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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANGOONA f Indigenous Australian, Warlpiri
Meaning unknown (possibly from Warlpiri language).... [more]
ANGOURIE f English (Australian)
Name of a location in New South Wales, Australia.... [more]
From the Lakota aŋpétu "day, daytime".
ANGRBODA f Norse Mythology
Angrboda means "the one who brings grief" or "she-who-offers-sorrow." In Norse mythology, Angrboda is a female jötunn (giantess). She is the mother of Fenrir, Hel and Jormungand by Loki.
ANGRBOÐA f Norse Mythology
Means "the one who brings grief" or "she who offers sorrow" in Old Norse. In Norse mythology Angrboða is a female jötunn (giant) and the mother of three of Loki's children: Hel, Jörmungandr and Fenrir.
ANGRIM m Literature
Variant of Anngrim. Angrim is one of J. R. R. Tolkien's characters.
ANGROD m Literature
Sindarin form of Angaráto. In the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, Angrod is an Elf, the son of Finarfin and brother of Finrod, Aegnor, Orodreth and Galadriel.
ÃNGUAĸ m Greenlandic
Means "sweet little one" in Greenlandic.
ANGUILLETTE f Literature
Means "little eel" in French. This name is borne by the titular character of the fairy tale "Anguillette" by Henriette-Julie de Murat. Anguillette is a fairy who takes the form of an eel, and is rescued by a princess while in this form.
ANGUISH m Arthurian Romance
King of Ireland and father to Iseult, beloved of Tristan. Demanding tribute from Cornwall, Anguish sends his brother-in-law, Morholt, to enforce the tribute in single combat with the Cornish champion (Celtic tribes often settled disputes by a battle of champions rather than field combat... [more]
ANGUK m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
ANGÚNGUAĸ f Greenlandic
Combination of Anguk and -nnguaq meaning "sweet, dear".
ANGUSINA f Scottish
Feminine form of the name Angus.
ANGUSÍNÂĸ m Greenlandic
Means "the One proficient in catching sea mammals" in Greenlandic.
ANGÚSSUÁNGUAĸ m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
ANGÚSTIA f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Angustias.
ANGUSTIAS f Spanish (Rare)
Means "anguishes", taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, meaning "Our Lady of Anguishes".
Catalan form of Angustias.
ANGUSUATSIAĸ m Greenlandic
Means "may he be able to catch plenty of sea mammals" in Greenlandic.
ANGUT m Greenlandic
From Greenlandic angut meaning "man".
ANGUTA m Inuit Mythology
Allegedly means "man with something to cut" (compare Inuktitut ᐊᖑᑦ (angut) meaning "man"). In Inuit mythology this is the name of a god, sometimes considered a psychopomp responsible for conveying the souls of the dead to the underworld, Adlivun, where they must sleep for a year... [more]
ANGUTE m Greenlandic
Variant of Angut.
ANGUTI m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Angute.
Meaning unknown. It is probably related to Angut.
ANGY f English
Variant of Angie.
ANGYS m English
Variant of Angus.
ANHESÒT f Medieval Occitan
Medieval Occitan variant of Agnes.
ANHIELIA f Belarusian
Diminutive of Anhielina.
ANHIELINA f Belarusian
Belarusian form of Angelina.
ANHUR m Egyptian Mythology
Means "(one who) leads back the distant one".... [more]
ÁNI m Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse variant of Ánn.
ANI m Greenlandic
Variant of Ane.
ANIA m Greenlandic
Greenlandic variant form of Ane or Greenlandic name meaning "her older brother", from a combination of Ane and -a, a Greenlandic possessive-genitive marker.
ANIARA f Swedish (Modern, Rare), Literature
From Greek ἀνιαρός (aniarós) meaning "sad, despairing". The name was invented by Swedish author Harry Martinson for the space ship in his poem of science fiction 'Aniara: en revy om människan i tid och rum' published in 1956.
ANIBESA m Amharic
Means "lion" in Amharic.
ANICÉE f French
In France, from 1946 to 2006, 168 baby girls were named Anicée. Anicée Alvina (1953-2006) was a French singer and actress.
ANICÉT m Hungarian (Rare)
Hungarian form of Anicetus.
ANICET m French, Polish
French and Polish form of Anicetus.
ANICÉTA f Hungarian
Feminine form of Anicét.
ANICETO m Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, Portuguese, Italian
Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, Portuguese, and Italian form of Anicetus.
ANICETTA f Italian (Rare)
Feminine form of Aniceto.
Feminine form of Anicet.
ANICH m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Kannada, Hinduism, Malayalam, Gujarati
DEVANAGARI SCRIPT : अनीच... [more]
ANICHA f Indian
Feminine form of Anich.
ANICHKA f Ukrainian
Diminutive of Anna.
ANICIA f Ancient Roman, Spanish (Latin American, Rare), English (Rare), French (Rare)
Feminine form of Anicius. The most well-known bearer of this name was Anicia Juliana, the daughter of Western Roman Emperor Olybrius.
ANICIUS m Ancient Roman
Derived from a Roman nomen gentile of uncertain origin. This name was borne by several ancient Romans.
ANIČKA f Czech, Slovak
Diminutive of Anna.
ANIDA f Bosnian
Feminine form of Anid.
ANIDORI f Literature
From Shannon Hale's novel, The Goose Girl, a retelling of the Grimms' fairytale. The princess Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee's lady-in-waiting leads a mutiny during the princess's journey to be married in a foreign land... [more]
ANIE f English
Variant of Annie.
Means "Who is like god?" in Ibibio.
ANIEFIOK m & f Nigerian, Ibibio
Means "who knows tomorrow?" in Ibibio.
ANIEK f Dutch
Dutch form of Anique - otherwise a short form of Annika or Annemiek.
ANIEKANABASI m Western African, Ibibio, Nigerian
Means "who is greater than God?" in Ibibio.
ANIEKPENO m & f Ibibio
Means "Who would have given me?" in Ibibio.
ANIËL m Dutch
Dutch form of Aniel.
ANIELLO m Italian
Variant of Agnello.
ANIES m & f Indonesian
Indonesian form of Anis, also used as a feminine name.
ANIET f Dutch
Dutch form of Anita.
ANIFE f Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Anisa.
ANIFER f English (American, Modern), Brazilian, Spanish (Mexican)
The name Anifer was popularised by the Mexican telenovela 'Papá a toda madre' where it is the name of a little girl.
ANIGOL m Ossetian Mythology
Meaning unknown. Anigol is the Ossetian god of bees and the patron of beekeeping. He protects beehives from animals, thieves, and the evil eye.
ANIITA f Finnish
Finnish variant of Anita.
ANIITTA f Finnish
Finnish variant of Anita.
ANIJE m Croatian (Rare)
Croatian form of Annius.
ANÍKA f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Anika.
ANIKA f Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 新 (ni) meaning "new" combined with 歌 (ka) meaning "song". Other kanji combinations are possible. ... [more]
ANIKET m Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian form of Aniketos (see Anicetus).
ANILLA f Medieval English
Contracted form of Anabilla.
ANILLA f Hungarian
Originally a diminutive of Anna, now used as a given name in its own right.
ANILLIA f Medieval French, Medieval German
Recorded in Switzerland in the 15th century.
ANIMESH m Indian, Bengali, Hindi
Derived from Sanskrit अनिमिष (animiṣa) meaning "almighty, unblinking, vigilant". This is an epithet of the Hindu gods Shiva (1) and Vishnu.
ANIMIKII m Ojibwe, New World Mythology
Means "thunder", from the Ojibwe animikiikaa "there is thunder". ... [more]
ANIMUS m English (Rare)
From the Latin animus meaning "the mind; the rational soul in man, intellect, will, courage, spirit, feeling, passion, pride, wrath, etc., the breath, life, soul". In Jungian psychology the animus is the masculine component of a feminine personality (see: Anima).
ANÍNA f Icelandic (Rare)
Icelandic form of Anina.
ANINDITA f Indian, Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian
Means "irreproachable, virtuous" from Sanskrit अ (a) meaning "not" combined with निन्दिता (nindita) "blamed, low, defamed".
ANINDYA m & f Indian, Bengali, Indonesian
Means "immaculate, faultless" in Bengali, ultimately from Sanskrit. In India, it is a masculine name while in the case of Indonesian usage, it is both a feminine and masculine name.
ANINGAAQ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Aningâĸ.
ANINGÂĸ m Greenlandic, Inuit Mythology
Means "big brother of a girl" in Greenlandic. Aningâĸ is the name of the moon in Greenlandic mythology.
ANINGAN m Inuit Mythology, Greenlandic
The god of the moon among the Inuit of Greenland. He is called Igaluk by the Inuit of Canada and Alaska.
ANÍNGUAĸ m Greenlandic
Combination of Ane and -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
ANINNGUAQ m Greenlandic
Younger form of Anínguaĸ.
ANIO m Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Anyo.
ANIOŁ m Polish
Means "angel" in Polish as well as a cognate of Angel.
ANIPA f Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Kazakh and Kyrgyz form of Hanifa.
ANIQUE f Dutch
French form of Annika, or perhaps a short form of Angelique.
ANIR m Indian
Indian meaning "spiritual warrior"
ANIR m Berber, Northern African
Means "angel" in Tamazight.
ANIRAY f African American
This name is a mix between the names Raymond and Aniko. It is a name that was made in New Orleans, Louisiana it may also have some french origin. It has been linked to the name Annie-Ray many of time but does not sound exactly like that.
ANIRBAN m Indian, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit अनिर्वाण (anirvāṇa) meaning "unextinguished".
ANIRBHAV m Sanskrit
Anir - Means Spiritual Warrior... [more]
Beautiful fortune
ANIRVAN m Indian, Bengali
Variant transcription of Anirban.
ÄNIS m German (Modern, Rare)
Rare transcription of the Arabic name Anis.... [more]
ÄNISÄ f Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of Anisa.
ANISAH f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Maranao
Alternate transcription of Anisa as well as the Indonesian, Malay, and Maranao form.
ÂNÍSE f Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Agnes.
ANISE f French
French feminization of Anese (from Anesius), martyr from Africa, honored 31 March.
ANISSE m Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Rare variant of Anis (chiefly Maghrebi).
ANISTASIA f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Anastasia. Anistasia was given to 5 girls in 2014 according to the SSA.
ANISTON f & m English (Modern)
This given name is derived from the surname of Aniston, for which there are several etymologies possible.... [more]
ANISUNG f & m Dagbani
Means "good intention" in Dagbani.
ANISYA f Russian
Russian form of Anisia.
ANÍTA f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Anita.
ANITELU m Polynesian
Means "masculine, manly".
ANITHA f Indian, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
Southern Indian form of Anita (2).
ANITO m Various (Rare)
Masculine form of Anita.
ANITRA f Literature, Theatre, Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Coined by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen for an Ethiopian princess in his play Peer Gynt (1867).
ÂNITSE f Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
ANITTA f Finnish
Variant of Anita.
ANITZA f Spanish (Latin American)
Latin American diminutive of Ana, using the popular -itza suffix found in Maritza.
ANIUAR m Circassian, Karachay-Balkar
Kabardian (East Circassian) and Balkar form of Anwar.
ANIUS m Greek Mythology
The son of Apollo and Rhoeo. When Rhoeo became pregnant, her father had her placed in a chest and cast into the sea. She landed on the island of Delos where she gave birth to Anius.
ANIXE f Basque (Modern, Rare)
Coined by Sabino Arana Goiri and Koldo Elizalde as a Basque form of Anisia.
ANIYOM m & f Efik
Vlach variant of Anisija
ANJALEE f English
Variant of Enjoli.
ANJAN m Indian, Bengali, Kannada
Possibly from Añjanā, the name of a character in the Indian epic, Ramayana (see Anjana).
ANJANA f Hinduism, Indian, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali
Derived from Sanskrit अञ्जन (añjana) meaning "collyrium, kohl", referring to a black, powdery pigment traditionally used as an eyeliner. In the epic Ramayana, Anjana is the mother of the god Hanuman.
Perhaps a blend of Angela and Antoinette, or else a combination of Ann and Jeanette.
Derived from आंजनेय (āṃjaneya), a name of Haruman and the Telugu suffix -లు (-lu)
ANJAY m Sanskrit
Means "unconquerable, unbeatable" in Sanskrit.... [more]
ANJEL f & m English (Modern)
Variant of Angel.
ANJELAH f English
Variant of Angela.
ANJELEE f Indian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anjeli.
ANJELI f Indian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anjali.
ANJELIKA f Russian
Variant transcription of Anzhelika.
ANJELINA f Ukrainian, English (Rare)
English variant of Angelina and Ukrainian variant transcription of Anzhelina.
ANJELO m English (Modern)
Exclusively masculine form of Anjel.
ANJERI-NA f Japanese
From Japanese 天使 (anjeri-na) meaning "angel" or other kanji pronounced in the same way.... [more]
ANJETTE f East Frisian (Rare)
Late 19th-century elaboration of Anje.
ANJEZA f Albanian
Albanian form of Agnes.
ANJEZË f Albanian
Albanian form of Agnes. A famous bearer is Mother Teresa who was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.
ANJI f English, Popular Culture
May also be a variation of Angie.... [more]
ANJI f & m Japanese
From Japanese 杏 (an) meaning "apricot" combined with 紫 (ji) meaning "purple; violet". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANJI f Sanskrit, Indian, Hinduism, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada
MEANING - blessing, brilliancy, oointment, commander, sender, unctuous
ANJIE f English
Variant of Angie.
ANJILIA f American (Rare)
Apparently a variant of Angelia, perhaps influenced by Jill.
ANJIR f Uzbek
Means "fig" in Uzbek.
ANJLEE f Indian, Gujarati
Variant transcription of Anjali. This is borne by Preeti Desai's sister.
ANJLI f Indian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anjlee.
ANJO m & f Frisian (Rare), Dutch (Rare), German (Rare)
This given name is rare for both genders, even though it is more often seen on men than on women.... [more]
ANJO m Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Anyo.
Enjoying the blessings/wealth of God
ANJOLIE f English
Either a variant of Anjuli or Angeli, influenced by Jolie.
ANJU f Japanese
"Apricot", "Shine"
ANJULEE f Indian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anjali.
ANJULI f Indian, English (Modern)
Variant of Anjali. Anjuli Shukla is an Indian cinematographer.
ANJULIE f English (Rare)
Respelling of Anjuli influenced by Julie.
ANJUM f & m Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Punjabi
Derived from Arabic أَنْجُم (ʾanjum) meaning "stars", the plural of نَجْم (najm) "star, celestial body" (see Najm).
ANKA m Turkish
Means "phoenix" in Turkish.
ANKA f Mordvin
Mordvin form of Anna.
ANKA f Nivkh
Derived from the Nivkh word for "year".
ANKA f Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "peace, quiet", 杏 (an) meaning "apricot" or 晏 (an) meaning "peaceful, quiet" combined with 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance". Additionally, other kanji combinations can form this name.
ANKA-NY f Chukchi
Derived from Chukchi анка-к (anka-k) meaning "in the sea". This name was traditionally given to baby girls who were born during a trip to the ocean or sea.
ANKARETTE f English (British, Archaic), Medieval English
Medieval English form of Welsh Angharad (compare Anchoretta).
ANKARL m Old Danish
Old Danish name of uncertain meaning. It could be a combination of Old Norse ari, ǫrn "eagle" and karl "man".
ANKATRĪNA f Latvian (Archaic)
Latvian borrowing of German Anna Katharina.
Variant transcription of Angayarkanni.
ANKE m West Frisian
Variant of Ane, where the diminutive suffix ke has been added to the name.
ANKER m Danish, English (Rare)
Younger form of Ankarl and variant of Anchor. A famous bearer is Anker Jørgensen (born July 13 1922), a Social Democratic politician, warehouse worker and former prime minister and foreign minister.
ANKHBAATAR m Mongolian
Derived from анх (ankh) meaning "first" and баатар (baatar) meaning "hero".
ANKHBAYAR m & f Mongolian
Means "first joy" in Mongolian.
ANKH-EF-EN-KHONSU m Ancient Egyptian
Means "the truth that has crossed over" in Egyptian.
ANKHEFENSEKHMET m Ancient Egyptian
Means "he lives for Sekhmet" in Egyptian.
ANKHENESPEPI f Ancient Egyptian
Means "Pepi lives for her" in Egyptian.
ANKHESENAMUN f Ancient Egyptian
Means "her life is of Amun" in Coptic. This was the name of a queen of ancient Egypt, born Ankhesenpaaten (c.1348 BCE - c.1322 BCE). Her name was changed following the change of religion in Egypt at the time.
ANKHESENPAATEN f Ancient Egyptian
Means "living for Aten" in Coptic. This was the birth name of the Egyptian queen Ankhesenamun.
ANKHINOE f Greek Mythology
Variant transcription of Ἀγχινόη (see Anchinoe).
ANKHIS m Russian
Russian form of Anchises.
ANKHKHEREDNEFER m Ancient Egyptian
Means "the beautiful child lives there" in Ancient Egyptian.
Means "first flower" in Mongolian.
ANKHTUYAA f Mongolian
Means "first rays, first beam" in Mongolian.
ANKI f Swedish, Finnish
Swedish diminutive of Ann-Kristin, Ann-Katrin, Anna-Karin and other similar hyphenated names.
ANKITHA f Indian
Means "Auspicious marks". A bearer of this name is Ankitha Lakshmi who is an Indian playback singer.
ANKO m West Frisian
Diminutive of Ane.
ANKO m Basque
Basque form of Ancus.
ANKOMA m Western African, Akan
Means "last born of parents" in Akan.
ANKOS m Armenian
Armenian form of Ancus.
ANKOTARINJA m Indigenous Australian Mythology
Among the Aranda people, the first man. He is the Dreaming hero who first emerged from the ground to create the world.
ANKOU m Celtic Mythology, Breton Legend
This is the name of a legendary skeleton-ghost in parts of France, namely Brittany and Normandy as well as Cornwall. He travels by night, riding a creaking cart (or small coach) drawn by four black horses in which he comes to collect the souls of the recently departed... [more]
ANKUSH m Indian (Hindi), Indian
Means Control in Hindi. Indian Origin... [more]
ANKY f Dutch
Variant of Anke.
ANLĀF m Anglo-Saxon
Old English form of Olaf.
ANLI f Scandinavian
Diminutive of Anneli.
ANLON m Irish (Rare)
Means "great champion" in Irish Gaelic.
ANMANARI f Indigenous Australian, Pintupi
Meaning unknown (possibly from Pintupi language). ... [more]
ANMING f Chinese
Compound Chinese female name from An and Ming, with the meaning "peaceful clarity".
ANMOL m & f Indian, Hindi, Nepali
Derived from Sanskrit अमूल्य (amūlya) meaning "priceless, precious".
ÁNN m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Means "old" in Old Norse. Ánn is the name of a dwarf mentioned in the Vǫluspá.
ÁNNÁ f Sami
Sami variant of Anna.
ANNA f Thai
Means "rice" in Thai.
ANNA f Chinese
Combination of An (1) and Na.
ANNA f Japanese
From Japanese 愛 (an, a) meaning "love, affection", 安 (an) meaning "relax, cheap, low, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful", 庵 (an) meaning "hermitage, retreat", 闇 (an) meaning "dark, darkness", 杏 (an) meaning "apricot", 亞 (an) meaning "rank, follow", 晏 (an) meaning "late, quiet, sets (sun)" or 栞 (an) meaning "bookmark", 夢 (n) meaning "dream" combined with 那 (na) meaning "what", 南 (na) meaning "south", 和 (na) meaning "harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan", 杏 (na) meaning "apricot", 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 捺 (na) meaning "press, print, affix a seal, stamp", 寧 (na) meaning "rather, preferably, peaceful, quiet, tranquility", 名 (na) meaning "name", 也 (na) meaning "also", 娜 (na) meaning "graceful", 乙 (na) meaning "the latter, duplicate, strange, witty", 夏 (na) meaning "summer", 茄 (na) meaning "eggplant", 樹 (na) meaning "tree", 汀 (na) meaning "water's edge, shore, bank", 凪 (na) meaning "lull, calm", 楠 (na) meaning "camphor tree", 風 (na) meaning "wind, air, style, manner", 梨 (na) meaning "pear" or 采 (na) meaning "dice, form, appearance, take, gather, coloring"... [more]
Variant of Annabel. In some cases it can also be a phonetic spelling reflecting the French pronunciation of Annabelle.
ANNÁBLA f Medieval Irish
Irish adoption of Annabel.
ANNACE f English
Variant of Annis.
Combination of Anna and Claire.
ANNÆUS m Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Latinised male form of Anna.
ANNAFILA f Romansh
Combination of Anna and Fila, traditionally found in the Engadine valley.
Combination of Anna and Grace.
ANNAH f English
Variant of Anna.
ANNAI f English
Possible variation of Annie or Anais.
ANNAKI f Greek
Diminutive form of Anna.`
ANNALEA f English
Combination of Anna and Lea.
ANNALEIGH f English (Rare)
Combination of Anna and Leigh.
ANNALÉNA f Hungarian (Rare)
Hungarian form of Annalena.
ANNALETA f Romansh (Rare)
Most likely a contraction of Anna and Leta.
ANNALI f Chinese
Combination of An (1), Na and Li (1).
ANNALIA f English, Danish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Anna and the popular name suffix -lia.