Submitted Names Starting with I

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Ippazia f Italian
Variant form of Ipazia.
Ippazio m Italian
Variant form of Ipazio.
Ippei m Japanese
From Japanese 一 (i) meaning "one", 壱 (i) meaning "one (in documents)", 逸 (i) meaning "deviate, idleness, leisure, miss the mark, evade, elude, parry, diverge" or 市 (i) meaning "market, city, town" combined with 平 (pei) meaning "even, flat, peace" or 兵 (pei) meaning "soldier, private, troops, army, warfare, strategy, tactics"... [more]
Ippeum f Korean (Modern, Rare)
From the verbal noun of adjective 이쁘다 (ippeuda) meaning "cute, pretty, gorgeous" (compare Yeppeum).
Ippocrate m Italian
Italian form of Hippocrates.
Ippolita f Italian
Feminine form of Ippolito.
Ippolita f Hungarian
Variant of Hippolita, meanig "freer of horses".
Ipponatte m Italian
Italian form of Hipponax.
Iprakhim m Chuvash
Chuvash form of Abraham.
Ipsae f & m Korean (Modern, Rare)
From native Korean 잎새 (ipsae), referring to the appearance of a leaf.
Ipseo m Italian
Italian form of Hypseus.
Iqaqa m Zulu
Means "polecat" in Zulu.
Iqbol m & f Tajik, Uzbek
Tajik and Uzbek form of Iqbal. This name is unisex in Uzbekistan, but it is more often bestowed upon males than on females there.
Iqbola f Uzbek
Uzbek feminine form of Iqbal.
Iqnati m Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Ignatius.
Ique m Portuguese
Diminutive of Henrique.
Ira f Greek
Modern Greek form of Hera.
Ira f Basque
Derived from Basque ira "fern". Ira is one of the Basque nature names that have been rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century.
Ira m & f Hinduism
In Hinduism, Ira (ईर) is the name of the wind-god who is the father of the monkey god Hanuman. His name means "wind" in Sanskrit.... [more]
Ira f & m Turkish
Turkish form of Ira 1 and Ira 2.
Iraaj m Sanskrit
MEANING : 'born from water ', kamadeva ( god of love)... [more]
Irabinna m Indigenous Australian
Means "warrior" in Kaurna.
Iracebeth f Popular Culture
This was the Red Queen's real name in Tim Burton's film "Alice in Wonderland". Her name was a play on the English word irascible meaning "easily angered", with Beth added to it in order to make it look more like a real feminine name.
Irache f Spanish (Rare)
Spanish form of Iratxe. Likely taken from the Santa María la Real de Irache monastery.
Iraci f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Tupi yira sü meaning "mother of honey".
Irad m Hebrew, Biblical
In the Old Testament, Irad is the grandson of Cain.
Irada f Kazakh
Derived from Arabic إرادة (irada) meaning "willpower" as well as "will, intention, desire".
Iraide f Spanish
Variant of Iraida.
Iraïs f Catalan
Catalan form of Irais.
Irais f Ancient Greek
Modern form and variant of Herais.
Iraj m Persian
From the Middle Persian Ērič, derived from ēr meaning "an Iranian" or "noble". In Persian traditional history he was the youngest son of Fereydoun and the eponymous hero of the Iranians... [more]
Iraj m Indian
MEANING- { "son of wind-god", a Name of lord Hanuman}. Here ईर means air, wind-god + ज means born... [more]
Iram f Arabic (Rare)
The name is found in the the holy scripture of the Muslims, i.e. The Quran. It was named after a city which was rich in heritage and culture and religious but god destroyed the city because they were deviated from the right path... [more]
Irani f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possibly means "enraged bee" in Tupi.
Irantzu f Basque
Derived from Basque ira, meaning "fern", and the abundancy suffix -tzu. It roughly translates as "fernland".... [more]
Iras f Theatre
Meaning unknown. This name was used by Shakespeare for one of Cleopatra's maids of honour in his tragedy 'Anthony and Cleopatra' (1607).
Irasema f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Mexican)
Means "lips of honey" in Tupi, from the Tupi words ira, "honey" and sema, "lips, mouth".
Iratsume f Japanese
From Japanese 郎女 (iratsume) meaning "a familiar or friendly term for a young woman".
Iravan m Hinduism
Derived from Sanskrit इरावत् (irāvat) meaning "satiating, comfortable, endowed with provisions", from इरा (irā) meaning "food, refreshment". This is the name of a minor Hindu deity and a character in the Mahabharata... [more]
Iravati f Hinduism
Means "possessing refreshment" in Sanskrit, from इरा (ira) meaning "water, refreshment" and वती (vati) meaning "having". This is the name of a figure in Hindu mythology who is associated with the Ravi River in northwestern India... [more]
Irawan m Indonesian, Indonesian Mythology
Indonesian form of Iravan. This is the name of a character in the Javanese version of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, who is sometimes called Bambang Irawan.
Irawati f Indonesian
Indonesian form of Iravati, though it may also be considered the feminine form of Irawan.
Irawo m & f Yoruba
Means "star" in Yoruba.
Irbe f Latvian
Directly taken from Latvian irbe "partridge".
Irbeg m Ossetian
Variant transcription of Irbek.
Irbek m Ossetian
From Ossetian ир (ir), the ethnic name of the Ossetian people, and the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
Irbmá f Sami
Sami form of Irma.
Irča f Czech
Diminutive form of Irena.
Ircia f Polish
Diminutive of Irena.
Irdlirvirisissong m & f Inuit Mythology, Inuit
Means "demon cousin of the moon"
Irdý f Faroese
Faroese form of Irdi.
Irea f Galician
Variant of Iria.
Ireal f & m French (Caribbean)
it comes from the Caribbean name Irie
Irecê f Tupi
Means "Water Surface"
Ireczek m Polish
Diminutive of Ireneusz.
Iredell m English
The name of philosopher Iredell Jenkins who wrote about the philosophy of art in the 1950s.
Iredia m Western African, Esan
Means "stay" in Esan. ... [more]
Iree f English
Variant of Irie, also possibly comes from a nickname for Irene.
Ireen f Dutch
Dutch form of Irene. The name has been used in The Netherlands since 1941 and was at its most popular in 1979. A famous bearer of this name is the Dutch speed skater Ireen Wüst (b... [more]
Ireena f Estonian
Variant of Ireene.
Ireene f Estonian
Estonian variant of Irene.
Irek m Tatar, Bashkir
Means "freedom, liberty" in Tatar and Bashkir, of Turkic origin.
Irek m Polish
Diminutive of Ireneusz.
Irekanmi f African, Yoruba
"It is now my turn for good things"
Irelyn f English (Modern)
Variant of Ireland using the popular name suffix lyn.
Irelynn f English
Variant of Ireland using the popular name suffix lynn.
Irema f Georgian (Rare)
Derived from the Georgian noun ირემი (iremi) meaning "deer".
Iremide f & m Yoruba
Means "my goodness has come" in Yoruba.
Írena f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Irena.
Irèna f Provençal
Provençal form of Irene.
Irenäa f German (Rare)
Feminine form of Irenäus.
Irenaea f English (Rare)
Feminization of Irenaeus.
Irenarchus m History
Apparently means "peace ruler" from Greek. It was borne by an Orthodox saint from Sebaste, Armenia who was martyred by beheading in the year 303, under Diocletian, as well as the Russian Orthodox saint Irenarch of Rostov (1547-1616).
Irenäus m German
German form of Ireneus.
Irenca f Slovene
Originally a diminutive of Irena, used as a given name in its own right.
Iréne f Hungarian
Variant of Irén.
Ireñe f Basque
Basque form of Irene.
Irenea f Italian, Corsican
Italian and Corsican feminine form of Irenaeus.
Irenej m Croatian, Czech
Croatian and Czech form of Ireneus.
Irenėjus m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Eirenaios (see Irenaeus).
Ireneo m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Ireneus.
Irenes f Swedish
Swedish variant of Irene.
Irenèu m Occitan
Occitan form of Ireneus.
Ireneu m Catalan, Corsican, Romanian, Sicilian, Portuguese, Galician
Catalan, Corsican, Romanian, Sicilian, Galician and Portuguese form of Ireneus.
Ireni f Sicilian
Sicilian form of Irene.
Irénke f Hungarian
Diminutive form of Irén, meaning "peace".
Ireno m Italian, Spanish
Italian form of Irenaeus.
Ireri f Indigenous American, Tarascan, Spanish, New World Mythology
Means "the one and only" in Tarascan.
Ireshi f Indian
MEANING : wife of king (queen)... [more]
Iresu-kamuy f Far Eastern Mythology
Means ""people teacher"" in Ainu; alternate name of Kamuy-huci.
Ireti m & f Yoruba
Means "hope" in Yoruba.
Iretomiwa f & m African
Goodness of God follow me
Ireton m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Ireton.
Ireun f & m Korean (Modern, Rare)
From the present determiner form of adjective 이르다 (ireuda) meaning "early, premature."
Ireun-bi f Korean (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Ireun and 비 (bi) meaning "rain."
Irfa f & m Muslim
Maybe a shortened form of Irfan.
Irfana f Arabic, Bosnian, Indian (Muslim)
A feminine form of Irfan.
Irfanullah m Arabic, Urdu
Derived from the Arabic noun عرفان (irfan) meaning "knowledge, awareness, learning" (see Irfan) combined with the Arabic noun الله (Allah) meaning "God" (see Allah).... [more]
Irfon m Welsh
Transferred use of the name of the Irfon River in Powys, Wales. The name Irfon may be identical in its origin to the River Irvine in Scotland.
Irfonwy f Welsh
Feminine form of Irfon.
Irgetu m Amharic
Means "the calm" in Amharic.
Íri m Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology, Icelandic
Means "Irishman". This is the name of a dwarf in Norse mythology.
Iría f Galician
Galician form of Irene.
Iría f Catalan
Catalan variant of Iria.
Iria f Japanese
From Japanese 依 (i) meaning "rely", 里 (ri) meaning "village" combined with 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Irial m Irish Mythology, Irish (Rare)
Irial Fáid was a legendary High King of Ireland.
Ïrïθbikä f Bashkir
From the Bashkir ырыҫлы (ïrïθlï) meaning "happiness" feminine name element бикә (bikä).
Iride f Italian
Italian variant of Iris.
Iridė f Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Iris.
Iridessa f Popular Culture
This was the name of a character in the Disney Tinker Bell film series. Perhaps based on the English word iridescent, which is derived from the Latin elements iris meaning "rainbow" (see Iris) and the suffix -escent "resembling".
Iridian f English (Rare)
Means "related to the iris or rainbow", ultimately derived from Greek ἶρις îris (see Iris).
Irido m Greek, Somali
Masculine form of Irida.
Irie m & f Jamaican Patois, African American
Irie is used in the music and culture of Jamaica. The meaning is to have no worries or be at peace with everything around you. You hear the saying feeling Irie in many Regea songs.
Irie f Japanese
"Blessing, favour"
Irihāpeti f Maori
Maori form of Elizabeth.
Irijah m Biblical
Means "Yahweh sees me" or "my fear is of God" in Hebrew.
Irikidzai f Shona
Means "to add to" in Shona.
Irikidzayi m Shona
Means "add another one" in Shona.
Iriko m Nenets
Means "grandfather" in Nenets.
Írimë f Literature
Possibly derived from Quenya irima meaning "lovely". This is the name of the younger daughter and third child of Finwë and Indis in Tolkien's legendarium... [more]
Irimia f Galician (Rare)
Transferred use of the place name.
Irimon m Literature
One of the kings of Numenor in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Also known as Tar-Meneldur.
Irina f Japanese
From Japanese 以 (i) meaning "compared to", 利 (ri) meaning "profit, benefit" combined with 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
Irinæ f Ossetian
Ossetian form of Irina (see Irene).
Irinarh m Estonian (Rare)
Estonian transcription of Russian Иринарх.
Irinej m Serbian
Serbian form of Irenaeus.
Irinel m Romanian
Romanian form of Irinei.
Iringó f Hungarian
Hungarian feminine name from the Hungarian word "iringó" which means "eryngium"
Irinka f Russian, Slovak
Diminutive of Irina.
Iriome m & f Spanish (Canarian, Rare)
This name has been (rarely) used in the Canary Islands since the 1980s. A known male bearer is Spanish footballer Iriome González (1987-).
Iriqtaq f Greenlandic, Yupik, Inupiat
Meaning, “concealed object.”
İris f & m Turkish, Azerbaijani
Turkish and Azerbaijani form of Iris.
Īrisa f Latvian
Latvian form of Iris.
Irisa f Japanese
From Japanese 衣 (i) meaning "clothes", 里 (ri) meaning "village" combined with 紗 (sa) meaning "gauze, thin silk". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Irisbibi f Uzbek
The given name Iris followed by bibi meaning "learned woman".
Irisdavlat f Uzbek
The given name Iris followed by davlat meaning "wealth" or "fortune, happiness".
Iriseo m Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
masculine form of Iris Means "rainbow" in Greek.
Irish m & f English, Filipino
Means a person from Ireland or of Irish descent.
Irisjon f Uzbek
The given name Iris followed by jon meaning "spirit, soul".
Irisko f Medieval Hungarian
Hungarian (diminutive?) form of Iris, recorded as a given name in 15th-century Hungary.
Irisoy f Uzbek
The given name Iris followed by oy meaning "moon".
Irisu f Japanese
Japanese name meaning "rainbow", influenced by the Japanese pronunciation of the Greek word iris or from Japanese 伊 (i) meaning "Italy", 里 (ri) meaning "village" combined with 朱 (su) meaning "crimson"... [more]
Írisz f Hungarian
Hungrian form of Iris.
Irita f Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian, Hinduism, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali
Name- Irita (Eerita ) ईरिता... [more]
Irith f Hebrew
Variant of Irit.
Irján m Sami
Sami form of Irjan.
Irjan m Norwegian, Swedish
Variant form of Yrjan.
Irje f Estonian
Variant of Irja.
Iřka f Czech
Diminutive form of Irena.
Irka f Silesian, Ukrainian, Polish
Ukrainian and Silesian diminutive of Ira 2 and Polish diminutive of Irena.
Irkä f Bashkir
Means "gentle, tender" in Bashkir.
Irkab-damu m Ancient Near Eastern
Name Of an Elamite King
Irkalla f Near Eastern Mythology
Another name for Ereshkigal, the Queen of the underworld.
Irkemes f Khakas
Possibly from the Khakas ирке (irke) meaning "tenderness".
Irl m English
Variant of Earl
Irlene f Brazilian, English (Rare)
Possibly a feminine form of Irl.
Irlo m Filipino
it comes from the combined words off "earl" which means nobleman and "lo" which means humble. Filipino used this name.
Irlon m English (Modern, Rare)
Masculine Varient of Ireland.
Irm f German (Rare)
Short form of Irmgard.... [more]
Irmawati f Indonesian
Combination of the name Irma and the feminine suffix -wati.
Irmbert m German
Derived from the Germanic elements ermen "whole, universal" and beraht "bright".
Irmchen f German
Diminutiv of Irma or other names beginning in Irm- like Irmtraud.... [more]
Irmela f German (Rare)
Diminutive of Irma.
Irmeli f Finnish, Estonian, German (Swiss)
A Finnish diminutive of Irmela, Swiss German diminutive of Irma and Estonian combination of Irma and the syllable -li-, most commonly derived from Eliisabet.
Irmfried m German (Rare, Archaic)
A dithematic name from the German name elements ermen "whole, universal" and frid "piece".
Irmfryda f Polish (Archaic)
Variant of Ermenfryda via Irmenfryda.
Irmin m German (Rare)
Short form of names derived from the Germanic name element ERMEN "whole, universal".... [more]
Irmina f Polish, Italian, German (Rare), Sicilian, Slovene
Feminine form of Irmin or a diminutive of Irma.
Irminburg f German
German form of Erminburg.
Irminfried m German
German variant of Irminfrid.
Irmingild m German
German form of Ermingild.
Irmintrud f German
German form of Ermintrud.
Irmo m Dutch, Brazilian
Masculine form of Irma.
Irmrun f German (Modern, Rare)
Formed from the Germanic name element ermen "whole, universal" and run "secret; rune".
Irmushka f Russian (Rare)
Russian diminutive of Irma.
Irmuska f Hungarian
Hungarian diminutive of Irma.
Irmuzza f Sicilian
Diminutive of Irma.
Irna f English (Rare), Swedish, Danish
Variant of Erna 2. Irna Phillips (July 1, 1901 – December 23, 1973) was an American scriptwriter, screenwriter, casting agent and actress... [more]
Irnes m Bosnian (Rare)
The meaning of the name is unknown.
Irnistu m Quechua
Quechua form of Ernesto.
Iro f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iro) or 色彩 (iro) both meaning "colour". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.
Iro f Finnish Mythology, Finnish
Mother of Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen and Joukahainen. Finnish name day April 5.
Irodia f Medieval Russian
Feminine form of Irodion.
Irodiada f Russian
Russian form of Herodias.
Irodion m Georgian
Georgian form of Herodion.
Irodori f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (irodori) meaning "colour". It can also come from 彩 (irodo) meaning "colour" combined with 璃 (ri) meaning "lapis lazuli", 莉 (ri) meaning "white jasmine" or 凜 (ri) meaning "dignified, severe, cold"... [more]
Iroe f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iroe) meaning "colour". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.
Iroh m Popular Culture
A major chararctor in the AmericanAnime show Avatar:The Last Airbender
Iroha f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iro) meaning "color" combined with Japanese 葉 (ha) meaning "leaf" or 羽 (ha) meaning "feathers". As a whole the word iroha refers to a Japanese poem.
Iroi f Veps
Veps form of Irina.
Irolite f Literature
Meaning unknown. This is the name of the protagonist of the French fairy tale Le Parfait Amour (Perfect Love) by Henriette-Julie de Murat. Irolite is a princess kept in a chateau by her evil aunt, the fairy Danamo... [more]
Irona f Dutch (Rare)
Variant form of Hierona. In other words, this name is really a short form of Hieronyma. A known bearer of this name is the Dutch politician Irona Groeneveld.
Ironaldo m Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Possibly a combination of a name starting with I- with Ronaldo.
Ironi f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iro) meaning "colour" combined with 虹 (ni) meaning "rainbow". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Irono f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iro) meaning "colour" combined with 乃 (no), a possessive particle. Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name.
Iroquois m & f English (Rare)
This name is derived from the name of a historically and powerful Native American league/confederacy in eastern & north-eastern United States and Ontario in Canada (also known as the Haudenosaunee).... [more]
Irorezi f Isoko (Rare)
Means "good thoughts" in Isoko.
Irori f Japanese
From Japanese 彩 (iro) meaning "colour" combined with 里 (ri) meaning "village". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Irpa f Ancient Scandinavian, Norse Mythology, Icelandic
Feminine form of Jarpr. This is the name of a goddess who along with Þorgerðr was worshipped in 10th-century Hálogaland (northern Norway).
Irra m Spanish
Diminutive of Israel.
Irrylath m Literature
Used on a character, usually called Talb - Irrylath being his human name - in the book 'The Darkangel' by Meredith Ann Pierce.
Irsa f Persian
Persian/Urdu name from the Greek Iris meaning “rainbow”
Irsen m Turkish
Meaning unknown.
Irsen m Korean, Russian
Russification of Il-Seong. This was used in the patronymic of Kim Jong-il's birth name, Yuri Irsenovich Kim.
Irshad m & f Urdu
Derived from Arabic إرشاد (irshad) meaning "guidance, direction".
Irsyad m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Irshad.
Iru f Sanskrit
Name - Iru इरु ... [more]
Iruene f & m Guanche Mythology, Spanish (Canarian)
This is the name of a demon that manifested itself as a large black and woolly dog, mainly in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Variant of Yurena.
Iruini m Popular Culture
Iruini was the Toa Hagah of Air. He was mutated into a Rahaga, but was later turned back into a Toa. (From the series BIONICLE by Greg Farshtey)
Irulan f Literature
The name of a fictional character in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.
Irupé f Guarani, Spanish (Latin American), Indigenous American
Name of Guaraní origin, used in Paraguay and Argentina.... [more]
Iruru f Japanese
From Japanese 容 (iruru) meaning "contain, shape, appearance" or 寒 (iruru) meaning "cold". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.
Iruś m Polish
Diminutive of Ireneusz.
Iruška f Czech
Diminutive of Irena.
Irutė f Lithuanian
Diminutive form of Irena.
Iruuju m Igbo
Means "sorrowful" in Igbo.
Irv m English
Short form of Irving.
Irva f English
Either a feminine form of Irving or Irvin.
Irven m English
Variant of Irvin.
Irvette f English (Rare)
Probably a combination of Irva, Irving or Irvine with the suffix -ette.
Irvina f English (Rare)
Feminine form of Irvin.
Irwan m Indonesian, Malay
Meaning uncertain, possibly a variant of Irwin or Irawan or from Indonesian and Malay nirwana meaning "heaven, enlightenment, nirvana".
Iry m French (Cajun), American
Diminutive of Ira.
Irya f Russian
Diminutive of Irina.