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Nagi f & m Japanese
Most commonly spelled as 凪 (nagi) which is derived directly from the Japanese word for "calm (at sea), lull". It is sometimes spelled in hiragana or katakana. Other kanji combinations are possible but rather uncommon.
Nagie f Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 咲 (e) meaning "blossom", 江 (e) meaning "creek, bay" or 恵 (e) meaning "favour". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nagiha f Japanese
From Japanese 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 木 (gi) meaning "tree, shrub" or 渚 (nagi) meaning "strand, beach, shore", 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" or 薙 (nagi) meaning "weed" combined with 葉 (ha) meaning "leaf", 羽 (ha) meaning "feathers", 波 (ha) meaning "wave" or 刃 (ha) meaning "an edge, a blade"... [more]
Nagiho f Japanese
From Japanese 渚 (nagi) meaning "strand, beach, shore" or 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 帆 (ho) meaning "sail", 歩 (ho) meaning "walk", 穂 (ho) meaning "grain" or 布 (ho) meaning "cloth, textiles"... [more]
Nagika f Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 佳 (ka) meaning "beautiful, good" or 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nagiko f Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nagim m Bashkir
Means "living in prosperity" in Bashkir.
Näğimä f Bashkir
Bashkir form of Na'ima.
Nagini f Literature, Mythology
In mythology, the Nagas and Naginis are the respectively masculine and feminine serpent people of various Asian cultures. Descriptions of the Nagas vary from culture to culture; in some, they are depicted as giant black snakes, and in others they are said to bear the lower half of a serpent and the upper half of a human... [more]
Nagino f Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 乃 (no), a possessive particle. Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nagio m Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm" combined with 男 (o) meaning "male" or 郎 (o) meaning "son". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nagisa f & m Japanese
This name can be used for both sexes as 渚 (sho, nagisa) meaning "beach, shore."... [more]
Nagisa f Persian
Means "jewel" in Persian.
Nagisako f Japanese
From Japanese 渚 (nagisa) meaning "beach, shore" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nagito m Japanese
From Japanese 凪 (nagi) meaning "calm", 和 (nagi) meaning "harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan", 渚 (nagi) meaning "strand, beach, shore" or 成 (na) meaning "turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach", 銀 (gi) meaning "silver" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person", 冬 (to) meaning "winter", 叶 (to) meaning "grant, answer", 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 杜 (to) meaning "woods, grove", 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly", 音 (to) meaning "sound", 十 (to) meaning "ten", 仁 (to) meaning "humanity, virtue, benevolence, charity, man, kernel" or 士 (to) meaning "samurai"... [more]
Nagla f Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian Arabic transcription of Najla.
Naglaa f Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Najla.
Naglfar m Norse Mythology
Means "ship of the dead", derived from nagl ("dead person") and far ("ship; passage on a ship"). In Norse mythology this is the name of a ship helmed by Hymir (or Loki, depending on the text), which will put to sea at Ragnarǫk and take the inhabitants of Múpellsheimr to fight the gods... [more]
Naglfari m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Combination of nagl ("dead person") and fara ("to move, to travel"). In Norse mythology this is the name of Nótt's first husband, with whom she had two sons, both named Auðr.
Naglis m Lithuanian
From Lithuanian legends about Neringa and Naglis.... [more]
Nagmati f Indian, Awadhi (?)
In the epic poem Padmavat, Nagmati is the identifed as the first wife and chief queen of King Ratan Sen. This is also the name of a river the state of Gujarat in India.
Nagomi f & m Japanese
From 和み (nagomi), referring to a feeling of calmness and relaxation (compare Nagomu).... [more]
Nagomu m & f Japanese
From the verb 和む (nagomu) meaning "to be softened, calm down​" (compare Nagomi).... [more]
Nagtoralik m Greenlandic
Means "white-tailed sea-eagle" in Greenlandic.
Naguib m Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Najib.
Nagwa f Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian transcription of Najwa.
Nagyezsda f Hungarian (Rare)
Hungarian form of Nadezhda.
Nah m & f Korean
Nahaap m Yakut
Yakut form of Nazar.
Nahabed m Armenian
Means "patriarch" in Armenian.
Nahal f Persian
Means "sapling" in Persian.
Nahala f Hebrew
Variant of Nahal.
Nahalina f Tagalog, Filipino
This means "To be charmed, to be fascinated" in Tagalog. Related to Mahalina.
Nahan m Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
MEANING : binding, tying round, fetter, bolt, bond... [more]
Nähär f Bashkir
From Arabic نَهْر‎ (nahr) meaning "river".
Nahar f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "river" in Hebrew.
Na'harai m Biblical
Variant transcription of Naharai.... [more]
Naharai m Biblical
The name comes from נחר (nhr), meaning "to snort vigorously". It comes from the root חרר (harar), meaning "heat source". It also comes from נחר (nahar), which describes a horse's snorting noise.... [more]
Nahash m & f Jewish, Ancient Hebrew
Means "snake" in Hebrew, from the vocabulary noun נָחָשׁ (nachash or nāḥāš).... [more]
Nahasr m Sanskrit, Hinduism, Hindi, Indian
MEANING : putting on, crotchet, fetter, bond, girding round... [more]
Nahbi m Biblical
Nahbi, the son of Vophsi of the house of Naphtali, was a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River according to Numbers 13:14.
Nahcomence m Cheyenne
Means "bark" in Cheyenne.
Nahee f Korean
Na means "elegant, graceful, delicate" and Hee means "joy,brightness and bliss"
Nahei f Tahitian
Means "twin crowns"; a combination of Tahitian na denoting duplicates or twins and hei meaning "crown".
Nahel m Muslim
Strictly masculine variant of Nahil.
Nahele f & m Hawaiian (Rare)
Means "forest" in Hawaiian.
Nahenahe f Hawaiian
Hawaiian feminine name meaning "soft, gentle".
Nahiara f Caribbean (Modern)
Puerto Rican variation of Naiara.
Nahikari f Basque
Variant of Nahia derived from Basque nahikari "wish; desire; sympathy, affection; pleasure".
Nahila f Arabic, Spanish
Variant transcription of Najla or Naila.
Nahimana f Sioux
Means "secret". Likely derived from a mistranslation of the Dakota Sioux word nahmana 'secret', as in a sly or covert way.
Nahime f Muslim
Variant of Naime, ultimately a form of Na'ima. It is also often used as a surname.
Náhkol m Sami
Sami diminutive of Andreas.
Nahla f English, Arabic (Egyptian), Indian
Means "a drink of water" in Arabic or a variant of Nala.
Nahman m Jewish
Variant of Nachman.
Naho f & m Japanese, Popular Culture
From Japanese 夏 (na) meaning "summer" combined with 帆 (ho) "sailboat". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
Nahoko f Japanese
Variant of Naoko.
Nahom m Eastern African
East African form of Nahum.
Náhookǫs Baʼáádí f Navajo
Means "whirling woman" in Navajo.
Nah-re f Korean
From the 15th-century Korean 날애(Nal-E), itself derived from the Traditional Korean 날개(Nal-Ge) meaning "Wing" from Korean 날(Nal) meaning 'fly' combined with suffix -개(Ge) meaning 'tool'.
Nahri f Medieval Arabic (Rare)
Means "from the river" in Arabic, derived from a surname.
Nahshon m Hebrew
Nahshon (Hebrew: נַחְשׁוֹן) or Naḥshon ben ʿAmminadabh (נחשון בן עמינדב; "Nahshon son of Aminadav") was a prominent leader of the ancient Israelites during the The Exodus. He was, according to the Book of Exodus, the son of Amminadab; descendant in the fifth generation of Judah, brother-in-law of Aaron1 and an important figure in the Hebrew's Passage of the Red Sea which according to the Jewish Midrash he initiated by walking in head-deep until the sea split... [more]
Nahuitochtli f Nahuatl
"Four Rabbit" (the day of the name owner's birth in the Mexica social calendar)
Nahundi m Near Eastern Mythology, Elamite Mythology
In the Elamite pantheon, Nahundi was the god of the sun, but also the god of justice and law1. His name - spelled Nahiti in earlier times2 - was apparently the same as the word for 'sun' in Elamite3, although the literal meaning of that word is said to be "creator of the day"4... [more]
Nai'a f & m Hawaiian
Means "dolphin" in Hawaiian.
Naïa f French
French form of Naia.
Naia f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" or 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 以 (i) meaning "compared to" combined with 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Náiade f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Náyade
Naida f Filipino, Arabic
Short form of Zenaida.
Naiden m Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Найден (see Nayden).
Naidus f Khakas
Khakas form of Nadezhda.
Naif m Arabic
Exalted, lofty, eminent, superior
Naig f Breton
Diminutive of Annaig.
Naijla f Bosnian, Arabic
Variant form of Najla or Naila.
Naike f Various
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Naiki m & f Japanese
From Japanese 乃 (nai), a possessive particle, 夢 (nai) meaning "dream", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 流 (nai) meaning "current, a sink, flow, forfeit", 那 (na) meaning "what", 夏 (na) meaning "summer", 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" or 成 (nai) meaning "turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach" combined with 妃 (ki) meaning "queen, princess", 樹 (ki) meaning "tree", 輝 (ki) meaning "radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle", 騎 (ki) meaning "equestrian, riding on horses", 希 (ki) meaning "hope, beg, request, rare", 息 (iki) meaning "breath, respiration, son, interest (on money)", 暉 (ki) meaning "shine, light", 行 (iki) meaning "going, journey, carry out, conduct, act, line, row, bank", 生 (iki) meaning "life, genuine, birth" or 寿 (ki) meaning "longevity, congratulations, one's natural life"... [more]
Naïl m French
French form of Nail.
Nailə f Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Naila.
Nailah f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Alternate transcription of Naila as well as the Indonesian and Malay form.
Nailea f Spanish (Mexican)
Mexican variant of Nalea.
Nailya f Tatar
Tatar form of Naila.
Naïm m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Na'im.
Naïma f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Form of Na'ima used in Northern Africa and other French-influenced regions of the continent.
Naima f Arabic (Maghrebi), Bengali, Uzbek, Maranao, Maguindanao, Popular Culture
Alternate transcription of Na'ima primarily used in Northern Africa as well as the Bengali, Uzbek, Maranao, and Maguindanao form of the name.... [more]
Naimah f Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Maranao
Arabic alternate transcription of Na'ima as well as the Indonesian, Malay and Maranao form.
Naimâĸ m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Naimanzuunnadintsetseg f Mongolian
Derived from найм (naim) meaning "eight", зуун (zuun) meaning "hundred", нандин (nandin) meaning "precious, sacred" and цэцэг (tsetseg) meaning "flower(s)".
Naime f Albanian
Albanian form of Naima.
Naimée f Literature
Probably a contraction of non aimé, meaning "unloved" in French. This is the name of a character in the French fairy tale "The Fortunate Punishment" by Henriette-Julie de Murat. Naimée is a princess cursed to be hated by all that see her, while her sister Aimée is blessed to be loved by all... [more]
Naimittik m Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Indian (Sikh)
MEANING - Occassional, special, accidental, Fortune-teller
Naina f Indian, Hindi
Derived from Hindi naina "eyes".
Nainika f Indian
"Comes from Sanskrit and means the one with the beautiful eyes"
Náinn m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Derived from ("dead person"). This is the name of a dwarf in Norse mythology.
Nâinoa m Hawaiian
Originally given as the third name of a child who was named after two relatives or friends, meaning "the namesakes" from the Hawaiian plural definite article, , with inoa "name". It was popular in Hawaii from 2000-2005.
Nair m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "we will light up" in Hebrew, making it relative to Yair.
Naira f Romansh, German (Swiss)
Derived from the Surselvan Romansh word nair (ner in other Romansh variants) "black; dark".
Naira f & m Spanish (Canarian)
Recorded ca. 1484 by Pedro Gómez Escudero as the name of a Guanche (male) warrior from Telde. According to the scholar Ignacio Reyes García, the name means "front" or "to guide" in the Guanche language.... [more]
Naira f Arabic (Egyptian), Georgian
Derived from Arabic نير (nayyir) meaning "bright, luminous, brilliant".
Naira f Japanese
From Japanese 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 衣 (i) meaning "clothing" combined with 羅 (ra) meaning "lightweight fabric". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Naira f Armenian
Feminine form of Nairi.
Nairciseas m Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Narcissus.
Nairely f Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Possibly an elaboration of Naira.
Nairi m Armenian
Derived from the Assyrian name for a confederation of tribes in the Armenian Highlands.
Nairn m & f Scottish, English
Transferred use of the surname Nairn.
Nairo f Japanese
From Japanese 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree" combined with 彩 (iro) meaning "colour". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nairo m Spanish (Latin American)
Nairobi f Popular Culture
Capital city of Kenya... [more]
Naís f Gascon
Gascon cognate of Naïs.
Naïs f French, Occitan, Greek Mythology
In France, this is used as a short form of Anaïs. It coincides with the French form of Nais, the name of a naiad from Greek Mythology... [more]
Nais f Greek Mythology
Means "river nymph", derived from Greek naiein "to flow".
Naïse f Norman
Norman short form of Athenais.
Naish m English (Rare)
Abbreviated form of Ignatius
Naisha f Indian, English (Modern, Rare)
Some sources claim it is derived from Sanskrit naisa "nightly", while others say it is derived from "the Indian language, meaning 'special'".
Naishewedu f Shona
Means "with our god" in Shona.
Naithan m English (American)
Variant of Nathan that was given to 7 boys in 2017 according to the SSA.
Naito f African
Origin Meru "Rich woman"
Naito m Japanese
From Japanese 乃 (nai), a possessive particle, 夏 (na) meaning "summer", 夜 (nai, naito) meaning "night", 夢 (nai) meaning "dream", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 星 (na) meaning "star", 那 (na), an interjection or 騎 (nai) meaning "equestrian, riding on horses", 生 (i) meaning "life, genuine, birth" or 依 (i) meaning "reliant, depend on, consequently, therefore, due to" combined with 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 愛 (ito) meaning "love, affection", 智 (to) meaning "wisdom, intellect, reason", 月 (to) meaning "moon", 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly", 十 (to) meaning "ten" or 士 (to) meaning "gentleman, scholar, samurai"... [more]
Naiton m Pictish
Naiton (Naiton in Bede) II.E. Pict mentioned in the Ulster annals -8th c.
Naiyana f Thai
Means "eye" in Thai (a poetic word).
Naiyma f African American (Rare)
Likely a variant of Naima.
Naja f Croatian, Slovene, Serbian
Nickname for Anastazija, Danaja and names starting with na, for example Naida, Natalija, etc.
Naja f Bosnian
Bosnian hypocoristic of Najla or Najila.
Najaaja f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Najâja.
Najaaraq f Greenlandic
Means "little Naja", derived from the popular Greenlandic name Naja combined with the diminutive suffix araq.
Najaati f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Najaute.
Najae f & m English (Rare)
Elaboration of Jae 2.
Najagtâ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic variant of Najagtâĸ.
Najagtâĸ f Greenlandic
Means "a boy's new little sister" in Greenlandic.
Najagtãnguaĸ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "a brother's new sweet little sister", combined with Najagtâĸ and -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
Najâja f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name with the combination of Naja and affix -aaja is a Greenlandic affix used for and by children.
Najâka f Greenlandic
Greenlandic diminutive of Naja.
Najákuluk f Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Najánguaĸ f Greenlandic
Greenlandic name meaning "a boy's sweet little sister". Combination of Naja and suffix -nnguaq "sweet, dear".
Najannguaq f Greenlandic
Combination of Naja, meaning "little sister (to a boy)" and nnguaq, a suffix meaning "sweet" or "dear."
Najat f Arabic
Means "salvation" or "savior" in Arabic.
Najaute f Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Najda f Serbian
Feminine form of Najdan.
Najdan m Serbian
Serbian form of Nayden.
Najdana f Serbian (Rare)
Feminine form of Najdan.
Najdina f Bosnian (Rare)
Feminine form of Najdin.
Najee m Arabic
means good friend
Najeeb m Arabic, Urdu
Arabic alternate transcription of Najib as well as the Urdu form.
Najeebah f Arabic
of noble birth, born into royalty, excellent
Najeebullah m Arabic, Pakistani, Urdu
Urdu form of Najibullah as well as an Arabic variant transcription of the name.... [more]
Najia f Arabic
Feminine form of Naji.
Najibah f Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian of Najib.
Najibullah m Arabic, Afghani
Derived from the Arabic adjective نجيب (najib) meaning "noble, distinguished" as well as "intelligent" (see Najib) combined with the Arabic noun الله (Allah) meaning "God" (see Allah).... [more]
Najibullo m Tajik, Uzbek (Rare)
Tajik and Uzbek form of Najibullah.
Najih m Medieval Arabic (Moorish)
Means "successful, prosperous, fortunate" in Arabic.
Nájiká f Hungarian
Cognate of Naika, meaning "true friend".
Najima f Arabic
From Arabic نجمة (najima) meaning "star".
Najlae f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi transcription of Najla used in Morocco.
Najm Al-din m Arabic
Means "star of the religion" in Arabic.
Najmiła f Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish name meaning "most pleasant".
Najmul m Arabic (Archaic)
Famous monnikers include Najmul Millat, an Islamic jurist, and Najmul Hoda, a writer and scholar.
Najotbibi f Uzbek
Derived from najot meaning "salvation" and bibi meaning "learned woman".
Najoua f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Alternate transcription of Najwa chiefly used in Morocco and Tunisia.
Najuma f Swahili
Means "abounding in joy" in Swahili.
Najun f & m Chinese
From Chinese 娜 (nà) meaning "elegant, graceful, delicate" combined with 准 (jun) meaning "to allow; to grant; to permit". This name can also be formed from other character combinations.
Naka m African
A creator-deity of the Sonjo people of Tanzania.
Naka f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens" combined with 花 (ka) meaning "flower, blossom". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nakaba m & f Japanese (Rare)
From 半ば (nakaba) meaning "middle, half."... [more]
Nakaggwa f Ganda
second child (girl) after twins
Nakaia f American (South)
it means shining star!!
Nakajima m & f Japanese
Nakajima Means: "Middle Island". The sense of "island" is not necessarily land surrounded by water, but can denote a property surrounded by other holdings.
Nakako f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 七 (na) meaning "seven" or 心 (naka) meaning "heart, mind, soul", 花 (ka) or 華 (ka) which both mean "flower", 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance" or 日 (ka) meaning "day, sun, Japan" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child"... [more]
Nakang m Mizo, Manipuri
Means "gift from God" in Mizo and Manipuri.
Nakedi m & f Tswana
Means "striped polecat" in Setswana.
Nakendra f African American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name prefix Na and the name Kendra.
Nakhchir m Lezgin
Means "wolf" in Lezgin.
Nakheel m & f Arabic
Plural form of Nakhlah, means "date palm," but it also means "something that is purified."
Nakhlah f Arabic
Means "date palm" in Arabic.
Nakhon m Thai
Means "city, town" in Thai.
Nakhonchai m Thai
From Thai นคร (nakhon) meaning "city, town" and ชัย (chai) meaning "victory".
Nakhorn m Thai
Alternate transcription of Nakhon.
Nakhsho f Armenian
Diminutive form of Nakhshun.
Nakhshun f Armenian
Means "varicoloured, embroidered" in Armenian.
Nakhtmut m & f Ancient Egyptian
Meaning “strength of Mut”, Mut being the mother goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. Name of a daughter of Djehutyemheb and Bak-Khonsu, found in the Theban Tomb TT45.
Nakhtneith f Ancient Egyptian
The name of an early Ancient Egyptian Queen Consort, which means "strong is Neith".
Naki f Swahili
the first born girl in the family
Nakia m & f Popular Culture, African American
Briefly charted on American popularity lists due to the short-lived television police drama series 'Nakia' (1974), which starred Robert Forster as a Navajo deputy sheriff, "who was often in conflict with his people's customs and white man's law"... [more]
Nakihat f Circassian
Etymology unknown. This was the name of the mother of Suleiman I of Persia.
Nakije f Albanian
Albanian feminine form of Naqi.
Nakiko f Japanese
From Japanese 那 (na) meaning "what", 木 (ki) meaning "tree" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nakisa f Persian
Variant of Nagisa.
Nakisawame f Japanese Mythology
The name of the Japanese goddess of spring water. Her name is derived from 泣 (naki) meaning "to weep", 啼 (naki) meaning "to wail, cry" or 哭 (naki) meaning "to cry, wail", 沢 (sawa) meaning "mountain stream, swamp, marsh" and 女 (me) meaning "woman".
Nakisha f African American
Combination of the prefix Na and the name Kisha.
Nakita f English (Modern)
Possibly an English variant form of the Russian masculine name Nikita, which is commonly confused for a feminine name in English-speaking countries.
Nako f Japanese
From Japanese 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 南 (na) meaning "south" combined with 子 (ko) or 児 (ko) both meaning "child". Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Nākoa m Hawaiian
Means "the warriors," from plural definite article and koa meaning "soldier, warrior, fighter."
Nakoma f & m Indigenous American, Popular Culture
Allegedly means "I do as I promise" in Chippewa (according to another source, "we will stand together"). It was borne by the wife of 19th-century fur trader Peter Abadie Sarpy (a member of the Iowa tribe of Native Americans)... [more]
Nakon m Thai
Alternate transcription of Nakhon.
Nakorn m Thai
Alternate transcription of Nakhon.
Nakornchai m Thai
Alternate transcription of Nakhonchai.
Nakoto f Japanese
From Japanese 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree" combined with 琴 (koto), which refers to a type of musical instrument similar to a harp. Other kanji combinations are possible.
Nakshatra m & f Indian (Rare), Hindi (Rare), Astronomy
From Sanskrit नक्षत्र (nákṣatra) meaning "star," used as a term for a lunar mansion in Hindu astrology.
Nakuartaĸ m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Nakuartaq m Greenlandic
Younger form of Nakuartaĸ.
Nakul m Indian
Nakul was one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharat.
Nakula m Hinduism
Sanskrit, name of the twin brother, the youngest of the 5 brothers born by king Pandu as recorded in the Mahabharata, younger brothers to Arjuna, great heroes in their own right, Nakula was tall and handsome, Sahadeva spoke eloquently and possessed great filial piety.
Nakuset f Mi'kmaq
A Mi'kmaq goddess of the Sun, currently a famous bearer is the Mi'kmaq actress, Nakuset "Nikki" Gould.
Nakusha f Marathi
Means "unwanted" in Marathi. This was traditionally given to girls whose parents wanted a boy.... [more]
Nál f Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Means "needle". In Norse mythology this is the name of a sorceress and another name for Laufey.
Nal m Chechen
Means "wild boar" in Chechen.
Nâla f Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Nala f Sotho
“Prosperity” , a Sesotho name used in the motto of Lesotho
Nalado m Hausa
Means "born on a Sunday" in Hausa.
Nalaysha f African
Nalbi m Circassian
Either means "happy ruler" or derived from Persian نعل (na'l) meaning "horseshoe" (of Arabic origin) combined with the Ottoman Turkish title بك (beg) meaning "chief, lord, master".
Nalea f Moldovan (Rare)
Moldovan form of Nalya.
Naleigh f English
Combination of Nancy and Leigh. This name was used by actress Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley for their daughter, who was born in 2008... [more]
Naleli f Sotho
Means "star" in Sotho.
Nalena f Occitan (Rare)
Contracted form of Natalena.
Náli m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology
Possibly a male version of Nál, or derived from nagl ("dead person"). In Norse mythology this is the name of a dwarf, who may originally have been a demon of the dead.
Nália f Portuguese
Diminutive of Anália.
Nalian f & m Chinese
Combination of Na, Li 1 and An 1.