Submitted Names Starting with N

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Náttsól f Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Means "midnight sun", consisting of Old Norse nátt "night" and sól "sun".
Náttúlfur m Icelandic
Icelandic younger form of Nóttolfr.
Natty m & f English
Diminutive of Nathaniel, Natalie and other names containing the element nat.
Natty f Thai
A nickname used for names such as Supatra, Patra and Ahnatchaya
Natu f Finnish
Variant of Nata.
Natuk f Greenlandic
This is believed to have originated as a nursery form of the Greenlandic word inequnartoq "sweet, cute", shortened and simplified to natuk through the common custom of babbling or cooing with a baby... [more]
Natuka f Georgian
Diminutive of Natalia. It can also be a diminutive of Natela and Natia, especially when written as ნათუკა.
Nature m & f American (Rare, Archaic)
The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.
Natuš m Sorbian (Archaic)
Sorbian form of Nathan.
Natush f Mari
Mari form of Natalia.
Naty f & m Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of names like Netanel, Netanela, Anat 2, Yonatan / Yehonatan and Natan.
Natyra f Albanian
Means "nature" in Albanian.
Natze f German
A short form and nickname of Nadine. ... [more]
Nàtziu m Sardinian
Short form of Innàtziu.
Nau f Japanese
From Japanese 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree" combined with 詩 (u) meaning "poetry, poem". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Naubolus m Greek Mythology
Derived from ναῦς (naûs) meaning "boat" and βόλος (bólos) meaning "a cast of a net".
Naucratius m Ancient Roman
An Orthodox saint in the 4th century. Son of Ss. Emmelia and Basil the Elder, and brother to St. Basil the Great, Ss. Theosebia and Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Macrina the younger.
Naudar m Ancient Persian
Ancient Persian form of the Avestan name Naotara or Nautara, which most likely means "younger, newer" and is derived from Avestan nauua or nava meaning "new, fresh". It is also possible that the name is ultimately derived from Proto-Indo-Iranian nutára "quick", thus giving the name the overall meaning of "the quick one".
Naudigastiz m Ancient Scandinavian
A Proto-Norse name attested on the Hogganvik Runestone. Composed of ᚾᚨᚢᛞᛁᛉ (naudiz) "head" + ᚷᚨᛊᛏᛁᛉ (gastiz) "guest".
Naufal m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Nawfal.
Nauid m Albanian
Albanian form of Navid.
Nauja f Inuit, Greenlandic
Directly taken from Greenlandic nauja "gull, seagull".
Naujánguaĸ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "Ross's Gull" with the combination of combination of Nauja and -nnguaq meaning "sweet, dear".
Naujardluk f Greenlandic
Means "greater black-back gull" in Greenlandic.
Naujarluk f Greenlandic
Younger form of Naujardluk.
Nauman m & f Pakistani
Name coming from Pakistani roots. Popular in Pakistan and the Urdu language. No other cultures edit or use this name, purely from Pakistan.
Náuplio m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Nauplius.
Nauplius m Greek Mythology
In Greek mythology, Nauplius was the name of two characters, one descended from the other.
Na'ura f Comanche
Meaning, "someone found."
Nauri f Tahitian
Means "the two young coconut shoots", referring to the southern archipelagos south of French Polynesia.
Naurice m English (Rare)
Variant of Norris, influenced by the spelling of Maurice.
Nauryz m Kazakh
Means "March" in Kazakh, ultimately from Persian نوروز (nowruz). This is also the Kazakh name for Nowruz, an Iranian holiday commemorating the first day of spring.
Nausica f Catalan, Italian
Catalan and Italian form of Nausicaa.
Nausícaa f Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish form of Nausicaa.
Nausigenes m Ancient Greek
Derived from the Greek noun ναῦς (naus) meaning "ship" combined with Greek γενής (genes) meaning "born".... [more]
Naŭsikaa f Esperanto
Esperanto form of Nausicaa.
Nausimachos m Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek ναῦς (naus) meaning "ship" combined with Greek μαχη (mache) meaning "battle".
Nausinicus m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Nausinikos. This name was borne by an eponymous archon of Athens, who lived in the 4th century BC.
Nausinikos m Ancient Greek
Means "victorious ship", derived from Greek ναῦς (naus) "ship" combined with Greek νικη (nike) "victory".
Nausiphanes m Ancient Greek
Derived from ναῦς (naûs) meaning “a boat” and φαίνω (phaínō) meaning “appear”.
Nausithous m Greek Mythology
Derived from ναῦς (naûs) meaning “ship” and θοός (thoós) meaning "quick, swift".
Naussoĸ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "flower, plant" or "growing".
Nauszika f Hungarian (Rare)
Hungarian form of Nausicaa.
Nautica f American (Rare)
Perhaps based on the English word nautical, which is derived from Latin nauticus meaning "pertaining to ships or sailors", ultimately from Greek naus "ship".
Nauvoo f Mormon
In early Mormon history, this was the name of a prominent Mormon settlement in Illinois. It means "beautiful" in Hebrew.
Nauwara f Nigerian
Derived from Arabic نَيِّر (nayyir) meaning "luminous, brilliant".
Nauzet m Spanish (Canarian)
Possibly derived from Guanche *(a)nuhazzeṭ meaning "the most elegant". According to Antonio de Viana's epic poem Antigüedades de las Islas Afortunadas de la Gran Canaria (1604), Nauzet or Nuhazet was a Guanche warrior who fought in the battle of Acentejo in the army of the mencey Bencomo.
Nauzika f Hungarian
Variant of Nauszika, meaning "burner of ships".
Navagiaĸ m Greenlandic
Means "the one who travelled from place to place". In Greenlandic mythology this is the name of a character who dies and travels from animal to animal as a spirit until he is finally reborn as a human.
Navagiaq m Greenlandic
Younger form of Navagiaĸ.
Navaleen f Chuukese
beautiful, independent, and smart.
Navaneeth m Tamil (Modern)
Perfect in every thing
Navara f English
Transferred use of the surname Navara.
Navarana f Greenlandic, Danish (Rare)
Greenlandic name meaning "one who alternates between different parties", derived from the Proto-Eskimo root *naverar "to trade, exchange" and the name suffix na. In legend Navarana was an Inuit woman who brought about disunity by alternating between her tribe of native Greenlanders and the Norse colonists... [more]
Navas m American (Hispanic)
Transferred use of the surname Navas.
Navbihar f Kurdish
Possibly from the Kurdish nav meaning "name, reputation" and bihar meaning "spring".
Navda m Kurdish
Variant of Navdar.
Navdar m Kurdish
Derived from Kurdish navdarbûn meaning "to become famous".
Naveem m Indian
Variant of Naveen.... [more]
Naveh m & f Hebrew
This name has some meanings: The first is "beautiful" (from the name Nava). And the second is "oasis" (from the name Neveh).
Navendra m Indian
Means "new lord" from Sanskrit नव (nava) meaning "new, fresh" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra, used here to mean "lord".
Navendu m Indian
New Moon
Navey m & f American (Rare, Archaic)
Transferred use of the surname Navey.
Navgul f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek nav meaning "sort, kind" and gul meaning "rose, flower".
Navi m Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
It means "prophet" in Hebrew ultimately from a word meaning "spokesperson".
Navi f Popular Culture
From the companion fairy character from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Navia f Galician, Lusitanian Mythology, Gallaecian Mythology
Navia (also known as Nabia) was the goddess of rivers and water in Gallaecian and Lusitanian mythology. The name is still used in present-day Galicia.
Navia f African American (Rare)
Meaning unknown. Name used by actress Navia Robinson.
Navia f Hebrew
Elaboration of Nava
Navida f Persian, Indian (Muslim)
Feminine form of Navid.
Navil m Berber
Berber form of Nabil.
Navnihol f Uzbek
Means "sapling" or "young girl" in Uzbek.
Navnit m & f Indian (Sikh)
Variant of Navneet.
Navozish f Uzbek
Means "kindness" in Uzbek.
Navroj f Iranian
I was born with it. It means beautiful, new flower and very unique.
Navro'za f Uzbek
Uzbek feminine name derived from nav'roz refering to a New Year's celebration widely celebrated in Central Asia, also meaning "springtime" or the name of a kind of apricot.
Navro'zgul f Uzbek
Derived from nav'roz refering to a New Year's celebration widely celebrated in Central Asia, also meaning "springtime" or the name of a kind of apricot, and gul meaning "rose, flower".
Navro'zoy f Uzbek
Derived from nav'roz refering to a New Year's celebration widely celebrated in Central Asia, also meaning "springtime" or the name of a kind of apricot, and oy meaning "moon".
Navssâĸ m Greenlandic
Means "find, discovery" in Greenlandic.
Navssãnguaĸ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "sweet/dear find/discovery", combined with Navssâĸ and -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
Navssâpaluk m Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "dear little find/discovery". Combination of Navssâĸ and -paluk "dear little".
Navssârssuaĸ m Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "big/great find/discovery". Combination of Navssâĸ and suffix -rsuaq "big, great".
Navy f & m English (American)
Vocabulary name meaning "a fleet of military watercraft". Although navies have been used since ancient Greek and Roman times, navy is quite a modern word in English. Dating to around the 17th century, it is from the Old French meaning “fleet of ships” – ultimately from the ancient Greek for “ship”.... [more]
Navya f Indian, Telugu
Means "to be praised, laudable" and "navigable" in Sanskrit. However, in Telugu, it allegedly means "blue".
Nawa'akoa m Hawaiian
Means "koa canoe" from Hawaiian waʻa "canoe" combined with koa "koa tree". A known bearer is Nawaʻakoa Lisiate Foti Analeseanoa "Koa" Misi (1987-), an American footballer.
Nāwai f & m Hawaiian
Hawaiian unisex name meaning "the waters", derives from meaning “the" and wai meaning "waters".
Nawang m & f Tibetan, Bhutanese
Alternate transcription of Ngawang.
Nawazuddin m Indian
Means “gift of god” in Indian.
Nawel f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of Nawal chiefly used in Northern Africa.
Nawel m Mapuche
Original Mapudungun form of Nahuel.
Nawfa f Arabic
The name means exalted, wise. It also means “Nova” in english.
Nawfal m Arabic
Means "generous" in Arabic, also an archaic word meaning "sea, ocean".
Nawfel m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Nawfal (chiefly Tunisian and Moroccan).
Nawin m Thai
Means "seaman, sailor" in Thai.
Nawoj m Polish (Archaic)
Derived from Polish naj, a superlative particle, and Old Polish woj "warrior". This used to be an amuletic name, wishing the bearer to become "the (very) best warrior".
Nawoja f Polish (Archaic)
Feminine form of Nawoj.
Nawojka f Medieval Polish
Feminine form of Nawoj.
Nax f South African
Blend of Natalie and Max, used in South Africa.
Naxdaxe f Abazin
Derived from Kabardian Neχ daxe meaning "more beautiful".
Naxhije f Albanian
Albanian feminine form of Naaji.
Nay m & f Burmese
Means "sun" in Burmese.
Naya f Chinese
Combination of the names Na and Ya but it can be also variant of the name Naia
Naya f Spanish (Modern)
Spanish form of Nahia and Naia.
Naya f Asturian (Modern)
Truncated form of Anaya.
Nayaab f Persian
Variant of Nayab.
Nayab f & m Urdu, Punjabi, Indian (Muslim)
Means "rare, unique" in Hindustani (Urdu and Hindi), ultimately from Persian نایاب (nâyâb).
Náyade f Spanish (Rare)
From the Spanish word náyade meaning "Naiad", which is a river nymph in Greek and Roman mythology; it derives from Greek Ναιάς (Naias) (plural Ναϊάδες (Naiades)), itself a derivative of the verb νάω (nao) "to flow".
Nayako f Japanese
From Japanese 夏 (na) meaning "summer", 悦 (ya) meaning "joy, pleased" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nayan m & f Sanskrit
Means "eyes" in Sanskrit.
Nayana f Hindi
Hindi colloquial form of the Sanskrit word nayanam "eyes".
Nayana f Mordvin
Nayanthara f Indian
It means “beloved”
Nayaraq f Quechua
Means "who has many desires" in Quechua.
Nayda f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Nayden.
Naydena f Bulgarian (Rare)
Feminine form of Nayden.
Naydush f Mari
Mari form of Nadezhda.
Na-ye f Korean
From Sino-Korean 娜 "elegant, graceful, delicate" and 藝 "art; talent, ability".
Nayely f Zapotec
Variant of Nayeli.
Na-yeon f Korean
From Sino-Korean 娜 "elegant, graceful, delicate" and 妍 "beautiful".
Nayfa f Swahili
Means "benefit" in Swahili.
Nayib m Spanish (Latin American)
Hispanic variant of Arabic name Najib.
Nayimathun f Literature
Name of a dragon in The Priory of the Orange Tree.... [more]
Nayiri m Armenian
Näylä f Bashkir
Variant Bashkir form of Naila.
Nayla f Arabic
Alternate transcription of Naila.
Naylun m English (Rare)
Taíno meaning “to be god like”
Naylya f Tatar
Tatar form of Naila.
Naylynn f & m Obscure
Combination of Nay and Lynn
Nayo f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" combined with 世 (yo) meaning "generations". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nayo m Asturian (Modern)
Truncated form of Anayo.
Nayoko f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 余 (yo) meaning "over, more than" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nayru f Popular Culture
Supposedly means "love" or "wisdom" in ancient Hylian, a language in the 'Legend of Zelda' universe. In the games, Nayru is one of the goddesses responsible for the creation of Hyrule.
Nayu f Japanese
From Japanese 愛 (na) meaning "love, affection" combined with 夢 (yu) meaning "dream". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nayue f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 郁 (yu) meaning "fragrance" combined with 絵 (e) meaning "picture, painting, drawing, sketch". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nayuko f Japanese
From Japanese 七 (na) meaning "seven", 夕 (yu) meaning "evening" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nayumi f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" combined with 弓 (yumi) meaning "archery bow". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nayuta m & f Japanese (Modern)
From 那由他/那由多 (nayuta), originally a Buddhist term referring to an extremely great number (often said to be 100 million), derived from Sanskrit नयुत (nayuta) meaning “myriad” or नियुत (niyuta), referring to a very high number.
Nayvadius m African American
This is the birth name of American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, Future.
Nayvee f English (American, Rare)
Variant of Navy. Nayvee was given to 11 girls in 2017 according to the SSA.
Nayzabay m Karakalpak
Means "spear" in Karakalpak.
Naz f Kurdish
The word Naz in Kurdish language means Auctioneer. This word is a common name used for kurdish girls, and there are many other names derived from it.
Nəzakət f Azerbaijani
Means "delicate, genial, graceful" in Azerbaijani.
Nazan f Turkish
Means “coy” in Turkish.
Nazaneen f Indian (Rare)
Variant transcription of Nazanin.
Nazanin f Persian
Means "sweetheart, darling" in Persian.
Názár m Hungarian
Hungarian form of Nazar.
Nazaré f Portuguese, Galician
Portuguese and Galician form of Nazareth.
Nazarena f Spanish (Rare)
Spanish feminine form of Nazarenus.
Nazareth f & m English (Puritan)
Biblical place name, now an Arabic city in northern Israel. In the New Testament it is referred to as the home town of Jesus Christ, and is used as one of his titles: Jesus of Nazareth. The meaning is uncertain; it may be from Hebrew neser, meaning "branch", or Hebrew nasar, meaning "watch, guard, keep".
Nazargul f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek nazar meaning "look, glance" and gul meaning "rose, flower".
Nazari m Malay
Means "my sight, my vision" from Arabic نَظَر (naẓar) meaning "vision, gaze, sight".
Nazari m Lengadocian, Provençal
Languedocian and Provençal form of Nazarius.
Nazaria f Spanish
Feminine form of Nazarius.
Nazarie f English
Feminine form of Nazarius.
Nazariu m Corsican, Sicilian
Corsican and Sicilian form of Nazarius.
Nazariya f Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Nazaria and feminine form of Nazariy.
Nazdar f Kurdish
From Kurdish nazik meaning "delicate" and dar meaning "tree". Nazdar Ciziri is a Kurdish musician.
Nazdravan m Romanian (Modern, Rare)
From the Romanian word năzdrăvan "super-natural"
Nazeen f Indian
Indian feminine first name, of which the meaning is currently unknown to me.
Nazeer m Pakistani, Urdu
Variant of Nazir.
Nazenik f Armenian
From Persian نازی (nazi) meaning "sweet, coy".
Nazenîn f Kurdish
Kurdish form of Nazanin.
Nazenin f Turkish
Turkish form of Nazanin.
Nazer m Medieval Breton
Breton form of Nazarius.
Nazerke f Kazakh
Derived from Persian ناز (naz) meaning "delight, comfort, coquetry, affectation" and Kazakh ерке (erke) meaning "naughty, spoiled, darling".
Näzhiä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Najia.
Nazhiba f Bashkir
Feminine form of Nazhip.
Nazhip m Bashkir
Bashkir form of Najib.
Nazhud m Chechen (Rare)
Means "supporter, rescuer" or "brave" from Arabic نَاجَدَ (nājada) meaning "to help, aid, assist".
Nazi m Upper German (Archaic)
Traditional Austrian and Bavarian short form of Ignaz.
Nazi f Georgian
Derived from the Georgian adjective ნაზი (nazi) meaning "gentle" as well as "delicate, soft, tender", which is ultimately derived from the Persian noun ناز (naz) meaning "coyness, coquetry"... [more]
Nazife f Turkish
It means beautiful and good
Nazihah f Malay
Malay form of Naziha.
Nazik f Armenian
From Persian نازی (nazi) meaning "sweet, coy".
Naziko f Georgian
Georgian diminutive of Nazi.
Nazima f Arabic, Urdu, Dhivehi
Feminine form of Nazim.
Nazimah f Arabic, Malay
Arabic alternate transcription of Nazima as well as the Malay form.
Nazimuddin m Arabic
A combination of Nazim and ad-Din "religion, faith".
Nazir m Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi
Means "similar, alike" or "match, counterpart" in Arabic.
Nazira f Arabic, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Tajik, Uzbek
Feminine form of Nazir.
Nazirah f Arabic, Malay
Arabic alternate transcription of Nazira as well as the Malay form.
Naziraoy f Uzbek
Derived from nazira meaning "a literary work meant to represent or respond another work by another author" and oy meaning "moon".
Näzixä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Naziha.
Nazlican f Turkish
Possibly a combination of Nazlı, meaning "delicate", and Can meaning "soul".
Nazlu f Armenian
Armenian variant form of Nazli.
Nazmije f Albanian
Albanian form of Nazmiyeh.
Nazmiya f Uzbek
Derived from nazmiy meaning "poetic, in poetry".
Nazmiyeh f Arabic
It means "poem" in Arabic. This is the name of a protagonist in Susan Abulhawa's novel The Blue Between Sky and Water (2015).
Nazneen f Indian (Parsi), Indian (Muslim), Bengali
Parsi, Indian Muslim, and Bengali variant of Nazanin.
Nazo m Japanese
Nazo is the Japanese word for "Mystery".... [more]
Nazo f Georgian
Either a diminutive or a variant form of Nazi.
Nazokat f Uzbek
Means "politeness, refinement, grace" in Uzbek.
Nazreath f African
From Ethiopia
Nazriya f Indian (Muslim, Rare)
Possibly from Persian نظریه (nazariye), ultimately from Arabic نَظَرِيَّة (naẓariyya) "theory, theorem". A known bearer is Nazriya Nazim (1994–), a Muslim Indian actress from Kerala.
Nazuk f Armenian
Variant form of Nazik.
Nazuna f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (nazuna, na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 七 (na) meaning "seven", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 那 (na) meaning "what", 南 (na) meaning "south", 名 (na) meaning "name" or 薺 (nazuna) meaning "water-chestnuts, caltrop", 瑞 (zu) meaning "congratulations", 津 (zu) meaning "haven, port, harbor, ferry", 都 (zu) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything" or 鈴 (zu) meaning "bell" combined with 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 砂 (zuna) or 沙 (zuna) both meaning "sand" or 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens"... [more]
Nazyr m Chechen, Ingush
Chechen and Ingush form of Nazir.
Nazzarena f Italian
Feminine form of Nazzareno.
Nazzarenu m Maltese
Maltese form of Nazzareno.
Nazzariu m Sicilian
Sicilian form of Nazario.
Nazzora f Uzbek
Means "look, glance" in Uzbek.
Nbangzaa m & f Dagbani
"It means I have known them"