Submitted Names Starting with G

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Gemiliano m Italian
Italian form of Latin Gemilianus.
Gemima f Italian (Rare), English (Rare), Portuguese (Archaic)
Italian form of Jemima, as well as an English variant.
Geminián m Spanish
Variant form of Geminiano.
Geminian m Venetian, Polish (Archaic), History (Ecclesiastical)
Venetian and Polish form of Geminianus. This was the name of a saint from the 4th century AD.
Geminiana f Italian
Feminine form of Geminiano.
Geminiano m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Geminianus.
Geminianus m Late Roman
Extended form of Geminius.
Géminien m French
French form of Geminianus.
Geminius m Late Roman
Variant of Geminus. This name was borne by at least one Roman senator.
Gémino m Spanish (Rare)
Spanish form of Geminus.
Gemino m Italian (Rare)
Italian form of Geminus.
Geminus m Ancient Roman
Derived from Latin geminus "twin." This was the name of a Greek astronomer and mathematician from the 1st century BC. His true Greek name is unknown but it was probably analogous to his Latin name of Geminus (and so his true name might have been Didymos).
Gemm f English (Rare)
Variant of Gem.
Gemmea f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Gemma.
Gemmina f Italian (Rare)
Italian diminutive of Gemma.
Gemmino m Italian
Masculine form of Gemma.
Gemmo m Italian
Masculine form of Gemma.
Gemmy f & m English (Rare)
Diminutive of Gemma or variant of Jemmy.
Gemo m Spanish, Portuguese
Masculine form of Gema.
Gen f English
Diminutive of Genevieve or any name beginning with Gen.
Gen m Japanese
From Japanese 源 meaning "source, origin", 儼 meaning "serious, untouched, solemnly, majestically" or any other kanji pronounced the same way.... [more]
Geňa f Slovak
Diminutive of Eugénia, not used as a given name in its own right.
Gena f Yiddish
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Gena f Kashubian
Diminutive of Genowefa.
Genadia f Polish
Feminine form of Genadiusz and Genady.
Genadiy m Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Gennadiy.
Genaro m Spanish
Spanish form of Gennaro.
Genat f Amharic
Means "heaven" in Amharic.
Genc m Albanian
Variant of Gent.
Genc m Kurdish
Means "treasure" in Central Kurdish, from Persian گنج (ganj).
Genca f Albanian
Feminine form of Genc.
Genca f Karachay-Balkar
Means "foal" in Karachay-Balkar.
Gencay m & f Turkish
it means the firs moon of the month. generally it is crescent. so it has the same meaning with MİRAY and İLKAY. but this is more masculine than these names. otherwise, it is rarely used by females... [more]
Gencian m Albanian
Variant of Genc.
Gendry m Literature, Popular Culture
Gendry is the name of a character, an unacknowledged royal bastard, from the Song of Ice and Fire books by GRR Martin and the TV show Game of Thrones based upon the former. ... [more]
Genė f Lithuanian
Short form of Genovaitė. A known Lithuanian bearer of this name is the retired rower Genė Galinytė (b. 1945).
Genean f English
Variant of Janine.
Genebra f Medieval Portuguese
Most likely related to Genevra and Ginevra.
Genedia f American (Modern)
From Genesis "creation" and Dia "goddess" (or light of the day) - creation of the goddess of light
Geneen f English
Variant of Janine and/or Jeanine. Also compare Genette.... [more]
Genefe f Medieval German
Medieval German contracted form of Genovefa.
Genelia f Indian (Christian)
In the case of Indian actress Genelia D'Souza (1987-), it is a portmanteau of the names Jeanette and Neil (the names of her parents)... [more]
Genelie f American
It is a mixture of Genevieve and Lorelei and means Diversity
Genelle f English
Variant of Jenelle.
Genelyn f Filipino
Combination of Gene and the popular suffix -lyn.
Genene f English (Rare)
Variant form of Janine and/or Jeanine. Also compare Genette.
Geneo m African American (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
General m English
After the rank in the military
Généreuse f French (Archaic)
French form of Generosa, recorded up until the 1600s.
Generosa f Late Roman, Neapolitan, Spanish, Portuguese
Feminine form of Generosus. This name was borne by Generosa of Scillium, a martyr and saint from the 2nd century AD.
Generoso m Italian, Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Italian, Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese form of Generosus.... [more]
Generosus m Late Roman
Derived from the Latin adjective generosus meaning "of noble birth, well-born, noble".... [more]
Generys f Medieval Welsh
Old Welsh name of uncertain meaning, perhaps from Middle Welsh gen "family" or geneth "girl" and ner "chief, hero". It was borne by one of the lovers of the 12th-century Welsh poet Hywel ab Owain.
Genès m Gascon
Gascon form of Genesius.
Genesee f & m English
This is the name of a North American river which flows through western New York and Pennsylvania. Numerous U.S. towns and counties are named after the river. Genesee is a corruption of Chin-u-shio, the indigenous Seneca tribe's name for the river valley, originally Čunehstí•yu• meaning "a beautiful open valley".
Genesia f Italian
Feminine form of Genesio.
Genésio m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Genesius.
Genesios m Ancient Greek
Original Greek and modern Greek form of Genesius.
Genessa f English (Modern)
Variant of Janessa perhaps influenced by Genevieve.
Genessee m & f Seneca, English
From Seneca fen-nis'-hee-yo "the beautiful valley". It is also the name of many locations in the United States.
Genesta f Literature, Popular Culture
Possibly derived from Genista, the Latin name of the broom plant. This is the name of the good fairy in the French fairy tale "Heart of Ice". Genesta is a fairy who brings up the protagonist, Mannikin, and assists him on his journey... [more]
Genet f Ethiopian
Ethiopian name meaning "paradise"
Genevieva f Lengadocian, Provençal, Gascon, English (Rare)
Languedocian, Provençal and Gascon form of Geneviève as well as an English Latinization of Genevieve.
Genevievette f African American (Rare)
Combination of Genevieve and the common feminine suffix -ette.... [more]
Genevisa f Gascon
Béarnese form of Geneviève.... [more]
Geneviva f Provençal
Provençal variant of Genevieva.
Genevivo f Provençal
Provencal form of Genevieve.
Geneziy m Russian
Russian form of Genesius.
Genezjusz m Polish
Polish form of Genesius.
Génia f Hungarian
Hungarian short form of Eugénia.
Genia f Polish, Kashubian
Polish and Kashubian short form of Eugenia as well as a Polish and Kashubian diminutive of Genowefa.
Genia f Corsican
Feminine form of Geniu.
Genichiro m Japanese
This was the given name of the character Sanada from the Prince of Tennis anime.
Génie f Norman
Short form of Eugénie.
Genie m English
Diminutive of Eugene.
Geniès m Occitan
Occitan form of Genesius.
Génîn f Norman
Diminutive of Génie.
Genín m Spanish
Diminutive of Eugenio.
Genine f English
Variant of Janine.
Geninha f Portuguese
Diminutive of Eugenia.
Geninho m Portuguese
Diminutive of Eugenio.
Genio m Spanish
Diminutive of Eugenio.
Genita f Spanish
Diminutive of Eugenia.
Genito m Spanish
Diminutive of Eugenio.
Geniu m Corsican (Rare)
Corsican form of Eugenius.
Geniusia f Polish
Diminutive of Genowefa.
Genji f Chinese
Means "gold" in Chinese.
Genji m & f Japanese
Means "two begginings" in japanese.... [more]
Genji m & f Japanese
Means two beginnings in Japanese.
Genk m Kashubian
Diminutive of Eùgeniusz.
Genka f Bulgarian
Originally a diminutive of Gergana, used as a given name in its own right.
Genka f Japanese
From Japanese 言 (gen) meaning "word" combined with 花 (ka) meaning "flower, blossom". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Genka f Polish
Diminutive of Eugenia and Genowefa.
Genki m & f Japanese
Japanese meaning energy or courage... [more]
Genko f Japanese
From Japanese 厳 (gen) meaning "strict, stern" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Genma m Japanese
Means "Unpolished Stallion"
Genmei f Japanese
A famous bearer of this name is Empress Genmei.
Genna f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jenna, the spelling possibly influenced by Gina or Gianna.
Gennadia f Ancient Greek, Russian
Feminine form of Gennadios (see Gennadiy).
Gennalie f English (Modern, Rare)
Most likely an elaboration of Genna.
Gennara f Neapolitan
Feminine form of Gennaro.
Ġennaru m Maltese
Maltese form of Januarius.
Gennaru m Corsican
Corsican form of Gennaro.
Genndy m Russian
Variant of Gennadiy. This is famously used by the animator, director, and producer most renowned for the creation of and work on acclaimed shows such as 'The Powerpuff Girls', 'Dexter's Laboratory', and 'Samurai Jack', Genndy Tartakovsky.
Gennedy m & f Russian (Rare)
Russian variant of Gennadiy influenced by the English and Irish name Kennedy.
Gennet f Manx
According to the Manx scholar W.W.Gill this name is not connected with Jane or John, but with the Frankish name Genida.
Gennie f American
Diminutive of Genevieve or other names containing gen. Also possibly a variant of Jenny.
Gennifer f English (Modern)
Modern variant of Jennifer. A famous bearer is the author Gennifer Choldenko.
Genny f English (Modern), Spanish
Diminutive of Genevieve or sometimes Jennifer. ... [more]
Geno m English
Diminutive of Eugene.
Genoa f English (Rare)
From the name of the Italian city of Genoa. "Genoa" comes from "Genua" the name of an ancient city of the Ligurians. Its name is probably Ligurian, meaning "knee" (from Ancient Greek gony "knee"), i.e. "angle", from its geographical position, thus akin to the name of Geneva... [more]
Genoël m German (Rare)
Derived from the place name Genoelselderen, now a part of Riemst in Belgium.
Genoel m German (Rare)
Simplified spelling of Genoêl.
Genova f English (Rare)
Variation of Genoa.
Genovaita f Lithuanian
Variant form of Genovaitė.
Genovéva f Hungarian, Slovak (Archaic)
Hungarian and Slovak form of Genevieve.
Genovieva f Romanian (Rare)
Variant of Genoveva influenced by Geneviève.
Gensch m Sorbian
Sorbian form of John.
Genséric m French
French form of Geiseric.
Genserica f Italian
Feminine form of Genserico.
Genserico m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Geiseric.
Genseryk m Polish
Polish form of Geiseric.
Gent m Albanian
From Proto-Indo-European ǵenh- meaning “to produce, to generate”, after the name of Illyrian king Gentius, probably the Latin pronunciation of an Illyrian name.
Genta f Albanian (Rare)
Feminine form of Genti.
Genta f Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Short form of Gentil, Gentille, Gentilia and similar names as well as a feminine form of Gento... [more]
Genta m Japanese
From Japanese 拳 (gen) meaning "fist", 元 (gen) meaning "beginning, former time, origin", 厳 (gen) meaning "stern, strictness, severity, rigidity", 弦 (gen) meaning "bowstring, chord, hypotenuse", 源 (gen) meaning "source, origin", 玄 (gen) meaning "mysterious, occultness, black, deep, profound", 彦 (gen) meaning "boy, prince" or 愿 (gen) meaning "respectful, honest" combined with 太 (ta) meaning "thick, big", 多 (ta) meaning "many, frequent, much" or 汰 (ta) meaning "washing, sieving, filtering, weeding out, luxury"... [more]
Gente f Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Cognate of Yente as well as a short form of Gentille.
Genti m Albanian
Albanian form of Gentius.
Genti f Romani
Romani form of Gentile.
Gentiane f French
French form of Gentiana.... [more]
Gentianus m Late Roman
Derived from a Roman cognomen or agnomen, which in turn was derived from Gentius. Bearers of this name include Hedius Lollianus Terentius Gentianus (Roman politician and senator) and Decimus Terentius Gentianus (Roman politician and senator).
Gentiel m Dutch (Archaic), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch and Flemish form of Gentilis via its French form Gentil.
Gentien m French
French form of Gentian.
Gentil m French (Rare), Flemish (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Walloon (Rare)
French form of Gentilis, which is also used (albeit rarely) in Belgium and the Netherlands.... [more]
Gentila f Medieval Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Medieval Italian variant of Gentile and Brazilian Portuguese feminine form of Gentilis.
Gentile m & f Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Spanish
Probably a Judeo-Italian and Judeo-Spanish form of Yentl.
Gentile m & f Medieval Italian, French (Archaic)
Italian form of Gentilis. This given name was borne by both men and women in medieval Italy, but it was more commonly found on men, which is understandable, as usage of the name appears to have first started in honour of the Blessed Gentilis (c... [more]
Gentilianus m Late Roman
Roman cognomen which was derived from the Latin adjective gentilis meaning "of the same family" (see Gentilis).... [more]
Gentilis m Late Roman
Derived from the Latin adjective gentilis meaning "of the same family". This name is best known for having been the name of the Blessed Gentilis, a medieval Franciscan missionary from Matelica in Italy who was beheaded in 1340 in the Persian city of Tauris (which is nowadays Tabriz in Iran)... [more]
Gentilla f Italian (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), English (Archaic)
Italian variant of Gentila as well as the Dutch, English and Flemish feminine form of Gentilis, most likely via its French feminine forms Gentile and/or Gentille... [more]
Gentille f Judeo-French, Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Judeo-French and Judeo-Anglo-Norman form of both Gentile and Yente.
Gentiluccio m Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian diminutive of Gentile, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.
Gentle m & f English
Possibly from the word "Gentle", used in the beginning of the nouns gentleman meaning "well-born man, man of good family or birth" or from gentlewoman meaning "woman of good family or breeding"... [more]
Gento m Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of Hebrew Shem Tov "good name".
Gento m Japanese
From Japanese 元 (gen) meaning "cause, origin, basis, foundation" or 玄 (gen) meaning "deep, profound, mysterious" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person". Other kanji combinations can also make up this name.
Gentry f & m English (American)
From the English word and surname, "gentry", referring to "people of education and good breeding; those people between the nobility and the yeomanry; courtesy; civility; complaisance". From the Old French genterise.
Genubath m Biblical
Genubath, meaning "Stolen," is mentioned in I Kings 11:20 as the son born to Hadad the Edomite and the sister of Queen Tahpenes, Pharaoh's wife.
Genuina f Italian
Truncated form of Ingenuina.
Genush m Mari
Mari form of Gennadius.
Genutė f Lithuanian
Diminutive of Genovaitė, since this name contains the feminine diminutive suffix -utė.
Gen'ya m Japanese
From Japanese 拳 (gen) meaning "fist", 元 (gen) meaning "beginning, former time, origin", 弦 (gen) meaning "bowstring, chord, hypotenuse" or 玄 (gen) meaning "mysterious, occultness, black, deep, profound" combined with 哉 (ya), an exclamation, 也 (ya) meaning "also", 矢 (ya) meaning "dart, arrow", 弥 (ya) meaning "all the more, increasingly" or 冶 (ya) meaning "melting, smelting"... [more]
Genzaburō m Japanese
From Japanese kanji 現 (gen) meaning "current" combined with 三 (zabu) meaning "third" and 郎 (rō) meaning "son".
Genzhe f Dagestani
Means "treasure" in Dagestani.
Genziano m Italian
Italian form of Gentian.
Géo m French (Rare)
French form of Geo. A diminutive of Georges.
Geo m English (Rare)
Short form or abbreviation for George used as an independent name.
Geoffray m French
French variant of Geoffrey.
Geoffrina f English (Rare)
Feminine form of Geoffrey.
Geoji m Indian
Indian and is for greatly respected
Geon m Korean
From Sino-Korean 建 (geon) meaning "to construct", 健 (geon) meaning "strong", 虔 (geon) meaning "respect" or other characters which are pronounced similarly. It usually occurs in combination with another character, though it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name.
Geonkye m Korean
From Sino-Korean 建 meaning "to construct", 健 meaning "strong", 虔 meaning "respect" and 계.
Geon-u m Korean
From 建 "build, establish, erect, found" and 宇 "house; building, structure".
Geonwoo m Korean
Variant romanization of Geon-u
Geordag m Scots
Caithness Scots diminutive of George.
Geordan m English (American, Rare)
Variant of Jordan influenced by George.
Georden m & f English (Modern)
Variant of Jordan (compare Geordie).
Geordey m & f English (Rare)
Variant of Geordie.
Geordi m & f English (Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Geordie. Geordi La Forge (male) from Star Trek: The Next Generation has this name.
Geordo m Scots
Orcadian Scots diminutive of George.
Geordy m & f English (Rare)
Variant of Geordie and Jordy.
Geordyn f & m English (Modern, Rare)
Rare variant of Jordan (See also Georden and Jordin).
Georga f English
Variant of Georgia.
Georgakis m Greek
Modern Greek diminutive of Georgios, as it contains the modern Greek diminutive suffix -άκης (-akis). This name is typically only used informally, meaning: it does not appear on birth certificates.
Georgann f English
Feminine form of George influenced by the name Ann or Anna.
Georganna f English
Feminine form of George influenced by the name Ann or Anna.
Georganne f English
Feminine form of George influenced by the name Ann or Anna.
Georgeann f English
Feminine form of George influenced by the name Ann or Anna.
Georgeanne f English
Combination of George and Anne.
Georgelle f English
A combination of George and Elle (or the suffix -elle).... [more]
Georgenia f English (Rare)
Variant of Georgina modelled on Eugenia.
Georget m French
Diminutive of Georges.
Georgetta f English
Feminine form of George. George Foreman has a daughter with this name.
Georgi f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Georgie.
Geòrgia f Catalan (Rare)
Catalan adoption of Georgia.
Georgian m Romanian
Masculine form of Georgiana.
Georgiann f English
Combination of George and Ann.
Georgietta f English, Italian
Diminuitive of Georgie or Georgia, influenced by names like Georgette.
Georgije m Serbian
Variant of George.
Georgína f Slovak
Slovak borrowing of Georgina.
Georgio m Interlingua
Interlingua form George.
Georgique f American (Rare, Archaic)
Rare feminine form of George using the French looking ending -ique (e.g., from Monique).
Georgiu m Romanian (Rare)
Romanian form of Georgius.
Georgiya f Bulgarian, Russian
Bulgarian and Russian form of Georgia.
Geovane m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Variant form of Giovane. A known bearer of this name is the Brazilian soccer player Geovane Diniz Silva (b. 1989), who is also known as Geovane Maranhão.
Gepa f Medieval German, German (Modern, Rare)
Short form of names containing the Germanic name element geb "to give". Some authors think, Gepa is a short form of Gerburg.... [more]
Gephel m & f Tibetan
Means "one who promotes virtue" in Tibetan.
Geppetto m Italian
Diminutive of Giuseppe. The impoverished woodcarver in "The Adventures of Pinocchio" is the most well-known bearer of this name.
Ger m & f Dutch, Limburgish, West Frisian
Dutch, Limburgish and West Frisian short form of Germanic given names containing the element ger meaning "spear", such as Gerard, Gerben and Gerlof.
Gera f Russian
Russian form of Hera.
Gera m Spanish
Diminutive of Gerardo.
Gera f Slovene
Short form of Gertruda.
Gerad m English
A form of Gerard or an alternate form of Jared.
Gerakl m Russian
Russian form of Hercules.
Geraklit m Russian
Russian form of Herakleitos.
Geralda f Dutch
Feminine form of Gerald.
Geraldas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Gerald.
Géralde m French (Rare, Archaic), Theatre (Gallicized, Rare, Archaic), Literature (Rare, Archaic)
Possibly a form of Gerald referenced in Molière's play "The Misanthrope". ... [more]
Géraldesse f Medieval French
Feminine diminutive of Gérald.
Geraldette f Obscure
Feminine form of Gerald.