Submitted Names Starting with H

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Heléne f Swedish, Hungarian
Hungarian form and Swedish variant of Helene.
Helenko m Croatian (Rare)
Masculine form of Helena.
Héleno m Spanish
Spanish form of Helenos via Helenus and masculine form of Helena
Heleno m Portuguese
Masculine form of Helena.
Heleno m Portuguese, Esperanto
Esperanto and Portuguese form of Helenos via Helenus and masculine form of Helena.
Helenore f English (Rare), Literature
An elaboration of Helen or Elenore. Used by Scottish poet Alexander Ross (1699-1784) in Helenore, or the Fortunate Shepherdess, published in 1768.
Hélénos m French
French form of Helenos via Helenus and masculine form of Hélène.
Helenos m Greek Mythology
Masculine form of Helena. This was the name of a Trojan prince the son of king Priam and queen Hecuba of troy and the win brother of Cassandra.
Helenus m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Helenos. Used various bishops and an obscure saint.
Helewise f Medieval English
Medieval English form of Eloise.
Heley f Pashto
Means "swan" in Pashto.
Heleyna f English
Variant of Helena.
Helfrid f Swedish
The origins of this name (first documented in 1816) are uncertain, though it could be a Swedish feminine form of Helfried or a variant of Hallfrid (the Norwegian form of Hallfríðr), the initial syllable possibly influenced by Helga (which is ultimately related to the first element in Eloise).
Helgá f Sami
Sami variant of Helga.
Helgard f German (Rare)
Probably a blend of Helga with a name ending in -gard.... [more]
Helge f Estonian
Variant of Helga.
Helger m Old Swedish, Swedish, Estonian
Old Swedish form of Hæilgæirr and Swedish variant of Helge.
Helghi m Old Danish
Old Danish form of Helgi.
Helgi f Estonian
Variant of Helga. This name is also interpreted as being derived from the genitive case of Estonian helk “brightness”.
Helgo m Estonian
Estonian form of Helge.
Helgo m Danish, Swedish
Latinized form of Helge.
Heli f Estonian
Short form of Helena, used as a given name in its own right. This name is also interpreted as a direct derivation from Estonian heli “sound, note”.
Hélia f Portuguese (Rare)
Feminine form of Hélio.
Helia f Greek Mythology, Galician (Rare)
Feminine form of Helios. This name was borne by one of the Heliades, daughters of the sun god Helios by Clymene the Oceanid and sisters of the ill-fated Phaethon... [more]
Helia f Belarusian
Diminutive of Anhielina.
Heliabel f Arthurian Romance
The Grail heroine and the sister of Perceval.... [more]
Heliana f South American
Of unknown origin and meaning.
Heliane f German
Feminine form of Helios. This name was used in the German opera "The Miracle of Heliane" in 1927. It has also been used in France.
Helianna f & m Finnish
A combination of Hel, from Helena, and Anna.
Heliantha f Dutch (Rare)
Means "sunflower" in Greek, from ‘Ηλιος (helios) "sun" and ανθος (anthos), "flower".
Helianthe f Dutch (Rare)
Derived from Hélianthe, the French name for Helianthus, which is a genus of plants. It is ultimately derived from Greek helianthos meaning "sun-flower", from Greek helios "sun" and anthos "flower".
Heliasz m Polish (Rare)
Polish form of Helios.
Helice f Greek Mythology (Latinized), Astronomy
Latinized form of Greek Ἑλικη (Helike) which means "circling one", from Greek ἕλιξ‎ (helix) "spiral" (genitive ἕλικος (helikos)). In antiquity, Helike was a common name for the northern constellation Ursa Major... [more]
Helicia f English
Apparently from the name of a plant genus meaning "spiral-shaped" from Greek helix (genitive helikos; see Helice), perhaps via Latin.
Helie f Greek Mythology
One of the Heliades, seven daughters of Helios the sun god. When their brother Phaethon was struck from the chariot of the sun by Zeus, they gathered in their grief and were transformed into poplar-trees and their tears were transformed into golden amber... [more]
Héliette f French
Diminutive of Hélie (as -ette is a French feminine diminutive suffix). Also compare Éliette.
Heliga f Old Swedish
Variant of Helga.
Heliis f Estonian
Probably a combination of the Estonian word heli meaning sound, and the name Liis... [more]
Helika f Estonian
Diminutive of Heli.
Helike f & m Greek Mythology
one of Jupiter's Ananke moons
Heliko f Ancient Greek
Elikos "to turn around, spiral"
Hêlîn f Kurdish
Means "bird's nest" in Kurdish.
Helin f Estonian
Variant of Elin.
Helina f Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish variant of Alina.
Helina f Swedish (Rare), Estonian (Rare)
Swedish and Estonian variant of Helena. As an Estonian name, Helina is also associated with Estonian helin “tinkling” (compare Helinä).
Helinä f Finnish
Derives from Finnish word helinä, which means "jingle" in Finnish. It may possibly have been used also as a variant of Helena.... [more]
Hélio m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Helios. Known bearers of this name include the Brazilian auto racing driver Hélio Castroneves (b. 1975) and the Brazilian soccer player Neto (b... [more]
Helio m Italian (Rare), Galician
Italian and Galician form of Helios.
Heliocles m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Heliokles. This name was borne by a Greek king of Bactria (now northern Afghanistan) from the 2nd century BC.
Heliodor m Polish, Catalan
Polish and Catalan form of Heliodorus.
Heliodora f Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Rare), Polish (Rare)
Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of Heliodoro and Polish feminine form of Heliodor.
Héliodore m French
French form of Heliodorus.
Heliodorus m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Heliodoros. This name was borne by Heliodorus of Emesa, a Greek novelist from the 3rd century AD.
Heliokles m Ancient Greek
Means "glorious sun", derived from Greek ἥλιος (helios) "sun" combined with Greek κλεος (kleos) "glory."
Hélios m French
French form of Helios.
Heliotrope f English (Rare)
Refers to a flowering plant (Heliotropium) whose tiny flowers range from white to blue or purple, and by extension the color, a pink-purple tint, inspired by the flower. It is derived from the Ancient Greek Ἥλιος (helios) "sun" and τροπεῖν (tropein) "to turn", because of the belief that heliotrope flowers turned to face the direction of the sun.
Helissent f Medieval French
Probably from an Old French form of the Germanic name Alahsind, which is composed of the elements alah "temple" and sinþs "path" (compare Elisenda).
Heliz f Kurdish
Means "dill" in Kurdish.
Helja f Old Swedish, Finnish (Rare), Estonian (Rare)
Originally an Old Swedish diminutive of Helga, Helena and other names beginning with the element Hel-. See also Heljä.
Heljä f Finnish
Variant of Helena and/or Helinä. It may also be derived from a Finnish word "heleä", meaning "bright, vivid".
Helje f Estonian, Finnish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
Estonian and Finnish variant and Norwegian form of Helja.
Helje m Norwegian
Norwegian dialectal form of Helge.
Helju f Estonian
Variant of Helja.
Helka f Hungarian Mythology
The name of a fairy from the region around Lake Balaton. The origin and meaning of her name are uncertain, theories include a diminutive of Heléna.
Helke m Finnish
Finnish variant of Helge.
Helke f German
Low German short form of Germanic names starting in HEL- (dervied from the name element helm "helmet, protection").... [more]
Hell f Estonian
Shortened form of Hella.
Hella f Hungarian (Rare)
Short form of Heléna and, to a lesser degree, Helga. Occasionally used as a given name in its own right.
Hellade m French
French form of Helladios via Helladius.
Hellanokrates m Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek Ἕλλην (Hellen) meaning "a Greek" (genitive ἕλλανος (hellanos)) and κράτος (kratos) meaning "power".
Hellar m Estonian
Variant of Helar.
Hellawes f Arthurian Romance
Probably a variant of Helewise. It occurs in Thomas Malory's 15th-century compilation of Arthurian legends 'Le Morte d'Arthur' belonging to a sorceress who creates the chapel perilous, the setting of one of the quests of Sir Lancelot, and falls in love with the knight... [more]
Helle m West Frisian (Rare)
Frisian short form of names that contain the element hildr (such as Hildebrand) or heil (such as Heilbert).
Helle f Estonian
Variant of Helena. This name is also associated with Estonian hell “tender” (compare Hellä).
Helleik m Norwegian
Norwegian variant of Herleik.
Hellek m Norwegian
Norwegian variant of Herleik.
Hellenore f English (Rare), Literature
Borne by a character in Edmund Spenser's 1590 masterpiece, The Faerie Queene. ... [more]
Hellevi f Finnish
Either a variant of Hillevi or derived from Hellä or Hellin.
Helli f Finnish
Variant of Helena, Hellevi or Hellin.
Hellik m Norwegian
Norwegian variant of Herleik.
Hellika f Estonian
Diminutive of Hella via the variant Helli.
Hellin f Finnish
Variant of Hellä.
Hellivesa f Germanic Mythology
A minor Germanic goddess whose functions have been lost to time. She was worshipped in Germania Inferior, a Roman province located on the west bank of the Rhine and bordering the North Sea.
Hellyn f English
Variant of Helen.
Helmbald m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with Old High German bald "bold, brave."
Helmbert m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with Old High German beraht "bright."
Helmburg f Ancient Germanic
The first element is derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection." The second element is derived from Gothic bairgan (bergan in Old High German) "to keep, to save, to preserve", or from Old High German burg "fortress."
Helmdag m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with daga "day."
Helme f Estonian
Variant of Helmi.
Helme m German (Rare)
Short form of Helmut.
Helmeri m Finnish (Rare)
A Finnish variant of Helmer.
Helmerich m Old High German
Old High German combination of helm "helmet", "protection" and rīhhi "mighty", "distinguished", "rich".
Helmholtz m Literature
'Brave New World'
Helmi m & f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Arabic alternate transcription of Hilmi as well as an Indonesian and Malay variant.
Helmie f Dutch
Diminutive of Wilhelmina.
Helmiina f Finnish
Either a short form of Vilhelmiina or an elaboration of Helmi ("pearl" in Finnish).
Helmik m German, Norwegian (Rare)
German pet form of names containing the name element HJALM.
Helmin m Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Helmwin via the medieval forms Helmoin and Helmuin. A known bearer of this name is the late Curaçaoan politician Helmin Wiels (1958-2013).
Helmina f German
Truncated form of Wilhelmina.
Helmo m Estonian
Short form of Helmar, Helmer and Helmut.
Helmoald m Old High German
Old High German variant form of Helmwald.
Helmrich m German
German younger form of Helmerich.
Helmrik m Norwegian (Rare)
Norwegian form of Helmrich.
Helms m English
Transferred use of the surname Helms.
Helmtrud f Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with þruþ "strength."
Helmu m Estonian
Variant of Helmo.
Helmuastus m Old Swedish
Latinized form of Hialmfastr.
Helmulf m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with Gothic vulfs "wolf."
Helmút m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Helmut.
Helmuts m Latvian
Variant of Helmut.
Helmwald m Old High German
Combination of helm "helmet" and walt "ruler".
Helmward m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with Old High German wart "guard."
Helmwige f Theatre
Derived from the Germanic name elements helm "helmet" and wig "battle". Helwige is the name of one of the valkyries in Richard Wagner's opera 'Die Walküre'.
Helmwin m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German helm "helmet, protection" combined with Old High German wini "friend."
Helmy m & f Arabic, Indonesian
Arabic alternate transcription of Hilmi as well as an Indonesian variant.
Helmy f Swedish
Variant of Helmi.
Helna f Swedish (Rare)
Contracted form of Helena (compare Elna).
Helny f Swedish
New combination of heil "holy" and ny "new". It could also be a pet name for Helen or Helena. ... [more]
Helo m Kurdish
Means "hawk" in Kurdish.
Heloïsa f Catalan (Rare)
Catalan form of Eloise.
Heloisa f Czech, German, Slovak, English, Spanish
Czech, German, and Slovak form of Eloise.
Héloise f French
French variant of Héloïse.
Heloiza f Polish
Polish form of Eloise.
Helon m Biblical
Helon was a member of the house of Zebulun according to Numbers 1:9. He was the father of Eliab.
Helona f English
Variant of Helena
Helori m Breton
Younger form of Haelguri, itself derived from Old Breton hael "generous; prince" and uuobri "serious; important".
Helorum m Mormon
Son of King Benjamin (c. 130 BC), brother of Mosiah and Helaman. Helorum is mentioned in only one verse, but is addressed with his brothers by King Benjamin.
Heloys f Medieval French
Medieval French variant of Héloïse.
Help m Literature
Old English helpan (verb), help (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch helpen and German helfen.
Helpfrid m Medieval German
Old High German combination of helfa "help" and fridu "peace", "friendship".
Helpless m & f English (Puritan)
Meaning, "unable to defend oneself or to act without help." Referring to the helplessness of man without God.
Help-on-high m English (Puritan)
Referring to the help we receive from God.
Helryx f Popular Culture
Helryx was the first Toa of Water, as well as the first Toa created. She was a former member of the Hand of Artakha, and after its disbandment, she formed the Order of Mata Nui and became its leader... [more]
Helsin f Literature
The title figure of the children's novel 'Helsin Apelsin und der Spinner' by Stefanie Höfler.... [more]
Helsinki m Popular Culture
Capital city of Finland.... [more]
Helunia f Polish
Diminutive of Helena.
Helüś f Vilamovian
Vilamovian form of Helena.
Helusia f Polish
Diminutive of Helena.
Heluška f Czech
Diminutive form of Helena.
Helve f Sami
Sami form of Helvi.
Helvi f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish contraction of Hellevi.
Helvi f Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Hæilví.
Helvi f Estonian
Variant of Helve.
Helvijs m Latvian
Latvian form of Helvius.
Hely f Finnish
Derived from Helena. The word hely also means "trinket" in Finnish.
Helya f Persian
Means "sunshine" in Persian.
Helya f Chuukese
Chuukese form of Helia.
Helyg f & m Welsh
Willow in welsh
Hélyi m Jèrriais
Jèrriais form of Helier.
Helzbieta f Medieval Polish
Medieval variant of Elżbieta.
Hem m Indian
Means "gold" in Sanskrit.
Hem m Mormon
Brother of Ammon in The Book of Mormon.
Hema f Slovene
Slovene form of Hemma.
Hemakshi f Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu
Meaning "Daughter with Golden Eyes".
Hemamalini f Indian
word is derived from sanskrit language meaning "hemam" means Gold and "malini" means creeper. so the name means Golden Creeper.
Heman m Biblical
His name means Faithful, but can be rendered as "God is faithful" because of God keeping his promise to bless him. ... [more]
Heman f Burmese
Derived from Pali hemanta meaning "winter".
Hemang m Indian
Which has a golden body part.
Hemant m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali
From Sanskrit हेमन्त (hemanta) meaning "winter", referring to the Indian ecological season from November to January.
Hemanta m Indian, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, Nepali
Eastern Indian and Nepali form of Hemant.
Hemanth m Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam
Southern Indian form of Hemant.
Hemantha m Sinhalese
Sinhalese form of Hemant.
Hemanti f Sinhalese
Meaning "Joyful".
Hemat m Persian
Means "determination, will" or "endeavour" in Persian.
Hemengildo m Spanish
This name was used by a male on the 1930 Censo México (Mexico Census).
Hémétère m French
French form of Emeterius.
Hemily f English
Adaption of the given name Emily.
Hêmin m Kurdish
Means "tranquil" in Kurdish.
Heming m Norwegian
Norwegian form of Hemming.
Hemingur m Faroese
Faroese modern form of Hæmingr.
Hemingway m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Hemingway.
Hemithea f Greek Mythology
Means "demigoddess" in Greek. In Greek myth this name belonged to a goddess who was formerly the mortal woman Molpadia. It was also borne by the sister of Tenes, locked in a chest with her brother and cast out to sea and together landing on an island where Tenes reigned as king... [more]
Hemkil m Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Hæimkæll.
Hemlata f Indian, Marathi, Hindi
Possibly derived from Sanskrit हेमलता (hemalatā) referring to a type of unspecified plant, possibly the golden creeper (Ernodea littoralis).
Hemlock m English, Literature
From Old English hymlice, hemlic, of unknown origin. May also be transferred use of the surname Hemlock.
Hemmingur m Faroese
Faroese variant form of Hemingur.
Hemmingus m Old Swedish
Latinized form of Hemming.
Hemminki m Finnish
Finnish form of Hemming.
Hemmo m Finnish
Diminutive of Hemminki, Henrik, Herman and Heimo... [more]
H'emmuc m Berber
Berber diminutive form of Hamid.
Hémont m French (Archaic)
Local name of uncertain origin and meaning recorded in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region up until the late 1700s.
Hemra m Turkmen
Means "friend" in Turkmen.
Hemu f Tamil
Means "Dinesh's life" in Tamil.
Hëna f Albanian
Variant of Hana.
Hena f Chinese
Combination of He and Na.
Henach m Yiddish
Yiddish form of Enoch.
Henadzi m Belarusian
Belarusian form of Gennadius.
Henako f Japanese
From Japanese 平 (he) meaning "level; even; flat", 成 (na) meaning "to become" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Henar f Spanish
Means "hayfield" in Spanish. It is taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de El Henar, meaning "Our Lady of the Hayfield".
Henar m & f Kurdish (Rare)
Derived from Kurdish hinar meaning "pomegranate".
Hēnare m Maori
Maori form of Henry.
Hence m American
Transferred use of the surname Hence or a spelling variant and subsequent transferred use of Hentz.
Henchy f Yiddish
Diminutive of Hannah.
Hend f Arabic
Variant transcription of Hind.
Hendá f Sami
Sami form of Hentta.
Henddo m Sami
Sami variant of Hentto.
Hender m Scots
Diminutive of Hendry.
Hendla f Yiddish
Variant of Hendel.
Hendo m English (British)
Short form and nickname for Henderson.
Hendra m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Mahendra.
Hendreary m Literature
A character from The Borrowers, a book by Mary Norton, possibly a combination of Henry and Gregory.
Hendretta f Scots
Scots feminine form of Hendry and cognate of Henrietta.
Hendri m Romansh
Romansh form of Henry.
Hendri m Dutch
Dutch short form of Hendrik, influenced in its spelling and pronunciation by French Henri.
Hendrica f Dutch
Feminine form of Hendricus.
Hendrich m Sorbian
Sorbian borrowing of Heinrich.
Hendrie m Scots (Archaic), Medieval Scottish
Medieval Scots variant of Hendry.
Hendrietta f Swedish (Rare, Archaic)
Variant of Henrietta, used in Sweden as early as 1675 (predating Sweden's earliest documented usage of Henriette in 1729).
Hendrike f German (Modern)
Hendrike is a female form of Hendrik.
Hendrikka f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Hendrika.
Hendrikur m Faroese
Faroese form of Hendrik.
Hendrixx m & f English (American)
Variant of Hendrix. Hendrixx was given to 24 boys in 2017 according to the SSA.
Hendrizal m Minangkabau
Combination of the name Hendri and the masculine suffix -zal.
Hendro m Javanese
Javanese form of Hendra.
Hene f Estonian (Archaic)
Pre-18th century form of Ene.
Heneage m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Heneage.
Henek m Polish
Diminutive form of Henryk.
Henele m Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Henry.
Heneplote f Albanian
Means "full moon" or, poetically, "moonlit" in Albanian.
Henerick m English
English variant of Henrik.
Henerietta f English (Rare, Archaic), Literature
Variant of Henrietta, used in Somebody's Luggage by Charles Dickens.
Henery m English
Variant of Henry.
Henez f Albanian
Means "crescent, half-moon" in Albanian.
Henfrid m Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Swedish combination of heimr "home, house" and friðr "love, peace".
Heng m Khmer
Means "lucky" in Khmer.
Heng m Luxembourgish
Vernacular form of Henri.
Hengan f & m Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Heng and An 1.
Hengest m Anglo-Saxon
Anglo-Saxon cognate of Hengist.
Hēni f Maori
Maori form of Jane.
Heni f Hungarian
Diminutive form of Henriett, meaning "home ruler".
Henia f Polish, Kashubian
Polish diminutive of Henryka and Kashubian diminutive of Henrika.
Henieczka f Polish
Diminutive form of Henryka.
Heniek m Polish
Diminutive of Henryk.
Henínge m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Henning.
Henio m Polish
Diminutive of Henryk.
Henioche f Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek ἡνίοχος (hêniochos) meaning "charioteer, driver, one who holds the reins", itself derived in part from the word ἡνία (hênia) "reins, bridle". In Greek mythology this was an epithet of the goddess Hera... [more]
Heniuś m Polish
Diminutive of Henryk.
Heniuta f Polish
Diminutive form of Henryka.