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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Julia   (Authenticated as JuliaF)
Date: August 15, 2019 at 4:46 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010

H: [91] Dominic Sebastian Inkburrow
W: [87] Lyra Susanna [Edwards] Inkburrow

D1: [64] Amelia Midori [Inkburrow] Bristol
S1: [61] Jude Jaron Inkburrow
S2: [59] Henry James Inkburrow
S3: [57] Gabriel, Alexander Inkburrow
S4: [54] Samson Benjamin Inkburrow “Sam

Dominic & Lyra; Amelia, Jude, Henry, Gabriel, and Sam

D1: [64] Amelia Midori [Inkburrow] Bristol
H: [76] Jordan Oliver Bristol

Amelia & Jordan; Mila, Noah, Lyra, Lucia, Genevieve, Naomi, Luke, Nathaniel, and Oliver

D: [44] Amelia Midori [Bristol] Hartford “Mila
-H: [46] Miles Owen Hartford
-S: [21] Miles Owen Hartford “Owen
-D: [18] Amelia Midori Hartford
-S: [16] Samuel Alaric Hartford “Sam
-D: [15] Arielle Sakura Hartford
-D: [12] Rosalie Elizabeth Hartford
-S: [8] Dominic Jeremiah Hartford “Nico

Mila & Miles; Owen, Amelia, Sam, Arielle, Rosalie, and Nico

S: [42] Noah Julian Bristol
-W: [39] Jessa Tamara Meems
-D: [13] Evangeline Scarlett BristolEva
-S: [12] Joachim Declan Bristol

Noah & Jessa; Eva and Joachim

D: [40] Lyra Susanna Bristol
-H: [64] Caleb Liron Gunn
-D: [10] Lyra Susanna GunnSusanna
-S: [8] William Sinclair Gunn
-D: [4] Lucy Chava Gunn

Lyra & Caleb; Susanna, William, and Lucy

D: [38] Lucia Michelina Bristol
-H: [48] Eli Justus Cleijenborg
-D: [10] Maya Josephine Cleijenborg
-D: [6] Hanna Aurora Cleijenborg
-D: [4] Emily Tora Cleijenborg
-D: [2] Hazel Valentina Cleijenborg

Lucia & Eli; Maya, Hanna, Emily, and Hazel

Da/Db: [35] Genevieve Adelaide Bristol / Naomi Samantha Bristol
-Db'sH: [38] Jacob Milo Terrill
-S: [10] Evan Ambrose Terrill
- D: [8] Olivia Juliet Terrill
-S: [6] Isaias Magnus Terrill
-S: [3] Graham Clark Terrill

Naomi & Jacob; Evan, Olivia, Isaias, and Graham

S: [30] Luke Charles Bristol
-W: [24] Portia Serafina Gerrit
-D: [3] Portia Serafina BristolSerafina
-D: [2] Anastasia Gerrit BristolAnya
-D: [nb] Mattea Liora Bristol

Luke & Portia; Serafina, Anya, and Mattea

S: [22] Nathaniel Amir Bristol
-W: [22] Fiona Matilda Peck
-D: [nb] Amelia Midori Bristol-Peck

Nathaniel & Fiona; Amelia

S: [18] Jordan Oliver BristolOliver

S1: [61] Jude Jaron Inkburrow
W: [60] Kala Timika Walker

Jude & Kala; Mika, Jay, Sarah, and Vivienne

D: [37] Kala Timika Inkburrow “Mika
-H: [38] Ronan Lev Prindle
-S: [8] Ethan August Prindle
-S: [6] Sean Barnaby Prindle
-D: [3] Elora Sidonia Prindle
-D: [nb] Kala Timika Prindle

Mika & Ronan; Ethan, Sean, Elora, and Kala

S: [35] Jade Jaron Inkburrow “Jay

D: [32] Sarah Jordana Inkburrow
-H: [45] Kaito Alexis Smith
-S: [nb] David Ichiro Smith

Sarah & Kaito; David

D: [29] Vivienne Emma Inkburrow
-H: [25] Luca Ryan Denison

Vivienne & Luca

S2: [59] Henry James Inkburrow
W: [61] Susanna Keila Mels

Henry & Susanna; Isaac, Noam, Juliana, Audrey, Daniela, and Elizabeth

S: [36] Isaac Reíd Inkburrow
-W: [33] Eva Madeleine Doane
-S: [5] Henry James Inkburrow
-D: [2] Susanna Keila Inkburrow
-D: [exp] Eva Madeleine Inkburrow “Madeleine

Isaac & Eva; Henry, Susanna, and Madeleine

S: [33] Noam Cedric Inkburrow
-W: [27] Amira Suzette Foster
-S: [3] Noam Cedric Foster “Ric”

Noam & Amira; Ric

D: [31] Juliana Maris Inkburrow
-H: [48] Adin Bennett Todd
-D: [11] Juliana Maris ToddMari
-S: [8] Nathaniel Moss Todd
-S: [6] Alban Augustus Todd
-D: [3] Abigail Melisande Todd
-S: [1] Adin Bennett ToddBen

Juliana & Adin; Mari, Nathaniel, Alban, Abigail, and Ben

D: [27] Audrey Elise Inkburrow
-H: [29] Eleazer Armin WilmotEli
-D: [6] Marina Inkburrow Wilmot

Audrey & Eli; Marina

D/D: [17] Daniela Ivy Inkburrow / Elisabeth Luna Inkburrow

S3: [57] Gabriel Alexander Inkburrow
W: [51] Dalia Maika Rixe

Gabriel & Dalia; Lila, Estelle, Ian, and Andrew

D: [29] Lila Daniella Inkburrow
-H: [35] Nicholas Azriel Doolittle

Lila & Nicholas

D: [24] Estelle Jodie Inkburrow
-H: [22] Peter Yosef Brockett
-S: [1] Spencer Colton Brockett

Estelle & Peter; Spencer

S: [22] Dominic Sebastian Inkburrow “Ian
S: [15] Andrew Zachary Inkburrow

S4: [54] Samson Benjamin Inkburrow “Sam
W: [62] Maria Annika Vincent

Sam & Maria; Anna, Ben, Henry, Margaret, Lyra, Mina, Ava, and Oliver

D: [34] Maria Annika Inkburrow “Anna
-exH: [39] Kai Johann Harris
-S: [13] Johann Edward Inkburrow
-H: [31] Nathan James Wooding
-S: [5] Sean Jude Wooding

Anna & Kai; Johann
Anna & Nathan; Sean

S: [32] Samson Benjamin Inkburrow “Ben
-W: [32] Daphne Suzanne Young
-S: [2] Samson Benjamin YoungSam

Ben & Daphne; Sam

S: [31] Henry Jasper Inkburrow
-W: [27] Talia Georgia Stockport
-D: [4] Clara Elsbeth Inkburrow
-D: [3] Lily Ilaria Inkburrow
-S: [1] Henry Jasper Inkburrow “Jasper

Henry & Talia; Clara, Lily, and Jasper

D: [29] Margaret Leah Inkburrow
-H: [35] Adam Theodore Clark
-D: [9] Margaret Leah ClarkLeah
-S: [7] Adam Theodore ClarkTheo
-S: [6] Samson Benjamin ClarkBenjamin
-D: [3] Juliet Veronica Clark
-S: [1] Gabriel Everett Clark

Margaret & Adam; Leah, Theo, Benjamin, Juliet, and Gabriel

D: [27] Lyra Susanna Inkburrow
-H: [28] Orlando Yousef Fisher
-S: [2] Leander Javon Fisher “Leo

Lyra & Orlando; leo

D: [22] Philomena Sage Inkburrow “Mina
-H: [32] Ezra Owen Beardsley
-S: [1] Ezra Owen Beardsley “Owen

Mina & Ezra; Owen

D: [20] Ava June Inkburrow
S: [17] Oliver Samuel Inkburrow

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