Submitted Names Starting with R

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Ranalt f Irish
Anglicized form of Raghnailt. A 12th-century bearer was Ranalt O'Farrell, wife of Hugh O'Connor, the last king of Connacht.
Ranan f African
Biblical Name... [more]
Rana Niejta f Sami Mythology
Derived from rana meaning "green, green fields" and niejta meaning "girl, daughter". This is the Sami goddess of spring and fertility.
Ranarith m Khmer
Means "power of war" in Khmer.
Ranavalona f History
Means "folded, kept aside" or "calm, smooth" in Malagasy. This was the name of three queens of Madagascar.
Ranbir m & f Indian (Sikh), Punjabi
Derived from Sanskrit रण (raṇa) meaning "delight, pleasure, gladness" combined with वीर (vīrá) meaning "man, hero, husband".
Rance m American
From an occupational surname, which came from an old Scottish term for a tool similar to a reamer.
Rancina f Zulu
Zulu form of Francine.
Rand m & f Thai
Rand m Kurdish
Masculine kurdish name from southern Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan)
Rand m Medieval English
Medieval short form of Randolf and other names beginning with the Germanic element rand meaning "rim (of a shield)". It was used for the central character in Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series.
Randah f Arabic, Persian
Means "good scented tree" in Arabic.
Randalín f Norse Mythology
In the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrók, his second wife Áslaug changes her name to Randalín when she goes to avenge the lives of her stepsons.... [more]
Randarsól f Faroese
Combination of the Old Norse name elements rǫnd "shield; rim, edge (of a shield)" and sól "sun".
Rande m & f English (Rare)
Variant of Randy.
Randee f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Randy or Randi.
Randel m Estonian
Variant of Rando.
Randgrid f Norse Mythology
Modern form of Randgríðr. This name is not used as a personal name in Norway, but a valkyrie bears this name.
Randgríðr f Norse Mythology, Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements rǫnd "shield" and gríð "peace, protection, mercy, truce". This is the name of a Valkyrie in Norse mythology.
Randhir m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi
Possibly from Sanskrit रण (raṇa) meaning "delight, pleasure, joy" combined with धीर (dhīra) meaning "steady, constant, firm" or "ocean, sea".
Randie f & m English
Variant of Randy.
Randika m & f Indonesian
Of unknown meaning.
Randle m English
Variant of Randall.
Rando m German, Ancient Germanic, Estonian
Short form of various compound names formed with rand "(shield) rim" as the first or second element, such as Bertrando or Randolf... [more]
Randolfo m Portuguese, Italian, Spanish
Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish form of Randolf.
Randolfr m Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from the Germanic name elements rǫnd "shield" and ulfr "wolf".
Random m & f English, Literature
From the English word "random".... [more]
Randsom m English (American, Modern, Rare)
Extremely rare variant of Ransom, which was originally an East Anglian patronym derived from the personal name Rand (or Rande), a medieval short form of Germanic names containing the element rand meaning "rim (of a shield)".
Randvi f Old Swedish, Swedish (Rare)
Old Swedish and younger form of Randví.
Randví f Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse combination of rǫnd "shield" (with a rim) and "home", "temple", "sanctuary".
Rane m Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Hrani.
Rane f Medieval Jewish
Recorded in the 13th-century in Anglo-Norman England
Ranee f Indian
Variant transcription of Rani.
Ranee f English (Modern)
English variant of Renée.
Ranefer m Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian masculine name meaning "Ra is beautiful".
Ranel m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Ran, means "singing" or "(he) sang", and El, reference to God.
Ranfa f Popular Culture
It means "orchid flower" in Japanese. It is the Japanese version of the Chinese name LANHUA. One fictional bearer of this name is Ranfa/Lanhua from the anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Ranfar m Dutch (Rare)
Meaning and origin unknown. This name is borne by the Dutch (protestant) preacher Ranfar Kouwijzer (b. 1973), who occasionally has interviews with the media and also writes columns and articles for Dutch newspapers (such as Trouw)... [more]
Ranga m Indian
From Sanskrit रङ्ग (raṅga) "hue, colour, dye".
Rangana m & f Sinhalese
Means "actor" or "dancing" in Sinhalese.
Ranganathan m Indian, Tamil
It is derived from the Sanskrit name Ranganatha, which is the name of the Hindu god Vishnu.
Rangarajan m Hinduism
Means "Lord Vishnu."
Rangdol m & f Tibetan
Meaning unknown.
Rangdrol m & f Tibetan
Means "freedom" in Tibetan.
Rangel m Bulgarian
Derived from archangel via arangel.
Rangela f Swedish (Rare)
Younger form of Ragnhilda traditionally found in the western parts of Sweden.
Ranger m English
Transferred use of the surname Ranger.
Rangiku f Japanese
The japanese "Ran" means "Chrysanthemum".... [more]
Ranginui m Polynesian Mythology, Maori, Cook Islands Maori
Derived from Rangi and nui meaning "large, big, vast, great." This is another name for the Maori god of the sky.
Rangsan m Thai
Means "create, establish" or "appoint" in Thai.
Rangsei m & f Khmer
Means "ray of light" in Khmer.
Rangsey m Khmer
Seven colors; ray of light
Rangsi f Garo
From God Rangsi.
Rangsima f Thai
From Thai รังสี (rangsi) meaning "ray, light".
Rani m & f Faroese, Old Danish
Faroese and Old Danish form of Hrani.
Rani m Arabic
Means "To Observe" or "To Gaze" in Arabic.
Rania f Arabic
Variant transcription of Raniya.
Rania f Greek
Short for Ourania.
Raniah f Arabic, Indonesian
Variant transcription of Raniya.
Raniel m & f Hebrew, English
Means "God is Joy" in Hebrew... [more]
Rāniera m Maori
Maori form of Daniel.
Raniera f Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Raniero.
Ranieri m Italian, Sicilian, Medieval Corsican
Variant of Raniero. This name is is borne by Ranieri III di Monaco. It is also the Italian name of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.
Ranika f Indian
Origin - Sanskrit, Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhala, Hindi, Sikh, Buddhist ... [more]
Ranimir m Croatian, Serbian
The first element of this name is derived from Serbo-Croatian rani or rano "early, forward", which is ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic ranъ. Also compare Polish rano "morning" and Czech/Slovak ráno "morning", which also derive from the same Proto-Slavic root... [more]
Ranislav m Croatian, Serbian
The first element of this name is derived from Serbo-Croatian rani or rano "early, forward", which is ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic ranъ. Also compare Polish rano "morning" and Czech/Slovak ráno "morning", which also derive from the same Proto-Slavic root... [more]
Ranjan m Indian
Indian name meaning "delighted, entertaining" in Sanskrit.
Ranjana f Indian
Allegedly means "entertainment" in Sanskrit.
Ranjiv m Indian
Means "victorious" in Sanskrit.
Ranka f Ancient Scandinavian
Short form of Ragneiðr (variant of Ragnheiðr) or Ragnhildr.
Ranka f Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 花 (ka) or 華 (ka) which both mean "flower", 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance" or 夏 (ka) meaning "summer". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rankin m American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Rankin.
Ranko f & m Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child" and the kanji used among both genders is 融 (ranko) meaning "hot air; steam (during cooking)". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Ranma m Japanese
Means "wild stallion" in Japanese.
Ranmaru m Japanese (Rare)
From Ran combined with the suffix 丸 (maru) meaning "circle, round," used before the Meiji Period (1868-1912) as a suffix denoting affection (along with -maro (麿/麻呂)) and was given to boys of upper class until they came of age, usually at ages 13 to 17.... [more]
Ranmi f Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Ranna f Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Ranne f Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Possibly Frisian in origin, in which case the name is probably derived from a feminine Germanic given name that contains one of the following three Germanic elements: ragin meaning "advice" (see Rayner), rand meaning "rim (of a shield)" (see Randolf) or hraban meaning "raven" (see Ronne)... [more]
Rannie f & m English
Diminutive of names like Miranda, Randall and Randolf.
Rannoch m English, Scottish
From the Gaelic raineach meaning "bracken".
Rannulbh m Irish
Irish form of Randolph.
Rannvá f Faroese
Faroese form of Rannveig.
Rannveig f Ancient Scandinavian, Danish (Rare), Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish (Rare)
The first element of this name is either derived from Old Norse regin or rögn "advice", or from Old Norse rann "house." The second element is derived from Old Norse veig "strength".
Rannvør f Faroese
Combination of the Old Norse name elements rann "house" and vár "spring (the season); woman (in a poetic context); truth".
Ra'no f Uzbek
Means "dogrose" in Uzbek.
Ranran f Japanese
From Japanese 藍 (ranran) meaning "indigo", or other kanji characters with the same pronunciation.
Ranrha f Pashto
Means "light" in Pashto.
Ranri f & m Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 梨 (ri) meaning "pear". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rans m Finnish
Variant of Ransu.
Ransa m Finnish
Variant of Ransu.
Ranse m Finnish
Finnish variant of Ransu.
Ransie f Italian
Italian variant of Japanese Ranze, used for the Italian dub of the anime Tokimeki Tonight ("Ransie la Strega").
Ransisku m Quechua
Quechua form of Francis.
Ránso m Sami
Sami form of Ransu.
Ransom m English
The name Ransom was used in C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet- in his sci-fi book series. Ransom was the main character. 76 boys were named Ransom in the US in 2012 (SSA)
Ranssa m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variant of Ransu.
Ransse m Finnish
Variant of Ransu.
Ranssu m Finnish
Finnish variant of Ransu.
Ranstein m Norwegian (Rare, Archaic)
Norwegian combination of rann "house" and steinn "stone".
Rantaro m Japanese
蘭 (ran): 蘭 is an orchid.... [more]
Ranto m Japanese (Modern)
From Japanese 嵐 (ran) meaning "storm, tempest" or 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person", 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 星 (to) meaning "star", 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly", 都 (to) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything", 音 (to) meaning "sound" or 飛 (to) meaning "fly"... [more]
Ranu m Javanese
Means "lake, pond, body of water" in Javanese.
Ranuccio m Medieval Italian
Medieval Italian diminutive of Raniero, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.... [more]
Ranulf m Ancient Germanic, German
Derived from the Germanic element hraban or hramn "raven" combined with Gothic vulfs "wolf."
Rany f & m Hebrew
Variant of Rani 2.
Ran'ya m & f Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 也 (ya) meaning "also" or 夜 (ya) meaning "night, evening". Other kanji combinations can also make up this name.
Ranze f & m Japanese (Modern, Rare)
From Ran combined with 世 (se) meaning "generation," likely introduced by Ranze Edō (江藤 蘭世), the main character in the manga and anime series 'Tokimeki Tonight'.... [more]
Rao m Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu
Meaning "Victorious", "Winner".
Raol m Gascon
Gascon form of Raúl.
Raols m Lengadocian, Provençal
Languedocian and Provençal of Raúl.
Ra-on f Korean
Derived from an Ancient Korean form of jeulgeoun (즐거운) meaning "joyful"
Raonaid f Scottish Gaelic
Variant of Raghnaid. This name used to be Anglicized as the etymologically unrelated Rachel.
Raoni m Brazilian (Rare, Archaic)
Indigenous name from Brazil. Raoni means "master, great warrior". It was the name of a Brazilian native leader.
Raonull m Scandinavian (Rare)
Derived from Old Norse Rögnvaldr, Røgnvaldr, Rǫgnvaldr. Possibly related to Raghnall, Ronald or Reynold.
Raouf m Arabic (Maghrebi), Arabic (Egyptian)
Variant of Rauf (chiefly Maghrebi and Egyptian).
Raouia f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Rawiya (chiefly Tunisian and Moroccan).
Raôul m Jèrriais
Jèrriais form of Raoul.
Raoulette f French (Archaic)
A feminine form of Raoul.
Raph m English
Diminutive of Raphael.
Raphaele f French
Feminine form of Raphael.
Raphaelis m English (Archaic), German (Archaic)
From Latin Raphaelis, which is the genitive of the third declension of Raphael, the biblical Latin (and also Greek) form of the Hebrew name Rafa'el.... [more]
Raphah m Biblical
Christian name meaning Tall
Raphail m Greek
Variant transcription of Rafail.
Raphi f Quechua (?), Incan Mythology (?)
Means "petal" in Quechua.
Raphtalia f Popular Culture
From the anime "The Rising of the Shield Hero", it is the name of the main female heroine. It is possibly a combination of the names Raphael and Talia.
Raphu m Biblical
Raphu of the house of Benjamin was the father of Palti, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:9.
Raphy m English
Diminutive of Raphael.
Rapiel m Georgian (Rare)
Georgian form of Raphael. A notable bearer of this name was the Georgian poet and playwright Rapiel Eristavi (1824-1901).
Rapka f Bosnian
Pet form of Rabija.
Rapolas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Raphael.
Rapolė f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Rapolas, which is the Lithuanian form of Raphael.
Rapsod m Albanian
Means "singer of folk epics" in Albanian.
Raqeeb m Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Arabic رَقِيْب (raqiyb) meaning "overseer, observer" or "rival, competitor".
Raqel f Armenian
Armenian form of Rachel.
Raqiiyaa f Somali
Somali form of Raqiya.
Raqqosa f Uzbek
Means "dancer" in Uzbek.
Raquan m African American (Modern)
Combination of the popular name elements Ra and quan. Cf. Daquan, Jaquan, Raekwon.
Raquèl f Provençal
Provençal form of Rachel.
Raquelle f English (Rare)
Elaboration of Raquel.
Rara f Swedish (Rare)
Derived from Swedish rar meaning "sweet, dear, cute, nice", originally "rare" (and ultimately from Latin rarus "thinly sown"). It was first used as a Swedish name in the 19th century (more precisely, 1862).
Rara f Japanese
From Japanese 歌 (ra) meaning "song, poetry" combined with 姫 (ra) meaning "a noblewoman, a lady, a princess". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Raraam m Sanskrit
Name - Raraam (Raram) रराम... [more]
Rarahu f Literature, Tahitian
French variant of Rarau used by Pierre Loti in his popular autobiographical novel 'Le mariage de Loti' (1880), where it belongs to a native Tahitian woman who is the lover of the narrator - a French naval officer stationed on the island.
Raraka f Japanese
From Japanese 蘭 (ra) meaning "orchid" duplicated and combined with 花 (ka) meaning "flower, blossom" or 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Raran f Japanese
From Japanese 楽 (ra) meaning "music" combined with 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Raran m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hinduism, Malayalam, Nepali, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada
MEANING - liberal, bestowing, bountiful, distributing
Rari f Japanese
From Japanese 羅 (ra) meaning "net for catching birds" combined with 莉 (ri) meaning "white jasmine". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rarii f Japanese
From Japanese 路 (rarii) meaning "road, path, street" or combined with Japanese 来 (ra) meaning "to come", 里 (ri) menaing "village" combined with 衣 (i) meaning "to dress; to wear; to put on clothes"... [more]
Rarity f & m English (Rare), Popular Culture
From the English word, rarity, "a thing that is rare, especially one having particular value as a result". A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character bears this name.
Rarmian m English (Australian, Rare)
Meaning unknown. The best (and only) known bearer of this name is the Australian actor Rarmian Newton (b. 1993), who at the moment is best known for playing the young Danny Warren in the short-lived 2016 American drama series "The Family".
Raroeng m & f Thai
Means "cheerful, happy, delighted" in Thai.
Rarung m & f Indonesian
Derived from the tribe of Minahasa in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Minahasa majority of 99% is Christian. Some of them hold important positions in government and private and professional employees.
Raruurawaahakstiisaaru m Indigenous American
Means "he who esteems the heavens as chiefly" in Skiri Pawnee.
Rasaraj m Hindi
Meaning "Dancer".
Rasdi f Hungarian
Unknown origins and meaning.
Rašela f Bosnian
Bosnian Sephardic variant form of Rachel.
Rašeljka f Croatian (Rare)
Derived from the name of the plant rašeljka (Lat. Prunus mahaleb), called ''mahaleb cherry'' in English.
Râsemûse m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Rasmus.
Rasen m Japanese
in old times only the strongest were called RASEN.Rasen was for a boy and for girls it was RUNAI meaning beauty and powerful
Rashane m African American
Combination of the prefix Ra with the name Shane.
Rashawna f African American
Feminine form of Rashawn and variant of Rashauna.
Rashawnda f African American
Likely a feminine form of Rashawn influenced by Shawnda or Lashonda.
Rasheeda f Arabic, Urdu, Indian (Muslim), Dhivehi
Arabic variant transcription of Rashida as well as the Urdu and Dhivehi form.
Rasheedha f Dhivehi
Dhivehi form of Rashida.
Rasheen m & f African American (Rare)
Variant of Rashawn, possibly influenced by Sheen.
Rashel f English
Variant of Rachelle.
Rashidah f Arabic, Malay
Variant transcription of Rashida.
Rashidi m Western African, Nigerian
Nigerian form of Rashid.... [more]
Rashod m African
Variant transcription of Rashad.
Rashti f Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati
MEANING : { to rign , rule, shine, be splendid, to govern}... [more]
Rasia m Biblical Greek
Variant of Rezia appearing in the Septuagint.
Rəşid m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Rashid.
Räšiđä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Rashida.
Rasiella f Polynesian
The name Rasiella comes from the name for "beautiful flower"... [more]
Rasik m Hindi
Meaning "Passion".
Räsimä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Rasima.
Räşit m Tatar
Tatar variant of Arabic Rashid.
Raşit m Turkish, Turkmen
Turkmen form of Rashid as well as Turkish variant of Reşit.
Rasius m Lithuanian (Rare)
Masculine form of Rasa.
Raskmey f Khmer
Means "shining" in Khmer.
Rasława f Polish (Archaic)
Feminine form of Rasław.
Rasma f Latvian
Directky taken from Latvian rasma "fruitfulness, fecundity".
Rasmar m Scots
Shetlandic Scots form of Erasmus.
Rasmaru m Hindi
Name of Lord Krishna.
Rasmia f Scandinavian
Feminine form of Rasmus.
Rasmia f Filipino, Maranao, Maguindanao
From Arabic رَسْمِيَّة (rasmiyya) menaing "formal, ceremonial".
Rasmine f Danish (Rare), Norwegian (Archaic)
Danish and Norwegian feminine form of Rasmus. However, in Denmark, Rasmine has been used as a term for domineering, despotic, tyrannical, bossy women.
Rasoherina f African
Rasoherina who was the Queen of Madagascar is a famous bearer.
Rasool m Persian, Urdu, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Rasul.
Rasputia f Popular Culture
A star in the film Norbit
Rassilon m Popular Culture
Rassilon is the name of a Time Lord historic figure in Doctor Who. He appears in the episode THE FIVE DOCTORS and in THE END OF TIME.
Rastaban m Astronomy
Traditional name for Beta Draconis, the third brightest star in the Draco constellation. The name comes from Arabic ra's ath-thu'ban, which means "head of the serpent".
Rastag m Ancient Persian
Middle Persian.
Rastî m Kurdish
Means "truth" in Kurdish.
Rastimir m Serbian, Slovak, Croatian (Rare)
Serbian and Slovak form of Rostimir.
Rastislav m Slovak, Croatian
Slovak and Croatian form of Rostislav.
Rastislava f Slovene
Feminine form of Rastislav.
Rastko m Slovene, Serbian
The name is derived from the Serbian word rasti, which means "to grow". I is also the name of the most important Serbian Orthodox saint - st. Sava (sveti Sava)
Rástoš m Sami
Sami form of Erasmus.
Rasu'aya f Judeo-Christian Legend
This is the name given to the wife of Arphaxad in the Book of Jubilees.
Räsül m Bashkir
Bashkir form of Rasul.
Rəsul m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Rasul.
Rasuolė f Lithuanian
Literally means "little dew", derived from the Lithuanian noun rasa meaning "dew" combined with the feminine diminutive suffix -(u)olė. As such, one could consider this name to be a diminutive of the name Rasa.
Rasyad m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Rashad.
Rasydan m Malay
Came from the 18th century. Rasydan was a King from the Malayan land. He was a good looking king with a perfect body.
Rasyid m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Rashid.
Rasyidah f Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Rashida.
Rat f Catalan
Dininutive of Montserrat.
Rataa f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Punjabi, Indian (Sikh), Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali, Assamese, Bengali
MEANING - beloved, amused, fond or enamoured of, delighting in
Ratana f & m Khmer, Thai
Alternate transcription of Rattana.
Ratash m Hindi
Meaning "King".
Ratatoskr m Norse Mythology
Meaning "drill-tooth" or "bore-tooth" Ratatoskr is a squirrel who runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil to carry messages between the eagle perched atop the tree, and the serpent Níðhöggr, who lives beneath the roots of the tree.