Notable Artists

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the art world. Included are painters, etchers, sculptors, architects, photographers, designers and more.
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Abraham1 painter/printmaker1
Adil1 painter1
Adolph1 painter1
Adolphe2 painters2
Albert2 cartoonists2
Alberto1 sculptor1
Albrecht1 painter/printmaker1
Alexander1 fashion designer1
Alexandre1 architect1
Alfons1 painter1
Alfred1 painter1
Alia1 artist1
Amedeo1 painter/sculptor1
André1 cartoonist1
Andrea1 painter, 1 painter/sculptor2
Andrei1 painter1
Andy1 painter/photographer/printmaker1
Angelico1 painter1
Ansel1 photographer1
Anthony1 painter1
Antoine1 painter1
Antoni1 architect1
Antonio1 painter, 1 sculptor2
Ants1 painter1
Apelles1 painter1
Archer1 painter1
Artemisia1 painter1
Asim1 artist1
Auguste2 painters, 2 sculptors4
Baptiste1 painter1
Bård1 sculptor1
Barnaba1 painter1
Bartolomé1 painter1
Bedri1 painter1
Benvenuto1 sculptor1
Bill1 cartoonist1
Bruce1 sculptor1
Burhan1 artist1
Calvin1 fashion designer1
Camille2 painters2
Caspar1 painter1
Chares1 sculptor1
Charles1 artist, 1 cartoonist2
Cherubino1 painter, 1 engraver/painter2
Christian1 fashion designer1
Christopher1 architect1
Cimabue1 painter1
Cindy1 photographer1
Claude1 painter1
Coco1 fashion designer1
Constantin1 sculptor1
Crescenzio1 painter1
Cyrus1 sculptor1
David2 painters2
Deodato1 painter1
Diane1 photographer1
Dick1 artist1
Diego1 painter1
Dixie1 painter1
Domenico1 painter1
Domenicos1 architect/painter/sculptor1
Dominique1 painter1
Donald1 sculptor1
Donatella1 fashion designer1
Donatello1 sculptor1
Duccio1 painter1
Dupa1 cartoonist1
Eddy1 cartoonist1
Edgar1 painter/sculptor1
Édouard1 painter1
Edvard1 painter1
Edward2 painters2
Egon1 painter1
Ellsworth1 painter1
Emily1 painter1
Emmett1 artist1
Endel1 artist, 1 sculptor2
Estéban1 painter1
Eugène1 painter1
Eustațiu1 painter1
Evald1 painter1
Fanny1 painter1
Filippo1 painter1
Flori1 engraver/painter1
Francis1 painter1
Francisco1 painter1
François2 painters2
Frank2 architects2
Frans1 painter1
Frédéric1 sculptor1
Frida1 painter1
Galasso1 architect, 1 painter2
Galeazzo1 architect, 1 painter2
Gary1 cartoonist1
Georges1 painter, 1 painter/sculptor2
Georgia1 painter1
Gerhard1 painter1
Gianni1 fashion designer1
Giorgio1 fashion designer1
Giorgione1 painter1
Giotto1 architect/painter1
Giovanni1 painter1
Giuseppe1 painter1
Gustav1 painter1
Gustave1 architect, 1 engraver, 1 painter3
Hale1 artist1
Hans2 painters2
Hasip1 artist1
Hatice1 artist1
Hazel1 painter1
Hendrick10 painters, 1 architect/sculptor, 2 engraver/painters, 1 painter/printmaker14
Henri2 painters, 1 photographer, 1 painter/sculptor4
Hergé1 cartoonist1
Hieronymus1 painter1
Hokusai1 painter1
Honoré1 painter1
Hubert1 fashion designer1
Ilya1 painter1
Imhotep1 architect1
Jackson1 painter1
Jacopo1 painter1
Jacques1 painter1
Jagoda1 painter1
Jalil1 artist, 1 painter2
James2 painters2
Jan1 cartoonist, 2 painters, 1 sculptor4
Jasper1 painter1
Jean2 cartoonists, 4 painters, 1 sculptor7
Jef1 cartoonist1
Joan1 painter/sculptor1
John1 conceptual artist, 1 painter2
Joseph1 sculptor1
Juhan1 painter1
Julian1 painter1
Kazimir1 painter1
Le Corbusier1 architect1
Leonardo1 painter1
Liss1 sculptor1
Lloyd1 architect1
Lota1 painter1
Louis1 architect, 1 painter2
Lucas1 painter1
Lucian1 painter1
Ludwig1 architect1
Lysippos1 sculptor1
Madelon1 artist1
Madis1 architect1
Maksimilijan1 painter1
Man1 painter1
Marc1 painter1
Marcel1 painter/sculptor1
Mark1 painter1
Martin1 conceptual artist1
Masaccio1 painter1
Mati1 sculptor1
Matt1 cartoonist1
Matthias1 painter1
Max1 painter/sculptor1
McNeill1 painter1
Mechislav1 artist1
Melik1 artist1
Michel1 painter1
Michelangelo1 painter, 1 architect/painter/sculptor2
Mimar1 architect1
Mitra1 painter1
Miuccia1 fashion designer1
Morris1 cartoonist1
Mort1 cartoonist1
Myron1 sculptor1
Nadir1 painter1
Naziha1 painter1
Nedim1 artist1
Nesim1 painter1
Nicolas1 painter1
Niko1 painter1
Novak1 painter1
Novera1 sculptor1
Nurullah1 painter1
Olja1 artist1
Onias1 sculptor1
Oriol1 architect1
Oscar1 fashion designer1
Pablo1 painter/sculptor1
Paolo2 painters2
Paul4 painters4
Peet1 artist1
Pervin1 artist1
Peter1 painter1
Peyo1 cartoonist1
Phidias1 sculptor1
Philip1 painter1
Piero1 painter1
Pierre2 painters2
Piet1 painter1
Pieter1 painter1
Pietro1 painter1
Polidoro1 painter1
Polykleitos1 sculptor1
Praxiteles1 sculptor1
Quinten1 painter1
Rahmi1 painter1
Raivo1 architect1
Ralph1 fashion designer1
Raphael1 architect/painter1
Rembrandt1 etcher/painter/printmaker1
René1 painter1
Reyer1 painter1
Richard1 sculptor1
Robert1 painter, 1 photographer2
Rogier1 painter1
Salvador1 painter1
Sandro1 painter1
Savin1 architect1
Shigeru1 game designer1
Sid1 game designer1
Sol1 conceptual artist1
Sreten1 sculptor1
Stane1 artist1
Tahir1 painter1
Tarsila1 artist1
Théodore1 painter1
Titian1 painter1
Topazia1 painter1
Uche1 artist1
Ufuoma1 painter1
Valentino1 fashion designer1
van Blommendael1 painter1
Vedat1 architect1
Venancio1 painter1
Vera1 fashion designer1
Vincent1 painter1
Vitruvius1 architect1
Wassily1 painter1
Willem1 painter1
William2 painters2
Willy1 cartoonist1
Winslow1 painter1
Yoko1 conceptual artist1
Yves1 fashion designer1
Zaha1 architect1
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