This is a list of professional athletes who belong to the Halls of Fame for baseball, ice hockey, basketball or (American) football.
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Joe11 baseball, 3 basketball, 9 football, 5 ice hockey28
John5 baseball, 10 basketball, 9 football, 1 ice hockey25
George8 baseball, 3 basketball, 8 football, 5 ice hockey24
Bill5 baseball, 4 basketball, 5 football, 7 ice hockey21
Bob3 baseball, 8 basketball, 6 football, 2 ice hockey19
Jim7 baseball, 3 basketball, 9 football19
Harry3 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 football, 11 ice hockey17
Frank3 baseball, 1 basketball, 3 football, 9 ice hockey16
Jack1 baseball, 2 basketball, 5 football, 6 ice hockey14
Mike2 baseball, 1 basketball, 7 football, 3 ice hockey13
Bobby2 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 4 ice hockey11
Billy4 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 4 ice hockey10
Dan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 7 football, 1 ice hockey10
Willie5 baseball, 5 football10
Dave2 baseball, 4 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey9
Paul2 baseball, 2 basketball, 4 football, 1 ice hockey9
Tom1 baseball, 3 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey9
Charles4 baseball, 3 basketball, 1 football8
Dick1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey8
Fred1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 football, 4 ice hockey8
Larry1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey8
Earl1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey7
Ed2 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey7
Eddie4 baseball, 3 ice hockey7
Johnny3 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey7
Steve1 baseball, 4 football, 2 ice hockey7
Al3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey6
Art4 football, 2 ice hockey6
Ernie2 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey6
Jerry5 basketball, 1 football6
Ray3 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey6
Tommy2 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey6
Tony3 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey6
Walter4 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey6
Alex1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey5
Charlie1 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey5
Chuck1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey5
Don2 baseball, 3 football5
Doug1 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey5
Lou3 baseball, 2 football5
Robert1 baseball, 4 basketball5
Roy1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey5
Sam3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football5
Ted2 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey5
Andy1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Bruce1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey4
David2 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Henry1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 football4
Herb1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Jimmy1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey4
Ken2 football, 2 ice hockey4
Mel1 baseball, 3 football4
Pat1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 ice hockey4
Pete1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 football4
Phil2 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey4
Red3 baseball, 1 football4
Rod1 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey4
Roger2 baseball, 2 football4
Ron1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey4
Stan2 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
William3 basketball, 1 football4
Arnie1 basketball, 2 football3
Barney1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey3
Bernie3 ice hockey3
Bert1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Buck2 baseball, 1 football3
Carl2 baseball, 1 football3
Chris1 basketball, 2 football3
Clyde2 basketball, 1 football3
Dennis1 baseball, 2 basketball3
Guy1 football, 2 ice hockey3
Hank2 baseball, 1 football3
Harold1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey3
Hugh1 baseball, 2 football3
Jackie1 baseball, 2 football3
Jacques3 ice hockey3
James1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football3
Leo1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Leon2 baseball, 1 basketball3
Max1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey3
Mickey3 baseball3
Ralph1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Rube3 baseball3
Sid2 football, 1 ice hockey3
Tim1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Walt2 basketball, 1 football3
Wayne1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Adrian1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Albert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Andre1 baseball, 1 football2
Barry1 baseball, 1 football2
Branch1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Bryan2 ice hockey2
Cal1 baseball, 1 football2
Cecil2 ice hockey2
Charley2 football2
Clarence1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Clark1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Cliff1 basketball, 1 football2
Clint2 ice hockey2
Connie1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Cy1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Denis2 ice hockey2
Dickie2 ice hockey2
Dino1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Dražen2 basketball2
Earle1 baseball, 1 football2
Elmer1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Elvin1 basketball, 1 football2
Emmitt2 football2
Forrest1 basketball, 1 football2
Francis1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Gary1 baseball, 1 football2
Gene2 football2
Georges2 ice hockey2
Glenn2 ice hockey2
Gordie2 ice hockey2
Gordon2 ice hockey2
Hal1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Howie1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Hughie1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Jean2 ice hockey2
Jesse2 baseball2
Joseph1 basketball, 1 football2
Len2 football2
Lenny1 basketball, 1 football2
Lynn1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Marcel2 ice hockey2
Mark2 ice hockey2
Marty2 ice hockey2
Maurice1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Michael1 basketball, 1 football2
Moses1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Nate2 basketball2
Neil1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Norm1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Oscar1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Ozzie1 baseball, 1 football2
Patrick1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Reggie1 baseball, 1 football2
Reginald2 ice hockey2
Richard1 baseball, 1 football2
Rick1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Rickey1 baseball, 1 football2
Roberto2 baseball2
Robin2 baseball2
Terry1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Tex1 basketball, 1 football2
Thomas1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Vic1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Warren1 baseball, 1 football2
Whitey2 baseball2
Addie1 baseball1
Alan1 football1
Alec1 ice hockey1
Aleksandar1 basketball1
Alf1 ice hockey1
Allan1 ice hockey1
Alphonse1 football1
Amos1 baseball1
Angela1 ice hockey1
Angelo1 basketball1
Ann1 basketball1
Anne1 basketball1
Anthony1 football1
Arky1 baseball1
Arthur1 ice hockey1
Artis1 basketball1
Arvydas1 basketball1
Aubrey1 ice hockey1
Aurèle1 ice hockey1
Bailey1 basketball1
Bart1 football1
Ben1 baseball1
Bennie1 basketball1
Benny1 football1
Bid1 baseball1
Billie1 basketball1
Biz1 baseball1
Blair1 ice hockey1
Börje1 ice hockey1
Bouse1 ice hockey1
Bowie1 baseball1
Brad1 ice hockey1
Brett1 ice hockey1
Brian1 ice hockey1
Bronko1 football1
Brooks1 baseball1
Bucky1 baseball1
Bud1 football1
Burleigh1 baseball1
Calvin1 basketball1
Cam1 ice hockey1
Cammi1 ice hockey1
Candy1 baseball1
Carlton1 baseball1
Carol1 basketball1
Casey1 baseball1
Cathy1 basketball1
Cheryl1 basketball1
Chick1 baseball1
Christian1 basketball1
Christy1 baseball1
Clarke1 football1
Cleveland1 baseball1
Cortez1 football1
Cristóbal1 baseball1
Cumberland1 baseball1
Curtis1 football1
Cynthia1 basketball1
Dale1 ice hockey1
Daniel1 basketball1
Dante1 football1
Darrell1 football1
Darryl1 ice hockey1
Dazzy1 baseball1
Deion1 football1
Denise1 basketball1
Dermontti1 football1
Derrick1 football1
Didier1 ice hockey1
Dizzy1 baseball1
Doak1 football1
Dolph1 basketball1
Dominique1 basketball1
Duke1 baseball1
Duncan1 ice hockey1
Dwight1 football1
Early1 baseball1
Earvin1 basketball1
Ebbie1 ice hockey1
Edd1 baseball1
Edgar1 ice hockey1
Edouard1 ice hockey1
Edward1 basketball1
Effa1 baseball1
Elgin1 basketball1
Elroy1 football1
Émile1 ice hockey1
Emlen1 football1
Enos1 baseball1
Eppa1 baseball1
Eric1 football1
Ernest1 basketball1
Ferguson1 baseball1
Fernie1 ice hockey1
Floyd1 football1
Fran1 football1
Franco1 football1
Frankie1 baseball1
Franklin1 baseball1
Freddie1 baseball1
Frederick1 ice hockey1
Fritz1 football1
Gabby1 baseball1
Gail1 basketball1
Gale1 football1
Gaylord1 baseball1
Geno1 basketball1
Gerry1 ice hockey1
Gilbert1 ice hockey1
Gino1 football1
Glen1 football1
Gord1 ice hockey1
Graham1 ice hockey1
Grant1 ice hockey1
Grover1 baseball1
Gus1 basketball1
Hack1 baseball1
Hakeem1 basketball1
Harlan1 basketball1
Harmon1 baseball1
Harvey1 ice hockey1
Harvy1 ice hockey1
Hazen1 baseball1
Hector1 ice hockey1
Heinie1 baseball1
Henri1 ice hockey1
Herbert1 ice hockey1
Herbie1 ice hockey1
Herman1 baseball1
Hilton1 baseball1
Hobey1 ice hockey1
Hod1 ice hockey1
Honus1 baseball1
Hooley1 ice hockey1
Hortência1 basketball1
Hoyt1 baseball1
Hubie1 basketball1
Igor1 ice hockey1
Irvine1 ice hockey1
Isiah1 basketball1
Ivan1 ice hockey1
Jake1 baseball1
Jan1 football1
Jari1 ice hockey1
Jimmie1 baseball1
Joan1 basketball1
Jocko1 baseball1
Jody1 basketball1
José1 baseball1
Josh1 baseball1
Juan1 baseball1
Jud1 baseball1
Judy1 baseball1
Julius1 basketball1
Kareem1 basketball1
Karl1 basketball1
Kay1 basketball1
Kellen1 football1
Kevin1 basketball1
Kirby1 baseball1
Krešimir1 basketball1
Lamar1 football1
Lance1 football1
Lanny1 ice hockey1
Lauren1 basketball1
Lawrence1 football1
Lee1 football1
Lem1 football1
Leonard1 ice hockey1
Leroy1 football1
Les1 football1
Lester1 ice hockey1
Lionel1 ice hockey1
Lloyd1 baseball1
Lorne1 ice hockey1
Louis1 baseball1
Luc1 ice hockey1
Luis1 baseball1
Luke1 baseball1
Lusia1 basketball1
Lynette1 basketball1
Maciel1 basketball1
Marcus1 football1
Mario1 ice hockey1
Marion1 football1
Marques1 basketball1
Marshall1 football1
Martín1 baseball1
Marv1 football1
Meadowlark1 basketball1
Mendy1 basketball1
Merlin1 football1
Mervyn1 ice hockey1
Michel1 ice hockey1
Miller1 baseball1
Milt1 ice hockey1
Mirko1 basketball1
Monte1 baseball1
Montgomery1 baseball1
Moose1 ice hockey1
Mordecai1 baseball1
Morgan1 basketball1
Morris1 football1
Mule1 baseball1
Nancy1 basketball1
Nap1 baseball1
Nat1 basketball1
Ned1 baseball1
Nellie1 baseball1
Nels1 ice hockey1
Nera1 basketball1
Nick1 football1
Nolan1 baseball1
Norman1 baseball1
Oliver1 ice hockey1
Ollie1 football1
Orlando1 baseball1
Otto1 football1
Paddy1 ice hockey1
Pedro1 basketball1
Percy1 ice hockey1
Peter1 ice hockey1
Pie1 baseball1
Pierre1 ice hockey1
Preston1 football1
Randall1 football1
Randy1 football1
Rayfield1 football1
Raymond1 football1
Reece1 basketball1
Reg1 ice hockey1
Richie1 baseball1
Riley1 ice hockey1
Rogers1 baseball1
Rollie1 baseball1
Ronnie1 football1
Rosey1 football1
Ross1 baseball1
Russ1 football1
Russell1 ice hockey1
Rusty1 ice hockey1
Ryne1 baseball1
Sammy1 football1
Sandro1 basketball1
Sandy1 baseball1
Satchel1 baseball1
Scott1 ice hockey1
Scottie1 basketball1
Scotty1 ice hockey1
Serge1 ice hockey1
Sergei1 basketball1
Shannon1 football1
Si1 ice hockey1
Slater1 basketball1
Sol1 baseball1
Sonny1 football1
Sprague1 ice hockey1
Sue1 basketball1
Syd1 ice hockey1
Syl1 ice hockey1
Sylvio1 ice hockey1
Tara1 basketball1
Teresa1 basketball1
Thurman1 football1
Travis1 baseball1
Tris1 baseball1
Troy1 football1
Turk1 ice hockey1
Ty1 baseball1
Uljana1 basketball1
Valeri1 ice hockey1
Van1 basketball1
Vern1 basketball1
Vernon1 baseball1
Viacheslav1 ice hockey1
Vince1 football1
Vivian1 basketball1
Vladislav1 ice hockey1
Wade1 baseball1
Waite1 baseball1
Weeb1 football1
Wellington1 football1
Wes1 basketball1
Wilbert1 baseball1
Wilbur1 football1
Wilfred1 ice hockey1
Willard1 baseball1
Willis1 basketball1
Wilt1 basketball1
Woody1 ice hockey1
Yale1 football1
Yogi1 baseball1
Yvan1 ice hockey1
Zack1 baseball1
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