus).
Venusto m Italian
Italian form of Venustus.
Venustus m Ancient Roman
Personal name meaning devoted to Venus or meaning beautiful. Used by a couple of saints.
Vénusz f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Venus.
Venuto m Medieval Italian
Taken from Italian venuto "arrived; newcomer" and sometimes used as a diminutive of Benvenuto.
Véný f Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic (Rare)
Ancient Scandinavian and Icelandic name with the combination of "home" and nyr "new".
Veny f Norwegian, Swedish
Younger form of Véný.
Venzel m Banat Swabian
Banatswabian form of Vencel.
Veola f English
Variant of Viola.
Ve’ondre m & f African American
Possibly a female version of Deandre or Deondre, or Ondre combines with the prefix Ve... [more]
Vepkho m Georgian
Short form or variant of Vepkhia.
Veprim m Albanian
Action or to act
Ver m Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian
Bosnian, Catalan and Croatian form of Verus.
Véra f French
French form of Vera.
Vera f Greek
Short form of Varvara.
Verá f Sami
Sami form of Vera.
Veracity f English (Rare)
From the English word meaning "conformity to facts", ultimately derived from Latin verax "speaking truthfully".
Verak m Albanian
Means "of summer" in Albanian.
Verake f Albanian
Derived from the Albanian verak meaning "of summer".
Verald m Norwegian (Rare, Archaic)
Norwegian younger form of Veraldr.
Veraldr m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse verr "man" and valdr "ruler, mighty one, powerful one".
Veraleen f English (Rare)
Formed from Vera and the popular name suffix leen.
Veralidaine f Literature
The first name of the protagnist in The Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce. A diminutive of the name is Daine.
Veran m Serbian
Masculine form of Vera, meaning "faith". Also associated with the adjective veran, pronounced with a stress on the first syllable, meaning "loyal, faithful".
Veran m Provençal
Variant of Véran.
Verana f Provençal
Provençal form of Vérane.
Veranda f American (Modern, Rare)
Maybe an elaboration of Vera.
Veranika f Belarusian
Belarusian form of Veronica.
Veránka f Hungarian
Diminutive of Veronika, meaning "victory bringer".
Verbeia f Celtic Mythology
The Celtic goddess of the river Wharfe (North Yorkshire, England) known from a single inscription found in Ilkley, England and therefore interpreted as a local deity.... [more]
Verbéna f Hungarian
Cognate of Verbena, meaning "verbena flower".
Vercana f Germanic Mythology, Celtic Mythology
Vercana was a goddess who was venerated by the Gauls in Roman times, it is, however, uncertain whether she was a Germanic or a Celtic goddess. Since inscriptions dedicated to her were found near healing springs, it has been proposed that she may have been a goddess of healing and waters and attempts have been made to link her name to Germanic *Werkanô "she who does deeds" and to *Berkanô "goddess of birch trees".
Vercingetorige m Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Vercingetorix mainly used for the historical person. It is rarely used as a given name in Italy.
Verda f Turkish
Turkish form of Warda.
Verda f English
Possibly derived from verde a Spanish and Italian word meaning "green" (see Viridis).
Verdell m & f English (American)
Derived from the Spanish verde, meaning "green," combined with the suffix -ell. A notable bearer is Native American singer Verdell Primeaux (1966-).
Verderosa f Medieval Italian
From Latin viridis "green" and rosa "rose", essentially meaning "green rose".
Verdi m & f English (Rare)
Italian surname which means "green". ... [more]
Verdiana f Italian, Medieval Italian, Venetian
Contracted form of Veridiana, which itself is a variant form of Viridiana. This was the name of an Italian saint from the 13th century AD.
Verdie f American
Variant or diminutive of Verity or Vera meaning "true, faithful" and as such a virtue name. Most well used in the southeastern US in the late 1800s and early 1900s... [more]
Verdon m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Verdon.
Verdun m & f English (British)
From the name of the city in France which derives from the Latin 'Verodunum', meaning "strong fort". This name was first used during the First World War when the city became well-known due to the Battle of Verdun (1916)... [more]
Vere f Dutch (Modern)
Variant of Fere.
Verë f Albanian
From Albanian verë meaning "summer".
Veremonda f Italian (Rare)
Italian feminine form of Wermund and Warimund.
Veréna f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Verena.
Verenice f Spanish (Mexican)
Apparently a Spanish variant of Berenice.
Vergel m Filipino
Variant of Virgil.
Vergèli m Provençal
Provençal form of Virgil.
Vergeli m Lengadocian
Languedocian form of Virgil.
Vergible m Literature
Used by Zora Neale Hurston in her 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. The main character, Janie, marries and finds love with a man called Tea Cake whose real name is Vergible Woods.
Vergilije m Bosnian, Croatian
Bosnian and Croatian form of Virgil.
Vergiliy m Russian
Russian form of Vergilius (see Virgil).
Vergille m Medieval Walloon
Medieval Walloon form of Virgil.
Vergin m Turkish
Meaning:... [more]
Verhantsnuhi f Armenian
From the Armenian վեհանձն (verhantsn) meaning "generous" and the feminine suffix ուհի (uhi).
Verianë f Albanian
Variant of Verë.
Veridia f Late Roman, English (Rare, Archaic)
This name either came into being as a variant form of Viridia, or as a shortened form of Veridiana (see Viridiana)... [more]
Veridiana f Portuguese (Brazilian), Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Venetian
Portuguese, Catalan, Venetian and Spanish form of Viridiana as well as an Italian variant of this name.
Verildis f Medieval Dutch
Latinate form of Veerle, recorded in the early 13th century.
Verily f English (British)
Meaning, "certainly" or "truly."
Verina f Late Roman
Variant of Verena.
Verinha f Portuguese
Diminutive of Vera.
Verinus m Late Roman
Roman cognomen which is ultimately derived from the Latin adjective verus "true".
Verísima f Galician
Feminine form of Verísimo.
Verísimo m Galician
Galician form of Verissimus.
Verison m Brazilian
Comes from latin Veritas which means Truth
Veritas f Roman Mythology
Means "truth" in Latin. She was the Roman personification of truth, equivalent to the Greek entity Alethea.
Verité f English
Variant of Verity.
Verito f Spanish
Dininutive of Veronica.
Verjaluys f Armenian
Means "sundown, twilight" in Armenian.
Verka f Bulgarian, Slovene
Diminutive form of Vera 1.
Verki f Mordvin
Mordvin form of Vera.
Verl m American
An English language form of a French name meaning "truthful" and a variant of Verle.
Verla f American (South, Rare)
Possibly feminine of Verl.
Verlaine f & m French (Rare), English (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Likely given in honour of French poet Paul Verlaine (1844-1896). Usage in France is feminine.
Verle m American (Rare)
An English language form of a French name meaning "truthful".
Verlene f English (American)
Feminine form of Verl.
Verletta f American (Rare)
Likely an elaboration of Verla.
Verley m English
Southern name
Verlie f English (Rare)
Possibly related to Verla.
Verlin m American
From Latin origin meaning "virile" or "manly". ... [more]
Verlisebette f Medieval Dutch
Medieval variant of Elisabeth.
Verlon m American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Verlon.
Vermergriete f Medieval Dutch
Medieval variant of Margriet.
Vermettya f African American
Vermettya Royster was a member of the R&B ensemble 'The Sisters Love'.
Vermilia f Medieval Italian
Derived from Old French vermeillon "vermilion", ultimately from Latin vermiculus "little worm", in reference to Kermes vermilio, from which crimson dye was made.
Vermondo m Italian
Italian form of Wermund.
Vermont f American
From the name of the state in the United States of America. The origin of the name came from Vermont, an English form of the name that French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave to Vermont's Green Mountains on his 1647 map... [more]
Vermundo m Spanish (Rare, Archaic)
Visigothic name from the Ancient Germanic name Wermund, possibly composed of the elements wer "true", and mund, "protector".
Verna f Hungarian
Means "spring" in latin.
Vernal m English
Transferred use of the surname.
Vernalyn f Filipino
The name Verna with the suffix -lyn.
Verne m English (American, Rare)
Variant of Vern or a transferred use of the surname Verne.
Verneda f English (American)
Possibly a variant of Vernita.
Vernelle f English (American)
Combination of the name Vern with the feminine suffix -elle.
Verneri m Finnish
Finnish form of Verner.
Vernessa f African American (Modern, Rare)
Possibly an attempt at creating a feminine form of Verne influenced by Vanessa.
Vernetta f English
Diminutive of Verna.
Vernia f English
Elaboration of Verna.
Vernice f English
Combination of Verna and Bernice.
Vernie m & f English
Diminutive of Vern or Veronica.
Vernier m French (Archaic)
Allegedly a Gallicization of Werner, this name was recorded up until the 1700s. Today, it survives as a surname.
Vernina f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Verna.
Vernita f English (Rare)
Diminutive of Verna.
Vernonia f English (Rare)
From the genus of flowering plants also known as ironweed.
Vernube m African
Véro f French
Diminutive of Véronique
Vero m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Verus.
Vero f Spanish
Diminutive of Veronica.
Veroca f Portuguese
Diminutive of Vera.
Veroljub m Serbian
Derived from the elements vera "faith" and "ljub" "love", literally meaning "lover of faith".
Veron f Hungarian
Diminutive of Veronika, meaning "victory bringer".
Veronese f Medieval Italian
Presumably directly taken from the Italian word, and medieval byname, veronese meaning "from Verona".... [more]
Veronette f African American (Rare)
Variant of Veronica with the suffix -ette
Verònica f Catalan
Catalan form of Veronica.
Veroniek f Dutch, Flemish
Dutch form of Veronique.
Verónika f Icelandic (Rare)
Icelandic variant of Veróníka.
Veronikæ f Ossetian
Ossetian form of Veronica.
Veronike f Greek (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Greek form of Veronika and possible Dutch variant of Veronique.
Veroniki f Greek
Variant transcription of Veronike.
Veronka f Hungarian
Diminutive of Veronika, meaning "victory bringer".
Veronyka f Ukrainian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Veronika.
Veronytė f Lithuanian
Diminutive form of Veronika.
Veroonika f Estonian
Estonian variant of Veronika.
Veror m Albanian
Means "of summer" in Albanian.
Verore f Albanian
Means "fan" in Albanian, referring to a fan used in summer. This can also refer to red and white bracelets or necklaces traditionally worn by children on the first day of spring, or a type of small frog associated with the beginning of spring.
Věroslava f Czech (Rare)
Feminine form of Věroslav.
Verrell m French
Means "true" in French
Versa f American (South)
This name sporadically appears outside the U.S. top 1000 in the American South in the early 20th-century. It is most likely inspired by the Latin word "versus" (verse; line) probably used by Southern Baptists in reference to the verses of the Bible... [more]
Vershime f Albanian
From the Albanian vërshim meaning "flood, downpour".
Verticordia f Roman Mythology
Means "turner of hearts" from Latin vertere "to turn, turn about" and cor "heart" (genitive cordis). This was an epithet of the Roman goddess Venus.
Vertie f English, American
Diminutive of Alverta.
Vêrtinât m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Ferdinand.
Vertumnus m Etruscan Mythology
Variation of Voltumna. See also Tumnus.
Veru m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Verus.
Veru f Spanish
Diminutive of Veronica.
Veruca f Literature
A name created by Roald Dahl for his novel 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.... [more]
Veruha f Chuvash
Possibly derived from the Russian name Vera, or otherwise the Arabic وَرَقَةٌ (wáraqa) meaning "leaf (of a plant)".
Veruna f Czech
Diminutive form of Veronika.
Verus m Ancient Roman
Derived from Latin verus "true."
Veruša f Croatian (Rare), Czech, Slovak
Croatian, Czech and Slovak form of Verusha. Also compare Veruška.
Verusca f Portuguese
Diminutive of Vera.
Veruschka f German
German form of Verushka. This name is borne by German model and actress Veruschka von Lehndorff.
Verush f Mari
Mari form of Vera.
Verushka f Russian
Russian diminutive of Vera. Also compare Verusha and Verusya.
Veruška f Croatian, Czech, Slovak
Croatian, Czech and Slovak form of Verushka. Also compare Veruša.
Vervain f & m American (Rare, Archaic)
Means "foliage", from the Latin verbena. Vervain, also known as verbena, is a genus in the botanical family Verbenaceae.
Vervaine f American (Rare, Archaic)
Variant of Verbena, the Latin name for the plant known in English as vervain. The spelling of the name might have been influenced by verveine, the French word for the plant.
Verve f & m English
Variant of Virve.
Verveine f French (Rare)
French form of Verbena.
Veryan m Cornish
From the name of a Cornish town, which is taken from Sen Veryan meaning "Saint Veryan", a Cornish corruption of Severian, itself a corrupted form of Symphorian (the saint to whom the village church is dedicated).
Ves m Limburgish
Limburgish short form of Silvester.
Vesako m Nenets
Means "old man" in Nenets.
Vesë f Albanian
From the Albanian word vesë "dew".
Vesel m Medieval Romanian
Derived from Romanian vesel "cheerful, blithe, glad".
Veselina f Bulgarian, Slovene
Feminine form of Veselin.
Veselinka f Slovene
Diminutive of Veselina, occasionally used as a given name in its own right.
Veseljka f Croatian, Slovene
Feminine form of Veseljko.
Veselke f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Veselka.
Véseti m Ancient Scandinavian
Means "one who is in charge of a sacred place" (see also ) in Old Norse.
Veshtak m Albanian
Means "perceptive, quick-witted" in Albanian.
Veshtake f Albanian
From veshtak meaning "perceptive, quick-witted" in Albanian.
Vesike m Livonian, Medieval Baltic
Derived from Livonian *vesi "water".
Vesim m Albanian
Means "thin rain" in Albanian.
Vesime f Albanian
Derived from the Albanian vesim meaning "light rain".
Vesla f Norwegian (Rare)
Directly taken from Norwegian vesle "little".
Veslefrikk m Literature, Folklore
Means "little Frikk" from Norwegian vesle "little" combined with the name Frikk. This is the main character in the Norwegian folktale Veslefrikk med fela, which translates to English as Little Freddie with his Fiddle.
Vēsma f Latvian
Directly taken from Latvian vēsma "breeze, whiff".
Vespa f American
Possible feminization of Vespasian.
Vespasià m Catalan
Catalan form of Vespasian.
Vespasiaan m Dutch (Archaic)
Archaic Dutch form of Vespasian.