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Royintan m Persian, Persian Mythology, Literature
Means "one who has a body of brass", derived from the Middle Persian adjective rōyēn meaning "brazen" (ultimately from rōy meaning "brass, copper") combined with the Middle Persian noun tan meaning "body, person".... [more]
Royintan m & f Ancient Persian
Transferred use of the surname Royintan. It is a Persian origin surname (رویین تن) pronounced (Royen(strong)+Tan(body/person),defining immortality, Supernatural forces have made certain individuals invincible and invulnerable, In Persian Mythology Royintan is an epithet of Prince ESFANDIAR from 11th-century epic poem Shahnameh written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi.
Ro'yob f Uzbek
Means "fulfillment" in Uzbek.
Roys m Literature
Name of a character in a book in the Roys Bedoys series.
Royða f Faroese
Directly taken from Faroese royða "tufa".
Royze f Yiddish
Means "rose" in Yiddish.
Róz f Hungarian
Cognate of Rose, meaning "rose flower".
Róža f Sorbian
Sorbian form of Rosa. Róža Domašcyna (*1951) is a Sorbian poet and translator.
Róża f Kashubian
Kashubian form of Rosa 1.
Roza f Persian, Urdu
The Persian word meaning "fast, fasting". Used as another term for the Arabic "Saum" meaning "fasting", which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
Rózabella f Hungarian
Combination of the names Róza and Bella, meaning "beautiful rose".
Rozah f Persian, Urdu
The Arabic term "Saum" meaning "fasting", which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is also known as Rozah by Persian and Urdu speakers so Rozah means fasting (referring to especially in the Islamic month of Ramadan).
Rozaimi m Malay
Meaning unknown.
Rozál f Hungarian
Short form of Rozália meaning "rose".
Rozalcia f Polish
Diminutive of Rozalia.
Rozali f Hungarian
Hungarian borrowing of French Rosalie, reflecting the French pronunciation.
Rozalina f Russian, Bulgarian
Russian and Bulgarian form of Rosalind or Rosaline.
Rozalinda f Hungarian, Polish, Slovak
Hungarian, Polish and Slovak form of Rosalind.
Rozalinde f Unknown
Alternate spelling of Rosalind.
Rozaline f Obscure (Rare)
Variant of Rosaline (See also Rozalina). An underrated musical artist bears this name.
Rozalka f Sorbian
Variant of Ruzalka influenced by Róža.
Rozalka f Polish
Diminutive of Rozalia.
Rózamari f Hungarian
Cognate of Rosemary, meaning "rosemary".
Rozamarija f Slovene
Combination of Roza and Marija.
Róžamarja f Sorbian
Sorbian contraction of Róža and Marja.
Rozamunda f Polish, Hungarian
Polish and Hungarian form of Rosamund.
Rozanna f English (American, Rare), Dutch (Rare), Hungarian
English and Durch variant and Hungarian form of Rosanna.
Ro'zaoy f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek ro'za meaning "Ramadhan" and oy meaning "moon".
Rożarja f Maltese
Maltese form of Rosaria.
Rozaveta f Russian
A combination of Roza 1 and Veta.
Roze f Latvian (Archaic)
Directly taken from Latvian roze "rose".
Rozë f Albanian
Means "pink" in Albanian.
Różëczka f Kashubian
Diminutive of Róża.
Rozee f & m English
Variant of Rosie.
Rózela f Kashubian
Kashubian form of Rosalia.
Roželė f Lithuanian
Diminutive form of Rožė.
Rozelina f Polish
Cognate of Roselina.
Rozemarie f Dutch
Dutch variant spelling of Rosemarie.
Rozemarijn f Dutch
Dutch form of Rosemary.
Rozetta f Various
Elaborated form of Rose with the suffix -etta.
Rozhanitsa f Slavic Mythology
An obscure Russian goddess who has a feast day in late December. She is a winter goddess and is usually depicted wearing antlers.
Rozhin f Kurdish
Means "radiant", "brilliant", "glowing" in Kurdish.
Rózi f Hungarian
Diminutive of Rozália and Róza.
Rózia f Polish
Diminutive of Róża.
Rozie f Malaysian, English (Modern, Rare)
Malaysian diminutive of Roziana and English variant of Rosie.
Rozita f Malay, Persian
Malay and Persian form of Rosita.
Rozita f Hungarian
Cognate of Rosita, meaning "rose".
Rozīte f Latvian (Rare)
Diminutive of Roze.
Rózka f Kashubian
Diminutive of Rózela.
Rozka f Slovene
Diminutive of Roza, occasionally used as a given name in its own right.
Rozmari f Filipino
Filipino form of Rosemary.
Rozmarin f Hungarian (Modern, Rare)
Derived from Hungarian rozmaring "rosemary".
Rozmaring f Hungarian
Means "rosemary" in hungarian.
Róžmarja f Sorbian
Combination of Róža and Marja (compare Rosemarie).
Rozmary f Various
Variant of Rosemary.
Rozonda f African American (Rare)
Possibly a combination of Roz and Rhonda. A notable bearer is American singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (1971-).
Rózsika f Hungarian
Diminutive form of Róza, Rózsa, or Rózália.
Rozu f Japanese
Japanese version of the name Rose.
Rozuko f Japanese
It means "child of a rose"
Rozvita f Czech (Rare), Slovak (Rare), Hungarian
Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form of Roswitha.
Rozwita f Polish (Rare)
Polish form of Roswitha.
Rozy f Greek, Jewish
Greek spelling of Rosy, it is not a traditional name except in Jewish communities where it mirrors the Judeo-Spanish name Rosa.
Różyczka f Polish
Diminutive of Róża.
Rozyna f Polish
Polish form of Rosina.
Rožytė f Lithuanian
Diminutive form of Rožė.
Rozzy f English
Diminutive of Rosalind or similar names.
Rrahim m Albanian
Albanian form of Rahim.
Rrahman m Albanian
Albanian form of Rahman.
Rrezagim m Albanian
From the Albanian rreze meaning "ray, beam" and agim meaning "dawn".
Rrezargjend m Albanian
Means "ray of silver light" in Albanian, from rreze "ray, beam" and argjend "silver".
Rrezargjenda f Albanian
Derived from rreza meaning "ray of light" and argjend meaning "silver".
Rrezargjende f Albanian
Feminine form of Rrezargjend.
Rrezarta f Albanian
Feminine form of Rrezart.
Rreze f Albanian
Mean "ray" in English. Like; Sunray (Rreze Dielli), Lightray (Rreze Drite), X-ray (Rreze Rentgeni) etc.
Rrezedita f Albanian
From the Albanian rreze meaning "ray" and ditë meaning "day".
Rrezedrite f Albanian
From the Albanian rreze meaning "ray, spoke" and dritë meaning "light".
Rrezekuq m Albanian
From a poetic term meaning "red-tinged, tinged with red" in Albanian.
Rrezekuqe f Albanian
Derived from Albanian rreze meaning "ray of light" and kuq meaning "red".
Rrezine f Albanian
Means "sunny spot" in Albanian.
Rrezor m Albanian
Means "radiating" or, poetically, "radiant" in Albanian.
Rrezore f Albanian
Means "madder (plant)" in Albanian.
Rritan m Albanian
Perhaps from the Albanian rrit meaning "raise, grow".
Rrok m Albanian
From Albanian rrok "I sieze, snatch".
Rron m Albanian
From rroj meaning "I live, I thrive".
Rrone f Albanian
From the Albanian rron meaning "to live".
Rronja f Albanian
Possibly from the Albanian rron meaning "to live".
Rrushe f Albanian
Means "rock rose" in Albanian.
Rrustem m Albanian
Albanian form of Rostam.
Rsholin m Nivkh (Archaic)
Traditional Nivkh name of unknown meaning. Because most Nivkhs adopted Russian names in the 20th century, it is no longer used in the modern-day.
Rshu m Hindi (Modern)
A kind-hearted ,soft nature and have a great affection towards their love.
Rua f & m Japanese
From Japanese 月 (ru) meaning "moon" combined with 愛 (a) meaning "love, affection". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rua m & f Swahili
used mainly among swahili community for both boys and girls. ... [more]
Rua m Irish, Scottish (Rare)
Irish Anglicised form of Ruadh
Ruaan m Sanskrit
Ascending/Raising. Soft.
Ruadhagáin m Irish
Variant of Rogan.
Ruadhagán m Irish
Variant of Rogan.
Ruadháin m Irish
Personal name from diminutive of ruadh ‘red’.
Ruadhrac m Irish
A personal name from Norse Hrothrekr (see Roderick).
Rual m English (American, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), South African (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Reuel (anglophone world) and Raul (Latin America).... [more]
Ruan m Afrikaans
Combination of Rudolf and Johan.
Ruan f & m Chinese
Combination of the names Ru and An 1
Ruan m Cornish
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Saint Ruan was probably a brother of Saint Tudwal of Tréguier, but little else is known of him beyond that he was probably an Irish missionary and many churches in Devon and Cornwall in England were named after him... [more]
Ruanadh m Irish, Scottish
Gaelic byname meaning "champion".
Ruandi f Afrikaans (Modern, Rare)
Most probably a combination of Ruan and Yolandi.
Ruane m Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Ruadháin.
Ruard m Dutch
Modern Dutch form of Raduard, though sometimes it is also said to be a variant form of Ruerd.
Ruaree m Manx
Manx cognate of Ruaidhrí. This name was traditionally Anglicized as the etymologically unrelated Roger, Roderick and occasionally as Roddy.
Ruari m Scottish
Anglicized form of Ruairi.
Ruataata m Tahitian
Means "two people"; a combination of Tahitian rua "two" and ta'ata "human".
Ruatapu m Maori
Ruatapu tried to kill his half brother, Kahutia-te-rangi (who assumed the name Paikea) and drove him out, forcing him to survive by riding humpback whales to present day New Zealand
Rubaba f Bengali (Muslim), Azerbaijani
Bengali form of Rubab and Azerbaijani variant transcription of Rübabə.
Ruban m English (Modern, Rare)
Variant spelling of Reuben, perhaps via Ruben. A known bearer of this name is Ruban Nielson, who is the singer of the rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
Rubani m Swahili
A pilot
Rúbar m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Rubar.
Rubati f Chechen (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
Rubben m Hebrew
Variant of Ruben.
Rubbertu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Roberto.
Rubbinah f Afghani, Muslim, Pashto
Variation of Rubina (Pashto, not Italian).
Rubekur m Faroese
Faroese masculine form of Rebekka.
Rubenas m Lithuanian (Rare)
Lithuanian form of Reuben. Also compare the similar-looking name Rubinas.
Rubenis m Latvian (Rare)
Directly taken from Latvian rubenis "grouse".
Rubert m Dutch, English, German
Variant form of Robert and/or variant spelling of Rupert.
Ruberta f Dutch, English, German
Variant form of Roberta and/or variant spelling of Ruperta.
Rubertu m Corsican
Corsican form of Robert.
Rubeus m Literature, Medieval Italian (Latinized)
From Latin rubeus meaning "red, reddish". Rubeus Hagrid is a half-wizard, half-giant character in J. K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series; considering Rowling has likened the character to the Green Man, she may have based his name on the Latin word rubeus "of the bramble-bush, made of brambles", from rubus "bramble-bush".
Rubey m English
Diminutive of Reuben.
Rübezahl m Germanic Mythology
In Silesian legends, Rübezahl is the 'lord of the mountains' in the Riesengebirge. He is also described as a 'prince of gnomes'.... [more]
Rubi f English (Rare)
Variant of Ruby.
Rubi f Japanese
From Japanese 瑠 (ru) meaning "lapis lazuli" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rubi f & m English, Hebrew
Variant of Ruby or a diminutive of Reuben.
Rubi f Hungarian
Diminutive of Rubin, meaning "ruby".
Rubianne f English
A combination of Ruby and Anne.
Rubiel m Spanish (Latin American), Judeo-Christian Legend
Possibly a genuine Hebrew name, of which the first element may be etymologically related to Ruben. The second element would certainly be derived from Hebrew el "God"... [more]
Rubii f Japanese
From Japanese 琉 (ru) meaning "lapis lazuli", 妃 (bi) meaning "empress" combined with 衣 (i) meaning "clothing". Other kanji combinations are possible. ... [more]
Rubiini f & m Finnish
Means "ruby" in Finnish.
Rūbija f Latvian (Modern, Rare)
Latvian adoption of Ruby. This name is borne by Latvian model and actress Rūbija Rouza.
Rubija f Bosnian
Variant of Rabija.
Rubilyn f Filipino
Variant of Rubylyn.
Rubin f Hungarian
Derived from Hungarian rubin "ruby".
Rubina f Japanese
From Japanese 流 (ru) meaning "to flow", 美 (bi) "beautiful" combined with 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Rubinas m Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the Lithuanian noun rubinas meaning "ruby" (as in, the gemstone). Also compare the similar-looking name Rubenas.
Rubine f English
Variant form of Rubina, also a colour name derived from Italian rubino meaning "ruby", ultimately from Latin ruber "red".
Rubini f Greek (Rare)
Rubini is the Greek word for Ruby. Ruby comes from Latin and means "red". Rubini is a name very uncommon in general but quite common in small villages in the south and North parts of Greece, not much usual for islands and the central part of the country.
Rubinka f Hungarian
Diminutive of Rubina.
Rubino m Italian (Rare)
Masculine form of Rubina.
Rubio m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Rubio.... [more]
Rubirt m Arabic
Arabic form of Robert.
Rubisel m Spanish (Mexican)
Hispanic name that, like Elián, is originally a combination of the parents' names. In this case, it is Rubén combined with probably Gisela.
Ruboba f Uzbek
Uzbek form of Rubab.
Rubrat m Indian
From Assamese meaning "light".
Rubrecht m German
German counterpart of Robrecht; see also Rupert.
Rúbý f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Ruby.
Rubylyn f Filipino
Combination of Ruby and the popular suffix -lyn.
Ruca m Portuguese
Diminutive of Rui.
Rucha f Galician
Diminutive of Farruca.
Ruchel f Yiddish, Filipino
Yiddish form of Rachel.
Rucher m Aragonese
Variant of Ruxer.
Ruchia f Japanese (Modern, Rare)
Japanese borrowing of Italian Lucia.... [more]
Ruchika f Hinduism
Ruchika means Shinning or Beautiful, is of Indian origin.
Ruchir m Hinduism
Ruchir means Beautiful... [more]
Ruchira f & m Thai, Sinhalese, Indian, Bengali, Hindi
From Sanskrit रुचिर (rucira) meaning "brilliant, radiant, agreeable, splendid". It is used as a feminine name in Thailand and India while it is unisex in Sri Lanka.
Ruchla f Yiddish, Polish
Polish form of Ruchel.
Ruchna f Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish diminutive of both Giertruda and Gertruda (via Gieruchna) and Rufina.
Ruchomir m Polish
The first element of this name is derived from Polish ruch "movement, motion, move" (also compare Polish ruchliwy "lively, busy"). The second element is derived from Slavic mir "peace".
Ruchosław m Polish
The first element of this name is derived from Polish ruch "movement, motion, move" (also compare Polish ruchliwy "lively, busy"). The second element is derived from Slavic slav "glory".
Ruchy f Yiddish
Diminutive of Ruchel.
Rucio m Spanish
Ruda f Yiddish
A Polish influenced variant of Raisa.
Rudá m New World Mythology, Portuguese (Brazilian), Tupi
He is the god of love in the mythology of the Tupí and Guaraní peoples of South America.
Rudabeh f Persian Mythology, Pakistani (Rare), Indian (Rare), Bengali (Rare)
Derived from the Persian noun رود (rud) meaning "river, torrent" combined with the Persian noun آب (ab) meaning "water".... [more]
Rudah m Brazilian
Variant of Rudá.
Rudalt m Ancient Germanic
Variant form of Rodwald. Also compare Rodoald.... [more]
Rudbert m Dutch, West Frisian, German
Variant form of Rodbert, which is an older form of Robert. See also Rupert.
Ruddy m English, French
Diminutive of Rodolphe, Rudolph or Rudolf.
Rudek m Silesian
Diminutive of Rudolf.
Rudel f Jewish, Yiddish
Yiddish pet form of Rhoda, probably influenced by Rada. Sometimes used as a pet form for Rosa.
Ruđer m Croatian (Rare)
Croatian form of Roger.
Rudesinde m French
French form of Rudesind.
Rudesindo m Galician, Italian
Galician and Italian form of Rudesind
Rudger m Dutch, German
Dutch variant of Rutger, and German variant of Rüdiger.
Rudibert m German
An alternative form of Robert; the Germanic name Hrodebert meaning "bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and beraht "bright". Combining the diminutive Rudi (hrod) and the latter element beraht.
Rudij m Sorbian
Sorbian short form of Rudolf.
Rudik m Armenian
Armenian diminutive of Rudolf.
Rudina f Albanian
Possibly from the Albanian rudinë meaning "mountain pasture".
Rūdis m Latvian
Short form of Rūdolfs, now used as a given name in its own right.
Rudmer m West Frisian
Frisian form of Rodmar.
Rūdoba f Tajik
Tajik form of Rudabeh.
Rúdólf m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Rudolf.
Rudólf m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Rudolf.
Rudolfa f Kashubian, Slovene
Kashubian feminine form of Rudólf and Slovene feminine form of Rudolf.
Rudolfek m Czech
Diminutive of Rudolf.
Rudolff m English
Variant of Rudolf.
Rudolfien f Dutch
Dutch variant of Rudolfine, with its spelling phonetical in nature.
Rudolfina f Polish, Slovene, Hungarian
Feminine form of Rudolf.
Rudolfine f Dutch, German
Variant spelling of Rudolphine.
Rudolfu m Corsican (Rare, Archaic), Sicilian
Corsican and Sicilian form of Rudolph.
Rudolfus m Dutch
Variant spelling of Rudolphus.
Rudolphe m French
French form of Rudolf.
Rudolphine f Dutch, French, German
French feminine form of Rudolphe.
Rudra m Hinduism, Indian, Odia, Assamese, Bengali, Nepali
Mans "crying, howling, roaring" or "dreadful, formidable" in Sanskrit. This is the name of a Hindu god featured in the Rigveda. He is most often associated with the god Vayu, wind, storms and the hunt.
Rudrigu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Rodrigo.
Ruee m English
Diminutive of Reuben.
Rueen m Persian Mythology, English
The Book of Kings ... [more]
Rüef m German
Reduced form of Rudolf.
Ruel m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Ruel.
Ruensa f Albanian (Rare)
This is the real name of Albanian singer Enca Haxhia.
Ruethai f & m Thai
Means "heart, mind" in Thai.
Ruey f English
Diminutive of Ruth.
Ruf m Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian and Ukrainian form of Rufus.
Rufa f Italian, Galician
Feminine form of Rufo.
Rufas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Rufus.
Rüfət m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Rifat.
Rufe m English (Rare)
Diminutive of Rufus.
Ruffi m English
Variant of Ruffy.
Ruffie m English
Variant of Ruffy.
Ruffin m English
Transferred use of the surname Ruffin.
Ruffinus m History (Ecclesiastical)
Wulfhade and Ruffinus were martyrs of England. Little is known about them with any certainty, although according to tradition they were two princes of Mercia who were baptized by St. Chad and were swiftly executed by their pagan father... [more]
Ruffus m English
Variant of Rufus.
Ruffy m & f English
Diminutive of Rudolf.
Rufijn m Dutch
Dutch form of Rufinus. A known bearer of this name is the Flemish painter and cartoonist Rufijn De Decker (b. 1949).
Rufilla f Emilian-Romagnol
Diminutive of Rufa (compare Rufina).
Rufin m Bulgarian, Croatian (Rare), French, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Provençal
Bulgarian, Croatian, French, Provençal, Polish, Russian and Serbian form of Rufinus.
Rufinas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Rufinus.
Rufine f French (Rare)
French feminine form of Rufus.
Rufing m & f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of Rufino or Rufina.
Rufiniano m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Rufinianus.
Rufinianus m Late Roman
Extended form of Rufinius.
Rufinien m French
French form of Rufinianus.
Rufinius m Late Roman
Derived from Rufinus. This was, among others, the name of a Roman consul from the 3rd century AD.
Rufio m English
The name of a fictional character from the movie "Hook" (1991).