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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Julia   (Authenticated as JuliaF)
Date: January 23, 2020 at 7:38:08 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [84] Karl Benjamin Oliver Mueller
W: [82] Sophia Helena Calista [Steward] Mueller

D1: [56] Ava Sophia Petra [Mueller] Weber
S1: [55] Theodore Aaron Wilhelm Mueller “Theo
S2: [54] Nikolas Benjamin August Mueller
S3: [53] Jeffrey Karl Mueller

Karl & Sophia; Ava, Theo, Nikolas, and Jeffrey

D1: [56] Ava Sophia Petra [Mueller] Weber
H: [65] Dominik Joshua Matthias Weber

Ava & Dominik; Camille, Sophia, Luke, Tatiana, and Matthias

D: [36] Camille Elisabeth Rose [Weber] Weber
-H: [50] Arthur Patrick Joseph Becker “Ari
-D: [15] Clara Irene Becker
-S: [14] Joseph Anthony Becker
-S: [9] Oliver John Becker
-S: [5] Simon Eric Becker

Camille & Ari; Clara, Joseph, Oliver, and Simon

D: [35] Ava Sophia Rachel Weber-Schulz “Sophia
-H: [42] Henry Louis Vincent Schulz
-D: [9] Vivian Amelia Schulz
-S: [7] Abram Vincent Schulz

Sophia & Henry; Vivian and Abram

S: [34] Luke Franklin Weber
-W: [31] Eva Gabriella Judge
-S: [7] Alexander Charles Judge
-S: [5] William Thomas Judge
-D: [4] Isabella Katherine Judge
-D: [1] Anna Therese Judge

Luke & Eva; Alexander, William, Isabella, and Anna

D: [27] Tatiana Katharina Weber
S: [25] Matthias William Weber

S1: [55] Theodore Aaron Wilhelm Mueller “Theo
exW: [52] Mary Pearl Klein

Theo & Mary, Rory, Nico, Sophia, Paul, and Lydia

S: [24] Karl Gregory Mueller “Rory
-W: [26] Annabel Jane Carter

Rory & Annabel

S: [22] Theodore Nicolas Mueller “Nico
D: [21] Sophia Helena Mueller
S: [17] Paul Raymond Mueller
D: [11] Lydia Flora Mueller

W: [40] Leah Charlotte Blankenship

Theo & Leah; Ian

S: [2] Alois Theodore Brian Mueller “Ian

S2: [54] Nikolas Benjamin August Mueller
W: [43] Genevieve Alice [Potter] Mueller

S: [15] Tobias Henry Michael Mueller “Toby
S: [12] Stefan Jakob Mueller

Nikolas & Genevieve; Toby and Stefan

S3: [53] Jeffrey Karl Mueller
W: [48] Isabelle Eva Margaret Schwarz

SS: [22] Jonathan Philip Schwarz
SD: [21] Eva Amelia Schwarz
D: [10] Hannah Gisela Mueller
S: [9] Karl Riley Mueller

Jeffrey & Isabelle; Jonathan, Eva, Hannah, and Karl

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