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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ALYEZHKA m Belarusian
Diminutive of ALEG.
ALYKSANDR m Ossetian, Abkhaz
Ossetian and Abkhaz form of ALEXANDER.
ALYN f & m English
Variant of ALLYN.
ALYOK m Mordvin
Mordvin form of ALEXANDER.
ALYOKHA m Russian
Diminutive of Aleksey.
ALYPIUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of ALYPIOS. A known bearer of this name was Alypius the Stylite, an ascetic saint from the 7th century AD.
ALYPOS m Ancient Greek
The literal meaning of this name is "no grief" or "not sad", and as such, one could say that it actually means "happy". Derived from the Greek negative prefix ἄ- (a-) combined with Greek λύπη (lype) meaning "grief, pain, sorrow"... [more]
ALYPUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of ALYPOS. This was the name of a sculptor from ancient Greece.
ALYUKKA m Chuvash
Chuvash form of ALEKSEI.
AMA f & m Japanese
From Japanese 天 (ama) meaning "heaven, sky" or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.
AMAAN m Arabic
meaning "The most lovelable"
AMAARTIVAT f & m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of AMÂRTIVAT.
AMABILE m & f Italian (Rare), French (Rare), Walloon (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Italian form of AMABILIS and also rare French form of AMABILIS. The name is unisex in Italy and strictly feminine in the francophone world... [more]
AMACI m Medieval Occitan
Occitan form of Eumachius.
AMAD m & f Arabic
Means "period (of time)" in Arabic.
AMADEI m Russian
Variant transcription of AMADEY.
AMADEU m Catalan, Occitan, Aragonese
Catalan, Occitan and Aragonese form of AMADEUS.
AMADEÙSZ m Kashubian
Kashubian form of AMADEUS.
AMADEUSZ m Polish, Hungarian
Polish and Hungarian form of AMADEUS.
AMADEY m Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of AMADEUS.
AMADIAS m Ancient Roman
Roman form of Amadeus.
AMADIO m Jewish, Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of AMADEO.
AMADIOHA m Igbo, African Mythology
Means "man of the people" in Igbo. He is the Igbo god of thunder and lightning.
AMADIS m Literature
Old Spanish form of AMADEUS. In medieval legend Amadis of Gaul was a knight-errant who married the princess ORIANA. The character was a precursor to Don Quixote.
AMADORE m Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian form of AMATOR. The modern form of the name is AMATORE.
AMADOUR m French
French form of AMATOR.
AMA-EDOHI m Cherokee
Meaning, "water goer."
AMAEL m Judeo-Christian Legend
Amael is an angel of hope and a principality who resides on the third heaven. He is the ruling angel of Venus. Amael is a name likened to that of Haniel, an angel who has as many aspects as variant forms of his name.
AMAETHON m Welsh Mythology, Arthurian Romance
Derived from the Brittonic name *Ambaχtonos meaning "divine ploughman" or "ploughman-god". This was the name of the Welsh god of agriculture. In the late 11th-century legend of CULHWCH and OLWEN, Amathaon appeared as an Arthurian warrior; "as one of his tasks, Culhwch had to convince Amathaon to plow the lands of the giant YSBADDADEN."
AMAGUQ m Inuit Mythology
According to Inuit mythology Amaguq is a trickster and wolf god.
AMAHIKO m Japanese
From Japanese 海 (ama) meaning "sea, ocean" combined with 彦 (hiko) meaning "boy, prince". Other kanji combinations are possible.
AMAHITO m Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (ama) meaning "second, Asia" combined with 人 (hito) meaning "person". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Means "the town loves me" in Ijaw.
AMAKAI f & m Western African
Meaning unknown.
Means "feast for the town" in Ijaw.
Means "look upon the town" in Ijaw.
AMAKU m & f Efik
Of Eniong Origin
AMALAFRID m Ancient Germanic
Variant spelling of AMALFRID. Through his mother Amalaberga, Amalafrid was a great-grandson of Theodemir, king of the Ostrogoths (in the 5th century AD).
German form of AMALARIC.
AMALARICO m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of AMALARIC.
Polish form of AMALARIC.
AMALEKI m Mormon
Possibly based on the biblical name Amalek. This belongs to two characters in the Book of Mormon, including a Nephite record keeper who wrote 18 verses of the Book of Omni.
AMALFRID m Ancient Germanic
Means "peaceful work", derived from the Germanic element amal "work" combined with Old High German fridu "peace."
AMALGAR m Medieval English
Combination of elements amal and gar "spear."
AMALGIS m Ancient Germanic
The first element of this Germanic name comes from amal "work." The meaning and origin of the second element is rather uncertain: we know that it comes from gis (the original form was possibly gîs), but we don't exactly know where gis itself comes from... [more]
AMALHARD m Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic element amal "work" combined with Gothic hardus (hart in Old High German) "brave, hardy."
Nephite traitor who becomes king of the Lamanites and wars with Nephites - killed by TEANCUM (c. 70 BC).
AMALIEL m Faroese
Uncertain origin and meaning, maybe Faroese male form of AMALIE.
AMALIO m Spanish
Masculine form of Amalia.
AMALRAD m Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic element amal "work" combined with Old High German rât "counsel."
German form of AMALRIC.
Dutch form of AMALRIC.
AMALU m Berber
Means "shadow" in Tamazight.
AMALWIN m Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic element amal "work" combined with Old High German wini "friend."
AMAN m & f Indian, Punjabi, Hindi
Means "peace, tranquility" in Hindi and Punjabi, ultimately from Arabic أَمْن‎ (ʾamn).
AMAN m Tigrinya
Means "handsome" in Tigrinya.
AMAN m Turkmen
Short form of AMANGELDI.
AMAN m Yakut
Means "healthy, strong, hearty".
AMANAR m Berber
Means "Orion (constellation)" in Amazigh.
AMANC m Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish amanc meaning "target, aim".
AMANÇ m Medieval Occitan
Occitan form of AMANTIUS.
AMANCE f & m French (Rare)
French feminine and masculine form of AMANTIUS.
Roman cognomen which was derived from AMANDUS.
AMANDLA m & f Popular Culture (?), African
Xhosa and Zulu word meaning "power". Mandla, which is derived from "amandla", is also a common first name in South Africa. Amandla Stenberg is an American teen actress, and her mother chose the name after being inspired by Miles Davis' 1989 album "Amandla".
AMANE m & f Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (a, ama) meaning "second, Asia", 愛 (a, ama) meaning "love, affection", 雨 (ama) meaning "rain", 海 (amane, ama) meaning "sea, ocean", 吾 (a) meaning "I, my, our, one's own", 周 (amane, ama) meaning "circumference, circuit, lap", 星 (ama) meaning "star", 天 (amane, ama) meaning "heavens, sky, imperial", 普 (amane) meaning "universal, wide(ly), generally", 遍 (amane) meaning "everywhere, times, widely, generally", 弥 (amane) meaning "all the more, increasingly" or 和 (amane) meaning "harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan", 真 (ma) meaning "true, reality", 麻 (ma) meaning "hemp, flax, numb", 万 (ma) meaning "ten thousand", 満 (ma) meaning "full, fullness, enough, satisfy", 茉 (ma) meaning "jasmine" or 舞 (ma) meaning "dance" combined with 音 (ne) meaning "sound", 弥 (ne) meaning "all the more, increasingly", 峰 (ne) meaning "summit, peak", 寧 (ne) meaning "rather, preferably, peaceful, quiet, tranquility", 嶺 (ne) meaning "peak, summit", 韻 (ne) meaning "rhyme, elegance, tone", 希 (ne) meaning "hope, beg, request, pray, beseech, Greece, dilute (acid), rare, few, phenomenal", 羽 (ne) meaning "feathers", 使 (ne) meaning "use, send on a mission, order, messenger, envoy, ambassador, cause" or 望 (ne) meaning "ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect"... [more]
Means "safety came", derived from Arabic أَمَان (ʾamān) meaning "security, safety" combined with Kazakh келу (kelw) "to come". A famous bearer was Amangeldi Imanov (1873-1919), a Kazakh revolutionary and national hero.
AMANGELDY m Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Variant transcription of AMANGELDI.
AMANIU m Gascon
Gascon form of EMMANUEL.
AMANJEEVAN m Indian (Sikh)
Means "one who lives a peaceful life".
AMANODIN m Maranao
Maranao form of Amanuddin.
AMANPREET f & m Indian (Sikh), Punjabi
Variant transcription of Amanprit.
AMANTAY m Kazakh
From Arabic أَمَان (ʾamān) meaning "safety, shelter, protection" and Kazakh тай (tay) meaning "foal, colt".
Derived from Arabic aman "trust, security" combined with Allah "God".
AMANYIRE f & m Eastern African, Nyoro, Tooro, Nkore, Kiga
Means "God knows" in Nyoro, Tooro, Nkore, and Kiga.
AMANZI m & f ? (Rare)
Meaning water, cool and go’s with the flow like a wave
AMANZIO m Italian
Italian form of AMANTIUS.
AMAPYTU m Guarani
Means "spirit of the rain" in Guarani.
AMAQJUAQ m Inuit, Popular Culture
Means "the strong one" in Inuit. It is the name of a character in 'ATANARJUAT: The Fast Runner'.
AMAR m Mongolian
Means "rest, bliss, peace" or "simple, easy" in Mongolian.
AMARANTO m Spanish, Italian
Spanish and Italian masculine form of AMARANTHA.
AMARANTOS m Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek αμαραντος (amarantos) meaning "unfading" (see also AMARANTHA).
AMARANTUS m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of AMARANTOS. A known bearer was Amarantus of Alexandria, an ancient Greek writer from the 1st century BC.
AMARBOLD m Mongolian
From Mongolian амар (amar) meaning "rest, bliss, peace" combined with болд (bold) "steel".
AMARE m & f African American (Modern)
Variant of AMARI. Spelling may have influence from the Latin word amāre, meaning "to love".
AMAREĸ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic variant of Amaroĸ.
AMAREQ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of AMAREĸ.
AMARGEIN m Irish (Archaic)
Meaning "born of poetry" relating to the modern Irish word amhrán meaning song. Was the name of ancient poet, Amargein Glúingel, who wrote the Song of Amargein and the foster of father of the hero Cú Chulainn, Amargein mac Eccit.
AMARI m African, Yoruba, Western African
A noted bearer was a Damel of Cayor, Amari Ngoné Ndella, who ruled from 1790 AD to 1809 AD. The Kingdom of Cayor was one of the largest of most powerful kingdoms in what is now Senegal, existing from 1549 AD to 1879 AD.
AMARIN m & f Thai
From Thai อมร (à-má-rá) meaning "immortal, undying" and อินทร์ (in) referring to the Hindu god INDRA, used as a Buddhist epithet for the deity.
AMARINCEO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of AMARYNCEUS.
AMARINCEU m Portuguese
Portuguese form of AMARYNCEUS.
Russian form of AMARYNCEUS.
AMARION m African American (Modern)
Probably from AMARI with the popular suffix ion attached.
AMARJARGAL f & m Mongolian
Derived from Mongolian амар (amar) meaning "bliss, peace, comfort" and жаргал (zhargal) "happiness, joy".
AMARKHÜÜ m Mongolian
Derived from амар (amar) meaning "rest, ease, comfort" and хүү (khüü) meaning "son, boy".
AMARMEND m & f Mongolian
Derived from амар (amar) meaning "rest, ease, comfort" and мэнд (mend) meaning "greeting".
AMAROK m Inuit Mythology
Amarok is the name of a giant wolf in Inuit mythology. It will hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night. It is sometimes considered equivalent to the waheela of cryptozoology.
AMARON m Mormon
Son of OMNI, Nephite record keeper.
AMAROQ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Amaroĸ.
AMARSANAA m Mongolian
Derived from Mongolian амар (amar) meaning "bliss, peace" or "simple, easy" combined with санаа (sanaa) meaning "thought".
AMARTAIVAN m & f Mongolian
Derived from амар (amar) meaning "rest, ease, comfort" and тайван (taivan) meaning "peace, tranquility".
AMÂRTIVAT f & m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
AMARTYA m Indian, Bengali (Hindu)
Means "immortal, deathless", from Sanskrit अ (a) meaning "not" and मृत (mṛtá) "dead". It is etymologically related to AMRIT.
AMARUQ m & f Inuit
Inuit meaning "grey wolf."
French form of AMARYNCEUS.
AMARYNCEUS m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Greek Ἀμαρυγκεύς (Amarynkeus), though technically Amarygkeus is the correct spelling (compare LYNCEUS in that regard)... [more]
AMASA m Biblical
Means "burden" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Amasa was a son of Haldai, and a nephew of King DAVID who was murdered by his cousin JOAB.
AMASAI m Hebrew, Biblical
Means "strong" or "burden bearer".
ÂMÂSE m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
AMASHILU m Ancient Celtic
A Lepontic name.
AMASIANO m Italian
Italian form of AMASIANUS.
AMASIANUS m Late Roman
Extended form of AMASIUS. This name was borne by an obscure saint from the 1st century AD, who was the very first bishop of the Italian coastal city of Taranto.
AMASIAS m Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin
Form of AMAZIAH used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.
AMASIO m Italian (Rare)
Italian form of AMASIUS.
AMASIS m Ancient Egyptian (Hellenized), History
Variant form of Άμωσις (Amosis), which is the hellenized form of the ancient Egyptian name IaH-ms or I'h-ms meaning "son of Iah". It is composed of the name of the Egyptian god IAH combined with the word mes "son" or mesu "be born"... [more]
AMASIUS m Late Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Ἀμασιος (Amasios), which is probably either a Greek variant form of AMASIS or of AMASIAS... [more]
AMASJA m & f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of AMAZIAH. This name has always been extremely rare in the Netherlands and was also an exclusively masculine name until around the '60s of the 20th century... [more]
AMASTAN m Tuareg
Means "protector, defender" in Tuareg, derived from the Tamazight root esten meaning "to protect, to defend".
AMASTANE m Northern African, Berber
Variant transcription of AMASTAN.
AMAT m Polish (Archaic), Catalan (Rare), Gascon (Archaic)
Catalan, Polish and Gascon form of AMATUS.
AMATAGA m & f Samoan
Means "beginning, start" in Samoan.
AMATI m Italian (Archaic)
Possibly a variant of AMATO.
Tatar form of AMET-HAN.
AMATO f & m Japanese
From Japanese 天 (ama) meaning "heaven, sky" combined with 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation. Other kanji combinations are possible.
AMÂTRE m French
French form of AMATOR.
AMÁU m Asturian
Asturian form of AMADO.
AMAURI m Brazilian
Variant of AMAURY.
AMAURIE f & m American
Variant of AMAURY.
AMAYAS m Berber
Means "cheetah" in Tamazight.
AMAYNU m Berber
Means "new" in Amazigh.
AMAZAT m Tatar
Means "greatness" in Tatar, originally taken from Arabic azamat.
AMAZIAH m Biblical, English
From the Hebrew name אֲמַצְיָהוּ (Amasyahu) or (Amatsyahu) meaning "YAHWEH is mighty" or "strengthened by Yahweh".... [more]
AMAZIGH m Northern African, Berber
From Tamazight ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ (Amaziɣ), which is the self-designation of the Berber (Amazigh) people of North Africa. The name itself is of unknown meaning, though folk etymologies claim the meaning of "free-man", derived from Taznatit (Gurara) aze meaning "to be strong" and Tamasheq jeɣeɣ meaning "to be brave".
AMAZING f & m American
From the English word amazing, "Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder". From Old English āmasian.
AMBAKUM m Armenian
Armenian form of HABAKKUK.
AMBAR m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Combination of word "am" means "people; nation" with the name BAR
AMBARTO m Literature
Means "upwards-exalted" in Quenya. In Tolkien's Legendarium this is the mother-name of AMROD.
AMBARUSSA m Literature
Means "russet-top". In Tolkien's Legendarium this is the mother-name of AMRAS.
AMBELU m & f Amharic
Possibly means "commander" in Amharic.
AMBERS m English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Ambers.
AMBESA m Ethiopian (Modern)
The meaning of this Ethiopian names is "lion".
AMBI m Medieval English, Norwegian
Old Norse short form of Arnbjǫrn.
AMBILIKE m Nyakyusa
Means "He heard me" in Nyakyusa.
Italian form of AMBIORIX.
AMBIORIX m Ancient Celtic, History
Continental Celtic name, derived from Celtic ambio "enclosure" (or ambi "around, about" or ambitio "rich") combined with Celtic rix "king." This was the name of one of the two kings of a Gaulish tribe called the Eburones, who was famous for revolting against Julius Caesar in 54 BC (which eventually led to the extermination of the Eburones).
Polish form of AMBIORIX.
AMBO m & f Efik
The history of the name "Ambransh" is none. its is the name that got deprived when two lovely parents of his decided to combine their names, Amber and Ansh, and ambransh was created. It is the only name in the world
AMBRAZIEJUS m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of AMBROSIOS.
Dutch form of AMBRIEL.
AMBRIEL m Judeo-Christian Legend
Allegedly means "energy of God" in Hebrew. In Jewish and Christian mythology, this is the name of an angel associated with the zodiacal sign of Gemini and the month of May. It was found engraved on a Hebrew amulet for warding off evil.
AMBROGGIU m Sicilian
Sicilian form of AMBROSE.
Irish form of AMBROSE.
AMBRÒS m Catalan
Catalan form of AMBROSE.
AMBROS m German
German form of AMBROSE. A known bearer of this name was the Austrian composer Ambros Rieder (1771-1855).
AMBROŚ m Polish
Diminutive of AMBROŻY.
AMBRÒSI m Occitan, Gascon
Occitan and Gascon form of AMBROSE.
AMBROSINUS m Literature, Popular Culture
This is the latinized name of MERLIN in the novel "The Last Legion" written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi (b. 1943), but also in the 2007 film based on the book. In the novel, his full name is Meridius Ambrosinus (while his original Gaelic name is MYRDDIN EMRYS), but he is usually referred to as simply Ambrosinus.
AMBRÓSÍUS m Icelandic
Icelandic variant of AMBROSE or AMBROSIUS
AMBRÒSU m Sicilian
Sicilian form of AMBROSE.
AMBROSU m Sardinian
Sardinian form of Ambrosius (see AMBROSE).
AMBRÓZ m Slovak
Slovak form of Ambrosius (see AMBROSE).
AMBROZ m Croatian
Croatian form of Ambrosius (see AMBROSE).
AMBROŻ m Polish (Archaic)
Archaic variant of AMBROŻY.
AMBROZI m Albanian
Albanian form of AMBROSE.
Diminutive of AMBROŻY.
AMBROZIU m Romanian
Romanian form of AMBROSE.
AMBY m English (Rare)
Short form of AMBROSE.
AMDÍR m Literature
Possibly means "hope" or "looking up" in Sindarin. In 'Tolkien's Legendarium' this is the name of an elf, the King of Lórien. He was also called MALGALAD.
AMDZHED m Circassian
Kabardian form of AMJAD.... [more]
AME f & m Japanese
From Japanese "rain" or "candy".
AME m West Frisian
West Frisian short form of names that contain the Germanic element amal "work". However, there are also instances where it is a short form of names of which the second element starts with an 'm' - the name ADELMAR is a good example of that.
AMEEN m Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Arabic, Dhivehi
Variant transcription of AMIN.
AMEER m Arabic
Variant of Amir.
AMELEKI m Mormon
Nephite record keeper (c. 130 BC) and also a seeker of Zeniff's people (c. 121 BC).
AMELIO m Italian
Masculine form of AMELIA.
Variant of AMALRIK.
AMENAGHAWON f & m Western African, Edo
Literally translated to "the water you shall drink" in Edo, from the proverb Amen na gha won ighi le se omwan rhae, meaning "the water you shall drink will surely come to be", implying that what is destined to be, will be.
AMENEMHAT m Ancient Egyptian
Means "AMUN is in front" in Coptic. This was the name of many men in ancient Egyptian history, including eight pharaohs.
AMENMESSE m Ancient Egyptian
Means "born of AMUN" in Egyptian.
AMENMOSE m Ancient Egyptian
Means "born of or fashioned by AMUN" in Coptic. This was the name of two Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and a vizier.
AMENNAKHT m Ancient Egyptian
Means "AMUN is strong" in Egyptian.
AMENY m Ancient Egyptian
Likely a diminutive derived ultimately from AMUN. Ameny Qemau was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period. He ruled for about two years over most of Egypt, from c.1793 BCE to c.1791 BCE... [more]
AMENZU m Kabyle
Means "the first" in Kabyle.
AMER m Arabic, Bosnian
Alternate transcription of 'AAMIR.
AMER m Maranao, Maguindanao
Maranao and Maguindanao form of AMIR (1).
AMERGIN m Irish Mythology
This was the name of two poets in Irish mythology.
Possibly means "pure" in Tatar.
AMERICAN m American
From American meaning "a citizen of the U.S." Possibly given in reference of being an American.
AMERICUS m History
Latin form of AMERIGO.
AMERIGOTTO m Medieval Italian
Diminutive of AMERIGO, as -otto is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.
AMERIGUCCIO m Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian diminutive of AMERIGO, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.
AMERIL m Filipino, Maguindanao, Maranao
Meaning uncertain, probably of Arabic origin.
AMES m English
Transferred use of the surname AMES.
AMESSAN m Berber
Means "wise" in Tamazight.
AMET m Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of AHMAD.
AMET-HAN m Crimean Tatar
Combination of AMET and the Mongolian title хан (khan) meaning "leader, ruler, commander".
AMETZ m Basque
Means "oak" in Basque.
AMEYA m Indian
Ameya is a Sanskrit word/name which literally translates to "the one without any dirt". This can mean either "pure" or "innocent". Another commonly interpreted meaning of this name is, "boundless" or "magnanimous"... [more]
AMEZ m Kurdish
Meaning "hug" in Kurdish.
AMEZIANE m Berber, Northern African
Variant of MEZIANE (chiefly Algerian and Moroccan).
AMÊZYAN m Berber
Means "cadet" or "small" in Amazigh.
AMFIARAY m Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian form of AMPHIARAOS.
AMFILOCHIOS m Greek (Rare)
Modern Greek form of AMPHILOCHIOS. A notable bearer of this name is the Greek saint Amfilochios of Patmos (1889-1970), whose name is usually written as Amphilochios in non-Greek sources.
AMGAD m Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of AMJAD.
AMGALAN m & f Mongolian, Buryat
Means "peaceful, calm" in Mongolian and Buryat.
AMGID m Mormon
A Jaredite king.
AMHALGHAIDH m Irish (Archaic)
Borne by an early king of Munster, and an early king of Connacht. Can be anglicized as AULEY or Awley.
AMHAR m Judeo-Christian Legend
Son of Arthur is English legend.
AMHERST m & f American
Name of a town in Massachusetts, and name of a college, UMass Amherst.
AMIANE m Georgian
Georgian form of AMMIANUS.
AMIANO m Spanish (Archaic), Portuguese (Archaic)
Spanish and Portuguese form of AMMIANUS.
AMIC m Gascon
Gascon form of AMICUS as well as a direct adoption of Gascon amic "friend".
AMICUS m Ancient Roman
Means "friend" in Latin.
AMIDA m Japanese Mythology
The god to whom the Japanese turned at the moment of death.
AMIDAN m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "my people are righteous, my nation is just" in Hebrew.
AMIDOR m Hebrew
Means "my generation of people" in Hebrew.
AMIËL m Dutch
Dutch form of AMIEL.
AMIEL m Biblical, Hebrew
Variant of AMMIEL. Occurs in the Book of Numbers 13:12: Amiel, who represented the tribe of Dan, was one of the twelve spies sent out by Moses to survey the land of Canaan.
AMIEN m Indonesian
Indonesian form of AMIN.
AMIER m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of AMIR (1).
AMIEZER m Hebrew
Means "my nation is my support" in Hebrew.
AMIGAAT m & f Bandial
Means "He/she has a skinny leg" in Banjal (also known as Gújjolaay Eegimaa).
AMIHAI m Hebrew
Alternate transcription of AMICHAI.
AMIJAN m Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian form of AMMIANUS.
AMIK m Medieval Basque
Derived from Latin amicus "friend" (compare AMICUS and AMIC).
AMIKAM m Jewish
Means "my people has risen up" in Hebrew. This is a modern name.
AMIL m Bosnian, Arabic
Variant of Amel.
AMILE m & f English (Rare)
variant of ÉMILE.
AMILE m Zulu
something keeping a structural holding making sure things are balanced in life.
AMILIO m English
Variant of EMILIO.
AMINADAB m Mormon (Rare), English (Puritan), Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
From Hebrew meaning, "my kinsmen are noble." According to the genealogies of Genesis, he was born of Ram (also known as Aram) during the Israelite exile in Ancient Egypt. He was the father of Nahshon, chief of the tribe of Judah (Numbers 1:7; 2:3; 7:12, 17; 10:14)... [more]
AMINADI m Mormon
Descendent of NEPHI.
AMINAĸ m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
AMIN AL-DIN m Arabic
Means "trustee" of the faith" from Arabic أَمِين (ʾamīn) meaning "truthful, trustworthy, honest" and دِين (dīn) meaning "religion, faith".
AMINANDRO m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of AMYNANDER.
AMINAQ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of AMINAĸ.
AMINODIN m Maranao
Maranao form of AMIN AL-DIN.
AMINON m Ossetian Mythology
Meaning unknown. This is the name of the Ossetian gatekeeper of the underworld.
AMINTOR m Theatre
Variant of AMYNTOR. This was used by Beaumont and Fletcher for the hero of their play 'The Maid's Tragedy' (ca. 1608-11) and later by Isaac Bickerstaffe for a character in his comic opera 'Daphne and Amintor' (1765).
AMINTORE m Italian
Italian form of AMYNTOR.
Malay form of Amin ud-Din.
AMINULLAH m Arabic, Indonesian, Urdu, Malay
Means "truthful God", derived from Arabic أَمِين (ʾamīn) meaning "truthful, trustworthy, loyal" (see AMIN) and الله (Allāh).
AMIOR m & f Hebrew (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
Means "my nation is a light, my nation is a beacon" in Hebrew.
ÄMIR m Tatar, Bashkir
Tatar and Bashkir form of Amir.
AMÍR m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Amir.
AMIRAM m Hebrew
Variant form of AMRAM. A known bearer of this name is the Israeli chemist and activist Amiram Goldblum (b. 1945).
AMIRAN m Hebrew
Variant form of AMIRON.
ƏMIRASLAN m Azerbaijani
Means "prince of lions", from the Arabic title أمير‎‎ (ʾamīr) meaning "prince, commander" (see AMIR (1)) combined with the name ASLAN.
AMIRASLAN m Azerbaijani
Variant transcription of ƏMIRASLAN.
AMIRBEK m Kazakh, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Uzbek
Combination of Arabic أَمِير (ʾamīr) meaning "prince, commander" (see AMIR (1)) and the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
Combination of AMIR (1) and HOSSEIN.
AMIRI m Arabic
Means "prince" in Arabic.
AMIRINDO m Georgian (Rare)
Derived from Middle Persian amir-e Hind meaning "Emir of India". The first word in that sentence is the Arabic military title Emir (Amīr in Arabic), which is ultimately derived from Arabic أمير (amīr) meaning "commander, ruler, prince"... [more]
ÄMIRKHAN m Tatar, Bashkir
Combination of ÄMIR and the Turkic title khan meaning "leader, ruler".
AMIRKHAN m Kazakh, Circassian, Azerbaijani, Dagestani, Ossetian, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from the Arabic title أَمِير (ʾamīr) meaning "prince, commander" combined with the Turkic title khan meaning "leader, ruler". It is also an Azerbaijani variant transcription of Əmirxan.
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