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ANNALUJZA f Hungarian
Derived from Anna and Lujza.
ANNALYNN f English (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Anna using the popular name suffix lyn.
ANNAMAE f English
Combination of Anna and Mae.
Combination of Anna and Marie.
ANNAMIRL f Upper German
Diminutive of Annemarie and Annamaria. This name is strictly a diminutive and not used as a given name in its own right.
From Japanese 杏 (an) meaning "apricot", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 桃 (momo) meaning "peach" combined with 花 (ka) meaning "flower". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANNAN m Akan
Variant of Anan (1).
ANNAPLE f Scottish
Scottish form of Annabel. Sir Walter Scott used it for two characters (both nurses) in his Waverley series of novels.
ANNAPURNA f Hinduism, Indian, Telugu, Kannada
Means "full of food" from Sanskrit अन्न (anna) meaning "food, grains" and पूर्ण (pūrṇá) "filled, full". Annapurna was a Hindu goddess of the harvest and grain and an avatar of Durga (also associated with Lakshmi).
ANNAR m Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish (Rare)
Newer form of Old Norse name Ánarr meaning "ancestor's army". Derived from Old Norse anu "ancestor, father" and herr "army". ... [more]
ANNARITA f Italian
Combination of Anna and Rita.
ANNAROSA f Italian
Combination of Anna and Rosa.
ANNAROSE f English
Combination of Anna and Rose.
ANNARÓZA f Hungarian (Rare)
Combination of Anna and Róza.
ANNARR m Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, Norse Mythology
Either a variant of Ánarr or from Old Norse meaning "the second one" or . In Norse mythology this is the name of Nótt's second husband, the father of Jǫrð.
ANNASETTE f English (Rare)
Combination of Anna and the element Sette such as in Rosette.
ANNASI m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Ánáse.
ANNASOPHIA f English (Modern)
Combination of Anna and Sophia. A famous bearer of this name is American actress Annasophia Robb.
ANNASTACIA f English (Rare)
Variation of Anastasia or a blend of Anna and Stacia.
ANNASTACIE f English (Modern, Rare)
Apparently an Anglicized form of Anastasie. (See also Annastacia.) It can also be taken as a combination of Anna and Stacie.
Finnish form of Annastina.
ANNASTINA f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Anna and Stina.
ANNASZ m Polish
Polish form of Annas.
ANNASZÓFIA f Hungarian
Derived from Anna and Szófia.
ANNATINA f Romansh
Contraction of Anna and Catrina.
ANNAZELLA f English (American, Rare)
Probably a combination of Anna with Izabella or a given name that ends in -sella (but then variantly spelled as -zella), such as Gisella and Rosella. Also compare the similar-looking names Anselma and Anzhela.
ANNBJØRN m Norwegian
Norwegian variant of Arnbjørn.
ANNBRITT f Swedish, Danish (Rare)
Combination of Ann and Britt (compare Majbritt).
ÄNNCHEN f German (Modern, Rare)
Ännchen is a German diminutive of Anne or Anna. It is rarely used as an official name in Germany.... [more]
ANNCHI f Swedish
Variant of Anki. Used almost exclusively as a nickname, very rarely as a full name.
ANNCLAIRE f American (South)
Combination of Ann and Claire.
ANNDEE f English
Variant of Andy.
ÁNNE f Sami
Sami variant of Anne.
ANNE f Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) menacing "calm, peaceful" combined with 音 (ne) meaning "sound". Other kanji combinations are also possible.
Combination of Anne and Bet.
ANNEBRITT f Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Annbritt. It is also a combination of Anne and Britt.
ANNECKA f Swedish
Variant of Anneka.
Combination of Anna and Dore (a short form of Dorothea).
Blend of Anna and Dorothea.
ANNEFIEN f Dutch (Rare)
Combination of Anne with a given name ending in -fien, such as Josefien (also found spelled as Jozefien), Adolfien and Rudolfien. In some cases, it can also be a combination of the same name with Fien, which is a short form of names like the aforementioned examples.... [more]
Danish form of Annegret.
ANNEI m Japanese
From Japanese kanji combination 安寧 (annei) meaning "peacefullness; tranquillity".... [more]
ANNEKEN f Low German, Danish, Flemish, Old Swedish
Low German diminutive of Anne.
ANNELE f Dutch, Finnish
Diminutive of Annika or Anneliese. In Finland, it may be derived of (or inspired by) Hannele.
ANNELINDE f Dutch (Rare)
Combination of Anne (1) and Linde.
ANNELINE f Afrikaans, Dutch, French (Archaic), Danish, Norwegian
Dutch and Afrikaans variant of Annelien as well as a Danish and Norwegian combination of Anne and Line (and thus a cognate of Annelien) as well as a Danish, Norwegian and archaic French diminutive of Anne found up to the 1700s in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
Variant of Anneliese.
ANNELLA f Scots, Scottish
Elaboration of Anne.
ANNELLE f English, Literature, Popular Culture
Diminutive of Anne. It was used for a character in Robert Harling's play 'Steel Magnolias' (1987) and the subsequent film adaptation (1989).
Combination of the names Anne and Loes. Known Dutch bearers of this name include the former field hockey player Anneloes Nieuwenhuizen (b. 1963) and the competitive sailor Anneloes van Veen (b. 1990).
ANNELOT f English, Dutch
Combination of Anna and Lotte (compare Liselot).
Combination of Anne and Louise, in occasional use
ANNEMÄDY f German (Swiss)
Bernese German form of Anna Magdalena.
Combination of Anne and Margaret
Combination of Anna and Marieke. (Cf. Annemarie, Annemieke.)
ANNEMARY f English
Combination of Anne and Mary.
ANNEMEI f Alsatian
Contracted form of Annemarie influenced by Marei.
Combination of Anne and Mette.
ANNEMIE f Upper German, Flemish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish
Diminutive of Annemarie, used mainly in the middle and south of Germany.
This name is a combination of Anne with a name ending in -mijn, such as Jasmijn and Willemijn (which is a variant form of Wilhelmina).... [more]
ANNEMIRL f German (Rare)
A diminutive of Annemarie.... [more]
ANNEMONE f German (Rare)
Double form of Anne and Mone designed to sound like Anemone.
ANNEMOR f Norwegian (Modern, Rare), Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Anne and the name element mor "mother".
ANNEMUND m History
From the Germanic name Aunemund, in which the second element is mund "protection". Saint Annemund was a 7th-century archbishop of Lyon; Queen Balthild had him assassinated, according to Bede.
ANNEPHINE f Dutch (Rare)
Combination of Anne with a given name ending in -phine, such as Josephine. Also compare Annefien, which is a different spelling of this name but the more prevalent of the two (even though they are both rare in the Netherlands).
ANNER f American (South, Archaic)
Phonetic spelling of Anna reflecting the Appalachian accent.
ANNER m Dutch
Masculine form, using the Dutch grammatical suffix to verb stems -er (as in English, for a male actor, e.g. in werk-er 'work-er') of Anne (usually female, but sometimes male; equivalent to English Anna, from Biblical Hannah), notably adopted as adult by the famous Dutch cellist Anner (born Anne) Bijlsma (+2019)
Combination of Anne and Roos.
ANNESLEY f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Ansley.
ANNEST f Welsh
Variant of Anest.
Danish variant of Annastina.
ANNET m Medieval French, French (Archaic)
Masculine diminutive of Anne.
ANNETH f Cornish (?)
From the Cornish word annedh "home". A fictional bearer is Anneth Sizemore in Silas House's 2001 novel 'Clay's Quilt'.
ANNETRAUDE f German (Rare)
A modern combination of the given name Anne with the Germanic name element THRUD "strength".
ANNEVI f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Anne and the Old Swedish name element "temple, sanctuary" (ultimately from the Old Norse name element "home; temple, sanctuary; devoted, dedicated").
ANNEVIEVE f English (Rare)
Variant spelling of Annavieve.
ANNFRID f Norwegian, Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Altered form of Arnfrid, first documented in Norway c.1500 (Arnfrid: 1888).
ANNFRÍÐ f Faroese
Faroese form of Annfrid.
ANNGA f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Ánga.
ANNGILIK f Greenlandic
Younger form of Ángilik.
ANNI f Chuvash
Chuvash form of Anna.
ANNÍA f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Annia.
ANNIA f Ancient Roman
Annia Aurelia Faustina (c. 201 AD – c. 222 AD) was an Anatolian Roman noblewoman. She was an Empress of Rome and third wife of the Roman emperor Elagabalus briefly in 221.
ANNIBAL m French
French form of Hannibal.
ANNICHE f Frisian (Archaic)
Archaic diminutive of Anna (compare Annika, Anneke, Annike), in use between the 1500s and 1700s.
ANNIESSE f English (Rare)
an alternate form of anice
ANNIG f Breton
Original Breton form of Annick.
ANNIGJE f Dutch (Rare)
Dutch diminutive of Anna.
ANNIJA f Latvian
Latvian borrowing of Anni.
ANNIKI f Greek
Variant of Annika.
ANNIKKA f Finnish
Finnish form of Annika.
ANNINGAN m Inuit Mythology
Variant of Aningan. In Greenlandic mythology Anningan is the god of the moon and the brother of Malîna, the sun goddess. He chases his sister across the sky. The Greenlandic people explained the phases of the moon by saying Anningan forgets to eat while chasing her and becomes thinner and thinner, then leaves for three days to find food before returning to chase his sister again.
ANNIQUA f African American (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Anna, formed from the popular name suffix qua- (see also Annika, Anika, Shaniqua and Janiqua).
ANNIQUE f Dutch (Rare), English (Modern, Rare)
Probably intended to be a French form of Annika. (Cf. Aniek, Anique.)
Means "beautiful fortune" in Hindi.
Son of Pradyummna, and grandson to Lord Krishna
ANNISTON f English (Modern)
Derived from the name of the city of Anniston in the state of Alabama. The city was founded in the late 19th century by Samuel Noble and Daniel Tyler, who named the city after the latter's daughter-in-law, Annie Tyler... [more]
ANNITA f Greek (Rare)
Either a diminutive of Anna or a Greek form of Anita.
ANNITTA f Danish, Dutch, English
A variant of Anita or Annetta.
ANNITUULI f Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Anni and Tuuli.
ÁNNJÁ m Sami
Sami form of Andreas.
ANNKATRIN f Swedish (Rare), German
Swedish and German combination of Anne and Katrin.
ANNKI f Swedish
Variant of Anki.
ANNKJELL m Norwegian (Rare)
Norwegian variant of Arnkjell.
ANNKRISTIN f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Ann and Kristin.
ANNLI f Swedish, Danish
Short form of Anneli.
ANNLIN f Medieval German
Diminutive of Anna.
ANNLIS f Alsatian
Vernacular form of Anneliese.
ANNLYN f English
Combination of Ann and Lyn.
ANNMAJ f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Ann and Maj.
ANNMAN f Armenian
Means "unmatched, inimitable" in Armenian.
ANNMARY f English
Combination of Ann and Mary.
ANNO m East Frisian (Rare)
East Frisian short form of names beginning with the element arn "eagle".... [more]
ANNO m Hebrew, English
Masculine form of Anna.
ANNOETHAI-YAZZEH m Native American, Yellowknive
Meaning, "white capot."
ANNONARIA f Roman Mythology
Means "she who supplies corn" in Latin, derived from annona "yearly produce", "crop, harvest" or "corn, grain" (also the name of a Roman goddess who personified the year), which was ultimately from annus "year"... [more]
ANNOP m Thai
Means "sea, ocean" in Thai.
ANNOT f Medieval English, Medieval French
Medieval diminutive of Ann a short form of Annes (see Annis), Annora, and Alianora. It was used by Sir Walter Scott for a character in his short novel 'A Legend of Montrose' (1819). This name was a precursor to Annette.
Diminutive form of Anna.
ANNSON m English
Variant of Anson.
Irish form of Anastasia.
ANNU f Finnish
Diminutive of Anna and other names beginning an.
ANNU f & m Hindi
This name is used in the Hindu religion, and it has the meaning "Lord Shiva".
ANNUAR m Malay
Malay form of Anwar.
ANNUL m Norwegian (Archaic)
Former Norwegian dialectal variant of Arnulf.
ANNULV m Norwegian (Archaic)
Former Norwegian dialectal variant of Arnulf.
ANNUSE f Medieval Baltic
Diminutive of Anna.
ANNUSHA f Russian
Russian diminutive of Anna. Also compare Annushka and Annusya.
ANNUSYA f Russian
Russian diminutive of Anna. Also compare Annusha and Annushka.
ANNVEIG f Norwegian (Rare)
Variant of Arnveig as well as a younger combination of Anna and veig "power; strength".
ANNÝ f Icelandic, Faroese
Icelandic and Faroese form of Annie.
ANNYA f English
Variant of Anya.
ANO m Finnish, Greenlandic
Finnish name meaning "asked for", derived from the Finnish verb anoa meaning "to ask" and Greenlandic name of unknown meaning.
ANO f Pashto
A kind of plant (anise) in Pashto.
ANO f Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 愛 (a) meaning "love, affection" or 綾 (aya) meaning "design" combined with 乃 (no), a possessive particle. Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
ANOA f Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 乃 (no), a possessive particle combined with 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANOCA f Portuguese
Diminutive of Ana.
ANODOS m Greek (Anglicized, Rare, Archaic)
"Ascent" or "Upward Progress" from the Greek οδος with the prefix αν. Used by Plato to refer to enlightenment. Anodos is the central character in the George Macdonald novel "Phantastes"... [more]
ANOEK f Dutch
Dutch variant of Anouk.
ANOEP m Indian
Means " ripe fruit" or "exceptionally lovely" in Hindi.
ANOESCHKA f Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Variant of Anuschka. This is borne by Namibian author Anoeschka von Meck (1967-).
ANOG f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "pleasured" in Hebrew, a poetic verbal of Oneg.
ANOK m Filipino
Means "wise ruler" in Tagalog.
ANOKHI f Hindi
The name Anokhi is a feminine name that means unique. Its very commonly used in the language hindi. But its not a common name.
ANOKI m Native American, Sioux
Means "actor" in Sioux.
ANON m Thai
Means "joy, delight, pleasure" in Thai.
ANON f Japanese
From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia" combined with 音 (non) meaning "sound". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Modern Iranian form of Anoshiruvan.
ANORA f Tajik, Uzbek
Derived from the Tajik and Uzbek noun анор (anor) meaning "pomegranate". In other words, this name is a cognate of Anara.
ANORAANNGUAQ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Anorãnguaĸ.
ANORÃNGUAĸ m Greenlandic
Maybe a combination of Anore and -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
ANORE m Greenlandic
Old spelling of Anori (as per the Greenlandic spelling reform of 1973).
ANORELLA f American (Rare, Archaic)
Extremely rare elaboration of Annora.
Uzbek form of Anargul.
ANORI m Greenlandic
Means "wind" in Greenlandic.
ANORI f Japanese
From Japanese 愛 (a) meaning "love, affection", 乃 (no), a possessive particle combined with 里 (ri) meaning "village". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANORTE f German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German contraction of Anna-Dorothea.
ANOSHIRUVAN m Ancient Persian
Means "immortal soul", derived from Middle Persian anōš (also anōsh) meaning "immortal" combined with Middle Persian ruwān meaning "soul". This was an epithet of Khosrau I, a popular 6th-century emperor of the Sassanid Persian Empire.
ANOUAR m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Anwar (chiefly Moroccan and Tunisian).
ANOUB m Coptic
Coptic form of Anubis.
Variant of Annushka.
ANOUCK f Dutch, French
Variant of Anouk.
ANOUD f Arabic
Means "brave, strong-willed, courageous".
ANOUER m Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Maghrebi variant of Anwar (chiefly Tunisian).
ANOUKE f Egyptian Mythology, African Mythology
Possibly a variant of Anuket, as she is depicted in an almost identical way, or even Neith, and perhaps the inspiration for the Greek Goddess Hestia as they are thought to have shared similar duties... [more]
Variant of Anuschka.
ANOUSH m & f Persian (Rare)
Derived from Persian انوشه (anuše) meaning "immortal", ultimately from Old Persian *anauša- and Avestan anaoša.
ANOUSHEH f & m Persian, Iranian
Means "eternal life, immortality, goodness and happiness". Famous bearer is Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian in space.
Variant transcription of Anooshiravan.
Greek form of Annunziata.
Variant of Angpetu.
Derived from anqo meaning "anqa (a mythological bird" and gul meaning "flower, rose".
ANRI f & m Japanese (Modern)
As a unisex name, this name can be used as 杏里, 杏理, 安吏, 安莉 with 杏 (an, kyou, kou, anzu) meaning "apricot," 安 (an, yasu, yasu.i, yasu.maru, yasu.raka) meaning "cheap, low, peaceful, rested," 里 (ri, sato) meaning "parent's home, ri (unit of distance - equal to 3.927 km), village," 理 (ri, kotowari) meaning "justice, logic, reason, truth," 吏 (ri) meaning "an official, officer" and 莉 (rai, ri, rei), part of 茉莉 (matsuri) meaning "jasmine."... [more]
ANRICA f Italian (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Enrica.
ANRIETT f Hungarian
Hungarian borrowing of Henriette, reflecting the French pronunciation.
ANRIETTE f Louisiana Creole
Creole variant of Henriette.
ANRIJS m Latvian (Modern)
Latvian borrowing of Henri.
ANRIKO f Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "peace", 里 (ri) meaning "village" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANRIYA f Chinese
"王" means king. "安" means peace. 睿 means astute. 雅 means lovely. 王 is the last name, because in Chinese they put the last name first. So, according it English tradition, it should be 安睿雅王.
ANRRIQUE m Medieval Portuguese, Medieval Galician
Medieval Portuguese and Medieval Galician form of Henrique.
ANSA m Hinduism
In Hindu myth, one of the Adityas, the guardian deities of the months. A minor sun god.
ANSA f Japanese
From Japanese 杏 (an) meaning "apricot" combined with 沙 (sa) meaning "sand" or 紗 (sa) meaning "gauze, thin silk". Other kanji combinations are possible.
ANSALEWIT f Native American
Means "Angel" in Mi'kmaq.
ANSAM m & f Arabic (Rare)
Means "gentle breezes" in Arabic.
ANSAS m German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German form of Hans.
ANSBALD m Ancient Germanic
Means "brave god", derived from Old High German ans "god" combined with Old High German bald "bold, brave."
ANSBERT m Ancient Germanic
Means "bright god", derived from Old High German ans "god" combined with Old High German beraht "bright."
ANSBRAND m Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German ans "god" combined with Old Norse brand "sword."
ANSCHEL m Yiddish
German-Yiddish variant of Anshel.
ÃNSE m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Hans.
Sami form of Anselm.
Sami form of Anselm.
ANSELMUCCIO m Medieval Italian, Literature
Medieval Italian diminutive of Anselmo, as -uccio is an Italian masculine diminutive suffix.... [more]
ANSFLEDA f Ancient Germanic
Derived from Old High German ans "god" combined with flâdi "beauty, respectability."
ANSFLEDE f Ancient Germanic
Variant spelling of Ansfleda. Ansflede was the wife of Waratton, a 7th-century mayor of the palace of Neustria and Burgundy.